20200220: MAGA/KAG Rally in Colorado Springs!

Ready for a MAGA RALLY????? Colorado Springs, CO Thu, February 20, 2020 05:00 pm (MST). We’re all going to spend the night at SteveInCo’s house and meet up with Drillerite for lunch. Whaddaya think, Steve? RSBN is Broadcasting live from the Colorado Rally now:

President is also speaking at the Prisoner Graduating Ceremony today.

  • President leaves Tuesday for the west coast. Comments at Andrews Air Force Base: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I0R8E1n0JZI
  • First stop is a fundraiser in Rancho Mirage, California at Larry Ellison’s house. It’s a big deal. Expected to raise about 10 million dollars.
  • President spoke in Bakersfield at the Water Board: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tweR60u_dMg (41 minutes, full video)
  • Phoenix, AZ Wed, February 19, 2020 07:00 pm (MST) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6C0mt8sa8Rw
  • President flies back to Vegas to spend the night.
  • Thursday Morning, President attends Graduation Ceremony for Prisoners in Vegas, signature program. If he can actually reduce the recidivism rate, it would be a major accomplishment. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L79bm98B0IM Link from the WH.
  • President flies to Colorado Springs for rally.
  • Colorado Springs, CO Thu, February 20, 2020 05:00 pm (MST)
  • President flies back to Vegas to spend the night.
  • Las Vegas, NV Fri, February 21, 2020 12:00 pm (PST)
  • VP Pence gives a rally in Reno, 1:15pm.
  • Fly back to DC or to Mar-A-Lago? Is Baron on spring break? Melania did not come back to the WH with President after the Daytona 500. Maybe they are still in Florida? No….. if you thought we were done, you were WRONG.
  • After speaking at three rallies in three days in three states, with attending a California fundraiser, the Olympic Committee, The Bakersfield Water Board, and Las Vegas graduation speech, Trump will have one day to rest up before he heads to India for a two-day visit with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. (and Melania is going to India with him)

We’re in Colorado Springs today, home of the US Air Force Academy. My little one is somewhere in the group in the banner photo above. The Academy dominates the town and is beautiful. It will make your heart soar with pride. Make sure to take a tour while here.

Remember when the President spoke at the Air Force Academy Graduation? He stayed and shook every cadet’s hand in congratulations.

Senator Cory Gardner is on the hot seat in the purple state of Colorado. Yes, Cory is a Neocon but we have to defend the seat. President Trump is pulling out all the stops to hold the Senate and we need to assist the Senate in places where our own Senator might not be running. Get involved. We all know how important the Senate is for judges and treaties.

FILE – In this March 13, 2019 file photo, reporters pose questions to Sen. Cory Gardner, R-Colo., on his way to a vote at the Capitol in Washington. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

Gardner’s approval rating is in the 30% range on state polls and Former Governor Hickenlooper (the goofball who ran for President on the Dem ticket and was one of the first to drop out) among others, are running against him. Additionally, Dems are pouring money into the state to target Cory Gardner and they are expertly organized……. take a look at the director’s twitter feed = https://twitter.com/DHStokyo

Colorado Springs is right on I-25 about an hour south of Denver.

There is a very large military base (or several) in Colorado Springs. My best girlfriend has a son who is a Major stationed there. We don’t really know what he does. We don’t talk about those bases….. Yet, a high voter turnout in this area is crucial to a win in 2020.

While we are in Colorado Springs, let’s poke around a little bit. Garden of the Gods will take your breath away.

Early morning shot of the Central Garden of the Gods taken from the west side.

If you fly in, be prepared for the elevation change. First day, Gunner threw up until 4:00am. This was a summer session between Junior and Senior year of high school. The kids are invited to attend through rigorous application process. About a third to half of the kids ended up going to the Air Force Academy specifically, but strangely, they still keep in contact with each other, networking to this day. You can’t imagine where some of them ended up…… makes me proud of them all.

Lots and lots of physics and engineering. Mine is the one with his hand on his chin, second row, second from right, in the middle of his buddies. That second row of young men are quite a crew. America will be okay.

What these young men and women did that summer was awe-inspiring. After they left the Air Force Academy, Gunner returned to the Naval Academy for crew/rowing. The kid on his right, taller blond, best buddy, was a Junior Olympian champ in 400 meters…… then, they both went to Ole Miss to do the second year of University Mandarin, immersion for 6 weeks, sponsored by the NSA program for “desirable languages”. At lunchtime, they swam a mile and ran after classes. They only picked 16 kids in the whole country for the program. Rarefied air for someone like me. Truly privileged to be there. They were 17 years old. Why do we always underestimate our kids when they are capable of so much? Gosh, they look so young in these photos.

But we have a President to elect and a Senate to win.

See you at the RALLY!

647 thoughts on “20200220: MAGA/KAG Rally in Colorado Springs!

    1. His mother worked for Reagan…and got embroiled in some big scandal. Every day the papers said “Gorsuch blah blah blah” on the front page.

      Suddenly it was “Burford blah blah blah”

      In the middle of that feeding frenzy, she got married!

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              1. God has answered our prayers – we prayed for so long for someone like him to come along – and repair was was broken – bring back what was stolen – and raise up a people devoted and thankful to God!

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              2. Yet… He is fresh and New Every Rally!!! Not a boring Stump at ALL!!!!! AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                He talked about being SPOILED!!! US TOO!!!!

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  1. More trade deals
    I like Modi, we gotta talk a little business, they have big tariffs on us
    6-10 million people
    largest cricket stadium in the world

    Liked by 8 people

    1. Funny, president riffs on the fct that our packed houses won’t be as big any more if there are 10 million people in India to come out

      Man in the crowd says, “Build a bigger stadium”

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    2. Did you see video today where Indians were praying to their God Trump? Real life statue of him being anointed and prayed over, they love POTUS!


          1. Actually, that’s mostly other metals in the superconductors per se, but thorium does power a primarily electric economy. Thorium actually yields [nuclear] energy itself, like uranium, but it has many advantages:

            – burns cleaner
            – burns in old reactors OR newer safe ones
            – harder to make weapons from it
            – there is ten times as much
            – all of it burns – not just a small percentage
            – mines along with rare earths
            – India and Japan have huge reserves
            – provides enough energy for human society to reach fusion (IMO)
            – allows the ‘electric economy” to take hold

            India is already (and the Russians have the inside track here) using throrium as an adjunct fuel in fast breeder reactors

            We understood this back in the 1970s before we got derailed by FAKE SCIENCE during the Carter Soviet dupe years, which effectively worked to let Russia buy our Uranium CHEAP.

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  2. INDIA gonna Be AMAZING!!!
    Largest Cricket Stadium!!!

    10 Million!!! LOL He’s Never be gonna be satisfied!! LOL

    BUILD A BIGGER STADIUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HA!!!!!!!!!

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  3. Laughing at his story of going to India and the PM tells him they will have ten million come to see him…………PDJT says only problem I’ll never be satisfied with a crowd this size again………..and someone shouts out BUILD A BIGGER STADIUM! So funny! Love PDJT. What a guy.

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    1. Melania has already send a letter to Modi thanking him for the invitation! What a gracious First Lady we have!

      This is a big deal, Syl – a big win for President Trump – he will come home with a bag full of deals! He will negotiate lower tariffs – it will be second only to China – this will move China to do more – competition for the American market – imho

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    1. LOL!!! Appreciate THe return Ticket—!!! LOL!!!! TO DA MOON!!!!! (Only when it’s Full! ) I want a Large landing strip! That crescent moon …is a bit scary!😱😱😜😂😂😂😂

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    Together, we will make America strong again,
    We will make America wealthy again
    We will make America proud again
    We will make America safe again
    And we will make America great again,
    Greater than ever before!

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          1. No – far worse – we were jumping on the furniture – screaming – slapping backs and missing – so excited we knocked things over – Steve will be cleaning up all day tomorrow!

            Feathers and Popcorn do not go well together, Mimi

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              1. True story: Lady shows up at the pet shop looking for advice. She owns a bearded dragon; took it in temporarily because the owner’s husband (abusive jackass) threw it against the wall. So, while the owner found a person to take it, this lady had it.

                She took it out of the cage to hold it one time and it snuggled right up and she fell in love with it, bought it herself. And she wasn’t a reptile person.

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              2. Oh, ok – I love pets, Steve – just some more than others – guess if I lived out west – i would not think they were unusual – but, I do not – I like hard-shelled crabs – but, I would not want one for a pet – know what I mean?

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              3. Oh, I hope they are not cockroaches – cannot get rid of them – plus they stick around for a long time – red ants are hideously annoying – vipers – getting closer to the devil there.


              4. Nope – I like eating them – not watching them dance, Daughn! It’s a living by the ocean thing – much like lobsters – they are great to eat – but, there is a reason why they tie their claws before putting them in the tank!


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  6. Thank you all so much for contributing and letting us all know a little more about the gorgeous state of Colorado.

    Note to AB Stoddard: Honey, you need to try a different Loreal dye color, cuz that shade of blond went out of style in 1975. Time to give it up.

    We’re spending the night at Steve’s house and ONTO VEGAS IN THE MORNING!!!!!

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    1. Thank you for giving AB a clue. I always thought her hair looked too brassy and dried out. Who cares now, though, cuz Trump just broke her 🤣🤓🤸‍♂️😄

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