20200220: Matt Gaetz Blows the Doors Off The View

It happened this morning. Debate is a skill. Matt was champ of the state of Florida in high school, and he still has the skills. He left Joy, Whoopie, spinning. Excellent appearance. He was polite, firm, and controlled the room. See what you guys think. 7 Minute Video.

66 thoughts on “20200220: Matt Gaetz Blows the Doors Off The View

      1. He wasn’t afraid of being a force of nature with quiet calm, for certain. He brought the mirror for the Medusa snake head to freeze in place! That was EPIC. What calm under chaos (well they tried to keep him off kilter and he never wavered).


        1. Yea. There are a handful of Rs in the House, guys and gals, that could easily tame those over rated hussies. They aren’t used to anyone standing up to them with facts.

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        2. He had Whoopi speechless. At least she knew when she was outmatched and kept her mouth shut, unlike the vulgar and utterly ignorant Behar….Good on you, Matt! He’s a smart lad, that’s for sure.

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  1. Never thought I would enjoy a segment of The View….but this was so much fun.

    MATT GAETZ steam-rolled them in a very nice polite/professional and very informed/educated manner.

    Matt Gaetz is a serious talent!

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        1. Daughn – I never watch these gals so please, can you tell me what in the hell the Whoopster is wearing on her head??? Is that her hair??? It looks like Medusa reincarnate. If she thinks that is attractive or appealing in any way, one has to question her entire self image and judgment.

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  2. Gaetz: Well, if cheating on a spouse was against the law then you should have voted to impeach Clinton.
    Whoopie: They did impeach Clinton (she walked right into the buzzsaw)
    Gaetz: Yeah, but no one here was waving their pom-poms at the time.

    SMACK down.

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      1. “Never saw it coming, did she?”



        But she sure felt it.

        Like not realizing how close you are to the edge of the highway when a semi-trailer drives by 😁

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  3. OMG like getting Thanksgiving dinner on the table in my ex mother in-laws. everyone talking at once. Have to give him credit for going into that den. Believe he used a few words they had no clue what the mean. Hopefully a brite future for him if he can stay MAGA.

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        1. “Soviet brainwashing is really good, and it transmits generations.”


          Seems like a good antidote to brainwashing is to question everything.

          Or at least something… once in a while…

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          1. Yup. That is exactly why such teachings became incredibly unfashionable, and then considered reactionary on American campuses. One can only SAY such a thing and then upon challenge quickly defend PC.

            “BUT NOT THAAAAAAAT! OH NOES!!!”

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            1. I would never be able to defend PC with a straight face.

              I might get halfway through, I’m pretty good at deadpan, but in order to keep it going it has to be something intelligent, like a game, where each participant ups the ante and that’s how the game keeps going.

              Like live improvisational comedy.

              There’s no intelligence behind PC. There’s no ‘there’ there. It’s infinitely harder to be clever or humorous about nothing, than it is to be humorous about something.

              PC is vacuous, it’s empty, it’s a fraudulent social contract wherein the participants silently agree to ignore certain realities and promote obvious falsehoods.

              It’s stupid.

              It’s the intellectual equivalent of fart jokes.

              Only less funny. 😁

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              1. Note that it is very hard for Titania McGrath to keep up the “non-parody parody” of PC on Twitter. “She” just has to take it to a bit across the line where she cannot be questioned for being a troll. Sometimes it’s hilarious as hell, but a lot of the time she’s just tediously real.

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              2. “It’s infinitely harder to be clever or humorous about nothing, than it is to be humorous about something.”


                And that probably accounts in large measure for why the Left has no sense of humor.

                Like anything else, the capacity for humor is something which is developed.

                In normal people.

                The Left takes (faux) offense at anything funny because ‘taking offense’ or being ‘offended’ is necessary in order to virtue-signal.

                And whoever virtue-signals first gets the credit, so it’s always a race to see who can denounce anything humorous first.

                Do that long enough, and your humerus just shrivels up and dies.

                Humor requires creativity.

                Virtue-signalling punishes humor (and therefore creativity).

                Virtue-signalling is to creativity as flat-affect is to personality.

                Which is why Leftist NPCs are humorless, flat-affect drones. 😁

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      1. Steve – what makes you think it will ever come out? They have done a really good job of covering for McStain thus far….his entire “war hero” history is fake.

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      2. “Just wait until some truth comes out about Daddy.

        She will go through a lot of pain.”


        She already knows.

        She has probably always known.

        Kids see a lot more than we think they do.

        Seems like we’d remember that 🙂

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        1. There’s a reason she’s so defensive.
          Remember he was wearing a moon boot that changed legs?
          Remember someone slipped and dropped he was executed?
          Remember q predicted the day of his death?
          She knows he’s filth and as well as losing him she’s going to lose his status and her own.
          Plus a lot of I’ll gotten loot

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          1. “Remember he was wearing a moon boot that changed legs?
            Remember someone slipped and dropped he was executed?
            Remember q predicted the day of his death?”


            Yes, that was some string of events, wasn’t it?

            And I loved my Moon Boots when I was a kid, I haven’t thought about them in DECADES! 😁

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              1. Yes, I remember Sick Hillary wore one for a while that looked identical, and so did someone else. Speculation at the time was that they were being used to cover/hide ankle-monitors.

                When Mackaine switched legs, wearing the special boot on one foot in photos, and then switching it to the other foot… what is anyone supposed to make of that?

                Your INJURY didn’t change legs, and you wouldn’t put it on the WRONG leg by accident, and it would do nothing to help the good leg.

                Was he just messing with people, knowing it would be noticed?

                He was certainly nuts enough to do it.

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    1. “Can’t believe that Meghan McCain said she was a hard core conservative.”


      She has no idea what she’s talking about.

      If her last name wasn’t MicKane, nobody would have any reason to know who she was.

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  4. My God, their voices, ugh! How the hell can people listen to these cackling hens. It really was difficult for me to watch this whole episode. I was literally cringing. He did great, BTW. Hey Meghan, I’m a college educated woman voting for President Trump, so take your hard core conservative mantra and shove it in your pie whole.

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    1. “How the hell can people listen to these cackling hens.”


      I can’t. That’s why I don’t.

      Well, that and because Whoopsie and Behar are like Man repellent.

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  5. So, Meghan, up to this point, we deplorables are uneducated Walmart shoppers? All the women in our family, all Trump supporters, are college-educated and beyond! I sooo would like to slap their ugly faces and say shut up, Dummies!

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  6. Matt did an awesome job!
    He is eloquent and a fighter…and I wish we had a hundred more like him.

    Megan is married to Ben Domenech, publisher and co-founder of The Federalist.

    Domenech was a nevertrumper…and still may be…but he has been allowing pro-Trump articles and editorials to be published on The Federalist.

    After this display from Meghan, I will not feel sorry for her when her dad’s corruption is exposed.

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  7. The thing that killed me was the last little dig that Boohar tried to get in by pretending not to know Matt’s last name. My hell, woman – you people invited HIM on YOUR show and you don’t even know his name? Come on, man! That’s just not believable and so low class of you, but not surprising. Have you noticed how Joy’s one eye seems to be drooping? Maybe her severe TDS is actually taking a toll….

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    1. That seemed disrespectful, as if he was not an important enough person for her to know how to say his name. I just did a search and found, in five seconds, how to pronounce it.

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      1. He should make his name into a skit. He goes up to the entrance to Bill Gates house and pushes the buzzer. The voice says, who is it. Matt responds, Mister Gaetz. And the gate slowly opens while the voice says, forgot your key again sir?

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  8. Gaetz tried to score points by virtue-signalling about the ambassador’s sexual orientation, and the woman to his Left (literally and literally) slam-dunked him.

    You will NEVER win that game (identity politics) with a Leftist.

    And I can’t imagine why anyone would want to. Like following someone into a sewer. Thanks, I’ll pass.

    Here’s the problem.

    If he says “Look, I’m virtuous because I support homosexuals”, then just like this one did, the Leftist will say “What about transgender?”

    If he says “Hey look, I’m virtuous because I support transgender”, the Leftist will say “What about bestiality?” They don’t care, nobody is going to hold them accountable — they want to hear YOU say it. They can USE that.

    If he says “I support bestiality”, the Leftist will say “Well what about pedophilia?”

    If he says “I support pedophilia”, the Leftist will say “What about live birth abortion?”

    If he says “I support live birth abortion”, the Leftist will say “What about cannibalism?”

    There is nothing too weird or too sick or too immoral for a Leftist, it’s just a trap to get your leg through their Overton Window while they push it down a hill.

    It doesn’t matter to them if the Overton Window eventually flies off a cliff and destroys the nation, that’s someone else’s problem. Their job is to get you to agree with a piece of their insanity.

    Once you do, once you compromise your beliefs or principles in the name of virtue-signalling political-correctness, they’ve got you, because if you compromised your values on that last thing, then what keeps you from compromising them on this next thing?

    It would be hypocritical, and you don’t want to be a hypocrite… right?

    It’s not about the ‘thing’, whatever ‘thing’ it is. It’s about getting you to compromise your values by agreeing with them.

    You will never win the “Look, me too!” game with a Leftist, because there is no limit to how far they will go. They will ‘own the downside’, all the way to the 9th circle of Hell. If you’re not prepared to do the same (and you’re not — or you would already be one of them), then don’t play their game.

    The hens were never going to raise the ambassador’s sexual orientation, because it goes against the Left’s narrative.

    Gaetz shouldn’t have brought it up either.

    Let it be a personal matter. The ambassador appears to be doing good work and DJT trusts him. Let THAT define who he is, instead of what he does in private.

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  9. Gaetz entered the hyena pit to redeem himself for voting against POTUS in the War Powers Act thing…to prove his loyalty–an act of contrition if you will–he did awesome.
    And did you notice the purple in tie (and shirt?)

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