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Our movement is about replacing a failed and CORRUPT political establishment with a new government controlled by you, the American People.
Candidate Donald J. Trump

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Keep Looking Up

Hopefully, every Sunday, you can find something here that will build you up a little . . . give you a smile . . . and add some joy or peace, very much needed in all our lives.

“This day is holy to the Lord your God; do not mourn nor weep.” . . . “Go your way, eat the fat, drink the sweet, and send portions to those for whom nothing is prepared; for this day is holy to our Lord. Do not sorrow, for the joy of the Lord is your strength.”

Alone with God

And Jesus went up on the mountain, and there He sat with His disciples. –John 6:3

Just prior to this miraculous multiplying of the bread and fish, Jesus “went up on a mountainside and sat down with his disciples”(6:3). That fact is noteworthy. It seems plain that Jesus withdrew purposely from the great press of people who had been pursuing Him.

There are some things that you and I will never learn when others are present. I believe in church and I love the fellowship of the assembly. There is much we can learn when we come together on Sundays and sit among the saints. But there are certain things that you and I will never learn in the presence of other people.

Unquestionably, part of our failure today is religious activity that is not preceded by aloneness, by inactivity. I mean getting alone with God and waiting in silence and quietness until we are charged with God’s Spirit. Then, when we act, our activity really amounts to something because we have been prepared by God for it….

Now, in the case of our Lord, the people came to Him, John reports, and He was ready for them. He had been quiet and silent. He had sat alone with His disciples and meditated. Looking upward, He waited until the whole hiatus of divine life moved down from the throne of God into His own soul. He was a violin tuned. He was a battery recharged. He was poised and prepared for the people when they came. Faith Beyond Reason, 130,133. “Lord, I’ll spend a lot of time in the company of people today, but just now I come in quietness and silence to wait for You to fill me. Amen.”

A.W. Tozer

Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.
Psalm 46:10

Be silent before the Sovereign Lord, for the day of the Lord is near.
Zephania 1:7

In The Garden

I come to the garden alone,
While the dew is still on the roses,
And the voice I hear, falling on my ear,
The Son of God discloses.

And He walks with me, and He talks with me,
And He tells me I am His own,
And the joy we share as we tarry there,
None other has ever known.

Charles A. Miles 1913

Be Still And Know

“I believe in God, though He is silent.”
These are the words that some of us say.
“But I keep my faith and go on living,
Hoping to hear something every day.”

Busy days go by and turn into weeks
We keep thinking that He’ll speak to us soon
Our thoughts now turn to things that we’ve done
And His discipline, the vines that He prunes

Busy days and more, running to and fro
Time rushes by with more thoughts, too
Life and distractions fill up all our time
And we don’t give God the respect he’s due

Now is the time to stop and think
Is God now silent with nothing to say
Or is it us who aren’t listening
Far too busy as our lives run astray

God never leaves us, He promised us so
Though we don’t listen, He’s with us still
God promised us good, a future and hope
He’ll deliver, no doubt that He will

We may not listen, and that to our shame
But God is speaking to us every day
He’s everywhere and all around us
Speaking to us in so many ways

God is Creator, He made everything
Earth and heavens show His mighty power
The beauty in nature, the sights and sounds
The oceans speak as do fields of flowers

The Patriarchs, Psalms and the Prophets, too
Their words in the Bible speak loud and clear
Christ and His Apostles all spread the word
If we take time to read, then we’ll hear

The music we hear, praise, worship and thanks
All have messages for us to regard
Music makes us feel, words make us think
The rhythm and rhymes of musical bards

Other believers, events of the day
May carry meanings for us to heed
Listen for His voice and check with His Word
There may be wisdom that we sorely need

God’s Spirit within us speaks in our minds
Teaching and guiding us along our ways
God’s Spirit nudges, but may push and shove
To give us His guidance, day after day

We come to God, our heads bowed in prayer
As we speak to Him, He speaks to us, too
Our prayers will be answered: yes, no or wait
We may not hear it, but He’ll guide us through

In all of these ways, God speaks to us
But we need to listen to hear His voice
Be consumed with the world through all our days
Or “Be still and know” – we must make that choice

Be Still

Did you decide to make the choice
To slow down and listen for His voice?
Or was the decision made for you –
It just happened out of the blue

Some say that God’s voice is very small,
We must be still to hear it at all
Some fill their days with so much to do
That I suppose for them that’s true

I think God’s voice is loud and clear
But man has chosen not to hear
The heavens declare it from above
God will be heard; it’s part of His love

Be Still . . .

As we go from day to day,
To here and there along our way,
Always busy and so involved,
But is it that for which we’re called?

Two meetings here, lunch over there,
Two more tonight, what will I wear?
Pick up the kids, calls on the phone,
Just three quick stops, and then we’re home.

Someone’s been wronged, I must speak out.
My help is needed, there’s no doubt.
We’ll make a plan to fight this thing
And not be stopped by anything.

We’ll find problems, expose them all
And make the guilty take their fall.
We’ll be vigilant day and night
And fight for what we know is right.

But . . .

We must not fail to see God’s plan,
To trust in Him and not in man.
Do we take time for what God said,
Wait for Him to work in our stead?

Seek His face, be still and know
He is God, and learn to let go,
To trust in Him to win the fight,
 Dispel the darkness with His Light.

Be still before Him, and so wait
With patience, for God controls fate.
Vengeance is His, and judgment just,
Acknowledge Him, give Him your trust.

So as we go from day to day
To here and there along our way,
Let’s all slow down and know His grace,
Seek His kingdom and see His Face.

“The Peace of Meditation”

So we may know God better
And feel His quiet power,
Let us daily keep in silence
A meditation hour . . .
For to understand God’s greatness
And to use His gifts each day,
The soul must learn to meet Him
In a meditative way . . .
For our Father tell His children
That if they would know His will
They must seek Him in the silence
When all is calm and still . . .
For nature’s greatest forces
Are found in quiet things
Like soft falling snowflakes
Drifting down on angels’ wings,
Or petals dropping soundlessly
From a lovely full-blown rose,
So God come closest to us
When our souls are in repose . . .
So let us plan with prayerful care
To always allocate
A certain portion of each day
To be still and meditate . . .
For when everything is quiet
And we’re lost in meditation,
Our soul is then preparing
For a deeper dedication
That will make it wholly possible
To quietly endure
The violent world around us,
For in God we are secure.

~Helen Steiner Rice~

438 thoughts on “Dear KMAG: 20200223 Open Topic

  1. Now they say there was a gun near Phil Haney’s body. Must have missed it first time around. Cops say somebody called in the shooting. Wonder who that might be.

    I feel sick. These bastards are determined to keep America in the hands of the political thugs.

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    1. Someone called it in but no information was released. Now te mans wife died but he had met and become engaged already as many widowers do. He was owed 1000s in royalties for the book. And he had lots of info. Men dont shoot themselves in the chest. Its also a very sudden judgement by the leo.
      I wish every single person who has info like this had a kill switch to release everything. It is very sickening.

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      1. Wife and I were very close to Phil. We know he had copies of stuff stashed. Where, I don’t have a clue.

        There are already several former SEALs and FBI agents (former & current) unofficially digging. Grapevine tells me that several of these guys worked with Phil and that they have some markers with Calif LEOs to call in.

        Whatever happened didn’t happen to a guy who can be overlooked. Phil had a lot of friends and when they stop crying they will be pissed.

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          1. ThanQ for your kindness towards us. I had to get off the net – it was just too depressing. Went to sleep.

            I discovered that FoxNews had an article on it. Sean Hannity was real fond of Phil but his stupid website kept giving my message an error so it’s good to know he will know. I expect that he will be on this like a dog on a bone.

            Google the place where they say it happened (Hwy 124 & hwy 16 in California), and go to street view. do a 360 degree spin and try to picture somebody committing suicide there. It’s beyond absurd.

            Thanks again for caring.

            Side note – it looks like Patel is on Air Force One for the India trip. That’s a relief because I think he’s next on the list. DJT will probably have all the details by the end of that trip because I am sure that Phil was about to join that team of Grenell and Patel.

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    1. Opening sequence from Miracle (2004)

      One of the comments on the HughToobs said this:

      “One of the best beginnings of a movie. Shows how the U.S. isn’t the country we used to be and shows how we are not the best anymore until miracle happened and revived us. When college kids with little experience destroy soviet grown men who are trained just to play hockey for the rest of there life who only demand victory is amazing. They won because they learned to respect and win for the name on the front, not the name on the back.”

      I can’t watch this opening sequence without tearing up.

      Hollyweird accidentally hits one out of the park once in a while . . . this is one they mistakenly let through.

      When the mockingbirds were singing at their full, we were being SOLD this pack of LIES by our own trusted news media.

      Cronkite threw America under the bus for the narrative.

      And the NARRATIVE is what they were pushing. For years.

      The NARRATIVE was that America’s best days were behind her.

      That Americans thought for the first time that the next five years were going to be worse than the last five years.

      That our American military was defeatible.

      That the Presidency was the outpost of crooks.

      That the Soviets were superior to us economically, athletically, morally and spiritually.

      That the advance of the Soviet system was inevitable and unstoppable.

      That our own embassies were at risk.

      That we had poisoned ourselves with chemical spills and nuclear accidents.

      That our nation was tired and weak, as we waited in gas lines without enough to fuel our automobiles.

      That the days of America winning were over.

      Yet there was hope.

      Every time I see this sequence I remember that the MCM’s FAKE NEWS is the enemy. A disinformation source designed to DEMORALIZE us as a people from the nation that we were born to be.

      One of Brietbart’s rules:

      Don’t let the Complex use its PC lexicon to characterize you and shape the narrative

      Especially don’t let the MCM shape the narrative!

      WE ARE THE NEWS NOW! Do NOT allow the FAKE HIGH PRIESTS of the MCM tell you what the story of our day is!

      “And, and that story will, will be continued to be told here, but we have what we call citizen journalists. Because the, because the journalists that we have in the media, did a disservice to themselves, actually more that they did to this country.

      “They did a disservice to themselves because they displayed an arrogance that is unprecedented, and so the american people decided to take over the idea of information. They took over the idea of information. And they did it through social media.”

      In the movie Miracle it was put this way:

      Look, I can give you all a load of crap about how how you’re a better team than they are, but that’s exactly what it would be. And everyone in this room knows what people are saying about our chances.

      I know it. You know it.

      But I also know there is a way to stay with this team.

      You don’t defend them — you ATTACK them.

      You take their game and you shove it right back in their face. The team that is finally willing to do this is the team that has a chance to put them down.

      Their time is over. Take back the narrative! We are the rightful heirs of truth! We are the news now!

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          1. What Rommel said about Patton: “The American generals showed themselves to be very advanced in the tactical handling of their forces, although we had to wait until the Patton Army in France to see the most astonishing achievements in mobile warfare.” ~ Erwin Rommel

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            1. “Rommel, you magnificent bastard! I read your book!”
              “Spoken by George C. Scott in the film Patton, portraying his defeat of what he thought were forces under the command of Erwin Rommel; however, the book portrayed in that film is purely fictional — Rommel never finished the book he was writing on tank warfare, but did write a book on his experiences in WW I. It was widely read, regarded a classic of modern military tactics, and published in abbreviated form for study by US army officers.”

              “Infantry Attacks (German: Infanterie greift an) is a classic book on military tactics written by Erwin Rommel about his experiences in World War I. At the time of the book’s writing in the mid-1930s, Rommel’s rank was lieutenant colonel. Rommel had planned to write a successor called Panzer greift an (in English: Tanks Attack) about tank warfare, and gathered much material during the North Africa Campaign. However, he was forced to commit suicide before completing this work.” Rommel’s book was famous and required reading for US military leaders:

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      1. Michael,

        I love Miracle, the movie. One of my favorites.

        As many times as I’ve watched it, though, I’ve never applied that quote that you wrote above (“…take their game and shove it right back in their face…”) and applied it to the Trump movement.

        Wow. Well done.

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        1. We can remind ourselves that is exactly what POTUS is doing each and every day – even if we aren’t privy to the details, our confidence should be there.

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            1. Chimpy, don’t worry, it’s difficult while we wait out POTUS’ plan. He’s been consistent in his remarks and just when you think some issue has disappeared from the stove altogether, he brings it right back to a front burner. I still believe this is going to be the greatest sting of all time. 🙂

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      1. I am shocked at the amount of people I talk to who maintain a blase attitude about this pandemic.

        Few are taking it seriously, and I believe it is due to the MSM not properly reporting on it. Amazing the amount of people who continue to rely on ABCCBSNBCCNNMSNBCFOXCNBC for information.

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  2. Thank you, carl. I’ve always felt a little guilty about my alone time with God, and how much I enjoy it. Like I should be in church and communing with others instead. But now I see it the way you tell it…………it is as important as church time, but if fills a different need. Thank you, carl, for the thought and care you put into your Sunday posts.

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    1. Communists (ie. Globalists) have every reason to be afraid now that their global agenda and plots are getting exposed worldwide. They SHOULD be afraid.

      They won’t be able to walk the streets in safety.

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            1. It could have been just one or two tourists who left Wuhan at the very beginning, and took a very specific path in Italy – which is very popular with Chinese tourists. Also a common debarkation point for cruise ships – fly into Rome and head to the nearby ports by train.

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    1. Having spent time in Italy, I remember that their concepts of sanitation, street cleaning, refuse disposal — are, if you will, not exactly “up there” per American standards; except in places like high-level “American style” hotels.
      The AP article mentions Wuhan Coronavirus cases now in ROME, MILAN, and all over LOMBARDY.
      19 persons who were on the Diamond Princess are now in quarantine at the Cecchignola military complex inside Rome’s city limits.
      But these 19 persons will be in quarantine for ONLY the “accepted” 14 days — when it is proven that 24 DAYS is the optimum number of quarantine days.

      *** Now, about other cases in Italy that are potentially being misdiagnosed — WATCH for this to start making general headlines.
      People who actually HAVE the virus are presenting with symptoms of PNEUMONIA and are being treated as such — however, the Wuhan Coronavirus can ALSO present with pneumonia or pneumonia-like symptoms.
      The man who died in Italy of the virus but was diagnosed instead with pneumonia is an example.
      This man WAS NOT tested for the Wuhan virus — until it was too late.

      *** And — WATCH for when the virus starts to break out among the “migrants” who get to Italy via their ports on the mainland and via Sicily; ALSO, within the “migrant” population already in Italy.

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  3. Thank you, Carl…for another thoughtful and inspiration post!

    God is Creator, He made everything
    Earth and heavens show His mighty power
    The beauty in nature, the sights and sounds
    The oceans speak as do fields of flowers

    I’ve always thought that this is true…that God speaks to us through the beauty of his awesome creations.

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  4. This woman says…

    “The LGBT community has become a safe haven for the mentally unstable.”
    “I no longer wish to be a part of this!”
    “I’m A Lesbian Woman & I’m Leaving The “Progressive” Left…”

    Very courageous…since she probably knows how they will attack her for saying this.

    Let’s hope there are more who disgusted with what the LGBT thing has become, and decide to walk away from it.

    Text of Robert Davi’s tweet:

    Courageous and So wonderfully communicated- and needs to be heard – what do you feel?

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    1. But the problem with our tolerance is that it makes it that much harder for them to get right with God. I wince every time our president makes comments that indicate queers need to be pandered to, or otherwise celebrated.

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      1. The kind of tolerance I personally want back is what needs to be demonstrated by me, per the Golden Rule. Civilized is my choice. I want all my old friendships with gays and lesbians back – before they were instructed by Fake News, the DNC, and cultural Marxism to hate us. That was one of the worst and most damaging parts of the Obama years in general, and The Hoax in particular. We just “got along” before that. We (both ways) tolerated and accepted each other but did not advocate what we didn’t truly believe we wanted to advocate. It was all so simple.

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        1. I won’t ask, you don’t tell.

          Easy peasy.

          But the left has never held to a single compromise agreement in the history of ever. Any compromise with the left is seen as a small victory towards a large goal. Don’t ask don’t tell was supposed to be the lasting compromise the left promised it would be…

          ….but they never intended that from the get-go and…as in so many other ways…were simply lying. As they always do.

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          1. Yup. And this is why throwing ANY group to the left and allowing their “we own this group 100% lock stock and barrel” BS to stand is always trouble.

            So don’t compromise – FIGHT for mindshare – and that is exactly what Trump does. He tells people “you’ll do better under my real tolerance than under THEIR phony love which takes away your free will and demands that you be part of their lie.”

            “What do you have to lose?” And he’s RIGHT!!!

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          2. I don’t know that I would go along with not being held to a compromise agreement even while being hard pressed to remember one they did go along with.

            One of the things I see is a lot of attention whoredom being satisfied rather than ignored as it should be.

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        2. I will never go along with evangelizing/normalizing/promoting these lifestyles to children and teens….or the public for that matter.

          Same sex attraction is a symptom of an abnormality in mental/emotional/relational development

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          1. I think one of the absolute best things we can do for everybody is make the government back off completely from laws restricting therapies in psychiatry and psychology. That will open up sane, apolitical discussion again, but even more importantly, it will allow psychiatrists and psychologists to SAY what they really believe again.

            Get the POLITICS of the LEFT out of psychiatry and psychology.

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            1. There’s something to this. Even among the non alphabet soup groups of not straight and normal people, there is a range of psychological issues – and some psychiatric ones – that just need to be addressed. It had been happening for a while, but is no longer.

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          2. Very important – here is how they are TRYING – desperately now – to make bad “trans” conversions irreversible legally!!!


            They don’t care about PEOPLE!!!

            It’s all about POLITICS!!!



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    2. It isn’t just the LGBT community… I’ve been thinking for some time, that the Democrat party has become the repository for the unstable, mentally unhinged in society. That’s what makes them danger – the political party welcoming aberrance, lawlessness, anarchy – they’ve encouraged destabilizing vs stability, encourage lawlessness instead of lawfulness. They think they have control of these elements, but chaos induced goes quickly out of control and then requires serious work to restore societal stability.

      The entire purpose of structure in society is for maintenance of that society – when there’s a deliberate effort to undermine the foundation, then it causes cracks and crumbles. The Democrats believe they’ll be the last the alligators eat, but as they’re about to find out with a Bernie Sanders nomination – they’ve lost control.

      Do the Democrats/Communists really think their fortress homes are safe when the mobs get loose?

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    1. Being that this guy is fairly apolitical, and he’s staying on top of the WuFlu, it’s a pretty good video to send to people that are not “woke” and might turn off a conservative voice about the corona virus.

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  5. friend of Haney speaking out…(again condolences pgroup!)
    Haney’s close friend Jan Markell, a radio host, author and speaker, tweeted out this from her last conversation with Phil Haney.

    My friend Phil Haney was found shot yesterday in CA. I had lunch with him a month ago. He warned something could happen to him. He was to get married in a month. It will be falsely called a suicide.

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      1. I’ve been following your remarks, pgroup. It’s a sad and frightening situation. I hope that you, and his friends and colleagues find some answers, and justice for him.

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    1. Please PLEASE tell me he left a dead man’s switch with copies of all his documents and notes to be sent to OOAN, the Epoch Times, Breibart, PDJT, AG Barr, Jim Jordan, Devin Nunes, Chuck Grassley, Rush Limbaugh, etc, etc, etc.

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      1. When Phil retired, he gave copies of his research to the House Intelligence Committee. IIRC, Nunes was on that committee then and I don’t know who was chair. But I do know it happened. Whether that info remains on Capitol Hill somewhere, I don’t know.

        We are working on establishing a comm channel to Nunes. I am getting into anger phase. If possible, I want to make the culprit(s) worse off than if they had simply left Phil alone to tell his story.

        They took away our friend and that is not – cannot – be allowed to escape responsibility.

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  6. Verse of the Day

    “Whereby are given unto us exceeding great and precious promises: that by these ye might be partakers of the divine nature, having escaped the corruption that is in the world through lust.”
    2 Peter 1:4 (KJV)

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    1. Not to meet the new arrival as much as protect it from predators. Of course everyone wants to see the new herd member but they are rushing forward to shield mom and calf from always opportunistic predators first and foremost.

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        1. I told our admin assistant I had paid the business plastic that I am required, with a check and she looked at me like I was from Mars, wanting to know why I hadn’t just done it online.

          “Online” in this case requires the bank routing number and account number (I can’t just pay it off with a personal credit card).

          I work in IT, and didn’t even bother trying to explain myself to her.

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  7. 😷 Bad news folks 😷

    The Coronavirus was bio-engineered for ”robust viral replication both in vitro and in vivo. AND so ” SARS-based immune-therapeutic and prophylactic modalities revealed poor efficacy; both monoclonal antibody and vaccine approaches failed to neutralize and protect from infection with CoVs using the novel spike protein. TRANSLATION: It readily spreads and normal medicine has no defense against it.

    According to Dr Boyle, responsible for drafting the Biological Weapons Anti-terrorism Act, it was bio-engineered in North Carolina and paid for by the Chinese AND the USA National Institutes of Health under OBAMA. 😠

    Tony Fauci ,of the National Institutes of Health, admits that the lethality rate of MERS is about 36%, whereas SARS is 10%. This Wuhan is 15% to 17%.

    See the interview with Dr Boyle that para59r posted and my comment verifying at least some of the information.


    New numbers for WuVirus:
    Ro is “calculated to be as high as 7.05” Figure 4 to 6. In other words one person will infect 4 to 6 other people.

    Lethality rate is 15% to 17%

    This chart gives you a feel as to how dangerous this virus is:

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    1. Here is the Chinese Communists ADMITTING they want to make a bio-weapon.

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      1. Do not forget CDC WAS NOT TESTING. All but three of the states received test kits that would not work. Therefore FORTY SEVEN STATES HAVE NOT BEEN TESTING FOR THE DISEASE and we have zero idea which of the states were.

        The USA is now back to sending the samples to CDC and waiting several days foe result.

        Response to Senator Cotton from a health professional

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        1. Gail Combs
          And ALSO, I suspect, on top of this, there is the potential that people in the United States who present with symptoms of pneumonia are NOT being tested for the Wuhan virus, even though it can present as pneumonia or pneumonia-like symptoms.
          The man in his 70’s in Italy who died of the Wuhan virus presented as a pneumonia case and was NOT tested for the Wuhan virus until it was too late.

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          1. That is EXACTLY what is happening. It is why IN PRIVATE NANCY MESSONIER, of the CDC, told a friend there were 100+ cases in 32 stated (Clinically diagnosed vs Lab diagnosed)

            It is why MESSONIER just stated that, due to the “SUDDEN” INCREASE of Wuhan Coronavirus cases in the United States, that “schools and businesses may have to be closed” if the situation gets more serious.

            Messonier is connected to WHO. She is an Obama appointed SES. I will bet that the CDC and the National Institutes of Health under Obama appointed Fauci, KNOW the bio-weapon developed at UNC and given to the Chinese Communist Professor Zhengli Shi @ “Laboratory of Special Pathogens, Wuhan Institute of Virology, Center for Biosafety Mega-Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences , Wuhan , People’s Republic of China.” ESCAPED….

            And they are scared out of their little minds that the virus is coming home to roost.

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      2. It was ONLY California, Illinois and Nebraska that got the working test kits.

        Adaline seems to be an ER Nurse.

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  8. 1+1+1=3


    Please correct me if I’m mistaken or wrong, but it APPEARS to me that…post shampeachment…a liberated Trump administration is finally dealing with the cancer inside the WH intelligence community….specifically the NSC and now the office of the DNI.

    Lemme see if I got this straight…

    First, former NSC member Lt. Col. Alex Vindmann (among others, mainly State Dept.) testified before the HPSCI and pencil-neck douchebag in blatant disrespect and disregard for the chain of command…revealing “Resistance” filth inside the NSC.

    This (broadly speaking) is what is used by Pencil-neck, Nadless, and Piglosi to shampeach POTUS. That effort fails, and in it’s wake the Vindmann bros were physically removed from the WH and a large downsizing of the NSC was announced (something like 70+ positions cut).

    THEN, Thursday before last, former (then acting) DNI Joseph Maguire went to testify in front of Pencil-neck and the HPSCI In closed session, taking along with him a woman named Shelby Pierson, who is the Intelligence Community “election threats executive” working under former acting DNI Maguire. DURING this testimony, Ms. Pierson told the committee that it was her assessment that Russia was planning on interfering with the 2020 election in favor of POTUS. HOWEVER, neither Ms. Pierson nor then-acting DNI McGuire had briefed anyone inside the WH about this, so when this info was selectively leaked to the NYTs and WaPo, it caught the administration and POTUS by surprise. Not only that, but Pencil-neck and the progressive media filth at the NYSlimes and WaPo have relaunched the fucking RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA narrative again.

    NOW, Trump has effectively fired McGuire for allowing him to get shambushed by Pencil-neck as well as giving aid to what had been a collapsing RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA narrative. And in McGuire’s place POTUS has named Amb. to Germany Richard Grennell as the new acting DNI.

    This unexpected over by PDJT has caught the IC (Intel Community) in DC off guard. And Trump-loyalist Grenell isn’t wasting a moment..

    From the NYSlimes…

    “…McGuire, and his deputy, Andrew P. Hallman, resigned on Friday. Mr. Grenell told Mr. Hallman, popular in the office’s Liberty Crossing headquarters, that his service was no longer needed, according to two officials. Mr. Hallman, who has worked in the office or at the C.I.A. for three decades…”

    Not only that, but…

    ” Mr. Grenell has also requested the intelligence behind the classified briefing last week before the House Intelligence Committee where officials told lawmakers that Russia was interfering in November’s presidential election and that President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia favored President Trump’s re-election.”

    There’s just one problem…

    Pierson doesn’t have any intel that Russiamis doing what she testified before Pencil-neck’s committee in closed session Thurs. before last. In FACT…


    “ Russian interference on behalf of Trump in 2020 has not been publicly confirmed by the U.S. Intelligence Community.

    CNN’s Jake Tapper (has even) cited a national security official “I know and trust” who rejected the framing of the story along with “others with firsthand knowledge.”

    “What’s been articulated in the news is that the intelligence community has concluded that the Russians are trying to help Trump again,” the official said. “But the intelligence doesn’t say that.”

    NET NET:

    Less than a month after the Vindmann bros and 70+ NSC members were shown the door, now the acting DNI McGuire has been shown the door as well and the IC is going ape-shit because Grenell….as acting DNI…

    “…has access to any secrets he may want to review. And he has requested access to information from the C.I.A. and other intelligence agencies, according to two people familiar with the matter.”


    “Pierson said in a recent interview with NPR that the Russians “are already engaging in influence operations relative to candidates going into 2020. BUT WE DO NOT HAVE ANY EVIDENCE AT THIS TIME THAT OUR ADVERSARIES ARE DIRECTLY LOOKING AT INTERFERING WITH VOTE COUNTS OR VOTE TALLIES”.

    So acting DNI McGuire knows he’s going to testify before the HPSCI in closed session and he knows he’s gonna get asked about Russia Russia Russia 2020, so he bringS along Ms. Pierson who subsequently tells the HPSCI that the Russians are going to try to interfere with 2020, but she doesn’t have any evidence of that. Moreover, McGuire didn’t earn PDJT in advance that all this was going down, so he allowed the WH to get caught flat-footed when Pencil-neck leaked this BS to the NYSlimes.

    So Trump fires McGuire and appoints Grenell, who wastes no time in firing McGuire’s #2 as well as demands to see the evidence that Pierson does have but cited as the underpinning of her contention that Russia was going to interfere in 2020 election…

    …and now the fake news media and IC inside the DC beltway is in a complete meltdown and going berserk over Grenell.

    Tick tock tick tock

    What am I missing??

    By the way…..Grenell is the fifth (5th) DNI in PDJT’s 1st term.

    PS – did you notice that McGuire’s #2, Andrew Hallman, was a 30 year CIA guy?

    Liked by 14 people

    1. sorry….lots of auto-spell typos above.

      “ McGuire didn’t earn PDJT in advance”…..should be “TELL PDJT”

      “ demands to see the evidence that Pierson does have”….should be “doesn’t have”

      Liked by 5 people

      1. Another correction….

        Grenell is the fourth (4th) DNI under Trump….not 5th.

        First was Gen. Mike Dempsey.
        Second was Dan Coates.
        Third was Joseph McGuire.

        Liked by 3 people

    2. FG&C this is a WONDERFUL post!!!!!!
      Thank you, you made my day.

      I liked the idea of McGuire as a Navy Seal, but he was snookered by Michael Atkinson for sure.
      Now, he was snookered again by Pierson.

      Sounds to me like Pierson also needs to go, asap, and sure as hell doesn’t need to be talking to the media.

      Liked by 6 people

      1. McGuire resigned and it was accepted. There is absolutely ZERO chance he did NOT know he needed to brief POTUS on his HPSCI appearance PRIOR to it. It is unpossible he was snookered by Pierson. We know this because…according to the info I have…he did NOT brief the WH or PDJT prior to his appearance before the committee. THAT is/was “the tell”.

        Btw…while I’m at this….

        I wrote all this out rather than simply supply a link to a piece OT. This is not my own “work”, which you will see if you go over there. Now I added a lot more detail, but SD put me on the trail. Just want to be upfront about it. You all know that while I have my issues with SD, I still think he supplies very valuable analysis of the micro-data we all like to follow.


        Someday they are gonna make a movie outta all this…likely a 3-movie project like Lord of the Rings. The thing is, it’s so complicated you’ll have to watch and re-watch each film multiple times to truly understand all the moving parts. I mean, like I mentioned, Grenell is now the fifth (5th) DNI in PDJT’s 1st term. Extraordinary.

        Liked by 5 people

        1. IOW….

          When I post a link OT and tell people go read this, THIS is the kind of content I am pointing at. Lots of folks here refuse to go OT, but they are really missing out on great info, as my OP here demonstrates.

          Liked by 4 people

        2. Now just for grins & giggles, plug Phil Haney into the housecleaning operation and what would you get?

          You’d get a very efficient operation that didn’t need to waste a lot of time figuring out what color hat a person was wearing. In short, housecleaning on steroids.

          IMO, this is why they whacked my friend Phil. They were terrified of the Earp Bros running Tombstone.

          Liked by 3 people

          1. PGroup, I ache for your personal loss and our nation’s loss. I pray there is a channel from Haney via Trump to Grenell/Patel. Surely if Haney thought his life was in jeopardy, he provided a Plan B. Prayers up for our White Hats.

            Liked by 2 people

    3. Thanks for this…thank goodness for citizen journalists these days so this Sh++ doesn’t go unnoticed.
      Continues to amaze me (as well as demonstration how large that DC bubble is) that people like Pierson truly believe they can get away with such “expert” testimony….primarily because they always have, I guess.
      McQuire and Hellman are gone…how about Pierson?

      Liked by 5 people

      1. Grenell will handle that. He’s demanded to see the “intel” she has based her assessment from, and he’s not going to give her weeks to do it. He wants to see it NOW, and she doesn’t have it, which means she was making it up. And just like that…..POOF. Bye Felicia.

        Liked by 4 people

        1. I am not sure, but as a Presidential appointee (Exec Privilege and all that) doesn’t a cabinet member have to at least NOTIFY the president?

          I really really hope we can elect some PATRIOTS this time round and get the LAWS passed that are needed to clean out the DC Swamp.

          Liked by 2 people

      2. They’ve gotten away with it because the MSM has been their back up – making the fake “true” and previously, as the only source of information, people got snookered. As POTUS removes the rubbish in his administration they’ll continue to catch these situations sooner – sooner we don’t have another two years of Russian interfering to get POTUS elected.

        MSM and Dems in meltdown because they succeed with the smear and fake news, and now they know that POTUS has people in place to know exactly what’s going on.

        Liked by 1 person

    4. Just to augment, making a suggestion or two in what may be surfacing here:

      The IC community is afraid of Grenell. That’s obvious if they are terrified that he’s looking at for now classified intelligence that they claim backs the narrative they want put forward.

      The IC community very obviously considers themselves to be a closed group of which Trump and his team are not a part. Therefore they work to stymie him at every turn knowing that the first version of any story or narrative can be incredibly difficult to unwrite once cemented in the minds of those who hear/see it.

      Also consider, to go along with the canary traps, that the Trump people know darn well and good who is DS IC and working against them, but they will not act to remove them until they can do so for cause, thus keeping the “political move” sledgehammer out of the other side’s arsenal. “He deceived us,” or “he leaked,” or “there is nothing to back that assertion,” is much harder to spin than just tossing somebody the administration doesn’t trust.

      Just some suggestions to go along with a nicely put together summation.

      Liked by 5 people

      1. Consider WHO the DNI (job) is….the head of ALL the intelligence agencies. CIA, NSA, DoD, etc all report to the DNI.

        The DNI gets to see ANYTHING he wants to see. Period.

        Liked by 6 people

        1. Yes, exactly. The heady days of the DS operatives doing what they can to sabotage the Trump Administration are over. The DS people left in place are just going to generate more evidence spelling their own demise if they keep up with all the leaking, lying, etc.

          Liked by 5 people

          1. Trump won’t nominate a new DNI for a while. Grenell is rock solid and proven Trump loyalist. Plus he knows all about the EU/Ukraine shenanigans.

            The DC intel community (IC) is going BERSERK over his appointment.

            If they weren’t scared before, they sure as HELL are now.

            Liked by 7 people

    5. Read that Pierson was appointed by Coates on his way out AND that she was an “Imagery Analyst”. Last minute antiTrumper with zero relevant credentials PLANTED to sabotage POTUS????

      Liked by 4 people

    6. The other thing that occurred to me since writing my comment, is that this one of the topics – along with the rot at DoJ – that needs to be spelled out to the point of demonstration for the normies. Just saying Clapper, Brennan, Rice, Powers, etc., are lying, corrupt pit vipers isn’t enough. It needs to be made very clear to the point that law breaking is shown without a shadow of a doubt.

      Otherwise, the political move/hit job narrative will come into play, and so far Trump & Co., have been adept at avoiding that.

      Liked by 8 people

      1. Good point. I’ve had difficulty with this very thing because the full explanations are so long and complicated.

        This play has a cast of hundreds that are all connected. If one knew nothing they’d have to watch the play 100x’s to understand it all.

        Liked by 4 people

      2. Well, they see folks like Clapper, Comey and Brennan blustering ad nauseum as tv pundits …. at some point “thou doest protest too much” must have sunk in to a few un-red-pilled. Skepticism is the first step towards looking further for either validation or correction.

        Liked by 2 people

  9. Found a crazy TREEPER gif for Wheatie’s Saturday treehouse.
    Check this out.

    Liked by 9 people

    1. I was just in N. CA and went for a long hike among the Redwoods….trees as old as Christ himself, and still growing.

      Imagine BRANCHES as big around as your car.

      No words adequately describe the presence and setting. “Incredible” stands as tall as a mere sapling.

      Liked by 4 people

  10. Alone with God?

    Humans I have observed all these decades FEAR being alone… PERIOD…

    They wake in the a.m. and turn on the Borg… nevermind they don’t sit and watch/listen, it’s in the background.

    They get in their car and turn on the radio…

    Lately they go out to eat “as a family” and there’s no conversation… parents and chidren focused on the sliver of electronics they call “cell”

    Even the dying these days want to be online with constant images and sounds flashing across the screen.

    Go inward? Go to the ‘Garden’ ? Walk with the Lord? They walk/run with earplugs… listening to ?

    Perhaps it’s my own personality, but when my life was the busiest filled with work and children, if I didn’t get an hour of “aloneness” a day, I would be extremely irritable. Now, in my twilight years, I don’t mind a little chatter, a visit for 20/30 minutes or so, but then, make your exit and leave me to my introspection… I have much to mull over, much to process. God’s still, quiet voice cannot be heard over the clatter.

    Liked by 8 people

    1. I’ve always been somewhat of a loner…perhaps growing up in a very rural setting, having to entertain myself in days long before TV, internet or even easily accessible libraries. I think that’s why I could, and still do, travel by myself without hesitation.
      And, I do not need background noise…if DH is away for a few days the TV is rarely on, if at all. As I write this, I’m listening to the sounds of the birds and the fire in the fireplace.
      Like you, PR! I need my quiet time and even my visiting friends know that I usually disappear for an hour in the middle of the afternoon to “recharge my batteries.”
      In today’s noisy, invasive world it’s too easy to lose yourself.

      Liked by 10 people

        1. “recharge is totally necessary”

          That is why I used my apartment for sleeping only and spent my afternoons alone on my horse trail riding.

          Now I am a 1/4 mile from the road on my farm. Not TV, no Radio, no phone unless Hubby insists.

          Liked by 3 people

      1. Totally with the two of you.

        I know too many people who seem to climb the wall if they are by themselves for more than 15 minutes; it’s as if they get their energy from others, whereas the three of us seem to get it from within ourselves.

        Liked by 1 person

  11. well, well, well…look who’s getting a book deal…another traitor POS…check who else her literary agent represented…

    Marie Yovanovitch is cashing in with a book deal.

    The former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine who testified against President Trump at House impeachment hearings is getting seven figures from publisher Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

    The book, a memoir that remains untitled, is expected to be released in spring 2021.

    “Yovanovitch’s book will deliver pointed reflections on the issues confronting America today, and thoughts on how we can shore up our democracy,” Houghton Mifflin Harcourt said in a statement.

    Yovanovitch is represented by the Javelin literary agency, which has handled books for other #resistance icons such as ex-FBI director James Comey and former national security adviser John Bolton.

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  12. where’s waldo? and by that I mean Obama. is he in hiding? he and she (I’ll let you figure out which pronoun refers to the former president and which refers to the former first lady…giggle) were attention whores–loving all the praise (false) and adoration (unearned) showered on them constantly–traveling lavishly–now they are practically hermits…or are lying low like the puddle scum they are…

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Yes. In hiding.

      Soon now leftists are going to be looking for someone to blame, and Obama absolutely WRECKED the democrat party. He was ushered in with control of both the House AND a super-majority in the Senate…

      …now compare THAT to the state of the Dim party today.

      The only reason why it’s taking so long is because leftists have to admit they were wrong, but they’ll never do that because they are victims, always.

      So they will claim Obama lied to and fooled them, and it is his former supporters who will be coming for him.

      They won’t be able to walk the streets in safety.

      Liked by 4 people

  13. Thomas Wictor boosted

    🔸 Biden’s mind will continue to diminish.
    🔸Most people don’t want two men kissing as they get onto the Marine One chopper on the White House lawn. BootyBoy will diminish.
    🔸Steyer’s nasally whine and possum-looking face will not inspire anyone. He’s done.
    🔸Klobuchar offers no reason to consider her superior to the rest.
    🔸Warren behaves like a nine-year-old schoolgirl and does not inspire confidence.
    🔸Tulsi should have never bothered.

    That leaves Bloomie trying to buy it, and communist Bernie.🤣

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  14. 75years ago today the Marines raised the flag.
    RIP, Daddy.

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  15. THIS ^^^^ IS SO TRUE… I see it in my grandson… who yesterday was listing the ‘negatives’ with regard to Capitalism (which he only knows from zero’s 8 years)… I try to explain that he is looking at ‘Crony Capitalism’ and ask if he knows the definition of Socialism… he scrolls on his cell and I laugh and say “don’t tell me what Google says is Socialism, that’s a lie… dig and come back and we’ll talk about ‘socialism’ …………….

    45 Flag of United States – The TRUMP PAGE Retweeted
    Replying to

    Our younger generation just doesn’t understand how bad this is. All they hear is “free.” They want instant gratification and not have to work hard for anything. By doing so they’ve lost the wonderful gift of appreciation, too.

    Liked by 6 people

      1. Yep… lots of writers are recognizing that…

        He and his wife are both big time grifters… did I mention they are Communists (forget Socialism, they skipped kindergarten and went straight for the Ph.D.)


    1. The funny thing is…we call the USSR “Communist” but the second S (or third C in CCCP) stood for “Socialist.”

      According to Marxist doctrine, there’s an inevitable historic progression from feudalism to mercantilism to capitalism to socialism to communism, and socialism was merely a phase where a democratically elected government controlled the means of production; later on the government was supposed to fade away and that would be communism.

      So what we refer to as “communism” is actually what they called “socialism,” and that was a step towards the “real” communism, a state of being which is simply impossible (how can the people own the means of production without a government intermediary?). You should probably read Lenin’s quote “The goal of socialism is communism.” cited by FG&C in that light. By our standards, what Lenin called “socialism” IS what we call “communism.”

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    2. For the young ones four questions:

      1. If a total stranger comes up to you and offers you FREE candy if you get into his car, what would you do?

      2. If you can have a cushy live without doing a days work, are you going to bother to work?

      3. If no one will pay you for the work are you going to work as hard as you can? Or are you going to loaf along.

      4. WHO PAYS for all the free stuff?

      Liked by 1 person

  16. Obviously written by a ‘Progressive’ … but I wanted to point to the shaping of the narrative DIMs are going to use
    And btw… what if Bernie picks Tulsi for VP ? And not related to the article, but to all journalism, esp. citizen journalism… WHEN are they going to start naming the slime media for what it is? Controlled by the C_A… (when h3ll freezes over? Confront and the head game is OVAH (or, that’s what psychology profs say)

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  17. hmmmm Strzok edited Hill’s 302’s to exclude her apology for using the server…and other tidbits of info in newly released emails…
    In a September 8, 2016, email from New York Times reporter Michael Schmidt to Kortan, Schmidt gives the DOJ an early “heads up on something we’re planning on reporting today,” which was about Clinton’s email server technician, Paul Combetta, deleting Hillary’s subpoenaed emails, and saying “The fact that Combetta was given immunity takes much of the air out of the idea that DOJ needs to investigate the deletions.”

    “So now we know that the FBI report of Clinton’s ‘interview’ is incomplete and that Peter Strzok may have details on the classified briefing of candidate Trump that were used as pretext for a spy operation. No wonder the FBI had been stonewalling the release of these emails” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton.

    Liked by 5 people

    1. You know what it looks like to me? The FBI helped HRC and her boy STONETEAR (Combetta) cover up Hillary scandals by deletions, and then after Katica outed Stonetear, the NYT helped the FBI cover it up by saying that Stonetear’s immunity “took care of things”.

      Liked by 4 people

        1. Yup. Totally intentional. “Oh, darn, it was that darn Combetta, we gave him immunity, oh, darn, well, I guess we missed that.”

          Then the press are all so gas-lit that they have to be nice to keep their access, so they actually shill for the FBI here by SUGGESTING that Combetta’s immunity deep-sixes any investigation.

          Liked by 1 person

        2. I don’t know if there’s a fed immunity statute but I’ve never seen one cited. I don’t think immunity exists except as regulation whose authority is derived from the general administrative authority of the department handling the matter.

          Such regulatory immunity ALWAYS is conditional. And it is NEVER once granted, cannot be revoked.

          One last thing: immunity is an affirmative defense against liability, either civil or criminal. When we are talking about prosecutors granting immunity, it cannot be to see what the person knows. That has to already have been disclosed and the immunity is to obtain a promise to testify against someone.

          It should go without saying that an immunity granted as a part of a fake and/or illegitimate investigation CANNOT be valid. It’s as worthless as Chicom promise.

          Liked by 3 people

    2. Somewhere along the line, and it’s been some time ago now, like, maybe a couple years, I read that Strzok was a documents guy, as in manufacturing C_A level fake documents.

      I can’t remember where I came by that, but it would certainly fit here if that was the case.


  18. Wanted to put this link here in the open thread. As I mentioned a few days ago, I attended the grand opening as the guest of my high school classmate. The center is named for his father.

    I must say it is very moving and really well done. Before the ceremony began, I had access to the VIP “green room” and got to meet each of the men attending. Wonderful experience. Desmond Doss’ son was there!

    Kyle Carpenter was there and is one really great young man!



    Liked by 8 people

    1. that must have been a wonderful experience! When you posted about it originally I looked at our calendar to see if we could come. No, we couldn’t as son has a camp out this weekend in which he is partnered with another and they are doing it “survival” (kind of) style, making a shelter so sleep in, etc. Big weekend for Trail Life and couldn’t let his partner down.

      We will go visit soon. Thank you for telling us about it and I am glad you enjoyed your experience.

      Liked by 3 people

    2. Wow.

      I don’t think I could’ve handled that, emotionally.

      I’m not even a wart on such men’s posterior. Unfit to breathe the same air as they.

      Bunny Sgt. “Manila John” Basilone
      CMH, Navy Cross

      He was the only enlisted Marine to receive both of these decorations in World War II.


      In October 1942, during the Battle for Henderson Field, his unit came under attack by a regiment of about 3,000 soldiers from the Japanese Sendai Division. On October 24, Japanese forces began a frontal attack using machine guns, grenades, and mortars against the American heavy machine guns.

      Basilone commanded two sections of machine guns which fought for the next two days until only Basilone and two other Marines were left standing. Basilone moved an extra gun into position and maintained continual fire against the incoming Japanese forces. He then repaired and manned another machine gun, holding the defensive line until replacements arrived.

      As the battle went on, ammunition became critically low. Despite their supply lines having been cut off by enemies in the rear, Basilone fought through hostile ground to resupply his heavy machine gunners with urgently needed ammunition.

      When the last of it ran out shortly before dawn on the second day, Basilone, using his pistol and a machete, held off the Japanese soldiers attacking his position. By the end of the engagement, Japanese forces opposite their section of the line had been virtually annihilated.

      For his actions during the battle, Basilone received the United States military’s highest award for valor, the Medal of Honor.

      Liked by 6 people

    1. I just tried this at Google and “Clinton body count” was the #2 suggestion.

      I’ll be honest….I was hoping to say “Guess what? This is true! Try it.”

      Liked by 2 people

      1. I’m sure the meme is out of date. At some time, it was likely true – probably pre-election. I seem to remember that period, when they justified their Snopesing and other activities as the fight against “fake news”. I did indeed try a few such searches and IIRC published the results either on Twitter or CTH.

        Liked by 1 person

  19. “archiving data”…Rep Steve King doesn’t believe Haney killed himself either…
    Rep. Steve King (R-IA) issued a statement Saturday night about the suspicious death of Philip Haney:

    “Phil Haney was a friend & patriot. He was a target because of all he knew of Islamic terrorist coverups. He insured his life by archiving data that incriminated the highest levels of the Obama administration. Phil Haney didn’t kill himself. RIP, Phil.”

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  20. The DIMs missed many an opportunity to walk the walk they talked about… when zero was prez

    Liked by 4 people

    1. for Zoe –

      Angela Stanton-King

      I gave birth in chains while serving time in an American prison. @realDonaldTrump made it illegal to chain women during childbirth. Thank God President Donald J. Trump was moved by compassion for my story. #NoMoreChains #FirstStepAct #FoxNews #AngelaStanton #CJR

      Liked by 3 people

      1. Don’t need a deputy in the room or chains unless the person is mentally ill violent offender with a record of violence against random people in which case the two precautions would make sense for the safety of the baby + all medical personnel.

        Otherwise, this is not appropriate or needed. A 1 time offender for a non violent crime? Excessive.

        Sad the baby is taken…but that is part of being convicted.

        Maybe after the first several weeks or even first 6 weeks if the person is not violent?

        Keeping mom and baby together, esp. in those early months, is better for the the health and long term out comes of both mother and baby – mom for healing physically and emotionally esp. if nursing and the baby for proper nutrition via nursing. We want healthy children and emotionally/mentally/physically healthy moms. Better for society long term and less expensive!

        Again, if a violent &/or mentally ill person, the above would not apply as baby better off elsewhere.

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