20200224: Dear KMAG Open Thread

This Merry Warrior Monday Open Thread is VERY OPEN – a place for everybody to post whatever they feel they would like to tell the White Hats, and the rest of the MAGA/KMAG/KAG world (with KMAG being a bit of both).

Yes, it’s Monday…again.


But it’s okay! We’ll get through it.

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With the Storm upon us…please remember to Pray for our President.


Wheatie’s Rules:

    1. No food fights.
    2. No running with scissors.
    3. If you bring snacks, bring enough for everyone.


For your listening enjoyment, I offer this composition from Ezietto, titled ‘Stars and Warriors’:


Wheatie’s Word of the Day:


Somnambulism is the act of sleepwalking and a Somnambulist is one who engages in sleepwalking.

Some say it is dangerous to awaken a somnambulist, but research has shown that this is not the case…usually.

Used in a sentence:

While trying to converse with a liberal, she began to wonder if he was a somnambulist.





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    1. I’ve used Brave for months without incident . . . until I got tired of the Brave ads that started popping in from the side. Now I’ve just switched to Dissenter and have no ads and no other problems. I’m using Windows 10.

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    2. Had to dump brave 2 weeks ago, tweets not showing up. Used the nightly updare version Wolfie advised, but it crapped out too, don’t want to download and redo bookmarks constantly. Been using the “new, improved” Edge. It has all the features Brave does, and then some. So far really good.

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      1. Thanks Butterfly… now to find when grandson has a moment or two to help… I think I messed up a few things, you know, trying to ‘fix’ the problem “smilin” …

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    1. From this site:
      Declassified FBI memos undercut Mueller team claims that Papadopoulos hindered Russia probe:

      Newly declassified FBI memos directly conflict with court filings that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team made in asking a federal judge to send former Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos to prison, further calling into question the government’s conduct in investigating the now-debunked “Russia collusion” narrative.
      The memos, released under federal Freedom of Information laws, are likely to focus renewed attention on former Mueller prosecutor Aaron Zelinsky, who played a key role in prosecuting Papadopoulos before working on the case of longtime GOP operative and Trump confidant Roger Stone.
      Zelinsky recently made headlines in Washington by resigning from the Stone case over a dispute with Attorney General William Barr over the length of prison time Stone deserved. Zelinsky recommended 7 to 9 years, Barr wanted less, and the judge ultimately decided on a lower sentence of just 40 months.
      According to Zelinksy, Rhee, and Goldstein’s August 17, 2018 sentencing memo filed with U.S. District Judge Randolph D. Moss, “the defendant’s false statements were intended to harm the investigation, and did so.” Papadopoulos’ “lies negatively affected the FBI’s Russia investigation,” they argued, “and prevented the FBI from effectively identifying and confronting witnesses in a timely fashion.”
      The FBI interview memos, however, paint a far different picture. They show, for example, that Papadopoulos expressed his willingness to participate actively in helping the bureau locate Mifsud personally even before Feb. 10, 2017.
      Former House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes, R-Calif., who played a central role in uncovering other abuses in the Russia investigation including insertion of false information in an application for a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrant targeting the Trump campaign, said the new revelations about the Papadopoulos case are deeply troubling.
      The declassified 302s “provide our first evidence of the Mueller team lying to the court,” Nunes told Just the News in a podcast set to be aired on Tuesday. “The whole idea seemed nonsensical from the beginning that in the sentencing memorandum they would say that he stalled their investigation into Joseph Mifsud. Now, we know from the 302 actually the opposite is true. The truth is that Papadopoulos offered, told the FBI, that Mifsud was going to be in the United States.”
      “Now, the sad part,” Nunes added, “is that Papadopoulos served his [time] in jail.”
      Zelinsky remains an assistant U.S. attorney for the United States District of Maryland, where he once worked under Rod Rosenstein. As Trump’s deputy attorney general, Rosenstein appointed Mueller special counsel.
      In securing Papadopoulos’ October 2017 plea, the special counsel advanced the narrative that the Republican candidate’s campaign had colluded with Russia to win the presidency. By then, both the FBI and special counsel knew the case for collusion was dead. Nearly half a year before the special counsel was even appointed, investigators were already aware that their central source of evidence tying Trump associates to Russia — a dossier compiled by former British spy Christopher Steele — was rife with vaguely attributed, uncorroborated, and disavowed allegations.

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      1. Excellent post!

        Just wait until Sidney Powell gets her hands on the original 302 in the Flynn case.

        The entire Mueller SC is going to get exposed for the corrupt POS that it was.

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  1. Well —
    Italy has cancelled the famous Carnival in VENICE due to the spread of the Wuhan Coronavirus in that country.
    Per KLFA / ABC7 New York / BBC

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    1. I’m wondering if they will follow centuries of tradition and build a church in Thanksgiving once the crisis wanes. (next time I’m in Venice….)


      Santa Maria della Salute (English: Saint Mary of Health), commonly known simply as the Salute, is a Roman Catholic church and minor basilica located at Punta della Dogana in the Dorsoduro sestiere of the city of Venice, Italy.

      It stands on the narrow finger of Punta della Dogana, between the Grand Canal and the Giudecca Canal, at the Bacino di San Marco, making the church visible when entering the Piazza San Marco from the water. The Salute is part of the parish of the Gesuati and is the most recent of the so-called plague churches.

      In 1630, Venice experienced an unusually devastating outbreak of the plague. As a votive offering for the city’s deliverance from the pestilence, the Republic of Venice vowed to build and dedicate a church to Our Lady of Health (or of Deliverance, Italian: Salute). The church was designed in the then fashionable baroque style by Baldassare Longhena, who studied under the architect Vincenzo Scamozzi. Construction began in 1631. Most of the objects of art housed in the church bear references to the Black Death.

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  2. What do you guys think?

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    1. If anyone can make sure we get good mgmt and care, it’s POTUS. I bet he’s now looking at the drug companies to push resumption of manufacturing our own drugs. This corona virus has exposed several serious weaknesses in our national security, and this includes the loss of our drug supply by outsourcing it to China. Let me add, that India makes large amounts of our generic drugs as well…

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      1. https://www.theepochtimes.com/preliminary-results-from-clinical-trials-for-coronavirus-treatments-expected-in-3-weeks_3244744.html
        The best reason to delay getting it as long as you possibly can. Don’t be the person they figure stuff out on. Probably worth noting that POTUS could be protected a rallies simply by drawing clean air from somewhere and establishing sufficient air currents blowing in the right directions away from him. Would not affect the rally experience, but could reduce any potential exposure.

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      2. Major problem with drugs coming out of India………. the raw ingredients come out of China.
        Indian national was on War Room Pandemic discussing the vulnerability of USA and India when it comes to drugs.

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    2. I still think TPTB want it to be worse than it actually is. They are breathlessly reporting every single CASE…. a few hundred or a few thousand in countries of MILLIONS. They are trying to cause enough panic to affect the market and thereby damage POTUS.

      With that said, I am NOT discounting the potential severity but I think China is using it to their benefit for different and very dark reasons.

      I posted a video yesterday that talks about 5G and some vaccines possibly increasing the susceptibility….it was VERY interesting, especially in light of POTUS warning, not so long ago, about the dangers of 5G.

      If it was as serious as MSM etc would have us believe, would POTUS be globetrotting to the other side of the world? Especially to a country that practically borders China??

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      1. Also not discounting Corona. Corona IS being managed and prepared for. Trumpiting, “DANGER WILL ROBINSON” IS not helpful. (pun not intended) Sober adult leadership is on display. IF only the D-Rats can NOT get in the way or cause hysteria.

        The REAL threat is to our economy. BUT, 100% President Trump has his team working:
        \- Mitigating strategies for stuff we “used” to count on from China. Such as medical. Alternative sources around the globe AND manufacturing within USA.
        – Same goes for all other materials, piece parts, completed products…alternate sourcing.
        – Chinese students “learning” at US universities and colleges will be drawn back in a big way.
        – Chinese funding research will also be drawn back and regulated.

        Regulations and Executive Orders will promote and protect capabilities within US.

        China (ChiComs) will NEVER recover from their Corona blunders AND evil levied via our universities and colleges.

        The cherry on top of all of this IS, it ALL plays into America First AND THROTTLE China.

        The silver lining to all of this BS IS glaring sun shine bright!

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        1. Senate to Receive Classified Coronavirus Briefing Tuesday as Trump Admin to Ask for Emergency Funding


          Here is what Rush had to say: Limbaugh: Coronavirus Being ‘Weaponized’ to Bring Down Trump

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  3. So, my mother called from where she is staying with one of my brothers. It seems that my seven year old meat lover nephew hates broccoli.

    Otherwise, for those who knew my sister-in-law had surgery three weeks ago, that’s fine. There are other issues that are being treated now.

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  4. Mr. Woods is dropping bombs with these references.

    James Woods
    · 12h

    You’re like one of the pod people in Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

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  6. Here is something very interesting regarding Q and Philip Haney. https://youtu.be/syinY33vVh8 first interesting thing in the video is that Phil talks about Godfather 3 at the 37:17 mark. And very interesting is the connection Mr.Haney makes to zero ,Muslim brotherhood and Godfather 3. Well I am now gobsmacked.

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      1. I am afraid for them also. I just don’t understand why he wasn’t under whistleblower protection though.and that poor man looks quite aged in that fox clip. he kept telling us and I’m thankful for that.in the wells interview he told us this went all the way to the top.😓

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    1. Sue, I just finished watching the video. Thank you for linking this.
      It seems that Philip Haney has left a lot of information that will bring them all down.

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  7. Food for thought.

    Text of tweet:

    Red Nation Rising
    Bernie Sanders supports a policy to allow felons to vote from prison

    Kermit Gosnell
    Boston bomber
    El Paso shooter
    Parkland shooter
    Fort Hood shooter
    Charleston church shooter
    Poway Synagogue shooter


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    1. It’s unbelievable that this clown is this close to winning the Democrat nomination for president. The next couple of weeks are going to be very interesting to see what the dirty Dem Elite will try to pull to wrestle the race away from the dopey communist. Even more disturbing is that the rest of the candidates are not very far from all of his views, if at all. They just don’t point their crooked finger as much or scream as loud.

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  8. The Johns Hopkins CSSE site has updated the US to 53 showing 36 at an undisclosed loation/s on the map.


    I do have this link showing 6 now reported in San Antonio. Multiple stories, all short on information except they are all from the Diamond Princess. Picked one for link. https://www.ktsa.com/six-coronavirus-cases-now-reported-in-san-antonio-more-expected/

    I put a copy of this on our still current and much active Virus Thread.

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  9. Senate Cloakroom

    Invoked, 88-1: Motion to invoke cloture on Executive Calendar #384 Robert Anthony Molloy to be Judge for the District Court of the Virgin Islands for a term of ten years.

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    1. Prediction: the epicenter of outsourced manufacturing will shift from China to India.

      Outsourcing isn’t inherently bad. Not EVERYTHING can be manufactured in the US. Fair trade is good trade.

      India is the world’s largest democracy, an ally, and trustworthy.

      China is not… https://t.co/UqyzcaXvUb

      — Julian’s Rum 🥃 (@JuliansRum) February 24, 2020

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      1. “India is the world’s largest democracy, an ally, and trustworthy.”


        Nobody is trustworthy… certainly not nation-states run by megalomaniacal psychopaths, which most of them are.


    1. Actually, the truth is millennials haven’t been taught western civ and their education has been corrupted by the political left and radicals inside the US education system.

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  10. For boomers freedom was just another word for nothin left to lose.

    For millennial @BernieSanders ppl *socialism* is just another word for nothing left to lose because they have so little to lose in his socialist revolution.

    If millennials owned more things Bernie wouldn’t rise.

    — Matt Gaetz (@mattgaetz) February 24, 2020

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    1. “If millennials owned more things Bernie wouldn’t rise.”


      How will millennials ever own more things, when Boomers are the shark tank, and mellennials are the guppies they raised for food?

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  11. Lindsey Graham
    Great visit to

    to talk about tomorrow’s vote on Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act.

    There are only 7 countries that allow wholesale abortions at the 20-week period, including China and North Korea.

    The United States should NOT be in that club.

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  12. Senator Kennedy has such a way with words….

    GOP LA Sen Kennedy: I know Senator Sanders and I like him..I don’t agree with him, but he’s clearly running a good campaign. His challenge is going to be to convince the American people that that he’s the 2nd coming of Franklin Roosevelt instead of the 2nd cousin of Fidel Castro

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    1. Excellent thread.

      “Trump used his first term to fool his entrenched enemies into destroying themselves.

      The Judas goats played a central role. We don’t know who they are. I’m sure that some of them would blow our minds.
      But the thing to remember is that Trump’s enemies can’t be converted.

      I’m not talking about people who don’t like his tweets.

      I’m talking about the people who HATE Trump and who lie about him even after their lies are exposed.”

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      1. “But the thing to remember is that Trump’s enemies can’t be converted.”


        No doubt.

        And who would want them, even if they did?

        If Jeffrey Dahmer stops having sex with corpses and then eating them, are you going to want to hang out with him after that?

        Is anyone going to say well that was just a youthful indiscretion. So, you know, we’re buds now

        Uhh… mmmm…. no…

        I don’t think so… 😁

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    2. That is a compelling video.

      It’s 50 minutes long so I only intended to watch a few minutes and come back to it later, but I couldn’t stop watching.

      The best part was when her husband (whom Dalia tried to hire a hitman to kill) confronted her after seeing the hidden camera videotape.

      She is in custody, talking to her husband on the phone, begging him for help, begging him to believe her that she didn’t say or do any of the things which he had seen and heard with his own eyes and ears on tape.

      Before she tried to have him killed, she talked him into signing the house over to her name. The house he owned before he ever met her (from an ‘escort’ service, no less) and then married her.

      So while she’s sobbing and begging for help on the phone, while in police custody, the husband says I’ll tell you what I’ll do. You sign the house back over to me. I’ll get the papers to you, and you sign the house back over to me, and I will help your Mom, immensely. Give me my house back. (33:45 in the video)

      The entire manipulative conversation is fascinating.

      Mike Dippolito: “I’ll have the papers sent over to you somehow… you’ll sign them over to me, and then I will help your mother. Okay?”

      Dalia Dippolito: “I’m not signing anything.”

      Mike: “I know you wouldn’t sign anything, I knew that wasn’t gonna happen… so I can’t help you.”

      Dalia: “That’s what you’re thinking about. I’m sitting here rotting, and you’re thinking about getting a house.”

      Mike: “Dalia, you tried to have me killed. I just offered to help you, and again you have the BALLS to say no to me. You just basically said ‘f#ck you’ to me, which is HILARIOUS considering your situation, and considering what the f#ck just happened today.”

      That’s the kind of people we’re dealing with, the traitors and Cabal who have infiltrated our government. Hussein, Clinton, Holder, Jarret, Brennan, Comey, Yates, Strzok and Page, Vindman, Weissman, all of them.

      Stone cold psychopaths.

      And just like this Dalia woman, if you watch the court scenes, she was expressionless. No remorse, no compassion, no apology, no acknowledgement that she ever did anything wrong — only accusations and diversions and legal strategy made up out of whole cloth, claiming that her husband was in on it, and that they were trying to make a youtube video in order to get on reality TV, and that’s why she was caught on camera arranging a hit on her husband.

      And then she wanted him out of ‘her’ house, lol!

      They are without conscience.

      They are purely manipulative, and nothing more, because there’s nothing more to them, there’s nothing more ‘there’.

      They don’t ‘panic’ because they have no emotion.

      They don’t even experience fear like normal human beings do.

      Everything they know about normal human behavioral response is from observing normal people in various situations and then mimicking that behavior when they deduce that it is appropriate to do so, usually after seeing other people do it first, as their cue (to cry, to laugh, to express happiness, or sadness, all of it).

      At first I thought no, what this woman is doing is what most cornered animals would do, i.e., deny what they’ve done no matter what, because they’re scared of the consequences. That would at least be understandable.

      But that’s not what’s happening with the psychopath, and as you keep watching her, you begin to see and understand what’s happening, what she’s really doing, and the normal human desire to project ‘humanity’ onto her, to give her the benefit of the doubt (i.e., that she’s just doing what many people would do if they were caught) begins to fade, and then ceases altogether.

      The psychopath is playing for time, changing tactics on the fly, trying to come up with a better story, searching for a persona that can be used like a tool to manipulate, or her physical appearance to manipulate — then to play the victim, then to play stupid, then to attempt to bully her husband even afer the police showed him the videotape where she hired someone to kill him, and she KNOWS he has seen the tape.

      it’s like watching her try on different personalities, the way other people try on different shoes.

      In the end, when nothing works, she is simply resigned, and stares at the judge, unblinking.

      And that’s the only true face a psychopath has.

      The empty one.

      The blank one.

      The dead one.

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      1. Very accurate. Chilling watching her pretend to have human emotions. Even her lawyer tried to humanise her. He knew she was missing that spark of humanity

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  13. Tomorrow is going to be one busy day.

    Harry the Greek
    Next story connects Lisa Page to Strzok and Poppy Pete. Gun and drug lines using European Adoption Consultants as cover for operations from Uganda to Egypt for Libya attack by NATO. Federal case in Cleveland court. Too many connecting dots.

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  14. 3881
    Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: b03e04 No.8238822
    Feb 24 2020 20:36:43 (EST) NEW

    Listen carefully.
    Think: re: why [no] arrests (justice) yet?
    What if (almost) every critical position [sr] within the US GOV apparatus was infiltrated?
    Backgrounds are important.
    Muslim Brotherhood
    List of ‘in the news now [names]’ w/ known ties to Islam?
    [assumptions correct – package well rec [known]]

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    1. Thanks, Sauce!

      So it’s like we’ve thought…they’re working on cleaning up the courts first, getting some good judges on the bench, before they indict people.

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        1. “As many here said YEARS ago.

          Sometimes it’s not rocket science.”


          Well sure, if time is not of the essence, anybody could do it.

          You don’t even have to do anything at all in that case, just wait until most of them are dead.

          The trick is to make it happen before the end of time.

          You know… like SOON! 😁

          And there’s no danger of that… 😂

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    2. Q: “What if (almost) every critical position [sr] within the US GOV apparatus was infiltrated?”


      What if ?

      Are you suggesting the possibility of doubt?

      Because I thought the whole premise for your existence was due to nearly every critical position in the US GOV having been infiltrated…

      What kinda curve ball are you throwin’ here, Q? 😁


    3. Q: “Backgrounds are important. Muslim Brotherhood”


      How about ‘muslim’ period, ‘brotherhood’ or not?

      Nobody likes to talk about that in PC circles, but it’s a critical issue, and anyone who thinks about it for two seconds knows why.

      Violence and subversion are inherent, foundational aspects of islam, it’s right there in their texts, which no one can credibly deny.

      So how can you ever know when a muslim in a high position of government is going to ‘crack’ and go postal?

      You can’t, nobody can.

      But it gets worse.

      The whole reason leaders need to stay ‘clean’ is to avoid being a target for blackmail. If you do something for which you could be blackmailed, you become a national security risk, and you can’t have a leader who is simultaneously a national security risk.

      What muslim is NOT susceptible to spiritual blackmail from fellow islamists?

      Can you even imagine the pressure that would be exerted on a muslim leader in U.S. government?

      You HAVE to ‘do it’ for Alla.

      You MUST ‘do it’ for Alla.

      If you DON’T ‘do it’ for Alla, you are as the infidels to Alla.

      If you LOVED Alla, you would ‘do it’.

      Alla says you MUST ‘do it’.

      Is your loyalty to America greater than your loyalty to Alla?

      All of your islamic brothers and sisters around the world are watching you, waiting. Alla has honored you with an opportunity that will never come again. Alla has placed you in this position of power and authority for this very reason.

      Not only is the entire islamic world counting on you, but Alla is counting on you.

      You will be a hero forever, with a place of honor for eternity.

      You will be the one who destroyed the Great Satan and in so doing, brought about the worldwide Caliphate as Alla promised and commanded, and he has chosen you as his servant for this high honor.

      Will you turn your back on Alla, and on Mohamad, and on the Koran, and on your faith, and on the victory of islam over the infidel?

      We could do a dozen more of these in minutes, they practically write themselves, because the entire structure of islam is based on coercion.

      The capacity for manipulation through spiritual blackmail is BUILT IN to islam.

      Notice how that doesn’t apply to any other belief system — except maybe Satanism.

      Nobody could spiritually blackmail a Hindu, or a Jew, or a Buddhist, or a Christian, or anyone else into doing evil, because evil is the opposite of what every other credible religion teaches.

      Only islam promises heavenly rewards for evil deeds.

      And that is reason #793 why islam is inherently incompatible with Constitutional civil government.

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  15. I am ok with burial in very composting materials but not actively turning the body into compost. Its ghastly. And then who uses that compost? No I dont really want my food grown in decomposed grandmas and grandpas.

    “A Los Angeles lawmaker wants California to allow for human composting, an eco-friendly alternative to traditional burial or cremation in which the dead are turned into soil.

    The state of Washington became the first state to allow human composting when Democratic Gov. Jay Inslee signed a law last year permitting the practice.”


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    1. Genesis 3:19 – “…for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return.”
      Genesis 1:28 – “And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.”

      We shal return to dust, but composting strikes me as the ultimate disrespect for human beings (which is a hallmark of the Left). We are made in God’s image and we are given dominion over the animals and the earth, so we are above them. We are not fertilizer; neither are we food.

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    2. ““A Los Angeles lawmaker wants California to allow for human composting, an eco-friendly alternative to traditional burial or cremation in which the dead are turned into soil.”


      It’s a half-step toward cannibalism. I’m sure they have several ‘desensitization steps’ planned, it’s not the kind of thing you can just foist on the public.

      You have to do these things gradually, in small steps.

      Frogs in a pot.

      Turn up the temperature slowly.

      Season to taste.

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  16. 3882
    Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: b03e04 No.8239046
    Feb 24 2020 20:52:03 (EST) NEW


    “Insurgency is the organized use of subversion and violence to seize, nullify or challenge political control of a region.”
    The presidency of Barack Hussein Obama began at noon EST on January 20, 2009, when Barack Obama was inaugurated as the 44th President of the United States.
    What Country was the true intended target?

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    1. Damn it feels good to read the tea leaves correctly. 😎

      Like I said, they are going to unroll the Mueller SC burrito to expose the corrupt, rotten filling inside of it, then follow the trail back to those who cooked the whole thing up.

      And it will lead all the way up to and including one Barry Soetoro (aka Barrack Obama).

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    2. “Breaking: House Republicans consider filing criminal referrals against Mueller prosecutors”


      Well that’ll teach ’em to never commit Treason and try to overthrow the president of the United States again.

      They must be shaking in their panic-stricken boots.

      The Republicans are considering filing something or other.

      Those poor Mueller prosecutors must be worried to death.

      Just going by all the prosecutions that have taken place already, the Cabal’s fear must be at a fever pitch!

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    3. “Buckle up!!”


      I would, but I’ve buckled up so many times now, the buckle broke!

      I’m not worried though, it’s been a very smooth ride so far 😁

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    1. Schlicter never fails to entertain with his style, but he also brings substance. From the article:

      “The D.C. establishment and their media rump-kissers went into a full-on spazz mode when President Trump continued his unbroken streak of awesomeness by appointing Ric Grenell the acting Director of National Intelligence, thereby threatening the intelligence community’s unbroken streak of failure.”

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    1. She has a talent for research. Her theory about infiltration into the hippie counter-culture movement to wed it to technocracy seems plausible. *They* use groups of people to accomplish their ends. That movement has developed into the climate-crazed socialists and earth worshippers of today.

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  17. I’m wandering through my twitter feed this evening. Have you all seen this??? I believed Blago knows where all the bodies are buried in Illinois politics, and figured he’d reveal quite a bit of information, but still, this startled me. Right out of the gate he says Obama’s name. Wonder if he can sue for false imprisonment?

    Yes, he’s a politician and IMO, was simply doing what politicians do – they never give up something without getting something in return… In this case, Obama couldn’t get what he wanted, so he had his feds take out Blago.

    Or maybe, Obama worried about what Blago knew regarding the sanitized Candidate Obama. Things might get interesting.

    Here’s why I was really put in prison: all roads lead back to Obama.

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          1. Yes, I realized that after the fact, but was glad the interview was real. Very interesting – Blago is blunt – taking no prisoners? I’d like to know what he knows about the Obama who scammed us for the presidency.

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            1. The statements I have seen are of him saying ” I have this thing, and it’s fu(#!ng golden….he NEVER says anything about what that THING is, but was prosecuted for it being the Sen seat….really makes you wonder….

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  18. Heheh.

    Catturd sums it up nicely.


    Bernie will get 100% of the – ‘Every bad decision I’ve made in my life is somebody else’s fault’ – vote.

    and 100% of the – ‘I’m a failure, so I want successful people punished’ – vote.

    and 100% of the – ‘I want everything for free because I’m too lazy to work for it’ – vote.

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  20. Aww…this is so sweet.

    Zoe…it’s a short video of a pup laying with his buddy, who is lying on an examination table, probably at a Vet’s office.
    The buddy has an IV tube in his front leg, which is also bandaged.
    The other pup has his front leg over his buddy, in a comforting, protective way…and then lays his head down on his buddy’s head.

    Text of tweet:

    Whoever thinks #DOGS don’t have feelings or emotions, just watch this. They are every bit as aware as we are and also have the ability to #LOVE unconditionally, no matter what

    For me, I’ll take #DOGS over people any day. They are loyal and loving beyond a humans touch.

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  21. ????????????

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    1. Because of the Q level of security?
      Security clearances can be issued by many United States of America government agencies, including the Department of Defense (DoD), the Department of State (DOS), the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the Department of Energy (DoE), the Department of Justice (DoJ), the National Security Agency (NSA), and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). DoD issues more than 80% of all clearances. There are three levels of DoD security clearances:[1]

      TOP SECRET – Will be applied to information in which the unauthorized disclosure could reasonably be expected to cause exceptionally grave damage to the national security.
      SECRET – Will be applied to information in which the unauthorized disclosure could reasonably be expected to cause serious damage to the national security.
      CONFIDENTIAL – Will be applied to information in which the unauthorized disclosure could reasonably be expected to cause damage to the national security.

      Additionally, the United States Department of Energy issues two levels of security clearances:
      Q Clearance – Allows access to Classified information up to and including TOP SECRET data with the special designation: Restricted Data (TS//RD) and special Q-Cleared “security” areas.
      L Clearance – Allows access to Classified information up to and including SECRET data with the special designation: Formerly Restricted Data (S//FRD) and special L-Cleared “limited” areas.

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    2. “In response, the CIA says they can neither “confirm nor deny” the existence of records pertaining to QAnon, and that the mere existence of records pertaining to QAnon would be classified.”


      They can’t confirm the existence of records because if such records existed, naturally (and conveniently) they would be classified. And they won’t deny the existence of such records, either.

      Not because that would be lying — they’re fine with lying. In fact, the only time they ever tell the truth about anything is when somebody screws up and does it by accident.

      The reason they won’t deny the existence of records is because they want us to think those records exist, even if they don’t — because if they don’t exist, it would be hilariously negligent and incompetent of them.

      Which is completely in line with their history and reputation. 😁

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  22. Charlie Kirk bringing the Facts about Socialism in Venezuela.



    In Venezuela 85% of businesses have closed

    Inflation is at 10,000,000%

    Average citizen has lost 17 pounds

    -35% GDP growth in 2019

    It’s not that Socialism wasn’t properly implemented—it’s that it was PERFECTLY implemented

    These are the realities of Bernie’s policies

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        1. “Pervasive” meaning what, precisely? How much it spies on you, or how often one finds oneself using it?

          I consider Windows 10 the worst because it spies on everything a Windows user does on their system. At least the google/chrome crap really only looks at you when you’re using a browser! But the google stuff is “pervasive” in that it’s really hard to avoid using their stuff; whereas a linux or crApple user is avoiding Microshaft.


          1. Android spies on everything a user does on its system. And you can’t have root, so it’s really not yours.

            Google spies on everybody that touches a part of the internet with a Google link.

            Microsoft only spies on Windows users.

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            1. In the case of Microsoft, you can’t avoid it if you are a Windows user; everyone else is fine. BUT, if you ARE a Windows user, they get everything.

              In the case of Android, same thing.

              Google, however, touches everyone, because just about everyone has to use a google product at some point. But their touch isn’t as deep; google can’t spy on documents you leave on your system, like the operating system could.

              When I said Windows 10 was a bigger piece of spyware than Chrome, that’s what I was getting at. W10 spies on everything you do (should you choose to use it), Chrome spies only on what you do on the internet (should you choose to use it). Granted with many people “the internet” is close to 100% of what they do on a computer, so the difference can be moot, but it itsn’t always moot.

              I guess you could say that Windoze and Android are vertically pervasive, whilst Google Chrome is horizontally pervasive.

              Of course, Android is a Google perversion of linux, so if you’re using chrome on an android device, they’ve got you coming and going.

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