20200224: “Kem Chho Trump”, or “How Are You Trump?”

Here we go, folks! The time difference between NYC (Eastern Time) and New Delhi is 10 hours and 30 minutes (don’t ask how the 30 minutes happened, please). Keep that in mind when looking for coverage. Schedule is listed below. Here’s the map for reference.

Here is Channel 18 in India. Everyone is dancing…. Kettle Drums, reporters out on the parade route. Wowwwwwwwwww. They’re definitely psyched about Melania! Look at the pretty umbrellas!

CNN is offering a “somewhat” English version live feed. Actually, the Indian ones are better.

Media will go live about 30 minutes after this post:

Regular Channel 9 in India is streaming live right now. You guy have to see the commercials. They have a countdown clock going as well.

SCHEDULE for February 24th, 2020:

  • 11:40AM: Arrive in Ahmedabad, at Sarhar Patel Int’l Airport
  • 12:15PM: Visit to Sabarmati Ashram
  • 1:05PM: Namaste Trump event at Motera Stadium
  • 3:30pm: Leave for Agra (Taj Mahal)
  • 5:15pm: Tour of Taj Mahal ( at sunset)
  • 5:45pm: Leave for New Delhi
  • 5:45pm: Arrive in New Delhi at Palam Air Force Station


  • 10:00AM: Reception at Rashtrapati Bhawan
  • 10:30AM: Wreath laying at Samadhi of Mahatma Gandi at Rajghat
  • 11:00AM: Meeting at Hyderabad House with PM Modi
  • 12:40pm: Exchange of agreements and press statement at Hyderabad House
  • Luncheon hosted by Modi
  • Round tables all afternoon with Industry Execs
  • 7:30pm: Meeting with President Ram Nath Kovind at Rasshtrapati Bhawan
  • 10:00pm: Depart for the USA.

Here is the super duper detail of the itinerary in a video: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/videos/news/namaste-trump-heres-the-detailed-itinerary-of-us-presidents-2-day-visit-to-india/videoshow/74272786.cms

Please follow the Times of India for details: They’re so excited. https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/us

Let the comments flow, and let’s see where we stand in the morning. Chances are, by the time the rest of the world wakes up, it will be over for the day.

………. might have to stay up tonight……

125 thoughts on “20200224: “Kem Chho Trump”, or “How Are You Trump?”

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  2. The 30 minute difference IIRC is the Muslims fault. They did not want to be subservient to the infidels. Of course that went away when there was money to be made since computers and banks don’t put up with temper tantrums. Why India is stuck with it is anybody’s guess but no way do their computers use it.

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  3. FLOTUS Melania is wearing an all-white pantsuit with a Nehru collar and a contrasting olive-colored sash type belt.

    Verry appropriate!
    Paying homage to the white pants outfits that so many Indians wear.

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    1. Pray without ceasing for their safety ….. it’s a risky situation. They rely on the prayers of God’s people and the protection of the Holy God to camp round about them.

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  4. Pres and FL Melania are now leaving the Ashram.

    While there…they were shown a table-top spinning wheel and given a demonstration on how their world famous cotton is spun.
    Pres Trump and FL Melania both looked on, and seemed very interested.
    PDJT even took the spindle for a little while, to see what it was like.

    Then, out in the courtyard, they were shown a little 12-inch tall group statue of the proverbial 3 Monkeys, in the ;see-no-hear no-speak-no-evil’ mode.
    Statues were white…looked like porcelain or a white stone of some kind.

    When it was time to leave, Potus and Flotus went over and sat down to put their shoes back on.
    They had taken them off and put on little white cloth booties, to wear in the Ashram.

    I noticed that both of them had worn slip-on shoes.

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  5. Motorcade on the move again…on way to next stop.

    I noticed that there are two identical Beast limos, travelling together.
    Same vehicle.
    Same flags.
    Same flashing lights.

    And they didn’t show us which one the President & FL Melania are in.

    I see this as a good thing.

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  6. This is so amazing to watch. I get emotional seeing our President and First Lady being respected like this. During those bleak years when the Great Pretender was in office I never thought I”d see anything like this again……….

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        1. I know! I read a stupid POS article by AP ( I know…..WHY WHY WHY bother?) and they were making a big deal out of the fact that the people in the audience at the stadium were all political friends of Modi.

          Well………….that’s a lot of friends!!!! Good for Modi. And besides, they were pretty darned enthusiastic to be sitting there in that blazing sun! I was impressed and AP can go suck eggs.

          The whole article was so biased it was almost useless. NOT that I’m surprised,, just disgusted. What I see vs. what they report. Eye Roll.

          I was delighted by how warmly PDJT was received by India and how welcoming they have been.

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          1. AP?
            Oh yeah, they’re dreadful!

            I’ve been following the twitter stream on hashtag #NamasteTrump, and it is full of tweets from just regular Indian citizens who are very much Pro-Trump.

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          2. Gujratis were not so receptive towards me in India, when Bush was president. A couple seemed to want to hold me accountable for every real or perceived slight that Bush had been accused of.

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  7. .

    And another tweet in Hindi from our VSG:

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    1. Per Google Translate”

      The first lady and I have traveled around 8000 miles around the world to give a message to every citizen of this country. America loves India – America respects India – and
      The people of America will always remain true and loyal friends of the people of India.

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  8. What a welcome. Wow!


    ‘America loves India’: Donald and Melania Trump get raucous welcome from 110,000 people at world’s biggest cricket stadium as Prime Minister Narendra Modi says ‘new history is being created’ in relations between two countries

    Donald Trump and Prime Minister Narendra Modi got a raucous welcome when they entered the world’s largest cricket stadium on Monday as the president spent his first hours in India receiving the kind of pageantry and adoration he likes to see.

    The 110,000 stadium was filled to capacity and Trump acknowledged the spectacle when he addressed the Indian people.


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    1. Just curious as to the ID of the woman sitting next to Jarad, dressed in black and wearing what looks like a turtleneck in that hot sun.


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    1. India knows a “Macho Man” when they see one…But one of the best parts of this video (besides the song) is that it was CNN that was covering it

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