2.25.20 News Roundup! What An Incredible Day In India For PDJT & Our FLOTUS, Nevada Reached 100% Of Precincts Reporting Their Results, They Are Going To Try & Destroy Crazy Bernie Over the Next 7 Days, MiniMike Will Spend Over $300 Million In Attacks Against Crazy Bernie This Upcoming Week, California Is the Holy Grail, States That Participate On Super Tuesday, Major Win For PDJT & LIFE In the 9th Circuit, Jon Voight Is Right, Triggered, The Great Awakening…..

The people of India LOVE our President! They showed that on day one of his two day trip.

Our President and FLOTUS arrived in India for a two-day state visit. They were greeted upon arrival with full pageantry and personal warmth by Prime Minister Modi.

As guests of India’s Prime Minister Modi, our President Trump and FLOTUS attended the “Namaste Trump Rally” at the Motera cricket stadium. They were serenaded along the route by artists and floats, depicting India’s diversity.

The massive stadium was filled with an estimated crowd of 125,000.

[Video and Transcript Below]


Here are some shorter video clips and pictures:

Our President and FLOTUS arrived in Agra to take in the view of the Taj Mahal silhouetted against a setting sun.

Our President and FLOTUS stood watching the beautiful white marble mausoleum located on the bank of the Yamuna River, before walking together along the fountain pool.

I loved reading this tweet!

You can find so many additional pictures from the first day in India in the link below:

The Nevada Democrat Party has posted the final results of their caucus. As you can see from the tweet below, Crazy Bernie won 24 delegates, SleepyCreepy Joe won 9 delegates while Mayor Pete won 3 delegates from the State of Nevada.

You will also find the total delegate tracker showing the total for each candidate after the first 3 states (IA, NH & NV).

The Democrat Establishment, DNC and MSM are going to work like crazy over the next 7 days in order to try and derail Crazy Bernie’s momentum.

You are already seeing a notable shift in the political fight within the Democrat Party over the past 72 hours. More and more democrats are openly criticizing Crazy Bernie directly.

The Sunday evening CBS interview was done with a purpose in mind to show Democrat voters how crazy Bernie is when it comes to his beliefs about the Castros in Cuba and the cost involved in his Medicaid For All, Green New Deal and other proposals. They were hoping for people to pay particular attention to his Socialist & Marxist beliefs.

The campaign of MiniMike announced yesterday that they are going to carpet bomb Crazy Bernie with a mass media blitz of negative attack ads.

From the article linked above:

Mike Bloomberg’s presidential campaign plans to unleash its cash-flush media operation against Bernie Sanders.

[…] The campaign plans a multi-pronged attack, including the publication of opposition research on Sanders, these people said. It will also push out digital attack ads focused on Sanders’ record. On Monday, the Bloomberg campaign attempted to paint Sanders as a past ally of the National Rifle Association, a gun advocacy group that Bloomberg has fought for over a decade.

The attacks on Sanders, who has accused Bloomberg of trying to buy the Democratic nomination, will also attempt to highlight negative aspects of his record on race relations both as a member of the U.S. House of Representatives and as a senator, the sources said. This comes after Sanders, now seen as the Democratic front-runner, has taken aim at Bloomberg for his support of a policing policy known as stop-and-frisk that often targeted black and Latino people.

People within the Bloomberg campaign are also discussing whether to have surrogates and supporters write op-eds and show up on TV to speak out against Sanders, these people added.

Bloomberg’s campaign is sounding the alarm on Sanders, a self-described democratic socialist, ahead of Super Tuesday, March 3, when 14 states hold their primaries.

Here is a little taste from MiniMike’s latest tweets:

I think Super Tuesday will tell us whether Crazy Bernie can reach 1,991 delegates needed or not. California in my opinion is the holy grail. The latest poll that came out from the LA Times had Crazy Bernie (32%) up 18 over SleepyCreepy Joe.

SleepyCreepy Joe had 14%, followed by Pocahontas at 13% and MiniMike & Mayor Pete at 12%.

If that scenario plays itself out, Crazy Bernie will win a majority of the 416 delegates because the others will fail to reach 15% threshold required for the statewide delegates.

Everyone else may reach 15% in certain districts which will allow them to pick up some delegates. However, Crazy Bernie could win up to 350+ delegates on his own. This would set him up to reach the 1,991 required delegates needed to be the nominee and stop any type of contested convention.

Below you will find every state that will be participating on Super Tuesday, the number of delegates up for grab and the type of primary/caucus they allow:

  • Alabama primary – 52 delegates (Open Primary)
  • American Samoa Democratic Caucus – 6 delegates (Closed Caucus)
  • Arkansas primary – 31 delegates (Open Primary)
  • California primary – 416 delegates (Mixed Primary)
  • Colorado primary – 67 delegates (Open Primary)
  • Maine primary – 24 delegates (Closed Primary)
  • Massachusetts primary – 91 delegates (Mixed Primary)
  • Minnesota primary – 75 delegates (Open Primary)
  • North Carolina primary – 110 delegates (Mixed Primary)
  • Oklahoma primary – 37 delegates Closed Primary)
  • Tennessee primary – 64 delegates (Open Primary)
  • Texas primary – 228 delegates (Open Primary)
  • Utah primary – 29 delegates (Closed Primary)
  • Vermont primary – 16 delegates (Open Primary)
  • Virginia primary – 99 delegates (Open Primary)
  • Democrats Abroad (to 3/10) – 13 delegates (Closed Primary)


From the link above:

In a CLOSED primary, only voters registered for the party which is holding the primary may vote. For instance: if the Democrat Party is holding a closed primary, then only voters registered as Democrats are permitted to vote in the primary.

In an OPEN primary, any registered voter can vote in any party’s primary. Voters choose which primary to vote in (voters must choose ONE); they do not have to be members of that party in order to vote. For instance: a registered Democrat can choose to vote in the Republican primary but NOT BOTH Democratic Primary AND Republican Primary.

In a MIXED (semi-open, semi-closed) primary, unaffiliated voters (voters who are not registered to a particular party) can choose which party primary to vote in, while voters registered with a party may only be allowed vote in that party’s primary. However, voters may also be able to switch their party registration on the day of voting, before they vote.

Major win for our President and LIFE in the 9th Circuit yesterday!

From the article linked above:

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Monday that the Trump administration can continue stripping federal funding from clinics that offer abortions.

The court upheld the Trump administration’s June 2019 declaration that taxpayer-funded clinics must stop referring women for abortions or be stripped of their Title X funding.

“Today’s ruling is a vindication of President Trump’s pro-life policies and a victory for the American people,” Susan B. Anthony List President Marjorie Dannenfelser said in a statement, adding that abortion is not family planning and that “a strong majority of Americans” oppose taxpayer-funded abortions.

The Great Jon Voight is absolutely right!

Daughn shared this with me. I LOVE it!

The Great Awakening!

126 thoughts on “2.25.20 News Roundup! What An Incredible Day In India For PDJT & Our FLOTUS, Nevada Reached 100% Of Precincts Reporting Their Results, They Are Going To Try & Destroy Crazy Bernie Over the Next 7 Days, MiniMike Will Spend Over $300 Million In Attacks Against Crazy Bernie This Upcoming Week, California Is the Holy Grail, States That Participate On Super Tuesday, Major Win For PDJT & LIFE In the 9th Circuit, Jon Voight Is Right, Triggered, The Great Awakening…..

  1. Great wrapup Felice with some India videos I haven’t seen. The Indians wearing white Trump hats were out of this world!

    I have mixed feelings on open primaries. Not that someone can’t change affiliation in a closed primary right before the vote. On the one hand, closed primaries keep the party primaries more pure. But open primaries, in a year like this give us the ability to vote/ muck up the Democratic party by crossing party lines to vote. Unless turnout for Trump votes is important for appearances in case we should do that.

    Colorado was a complete failure in its last caucus process, so legislature changed to open primaries. I wish they had started with closed primaries to better control shenanigans.

    Regarding CA and the 15% threshhold, do you really think the DNC won’t cheat on enough votes to get the four non-Berns above the 15% threshhold and steal some of Bernie’s delegates?

    I sincerely don’t know how you keep up with all of this with so many tweet sources and data mining. If you need help, please task out some gathering to us willing minions, or ask us to check voter registrations in our own states, etc. we really can be task-oriented boots on the ground. I can’t phone or canvass for Trump & local candidates, but I sure can research relevant date and resources for you. #DeplorableDelegatesAtTheready #NameTheBattleStationTasks

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    1. I saw this somewhere……

      A Burny staffer called….
      “Will you support Burny?”

      “Hell No!”

      “Who will you support?”

      “Probably your entire damn family if Burny wins!”

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    1. Because he’s a trim buffed hunk of man, that’s why. The girls swoon over his pecs and the guys gossip about what training regimen he follows.

      Shallow vain little bots, they are.

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      1. wait…are you referring to Bernie ? LOL

        I can’t tell who you’re replying to…a trim buffed hunkuva man…

        esp when he was Shirtless In Moscow back in the day….

        see that ?

        drunk and shirtless…so hot.

        Liked by 2 people

  2. Weinstein is ‘a wonderful human being’, according to Michelle Obama.

    She knew full well what Weinstein was like. They ALL did

    If the Dems are thinking of running Michelle Obama as the candidate for POTUS, all Trump needs to do is run this video 24/7.

    And to add that the Obamas entrusted their children with the monster.

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  3. It’s a miracle… cured by a verdict!
    Weinstein tossed his walker.

    Benny (@bennyjohnson) Tweeted:
    Nothing to see here…

    Just a p***y-hat wearing, self-identified “male feminist,” Hillary Clinton mega-donor, “Dear friend” of Michelle Obama, 13 time White House guest of Barack Obama, lifelong Democrat & Hollywood feminist hero being dragged away in chains for rape & sex abuse

    https://t.co/ja5pQwpTYV https://twitter.com/bennyjohnson/status/1232046129186996225?s=20

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    1. I worked for over 25 years with people who HAD to use walkers.
      Harvey Weinstein WAS FAKING when he “used” his walker — it was a PLOY to get sympathy / mercy.
      Didn’t cut the mustard.
      So now that the farce isn’t needed, Weinstein ditches his walker.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. See the post from wictor re narcissistic personality.
        They are entitled to everything they can scam. Chameleons mimicking human emotion to manipulate. These really are lizard people


  4. A.G. Willliam Barr

    BREAKING: While on his way to Rikers Island Prison, Harvey Weinstein was rerouted to a New York City Hospital…

    or as we in the business like to call it: Chelsea Clinton’s apartment.

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    1. They have been great buds since she ran in 2018… lots of photos of them together and she has formed that SuperPac to oppose DNC monies with the intent to only support socialist candidates…

      Liked by 3 people

      1. And the “future Socialists” had another verse to that… “monkey doo all over you”…

        Then, looking at Buttigieg, he’s talking about lighting up a neighborhood and then a city… was he thinking of Baltimore? Wherever it was that that person said “Light It Up” to burn the place down…

        The DEMONicRATS have truly lost whatever semblance of logic, truth, or decency they had, be it however faint…

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    1. they both were groomed from the get-go…

      Geo Webb has done a lot of investigative work on Pete… just check out his twitter account:


      TruthLeaks – Investigative Journalist George Webb
      Feb 23

      Ask Buttigieg to take a few question in Urdu? He is completely fluent in Arabic. Urdu? Not so much. Follow the NATO Generals and Admirals to Malta. That’s where you will find Pete.

      Above tweet is part of a THREAD *https://twitter.com/GeorgWebb/status/1231623850837848070

      Pete is rogue C_A and definitely not who you think (mayor of a little ol’ small town)

      zero is rogue C_A

      Here’s another tweet on Pete from Geo. (I’m not seeing tweets I post, so I don’t know if they are posting)

      text in tweet (which is part of thread: one above, I think

      TruthLeaks – Investigative Journalist George Webb
      Feb 23
      Another “emergency” landing in Malta. You will find the Iraq and Afghanistan reconstruction money was channeled to NATO generals with cutout joint ventures in Cypress.

      [Elizabeth Carter, if these tweets don’t appear, would you please post them… that is, if you see this post *smilin*]

      Liked by 6 people

            1. Thank you so much Ozzy… having computer/IT problems at the moment (well, all day) and am so frustrated with not being to post except sometimes on notifications bar. Hope this posts!

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            2. Thank you so much Ozzy… having computer/IT problems at the moment (well, all day) and am so frustrated with not being to post except sometimes on notifications bar. Hope this posts!

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  5. thanks for all the wonderful clips from India! I spit my coffee all over the keyboard when i read your comment about cleaning the tombs for the Trumps vs not cleaning for Obama…bwahahahaha

    not sure how all this shakes out with the Dems against Bernie…but watching with great interest!

    Liked by 6 people

  6. this might sound silly but….I think PM Modi is just the cutest little guy ! ❤ 🙂

    every time I see him, and his sincere affection for Our President and First Lady, I smile Bigly 😀

    .. I absolutely love to see the close bond between PDJT and PM Modi…there's no denying the mutual respect they have for each other…PM Modi ❤ PDJT ! so cute ! 😀

    Liked by 7 people

  7. President Trump’s WMD Twitter feed @realDonaldTrump hit 73 MILLION at 7:22 am

    and then Twitter….

    73,000,008 – 7:22 am 2/25/20
    73,000,250 – 7:30 am
    72,999,821 – 7:43 am
    73,000,004 – 7:45 am
    73,000,402 – 7:53 am

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  8. Keep building – Mr. President!

    Keep building cooperation – Mr. President and DHS Chad Wolf!!!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. The Obama Fixer Is Back…Dan Bongino…latest

      remember the names : Kathryn Ruemmler …The Bummer’s former WH Counsel…o joy..

      plus…Bernie keeps defending murdering regimes….”they teach ’em to read !”….. really ?

      …like Communist Cuba ??… Florida’s Cuban exiles are pissed !…

      …but Bernie still doubles-down : “the truth is the truth !!”….huh ?


  9. HOT NEWS from Secretary of State Pompeo!

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  10. HOT from President Trump aboard Air Force One!

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  11. President Trump retweeted:

    “PMO India @PMOIndia – 12h
    यह संबंध, 21वीं सदी की सबसे महत्वपूर्ण पार्टनरशिप्स में है।

    और इसलिए आज राष्ट्रपति Trump और मैंने हमारे सम्बन्धों को Comprehensive Global Strategic Partnership के स्तर पर ले जाने का निर्णय लिया है: PM

    Comprehensive Global Strategic Partnership – very significant terms. As President Trump said – this trade and collaboration with India is going to change the world for the foreseeable future.

    If China had a different (non-communist, honorable, benevolent) mindset, we could do the same with them.

    President Trump gives all leaders and nations a chance to work with the US – to do the right thing – but if they don’t/won’t – then he deals with them as necessary.

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  12. It’s interesting that the First Lady’s gowns and outfits are not leaked ahead of time – though many hands must touch them between the consultation with the designer, in the workshops and delivery.

    Must be some kind of super severe Code of Omerta to keep silence in the fashion world!!!

    Liked by 2 people

  13. Liked by 1 person

  14. When the radical leftist Democrats lie and attack our President – they only hurt themselves.


  15. More BLEXIT!!!

    Then there’s LEXIT (latinos leaving the Demcrap party)

    And WEXIT (women leaving the Democrat party)

    and DEXIT (Democrats leaving the Democrat party)

    Pretty soon, all that will be left is Biden, Hillrotten, Buttgig and the other losers.


  16. Democrat Stupidity on the 2020 Campaign Trail…Pastor Marty ! 😀

    latest !

    …Mayor Pete Butty…Butt…ButtyGig… from South Bend Over LOLOL 😀

    what an awful cast of characters.


    Liked by 1 person

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