20200225: Dem Debate Thread, the Showdown in South C.

You guys have to see the opening Carpe Donktum created for the Dem Debate tonight.

We’ve all seen the news. We’re all up to speed. We know about the meltdown in the Dem party because Bernie is leading. You should see FLEP’s estimates on how Bernie will clean up on delegates in California. Whoa! Of course, the Dems are worried about down ticket races.

But we all know, we will vote like there is no tomorrow. No slackers. We expect problems and our only way to win is to swamp the ballot box with Trump votes. It might not be as easy as we think.

Let’s watch tonight and see how it goes. Should be plenty of fireworks.

360 thoughts on “20200225: Dem Debate Thread, the Showdown in South C.

  1. Here we go, “black students consistently score lower on testing than other students”
    I could have told him that
    But no politicians will touch it
    I’ve tried for 30yrs.

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    1. Education isn’t free???
      I thought they were offering free College to everyone, including illegals.

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  2. The problem with lower performance among minorities is NOT a money problem, because black student score lower in wealthy neighborhoods and score the exact same in poor rural Mississippi.
    It’s weird.
    Not money at all.
    Not about teacher pay – at all.

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  3. Student loan debt = easy
    turn it back to private sector
    Used to be that mom and dad took a second mortgage on the house to pay for little Johnny to go to school.
    If mom and dad have skin in the game, little Johnny will not get a 250K degree in underwater dance.

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  4. THAT WITCHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhh Liz Warren talking about housing for the poor
    She was the one who bought out the foreclosed homes on a sweet deal with her brother during the crash.

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  5. Oh no, not the CPFB created by Lizzie that fined all the companies and donated proceeds to Dems!
    The one that had no oversight by Congress or anyone else, only the director installed by Lizzie!
    The one that cost millions to build and was full of rats!
    The one that Mulvaney fought to take over and finally cleaned up, Thank GOD!!

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  6. I’m going to lose my mind.
    Moderator is worried about rural physicians.
    Been there done that one
    They closed my emergency room ———– because of illegals.
    If you do Medicare for all, docs only make $14/visit
    Who would spend 10yrs to become a doctor for $14/visit

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  7. This is a false charge of Trump defunding CDC.
    They closed overseas Ebola programs which ran for 5years and designed to end.
    numerous articles screaming about slashing employees at CDC – they were foreign locations, 39 of them.

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  8. OMG
    Legalize pot
    expunge the records of those who were convicted of possession of pot
    and give money to minorities (only) to help them open pot stores.

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        1. He uses the line “outside the wire a total of 119 times”
          Well, he was driving a jeep for a commander
          There were no official patrols for him
          He literally COUNTED the time he was outside the wire to use it for self promotion later on.

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  9. There they go, they’re quoting Mossinnier on “Not a question of if, but when” about coronavirus
    That woman shouted fire in a crowded theater and I would love to know who gave her the permission to hold a presser ——- never mind that she is Rod Rosenstein’s sister.
    Now screaming about not having enough gas masks for every person in the USA.
    Talk about disinfo.

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