20200224: Dear KMAG Open Thread

This Merry Warrior Monday Open Thread is VERY OPEN – a place for everybody to post whatever they feel they would like to tell the White Hats, and the rest of the MAGA/KMAG/KAG world (with KMAG being a bit of both).

Yes, it’s Monday…again.


But it’s okay! We’ll get through it.

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With the Storm upon us…please remember to Pray for our President.


Wheatie’s Rules:

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    2. No running with scissors.
    3. If you bring snacks, bring enough for everyone.


For your listening enjoyment, I offer this composition from Ezietto, titled ‘Stars and Warriors’:


Wheatie’s Word of the Day:


Somnambulism is the act of sleepwalking and a Somnambulist is one who engages in sleepwalking.

Some say it is dangerous to awaken a somnambulist, but research has shown that this is not the case…usually.

Used in a sentence:

While trying to converse with a liberal, she began to wonder if he was a somnambulist.





438 thoughts on “20200224: Dear KMAG Open Thread

      1. When Sea World had a Penguin cam set up for a year or so to make one of those nature stories, a chat group formed – folks who love the pengies – one of our members worked in NYC, near the Apple store. She went in and did the same thing – changed all the display screens to Sea World Pen Cam, and then posted. Sweet.

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      1. Yeah, it seemed odd to call it “insurance” because that implies it would have kept him alive, right? As opposed to a – what’s it called – a kill switch??

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    1. He knew they (who is they?) were after him. That archived information must surely be in white hat hands. There won’t be any leaks until the assassin(s) is arrested.

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  1. Wheatie !!! I knew what a somnambulist is 🤓 *pats self in back*

    Loved your penguin GIF 💖💖 we’re headed to another Trump Warp Speed week. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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      1. Miss kea! Mr Gil gave in to getting a dog. Almost a year since our last one died. Of course what I want NOT ONE BREEDER in the entire state. I might get one out of state if the owner selects me but I have to fly to pick up and bring the pup back. Only if the cost is doable.
        We will see when the pups are born!

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        1. Yeah! 🙂 maybe post a photo when you get one! Wow that’s going to be something if you have to pick it up!

          I had to drive out of state to get my puppy! I was debating on gong to a recuse but they want to much info and most well they seemed like puppy mill dogs. 😦 but I got an akc. Papered beagle puppy (saw mm and dad) and ironically from Craig’s list! She’s a cutie!

          I was shocked how hard it was to find one! Most people love beagles but finding one yikes!

          I must admit a house without a dog is just too quite! I did forget about the teething and love of toilet paper!
          I’ll see if I can grab a nice puppy pic of mine.

          Should I upload the puppy photo to a free photo hosting site? Anyone know? Thanks.

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          1. I dont know about uploading the pic. Surprisingly there are a lot of rescues in socal but they tend to have chihuahuas, bully breeds, shepherds, and terriers. There’s a basset rescue but those cuties dont do stairs(and theyre cranky). Itll be too far to drive for me.

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            1. I saw way too many chihuahuas on sites. And they mix them with beagles or what not! Yikes! But I had the same issue. Every breed but the one I wanted. But everything came together in the end. Love our beagle puppy! 🙂 She had way to much fun in the back yard today!

              Sometimes you’ve got to go the extra mile. It’s worth it plus you get a great story out of it! 🙂

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              1. I do use petfinder.com . Unfortunately, many of the rescues are so particular that I wonder how they actually help animals find homes. I know of one who advertises on the site that lost its 501c.3 bc it was abusing, hoarding, and puppy milling dogs. Finally after years of complaints it got caught and shut down. They moved to the desert and still use the name and do scams, yet they havent been shut down despite new complaints. You have to be so careful.

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              2. The one here tends to be dogs after their show career, older dogs post breeding. (Serious breeders only have one or two litter per bitch,
                Adult dogs being rehomed etc.
                sometimes puppies will be available from the breeders

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              3. Im looking regular. Dont want to get my hopes up too much on the one breed out of state. He only breeds once every 2 years and I literally contacted him right after she was confirmed pregnant. Im on a list but he is selective. Already sent me a pic of her and the pups from 2 years ago.

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              1. I should have mentioned once you “choose image” you want to select “direct link” and click that to copy and then you just paste that link here. It will show as a link, but once you hit send it will show the image on the blog. Good luck! (It is very simple, REALLY!)

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        2. I have a dream for when I move to North Carolina and get some acres. I want to get “plugged-in” to some of the local animal shelters and maybe do some fostering, but what I’m really looking for is where a family has a kid of about 3 and gets a good puppy from the hard-core herders — a border collie, Australian shepherd, or the like — for a companion. The puppy gets its shots, goes through teething, running amok with toilet paper, and other such things, and gets to the point where it realizes that it’s smarter than the kid and starts herding it. Sooner or later, it’ll give the kid a nip to get the kid moving, the kid will have a meltdown, and the dog will end up in a shelter.

          That’s the dog I want. Doesn’t need papers, might even be a mutt — but if it’s smart enough and has the instinct to start herding kids, that works. And I really don’t need to relive puppyhood (although border collie puppies are totes the ‘dorbs).

          My evil scheme with such a pooch is to use it as an experimental subject for a wide range of technology projects including (but not limited to) RFID access points, robot testing, various computer/canine interfaces, and video games for dogs. And, of course, to eat my leftovers and hang with me in the evenings.

          It’s a dream…..but it’s a total nonstarter here.

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          1. A lot of the Working Dog breeds have the herding instinct, Coothie.

            Growing up, we had an Orang Airedale who would herd my little brother and keep him from leaving our yard.
            She would stand in front of him, no matter which way he would turn.
            Eventually he would just sit down and cry out of frustration.

            I had a Shepherd/Tibetan Mastiff mix that was always trying to herd…me.
            My hubby would tell him “protect mommy”.
            And he did!
            He would often head me off and stand between me and something that he saw as a threat.

            For some reason…he would always view teenage boys as a ‘threat’.
            Heheh. I dunno why.

            Border Collies are such high-energy dogs, they need a lot of activities each day to keep them exercised.
            So if you don’t have time for that…you may want to get one of the other working breed type dogs, which aren’t as high-energy.

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            1. Let’s say, just for a weird concept thing, that I wanted a dog to be able to run through a forest at full speed, wearing opaque virtual reality goggles linked to a camera in a drone six feet above its head. If there’s another breed out there with the sort of mental acuity that might pull this off, please let me know. How about one that can use a projected tactical display of treats in its upper right corner of vision while everything else is natural?

              I don’t see this working well with spaniels, pugs, or chihuahuas

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              1. 😬🥺😢

                So…you’re really not wanting a pet.
                Or a companion.

                When you said your “evil scheme” was to use the dog as an “experimental subject”…I thought you were kidding!

                Poor poochie.

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            2. My Cattle dog loves to herd and is very smart. One can train them not to herd . In my house she has to go first down the steps for good reasons.
              Both my dogs are very smart and the trainers told me the Coon-Staff was a genius he learns quick and is so easy to teach but one has to be a leader. Two different personalities of the herding Peri and Woodford.
              Funny thing is Woodford learned much from Peri on herding and when they chase something they both behave like herders.
              One can get the best dogs that are rescues. Woodford came from the Vet when he was 9 weeks old someone dropped off a female dog with 9 newborn puppies .
              Someone put my cattle dog in my backyard she was full of parasites and fleas. She is a working dog and I was told a very good one. She was 18 weeks old and very scared. She would pee on herself if one touched her. Patients and love through training stopped her fear.
              All the dogs I had were rescue even my Weimaraner who was 5 when I got him. He had a bad reputation of being destructive. Wegman never did anything wrong in my house and was perfect behaved. I just told him that I was more German than he and I would win and he would loose 🙂
              My experience is that it is never the dog it is misguided owners who create a problem and then dump them.
              All my life I have loved animals.

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              1. My cousin has a seriously damaged rescue that is borderline dangerous. When I visited, I got to the point where we could watch TV together with my hand resting on her. I know dogs, and I love dogs.


              2. Most responsible organizations who adopt pets out test them. Those dogs that are dangerous need professional help or need never be adopted out.
                My neighbors pitfall attack my Peri Woodford never forgot she was for a week at the Vet . Peri was very forgiving but now relies on Woodford when she is out for a walk with my husband. The Pittbull would have never attacks if I had been there. The dog wanted to attack my husband one day and I shouted no the dog turned and went home. They got rid of the dog. By the way it was heir fault the dog was like that because the guy kicked the dog all the time.


              3. By the way my daughter has a herder mix dog and a rescue through and rescue organization. She and her husband work and they have a dog walker come in during the day to walk the dog. Also crate training helps but now that the dog is 6 years old they leave the door open. The dog does not destroy anything. They got for the dog a kitten that sleeps with him. He had been cat tested and loves cats.
                When one is out working for 8-10 hours a day one really needs a dog walker or day care. When we spend a day in Columbus we take to dogs to Pet Palace and they love being there. Dogs take much time mine still love when I go through training steps and introduce new things. I hide treads they have to find also in the garden. They love dog puzzles also.


          2. cthulhu,

            I am in NC

            The guy across from me breed Aussie Shepards. A couple streets over there are people who breed and train sheep herding dogs for the show trials and one of the ‘vendors’ we sometimes run into does sheep herding demos. So yes there is a lot of those type of breeds around here… Along with the sheep. 😉

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          3. cthu, your doggo exists.
            Years ago, a neighbor bought a Corgi pup who developed exactly as you envision is ideal.
            Had to get rid of it when it started nipping on toddler Achilles tendons.
            dream on, ha!


  2. Bernie gets endorsed by a dictator and says another wasnt so bad bc he started a literacy program and Hollywood is split between him and mini Mike. The convention will be something to behold. NO chance in h e double hockey sticks either is elected.

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          1. The parents of our godkids had good friends in Sacramento who had a full-size green iguana named “Fluffy”. It was pretty mellow (I’ve met some who were obnoxious), but even the “good ones” are large, messy, and careless.

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              1. Steve, several times over the years I had very large (52-58″) Iguanas for pets.
                They freely roamed the house, and Were v good ab pooping in one place, each morning.
                I was still working, and they asked for bananas at L, but when I came home in the evening, I would have to find them, as their batteries DO wear out w temperature drop-offs. pick ’em up, stiff as a board, and put them on their basking tree.

                One used to get up on my bed with me, and fall asleep on my legs while I was reading.
                They are arboreal, so you have to make allowances for that, but, then, so are kitties.
                One recommendation if interested, they require an actual diet…must be fed well…and they Require Exercise…cannot be kept in tanks and be healthy.
                Mine were all adoptions which Mothers got tired of dealing with when they go so big.
                Not to be taken lightly.
                Also. females much more adaptable. Males only interested in girls and fighting, can be nasty.
                Fact: I’ve had both.

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              1. The cutest and most friendly lizards are the thorny devils. They only eat ants and have no natural predators. ( they taste of Formic acid). Very intelligent. Will run to the glass cage and intereact with people. Very small. Their thorns allow dew to wick down to their mouths.

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              2. Formic acid, the original ant acid.

                Tame bearded dragons are often called the “dogs of the reptile world” but I wouldn’t be surprised to see other lizards displace them some day. Beardies are very well known in the US (someone smuggled some out of Oz twenty or so years ago, apparently).

                I wouldn’t want to try to be friendly to one in the wild though, not without expecting to get nipped. One tagged Steve Irwin on the nose.

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              3. Oh yeah, they have to be tamed first. The thorn eyes are very intelligent too.
                Like , for lizards. Spoke to a woman at a park and she said they scratched at the glass and when let out explored her desk and watched her type and stuck there noses into everything

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              4. We have wild beards on our property and water dragons and iguanas and shinglebacks. The shinglebacks are slow and easily caught. If you time it you can give them something to eat when they are displaying their blue tongues.

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            1. giloo…they are a food source, yes…when happy they breed well…but only the boys are nasty.
              I had several females, and they were surprisingly interactive considering their brain capacity.
              the boys? only wanted OUT.

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  3. These Grand Solar Minimums, or GSMs, have happened before and seem to be on a cyclical pattern.

    The duration of them seems to vary, though, from 50 to 100 years.
    Following a GSM, the sun usually returns to a long warming period of several hundred years, called a Grand Maxima.

    Text of tweet:

    Maunder Minimum (1645–1715), Wolf minimum (1300–1350), Oort minimum (1000–1050), Homer minimum (800–900 BC); as well as with the past Grand Maximas: the Medieval Warm Period (900–1200), the Roman Warm Period (400–150 BC).
    Mathematical calculations match.

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      1. Heheh…yep, and I can’t believe they actually said this:

        “A specific mechanism by which solar activity results in climate change has not been established…”

        [insert some U-Tree-worthy expletives right here]

        Solar activity and/or volcanic activity have *always* been the prime movers in climate change!

        But the climate hoax numpties are clinging to their false narrative.

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        1. Every ice-age began when CO2 was at or near peak levels, in other words, high CO2 levels were not enough to prevent ice ages.

          No one wants to mention a possible return to a full blown ice age but the possibility IS THERE and the Elite are very well aware of it. This maybe a major driving force behind what we are seeing. The actual the knowledge that the weather will get cooler going into Little Ice Age like conditions at the best, would explains a lot of the manipulations in the last decades as wealth has moved out of the USA and Europe towards the equator.

          It explains the panic about ‘over population’ and the drive towards curbing human population by what ever means. This includes funding Planned Parenthood. The USDA funding the development of Spermicidal corn. The rumored sterilization by vaccine and other means like bio-engineered bacteria and viruses…

          The Holocene interglacial is now 11,700 years old. That’s two centuries or so beyond half the present precession cycle (or 23,000/2=11,500). So the little Ice Age was about the right time for glacial inception. However we had the Modern GRAND Solar Minimum now ending.

          Will the earth descend into glaciation or be a ‘‘double precession cycle’’ interglacial? That is still being argued. However one thing is for sure the earth is certainly not going to warm for another 65 kyr and it is going to be very nasty violent cold weather. As one geologists Neuman and Hearty put it. ” between the greenhouse and the icehouse lies a climatic “madhouse”!”

          Both NASA and WIki use Berger’s MODELS to say the Holocene will continue and the Ice Age the earth is presently in has ended. However more recent research using real data shoots Berger’s models dead.
          A Pliocene-Pleistocene stack of 57 globally distributed benthic D18O records by Lisiecki & Raymo

          …..However, the 21 June insolation minimum at 65°N during MIS 11 is only 489 W/m2, much less pronounced than the present minimum of 474 W/m2. In addition, current insolation values are not predicted to return to the high values of late MIS 11 for another 65 kyr. We propose that this effectively precludes a ‘‘double precession cycle’’ interglacial [e.g., Raymo, 1997] in the Holocene without human influence….

          A newer paper from the fall of 2012 Can we predict the duration of an interglacial? agrees and gives the calculated solar insolation values @ 65N on June 22 for several glacial inceptions:

          Current value – insolation = 479W m−2 (from that paper)

          MIS 7e – insolation = 463 W m−2,
          MIS 11c – insolation = 466 W m−2,
          MIS 13a – insolation = 500 W m−2,
          MIS 15a – insolation = 480 W m−2,
          MIS 17 – insolation = 477 W m−2

          (Changes near the north polar area, about 65 degrees North, are considered important due to the great amount of land. Land masses respond to temperature change more quickly than oceans.)

          You can see why there is an argument. Solar insolation isn’t a cut and dried measure for glacial inception.

          Looking at it the other way round using NOAA’s numbers (Berger) @ 60N not 65N

          Holocene peak insolation: 523 Wm-2
          ……………………………………………..decreased = 47 Wm-2
          NOW (modern Warm Period) 476 Wm-2
          …………………………………………….. decreased = 12 Wm-2
          Depth of the last ice age – around 464 Wm−2

          11,000 years ago…………… 523.16 Wm-2 peak insolation
          Wisconsin Ice age- Holocene transition
          12,000 years ago…………… 522.50 Wm-2

          It takes about 5 Watts per square metre to raise the worlds temperature from 15°C to 16°C.

          Once the Earth flips into the Ice Box mode there is no going back.

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        2. Even an anthropogenic global warning weenie should laugh at that one.

          The whole “theory” behind it states that the carbon dioxide absorbs re-radiated heat, and it should be clear from the simple math that increasing the insolation should increase the amount of heat trapped.

          If they don’t understand how a warmer sun leands to a warmer earth, they’re not even familiar with their own bullshit.

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        Using NOAA’s numbers (Berger) @ 60N not 65N

        Holocene peak insolation: 523 Wm-2
        ……………………………………………..decreased = 47 Wm-2
        NOW (modern Warm Period) 476 Wm-2
        …………………………………………….. decreased = 12 Wm-2
        Depth of the last ice age – around 464 Wm−2

        11,000 years ago…………… 523.16 Wm-2 peak insolation
        Wisconsin Ice age- Holocene transition
        12,000 years ago…………… 522.50 Wm-2

        It takes about 5 Watts per square metre to raise the worlds temperature from 15°C to 16°C.

        The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change [Schimel, 1996] estimated that the change solar forcing between 1850 (start of the industrial age] and 1990 was only •0.3 W/m 2 at the top of the atmosphere vs. 1.5 W/m 2 for forcing anthropogenic CO2 [cf., Reid, 1997].

        Do you see the sleight of hand?
        You do not look at the start of the industrial age you look at the Solar insolation (heat from the sun) during the Wisconsin Ice Age vs the Solar insolation during the transition vs the Holocene Optimum vs now.

        A 1.5 W/m 2 for forcing anthropogenic CO2 is NOT GOING to trump the decrease of 47 W/m2 since the Holocene Optimum.

        11,000 years ago…………… 523.16 Wm-2 Holocene peak insolation

        Wisconsin Ice age- Holocene transition
        12,000 years ago…………… 522.50 Wm-2

        The highest insolation of the Holocene is only 0.66 Wm2 MORE than the amount needed to thaw the earth from the last ice age. At present the Solar insolation is 47 Wm-2 BELOW that amount. So freaking out about anthropogenic CO2 @ 1.5 W/m 2 is Idiotic. As Lisiecki & Raymo said in their paper, all the additional energy from CO2 does is POSSIBLY keep the earth out of a full blown Ice Age. I think I’ll take that type of Global Warming!

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        1. Short version – even if their bullshit CO2 calculations were true, they pale next to the real solar numbers which show a plant-killing ICE AGE, ON THE WAY or more accurately ALREADY HERE AND IN INTERMISSION as the greatest risk to the planet’s health, because – as has always been true since the beginning of Earth’s history – CO2 loss and COLD DEATH are the greatest threats to life on the planet, so whoever has been pushing our minds the opposite way is not our friend.

          (i.e., Climate Communism in a nutshell)

          This is why I predict that once these climate communists figure out that “global warming” and “climate change” absolutely can’t work, and they’re losing credibility faster than they’re messing with out heads, they will try to get us all mind-fucked on “global cooling” as their justification for global communism.

          And Goldman Sachs, like CHUMPS, play along with this foolishness. The LURE of the “carbon economy” is strong, but it’s POISONED RED MEAT.

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          1. Just tossing out the numbers from actual papers that can be used to show the lie wolfie.

            Who knows, someone may be able to use them to red pill someone!

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    1. Actually these last years were a GRAND Solar Maximum. The HIGHEST in 3,000 years just as the Little Ice Age was a GRAND solar minimum.

      Full Paper is very readable: A History of Solar Activity over Millennia

      What I love about it is they use three totally independent data sets to cross verify their information as much as possible.


      A 3,000-Year Record of Solar Activity

      In the journal Astronomy and Astrophysics, Usoskin et al. “present the first fully adjustment-free physical reconstruction of solar activity” covering the past 3,000 years, which record allowed them “to study different modes of solar activity at an unprecedented level of detail.” Their reconstruction of solar activity displays several “distinct features,” including several “well-defined Grand minima of solar activity, ca. 770 BC, 350 BC, 680 AD, 1050 AD, 1310 AD, 1470 AD, and 1680 AD,” as well as “the modern Grand maximum (which occurred during solar cycles 19-23, i.e., 1950-2009),” described as “a rare or even unique event, in both magnitude and duration, in the past three millennia.”…..

      As a “unique” and “rare” event in terms of both magnitude and duration, one would think a lot more time and effort would be spent by the IPCC and others in answering that question. Instead, IPCC scientists have conducted relatively few studies of the Sun’s influence on modern warming, assuming that the temperature influence of this rare and unique Grand maximum of solar activity, which has occurred only once in the past 3,000 years, is far inferior to the radiative power provided by the rising CO2 concentration of the Earth’s atmosphere.

      A review of “A History of Solar Activity over Millennia” by Ilya G. Usoskin
      Grand maxima of solar activity:

      Keeping possible uncertainties in mind, let us consider a list of the largest grand maxima (the 50 year smoothed sunspot number stably exceeding 50), identified for the last 11,400 years using 14C data, as shown in Table 2 (after Usoskin et al., 2007). A total of 19 grand maxima have been identified with a total duration of around 1030 years, suggesting that the sun spends around 10% of its time in an active state. A statistical analysis of grand-maxima–occurrence time suggests that they do not follow long-term cyclic variations, but like grand minima, are defined by stochastic/chaotic processes. The distribution of the waiting time between consecutive grand maxima is not as clear as that for grand minima, but also hints at a deviation from exponential law. The duration of grand maxima has a smooth distribution, which nearly exponentially decreases towards longer intervals. Most of the reconstructed grand maxima (about 75%) were not longer than 50 years, and only four grand minima (including the modern one) have been longer than 70 years. This suggest that the probability of the modern active-sun episode continuing is low5 (cf. Solanki et al., 2004; Abreu et al., 2008)

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  4. The Veterans For Child Rescue organization does good work.

    They make videos and provide educational material to increase community awareness about Child Trafficking and child predators.

    Their investigative team uses their military and law enforcement expertise to run operations and assist Law Enforcement to arrest and convict child predators.

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    1. Aubergine – if you see this, consider taking a look at 21:00 where Polly is interested in TWO related possible families – the graphic explains it briefly, Polly goes into much more detail. Very interesting.

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  5. Very interesting information on Phil Haney murder.

    First, this comment on CTH:


    This leads to this article:

    Obama DHS whistleblower found dead with gunshot wound in California


    TWO pieces of very important information pointing toward possible motives:

    (1) Potentially returning to DHS

    This part is explosive:

    According to sources close to Haney, he was recently in contact with top officials about returning to work for the DHS. Additionally, Haney was engaged to be married.

    As a whistleblower, Haney testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee in June 2016 that DHS ordered him to delete hundreds of files of people with ties to Islamist terrorist groups, arguing several terrorist attacks against people in the United States could have been prevented if certain files had not been scrubbed.

    “It is very plausible that one or more of the subsequent terror attacks on the homeland could have been prevented if more subject matter experts in the Department of Homeland Security had been allowed to do our jobs back in late 2009,” Haney wrote in an opinion piece for the Hill in February 2016. “It is demoralizing — and infuriating — that today, those elusive dots are even harder to find, and harder to connect, than they were during the winter of 2009.”

    Republicans on Capitol Hill questioned former President Barack Obama’s homeland security secretary, Jeh Johnson, about Haney’s allegations.

    “Was Mr. Haney’s testimony that the Department of Homeland Security order over 800 documents … altered or deleted accurate?” Sen. Ted Cruz, a Texas Republican, asked Johnson, who bristled at the question.

    “I have no idea. I don’t know who Mr. Haney is. I wouldn’t know him if he walked into the room,” he said.

    That is huge, IMO.


    (2) Upcoming book intentionally designed to affect the election – this information was in the hands of the Washington Examiner already, in a text message to them about Eric Ciaramella (YES)

    The Washington Examiner received a text message from Haney on Nov. 11 which mentioned plans to write a sequel to his first book, See Something Say Nothing: A Homeland Security Officer Exposes the Government’s Submission to Jihad, which described his experience at DHS.

    “Odd (surreal reality) that I was a highly visible whistleblower … that virtually no one listened to, while this guy remains invisible, but is treated like an anointed oracle from above,” Haney said in the Nov. 11 text, referring to alleged Ukraine whistleblower Eric Ciaramella. “However, my story is still live, i.e., there’s still more to come. It’ll be called ‘National Security Meltdown.'”

    Haney added, “I have a severely hyper-organized archive of everything that’s happened since See Something, Say Nothing (SSSN) was published in May of 2016. The National Security Meltdown sequel will pick up right where SSSN left off. My intention is to have it ready by early-to mid-Spring of 2020 (just before the political sound wave hits), then ride that wave all the way to the Nov. elections.”

    I think this explains quite a bit.

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    1. Wow. 😳

      I hope he already had that 2nd book ready to publish!

      Remember, it takes 2 witnesses to get a conviction of Treason.
      Maybe Haney was a witness to more than he has revealed publicly?

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      1. If Haney was ready to publish this spring – probably March or April – then IMO he was killed for both those reasons. Stop the book and stop him from either joining or consulting DHS/DNI internal investigations that are cleaning house.

        IN FACT – the URGENCY of killing Haney likely came from that appointment of that guy who is looking for all the NeverTrumpers!!! What’s his name? Maybe John something?

        What if the KGB-CIA got wind about that POTUS guy who is now vetting and removing all the anti-Trump and NeverTrump operatives? They also know that this guy can use any fresh information to remove their eyes and ears in DHS.

        So they killed Haney and may have even taken his materials. Very likely they tricked him into a meeting.

        Oh, man – I’m seeing this now.

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        1. Well, I can tell you from my own personal experience, if he had a book being published by March-April, they waited too late to stop it. It will have been in the hands of editors, proofreaders, etc. long before now. Even if he was self-publishing, that takes time.

          I looked at See Something, Say Nothing to see if I could find the publisher. That book was published by WND Books in Washington. It looks like they are a small press, using a distributing service. It is possible however that WND Books is Haney himself. Here is the book on the distributor’s website:


          Chances are pretty good they would be publishing his latest book. If so, they should have it already, if it was due out early to mid Spring. Unless WND Books really is Haney, which could change things.

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    2. OMG – I just realized. This really is tied to exactly how I said they do these blood hoaxes – by understanding the intelligence and then hiding / scrubbing it. So [this is an aside] what Comey and company were doing with these NICS failures like Dylann Roof is very likely REMOVING or DESTROYING the data ahead of time. It’s not sloppiness – it’s deadly intentional to make these people actionable. KEEP THAT IN MIND. They’re not failures – they’re either INTERCEPTING or PURGING and DESTROYING the data – probably using legal excuses – then they cover up. Then after the tragedy they “protect” the worker bees who unwittingly carried out the operations, just like I was “protected” in CA3.

      Haney said they were ordered to destroy certain information. Top of the operation would have been Jeh Johnson – RED DIAPER Jeh Johnson – a *RACIALLY TRUSTED* (very important) top Obama INNER CIRCLE player – was in charge. So Red Diaper Jeh undoubtedly LIED to Ted Cruz in that Senate hearing about knowing anything about Haney. THAT makes sense.

      If this came back into focus now, it would implicate Obama and Johnson in setting up Pulse and other blood hoax operations. The specific deletion of data for specific “usable” people shows premeditation, and makes any kind of MK evidence much more believable.

      Yes, I’m sure Haney was murdered. This Haney thing threatened Obama and Johnson. They could bring in top-of-the-line talent to take him out.

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        1. Could be coming from Brennan, too. My thinking is they want to keep orders like this FAR AWAY from Obama, and Jarrett is too close – under the same roof.

          Somebody further out knows how toxic Haney is. Very likely in DHS – a Jeh Johnson protector – somebody threatened by more Haney revelations. Somebody actually threatened by Haney. That person coughed up the grapevine to unknown players, and they decided to move on Haney. Could be Holder people.

          Somebody has been watching Haney through his NSA data. Taking him down was SLICK, and very much like my NSA data was used in the last few traps.

          My thinking is that they used Haney’s recent DHS contacts to construct a parallel trap.

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  6. I’m restarting the indents here for post https://wqth.wordpress.com/2020/02/24/20200224-dear-kmag-open-thread/#comment-409026 with wheatie.

    To recap the situation so far, when I have sufficient land to happily house a farming dog, I intend to get one that fails apartment living. I realize that the dog will likely be active, but have plans to amuse it with cyber-dog activities. And I intend to love it as a family pet…..while realizing that it is headstrong as a family pet and needs occupation.

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    1. I’m actually a bit upset here. First, I’m warned-off of keeping a working breed because old farts like me don’t generally keep ’em sufficiently active; then I have a dream where I wouldn’t be a bother because I have a cause for a working breed to work, and this is cruel.

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      1. I didn’t call you an “old fart”, Coothie.
        A lot of people don’t have the time or the energy to keep a high-energy dog exercised.
        It’s not an age thing.

        And maybe I misunderstood what you wrote…
        But strapping “opaque goggles” on a dog and making them run full speed through the woods…seems kinda harsh to me.

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        1. I wouldn’t be forcing anyone to do anything. (Bribing, however, is definitely in the cards.) You could look at it another way and say I intended to use high-level technology to take “dog toy” to a whole new level. What if the dog’s VR glasses showed him/her animated squirrels that would lead to actual dog toys he/she could “catch”? What kind of video does it take for a dog to find something reasonably realistic? What sorts of simulated environments do they find pleasant? Would they enjoy a walk around the property as much if it were with a CGI ostrich instead of yours truly? Could a FPS video game be created that was a “First-Person Sniffer” instead of a “First-Person Shooter”?

          The Fiancee’s sister has pugs, which are essentially walking self-warming sofa cushions. I’d like a dog with whom I could share the joy of learning.

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      2. ethulhu I have an Australian cattle dog-blue Healer and I am 75.
        Two things
        1) is proper training and socialization with people and other dogs.
        2) is play time and walks. In my younger days walking my Weimaraner twice a day for 2 miles each.
        Also have a fenced in big yard if possible.
        Yes as house pet they are wonderful and having them sleep in the same room as you do. Two dogs keep each other company when you are out or a day care a couple of days a week.
        Some farm places have a play session for the dog I read where a dog can herd some sheep.
        My herd dog used to herd the dogs in day care and no one noticed except I watching the behavior. Peri always stuck to the person watching the dogs but gently sneaky moved the whole group of about 15 dogs into the corner where the gate was to get out.
        Good luck

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        1. Yep. That’s another breed that would qualify.

          I agree that socialization is EXTREMELY important — and this is another reason that I’ve waited decades with any sort of dog on-hold. The great majority of dogs in my neighborhood are not properly socialized and I’ve had two significant attacks in the last five years.

          Two dogs will keep each other company, which is almost required if you work a 9-to-5 job. On the other hand, “two dogs will do things that one dog won’t do.”

          Thank you for sharing.

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          1. That is true 🙂 I had my Ausi for 4 years before Woodford came. Peri taught Woodford how to behave and she sternly corrected him if he wants to chew on things. She even rang the bell for him to go out for potty break. For herself she never has rang the bell just nudges me. Train one first then bring in another dog. Peri is the lead dog the herding do will demand to be the boss that is why the owner needs to be consistent and lead.


    2. I had brother and sister Aussies. Best thing I ever did was get both. Kept them from being completely destructive as they are known to be because they had each other as company. Girl was hyper frisbee dog, boy was laid back herder. Girl demanded constant attention, barked nonstop, scratched door til you came outside, talked and put the toy in your lap til you threw it, repeat, nonstop. Boy was mellow, constantly watched and followed me from every window as I went from room to room. Would nip at my backside, even pulled my shorts down once, thank goodness I was in the house. When he was little he ate walls, trim, Ethan Allen poster bed and dresser, twice!😡 That’s when they got kicked out of the house! Aussies require lots of attention. Border Collies, even more so. People across street had one, I was constantly rounding him up as a puppy and putting him back in his yard as he knew how to open the gate. He would sneak over to my house, tour the inside, up and downstairs stealthily before being caught. BC’s are a super smart breed and need lots of interaction, stimulation.

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  7. We learned from Q that the big North Korea deal was worked out during President Trump’s 2017 Asian tour. I’m keeping that in mind now with President Trump currently visiting a city along the Pakistani border. Consider the very suspicious timing of Phil Haney’s murder as President Trump was traveling to this Pakistani border city. For those reasons, I suspect this trip is as much about dealing with Pakistan as it as an Indian trade deal (which is really about isolating China).

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  8. Ian Brownlee decided he was right and the President was wrong–another State Dept figure who thinks they make the decisions…not the President…fire these asshats!!!

    Brownlee rationalized his decision to override the President and the CDC and allow individuals sick with the coronavirus to return to the US:

    ‘It’s important to remember this was an emerging and unusual circumstance,’ said Ian Brownlee, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary, Bureau of Consular Affairs.

    ‘We had 328 people on buses, a plan to execute and we received lab results on people who were otherwise asymptomatic, un-ill people on a bus on the way to the airport.

    ‘The people on the ground did exactly the right thing…in bringing them home.’

    People who had tested positive were put into isolation units on board the two cargo planes, which then flew to Joint Base San Antonio – Lackland in Texas and Travis Air Base in California.

    Although officials reassured the press that the sick passengers were thoroughly contained and every precaution had been taken to ensure the safety of the healthy people onboard, reports later emerged that people on the flights had no idea they were sharing yet another even more confined space with infected individuals.

    When the planes landed at their respective destinations late Sunday night, six ‘high risk’ passengers from Lackland and seven from Travis were ushered onto an additional flight to Omaha Eppley Airfield in Nebraska.

    Another Deep State employee thinks he’s right and the President is wrong. This guy, who worked for the State Department in Mexico for years, thought it was important to send individuals sick with the coronavirus back to the US where they could risk getting others sick. His decision may cost American lives.


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  9. the tweet says President and First Lady arrive in India and is a short video of POTUS & FLOTUS disembarking Air Force 1. She is wearing a lovely white jumpsuit–or her top and bottom are just white and there’s a wide sash at the waist. Simple, elegant, and totally gorgeous!

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  10. another friend of Haney speaking out…think there’s a typo in the article tho–omitted the word “don’t” as in don’t believe he committed suicide…jmo
    n Sunday The Gateway Pundit spoke with national security specialist Ilana Freedman who had worked with Philip Haney. Ilana said she was very surprised to hear the news about Philip. Phil wrote a promotion for her book. Ilana told The Gateway Pundit, “I believe he was murdered. I don’t believe it was suicide. I am an intelligence analyst. What I see here is something very nasty. He thought several weeks ago he might be assassinated. Philip said if he were killed it would absolutely would not be suicide.”

    Ilana added that people who knew him believe he would commit suicide. “He was a very religious man who believed suicide was a sin. A fellow associate I know said Philip stated several times that if he was accused of suicide not to believe it. He said that to a lot of people.” And Ilana spoke about a project Philip Haney was working on that was going to be published this year. He had very serious allegations. Phil claimed the terror attacks in California and Florida could have been prevented.

    Many of Philip Haney’s friends say he was happy and looking forward to his upcoming marriage.


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  11. this is a bizarre story–believable or not? The Air Force tried to transfer 35-50 infected people in CA to a state run facility–it has 396 bed–but no isolation rooms; currently only 6 “mental” patients reside there but there’s a “shadow staff” of 200—for 6 patients? really bizarre details about the facility and it’s history–deaths, disease, drugs…not sure how reliable this info is…
    The Fairview Development Center in Costa Mesa, California, where the US government just tried to quietly house 35-50 infected coronavirus patients, is a state-run facility for the mentally disabled, with a “shadow staff” of 200 people but only six patients according to official records.

    Notably, the center has no biocontainment facilities and no staff trained in level-4 biohazards. It’s actually described as a kind of “prison” by critics who also call it “shoddy” and “run down,” with the “odor” of a jail (see source below).

    It begs the question: Why would the United States Air Force attempt to relocate up to 50 infected coronavirus patients to a facility with no biocontainment capabilities, right in the middle of a high-density population area near Los Angeles?


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    1. patfrederick
      So —
      Now there are apparently UP TO 50 more persons in the U.S. who have the Wuhan Coronavirus.
      That gives a potential total of 86 persons (36 = 50 = 86).
      AND it also appears that Costa Mesa has gone to court and won a stay against having the Air Force dump the infected persons at the Fairview facility.

      WHO EXACTLY in the Air Force ordered this transfer?
      IF ANY of the infected persons were coming from a U.S. military quarantine facility (Lackland / Travis, etc.) —WHY are apparently NO BSL-4 Biocontainment beds at these places ALREADY set up?
      WHY transfer ANY infected persons to a BSL-4 Biocontainment facility — like the 14 infected persons from the Diamond Princess?
      *** That questions in my opinion, answers itself: SOMEBODY considers the Wuhan Coronavirus to be on the level of infection AND deadliness AS IS THE EBOLA VIRUS. The ONLY facility that is properly equipped to treat the Ebola Virus or similar highly-infectious and deadly virus, is a BSL-4 unit.
      Read that sentence above several times.***

      WHY, if this is the case, isn’t EVERY person in the U.S. who now has the virus NOT in a BSL-4 facility?
      WHY would the CDC refuse to sign off on having the 14 infected persons on the Diamond Princess evacuation flights — and IAN BROWNLEE, a State Department functionary who NOT a MEDICAL DOCTOR, nor has ANY training in Infectious Disease, OVERRIDES the CDC officials and puts the 14 on the aircraft anyway?

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              1. maybe i just missed your post–had a bad weekend–needed your calming presence!
                we went out for groceries Saturday morning–slid halfway down the driveway…got the groceries and came back–couldn’t make it back up the driveway…so we walked. hubby then took the tractor down and ferried the groceries up in the bucket. later he tried scraping the driveway with the bucket…didn’t make a dent so he tried salting–slipped and fell and banged his head hard on the ground…I didn’t see it happen, but when he came back inside and asked me where he truck was, I got really worried!
                I couldn’t have gotten him down to a doctor and no one could make it up the driveway either–truck in the path and ice up beyond that…

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              2. Good Lord!!! What an awful trial! How is hubby doing now?

                Be of good cheer – sending an Army of Angels to assist both of you – and to clear your way – by the power of the Holy Spirit – they are coming to your aid!

                Know that God promised He would never abandon us – and He hasn’t – Jesus is right there with you to assist and comfort – the power of God is awesome!!! Trust Him – He will make it right!

                Sometimes God allows things to happen to bring us to a better place – and understanding! You may not be able to see it now – but a huge blessing is on the way – persevere in Him – watch Him to show the power of His Mighty Hand!

                God Bless You Real Good!!! Sending Huge, Warm Hugs your way!

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              3. he seems fine…
                I persuaded him to let me cut his hair yesterday so I could get a really good look at his head–no cuts bruises or sore spots remained so that helped ease my mind.
                he’s not gonna attempt to bring the truck up the driveway–he drove the tractor down this morning and will transfer back and forth between them till the driveway clears–but guess what? we’re expecting rain for the next 4 days…SIGH…

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              4. So it is going to warm up enough to rain – from sliding to mud wrestling? Gonna get sloppy – but, so much better than ice.

                Our heads are more protected than we can imagine – he probably did not have enough time to tense up – so it was more like free falling and flopping – like the drunk who does not get hurt – what Angels do – they protect! God blessed you both in spite of the conditions.

                Mile by Mile – it will take a while – Yard by Yard – it is pretty hard – BUT – Inch by Inch – it is a Cinch!

                Someday, you will look back on this experience – and laugh – I know that sounds stupid now – but – it will happen! 🙂

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              5. the tractor doesn’t have a cab–so hubby will be out in the wet rain then get into a cold truck…
                I’m worried it’s not gonna be warm enough to melt any of the ice on the driveway–so any runoff will make it even slicker…
                thanks for holding my hand! I appreciate it!!

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              6. Do not worry – have faith God will take care of it all – trust Him to do so – Ask Him – every step of the way – every little step – His Angels will hold you up – remember inch by inch – Mkay?

                Tie an umbrella to the steering wheel – lol

                Go get some ‘funnies’ to lift up your spirit – am sure you will find some to ease the stress!

                Let Go and Let God!!!

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  12. We’ve got the same problem here with commie teachers.

    Text of tweet from Amy Mek:


    Hungarian communists promise to sabotage PM #Orban’s new national curriculum for elementary and high school students.

    Soros paid radical leftist “teachers” are furious they will not be able to brainwash students to hate and destroy Christian Hungary!

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  13. Time for a minimum 30 day self-quarantine all returning travelers. from overseas.

    OR quarantine in secure location.

    NO immigrants and no overseas travel from USA without 30 day minimum quarantine.

    NO packages, objects, shipping from China or overseas that isn’t quarantined 30 days.

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      1. Me either. But this news is all over. Maybe looking for a scapegoat.

        Stephen McIntyre (@ClimateAudit) Tweeted:
        To my knowledge, Somma was first identified and endorsed as Case Agent 1 in “our” corner of Twitter: @nick_weil first on Dec 9, endorsed by @Fool_nelson and me in next two days. Nick applied data from important article by Margot Hemingway to Horowitz https://t.co/VLrJKFmtGT https://t.co/qwgWTqzmEf https://twitter.com/ClimateAudit/status/1231760931723628546?s=20

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    1. Here’s my question….

      Why should we believe what the NYSlimes prints all of a sudden??

      Follow up…

      Why would the NYSlimes start printing news that would HELP PDJT?

      (insert Suspicious cat)

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      1. It’s such a great party. We also get the day after Mardi Gras OFFFFFFF as All Saints Day. Yeah, the day after Mardi Gras, everyone is a Catholic in New Orleans.

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          1. Ohhh, those sound wonderful.
            Ranger cookies were always a Parade standby for us.
            I grew up in New Orleans. So many memories. Most of them for Mardi Gras involved Boones Farm wine……
            God awful stuff.
            It’s a wonder we’re all still alive.

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          2. As a kid, maybe 10-11yrs old, our first Mardi Gras, I remember wading knee deep in beer cans down Bourbon Street.
            We needed to see it.
            After that, Dad thought it was inappropriate to take me.
            Back then, the police would round up anyone who was unruly and put them into Tulane stadium. They could take their coolers and food, they just had to stay in Tulane Stadium until Mardi Gras was over. Well, Tulane Stadium turned into the best party in town.

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            1. LOL…I told my granddaughter about Fat Tuesday at our house when her mom was young–the kids had to have a decent breakfast, but then they could eat all the junk they wanted that day–because we (my son and I ) are Catholic–so we give up such things for Lent. My daughter participated in giving up the junk with us even tho she didn’t have to. My granddaughter is now bugging my daughter to “try it”…lol…she just wants to eat crap all day tomorrow…

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              1. It was so much fun.
                By 6:00am, we were gone and down on the Parade route. People brought grills, griddles, and cooked. There is nothing better than the smell of bacon and eggs in open air.
                And of course, you always ate what your next door neighbors were cooking as well.
                And you have to dress up.
                But you never know what the weather will be at that time of year, so your costume has to be able to peel off.
                One year, I went as Cat Woman. That was interesting. Another year, a bunch of us went as Hershey’s Kisses, bad idea, couldn’t catch anything.

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            1. Ash Wednesday. Beginning of Lent, the season of reparation and preparation. It’s a day when most Catholics actually go to Mass despite it not being a Holy Day of Obligation. Annually, it’s the third most attended Mass after Easter and Christmas…and it’s not required.

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  14. They’re expecting a big Market Selloff today…because of the coronavirus.

    Dow Futures are down about 855 right now.

    Could also be a case of some people using the virus as an excuse to do some profit-taking.

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    1. Market is down big on the apparently confirmed news that the virus is a man-made L4 bioweapon intentionally released into the global population.

      The math is simple.

      Shut down manufacturing in China = dramatically reduced supply of goods = uncontrolled inflation in the prices of goods = uncontrolled rises in the costs of living = major reversal in market prices

      I suspect that this outcome is one of the reasons the virus was released.

      Would be interesting to examine net short position carryover beginning in Aug. of last year to present.

      Also, who is holding those positions.

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      1. Would be interesting to see where Satan Soros and Beezle-Billy Gates put their money, and how… Didn’t Gates “warn” about the Corona virus last year?

        His father was high up in Planned (un)Parenthood, so I’m not surprised he’s a murderer too…

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  15. For MAGA MOM, and any others out working this election cycle, please keep in mind that not all “conservatives” are America First. There are those who are pro-life and family values, yet want Open Borders. Some see Jesus as a socialist. He cannot be, as socialism leads to communism, which is atheism.

    Governor Bill Lee (TN) is this way. He wants more refugees because it’s the “Christian thing to do”. For the press he says he is separating refugees from illegals, but he does not. The TN House and Senate had filed a lawsuit to stop refugee dumping in TN even before Gov Lee was elected. They are currently in the process to recall Gov Lee, and enact legislation to block refugee dumping.


    Beth Moore (So. Baptist) is another “conservative” never-trumper. She did not vote for POTUS because she did not like his character and behavior from 11 years ago. Beth did a write-in vote Nov 2016.


    We need to look past the MEDIA APPLIED labels of conservative and liberal, and see the individual voter. Labels are not all encompassing. Please, accept this gently offered red pill as you move forward to do amazing work for your state and country. Think through how to ask voters where they are on President Trump and his policies. I offer a term as a filter, not label, “Patriot”. Thank-you for stepping out of your comfort zone!

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    1. coosmama I have come across people who believed Christ was the first socialist. When we see the results of socialism on a country on its people specially the spirit of persons we can be assured Christ was not a socialist. Where Christ is there is freedom and socialism is not freedom and does not foster freedom.

      Then we have the Pharisees who believe they are perfect. Pointing the finger against a person from over 10 years ago speaks more about the person who does it. Sadly people do not look at them selves I m sue every day I sin even if I do not intent. A sin is a sin . Personally I stay away from that type of so called conservative. I have met them and they never take the speck out of their own eye.
      Progressives have they own brand of Pharisees.

      I am conservative Patriot Christian who knows I am not perfect accept it therefore accept others imperfection. Perfect people scare me.
      Coosmama thank you for sharing this and all the misconceptions..

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    2. Bill Lee has been extremely underwhelming….very disappointed in his choice on this. Glad to see my local Rep is on board with the opposition. I have not heard about a recall but will definitely be digging around.

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    3. Beth Moore is a chameleon… a lot of false teaching and a lot of controversy following her. I haven’t even tried to cover her at all but she’s in deep with a lot of the SBC coup mess. She is not “conservative”.

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  16. Oh no! St. Stephen;s is such a beautiful cathedral. Historical too. It’s where Mozart was baptized. I can’t believe
    what’s going on in the Church!



    VIENNA (ChurchMilitant.com) – An Austrian artist notorious for “pushing the boundaries of sculpture” is having his exhibit of an 80-square-meter purple sweater hung over the baroque high altar for Lent at St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna.

    Erwin Wurm’s sweater is meant to replicate the purple veil (Fastentuch or fasting cloth) used to cover images of Jesus, especially the crucifix, in Catholic and some Protestant churches during the 40 days of Lent.


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  17. May those who love us love us.
    And those that don’t love us,
    May God turn their hearts.
    And if He doesn’t turn their hearts,
    May he turn their ankles,
    So we’ll know them by their limping.

    May the enemies of The USA never meet a friend.
    (Changed from Ireland)

    Just tossing this is for edification … 🙂❤️

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  18. Gee, imagine that.

    Text of tweet:

    NYT confirmed that “Case Agent 1” from the FISA report is Stephen Somma, a counterintel investigator out of the NY field office.

    Somma was involved in several key aspects of Crossfire Hurricane, and was faulted for omitting crucial info in 6 key areas.

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      1. they didn’t confirm the RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA thing before they spouted that garbage again, did they?

        wondering if the Deep State is merely offering a sacrifice–we know how fond they are of those–here, take THIS GUY–he’s THE bad guy–

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      1. This guy’s name has come up before. He might be a sacrificial lamb. He might not be. I didn’t check the reporter’s name from the Old Gray Lady, but Mollie Hemingway came across him as a possibility, so I’m not dismissing it out of hand.

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  19. So burning organic matter in massive quantities. With most people at home, industry shut down, the inference is infectious waste and cremation.

    Zach Vorhies aka “The Covid19 Prepper” (@Perpetualmaniac) Tweeted:
    ** BREAKING **

    Massive release of Sulfur Dioxide is happening in Chongqing, way bigger than Wuhan. Sulfur is released during burning of organic matter. https://t.co/kGT9Ls6Cky https://twitter.com/Perpetualmaniac/status/1231758586558078976?s=20

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    1. CHONGQING is one of the large urban areas that was shut down with enforced quarantine and apartment buildings being locked up. The factories have been idle for weeks.
      Chongqing has a total population of OVER 30 MILLION PEOPLE.

      My opinion: It doesn’t take a “rocket scientist” to figure out why Beijing ordered the government in Chongqing to start burning “organic matter”. It’s either dead farm animals from the farms in the surrounding areas — or — (insert what your gut feeling is here).

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      1. Huge car manufacturing city…lots of barges on the river filled with cars to be shipped.
        Image…a city of 30 million ( larger than Beijing) that literally no one has ever heard of!

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        1. Sorry, it’s actually Quangdong that’s the car manufacturing city (well over 30 million population). For WWII History buffs, you might recognize it as the location of the famous Flying Tigers.
          For us, it was the debarkation site for our Yangtze River Cruise…this giant city in the middle of nowhere that no one has ever heard of in the West.

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            1. CORRECTION: “Chungking” was also the provisional capital of China from 1937-1946, during the Japanese invasion of China. It was far enough inland and in the mountains to hold out against Japanese bombing and became known as the “City of Heroes.”

              It was at one time the capital of Sichuan (formerly Szechuan, as in the type of Chinese food) Province, but has been pulled out into its own separate “municipality” (China has four of them apparently; the others are Beijing, Shanghai, and Tianjin).

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  20. The Perverse Panic over Plastic
    The campaign against disposable bags and other products is harming the planet and the public.
    John Tierney

    Why do our political leaders want to take away our plastic bags and straws? This question is even more puzzling than a related one that I’ve been studying for decades: Why do they want us to recycle our garbage?

    . . . Some reformers are well-intentioned, but they’re hurting their own cause. If you want to protect dolphins and sea turtles, you should take special care to place your plastic in the trash, not the recycling bin. And if you’re worried about climate change, you’ll cherish those gossamer grocery bags once you learn the facts about plastic.

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      1. Not bad but I much prefer the fact sheet the company I worked for put out long ago.

        Most of the HATE PLASTICS campaign was really about kneecapping an upstart Canadian by the name of Robert Blair who was making major inroads in the plastics industry.

        “Blair, a corporate visionary whose appetite for acquisitions has transformed a small provincial natural-gas pipeline company into an international energy and petrochemical conglomerate…”

        His acquisitions stepped on the toes of Shell Oil so Shell sicced their pet, WWF after him to depress the market for the plastics companies he had acquired. And of course they succeeded.

        To Hades with the factories that closed their doors and the hundreds of people who were put out of work.

        To Hades with the innovated ideas just about to see reality.


        (And yes I am still PO, Two of my friends ended up dead from that factory closing.)

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    1. It’s really rather stunning how people cling to data that backs the viewpoint and stance they’ve taken.

      The plastic bag thing…where I live, we are specifically told NOT to put plastic bags in the recycle bins. If one does not use them for any other purpose, they are taken to the local grocery chains where they are then sent out to specific facilities for recycling into plastic deck planking which lasts a lot longer than real wood. And you have to be sure to take the receipts out.

      Which reminds me, when I go later today, the big bag they’ve been collecting in has to go with me.

      This is one where everyone has an opinion and the data is cherry picked to suit the purpose of the presenter. The recycling people are just as guilty. However, our landfill has an extended life thanks to the recycling efforts of not just plastic, but glass and metal. That has to be worth something in the considerations.

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  21. Good Morning & God Bless all Amazing Q Treepers!

    I wanted to share a link to a post (originally inspired by a Q-Tree post) with you all dealing with the historicity (or lack thereof) of the “Palestinian” cause. It contains scripture, maps, & the meat of the material being liberal excerpts from nearly 2 dozen American Thinker articles from over more than a decade; sharing their valuable historical perspectives from a primarily conservative perch.



    Hopefully you’ll see (at least some of) these scriptural memes about being Chosen–Blessings!

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  22. You mean a return to nationalism? Yes!

    Liked by 9 people

  23. I’m feeling disappointed with our tree.

    The NYSlimes puts out a misdirection piece about some FIB agent no one has ever heard of before and it’s taken as gospel.


    THIS is the name they don’t want you asking about. THIS is the name of the guy they are STILL trying to keep hidden. THIS is the agent who interviewed Gen. Flynn and wrote the 302s the DoJ won’t release…

    Special Agent Joe Pientka

    From the Epoch Times just 2 months ago…

    FBI Agent Who Interviewed Flynn Played Critical Role in Trump Campaign Investigation
    DOJ internal investigation reveals the special agent was supervisor of Crossfire Hurricane, played key role in problematic FISA application


    “One of the special FBI agents who interviewed President Donald Trump’s national security adviser, Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, at the White House in January 2017, played a much bigger role in the FBI’s counterintelligence investigation of the Trump campaign—known as Crossfire Hurricane—than previously assumed, a report by Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz reveals.

    The agent was first introduced into the public realm in a May 11, 2018, letter from Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), who inquired about the FBI’s interview with Flynn.

    Grassley specifically asked that the Department of Justice (DOJ) “make Special Agent Joe Pientka available for a transcribed interview with Committee staff no later than one week following the production of the requested documents.”

    In a report released in December by Horowitz on the FBI’s FISA abuse during its investigation of the Trump campaign, the role of an unidentified FBI supervisory special agent (SSA)—described in Horowitz’s report as “SSA 1”—was featured prominently throughout. The description of events and dates match the public information on Pientka’s actions, and on Dec. 13, Pientka was confirmed by Fox News as being “SSA 1.”

    It should go without saying that ANYTHING coming from the NYSlimes, CNN, or WaPo should be considered DISINFORMATION until and unless proven otherwise.

    Everyone here should know this already.

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    1. Simple question:

      Is the NY Slimes going to actually HELP prove the conspiracy of sedition and treason attempted by the political left in America??

      Liked by 3 people

      1. Actually, no I’m not forgetting anything. That’s the same Daily Caller featuring the leftist jackass David Hookstead, right?

        I’m not impressed.

        I also have a great memory and don’t forget people like “SSA 1” Joe Pientka…or that the NYSlimes has ZERO credibility concerning anything having to do with politics, which means anything thanks to the left politicizing everything.

        Liked by 3 people

          1. Gail,

            Geo Webb has had this post pinned to top of his tweeter account since July of 2019…

            Why hasn’t Luke published? George and I both want to know… I have lost the respect for Luke that I once had.

            text in tweet:

            TruthLeaks – Investigative Journalist George Webb

            George Webb found DNC Blackberries and Pried Hard Drives. His May 2017 Meeting With Trump Accuser Bill Taylor Connects Him To DNC. http://patreon.com/georgewebb
            Washington, DCpatreon.com/GeorgeWebbJoined February 2009

            TruthLeaks – Investigative Journalist George Webb’s Tweets
            Pinned Tweet
            TruthLeaks – Investigative Journalist George Webb
            Jul 16, 2019

            Luke Rosiak has URGENT HACKING MEMOS from the House Sargeant Of Arms during the 2016 election and has not published them? Go to 19 minute mark. What the Jeffrey Epstein, Imran Awan, & Jackson Cosko Scandals Might Hav… https://youtu.be/G0lhrzWtWMc via @YouTube
            What the Jeffrey Epstein, Imran Awan, & Jackson Cosko Scandals Might…
            Just who is Jackson Cosko, the mastermind behind what prosecutors have called ‘the largest data breach in Senate history? What are the implications of the Im…

            youtube.com https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G0lhrzWtWMc&feature=youtu.be

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    2. “I’m feeling disappointed with our tree.”

      What are you even talking about?

      I get on here to check stuff today, and I’ve seen NOTHING so far that looks like people needing to be talked off the ledge.

      What am I missing?

      Links to the concern trolls! Give ’em to me! 😉

      Liked by 4 people

      1. Lemme say I think I could have been a bit more mellow in how I said what I said. Prolly should have been. That said, this is what got my steam up (posted prior to my post starting this)…

        No need to tell you I don’t trust the NY Slimes any further than I can throw the Daily Caller, whose veracity I question far more often than is comfortable to me.

        Anyway, I was concerned that people were simply accepting this as truth rather than questioning..

        …the information…
        …the source…
        …the reason(s) why the Slimes was publishing this…

        Plus, it seemed like a good opportunity to remind everyone of the name “Joe Pientka”, that he has been confirmed as “SSA 1” in Horowitz’s IG report, and that he was the agent who interviewed Gen. Mike Flynn with Peter Strzok and wrote the original 302 report which has been withheld from Gen. Flynn in his case by the slimeball prosecutor Van Grack and the Mueller SC scum because it proves Flynn is innocent.

        And I don’t want anyone to forget any of this.

        You know how I feel about General Flynn. In fact, given that we ARE at war (just not a kinetic one), I believe Gen. Flynn’s actions deserve the Congressional Medal of Honor.

        So yeah, I kinda feel strongly about it all.

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    3. Amen FG&C, I dont even give any of them sites the 72 hour smell test, they go straight into the trash bin.
      All disinformation like leading a cat with a laser pointer, DONT buy into this Treepers. Remember MSM is our enemy, WE ARE THE NEWS NOW!!!!!!!!
      End of rant….

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  24. Can anyone please explain how RUSH LIMBAUGH just opened his radio show today with a 20+ minute downplaying of the Wuhan Coronavirus threat, repeatedly linking it to “it’s just like the common cold” argument cr@p?

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Because Rush is right! He’s exaggerating just a bit, saying it’s just the common cold, and he is (IMO) probably looking at a bad number with 2%, but he is ABSOLUTELY RIGHT about overhype being massively played by the other side! He understands the ALINSKY ANGLE on this thing.

      TWO THINGS can be true at the same time. It’s NOT just a common cold, AND it’s being overhyped for political reasons, to hurt Trump.

      People need to read this to get it. Here is the transcript.


      Now Rush is accepting a 2% death rate, which IMO may be mistaken. If it’s actually 4% or 5%, then it changes things quite a bit, but still – EVERYTHING HE IS SAYING ABOUT OVERREACTION REMAINS TRUE.

      If you can’t see the “AND LOGIC” of this point, then you’re prime material to become a worry-bot useful to the left (COUGH). Everybody slap themselves in the face. LOGICAL THINKING.

      Why is Q not freaking out about Corona? THINK. How do you exit a theater with a fire in the corner set by some homeless freak, to get everybody out? LOGICAL THINKING.

      Now, if you’re in OUR age group, where the number could be more like 25% or 50% or 80% or 90%, that’s actually a very big deal. If you’re 90 years old, you do not want this stuff, b/c you’re gonna die. But panic ain’t gonna save you. LOGICAL THINKING will.

      Stock up on some stuff, get ready to quarantine, stay calm, stay tuned in.

      Liked by 15 people

      1. wolfmoon1776
        Thank you for the clarification. It appears that South Korea now has 800 cases, with 7 dead; Italy has 229 cases, with 6 dead; Iran has 47 cases, 47 cases in Iran, with 12 dead (for Iran, that makes a death rate of NEARLY 30%). (per NBC News)
        The widow of a retired U.S. military officer in South Korea is now positive for the virus. She had visited the Camp Walker’s Post Exchange between 12 and 15 February. This person is the first U.S. military dependent who has tested positive for the virus.
        The U.S. military in South Korea and that government’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are “actively tracing” any persons who may have had contact with the infected person. (per The Hill)
        I agree that preparing for household quarantine, stocking up on items that may well go into short or no supply relatively soon, and not panicking, are good things to do.
        Perhaps Rush was doing something similar to Clint Eastwood’s endorsement of Bernie Sanders — go in the opposite direction to keep the focus on the problem, not to go “off the deep end”.
        I am, however, reading more reports on people who died of the virus who were either misdiagnosed with pneumonia (the virus can present as pneumonia); or their infection rapidly turned into virus + pneumonia.

        Liked by 4 people

      2. Exactly. I’m seeing panic start to set it with the hype. It’s pretty predictable based on past efforts of the same variety.

        The way we all are being told to protect ourselves and prevent picking up the bug is exactly the same way we try to avoid colds and flu.

        What I’m wondering about is how the RNA sequencing was done as quickly as it was. Is there a technique that isolates the viruses really quickly?

        Liked by 6 people

      3. Wolfmoon, The main thing that occurred to me is that President Trump is working with India and China is in a panic. Our Politicians that are being paid off by China need to find a way to keep us trading with China. This whole virus thing is a huge distraction.
        The world population is around 7 billion.

        Liked by 5 people

      4. You nailed it.

        They are trying to crash the markets ahead of the election.

        Here’s what everyone need to understand…

        100% of all markets traded today are no longer traded using old methods of analysis (ie. Balance sheets, revenues, debts, etc)…90% of all trades today are generated by computers using algorithms employing “technical price analysis”…

        …in which past price performance of any underlying security is used as a predictor of future price performance.

        This is key….because if you can make the price look bad, the computers will treat the past prices as genuine data, NOT garbage.


        The virus gives China a very convenient excuse to hide the economic impact of what PDJT is doing to China’s economy…


        …the communists don’t want the people to see and understand that they have lost control…

        ….see how the virus news has completely blacked out news of the Hong Kong protests, for example.

        NET NET : Xi and his minions are so terrified, and so evil, that they intentionally released a bioweapon on their own people in order to APPEAR that they are still in control of everything.

        And why this isn’t all over the news is proof of how shitty our news organizations are, including conservative news.

        Liked by 4 people

        1. One of the things people need to start employing in the evaluation of “complex events” is the “complex loss/benefit statement”, which can only be understood using AND logic.

          The Chinese Communist Party was “on the ropes” in several very significant ways. This virus solved all of them.

          We KNOW from Tiananmen Square that the CCP will kill TENS OF THOUSANDS to preserve its TOTAL POWER.

          One has to remember – they (and the Soviets) have helped OUR communists learn how to hoax, and specifically the “blood hoax” – real bodies, real “actors”, staged event. Not what it appears to be, but rather what the media can create from it. There is NO REASON not to suspect a blood hoax which provides cover for massive roundup and detainment of citizens.

          The video with execution-style gunfire in the background is very chilling. I think they are taking care of MULTIPLE problems.

          Ask how Bill Ayers and the Weather Underground who plotted killing 25 million Americans would do it, and a virus that kills old people used as cover to “liquidate” enemies of the state would be the PERFECT solution.

          Liked by 2 people

          1. Thank you, wolf — much appreciated.

            I have been thinking about the ’25 million’ target since the coronavirus first made the headlines. Agree that it could be viewed as an ideal vehicle for humanity’s enemies to use against us. The fact that it is a global worry is a plus for them.

            Liked by 1 person

            1. Communists, lacking moral clarity on what happens to individuals, can select options from the coldest and most appalling side of utilitarianism – meaning STALINISM.

              A few million dying to save the Party to “save the Bolshevik revolution”? Totally worth it from their standpoint.

              Liked by 1 person

  25. Lisa Mei Crowley
    How awesome is that?!

    Arthur Schwartz
    · 1h

    Kash Patel, POTUS’s senior director for counterterrorism at NSC, traveled to India with POTUS and gave a speech with his parents in the crowd watching him. On his birthday. 🇺🇸

    Liked by 11 people

  26. Caring Words from a Pilot

    1. During a commercial airline flight a retired Navy Hawkeye pilot was seated next to a young mother with a babe in arms. When the baby began crying during the descent for landing, the mother began nursing the infant as discreetly as possible.
    2. The pilot pretended not to notice and, upon disembarking, he gallantly offered his assistance to help with the various baby-related items. When the young mother expressed her gratitude, the pilot
    responded, “That’s a good-looking baby, and he sure was hungry!”
    3. Somewhat embarrassed, the mother explained that her pediatrician said that the time spent on the breast would help alleviate the pressure in the baby’s ears.
    4. The retired Navy jock sadly shook his head, and in true pilot fashion exclaimed, “And all these years, I’ve been chewing gum.”

    ///The end.

    Liked by 12 people

    1. Lemme just say that pilots can be clever, but no one has figured out a way to stay on a breast, fly the plane, and talk on the radio at the same time.

      But there is always hope.


      Liked by 3 people

  27. Can anyone access the Johns Hopkins Coronavirus site with all the totals and maps? I could this AM and now it won’t let me……have to set up an account. I check that site usually a couple times a day.

    Liked by 1 person

  28. scrolling thru some stories on whatfinger and they have a video of the stadium in India and they are playing Macho Man by the Village People as POTUS comes out…LOL…I would link it here, but it’s CNN and their liar de jour tries to talk over the entire thing…sigh

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