Dear KMAG: 20200223 Open Topic

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Candidate Donald J. Trump

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Keep Looking Up

Hopefully, every Sunday, you can find something here that will build you up a little . . . give you a smile . . . and add some joy or peace, very much needed in all our lives.

“This day is holy to the Lord your God; do not mourn nor weep.” . . . “Go your way, eat the fat, drink the sweet, and send portions to those for whom nothing is prepared; for this day is holy to our Lord. Do not sorrow, for the joy of the Lord is your strength.”

Alone with God

And Jesus went up on the mountain, and there He sat with His disciples. –John 6:3

Just prior to this miraculous multiplying of the bread and fish, Jesus “went up on a mountainside and sat down with his disciples”(6:3). That fact is noteworthy. It seems plain that Jesus withdrew purposely from the great press of people who had been pursuing Him.

There are some things that you and I will never learn when others are present. I believe in church and I love the fellowship of the assembly. There is much we can learn when we come together on Sundays and sit among the saints. But there are certain things that you and I will never learn in the presence of other people.

Unquestionably, part of our failure today is religious activity that is not preceded by aloneness, by inactivity. I mean getting alone with God and waiting in silence and quietness until we are charged with God’s Spirit. Then, when we act, our activity really amounts to something because we have been prepared by God for it….

Now, in the case of our Lord, the people came to Him, John reports, and He was ready for them. He had been quiet and silent. He had sat alone with His disciples and meditated. Looking upward, He waited until the whole hiatus of divine life moved down from the throne of God into His own soul. He was a violin tuned. He was a battery recharged. He was poised and prepared for the people when they came. Faith Beyond Reason, 130,133. “Lord, I’ll spend a lot of time in the company of people today, but just now I come in quietness and silence to wait for You to fill me. Amen.”

A.W. Tozer

Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.
Psalm 46:10

Be silent before the Sovereign Lord, for the day of the Lord is near.
Zephania 1:7

In The Garden

I come to the garden alone,
While the dew is still on the roses,
And the voice I hear, falling on my ear,
The Son of God discloses.

And He walks with me, and He talks with me,
And He tells me I am His own,
And the joy we share as we tarry there,
None other has ever known.

Charles A. Miles 1913

Be Still And Know

“I believe in God, though He is silent.”
These are the words that some of us say.
“But I keep my faith and go on living,
Hoping to hear something every day.”

Busy days go by and turn into weeks
We keep thinking that He’ll speak to us soon
Our thoughts now turn to things that we’ve done
And His discipline, the vines that He prunes

Busy days and more, running to and fro
Time rushes by with more thoughts, too
Life and distractions fill up all our time
And we don’t give God the respect he’s due

Now is the time to stop and think
Is God now silent with nothing to say
Or is it us who aren’t listening
Far too busy as our lives run astray

God never leaves us, He promised us so
Though we don’t listen, He’s with us still
God promised us good, a future and hope
He’ll deliver, no doubt that He will

We may not listen, and that to our shame
But God is speaking to us every day
He’s everywhere and all around us
Speaking to us in so many ways

God is Creator, He made everything
Earth and heavens show His mighty power
The beauty in nature, the sights and sounds
The oceans speak as do fields of flowers

The Patriarchs, Psalms and the Prophets, too
Their words in the Bible speak loud and clear
Christ and His Apostles all spread the word
If we take time to read, then we’ll hear

The music we hear, praise, worship and thanks
All have messages for us to regard
Music makes us feel, words make us think
The rhythm and rhymes of musical bards

Other believers, events of the day
May carry meanings for us to heed
Listen for His voice and check with His Word
There may be wisdom that we sorely need

God’s Spirit within us speaks in our minds
Teaching and guiding us along our ways
God’s Spirit nudges, but may push and shove
To give us His guidance, day after day

We come to God, our heads bowed in prayer
As we speak to Him, He speaks to us, too
Our prayers will be answered: yes, no or wait
We may not hear it, but He’ll guide us through

In all of these ways, God speaks to us
But we need to listen to hear His voice
Be consumed with the world through all our days
Or “Be still and know” – we must make that choice

Be Still

Did you decide to make the choice
To slow down and listen for His voice?
Or was the decision made for you –
It just happened out of the blue

Some say that God’s voice is very small,
We must be still to hear it at all
Some fill their days with so much to do
That I suppose for them that’s true

I think God’s voice is loud and clear
But man has chosen not to hear
The heavens declare it from above
God will be heard; it’s part of His love

Be Still . . .

As we go from day to day,
To here and there along our way,
Always busy and so involved,
But is it that for which we’re called?

Two meetings here, lunch over there,
Two more tonight, what will I wear?
Pick up the kids, calls on the phone,
Just three quick stops, and then we’re home.

Someone’s been wronged, I must speak out.
My help is needed, there’s no doubt.
We’ll make a plan to fight this thing
And not be stopped by anything.

We’ll find problems, expose them all
And make the guilty take their fall.
We’ll be vigilant day and night
And fight for what we know is right.

But . . .

We must not fail to see God’s plan,
To trust in Him and not in man.
Do we take time for what God said,
Wait for Him to work in our stead?

Seek His face, be still and know
He is God, and learn to let go,
To trust in Him to win the fight,
 Dispel the darkness with His Light.

Be still before Him, and so wait
With patience, for God controls fate.
Vengeance is His, and judgment just,
Acknowledge Him, give Him your trust.

So as we go from day to day
To here and there along our way,
Let’s all slow down and know His grace,
Seek His kingdom and see His Face.

“The Peace of Meditation”

So we may know God better
And feel His quiet power,
Let us daily keep in silence
A meditation hour . . .
For to understand God’s greatness
And to use His gifts each day,
The soul must learn to meet Him
In a meditative way . . .
For our Father tell His children
That if they would know His will
They must seek Him in the silence
When all is calm and still . . .
For nature’s greatest forces
Are found in quiet things
Like soft falling snowflakes
Drifting down on angels’ wings,
Or petals dropping soundlessly
From a lovely full-blown rose,
So God come closest to us
When our souls are in repose . . .
So let us plan with prayerful care
To always allocate
A certain portion of each day
To be still and meditate . . .
For when everything is quiet
And we’re lost in meditation,
Our soul is then preparing
For a deeper dedication
That will make it wholly possible
To quietly endure
The violent world around us,
For in God we are secure.

~Helen Steiner Rice~

438 thoughts on “Dear KMAG: 20200223 Open Topic

  1. Last evening MagaMom was asking us how she can help MAGA in her new role as County Chairman…
    Well Mom, I suggest first thing you did is read Scott’s twitter stream… you don’t have to travel ‘cross the county, you can restrict your activities to local area… he registers new voters everywhere he goes… he TALKS to groups, he sits in coffee shops with his laptop and a sign saying “I support TRUMP” etc etc etc.

    Like POTUS, Scott is a teacher… with his tweets. Here’s his latest, with a call-in to CSPAN

    for Zoe: text in tweet


    I called into C-SPAN & proclaimed my support for @realDonaldTrump.

    I also made a plea to the black community to join us.

    “Why are black men locked up for crime, but illegal immigrants are set free?”


    followed by a clip of call ….

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    1. Thank you. Excellent input. So much of what you suggest any and all of us can and should do whether in party leadership or not. Our car magnets/bumper stickers, our hats, t-shirts, sweatshirts and buttons that we wear, etc. all speak out and speak up.

      Speaking to groups: yes, I have considered talking to groups like the Rotary, Elks Club, etc. I am not a public speaker but…I guess I am now! I would speak from the point of what our County Republicans are doing, charity work, scholarships, and election year activities to encourage participation. Amazing how many Dems are still out there…would be nerve wracking but on my list of possibilities to grow the local party.

      And when we grow the local party we then grow the audience for issues speakers that educate the base. Example: we had Tennessee Firearms Association speak some months ago – HUGELY educational and now I smile when I hear our members asking candidates about their position on 2A in a very specific way and know they are looking for specific answers and tell tale signs of being a “moderate” on 2A.

      Grow our local membership and the more voters will hear the candidates promises and then know if they are betrayed by the candidate after he is elected.

      Grow our local membership and we have more people asking our elected leadership questions, holding them accountable after they are elected.

      Grow our local membership and we have more potential MAGA candidates for the next primary.

      more input by others welcome as all input gives me food for thought.

      How can I max this opportunity for MAGA

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      1. One suggestion that I’ve had for years _ everywhere there are gatherings, crowds, events, the GOP should be there registering voters. It’s what the Dems do all the time, and we’re a little late to the party. They’ve been doing it at the rallies, but it’s important to do it all the time on the local levels.

        Consider Donald Trump rally watching parties, or any other GOP positive gatherings, and encourage participation for vote registration as much as possible.

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        1. Great Point! Every booth and outreach we do we ought to have registration forms.
          Will do!
          I mean to pick up a few for our meeting last week just in case we had people who had just moved to the area. Will go by and pick them up for our meetings but really to make sure I have them on hand for our outreach booths.

          thinking of doing a voter registration at the high schools in Sept. for the new 18 yr olds and the Nov 3 election. Not sure what is involved with being able to do that at the schools but will find out. Could do in May for the graduating seniors but not sure the rules about absentee for college bound….hmmm…but probably should do anyway as many won’t be college bound but will attend community colleges, trade schools in state and get jobs in state/locally. +many college bound will state in state too. OK will find out about registration at our local high schools for May and Sept. If just one choice maybe May better than Sept as that many more 18 yr olds in the ’20 graduation class than in the ’21 graduation class for Nov 3rd, 2020.

          Thanks for the input! 🙂

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          1. Check in with the college Republican groups on campuses – they’ll be interested in helping get students registered. They’re also a source of GOP support at local events or for local candidates if you let them know.

            See if there are any Christian colleges/universities in your area – they’d also be good to tap for registration and help campaigning for the election, especially on the moral issues. Very important to these schools.

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        2. I think once a month voter registration would be great following church services, especially in large churches. Have to be aware of legalities, of course, but I know black churches do it all the time.
          Also, the black churches here in the south have buses that take people to vote on Election Day and then they go back to the church for a lunch.

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      1. Yes… artists don’t get credit for their “works of art” as WORK… other folks think they just drop into your lap, like a vision or a dream.

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        1. And they don’t appreciate the HOURS of rehearsal for music, acting, etc., that produces a final product. Literature and solos I learned 30+ years ago, the bread and butter, are what make me money now.

          Writing a 65K+ word book…2-3 hours a day composing for a few weeks, I do three revisions at least, that’s 1.5-2 hours for about two weeks. The final read through is usually 8 hours or so.

          This stuff doesn’t just happen. Even the visual arts…those of us who don’t do it have no clue how many drafts and tries the artist went through to get what he or she was looking for in the finished product. It really is not as easy as it looks.

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          1. Amen D.P. Few appreciate the time taken to produce a book they are reading… And I’m sure if one monitored the hours and the $$ received, the hourly wage would be low in terms of peeps working an hourly wage. Late hubby created stained glass pieces as a hobby. Friends and family would say “oh you should sell those” and I would laugh and say, “they’re priceless if you count the hours in design and construction… he would be giving his work away, no matter the amount received. The same is true for most craftsmen these days.

            I applaud you for your contributions and the time involved.

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            1. Considering what people are willing to pay for a work of fiction not written by Stephen King, it can be like giving it away. It’s only AFTER a considerable number of titles are available, and earning income from the effort at the front end can be passive.

              I’m still in the work by backside off stage.

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  2. Zoe, text in tweets

    Lisa Mei Crowley

    said the Senatorial Committee is “in full incumbent protection mode”. They tried to extort 3 of his vendors to get out of the race. They were told if they worked fornhim they couldn’t work for anyone else so he “found better vendors”.

    Video clip from Maria’s show this a.m.

    Lisa Mei Crowley

    what he will be asking AG Barr on 31 March. He wants to know why McCabe wasn’t charged for lying, how things are going w/Durham investigation, & what how FBI incorporated recommendations from the IG rport. “There’s some lacking issues there.”

    Lisa Mei Crowley
    re: classified meeting about Russian interference in 2020 election (which he attended). He said the info that was leaked was not accurate. He said Dems are the reason Russian propaganda is successful in shaking our confidence in our elections.

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      1. Most welcome Zoe… still wishing I could link the vid clips. Aubergine suggested I copy link when clip is running and it would transfer w/o posting the tweet… but it doesn’t work for me. Maybe someone has a solution?

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          1. Well, we can thank FG&C for suggesting what should have been obvious to the rest of us! And actually it is NO trouble to cut and paste the text when we post a tweet… takes only seconds…

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        1. I don’t know if this might help you on posting videos but what Usually works for me is to right-click on a video (not sure if it works on one within a tweet) & select “embed code” & then paste that into a post/reply. I think you can write things above &/or below the video as long as there is at least one space between the embed code & your writing. Blessings

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          1. Thank you Valerie! I am shied away from using that option, but I’ll certainly try it…

            now I must resolve the problem of wordpress not accepting my likes and not allowing me to post tweets! Ah life… the problems are always there to challenge, right?

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            1. It does seem that way. I went to CTH to read something Wolf referenced & WP was really weird when I tried to like someone’s comment there, though it did ultimately let the “like” through. Very weird those WP gremlins…

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  3. Here is Ms Lindsey

    Text in tweet

    Lisa Mei Crowley
    plans for the coming week re: FISA abuse hearings. He wants to know what Comey & McCabe knew & when they knew it. He wants more info on why first Jul ’16 FISA warrant was turned down & who told McCabe to go to NY to obtain dossier & why.

    text in tweet

    Lisa Mei Crowley
    first people he wants to hear fm are the 4 people who heard fm the Russian primary sub-source that the dossier was “a bunch of bar talk & hearsay & was unreliable”. He finds it hard to believe this info didn’t make it to Comey & McCabe.

    Lisa Mei Crowley
    says he wants to ask
    if he knew then what he knows now re: dossier was not credible, why did he appoint Mueller to investigate President Trump. There was no crime committed. Why did it take Mueller 2 years and $40M to figure this out?

    text in tweet

    Lisa Mei Crowley
    violated the Logan Act when he held a secret meeting with Iranians. He said “it’s undercutting our foreign policy, our maximum pressure campaign is working. It was inappropriate for him to talk to the Iranians.”

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  4. Doug again

    text in tweet

    Lisa Mei Crowley
    he spoke with POTUS about how humbling it was to be considered for the DNI job. It speaks volumes about the trust POTUS has in him. He’s focused on winning the GA Senate race which he believes Kelly Loeffler can’t win.

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  5. The left is melting down over Chris Matthews likening Bernie’s win to the fall of France…..after they have called POTUS and US n@z!€s for 4 freaking years 🙄 Karma ring a bell, kids?

    They have #FireChrisMatthews trending 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    1. Of course he has said worse about Republicans in general and Donald J. Trump in particular…

      But if this gets him off the air, I’ll take it.

      His ego must be as big as Texas to think no one else can do his job. Goodness knows he does not need the money. Ego and greed.

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      1. Goodness knows he does not need the money. Ego and greed.

        What makes you think he doesn’t live paycheck to paycheck? A lot of people with huge salaries simply buy a huge house, a few expensive cars, and find themselves with no money left over–they expanded their lifestyle to fit their huge pay.

        On a prior job, we hired a kid straight out of college, one who was just hungry to figure out how he could make more money. He saw all these people around him who had been working there for five years or more and knew they were making more money than him; he imagined these people had no money problems at all; hell they were pulling down another 10-20K a year, how could they? Someone finally explained to him that most of them were living paycheck to paycheck too, to pay mortgages larger than his rent, to say nothing of all of the expenses that come with kids.

        For most people expenses will expand to match income. If Matthews lost his job, he’d probably be in a heap load of hurt, just like anyone else (and that hurt is real even if he could have avoided it with a modicum of thrift).

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          1. Much of America lives that way…spend as fast as they earn it. Happens to folks with big fancy MCM positions, hollywierd… Ego, status symbols…

            A couple keys many folks never learn is “pay yourself first” every payday. Save or invest some amount of money. Amount is not key. Saving is the key. Then, EVERY pay raise, save some of that raise. My goal decades ago was, every pay raise, save at least 50%.

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            1. Yous got serious brains. 12% of my pay goes into superannuation. Like retirement $. But you can’t get your sticky fingers on it earlier unless in dire straits. Like dying,

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              1. My reality check was, early 80s, as a junior enlisted, wife and three little kids, barely making it payday to payday. At the time, my LT, who had been a junior enlisted explained to the division moar than once over the course of a year or two, the savings I outlined above. For those of us that listened, it worked. Never rich. Comfortable. AND, we have money in the bank.

                One of my three kids adopted the strategy 😉 The other two, not so much ;-(

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          2. It can be when the currency is being inflated.

            That was indeed one of the major complaints in this country–that “real wages” (i.e., wages after adjusting for inflation) were stagnant. If I understand correctly, though, that’s starting to change under Trump.

            Of course, that’s actually a very hard thing to measure. First off you have to define what it actually means. Let’s say Joe graduates from school and is making X dollars an hour. As he gains more experience, his pay increases, to X+Y ten years later. At that time, though, Bob graduates, and starts out making X+Z dollars an hour for the same job Joe started out with.

            If X+Z is basically the same as X was ten years before, because of inflation, then you can say “wages aren’t increasing faster than inflation.” The entry level pay is essentially the same. So that’s one thing the statement could mean. The other thing it COULD mean is that even Joe’s pay hasn’t kept up with inflation; X+Y is equivalent to X ten years ago.

            I never did figure out what they meant when they claimed wages didn’t keep up with inflation–does that mean, if you follow a specific individual, that he never gets ahead of inflation (really bad), or just that entry level wages don’t (bad, but not as bad)?

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              1. Sure it is…but there’s two ways to analyze that…and that’s my point.

                There was a huge freakout 20-30 years ago about how the bottom quintiles of the population weren’t getting any better off, but that study failed to account for the fact that individual people often moved from one quintile to the next one up, so the pool wasn’t getting better off, but individuals, generally were. Same sort of situation.

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              2. Plus our standards have changed dramatically. What was once the preserve of the rich is now normal. Ie hot and cold running water, indoor toilets that flush. Tvs. Even individual beds for all the kids

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              3. Yeah, that’s yet a different factor.

                Many young people expect to get out of college and live like their parents do, immediately, not realizing how much work the parents had to put into their living standards. So there’s a *perception* on their part that they’re doing worse than their parents did.

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  6. Peter Navarro on Maria – 30 elements in supply chain identified – China, India, Europe
    N95 face masks – China put export restrictions on them, then nationalized American company that makes them there😡 Dealing with that this week in TRUMP time, Working on expedited RFP’s
    Also working on vaccine and other things we need in TRUMP time
    National Security – bring back manufacturing to US
    In crises, we have NO ALLIES
    Operation Megaflex – China is great Counterfeiter, Amazon enabler, HORROR SHOW – defraud, kill you, burn your house down, pork with swine flu – JFK airport 10% of 1million packages DAILY are contraband

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            1. I have always loved to roam the woods since I was a tiny child.

              At 4 years old, I would get up at dawn, make a peanut butter sandwich for me, grab a milkbone for the dog and off I would go exploring. My parents got an adult dog for me because they could not break me of the habit of taking off before they were awake.

              Unfortunately children can not do that any more. Too many predators around.

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              1. Awww…what a wonderful memory – sad it has come to this – we must fight for our freedom – empower our law enforcement to get rid of the riff raff – shut down the sanctuary cities – link with our neighbors – everyone keeping eyes on the children – why I pray for the unborn and born everyday – * Sigh *

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    1. Ozzy thanks so much for posting this… I believe like a few others (pauses to adjust very expensive tinfoil chapeau) that Wyatt is Kurt Russell (yes, that Kurt), who is a staunch supporter of POTUS. And I believe he is ‘connected’ and not simply pulling his info out of his __________. ymmv *smilin’*

      I recall reading about this incident as an attempt on POTUS’ life… it’s difficult to convince others that rogue C_A has such facilities. Geo Webb recently is writing about Joe Biden’s island next to Jeff ‘who didn’t kill himself’ Epstein’s little St James (or as JE dubbed it, St. Jeff’s) …( both accessorized with ol’ and perhaps refurbished once decommissioned submarines, or current spiffy ones? Enquiring minds want to know). Of course the tales don’t stop with these 2 islands, there are more, and then of course the satellites, which Q says have been just about decommissioned/offline so to speak by White Hats. Yes, there is lots of info that folks without expensive tinfoil chapeaux such as mine don’t even consider good science fiction. Heck, most won’t even consider that C_A agents work in slime media and/or that C_A controls what slime media writes or says. Maybe I should market my very expensive tinfoil chapeau?

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      1. Without the symbology and them being unable to resist significant names it becomes “space cadet “ material. But all those co incidences? Mathematically impossible

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    1. Not all people are bad, evil…

      Charlie represents what good people are all about. His gift must have lifted Gen Flynn tremendously.

      This man (Flynn) has endured so much… and is still enduring. Look at that SMILE! What a thrill to have such a gift from Daniels.

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        1. No, Mitch doesn’t need for POTUS to be in town as POTUS keeps a steady stream of nominees on track for confirmation.

          You know House went on vacay for the past week, so Senate had to shut down also. But Mitch will be back at it tomorrow (DIMs use for travel day!) at 5:30 when he will call for a vote on motion to invoke cloture on Executive Calendar #384 Robert Anthony Molloy to be Judge for the District Court of the Virgin Islands for a term of ten years. Before they adjourned for vacay, on the 13th, he filed for a vote on cloture for the following:

          Katharine MacGregor, of Pennsylvania, to be Deputy Secretary of the @Interior; on the motion to proceed to Cal. #17, S.311, Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act; also on the motion to proceed to Cal. #420, S.3275, Pain Capable Unborn Child Act; and Silvia Carreno-Coll, of Puerto Rico, to be United States District Judge for the District of Puerto Rico; and Robert Anthony Molloy, of the Virgin Islands, to be Judge for the District Court of the Virgin Islands for a term of ten years.

          DIMS gonna be whining on the abortion votes I am sure… so, look for a busy week in the Senate and of course Graham has the Hearing….

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            1. Ty Duchess, but just a little cut and paste. I am looking forward “straight on ’til morning” as Peter would say… and Nov. 3rd and then “to infinity and beyond, with 4 more years of Donald J. Trump…

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              1. The WhiteHouse sends out POTUS’ memorandums – nominees are usually announced in those. Mitch used to have quite a backlog, don’t know how that shakes out now. But then I’m sure some nominees have higher priority than others, so Mitch has to weigh that, and of course get a read on how the votes might go… being Leader is quite a balancing act, I don’t think peeps really appreciate it. He has to be absolutely sure when he brings the matter to the floor it is going to pass. zero certainly blundered when he yielded to hil de beast’s demands that he leave a huge chunk of openings for her to fill (rewards to her donors of course). That miscalculation reaped huge benefits for POTUS and for us of course. And the DIMs were hoping to keep the Senate tied up with impeachment shams, but POTUS out played them on that too… WINNIN’ TIMES COMIN’

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              2. I see – you are correct – people do not give McConnell credit for how well he maneuvers for success – probably why some get immediate attention – while others wait – you are so perceptive – makes sense now – a balancing act for sure – Thanks for the info – beginning to understand from where my confusion came – between you and Fle I am going to be so smart I will not be able to stand myself – juggling lots of things here, too – so I sympathize with Mitch.

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              3. Yes, everyone talks about ‘the art of the deal’ with regard to POTUS… but Mitch is not chopped liver in that regard (not POTUS’ level but still, major league). Leader has to wheel and deal all the time… it’s politics. I admire so much what he did with the shampeachment vote… he was able to herd the entire GOP w/ the exception of Mittens, who is up to his eyeballs in The Ukraine mess. Kudos for Mitch there for sure.

                Liked by 2 people

              4. Good Point – about Mitch – that was masterful for sure – as far as Mittens is concerned – there is something wrong with him – he lacks something critical to success – like caring about people other than himself – maybe – i do not know – he never impressed me as being a leader type – look what he did the MA Healthcare – I am sure the people of MA were glad to get rid of him – and the companies he purchased – what happened to the employees – and now – Ukraine – figures – what a waste! 27 grandchildren? how many children did he have? No matter – not interested.

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  7. Liked by 12 people

    1. @SteveKingIA
      Phil Haney was a friend & patriot. He was a target because of all he knew of Islamic terrorist coverups. He insured his life by archiving data that incriminated the highest levels of the Obama administration. Phil Haney didn’t kill himself. RIP, Phil.

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  9. From GAB, and I’m not sure what to think about this given all the personnel moves that have happened in the last few months.

    Our Mother Goose@OurMotherGoose
    Posted in QAnon and the Great Awakening
    Unusual death of Pope’s secretary?

    Pregnant secretary of Pope Francis found dead in her apartment
    Miriam Wuolou, a 34-year-old of Eritrean origin, was seven-months pregnant when her body was discovered

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  10. Liked by 11 people

  11. REX
    Democrat Implosion: unless Crooked and Obama take the guy out, Sanders will be the Dem candidate.

    Makes sense – Bernie is the true heart of the modern day Democratic Party.

    If Sanders is the candidate, many Democrats won’t vote at all in 2020 and some moderate Dems will shift behind Trump.

    I am not complacent but realistically, as things stand we will need a new word for ‘landslide’, when Trump wins in November.

    It may well be an epic and unprecedented slaughter of the Democratic Party.

    Feb 22, 2020, 20:10 · 3 · 6

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    1. No we won’t need a new word for “landslide.” We can just stop fricking abusing the old word.

      Sorry, but in no reasonable definition of the word does a 306-232 (or whatever the hell it was after all those electors defected) win constitute a landslide; if that’s a landslide, then Obola in 2012 (332-206) was a landslide too, and even more Obola 2008 (365-173) was a landslide.

      The significance of Trump’s win in 2016 is much better described by the word “watershed” (which doesn’t refer to how lopsided the victory was, but rather how much of a turning point it was) than “landslide.”

      Liked by 12 people

      1. I don’t think he was talking about 2016… but rather the predictions for a landslide in November this year.

        And yes, November could be bigger than a landslide, which was used to describe Nixon’s victory in 1972, in that the popular vote could be greater than 60.7%.

        [Nixon won the election in a landslide, taking 60.7% of the popular vote and carrying 49 states, and he was the first Republican to sweep the South. McGovern took just 37.5% of the popular vote, while John G. Schmitz of the American Independent Party won 1.4% of the vote.]

        Political pundits have used “mandate” for Candidates who garnered MUCH less than Nixon’s “landslide” …
        Frankly I have always thought “mandate” more abused than “landslide” …

        Hyperbole increases with the level of excitement about our movement. I prefer the enthusiasm to correctness of terms.

        Liked by 5 people

        1. Oh, I know he was talking about 2020. He said we’d need a new term for it. I was thinking the reason he was saying that is that people persist in maintaining the election of 2016 was a landslide, and that’s a misuse of the term “landslide.” So if you reduce “landslide” to elections that were just barely won, you need a new word to describe electoral ass-whoopings. But I think we should just use the word properly in the first place.

          Properly used, landslide would be perfectly useful for what I think we’re going to see (I really don’t see it going much past 60% of the vote though, because there are just too many people out there whose heads have been turned to mush by our education system and media).

          Liked by 2 people

  12. This sounds reasonable….can’t believe Clint Eastwood would stray so far from 2A protection

    Liked by 6 people

    1. I canNOT understand Clint Eastwood favoring any of the D-Rat clown car occupants. Every D-Rat wannabe contender for president champions Un American positions.

      Clint Eastwood, a Libertarian, I thought, has aligned with America in the past.

      There is something else going on here. Can’t be money or power for Clint. Dunno what it is.

      Something is cuckoo with Clint endorsing Mini Mike.

      Liked by 2 people

  13. We have many flu deaths per year.
    This is the CDC link:
    Disease Burden of Influenza

    Each year CDC estimates the burden of influenza in the U.S. CDC uses modeling to estimate the number of influenza illnesses, medical visits, flu-associated hospitalizations, and flu-associated deaths that occur in the U.S. in a given season. The methods used to calculate these estimates are described on CDC’s webpage, How CDC Estimates the Burden of Seasonal Influenza in the U.S.
    CDC uses the estimates of the burden of influenza in the population and the impact of influenza vaccination to inform policy and communications related to influenza.

    There are many more flu related deaths that you can find on WikiLeaks.
    Corona Virus is nothing special.
    Disease Burden of Influenza

    Each year CDC estimates the burden of influenza in the U.S. CDC uses modeling to estimate the number of influenza illnesses, medical visits, flu-associated hospitalizations, and flu-associated deaths that occur in the U.S. in a given season. The methods used to calculate these estimates are described on CDC’s webpage, How CDC Estimates the Burden of Seasonal Influenza in the U.S.
    CDC uses the estimates of the burden of influenza in the population and the impact of influenza vaccination to inform policy and communications related to influenza.

    Spanish flu – Wikipedia
    • Overview
    • History
    • Mortality
    • Legacy
    • Spanish flu research
    • Further reading
    • External links
    The 1918 influenza pandemic (January 1918 – December 1920; colloquially known as Spanish flu) was an unusually deadly influenza pandemic, the first of the two pandemics involving H1N1 influenza virus, with the second being the swine flu in 2009. It infected 500 million people around the world, or about 27% of the then world population of about 1.8 billion, including people on remote Pacific islands and in the Arctic. The death toll is estimated to have been 50 million, and possibly as high as 100 million (about 3 to 6 percen…

    The world population is supposedly over 7 billion now.

    27% * 7 billion = 1,890,000,000 infected. 3-6 percent dead.

    IMO we are okay. It will be a normal flu season for us. Deaths may actually be lower than usual because people are being careful and/or quarantined.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. The difference is the much higher infection rate and worse, the much higher death rate of the wuhan flu. Compare recovered/death #s v. currently infected/death rate. We do not know the #s of the currently infected that will die. Comparing the recovered/death rate is more accurate.

      Of course, that is comparing diagnosed & recovered to deaths. There are more than those diagnosed that are infected but the same exact thing is true of the flu. I have had the flu and have never been officially diagnosed or had complications. So every flu season there are many that are not reported/included in the numbers because they are not officially diagnosed.

      Comparing recovered from Wuhan Flu to the dead is comparing those who have been through it and how many survived.

      Comparing death rate to the number currently infected is not an accurate or logic comparison and comes up with a 100% inaccurate ratio.

      I the US ratio of dead/recovered will be much better than 3rd world countries and 2nd world – of which I consider China and their primitive hygiene and semi developed medical facilities to be an example of 2nd world development…at best.

      Lastly – remember that China is almost 100% certainly lying to the world about the number of infected as well as the number of dead.

      I would continue to be Very cautious and do all of the good health practices we already know to do but don’t always follow vigilantly (supplements, healthy eating, little/no eating out, liberal use fermented foods and bone broths in our diet, good rest, excellent hygiene, etc.).

      Liked by 5 people

    2. Elizabeth Carter
      Comparing influenza and the Wuhan Coronavirus is apples and oranges.
      The CDC is deliberately downplaying the threat of the Wuhan virus.
      Any figures given by the Communist Chinese government on the Wuhan virus are vastly smaller than the truth.
      There are vaccines for influenza. There are NO vaccines OR reliable treatment for the Wuhan virus.
      The TRUE incubation period of the Wuhan virus is 24 days, NOT the 14 days given by the CDC. Even the WHO recognizes that the incubation period may be much longer then 14 days. Therefore, a quarantine period of ONLY 14 days IS NOT ENOUGH. People are showing up infected with the Wuhan virus AFTER being released from 14 days of quarantine / self-isolation.
      The ACTUAL Ro (reproductive factor) of the Wuhan virus is around 6 — NOT 2.7, 4.7, etc. An Ro of 6 is the same reproductive rate (rate of infection) that is for POLIO and SMALLPOX.
      IN ADDITION — there are more cases of what ACTUALLY IS the Wuhan virus but has presented as AS PNEUMONIA, which is then diagnosed and treated as such — with the infected person NOT getting tested for the Wuhan virus.
      Even a “common cold” (which is a member of the Coronae family) can turn into PNEUMONIA —another member of the same family.
      And SARS and MERS are ALSO members of the same family — and they are deadly viruses.

      Liked by 4 people

      1. There is another major concern.

        You can get the Wuhan virus the second time. If the level of your antibodies DECREASE past a certain point, instead of giving you a milder case they cause a life threatening case.

        When I find the link I will post it below this comment.

        Liked by 2 people

        1. OK I found the links

           Corona virus can possibly have ADE( Antibody-Dependent Enhancement) @ 17min
          Instead of working for you the antibodies work for the virus if the levels (titer) are low enough.

          The narraitor is Chris Martenson, PhD (Duke), MBA (Cornell) He completed both a PhD and a post-doctoral program at Duke University, specializing in neurotoxicology.

          Also from Tiawan:
          Exclusive: Chinese doctors say Wuhan coronavirus reinfection even deadlier

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Gail Combs
            Agreed regarding the reinfection potential, with the real possibility that the reinfection can take out a person who was “cured” of the initial infection.

            Liked by 1 person

            1. It is not 100% fact but it looks like a strong possibility.

              I certainly hope it is NOT FACT.

              At this point because China lies, And the WHO and CDC also lie, we have zero idea of what is really happening. We can only look at other facts and do inferences.

              I think the biggest is China has NOT resumed production in it’s factories and is therefore taking a massive hit economically. The longer the factories stay closed the more likely corporations are to flee China so it is a permanent hit.

              Elizabeth Carter saying Corona Virus is nothing special, just does not jive with the reaction of China to this disease. If it was just a typical flu they would not be welding people into apartment building and grabbing them off the street and tossing them into metal boxes.

              Liked by 1 person

    3. I’m not sure what your logic is here. You seem to be trying to say the new coronavirus isn’t even as serious as the flu, but you’re also treating it as if it IS the flu, when it’s not; it’s a totally different kind of virus. (I will put that down to just vague phrasing though.)

      People who point to the total number of flu deaths (I see numbers like 50,000) in the US each year and compare that to how many people coronavirus has killed are way off base. Coronavirus hasn’t gone everywhere yet; the flu has.

      Coronavirus seems to be as contagious as the flu, if not more so, and apparently kills 15% of the people who catch it. That will make the Spanish Flu of 1918 look puny. (The Spanish Flu probably actually started in Kansas, by the way.)

      Of course we might do better against it than the Chinese because of better health, and/or it might not break out into our population at all, but I wouldn’t count on the latter at all. I expect a month from now it will be obvious this bug is out in the general population, and we can, at that point, expect a significant number of deaths, enough to make seasonal flu look like child’s play.

      But on the plus side, the Black Death wiped out 50% of Europe, and Coronavirus doesn’t look THAT bad.

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  14. Remember when POTUS was warning about the dangers of 5G???

    I found this as a response on IET’s twitter feed. The video in this link is about an hour, but well worth the time. She talks about 5G and vaccines in relation to Coronavirus, including the link with cruise ships. May be nothing, but definitely worth considering, especially when you remember POTUS warning us about 5G.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. I am not a fan of 5G and I 100% think that there are bad health effects. I think that from the current internet that we have now.

      However, this can not be The Problem because we have lab tests for it and it has moved to other countries. Maybe it made some/many people more susceptible but it can not be the only problem instead of a virus. Considering the wide spread cases this just doesn’t even make sense to me


      1. That’s part of what she is saying…… Increased susceptibility due to 5G and vaccines, along with the push for both and the implications for effects on population. The video makes you think….she uses a lot of video clips from the Gates summit showing how they think. I thought it was a worthwhile watch


            1. Wow – I what a video!

              Arrests for “false information” – who decides

              Why does G*tes keep associating better healthcare, shots and better “female”/maternity healthcare, all 3 , with *Lower* population?! I knew about the issues with G*tes and shots in africa and India

              5G sounds awful …. explains the weird glass like lung issues seen in X-rays early on?

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    1. kea,
      There are laws (and required training) to make sure people do not fall for slick scams. It sounds like the ‘health care sharing ministry’ is an UN-LICENCE SCAM.


    2. We did a medical sharing plan for a number of years as Obamacare priced us out of regular insurance.

      They say they are medical sharing. They give you all the paperwork to read. Worked great for us … but we read the coverage levels and intentionally chose the one that was right for us. We paid about $450 a month instead of $900 a month.

      In the article the people state that the med share paid for everything and covered $50K of the bill. They were basically under “insured” for the situation. That can happen with regular insurance as well. People think they will get a lower priced plan and then are upset if they have a medical crisis and their coverage runs out.

      “Medical expenses for newborn arising from complications at the time, including but not limited to premature birth, are treated as a separate incident and limited to $50,000 of eligible share.”

      You gotta sit down and take the time to read the details. Not the companies fault and this was Not a “scam”. The company is living up to their promises and the people are getting what they paid for. Their situation just went beyond what they paid for, the coverage that they chose.

      For a long time, we had no insurance for pregnancy by our own choice and we knew the chance we were taking. Time for children – we updated our insurance and started paying an additional $300 a month. Was our choice to be under insured and we were lucky to not become pregnant.

      Gotta know what your coverage is! But they were clear what they covered so not a “scam”.


    1. They are a very dark company. We watch the old things and very little but soecific new shows or films. There are 3 movies we will see for sure this year. The new Spongebob movie, the Scooby doo movie, and Ghostbusters.

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  15. PHroup – I’m not sure WB is credible, but the thread is about Haney, Janet Napolitano & AZ ‘mafia’

    Liked by 4 people

    1. ThanQ. At a certain point (maybe a week or ten days) the posse of “special” friends of Phil should have some more info/answers. I’ll be sure to pass on anything I hear, and please you keep doing the same.

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Usually, what we do is research a breeder, and purchase the last of the litter to be chosen. We’re not going to show dogs, or breed them, but we will support those who do responsibly.

          Of our current two, they came from a family operation with one breeding bitch at a time. Ying was the last of her litter to be bought as she has an AWFUL coat that has to be trimmed regularly. Yang was from the next litter and has separation anxiety so badly he cannot be left alone. With us, he isn’t. He’s also a slob, and HATES being groomed.

          They are currently 13 and 12, so we have time.

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    1. Allow me to point out that it is legally impossible for this judge to refuse a new trial.

      There is a juror who falsified her questionnaire, concealed that fact from the court during swearing in, and maneuvered herself into being foreperson of the jury.

      Because she falsified the questionnaire, she is legally ineligible to take the oath because the oath requires honesty as a pre-requisite. Therefore the jury was never properly (legally) empaneled and its verdict is void ab initio (void as if never existed).

      If, despite what I just wrote, she denies the new trial motion then a slam dunk appeal is in order along with an immediate stay of execution of the sentence.

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    1. More like Meghan has decided……………….

      I don’t think Harry has any say in this relationship… he really needs to grow a set.

      He has given us his family and his country for this woman. I hope she is worth it. And where is the baby?

      Liked by 3 people

      1. HM was absolutely right to agree to the “family divorce” between Harry and the senior Royal Family.
        HM is a shrewd judge of character. She likely knew some time ago (pre-Meghan) that Harry’s core character had perhaps more than a “dash” of the weakness that her uncle, Edward VIII as was (before he abdicated to marry Wallis Warfield Simpson) possessed in quantity.
        I believe that HM had several things in mind when getting the “family divorce” negotiated:
        Frist, that there would NOT be a repeat of the split among member of the Royal Family that resulted from the behavior of not only her uncle; but also the behavior of Wallis Windsor (as the Duchess of Windsor, the courtesy title given to her at the same time Edward VIII became the Duke of Windsor, after his abdication).
        Second, HM wanted to demonstrate that Harry was to remain a beloved grandchild in his “post-Royal” life. However, this may change given what he’s obviously agreeing with Meghan to do;
        Third, HM wants this situation negotiated and agreed to before She leaves this Earth — at age 93, who can say how long She will be Monarch?

        Liked by 5 people

    2. How can anybody possibly be surprised at Meghan Markle’s latest slap in the face to HM the Queen?
      If Meghan keeps this up, HM may need to resort to actions that only She has the power to do:
      Drop Harry from the Order of Succession, but keep their son Archie in it;
      Ask Parliament to “register” the word “Royal” as the prerogative of the Monarch;
      Drop the security detail that was earlier agreed to for Meghan and Harry; I believe this can be done on Her signature alone.

      What Meghan is doing is completely unnecessary and adds more evidence that not only is she the brains in her marriage to Harry; but also that she is acting out like a spoiled and frustrated child who didn’t like the rules that “Mother” put down.

      Liked by 6 people

      1. HM, via a trusted person sends ONE warning to Harry, written (or tape) so there is no misunderstand and only to be read by him and then removed from him by the courier. After that she drops Harry and ALL his children from the Order of Succession and essentially makes him plain ordinary Harry if he continues to act like an ass.

        He is 36 and old enough to act like an adult.

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      2. Meghan has no respect for authority of any kind, and no respect for Britain or its Queen.

        Meghan is about to learn she is not nearly equal to the power of the British Crown or British Laws.


    3. I guess there’s some value to getting sued by the Queen of England over her hereditary property rights to royal titles. She is the one who bestows those titles for good reason – they are hers to give.

      And inviting a suit by the Queen (in her own court) – well that’s dumber than poking a sleeping lion with a spear.

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  16. Liked by 3 people

  17. Okay guys, I’ve scoped all the local India tv stations carrying live feeds.
    I’m watching one now,
    you HAVE to see the commercials.
    Wild on the streets.
    Screaming reporters, people dancing.
    It’s great.
    Our main post goes live in less than an hour.

    Here is channel 18 to get you warmed up.

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  18. Oops, CNN admits they jumped the shark

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