2.23.20 News Roundup! The Establishment Democrats, DNC & MSM Can’t Stop Crazy Bernie, James Carville and Chris Matthews Are Losing Their Minds, Marie Harf Is Grieving About Her Beloved Party Going To Bernie, Democrats Have A Turnout Problem, Mayor Pete Is Sounding the Alarm About Crazy Bernie, Justice Sotomayor Hates Her Reality Which Will Only Get Worse, Bye Bye 9th Circuit, There Are Many More Like Him, The Forgotten Men & Women Are No Longer Forgotten Under PDJT…..

Reality is starting to hit home with the Establishment Democrats, DNC and MSM. There is absolutely nothing they can do to stop the inevitable from happening. Crazy Bernie is running away from the pack of losers that call themselves Democrat candidates.

The POS James Carvel is losing his mind!

The POS Chris Matthews looks like he was hit on the side of his head by a hardball.

I think Chris will do the unthinkable and actually vote for our President in November.

Even the POS Maria Harf is having a hard time realizing what is happening to her beloved Democrat Party.

Another troubling early indicator for Democrats shows up in early vote responses showing a lack of turnout amid Latino and Black voters.

2016: 19% Latino / 13% Black
2020: 17% Latino / 10% Black

The same can be said of the White and Union Household vote.

The more they come out saying that Crazy Bernie can’t beat our President (it is absolutely true), the more Democrats flock to him. It is a self fulfilling prophecy.

Mayor Pete knows his days are numbered! In Nevada he was only able to get 10% of the Hispanic vote and a lousy 2% of the Black vote. He is trying to convince everyone that he is the right man to take on our President.

The problem for him, the Establishment Democrats, DNC and MSM is the fact that nothing they say can stop Crazy Bernie.

From the article linked above:

Former South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg on Saturday made his most explicit case yet that Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) would be unable to beat President Trump, just hours after Sanders vaulted ahead of his rivals in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Buttigieg, who had spent more time in Nevada than all but a handful of the other candidates, used his concession speech to warn against a “rush to nominate Sen. Sanders,” casting him as a disaster in waiting for Democrats up and down the ballot.

“I believe the only way to truly deliver any of the progressive changes we care about is to be a nominee who actually gives a damn about the effect you are having, from the top of the ticket, on those crucial, front-line House and Senate Democrats running to win, who we need to win, to make sure our agenda is more than just words on a page,” Buttigieg said.

“Sen. Sanders, on the other hand, is ignoring, dismissing, or even attacking the very Democrats we absolutely must send to Capitol Hill in order to keep Nancy Pelosi as Speaker, in order to support judges who respect privacy and democracy, and in order to send Mitch McConnellinto retirement. Let’s listen to what those voices are telling us,” he said.

This is their greatest fear! If they screw Crazy Bernie, a good majority of his voters will not show up on November 3rd. Those that do will vote for our President.

From the article linked above:

Supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) will not commit to supporting Michael Bloomberg (D) if he becomes the Democrat Party nominee, and one supporter warns that voter turnout will suffer if the Democrat Party stiff-arms Sanders in the event of a brokered convention.

Two Nevada caucus-goers, who participated in Saturday’s Democrat caucus at the Wynn Resort in Las Vegas in support of Sanders, spoke to Breitbart News about the chances of their candidate failing to seal the nomination. Neither of them would commit to supporting someone like Michael Bloomberg (D).

“I would not be willing to vote for Bloomberg if he gets the nomination,” Jennifer Vattisti said, continuing, “I wouldn’t settle.”

“I’m not interested in settling for a candidate I don’t believe in,” she added.

Our President decided to get into the fun.

Don’t let them fool you that Crazy Bernie can beat our President. There is no way that is going to happen. This is why I feel so confident:

Justice Sotomayor is beginning to realize what life will be like for her for the remaining of her time on the Supreme Court. It will only get worse as soon as our President serves a second term and replaces RBG and Breyer.

From the article linked above:

Justice Sonia Sotomayor said she is concerned the Supreme Court is going out of its way to help the Trump administration.

The high court voted along ideological lines on Friday to grant the Trump administration’s demand for an emergency request to stay an injunction in an Illinois case regarding the restriction of low-income immigrants from entering the United States. Sotomayor wrote in an opinion that her conservative colleagues on the Supreme Court, who have the majority, are “putting a thumb on the scale in favor of” the Trump administration.

“It is hard to say what is more troubling,” Sotomayor wrote on Friday. “That the government would seek this extraordinary relief seemingly as a matter of course, or that the Court would grant it.”

The Supreme Court’s decision in Wolf v. Cook County will likely impact millions of immigrants. The case stems from a policy the Trump administration announced in August. The policy would essentially allow the U.S. government to turn away immigrants who are more likely to rely on government-assisted programs.

They also realize they are losing their beloved 9th Circuit. The Democrats still have a 16 – 13 advantage but when you add the judges on senior status, the Republicans have the advantage 23 – 19.

From the article linked above:

When President Trump ticks off his accomplishments since taking office, he frequently mentions his aggressive makeover of a key sector of the federal judiciary — the circuit courts of appeal, where he has appointed 51 judges to lifetime jobs in three years.

In few places has the effect been felt more powerfully than in the sprawling 9th Circuit, which covers California and eight other states. Because of Trump’s success in filling vacancies, the San Francisco-based circuit, long dominated by Democratic appointees, has suddenly shifted to the right, with an even more pronounced tilt expected in the years ahead.

Trump has now named 10 judges to the 9th Circuit — more than one-third of its active judges — compared with seven appointed by President Obama over eight years.

Democratic appointees still make up the majority of active judges — 16 to 13. But the court also has judges on “senior status” who continue to sit on panels that decide cases. Senior status rank gives judges more flexibility but allows them to continue to work, even full time.

Of the senior judges who will be deciding cases on “merits” panels — reading briefs and issuing rulings — 10 are Republicans and only three are Democratic appointees, Smith said.

There are plenty of others just like him!

The Forgotten Men and Women are no longer forgotten under PDJT!

143 thoughts on “2.23.20 News Roundup! The Establishment Democrats, DNC & MSM Can’t Stop Crazy Bernie, James Carville and Chris Matthews Are Losing Their Minds, Marie Harf Is Grieving About Her Beloved Party Going To Bernie, Democrats Have A Turnout Problem, Mayor Pete Is Sounding the Alarm About Crazy Bernie, Justice Sotomayor Hates Her Reality Which Will Only Get Worse, Bye Bye 9th Circuit, There Are Many More Like Him, The Forgotten Men & Women Are No Longer Forgotten Under PDJT…..

  1. The leftist have no court’s to run to anymore, I love it…
    Before 2024 President Trump could add what? Four MOAR????
    What a great time it is to be alive in America as an American Patriot.
    Night and God bless Flep.
    Night n God bless y’all….

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    1. Rodney, pretty sure I read that the Supreme Court recently ruled that since the Dems and Government did so much illegal and unconstitutional attacks to Trump’s presidency, he is allowed to run for two more four-year terms as a remedy.

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  2. I like your optimism, Flep, and you always back it up with logic & facts. But … I can’t help but think how everyone dismissed Trump in 2015-2016, first as impossible to win nomination and second to win election. We must not lose a step or a vote because Trump’s second term is so vital to our Republic.

    This article seems fairly balanced in its assessment – Bernie could be disastrous for downtickets, unless they ‘package’ his message attractively. I hate that word ‘package’ – it’s merely political lying!!!

    Can’t wait for the next Dem debate. 😎

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    1. Isn’t it glorious?!

      If Sanders takes the nomination, the Democrat party will tear itself apart. If Sanders is robbed of the nomination, the Democrat party will tear itself apart.

      Trump is amazing. He somehow always wins! It’s incredible. I believe it must be God.

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      1. It is SO ironic … Bernie is the very essence of what Dems have been quietly trying to establish for decades – socialism/communism. The Dems just wish Bernie wasn’t so obvious about their agenda.

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  3. thanks for the news roundup!!
    I think POTUS can replace more SCOTUS justices than just RBG and Beyer–Thomas is getting close to retirement…think of how crazy the left would be if he gets to nominate FIVE…wow!

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    1. With four moar years, it is likely, at least three moar Justices. HISTORIC. LEGENDARY.

      The beauty of crazy Bernie is he’ll drive moar voters to President Trump. AND, disenchanted D-rat voters to stew at home, rather than vote.

      For those who liken, careful what you ask for, they said Trump couldn’t win in 16, we have a world of difference.

      – The litany of promises delivered on, economy, jobs, manufacturing, high employment, low unemployment, energy, VA choice, right to try, trade agreements, military, reforming criminal justice, judges, trashing obamacare penalty, health insurance choices expanding, trashing TPP, trashing Paris climate hoax, trashing Iran nuke deal…

      – USA is doing broad based fantastic under President Trump.

      – USA was in decline under hussein.

      Americans KNOW ^^^. Of course we must get the vote out. We will get the vote out.

      – The alternative IS socialism, open borders, health care gutted, First Amendment will be dead, Second Amendment will be dead…

      NOT tired of winning 😉

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      1. Absolutely, and time is running short to get candidates on the ballot. It is insane to not have DIMs opposed for the House or Senate in November… and that includes State and County candidates.

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    1. The 2020 General Election is definitely going to be LIGHT vs DARKNESS.

      Bernie has ties to the darkest dirtiest, most decadent depraved elements of inhumanity.

      Wonder who he will choose as his running mate?


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  4. She Grew Up in a Communist Country. She’s Terrified America Will Go the Same Way

    Monalisa Foster didn’t know bananas were supposed to be yellow. The bananas she ate were green.

    It wasn’t her fault. She grew up in Nicolae Ceaușescu’s communist Romania, where food was scarce and people waited in line for rations. Now, especially with the presidential election coming up, Monalisa worries that the U.S. could be headed down the same path with socialism.


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  5. I hope Sanders wins the nomination. He and his Commie supporters are facing a Blood bath! Maybe the Socialists will see the futility of trying to transform our Republic into a Socialist utopia. Not Going to happen in the near future even if they are too Stupid to realize it!
    2020 is going to be EPIC.

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  6. It is time for MAGA to rule completely. Get out the vote this fall for true MAGA candidates. Total control of America needs to be in the hands of We the People and our patriots.

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  7. With only 50% reported this morning, (WTH takes so long?) the top 4 candidates have a total of 7000 votes. Projecting that out, we’re talking about less than 15,000 votes in the entire state???

    That sounds like a REALLY low turnout.

    Check out the numbers for Republicans vs Democrats in 2016. Trump alone received over 34,000 votes compared to Hillary who rec’d 6300, Bernie rec’d 5600. With all those candidate choices, the D turnout is pathetically low if they’re trying to replace the man they think will destroy America.

    So how the heck did NV stay in the blue column? Voter fraud, me thinks.


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    1. Don’t pay any attention to that man behind the curtain (polls) …

      NV ain’t Blue baby …………………… maybe those who showed up to Caucus (but then, there were virtually no volunteers to lead the caucuses? which translates to “there is no DIM base in NV”)

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    2. Looking forward to Flep’s insights. He does a great job of pulling in data, driving analysis. I suspect D-Rat apathy AND disgust with D-Rat clown car veering over the cliff into socialism.

      Unions, which I think are BIG in Vegas, not going to surrender their healthcare wins simply to support a D-Rat, who is hellbent on socializing healthcare.

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      1. Nevada has been trending Red in the last few Presidential Elections. Clark County is the Democrat firewall. It is beginning to be dismantled. I really think our President will win Nevada in November.

        Democrats have an enthusiasm problem that is going to get worse with each passing day.

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    President Trump’s new acting director of national intelligence, Richard Grenell, has already made major changes at the agency, including ousting the No. 2 official.

    Former acting Director of National Intelligence Joseph Maguire and his deputy, Andrew Hallman, resigned on Friday. According to The New York Times, Grenell told Hallman, who has worked for national intelligence and the CIA for three decades, that his service was no longer needed.

    Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr (R-N.C.) praised both Maguire and Hallman for their service after their resignations were announced.


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  9. OMG.

    There were a total of TEN votes and they couldn’t figure out what to do with them. This is Henderson, NV, just on the outskirts of Vegas. TEN VOTES!

    I’ve been to several caucuses in CO. You sit down, you hear from candidates or their representatives, you vote, and it’s counted and announced before you leave. Easy peasy. Unless your a demoncrat.

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    1. Have not listened to the video. Will do so soon.

      An update regarding growing Henderon, NV. Henderson is now a large city of 300,000 plus in 2018. It literally buts up to Vegas…zero vacant land between them.

      Have not seen if mini Mike received any votes in NV. Maybe he wasn’t even on the ballot.

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  10. What we are actually seeing in the DemonRat party is a fight between the FABIAN SOCIALISTS and the straight up COMMUNISTS.

    We all know what Communism is. As E.M. Smith said. Looking at it from the point of view of the economic continuum, Communism is ONE corporation that IS the government and it wants total control of the world.

    The Fabian Socialist want the ‘Third Way’ aka Fascism.

    …It is, quite literally and historically correct and accurate to describe The Clintons as Fascists. That is exactly what the “3rd Way” was all about. A kind of “Socialism Lite” or “Communism Lite” where ownership of businesses was kept private, but all decisions where in league with Central Authority in league with Labor Unions. Industries were often reduced to just a ‘few’ nominal ‘competitors’ in functional monopolies to “reduce destructive competition”.

    What do we see today under Obama and Friends? Massive reduction in the number of competitors in any given field with little to no enforcement of anti-trust policies, rampant expansion of “regulation”. (Look at Bud as a near monopoly in market share of beer…) Government control of industry, with nominal private ownership, and the enrichment of The Well Connected.

    But say that to anyone NOT well educated on the Economics of the W.W.II era, who’s only ‘education’ has been via movies, and you will get tremendous push back. Facts be damned….

    And of course you then need to add WHO controls the US government? The oligarchs, the billionaires who can LITERALLY BUY CANDIDATES as Soros is doing.

    It is really a sophisticated remake of the old Aristocracy with politicians as the middle men fooling the serfs into thinking they are in control. Even better if it all goes to heck, THE POLITICIANS lose their heads and not the oligarchs who are their puppet masters.

    So now that you know the difference between the Communists and the Fabian Socialists (Fascists) you can see WHY the donor class (Oligarchs) are so against Bernie. They were so busy PUSHING Marxism via the colleges, they pushed it too far left and are trying to back pedal furiously.

    Of course President Trump is gleefully continuing the push so the whole festering mess is exposed.

    If you look at the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the WTO they are TRADE/Corporation organizations intent on government take over. They are THIRD WAY and NOT Communist.

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      1. Credit belongs to E.M. Smith. He has a couple of articles and comments that do
        Capitalism ==> Mixed Economy ==> Third Way ==> Communism
        from the point of view of economics and the pros and cons of each.

        (You want a Mixed Economy not pure Capitalism)


  11. Talking to a VERY leftist relative of mine:

    She LOVED the recent Democrat debate. She doesn’t think of it as a big dumpster fire at all!

    She is pro Bernie and Fauxcahontas (though she said “Warren”). Her dream ticket is Sanders/Warren or Warren/Sanders.

    Given her obliviousness to the fact that America doesn’t want that and they’re committing electoral suicide, from her standpoint her POV makes a great deal of sense. Bloomberg was some asshole who wanted to buy the nomination and wreck all the progress that her side has made within the Democrap party.

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    1. She needs to know that leftist policies (Bernie, Warren, AOC, et al) are UNSUSTAINABLE and ruinous to any nation’s economy.

      Ask her if she really wants gas lines and bread lines and waiting for months to get to see a doctor or have surgery.

      Tell her their ideas never ever have and never will work out.

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  12. 80% of People in Arts Fear ‘Controversial Opinions’ Risk Professional Ostracism

    VICTORIA FRIEDMAN | 22 Feb 2020


    More than eight in ten people working in culture and the arts feel those with “controversial opinions” risk professional ostracism.

    The Freedom of Expression survey commissioned by ArtsProfessional magazine found in its research of 500 professionals that more than 80 per cent thought that “workers in the arts and cultural sector who share controversial opinions risk being professionally ostracized”.

    This has resulted in arts sector workers self-censoring around colleagues or bosses if their views are considered “politically incorrect” or express support for Brexit, even thought a majority of the voting public backed it.

    Non-liberal-progressive views on sex, religion, and sexuality were also considered forbidden.

    Responses were anonymous. One said in the survey: “Our arts, culture, and indeed education sectors are supposed to be fearlessly free-thinking and open to a wide range of challenging views. However, they are now dominated by a monolithic politically correct class (mostly of privileged white middle-class people, by the way), who impose their intolerant views across those sectors.

    [Excerpt] Read more at the link above…

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    1. Yes, this is a problem in the arts these days, even in the Church, although we don’t talk about sex and religion the same way we do politics. Being Catholic, tradition on that is fine, and, frankly, expected. When I worked outside the Catholic Church, not so much.

      Go to the civic and arts organizations that are regional councils and that sort of thing, and people like me keep our mouths shut just to be able to have a shot at gigs.

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      1. That is so sad – liberals ruin everything they touch – it needs to stop! And – what passes as art these days is trash!

        I went to an art show at a local college where they were giving out awards – First Place was horrific – and I said so before I knew it had taken first place – Third Place was a pile of junk – and I said so – you get the idea – everyone heard me – it was a small gathering – and if looks could kill – I died multiple times – I am not usually boisterous in the least – but – when it comes to art – I am very opinionated – these were the artists of tomorrow? The sculpture I saw should have taken First Place – delicate and lovely in its presentation – but alas – it got an honorable mention. IMHO – the taste of the judges was in their feet!

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        1. Yes. It is a real problem.

          I suspect it’s generational, though, that the rebels of the beatnik generation are currently in charge and the producers are playing to their biases. In Church music, I’m quite positive that’s what’s going on. The spirit of the 70s guys will age out in the next 10 years. Can’t wait.

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            1. Well…the candles are still good and REALLY expensive beeswax.

              Yeah, the pastor where I am currently in choir said to the organist, everything you do is done well, but it sounds so old.

              In the parish where I grew up, the music director got a lecture on the most popular stuff which happens to be the crap the pros are ready to shed as soon as the copyright holders have gone on to their rewards.

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              1. I see. Still, it did have an impact on what was no longer acceptable – from what I read – some changes were welcomed – but, overall it was not an improvement most found tolerable – especially, the traditionalists.

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        2. These Communist goals, read into the Congressional Record in 1963 seem applicable here:

          Congressional Record–Appendix, pp. A34-A35

          January 10, 1963

          Current Communist Goals

          Thursday, January 10, 1963

          22. Continue discrediting American culture by degrading all forms of artistic expression. An American Communist cell was told to “eliminate all good sculpture from parks and buildings, substitute shapeless, awkward and meaningless forms.”
          23. Control art critics and directors of art museums. “Our plan is to promote ugliness, repulsive, meaningless art.”

          copied from my blog post here:

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            1. Communism straight from the pit of Hell & leading all who seek it into the pit of despair.

              Thanks for your continually encouraging words here & prayers & scriptures. I always appreciate them though don’t always say so.


              Hopefully you’ll see some encouraging scriptures here on overcoming…Blessings!

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  13. Down-ballot Democrats move to distance themselves from Sanders

    Feb. 22, 2020


    By Michael Scherer and Mike DeBonis
    The Washington Post

    WASHINGTON – Former astronaut Mark Kelly, the Democratic Party’s hope for flipping a U.S. Senate seat in Arizona, tried to do no harm this month when he was asked about Sen. Bernie Sanders. “I will ultimately support who the nominee is of the Democratic Party,” he said.

    That was enough for Kelly’s Republican rival, Sen. Martha McSally, R-Ariz., who is trailing him in early polls, to go on the attack. The television spot she debuted days later spent nearly as much time talking about plans by the democratic socialist from Vermont to raise taxes and award new benefits to undocumented immigrants as it did about Kelly.

    [Excerpt] Read more at the link above…

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  14. 2 hours ago – Politics & Policy

    Buttigieg campaign claims parts of Nevada caucuses were “plagued with errors”

    Jacob Knutson


    Pete Buttigieg’s campaign wrote a letter on Sunday asking the Nevada State Democratic Party to release early vote and in-person vote totals by precinct and address certain caucus errors identified by campaigns, The Nevada Independent reports.

    The big picture: The campaign alleges that the process of integrating early votes on caucus day was “plagued with errors and inconsistencies,” and says it received more than 200 incident reports from precincts around the state.

    With around 60% of precincts reported early Sunday morning, Bernie Sanders leads with 46.0%. Joe Biden and Buttigieg follow at 19.6% and 15.3%, respectively, according to the New York Times.

    The campaign seems to acknowledge in the letter that Sanders’ lead is insurmountable and is asking the party to take these steps for the sake of accurately determining who came in second place.

    [Excerpt] Read more at the link above…

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        1. Duchess, I see you still post on CTH – could you send this to Sundance or post this on CTH? This video is sooooo important….better to send it to him…this has nothing to do with “Q”…and Sundance does have an audience in Lou Dobbs etc.

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              1. My heart goes out to the people in Canada – I understand your distress – we have experienced it here, too – as you may know – on the surface it appeared all was well – but, many here suffered from the greed of a few – so we understand your peril perfectly – 2 Chronicles 7:14 – a verse we prayed in groups throughout the nation – a petition to God to release us from this evil – we continue to pray for the people of the world – that God would use his mighty power to free His people – we will increase our prayer for Canada – and I am sure God will hear us!

                Take heart and be encouraged by the Spirit of God living in you – it will be multiplied one by one – and all will see that what God has done for us – He will surely do for Canada. God Bless You!!!

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  16. So —
    There’s a military vet running as a DEMCOM candidate for THOM TILLIS’s Senate seat in North Carolina.
    His name is CAL CUMMINGHAM.
    This man is flooding the airwaves with commercials because the NC primary is in early March.
    CUNNINGHAM says that Washington DC and the federal government are in bad shape because of the policies of POTUS and the Republican Party.
    Cunningham says that THOM TILLIS will “shred” Medicare; force cutbacks in Medicaid; let people go hungry; let old people get and stay sick.
    Cunningham touts his PROGRESSIVE POLICIES in the NC State Senate — “getting higher pay for teachers”; “clean air legislation”; “campaign finance reform”.
    Cunningham vows to take his PROGRESSIVE VOICE to the United States Senate.
    Cunningham is one of those military vets (and possible C_A embeds) running as PROGRESSIVE DEMCOMS.
    Like MAYOR PETE.
    And they have the SAME tactics — say that they’re PROGRESSIVE; but the truth is that they’re SOCIALIST.

    And I hope to God that THOM TILLIS wakes up and takes this Cunningham head on for what Cunningham REALLY is and what he REALLY wants to do.
    Otherwise, there’s JUST ENOUGH ObamaPhone / low-no info / “gimme crowd” in NC that TILLIS will lose his seat.

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        1. Wiki says 35% AA, 13.5% Latino. Located centrally in the state and close enough to pull attendees from SC on the Eve of Super Tuesday. Also the site for RNC convention this year. Will be interesting to see what the turnout is. Scheduled for Bojangles Coliseum with capacity of 9600…not sure if that includes floor space.


    1. Could be an EPIC TROLL.

      Remember the name of the game is to have a BROKERED DNC so the Super Delegates pull the crap they did last time.

      That means Bloomberg HAS TO STAY VIABLE.


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    1. Like

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