20200220: MAGA/KAG Rally in Colorado Springs!

Ready for a MAGA RALLY????? Colorado Springs, CO Thu, February 20, 2020 05:00 pm (MST). We’re all going to spend the night at SteveInCo’s house and meet up with Drillerite for lunch. Whaddaya think, Steve? RSBN is Broadcasting live from the Colorado Rally now:

President is also speaking at the Prisoner Graduating Ceremony today.

  • President leaves Tuesday for the west coast. Comments at Andrews Air Force Base: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I0R8E1n0JZI
  • First stop is a fundraiser in Rancho Mirage, California at Larry Ellison’s house. It’s a big deal. Expected to raise about 10 million dollars.
  • President spoke in Bakersfield at the Water Board: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tweR60u_dMg (41 minutes, full video)
  • Phoenix, AZ Wed, February 19, 2020 07:00 pm (MST) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6C0mt8sa8Rw
  • President flies back to Vegas to spend the night.
  • Thursday Morning, President attends Graduation Ceremony for Prisoners in Vegas, signature program. If he can actually reduce the recidivism rate, it would be a major accomplishment. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L79bm98B0IM Link from the WH.
  • President flies to Colorado Springs for rally.
  • Colorado Springs, CO Thu, February 20, 2020 05:00 pm (MST)
  • President flies back to Vegas to spend the night.
  • Las Vegas, NV Fri, February 21, 2020 12:00 pm (PST)
  • VP Pence gives a rally in Reno, 1:15pm.
  • Fly back to DC or to Mar-A-Lago? Is Baron on spring break? Melania did not come back to the WH with President after the Daytona 500. Maybe they are still in Florida? No….. if you thought we were done, you were WRONG.
  • After speaking at three rallies in three days in three states, with attending a California fundraiser, the Olympic Committee, The Bakersfield Water Board, and Las Vegas graduation speech, Trump will have one day to rest up before he heads to India for a two-day visit with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. (and Melania is going to India with him)

We’re in Colorado Springs today, home of the US Air Force Academy. My little one is somewhere in the group in the banner photo above. The Academy dominates the town and is beautiful. It will make your heart soar with pride. Make sure to take a tour while here.

Remember when the President spoke at the Air Force Academy Graduation? He stayed and shook every cadet’s hand in congratulations.

Senator Cory Gardner is on the hot seat in the purple state of Colorado. Yes, Cory is a Neocon but we have to defend the seat. President Trump is pulling out all the stops to hold the Senate and we need to assist the Senate in places where our own Senator might not be running. Get involved. We all know how important the Senate is for judges and treaties.

FILE – In this March 13, 2019 file photo, reporters pose questions to Sen. Cory Gardner, R-Colo., on his way to a vote at the Capitol in Washington. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

Gardner’s approval rating is in the 30% range on state polls and Former Governor Hickenlooper (the goofball who ran for President on the Dem ticket and was one of the first to drop out) among others, are running against him. Additionally, Dems are pouring money into the state to target Cory Gardner and they are expertly organized……. take a look at the director’s twitter feed = https://twitter.com/DHStokyo

Colorado Springs is right on I-25 about an hour south of Denver.

There is a very large military base (or several) in Colorado Springs. My best girlfriend has a son who is a Major stationed there. We don’t really know what he does. We don’t talk about those bases….. Yet, a high voter turnout in this area is crucial to a win in 2020.

While we are in Colorado Springs, let’s poke around a little bit. Garden of the Gods will take your breath away.

Early morning shot of the Central Garden of the Gods taken from the west side.

If you fly in, be prepared for the elevation change. First day, Gunner threw up until 4:00am. This was a summer session between Junior and Senior year of high school. The kids are invited to attend through rigorous application process. About a third to half of the kids ended up going to the Air Force Academy specifically, but strangely, they still keep in contact with each other, networking to this day. You can’t imagine where some of them ended up…… makes me proud of them all.

Lots and lots of physics and engineering. Mine is the one with his hand on his chin, second row, second from right, in the middle of his buddies. That second row of young men are quite a crew. America will be okay.

What these young men and women did that summer was awe-inspiring. After they left the Air Force Academy, Gunner returned to the Naval Academy for crew/rowing. The kid on his right, taller blond, best buddy, was a Junior Olympian champ in 400 meters…… then, they both went to Ole Miss to do the second year of University Mandarin, immersion for 6 weeks, sponsored by the NSA program for “desirable languages”. At lunchtime, they swam a mile and ran after classes. They only picked 16 kids in the whole country for the program. Rarefied air for someone like me. Truly privileged to be there. They were 17 years old. Why do we always underestimate our kids when they are capable of so much? Gosh, they look so young in these photos.

But we have a President to elect and a Senate to win.

See you at the RALLY!

647 thoughts on “20200220: MAGA/KAG Rally in Colorado Springs!

  1. Gosh, Daughn – is there anything you and your family haven’t done? Thanks for the fun, personal story and good luck to your Gunner. I have a Gunnar too! Grandson – age 12 – best kid in the world. I can see him in this same spot some day.

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    1. There is still so much left to do. As we go through these rally threads in various states, I find myself in wonder of all the places yet to explore in OUR country.
      We are truly blessed.

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      1. Everyone should make the coast to coast trip at least once in their life time. I did it with my parents when in college. We took a northern route out and a southern route back. There is something worth visiting every few hundred miles.

        ARRRrrrrgh, I can not believe it is SNOWING and the snow is sticking. (Expecting 1 to 3 inches) I am watching the snow as I type. We get snow once every five years or so here.

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  2. Awww, you’re a proud Mama, Daughn, and rightfully so 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 We are ALL grateful to the Gunners in our society – male and female – who choose to serve in the military and other agencies.

    Colorado Springs is a beautiful place, nestled up against gorgeous mountains that are heavily forested. The Air Force Academy is on the northern edge of the city, and the Army base (Fort Carson) is on the southern end. In between are beauties like the Garden of the Gods and the Broadmoor Hotel, where the hotel & restaurant service is still as impeccable as it was in the 1970s when I first stayed there.

    We re-visited the Academy last summer, and the grounds, the cadets, and the chapel are just as inspiring as ever.

    Hanging my head, I don’t follow state politics as closely as I should. When the college-age voters from our two universities and Denver/Boulder lefties passed the marijuana legalization, followed by the debacle at the GOP caucuses in 2015 (the ‘fix’ was in for Cruz) followed by Colorado electing a far left gay governor ….. it’s been one disappointment after another.

    If POTUS can pull off a win in CO and/or help Gardner hold the Senate seat, it will be nothing short of miraculous.

    Nevertheless, there are LOTS of Trump fans here, and the rally will rock. Cannot wait to hear POTUS riff on the Dem debaters 🤣

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    1. Looking forward to you guys educating me on Colorado. Gosh, hope we can keep Gardner’s seat. (Thanks for all your help Alison, I’m digging through your tweets).

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      1. Thank you Daughn for this tread and sharing all your experiences and your son who is very handsome.
        Here you opened the thread on Colorado and this morning my son called that he has been head hunted by a Bio Tech company in Colorado. He mentioned that he thinks that Bio Tech companies are going to come back from China.
        I cannot wait for POTUS to speak tonight. He was a blast last night and the people were super.The dems cannot gather a crowed if they try. Bloomberg could not afford to pay a crowed like that to compete with POTUS who des not have to pay anyone to show up.

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        1. Hehe – my carry on bag would be overstuffed with you, Marica, Sylvia, Teagan, Kea + her FAMOUS MOM!!!!! all the guys, and we would have to bring FG&C to land the plane!

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  3. I’ll try to insert a bit more local color.

    This map is all brown, not because the guy who made it is fond of the color, but because that’s how he coded for high elevation. Even the lowest point in Colorado is over 3000 feet above sea level.

    You’ll notice the eastern 2/5ths of the state is quite flat, it’s the high plains. The rest is mountainous, though there’s one big valley in the south that’s flat as a plate and over 7000 feet above sea level. That’s the San Luis valley, home to the Rio Grande, Great Sand Dunes…and would you believe, an alligator farm!

    El Paso County, which contains Colorado Springs, is in a neck-and-neck race with Denver County to be the most populous county in the state. Denver was pretty much out of room to build things until they annexed a lot of land around Pena Boulevard and the “new” (ye gods, DIA is 25 years old!) airport. Anyhow, the map is unlabeled, so here’s another one:

    Colorado Springs is just over 6000 feet above sea level. Officially. However, that’s the elevation of one of the lowest parts of the city. There’s quite a bit of variation, and if you pull in a couple of the suburbs, you can easily hit 7000 feet. (I personally live at almost 7000 feet above sea level.)

    Pilots, when they are in ground school are told they should have oxygen at night above 5000 feet (for people used to being in the bottomlands, close to the World Sump, it apparently helps their night vision). Sorry, but I was not going to wear an oxygen cylinder to bed! [Note, I usually jokingly refer to people who live at low elevations as “swamp dwellers” but that would certainly be misunderstood here!]

    The venue is right about at the “g” in “Carriage House” (if you can find that label) in the map Daughn posted (just up and to the left of “Stratmoor Hills”).

    Garden of the Gods is indeed spectacular; it was deeded to the city by WIlliam Jackson Palmer, the founder of the city, on the condition that admission never be charged. It’s probably the most awesome city park in the United States.

    I’m not sure how on Earth Daughn could talk about Colorado Springs without mentioning Pikes Peak. It’s billed as “America’s Mountain” here (I don’t know if that has “stuck” outside of Colorado) and it’s just barely inside El Paso County. When I was a kid, it was 14,110 feet high (above sea level), then it was reduced to 14,109, but today it’s quoted at 14,115 feet.

    Pikes Peak was named after Zebulon Pike who led an expedition to explore the Louisiana Purchase (Lewis and Clark weren’t the only ones Jefferson sent west). Yes, Colorado Springs (and Denver) were part of the Louisiana Purchase. (Don’t let any Texans try to tell you “Colorado used to be part of Texas.” Only part of Colorado was. Though from the number of Texas plates on the road here during the summer, they apparently wish it was still a part of Texas. Fortunately, we’ve got Oklahoma and New Mexico to serve as buffers. And…they’re downstream from us. Tee hee.)

    Here it is, with Garden of the Gods in front, it’s the “iconic” picture:

    You can take a road up to the top:

    (In fact, since racing has been on everyone’s mind, there’s a “Pikes Peak Hill Climb” that attracts lots of Big Names; I don’t know how important it truly is, because I don’t follow sports of any kind.)

    Colorado has over fifty mountains over 14,000 feet above sea level, they’re called “fourteeners,” and some people try to climb them all. (Pikes Peak is easy, others are much more difficult.) California has only five such mountains, however the assholes made sure that one of them beats out any peak in Colorado. (Oh, well. They’re downstream from us. Tee hee.)

    Another iconic shot this time of Pikes Peak as a backdrop to downtown Colorado Springs:

    (For a metro area of well over a half million people, we do not have much of a skyline, honestly.)

    El Paso County is the state’s conservative bastion; though downtown and Manitou City are turning increasingly purple. Californians have been moving in and our winters have been too mild to send them crying back home. Candidate Trump held at least two rallies here in 2016, one I didn’t get into (before I was a “Trumper”–my stock quote was that the election was between “Oh, Shit!” and “Hell No!” with Hitlary being the latter), and one that I did get into (after I was fully on board).

    One more map.

    Look in El Paso County, and near the north side a bunch of rivers (OK at that location they’re dry creeks most of the time) all start there but flow in radically different directions. Some flow south into the Arkansas river, through Tulsa. The others eventually go into the Platte River, which dumps into the Missouri. I live in that general vicinity; it’s called the Palmer Divide.

    A lot of major rivers (the Rio Grande, the Colorado River) also start in Colorado. It’s truly the “Roof of CONUS” (in spite of those Californians’ shenanigans).

    Road map (I lied when I said one more map):

    And this link will show you the typical Coloradoan’s mental map of the state:


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    1. I should point out that the river map shows something very special about the American West. If you look right at the point where Summit, Eagle, Park, and Lake Counties come together, you’ll notice that the Blue River, the Arkansas River, the South Platte River, and (I think) the Eagle River all start out within yards of each other. The Blue and Eagle rivers end up in the Gulf of California (on the west coast of Mexico), where the Arkansas and South Platte rivers end up in the Mississippi, and thus to the Gulf of Mexico (on the east coast of Mexico).

      There is a similar point at the junction of Grand, Jackson, and Larimer counties. When we visited Bryce Canyon, Utah, you can be standing on an edge — and there are paths over the edge to descend — where a raindrop falling on the rim side will eventually end up in the Gulf of California……but a raindrop falling into the canyon will find its way into the Great Basin to be evaporated — or maybe that’s backwards.

      It’s a land where you can see for miles, but inches can make a difference.

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    2. Great write up Daughn and Steve. (Steve, I’m your neighbor to the north in Elbert County).

      Pictures don’t do it justice…when you’re in town and the 14,000+ ft Pikes Peak looms just west of town it’s jaw dropping. I live about 80 mi from the mountain, and on a clear day see it easily.

      As I’m typing this Lara is live in the studio in a local news channel. Doing a great job as always.

      Can’t wait to see the numbers for tonight from Brad Parscale. The Springs is a very conservative area due to a large population of military (at least 5 military bases/installations), so it’s a safe area to start rallies.

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      1. Katie – I’m in Jefferson County with grandkids in Douglas County. We often see Pike’s Peak from their locale. Drillelite would be east and a little south of them.

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  4. Incidentally, my paternal grandfather lived in Delta. He was the cook for a band of sheepherders. My dad retired as the #3 engineer for the City of Los Angeles.

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  5. Steve, this is terrific, thank you very much. Was hoping you would do an extended version comment thread when we all pulled into Colorado today.
    You never disappoint!
    Thumbs up to you, mi’ love!
    Wow, there are a lot of rivers coming out of El Paso county.
    You’re right, I had Pike’s Peak on the list and forgot about it, thank you for covering it.
    Is the bacon ready?

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    1. As near as I can tell Vail, and its neighbors strung out along I-70, have year round Christmas lights in most of the trees near the interstate…with one difference. Each tree is all one color. It lends a magical feeling to those towns as you drive through them.

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  6. Daughn’s amazing son Gunner had classic symptoms of altitude sickness when he first got to the AF Academy.

    Let’s hope the SS and medical pros surrounding our great President know how to prevent any distress to PDJT’s system from the altitude in CO Springs!

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      1. The vast majority of visitors don’t react like Gunner. In fact many visit Pikes Peak, almost twice the elevation, with impunity. Even so there are EMTs stationed up there whenever Summit House is open.

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        1. High altitude has never bothered me when I spent time in the Austrian Alps. I never knew anyone one who had problems. I am sure Colorado Springs is not higher? POTUS doctor must know how to prevent discomfort to him? I wonder if there are meds people can take?

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          1. MANY years (and healthy knees) ago I took a great hiking trip to Kenya and the big challenge of that trip was climbing to the summit of Mt. Kenya…17,000+’. Of course, even though it was a slow assent to acclimate to the altitude as we climbed, and the actual before sunrise climb to the summit (before the sun made the footing impossible) was very quickly done …most in our small group had various forms of altitude sickness, manifested in many ways…as you said, lots of headaches and vomiting. My travel companion came totally disoriented and we took a very fast trip down to get into Nairobi and medical attention for her. I, on the other hand, thought everything was hilarious…I giggled and howled with laughter all the way down. I was a very happy drunk. Here she was weaving all over the path, totally out of it, and every time I looked back at her, I doubled over with gales of laughter.
            Been out to Colorado, summer time, many times and never had altitude problems…not even a giggle.

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    1. I’m laughing about it now, but he had a raging headache (he was young and had no idea what a migraine was, but that was how he described it) and threw up all night long. Said he finally fell asleep by 4am and the reveille woke him up at 5am for work out. He was a sick pup. After that first day though, he was fine.

      Strange summer:
      He got out of 11th grade on a Friday, we picked him up from his dorm at Math and Science school on Saturday and dropped him at Boy’s State (300 young men selected throughout the state) for a week long “thing”. It was supposed to end on Saturday but he had to leave a day early cuz he was also selected to attend West Point summer session.
      Off he went to West Point for a week.
      Tom and I drove to pick him up at West Point (one of the best trips we’ve ever taken – West Virginia is breathtaking and USMA is sacred ground) on a Friday. We hadn’t heard a word from him and we were anxious to know what was going on. All the kids marched in, his group was there but he was no where to be found. Where was my kid? Last minute, about 20 kids came in from the side entrance, my kid among them. He had won the mech engineering competition, 2nf place for Civil engineering, special awards, etc. I was dumbfounded.
      We left West Point and started driving.

      That afternoon, he had an interview at Princeton with the Heavyweight crew coach…… in New Jersey, but he had fallen asleep in the back seat. By the time we got to the Boat House, he lifted his head and said, “Mom, Princeton is for pussies, I don’t want to go to Princeton.” One week at USMA and he was converted to a soldier. Love that kid.
      We kept driving, on to Annapolis cuz he was also selected to attend their summer session.

      We had dinner on the water in Annapolis, celebrated Big T’s birthday, and crashed early. Next morning, his phone was blowing up. Several of the kids from USMA were also attending USNA session and wanted to meet early to check in together. We dropped him off, he didn’t even kiss me goodbye…… I stood there by the car and watched him for a while….. a young woman rushed up to him and threw her arms around his neck…. (Wut????) …. and then she kicked up her back foot (ladies, we all know what that means). And then she introduced Gunner to her parents. I later learned the girl’s name was Anchor. No lie. Gunner and Anchor. Go figure.

      Tom and I drove home from Annapolis for 14 hours straight. At the end of the week, he flew home. Home for a day and ate and slept almost the whole time. Then left the next day for the Air Force Academy for another week. Tom and I could not afford to go so we missed out on Colorado. Glad you all are filling in…..

      After a week at Air Force, he flew home and left the next day to go back to the Naval Academy for ANOTHER week of crew/rowing, because some coach asked him to come and we were able to book the flights. We didn’t know it but the main session was mostly young kids who didn’t know how to crew, bunch of 8th-10th graders and young kids. I wondered why he was there……
      Well, the coach culled him out and put him with 7 other guys who had come in to train for the Olympics in Brazil. Coach needed an 8th for the boat and snagged my kid…….. all the way from Mississippi. Three of them were Navy Seals….. Gunner thought he had died and gone to heaven.

      He flew home, slept and ate for 2 days and left for 6 weeks of Mandarin, it was the second year of University Mandarin, scholarship from NSA for desirable language. They only picked 16 kids in the country for the second year and only 6 of them were what we would call “americans”. Later on, he said that was the toughest thing he has ever done. His buddy, pictured above, the blond, was with him, one of the 6 of 16. After Mandarin, he was only home for 3 days and went to start his senior year at the Math and Science School.

      He lost about 15 lbs that summer and by the end of it, he was tanned and golden. He wasn’t my baby anymore.

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          1. Growing up in Southern California, we’d do trips to Disneyland once or twice a year — so we’d see some of the same reactions and recognize them, when other people who didn’t go that often wouldn’t necessarily.

            One such common reaction was “Dead Baby Syndrome”, or DBS. After the fireworks, when half the park-goers headed for the parking lot, a lot of the younger kids wouldn’t just be drowsing, wouldn’t just be asleep, but would be utterly limp. They’d been running around and screaming and excited since early in the morning and had finally expended every last erg available in their tiny frames. They’d be drooping in strollers, or over a parent’s shoulder, or in a parent’s arms — and they wouldn’t even be grasping, any loose limbs would just dangle. When they got to that stage, they didn’t even smile any more.

            And we knew each family would drive home and tuck the little ones in, and sometime during the night they’d start behaving normally, and maybe shift position….then wake up late the next morning, famished.

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  7. Good I was NOT losing my mind.

    I don’t remember it being the “Broadmoor World Arena” before. It’s a relatively recent re-name.


    The OLD World Arena used to be the venue for a lot of figure skating championships, which my parents would watch (on TV that is). This building is a few miles away from where the old one was.

    When Reagan was in town, he stayed at the Broadmoor, which is apparently world class. Who knows, Trump might buy it after he leaves office.

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  8. These people deserve an award…it is BITTER cold outside this morning (4 degrees at my house at sunrise). Fortunately the skies have cleared, and the winds have calmed and that will help those waiting in line today. 35 degrees in the sun is not bad here.

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  9. Also in the Springs, and not far from the Broadmoor is NORAD – built inside Cheyenne Mountain. It’s a HIGHLY secure facility – I get the feeling eyes are watching when you drive past the entrance, and many of you know it as the site where the military tracks Santa on Christmas Eve.

    My father worked for IBM and had to go there for some computer repairs. His description of the security stops he had to go through to get to the room where serviced the computer is mind boggling. Three different check points, they brought the computer (they weren’t tiny back then…this would have been in the early 80’s) to him in a separate room with a guard watching him the whole time.

    It is now a part of Space Force!

    Some really amazing photos and info at this link:


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    1. As a teen, I was at a religious retreat not far from NORAD. Another kid and I went wandering, ran into the fence and got chased off by armed guards. 🤣

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  10. Honestly, has anyone ever seen a harder working man than POTUS? He was all over America yesterday and today he is in Colorado Springs. No one can compete with his effort. He leads by example.

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      1. That type of cold is not too bad if you are moving but STANDING? the ground is going to suck the warmth right out of you.

        I am shivering just looking out the window at the snow coming down. I moved south to get away from the cold! I can not imagine standing out in that cold for hours without moving. Standing is not my thing.

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  11. I attended a convention in Phoenix the last few days and returned home yesterday at 12:30. I had to get back home so could not stay over to go to the rally.

    On the cab ride to the airport, Hector, my driver, was very excited that Mr. Presidente’ was coming to Phoenix in his broken English and was a wonderfully pleasant person and very happy to be in America.

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  12. No matter the weather, it’s becoming a Badge of Honor to camp overnight in line for Trump rallies. It tickles me to see how much we love our President. No one will EVER match this kind of grass roots phenomenon.

    #WWG1WGA 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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  13. Former Yang Gang!! LOL!! (can’t spell…but dat’s OK!!)

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      1. Hi Steve!!! *Waving!!! i am still giggling about how bad ALL the dems were last nite! These Ginormous Rallies—–Are American Patriots trolling them!!! HA!

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    1. Wowwwwww, this is stunning.
      What a great program.
      Law enforcement there, corporations there to recruit them, faith community there, their kids are there, and all under Donald Trump.
      “When we say hire American, we mean ALL Americans”

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        1. Jaw open. whole time.
          Charles Payne had one of the women on this morning.
          Arrested while pregnant, she delivered while chained to a prison bed.
          Baby taken from her.
          She got out of prison, $25 and a bus ticket with a garbage bag of old clothes. Her mother and grandmother were dead.
          She started writing.
          Now owns her own publishing company.
          Won the custody of her child BACK and is a successful member of society.
          She’s been out of prison for a long time…. but the President pardoned her yesterday.
          What a story she told.
          Divine inspiration.

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  14. I got this shot of AF 1 heading past the airport. Extreme zoom, then cropped. When it turned around and came in on final–I had somehow switched my camera into “wait ten seconds before taking the shot” mode and before I could figure that out…I had missed what would have been a beautiful shot or three. 😦

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      1. And, I saw helicopters overhead, probably part of the security.

        I was half expecting someone to come talk to me about pointing a bigass tube at AF 1! I’d have been explaining to them, with my face in the asphalt, about how that’s a 100-400 mm zoom, not a grenade launcher!!

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  15. Before ti gets too crazy here – Thank You Daughn and Steve and Alison (did I forget anyone?) for the wonderful information you have provided – I just took a trip to Colorado – and I really enjoyed learning about the state!

    Thanks All Y’all so much!!! God Bless All Y’all Real Good!!!

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