Dear KAG: 20200218 Open Thread

Welcome to the 15 minute, standing meeting Tuesday Daily thread. With all the winning going on, mood music calls for something less war-like. Time for some battle music:

This site is a celebration of the natural rights endowed to humans by our Creator as well as those enshrined in the Bill of Rights adopted in the founding documents of the United States of America. Within the limits of law, how we exercise these rights is part of the freedom of our discussion.

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Fellow tree dweller Wheatie gave us some good reminders on the basics of civility in political discourse:

  1. No food fights.
  2. No running with scissors.
  3. If you bring snacks, bring enough for everyone.


From the Book of St. James, Chapter 1:

Blessed is he who perseveres in temptation,
for when he has been proven he will receive the crown of life
that he promised to those who love him.
No one experiencing temptation should say,
“I am being tempted by God”;
for God is not subject to temptation to evil,
and he himself tempts no one.
Rather, each person is tempted when lured and enticed by his desire.
Then desire conceives and brings forth sin,
and when sin reaches maturity it gives birth to death.

Do not be deceived, my beloved brothers and sisters:
all good giving and every perfect gift is from above,
coming down from the Father of lights,
with whom there is no alteration or shadow caused by change.
He willed to give us birth by the word of truth
that we may be a kind of first fruits of his creatures.

As always, prayers for the fight against that which seeks to enslave us are welcome. Via con Dios.

733 thoughts on “Dear KAG: 20200218 Open Thread

  1. I’d like to continue with my racing comment.

    If that push, which Blaney said he did deliberately, had ended up with Ryan Newman dead, then do we all say that’s just part of the racing game, and that’s too bad, and we can all go to his funeral and cry a little bit and sympathize with his widow and orphaned children?

    What if Ryan Newman comes out of this as a quadriplegic for the rest of his life? All good?

    Jus’ tradin’ a little paint. No big deal!

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      1. Btw, as long as one is playing the blame game here, one could blame Newman for aggressively trying to block Blaney, who had the draft and would have passed Newman if not for the block.

        Props to Blaney for not trying to blame Newman for the wreck in trying to block him.

        Blaney knew Hamlin was charging and decided in that millisecond to try to push Newman to ensure a Ford victory.

        That’s racing….ESPECIALLY NASCAR racing.

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    1. This issue applies to a number athletic endeavors. Boxer (I have a problem with beating someone bloody being called a sport) killed in the ring, skate severing an artery in a hockey scrum (this has happened), player gets hit in the head by a 100 mph fastball, etc.

      These guys know the risks. They are high. Ryan Newman especially. He’s a Purdue engineer. And from the little we’re hearing about the injuries, his career may well be over. BUT, essentially…those guys are test pilots in a car. They live for that stuff. Right or wrong.

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      1. And then, you look at Schumi, Michael Schumacher, one of the greatest drivers ever, survives a few major accidents, and hundreds of races, only to be brought down (and likely made into a vegetable, though no one outside of his immediate family knows) while SKIING with a go-pro on his head. Supposedly a minor fall, yet he’s disappeared from public life, left alone racing, since then…

        Speaking of skiing, what about ski-jumping? Or some of the downhill races? And the luge? There are many, many dangerous sports.

        In any case, prayers of Ryan Newman and his family, and his racing family, too…

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        1. Amen to the prayers, Cuppa, but I simply must object, respectfully, to the reference to a person turned into a vegetable. I know everyone, including medical professionals, uses this term, but I am trying to put a stop to it. It just bothers me. Thanks for your consideration and letting me sound off. Always enjoy your posts.

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      2. What about cavers and climbers?
        Or scuba divers
        Or worse cave divers.

        I have lost friends to hiking and caving and climbing and scuba diving and 2 to cave diving.

        Do we wrap children up in cotton batting and refuse to let them out of their padded cell their entire life?

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      1. I used to do a lot of adventure traveling…off the beaten path mostly in Third World countries. I was older when I married and had been traveling for several years and it was an “agreement” that I continue as long as I had the desire and ability. DEAR husband was supportive…Italian in-laws quite confused!
        Because of remote locations, etc. I sometimes would be away, out of communication, for 3 weeks or longer and occasionally in “iffy” conditions. I always told DH…if something happens to me just know I was doing something I love and chose.
        Doing that kind of traveling today is far different, than when the world was a more sane and safe place, especially for females…so very glad I experienced it when I did.
        There are dozens of famous sites in Europe I have never seen because I’m saving them for when I get old and can’t sleep in a tent! LOL
        So, I heartily second your sentiments, rayzorbak.

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        1. A lady after my own heart. After two years of camping in winter I finally broke down and bought a tent… 😋

          Now I wish my knees and back would let me crawl into it!

          The new ones at least let you roll into them sideways instead of crawling in head first! I would still have the problem of getting back up off the ground.

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          1. Ahh. The knees. I think what did them in for me last 110 mile hike in the Pasayten wilderness (Mt. Baker area in Wa) carrying a 40lb backpack. My shoulders and knees were never quite the same…took llamas as equipment carriers after that!
            These days I humiliate myself 3x a week getting up and down from my floor mat in workout classes.
            The others, young enough to be granddaughters, pretend not to notice.


        2. You sound like a soul sister/kindred spirit to my Aunt Pat. She’s climbed mountains on every continent for many decades. She was the only female on an Antarctic expedition & even swam briefly in the Antarctic Ocean (those Northern Michigan summers semi-prepped her for that feat). Even after hip replacement she led a class on a hiking trip in Nepal. What a remarkable adventuress! Blessings


    1. A couple years back my husband took me Up North to celebrate my 50th & we got to spontaneously explore the Lake Michigan ice caves far North of Traverse City, MI. It was magical & gorgeous & a lovingly remembered adventure shared with a few hearty strangers.

      Hope you can see these images, that don’t really do justice to the actual experience & bitter yet fun cold!

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        1. It was amazing to encounter those ice caves in person (we’d never even heard of such a thing before) & we were blessed to have been told while we were still in the area. They went on for a couple of miles (at least) & there were scores of cars pulled off on the shoulders of the small two lane roads for miles so that hundreds of adventurers could explore that temporary fantasy land.

          My Eagle Scout husband (always be prepared) spared us a lengthy walk back to the spot where we’d first traversed the caves to the snow covered, wind blown ice sheet of the shoreline of Lake Michigan. There were limited spots with “easy” access to the front of the caves. We finally encountered a relatively low ice wall so he took out one of his ubiquitous knives & proceeded to chip out a couple of “steps” (more like climbing wall reverse perches) to enable us to make a more timely escape from those spectacular ice fields. Somehow he managed to give me a boost up from below & than scramble past me so that he could give me a hand up from above–what a versatile & handy guy to have around!!! (I just read him this description for fun & we both have huge smiles just remembering that special day!)

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        1. I wish that I had such photographic skills…but No. These are all from image searches for Lake Michigan ice caves & at least one photo is from the vicinity where we were along the Lelanaw Penninsula. I just chose some from available images that looked a bit like what my memory of that day said we’d actually seen.

          It was bitterly cold that day I was wearing a long wool coat over a sweater jacket over a sweater with scarf & double hand coverage & was still rather cold. We had to do enough physical exertions to keep the blood flowing. My husband Hates the cold (he grew up in Oklahoma w/ early childhood in Colorado) so it was a truly sacrificial labor of love on his part that allowed this most precious experience to occur.

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    1. When we were young marrieds, with only one of our to-be four kids, we crossed the Mackinac Bridge in the midst of winter on a bracing sunny day. The ice of the Straits of Mackinac was heaved up & sparkling like car-sized diamonds–absolutely breathtaking!

      These images don’t come close…or perhaps my memory is slipping 🙂

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      1. Those are incredible, Valerie. The might of winter days on the Great Lakes is indescribable – the moans and crunches as the ice moves and breaks. Awesome!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸

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        1. Yes!!! I’ve only seen it firsthand a couple of times but God’s handwork & endless artistry continually inspires, awes, & humbles us. Thankfully some great photographers have captured some of the wondrous beauty for us to vicariously enjoy! Blessings

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  2. There are new Q drops, which I presume have been posted to the previous open thread.

    Reading the last four drops convinces me that Q reads this blog, and that he’s not happy with the tone and conclusions of Wolfie’s commentary.

    Anyway, Q is likely never to drop again. We have more than we know, is what he has said over and over.

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        1. Because that post indicates that GAME OVER is about George Soros. If there is proof that he asked for an investigation on the president – never mind election tampering, which I would imagine is going to be the charge that gets us paper ballots – he’s going down.

          E pluribus unum just one of many charges.

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      1. “The last one on is 3872, “to be blunt, GAME OVER” ”




        Wait… wait… wait… don’t stop now!

        After 3+ years this is just finally starting to get good!

        They should string it out at least 5 more years 😁

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    1. Wait…..

      ….350+ million Americans…millions of whom are reading and posting re: Q…

      ….and Q is not happy with Wolf’s (ie. one person’s) commentary…

      …and is likely to never post again???

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      1. Isn’t it a little silly to think I was implying that Wolfie had enough power to sway Q? Lots of people have been posting, writing articles, making videos, etc. over the last few days about the same things Wolfie has been griping about. So I wanted to make it personal for him yet you read it as 1 out of 350 million.

        Q obviously reads a lot of different sympathetic postings; otherwise there wouldn’t be any links in his drops.

        Oh yeah, since you think I’m wrong, how about you say what is the correct way to read #3872.

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        1. “Isn’t it a little silly to think I was implying that Wolfie had enough power to sway Q?”

          Nope. Because that’s exactly what you wrote…

          “Reading the last four drops convinces me that Q reads this blog, and that he’s not happy with the tone and conclusions of Wolfie’s commentary.”

          If you meant something else, that’s 100% on you.

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            1. Interesting. Anyone can use those apps, so you can check his/her “work”. This person goes through a Schiff-load of data to cull these funds, tho.

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              1. Yeah, I don’t know enough about plane tracking to know the significance. Like is it actually odd or just fairly common glitches


    2. Well, if q Does read this, I’m one little voice wanting to thank him/her/them. q has really kept me believing. I think q was a brilliant concept, and still is. Thank you, Q. Thank you so much.

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  3. I”m going to break this into 2 parts, just in case The BIn is a little hungry.
    In light of drop 3869, I think it would behoove us to shed some bright sunlight on organizations affiliated with Soros. Trump and his team have been denying funds to places all over the world, and the last place will be some of our own citizens, Soros being one of them. It’s a little trickier, because we can’t slap sanctions on him. It has to be done legally and through the courts, being that he’s a naturalized citizen. Getting some solid evidence could be a little tricky, he’s careful and cagey.

    I ran across an organization over the week end, and of course amongst the myriad of supporters, Soros’ name appears. I was thinking about the Q drops this evening, and decided to do a little looking. I came across 2 interesting articles, the first one is an article saying Soros is behind the shampeachment fiasco, (duh..) and names a group called CREW that was formed to go after Republicans.

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    1. 2
      The second one is about the Dems are going about their presidential election efforts, and Soros forming Democracy PAC Super PAC . Keep in mind this article looks to me like an oppositional piece, but the main take away is about the super Pac and how it will be funded.

      Soros seems to me to like to seed various entities, but really doesn’t like to put any more money into it unless he gets a good return on it, result wise, which in the long run would benefit him financially.

      He lost quite a bit of money in the market because he bet that the market would go down after Trump got elected. I think I saw a B that he lost. He moved a bunch of assets around after Trump was elected as well. I wonder if he’s a little worried….. he seems to be throwing money in a lot of directions. Antifa panned out, FF haven’t worked so well, and the field of nominees isn’t looking so hot, no matter who, whether they’re in the run offs or sitting on the side lines.

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      1. Here are a couple of links from about Satan Soros. They’ve been following and tracking him and his nefarious organizations for years…

        TONS of info there. Perhaps Satan Soros is the Keystone mentioned a while back by Q…

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        1. I discovered the Leadership Conference this last weekend through looking at some names on Wolf’s 2nd work thread. Wolf said he thought that particular org is worth its own post. It looks like they had an influx of funds late last year because they filled a bunch of new positions within the last 3 or 4 months.

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  4. Lisa Mei Crowley Retweeted
    Larry O’Connor
    Throughout history the Left has tried to turn children against their own parents.

    What MSNBC featured here is not political analysis… it’s bullying, intimidation and personal targeting.


    Trump War Room – Text WOKE to 88022
    · 3h
    Lunatic @BillNye attacks Trump EPA official Mandy Gunasekara’s family & “two young kids,” suggesting they will have problems because he disagrees with their parents.

    A minute later, Nye creepily says carbon monoxide can be used to “kill … your rival.”

    MSNBC should apologize!

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    1. Leftists turn to murderous threats and violence when discredited and exposed.

      Even turn their vile threats against children.

      Like Hillrotten and Billy Jeff….

      But that is to be expected from perversion and abortion promoters.

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    2. “A minute later, Nye creepily says carbon monoxide can be used to “kill … your rival.””

      It is my understanding of Nazi German history that carbon monoxide was an early technique of the ‘final solution.’ Deplorables of one sort or another (criminals, Jews, the mentally and physically handicapped) would be loaded into enclosed trucks and taken for a drive into the countryside. The engine exhaust of the truck was piped into the cargo spaces. By the time the truck reached its destination the victims was dead by CO poisoning. This method was ultimately deemed inefficient and was replaced by cattle cars and gas chambers.

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  5. Lisa has a THREAD – click timestamp

    Lisa Mei Crowley
    7. Worth remembering. Since last drop said “GAME OVER”, [they] will need some kind of ‘multiple day’ distraction.

    See something > Say something.

    High Possibility of False Flag Event in Next 10 Days to Change News Cycle (Negative Optics for D’s)
    15 Feb 2019 – 5:11:04 AM
    Be alert next 10 days.
    FF attempts may be carried out in attempt to change narrative (neg optics).
    High possibility of ‘multiple day’ coverage event forcing pause on news.
    See something > Say something.

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  6. Who’s complaining about investigations now?


    “ Attorney General William Barr is looking into the murky origins of the politically-charged Justice Department investigations that roiled American public life for the last three years.

    But now, as Barr looks into how it all started, voices that were part of that frenzy are changing their tune about the value of investigations. They now express concern about investigations that Barr is politicizing the Justice Department to go after perceived political enemies.

    “The power to investigate is the power to destroy,” a former U.S. attorney, Gregory Brower, told the Washington Post recently. “The ability to simply point to a pending investigation against a person can have devastating effects on that person and can have a potential political benefit to the person orchestrating the investigation.”

    “President Trump appears to be now using [his] power, with an assist from the Justice Department, to exact revenge on some perceived political enemies,” said NBC’s Chuck Todd.

    The president is “weaponizing the Department of Justice against perceived enemies,” said CNN’s Anderson Cooper.“


    The irony and hypocrisy at work here is simply mind-bottling.

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    1. And headlines today report a group of federal justices are having conference calls about the DOJ’s “interferences” in their ….political activism, to be blunt. Basically, it looks as though they are backing Judge Amy Bergman’s biased and unethical bench rulings.

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        1. ONLY takes one of them to have a FISA in place, then the call is recorded. Two hop rule casts a wide net.

          Not to far fetched to think Amy Berman IS being watched, very closely.

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          1. You have done me a great favor to go with my morning coffee.

            Reminding me of the fact that FISA warrants are a two edged sword. I can’t tell you how joyful I felt when I read that.

            Bastards deserve anything we can dish out.

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        1. It is wonderful that the deep state the swamp exposes themselves and shines light on themselves.
          Now we all will learn who the corrupt Judges are. Judges planning and plotting against Justice cannot make that up. You all believe they came with the constitution in their heart and mind to have a talk?

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    2. Such wonderful consistency by the Dimms!

      If the Dimm Forces of Evil do anything, it’s good. Always good!

      If the Deplorable Forces for Good do anything, it’s bad. Always bad!

      Cue the Church Lady.

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    3. Yeah…I heard about this on Sunday morning when the old man defense lawyer got on a tear about the career people being stepped on, professionally speaking.

      Normies like said lawyer are going to resist the red pill with all their might, but the DoJ lawyers who insist on complaining this way fell into a big ole trap, and Rudy and the others free to talk are going to beat them over the head with it.

      I don’t know about anyone else, but this show is getting entertaining.

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  7. One advantage of (constantly) doing catch-up reading here at the Q Tree is encountering gems at the end of important posts…like this one copied “as is” from this lively discussion…please go to the link to respond directly to the author if he/she hasn’t posted here today…God Bless All here at the wonderful Q Tree!

    February 17, 2020 at 21:12
    I have tried to refrain from too much on this particular subject. One because I know nerves and feelings on this are RAW. Two because EVERYONE has grown impatient for justice, and despondent because it has not yet happened. Three, because I am a guest here in someone else’s site.

    That being said, I feel the absolute need to say this to Wolf and everyone. Everyone here just what I think, I have posed it ad nauseum here. my blog and elsewhere. I even wrote a book about it nearly 1 year ago.

    I implore you all to NOT get lost in the MSM hysterias, the outrage of the moment. If you notice ONE simple fact, you will see just why I and others STILL have faith in Trump, Q, and most importantly JUSTICE for the Cabal. Notice the simple VAST amount of crap the MSM is throwing out NOW at the obvious behest of their puppet masters, those in the Cabal. It has NOTHING to do with the election, the Cabal ALREADY know that is TOAST, BURNT TOAST, and every time one of the brood of Dem candidates open their mouths in public, their hole only gets DEEPER. They CANNOT help themselves, they simply HAVE to show how “smart” they are, and thereby belittle all us dumb deplorable rubes. Bubble elitists gotta elite. Their problem is that we the people are laser focused on this election, and instead of waiting to September or October to become engaged, we are locked in NOW.

    Therefore EVERYTHING that they could normally bury, omit. or distract from is instead highlighted, and it AIN’T pretty. 2020 elections will be a BLOODBATH for the dems, and the smart ones damn well KNOW it. When political pundits like Carville have STOPPED spinning, and started not only warning what is coming, but BEGGING for the dems to wake up, you know there is TROUBLE, HUGE trouble, especially when it is this far out. Their internal polling must be a DISASTER. Carville, and even Van Jones are total hacks and leftists, BUT, they ARE very politically savy, they have read the tea leaves, and it is BAD.

    What does this have to do with the current fiascos and shampeachment? EVERYTHING. The Cabal realize that they are not only out of power, and out of ammo, they are about to be STEAMROLLED to HISTORIC lows in the House AND Senate. That means, they will have NO ONE politically to SHEILD them. The MSM CAN’T do it, their power IS waning. That is what ALL the recent Fake News about McCabe, and Crowdstrike is ALL about.

    They USED to be able to influence the vast majority of “normies” that influence under Trump is fading, and FAST. Look at one segment of their base, the African American community as an example. Normally, in the past, this segment would be all in on whatever the dem party said. They would be in LOCKSTEP with whomever the party foisted upon them (Biden). NOT this time. What is different? Trump is DIFFERENT. He actually made the African American community promises…and damned if he did not DELIVER on those promises.

    There are STILL some asleep and who want to simply be “given”all the freebies, but one figure, the LOWEST AA unemployment EVER recorded, tells you that there are a HUGE portion that have decided, AFTER Obama LIED to them, to give Trump a chance, and BOUGHT in. THAT is a HUGE indicator of just where the 2020 elections are going. The dems CANNOT win ANY elections nationally without 90 plus percent of the AA vote, and they will NOT get it…not against Trump, and HE will have coat tails, BIG ONES.

    So, without confidence in the election to elect enough Cabal to continue the coverups of the coup, and with a MSM that has LOST it’s mojo, the Cabal is in PANIC mode. They are flailing and puling ALL the stops. The MSM is in FULL OUT fake news mode, and is trying to provide as much cover as they can for the coupists. THAT is what the McCabe story was ALL about, it was MEANT to demoralize ALL of US. It was meant to try and get us to question not only Trump and Q, but OURSELVES.

    They KNOW we the people are CLAMORING for justice, and they know that MANY have grown impatient and RESTLESS, therefore, they and the Cabal chose to STRIKE with a fake news story whose ONLY intent was to demoralize ALL of us. They were hoping to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat one last time. They NEARLY succeeded, as even Wolf and a few high integrity posters here were ready to throw in the towel on the plan, Q, and Barr, but NOT Trump.

    THAT is where they FAILED, yet again. See, people here and all across the fruited plain, TRUST Trump. They BELIEVE in him, his policies, and his vision. They KNOW the man has FOUGHT against ALL odds, and for US, when he did NOT have to. he simply could have given up, but he did NOT, he endures it ALL, for O N E D O L L A R.

    I simply tell you this. If you believe in Trump, and you TRUST Trump, then you have to trust that the man DOES have a plan, and it IS being executed by people HE trusts. The first few years were spent ELIMINATING and weeding out those he could NOT trust or who were traitors, and that continues to this DAY. BUT, those people are fewer in number, and more importantly, OUT of power and those still clandestine are STILL being exposed AND removed. The list is LONG, and growing, from Comey to Vindman. From McCabe to Yates, and from Page to Strzok. Are their STILL embeds? Sure. There was simply too much inbreeding over the last 3 administrations after Reagan, too much BLOAT. But the belt tightening IS happening. Did anyone REALLY think that nearly FORTY years of corruption and graft could be removed in a few months or even a SINGLE term? I did not the swamp was deep, wide, and stocked with every form of foul creature know, all aligned against US.

    For those of you who are buying into Sundance’s theory, STOP. He has been spewing the same tripe since Trump was inaugurated. He STILL thinks it was a “small group” I laugh out loud at that, and if you read my book, you would too. Look at just who was “discovered” in the State and NSC JUST this year due to impeachment. Did Sundance mention them? Noone even knew who Ciaramella, Vindland, Sondland, and Taylor WERE. Small group my considerable REAR END. This was DEEP, PERVASIVE, MULTIFACETED, and WELL planned and coordinated…from the TOP (Obama).

    For those of you who think that there can be no justice, like Sundance, and that we should just SETTLE for exposure, and ostracization. STOP IT. THINK. Do the Cabal CARE what WE think? Do the Cabal CARE about LAWS? ETHICS?, EQUAL JUSTICE? BAD PUBLICITY? Do they even care about their “legacies” or HISTORY ?

    They absolutely DO NOT give a RIP about anything except money and POWER. More money buys MORE power and that leads to MORE money. That is ALL they care about. They are willing to do ANYTHING to keep power, even murder. They will lie, cheat, steal. ignore, obfuscate, and KILL to keep it.

    The old axiom is true. Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts ABSOLUTELY. That is why Sundance, and those like him that are willing to “settle” for exposure, and not the administration of JUSTICE, because they THINK it cannot happen simply because it has not happened yet, are simply wrong or misguided.

    The ONLY reason Trump has not yet achieved justice is because he has been under CONSTANT legal assault from the get go. From the bogus dossier (THE heart of this ALL) to Mueller, to court battles with LOWER courts, to the 9th circuit to Shampeachment. ALL with 95% negative coverage.

    Now, when things are just STARTING to break, with the END to the disasterous kangaroo court Soviet style impeachment, NOW people want to throw in the towel? Because McCabe (like Comey) got “off” on a process crime? That would be doing a DISSERVICE to people like Flynn, Papadopolous, and Stone who SACRIFICED their freedom because they BELIEVED in Trump and his plan. I KNOW it is NOT fair and it is HYPOCRISY at it’s highest, THAT is the POINT. TO SHOW we the people the TRUTH, to hold up the mirror to the Cabal, and RIP open the curtain, revealing the wizard BEHIND.

    Take heart, and READ these words. Trump will NOT let them get away with this. HE CAN’T. These people will NOT be satisfied. They will NOT let Trump or US, his folllowers, BREATHE a moments PEACE. They WILL enact REVENGE on ALL of us IF they are allowed to skate with “exposure” They LAUGH and PRAY for that outcome, they KNOW they WIN if that is the out come. Once Trump is gone, we would ALL be SCREWED. Therefore, Trump simply will not falter, he will not lose, and he will not FAIL.

    He, his friends, his businesses, his family, and most importantly the COUNTRY have suffered too much to let this “go” He WILL NOT, and there MUST be a way to get the outcome of justice, Trump and his team have it figured out even if Sundance and we do NOT. Else, why keep FIGHTING? Endure all the crap for NAUGHT as soon as Trump is gone? I don’t think so. There IS a way, and we WILL see it. Trump does NOT know how to lose, he does NOT know how to fail, he simply finds other ways to WIN.

    I keep going back to what Ivanka said right before the 2016 election. “With my father, impossible is where HE BEGINS.”

    I hope this does not anger my hosts, or anyone in the community, but it NEEDED to be said. We simply MUST stay the course and have faith in not only Trump, but those whom he has entrusted like Q and Barr. MOST of what we see is DECEPTION to embolden the enemy. DO NOT fall into the “despair” trap.

    I believe Trump was CHOSEN for this task, and NOT by the military or a group of white hats, but by God. Too much has happened for me to believe otherwise. I am NOT saying to worship Trump, but to have faith that he is obviously an emissary meant to help not only the US, but the WORLD. Patience is required, nay DEMANDED. God works in HIS time, and not the hours of man. This is after all, ultimately, HIS will.

    God has this, and therefore Trump does as well. Justice will come so that these evil people will NEVER again be able to do the horrors they have inflicted on man and child alike. God bless you all, and God bless the President and his team and family. In the END…God wins.

    PS, remember, in the end, they ALL had only ONE boss. He is NOT getting away with it.

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        1. Thank you for reposting this here Val. I hope you and everyone here enjoy it and take heart from it. Now is the time for SOLIDARITY. I think something big is about to break, and I think it will pull the drain plug on the swamp. One thing is certain there is DEFINITELY SOMETHING PERCOLATING just under the surface. The cabal and their sycophants are SPOOKED. I suspect our patience is about to be rewarded.

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          1. You’re welcome! What you shared was so important that it needed to get a wider viewing on the open thread, imho.

            Thank you for taking the time & effort to compose such an encouraging comment at just such a time as we needed that pick-up & perspective! I hope your prognostications are spot on! Thanks & God Bless YOU!!!

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    1. I believe like you do. Instinctively, I take the President’s words at their genuine value. I have no doubt.

      He has used strong language, strong labels, strong adjectives regarding some of these players – he’s too savvy to do it without proof. His statements regarding Treason, Catching the Swamp, catching them all… those too count.

      Ivanka’s remark is more true than we realized at the time. “Impossible is where he begins.”

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    2. “They KNOW we the people are CLAMORING for justice, and they know that MANY have grown impatient and RESTLESS, therefore, they and the Cabal chose to STRIKE with a fake news story whose ONLY intent was to demoralize ALL of us. They were hoping to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat one last time. They NEARLY succeeded, as even Wolf and a few high integrity posters here were ready to throw in the towel on the plan, Q, and Barr, but NOT Trump.”


      I don’t think anyone is throwing in the towel.

      People have HAD IT with all the “SOON” BS, while our side keeps getting kicked in the teeth, and our side never ARRESTS anybody.

      And what if DJT (and Q) is COUNTING on us (expecting!) us to get so angry that we’re ready to tear some heads off?

      Shouldn’t we be doing our part?

      The whole thing is like a giant strip-tease, with the emphasis on TEASE.

      Meanwhile, the bad guys kicking dirt in our face and having a high old time, and all most people on our side can do is talk about ‘cold anger’ while another year goes by with NO ARRESTS and NO RESTORATION of our RIGHTS or the RULE OF LAW.

      I have no doubt this is all according to Q’s plan.

      That doesn’t mean we can’t be &^%$#&%@ sick of it.

      Trump will move when the time is right, and not a moment sooner.

      But we could all do without being jerked around.

      If nothing is going to happen until after the election in November, then Q should SAY THAT.

      Stop stringing people along, making it easy for the enemy to demoralize and divide patriots, by making it seem like something is supposed to happen ANY DAY NOW… for ELEVEN HUNDRED FREAKING DAYS.

      That’s a psy-op against US.

      Are we supposed to appreciate getting jerked around like that?

      Would Q appreciate it, if the shoe was on the other hand?

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      1. “And what if DJT (and Q) is COUNTING on us (expecting!) us to get so angry that we’re ready to tear some heads off?
        Shouldn’t we be doing our part?”

        Pres. Trump KNOWS we are angry. It’s why he got elected. It’s why he’s so popular, because he is one of us and is fighting to clean out the corruption.

        What does “doing our part” mean? We are researching; becoming informed; uncovering previously unknown material; spreading the word in person, on the internet, in blogs, through social media, through call-ins, etc.; petitioning Congress and our local governments; supporting good candidates and getting word out about bad ones; contributing to Pres. Trump directly to show our support; ridiculing Dems, voting and encouraging others to do so; attending Trump rallies; etc. And we are holding out hope for this country, partly because of Q.

        I hope this doesn’t sound confrontational; I don’t mean it to be. I’m just curious, when people say we have to do something, what they expect us to do. I do not think marches on Washington have any effect whatsoever.

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        1. ““And what if DJT (and Q) is COUNTING on us (expecting!) us to get so angry that we’re ready to tear some heads off?
          Shouldn’t we be doing our part?””


          Like calling ALL the offices of ALL our Reps and Senators and SCREAM about the two tiered Just-Us system. MAKE A FUSS DEMAND the Federal Employee Union is destroyed and the bureaucrats are treated like other Americans instead of as an ARISTOCRACY!

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          1. We the people being PISSED and DEMANDING equal justice IS part of the plan. How do you counter a nearly 100 percent biased propagandize media? How do you counter a deep vast and corrupt establishment in every corner of government? How do you make a uniparty bunch in Congress actually heel and DO THEIR DAMN JOBS for US?

            How about using a clandestine information conduit that is totally plausibly deniable to deliver JUST enough info to have people get INVOLVED and look up their OWN info and do their OWN research. This then leads to people wanting MORE info, which then leads to more and more people being engaged.

            Then people are exposed to the TRUTH and no amount of msm propaganda to dissuade or obfuscate works. Then we the people get exposed to the hypocrisy and the big con. We become outraged, and the ONLY thing that will satisfy that anger is JUSTICE.

            We the people then can enmasse both DEMAND and EXPECT justice. A beautifully and brilliantly executed plan. THAT IS WHERE WE ARE NOW! We the people being engaged, pissed, and DEMANDING justice had to ALWAYS be a part of the plan. It is the ONLY WAY to actually FORCE the draining of the swamp and the demise of the cabal without Civil War 2.0

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          2. That’s a broken system, Gail.

            It doesn’t work.

            It hasn’t worked in 50 years, if it ever worked.

            They tuned us out a long time ago.

            They don’t listen to us, they listen to the people who own them, and for the Repubs, that’s the CoC and Koch and whoever else is shoving money in their pockets.

            I know people are creatures of habit, I get that, and I am too. But there comes a time when we need to step back and assess what is working, and what isn’t.

            And if something isn’t working, what good is continuing to do it, over and over again, expecting something different to happen?

            I can’t do it.

            It gets to the point where it’s the equivalent of self-abuse.


        2. “What does “doing our part” mean? ”


          In the context of my earlier post, it meant getting angry about allowing the Rule of Law to remain in a giant dumpster fire. Angry and vocal enough to give DJT the excuse and cover to DROP the HAMMER.

          I don’t know what the ‘plan’ is, or what new ‘soon!’ game they’re playing today, and it’s getting to the point where I don’t care anymore, because they don’t give a *&^% about the crap they’re putting us through.

          It doesn’t have to be this way, and it never did. It’s like the RINOs got ahold of Trump’s plan, watered it down, spread it out over two decades, and very intentionally destroyed it from the inside, like Craphead McConnel did to the Tea Party.

          A) we are constantly told AND shown that there is an ACTIVE coup against the President of the United States

          B) the President has the Authority to STOP it; we do NOT

          C) but they DON’T stop it, they just point out all the evidence to US, to get us all jacked and up, and then they do NOTHING except let it go on for YEARS

          D) the NSA knows who EVERY SINGLE TRAITOR is, and has known, since before Trump was sworn in

          E) in any situation remotely approaching this (and nothing even close to this brazen and open Treason has ever happened to my knowledge), the historical SOLUTION is to round everybody up and SHOOT them.

          F) It’s a #*&%ING WAR for the survival of the Republic, it’s NOT a freaking game show

          That’s what jerk-around Q constantly tells us, over and over, cranking us up — and then nothing, over and over again. For THREE &^%$ING YEARS.

          Well *&^% him.

          Put his family in our situation, and torture him for 3 *^$^&*(^&(% YEARS, and see how HE likes.

          It’s EASY for Q. He knows what’s going on.

          We’re in the DARK, getting jerked around by an anonymous code team on 8Chan.

          It’s UNPRECEDENTED, which is the understatement of the MILLENNIUM.

          So if people are getting a little *&^%ING PIST OFF by now, they have GOOD %$#Q$#ING REASON.

          And the division?

          This is what’s causing the division.

          Q’s little psy-op, the psychological abuse game he’s playing against US.

          Where we now have the enablers of the abuser (the people who counsel BLIND TRUST and FAITH to what at best is an anonymous government entity) vs. those who recognize abusive treatment and react appropriately to it.

          THAT is the developing division.

          Blind faith and Blind Trust is for SHEEP.

          And what does Q always say?

          SHEEP NO MORE.

          Classic abusive contradiction tactic.

          Classic Charlie Brown with Lucy and the football routine.

          I grew up with that kind of abuse, and there are very few things in this world that I hate more.

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      2. I guess my viewpoint of being a Q agnostic insulates me just a bit from expecting “Q” to pull another James Bond level trick out of “his” bag to enable the stylish & deadly overcoming of a seemingly invincible enemy.

        At times taking that long scriptural view helps to provide perspective. Jesus said “In this world you will have tribulation, but be of good cheer, for I have overcome the world!” Holding on to hope is a bit easier when clinging to the Lord who is the Way, the Truth, & the Life.

        On this planet & within the affairs of men I think it is pretty easy for us all to say, along with Pilate, “what is truth?”. Knowing Who Truth is helps us to hold on to hope for the unveiling of truth down here…at least that is what often works for me. Blessings…& hang in there!

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    3. “Did anyone REALLY think that nearly FORTY years of corruption and graft could be removed in a few months or even a SINGLE term?”


      Based on the speeches Trump made, at the Inauguration and since?


      I did expect it to be removed in a single term.

      I expected thousands of traitors, ALL known to the NSA, to be rounded up like Roger Stone.

      Flown to Gitmo, which Q has made sure we all know has been prepared for a LOT more prisoners.

      Given military tribunals, which Q and Trump have made known with at least several key Executive Orders.

      So yes, I did expect arrests and prosecutions and convictions and military executions by now.

      And we were supposed to expect it.

      If we had been told it was going to take 5+ years before even ARRESTS would be made, how many people would have signed up for THAT?

      The reason the ‘Great Awakening’ is has been so successful is because of the very carefully structured and rolled out TEASE.

      But the tease has run its course.

      People have bought all the ‘sizzle’ there is to buy.

      There better be some STEAK.


      Or stop the freakin’ TEASE and give us a more realistic time horizon.

      You can’t keep tens of thousands of troops at peak readiness off the shores of Normandy in perpetuity.

      If you’re not gonna go, then don’t.

      If you are, then do.

      But stop saying you ARE, and then don’t follow through.

      THAT is what people are pissed off about.

      Nobody is getting off the Trump Train.

      People are just sick of being JERKED around.

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      1. POTUS has said many times they never imagined that the swamp was this deep.
        I believe when POTUS came into the job he had no idea of the evil the reason I say that how he trusted people who later stabbed him in the back.
        We need to stand together and support that man because we have no idea what he faces each day. If we cave to our emotions what we want instead pray that God work through our President and support him we loose everything. What is the alternative? Bloomberg? Sanders? Buttmayor?
        Through thick and thin I am with POTUS. I dislike good weather friends but then i am much black and white in my thinking. I dislike injustice and POTUS is the closes we have who is going to set DC back on track. Sadly he only will have 8 years and I hope the one coming after him is a wise man/woman and not a fool.

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      2. “Nobody is getting off the Trump Train.
        People are just sick of being JERKED around.”

        This is the first step to people getting off the Trump Train. Now, in addition to the monumental fight against the foes of America, we have to deal with discontent within our own ranks. That weakens us considerably.

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        1. I wont get off bc he cannot control everything and we know it. We just expect the other surrounding support to give us the follow through we voted for. Judges in place, scampeachment done, they need to be held accountable soon. We are Americans, not Europeans, and we have done everything faster, better, on time, and more innovative than any other country. Surely we can bring people to JUSTICE faster than an English afternoon tea?

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        2. “This is the first step to people getting off the Trump Train.”


          No it’s not.

          But it might be the first step in getting off the Q-train.

          Q is the abuser.

          And if that shoe fits, he needs to wear it.

          Somehow in this whole big elaborate game of his, he either forgot or abandoned US.

          Exactly what a career government employee would do.

          Never trust The People, keep them in the dark.

          Never actually do what needs to be done (END THE COUP and RESTORE the rule of Law), but instead, just keep moving the goal posts a little each day.

          Never let the light of day expose the disease and sterilize it; instead, the masters of the universe will continue “the silent war” without us, and we (those who are not supposed to be SHEEP any more) are counseled to sit back, get some popcorn, and enjoy the show.

          And as always, those who point out the truth are the bad guy.

          Blind faith is no faith at all, it’s capitulation.

          The Apostles didn’t have blind faith. They lived with Jesus for THREE YEARS, and STILL they needed regular confirmation, right up to the very end.

          When Jesus rose from the dead, the Apostles didn’t believe Mary. They ran to the tomb, and John was faster, so he beat Peter to it, but he waited and Peter went in first. Then they believed.

          Soon after, Jesus appeared to them, but Thomas was not there.

          Thomas would not believe, until he saw with his own eyes.

          History does a disservice to call him ‘doubting Thomas’. Thomas was RIGHT to demand evidence. None of the others believed either, until they saw with their own eyes, but Thomas gets singled out.

          Their faith was not blind, and neither should ours be.

          And used to think Jesus was somewhat scolding Thomas when He appeared to all of them again (Thomas included), and said to Thomas to touch the hole in His side, and touch where He was pierced through the hands and feet, and be not faithless.

          But I don’t think He was scolding anymore. Scolding or mocking was not Jesus’ way, not to His disciples. His way was teaching. Thomas was right to demand evidence. Jesus showed him, so that Thomas would believe, and be strengthened in his faith.

          We’re not being shown squat.

          We’re being asked to buy a pig in a poke.

          We have gone along with it for a lot longer than anyone should have to. Some people get used to their abusers, even identify with them, and it becomes a co-dependent cycle of abuse.

          Others are blessed (or cursed) to see what’s going on, and in doing so, CANNOT HELP but call attention to it.

          Those who are comfortable in their abuse DO NOT LIKE THAT.

          And instead of turning their anger at their abuser, they defend their abuser, and attack those who question the abuser.

          That is the division that is going on.

          And Q created it.

          That’s the truth.

          Do with it what you will.

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          1. Sounds like you are describing a form of Stockholm Syndrome.

            Regarding Jesus & Thomas one of the beauties of that scenario was that Jesus was able to say (to us all) “blessed are those who have not seen and yet believe!” We are the witnesses of the witnesses of His resurrection–the Good News, the Gospel of Peace, the Prince of Peace has come & broken Every chain!

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            1. “Sounds like you are describing a form of Stockholm Syndrome.”


              Yes, I suppose so. If I understand correctly, Stockholm Syndrome is a form of co-dependent abuse, where the abused identifies with the abuser.

              So much so, that the abused would defend their abuser and attack anyone who revealed or attempted to stop their abuser.

              So there’s that.


              “Regarding Jesus & Thomas one of the beauties of that scenario was that Jesus was able to say (to us all) “blessed are those who have not seen and yet believe!” ”


              Yes, but as you say, we are not without evidence. Jesus knew His apostles would need evidence and it was good and right for Him to provide it, and we are the beneficiaries of those events, and the recording and providential preservation of them.

              There are some obvious dissimilarities, however, to our current situation.

              Jesus did not fight a ‘silent war’ in the darkness, His work was done in the light.

              Jesus did not rely on ambiguous catch-phrases like ‘Trust the Plan’ 😂

              Jesus provided an abundance of direct evidence, daily, that He was exactly Who He said He was.

              Jesus accomplished His task of providing a means of salvation for all mankind, for all time — in the space of about three years.

              Q is not Jesus. 🙂

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              1. I’m not a Q follower, per se, I call myself a Q agnostic so I don’t have a history of being built up & then let down by expeQtations…

                In fact I pretty much hate the WWG1WGA phraseology because it smacks of group-think, which I despise. I have a hard enough time getting on board with the concept of “unity” in the Body of Christ.

                I’m probably Too American & overly steeped in individualism. If the crowd is claiming something in unison I’m pretty much always suspicious cat, looking behind the curtain, trying to discern whose manipulating those levers of power.

                Anyway the only comparison that seems realistic between “Q” & Jesus is that they both amassed quite a few very dedicated followers.

                Jesus’ disciples had to have been in despair during the lead up & execution of the crucifixion. Those who mocked Him & demanded Him to prove His power by coming down from the cross were taunting the Lord with exactly what He couldn’t do–being the Lamb slain from the foundation of the earth.

                As He was dying & those “3 days” He was in Sheol-Hades had to heap mountains of despair on His followers. However after His resurrection & that of many others who’d died & were seen walking about in Jerusalem it’s likely that few people were not some type of witness to the events of the age.

                I was thinking that your despair/discouragement could somewhat mirror Jesus’ loyal, despondent followers. He was doing the very thing He’d been born to do, what He’d foretold them of, & what Must have been done to break the otherwise inescapable grip of death, hell, & the grave.

                Assuming “Q” is real & there is a “plan” it is possible that we are at that point of where it’s darkest just before the dawn. I’m no Q believer, but I do believe that Trump keeps demonstrating that he’s a man of his word, with an unparalleled vision & work ethic. Though I don’t “trust the plan” per se, I do trust God & it has seemed that Trump’s election was the work of God against seemingly insurmountable odds. Therefore Trust the Lord & pray for Trump & his team that they may do what is necessary to restore our nation to true & equal justice for all.

                God bless you!


      3. With all due respect Scott, you are overlooking one key thing, the enemy is not just going to sit there and say “whelp ya got us, we confess”. They were and did take countermeasures. In fact there has been nonstop. Attacks DESIGNED to specifically hide their crimes and keep Trump on defense. From the start in the dossier to Comey to Mueller to countless lawsuits,l leaks, propaganda, to shampeachment. All with little to no help from Congress. Trump has to figure out who was friend and who was foe, who was an ally and who was an enemy. All the while constantly waiting for the next traitor to stab him in the back.

        No one could have endured it all and thrived , yet Trump did. I will realize that this is WAR and in war, everything is fluid. Contingencies are in place, and there are moves and counter moves. I give Trump the benefit of the doubt if his timeframe had to be upped, Because of that I still believe that ALL that Q promised is still not only possible, but PROBABLE. one thing is certain, those in the cabal and their sycophants sure keep going to an awful lot of time, trouble, and expense to STOP something that is not “happening or going to happen” (justice)

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        1. “With all due respect Scott, you are overlooking one key thing, the enemy is not just going to sit there and say “whelp ya got us, we confess”. They were and did take countermeasures. In fact there has been nonstop.”


          You people are killing me.

          This is NOT a ‘police action’.

          It’s a WAR, it’s a C-O-U-P.



          When the lawful government is being attacked from within by lawless TRAITORS, the answer to that situation is NOT to play parlor games with them for the next three years.

          It’s NOT hard to find examples of how to put down a lawless coup, they happen even today, with some regularity, around the world.

          When a COUP is ongoing, it goes without saying that the rule of LAW is ABSENT.

          That leaves FORCE as the only credible option.

          In the ABSENCE of LAW, might makes right.

          Always has, always will.

          When the Law of Man is abandoned, we are not without Law.

          It just reverts to natural law.

          Law of the Jungle.

          And that’s where we are.

          If you try to play by Man’s law in the Jungle, the Jungle is going to EAT you.

          We shouldn’t be in this situation, and we CERTAINLY shouldn’t be in this situation THREE YEARS down the road.

          DJT was elected to restore the Rule of Law.

          He hasn’t.

          He has done a lot of great and amazing things, but he hasn’t done the most needful thing, which is to STOP the Coup and RESTORE the rule of Law.

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          1. Scott, the Cabal WANT anarchy, they WANT innocent blood. We all want JUSTICE, but the ONLY blood that needs spilled is CABAL blood.

            I know more than most here that this was a coup, hell I literally wrote a book about it exposing just WHO orchestrated it and WHY, a fact that many are now coming to see.

            I believe they ALL should meet the business end of a 6′ rope over an 8′ drop. BUT, we have to do this RIGHT, LEGAL, and PROPPER, or else the big fish WILL skate. We cannot go willy nilly lynch mobbing these crooks, that makes US no better than THEM, and would prove to the radicals that we are what they say we are, midless, violent rubes, easily suckered.

            I want this to go down in HISTORY not as a bloody Civil war 2, but as the greatest takedown of TRAITORS EVER. I want it done RIGHT, COMPLETE, and LEGAL. That way their infamy is ASSURED FOREVER.

            The only way we reslult to the unthinkable is if JUSTICE is denied and they take out our last chance in Trump, if HE fails, so be it, but we are NOT there yet.

            Your rage has unbalnced your usual clear thinking. Look, just today, Durham EXPANDED his probe to Mueller. Step back, take a break, research and look at things logically like you usually do. The Cabal want us ALL to go on a rant, a tantrum, and a rampage, it is ALL they have left, they want US to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, do NOT fall for it, I implore you.

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        2. “one thing is certain, those in the cabal and their sycophants sure keep going to an awful lot of time, trouble, and expense to STOP something that is not “happening or going to happen” (justice)”


          Seal Teams, Delta Force, Airborne Rangers and a hundred other lesser known military forces could have eliminated them all in a week or less.

          Not only does the lawfully and duly elected president have the Authority to put down a lawless COUP by whatever means necessary — he has an OBLIGATION and a DUTY to do so.

          The ONLY reason ANY of this is still happening, the only reason the guilty remain free to taunt the People and mock the rule of Law, is because the president is ALLOWING it to continue.


    4. “For those of you who think that there can be no justice, like Sundance, and that we should just SETTLE for exposure, and ostracization.”


      I won’t ever settle for exposure and the LIE of ‘ostracization’.

      As I said here recently, if that’s all that happens, the Traitors will ALL be redeemed quicker than Papa Bush rehabilitated Slick Willie.

      You know it, I know it, EVERYBODY knows it.


      Not ostracization.

      Ostracization is for after school specials.

      The penalty for Treason and Crimes against HUMANITY is Execution.

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      1. The only way the public at large would ever buy execution would be irrefutable proof–does it exist? Someone’s OJ analogy seems to apply here. The OJ verdict seemed to split the nation down primarily racial lines w/ “most” blacks claiming his innocence & “most” whites convinced of his guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

        In order for executions to be a viable option there cannot/must not be a hint of political payback in the process. As long as the left controls the media mouthpieces it seems highly unlikely that Joe sixpack Public will ever have a clue about what’s really been going on (since at least FDR).

        The culture that abandoned the War Department for the (seemingly much more politicized) Department of Defense seems much less likely to be OK w/ executions of “traitors”. The media megaphone mouthpieces cannot/will not acknowledge basic biological Facts of Male & Female. How in the world can they make clear cut judgement calls on Right & Wrong? They don’t even acknowledge objective, let alone absolute, truth/reality. The destruction of the language, the Lawfare-esque machinations & manipulations, the inmates running the asylum–no need the inmates infesting the streets (relieving themselves in full view of the public in SF for instance)…

        Though I believe that your perspective is “technically” correct, seeing it carried out in the Actual world we currently live in, well it seems like a huge long shot.

        There must be justice & it must be swift. But it also must be able to be justifiable by a super-majority of our society or else it will just be the beginning of some type of tit for tat payback governmental pendulum that will never reflect truth but just naked power of the present-tense strong over the weak…

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        1. “The only way the public at large would ever buy execution would be irrefutable proof–does it exist?”


          Since when does the rule of Law depend on what the public will ‘buy’?

          And who can parse and divine the tea leaves of what the people will ‘buy’?

          This is the horrible game that always kills us.

          We KNOW what right is, we KNOW what the Law is, but we won’t DO anything, because of some narrative about how people might react to doing what is RIGHT.

          Think about that for a second.

          How did we EVER get in such a twisted, upside down, bass-ackward position, where hypothetical prognostication of popularity determines whether the LAW applies or is enforced?

          What the public “thinks” is not relevant to the Law, and to the extent that any public official thinks it is (and acts that way), he is a miserable and unjust steward.

          When the Law is broken, there is a mechanism to address the transgression. We have a whole process, highly developed and refined over centuries of jurisprudence.

          Indictments are made, the guilty are prosecuted, the jury determines whether guilt has been established beyond a reasonable doubt.

          Where is “public opinion” or “public awareness” found in that process?

          It is not!

          Has nothing to do with it — literally!

          Wholly unrelated!


          ” Someone’s OJ analogy seems to apply here. The OJ verdict seemed to split the nation down primarily racial lines w/ “most” blacks claiming his innocence & “most” whites convinced of his guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.”


          If the corrupt OJ trial is now the standard, then we are indeed lost, and should just quit now.

          Miserable failures by the prosecutors, a joke for a judge, a three-ring circus for the defense, and a double-murderer for a defendant.

          The jury was the corrupt fake news media, and they helped the defense play the race-card to get a double-murderer set free.

          The Fake News is PART of the COUP.

          That is a fact which has been established with public information.

          If the COUP is ever put down, the Fake News media stands before the firing squad alongside all the traitors in government.

          The tail is wagging the dog.

          The tail is corrupt.

          CUT IT OFF.

          Then the tail doesn’t control the narrative anymore.

          The answer to the OJ idiocy, as with the Rodney King riots, was to put them down HARD, along with EVERY race-hustler whipping up civil insurrection. Declare martial law and TAKE CONTROL. That’s what the Law is for, that’s what we PAY the lawful authorities to DO, so that WE don’t have ANARCHY and vigilante justice.

          For the love of all that is decent and good, we have armed police FOR A REASON, and it is to MAINTAIN ORDER and the Rule of LAW.

          But we have forgotten about that.

          We have allowed ourselves to believe that ORDER and FORCE are only used against law-abiding citizens, and can NEVER be used against the lawless.

          And now we allow our fears about how the media might concoct a narrative to help evil escape, to determine whether we do what is right and good, or whether we sit on our hands and do nothing.

          We elected Trump to STOP all that insanity.

          Three years later, we’re still waiting.


          1. And if he won’t do it, then GIVE US the green light, and We the People will do it.

            But the WORST thing to do is to NOT fix the problem, AND prevent us from fixing it either.


    5. “They absolutely DO NOT give a RIP about anything except money and POWER. More money buys MORE power and that leads to MORE money. That is ALL they care about. They are willing to do ANYTHING to keep power, even murder. They will lie, cheat, steal. ignore, obfuscate, and KILL to keep it.”


      Which is why the lawful Authorities, or the military, or BOTH should KILL them.

      WIPE them OUT.


      That doesn’t require ‘i’s being dotted and ‘t’s being crossed.

      It requires termination with extreme prejudice.

      The Suleimani treatment.

      If it has to be that quick.

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        1. “Are we a nation of laws, or not?”



          You tell ME!

          Look around, TT.

          Answer your own question!

          Does it LOOK like we’re a nation of laws?

          Or does it look like we’re a nation of the rule of MEN?

          Are the law-abiding citizens having their rights upheld, is the Law protecting their rights, or is the Law abusing the law-abiding citizens?

          Are the KNOWN and PROVEN traitors and other criminals being held accountable to the Law, or are they free to continue their decades-long criminal enterprises and oppression of We the People through their 100% Orwellian propaganda arm, the Fake News Media?

          I’ll make it easy for you.

          If the Law is not enforced against the most brazenly corrupt and traitorous public officials and their private cronies, then are we a Republic — or a Banana Republic?

          If the LAW is not enforced against the brazenly lawless, then are we a nation of laws — or not?

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          1. I should have asked, Are you advocating killing people without due process of law? Because that’s what it looks like you are saying.

            “Which is why the lawful Authorities, or the military, or BOTH should KILL them.

            WIPE them OUT.

            DEFEND the HOMELAND.

            That doesn’t require ‘i’s being dotted and ‘t’s being crossed.

            It requires termination with extreme prejudice.

            The Suleimani treatment.

            If it has to be that quick.”

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            1. “I should have asked, Are you advocating killing people without due process of law? Because that’s what it looks like you are saying.”


              We have laws of the Republic.

              We even have laws of War.

              Tell me, what are the Laws of COUP?

              When traitors within the government are at war with the Constitutionally elected government, what is the Law?

              THIS is the problem.

              We’re playing legal games with an enemy who is trying to MURDER THE REPUBLIC.

              You keep appealing to a system (and apparently trying to shame me into appealing to it too) that manifestly DOES NOT EXIST.

              It’s GONE.

              It’s a FANTASY in your HEAD.

              There is NO LAW for the lawless.

              And if there is no law for the lawless, then there is no law at all.

              We have ruthless Traitors attacking the foundation of the Republic and the Executive.

              The power and authority vested in the President by We the People can and must be lawfully used by the Executive to defend and protect the United States of America against ALL enemies, FOREIGN and DOMESTIC.

              If that means terminating foreign bad actors, the Constitution provides a very clear method for exercising that Lawful power and authority, called a Letter and Marque of Reprisal.

              If the Congress is corrupt (it is), such that it would never issue such a Letter of Marque and Reprisal against those foreign agents to whom they are loyal (they wouldn’t), the Authority of the President relies on a thousand other legalisms whipped up by Johnny-on the-spot lawyers over years. Suleimani wasn’t even the most recent example of exercising such Authority.

              But again, if the government is CORRUPT, such that branches of the government are seeking to depose the president, WHERE IS THE RULE OF LAW?

              What is this “thing” to which you appeal, which CANNOT EXIST in the context of an ONGOING Coup d’état?

              Either the COUP is real, or it isn’t.

              If it isn’t, then what the hell else would anyone call it?

              The President says it’s a coup, and all the evidence supports his claim, and the coup participants don’t deny it or even attempt to hide their efforts — they’re PROUD and BRAZEN.

              And if the coup is real, that’s a little more serious than a “Constitutional Crisis”.

              The President has the power and lawful authority to eliminate threats to the Republic anywhere on the planet outside the United States.

              Here at home he has the power and authority to enact Martial Law in the event of such massive treason that the Republic is in danger of being lost, and other emergency powers which he HAS activated by Executive Order and which Q has brought to our attention over the course of the last THREE years.

              That includes the power to arrest and detain EVERYONE involved in a COUP against the Republic, send them to Gitmo, give them a military tribunal, and if found guilty of High Treason (not to mention all the OTHER crimes), execute them according to Law.

              Those who can and should be detained, taken to Gitmo and given military tribunals include but are not limited to:

              Various Senators, Congressmen, multitudes of lawyers, members of previous administrations (Hussein, Bush, Bush, Clinton), private citizens (e.g., Lawfare Group), various tech industry leaders (Twitter, Google, Amazon, MicroSoft, et. al), various factions of the Muslim brotherhood and other foreign enemy combatants operating with impunity inside and outside of government, various spies throughout academia and industry, members of the entertainment industry, and definitely NOT least, multitudes of people in the FAKE NEWS media.

              They’ll have their due process.

              In Gitmo.

              There is no capacity for civil law when the civil government is at war with itself — which is evident for all the honest world to see.

              But there is still military law, and that’s exactly what Gitmo is for.

              In order to get them there, they must be physically apprehended and transported.

              Clear enough?


            2. “I’m being purposely obtuse in this post because I think one thing you said, before focusing on “foreign actors,” goes against the rules of this site.”


              I must have explained the LAWFUL process (and my understanding of it) more than twenty times on this forum over the past year plus.

              There is a shorthand version for making a point, and there is the LONG version (which I provided here again today), that completely explains and justifies the SHORT version.

              There is a reason for the SHORT version, especially in the context of an entire FORUM full of people who already know the score.

              It’s so you don’t have to type out a dissertation multiple times a day, explaining what everyone here already understands.


            3. And though it is maddening, I appreciate the opportunity to ‘revise and extend’ my remarks.

              If the enemy was held to the same standards as we are (or held to any standard at all), the enemy wouldn’t even be able to exist.

              Shakespeare wrote (among other things) “The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers“.
              (Henry VI, Part 2, Act IV, Scene 2)

              William Shakespeare would be banned from this forum, while the Hussein and his traveling band The Traitors would still be free and above the law.

              If I came across as being hostile, please understand that I am not upset toward you in any way, at all. Or anyone else on our side.

              I’m just exasperated by all the endless (and needless) nonsense.

              Liked by 1 person

      1. Well, Obama killed Americans overseas with impunity & without trial but that is surely indefensible on its face & absolutely out-of-the-question on American soil.

        “…all enemies foreign & domestic” surely applies here but just directly killing people without trial has got to be unacceptable regardless of the heinousness of their crimes…

        Liked by 1 person

    6. “Take heart, and READ these words. Trump will NOT let them get away with this. HE CAN’T. These people will NOT be satisfied. They will NOT let Trump or US, his folllowers, BREATHE a moments PEACE. They WILL enact REVENGE on ALL of us IF they are allowed to skate with “exposure” They LAUGH and PRAY for that outcome, they KNOW they WIN if that is the out come. Once Trump is gone, we would ALL be SCREWED. Therefore, Trump simply will not falter, he will not lose, and he will not FAIL.”


      This never needed to be drawn out for 3, 4, 5+ YEARS.

      None of this DRAMA was necessary.

      If they won’t put these monsters out of our misery, then put their faces on playing cards, put bounties on their heads, and let US do it.

      If they WON’T ACT, then give US the green light.

      The WORST possible combination is for the lawful Authorities NOT to act, and to make it so WE cannot act to save OURSELVES, either.

      If you want to piss people off to the point of revolution, THAT’S a great way to do it.

      Oh, and keep telling them… SOON!

      The word ought to be dropped from the English language.

      Liked by 3 people

    7. I’m afraid I’m going to have to disagree with PRex on portions his post. This Q post from almost two years ago indicates that the plan has been in motion for over 20 years.

      CIA Sig Intercept = Plane Crashes (187 JFK JR)
      8 Apr 2018 – 2:20:23 PM

      POTUS & JFK JR Friendship
      8 Apr 2018 – 2:15:14 PM
      POTUS & JFK JR.
      Plane crash 1999.
      HRC Senate 2000.
      The “Start.”
      Enjoy the show.

      SIG intercept.

      Old to New.

      Back before Q had a huge following, and The Great Awakening was still up, and the chans were getting a lot more leak type information before 8chan was deplatformed, I saw a post that disappeared. It was almost as if I was meant to see it, but I’m sure others saw it as well. That post talked about the plan being an outgrowth of the Korean conflict and a military operation. Development had been ongoing since Eisenhower. Donald Trump was recruited to be the public face of it after making a name for himself. In 2004, Trump did The Apprentice claiming there was a skill he needed to acquire. I know it’s fantastic to believe, but in the first 1500 or so of Q posts, in the first six months, there’s a lot there about JFK that is not mentioned much anymore, but this has been in the works since before his assassination is what I get out of the totality of information I have seen.

      The real war is between the CIA and NSA, and it’s been going on since 1952 – and that was decades AFTER the Central Bank and the Military Industrial Complex set their sights on American taxpayer dollars as their target. Draining the swamp is just part of it. The rot was there long before Reagan. It was there before Truman, truth be told, and probably back to at least Wilson, maybe even Taft.

      Planning for something THIS BIG when it actually goes down AFTER all the cabal assets and arsenal are destroyed, doesn’t happen in such a short period of time. I used to work HUGE outdoor events. The logistics were ridiculous, and the first events always took a year to develop the blueprint for succeeding years. Everyone had a job to do and were briefed just on what they were to do. Just the plan for the St. Patrick’s Day Parade is three inches thick, and the same sort of thing applies. THE PLAN as in the Q plan had to be in development for quite a while, never mind execution which I believe began with getting personnel in place for the last 10 years or so.

      I know I’m in the minority on this, and just about everything I have to say will be refuted, but remember that the picture taken in October 2017 of “The Calm Before The Storm” the people in it were military high brass and their wives. Ever wonder why?

      Full Picture Less than 10
      2 Nov 2017 – 7:03:36 PM
      You can count the people who have the full picture on two hands.
      Of those (less than 10 people) only three are non-military.
      Why is this relevant?
      Game theory.
      Outside of a potential operator who has been dialed-in w/ orders (specific to his/her mission) nobody else has this information.
      Operators never divulge.
      Alice & Wonderland.

      Liked by 3 people

  8. Rex

    REX @REX
    1. Meet Earl Devaney.

    There’s a good chance you may be hearing his name a lot more, going forward.
    Earl Devaney – Wikipedia


    REX @REX
    2. Earl is a Director of Arkansas-based Winrock. Quote:

    ‘Winrock is a nonprofit organization that implements a portfolio of more than 140 agriculture, environment and social development projects in over 46 countries.’
    Winrock International – About Winrock
    Winrock International


    REX @REX
    3. Winrock is aligned with the Clinton Foundation.

    In 1999, Earl Devaney was appointed as the inspector general for the Department of the Interior by?

    President Bill Clinton.
    National Good Food Network


    REX @REX
    4. In fact, Earl was so effective at his position that he held it for 12 YEARS – all the way through 1999-2011.

    Clinton, Bush and Obama years. One of most corrupt eras ever when it comes to misuse of taxpayer money. Here’s an alternate take:

    ‘Over 12 years as Department of the Interior’s (DOI) Inspector General, Devaney has been a critical part of the..government’s efforts to investigate and prevent fraud of government funds…an unwavering guardian of taxpayer dollars is unrivaled..’



    REX @REX
    5. In fact, Earl was so good at his job that Obama appointed him to oversee his super duper stimulus package.

    $787 BILLION + of taxpayer funds. Earl did well. Only $20 BILLION disappeared. Hey don’t go too hard on Earl, that’s less than 5%! Besides, Earl was working with top professionals at the highest level of government.
    More Obama Stimulus Fraud – Judicial Watch
    Judicial Watch


    REX @REX
    6. After all, Obama appointed Joe Biden himself to administer the program.

    Even Joe admitted that some ‘waste’ was ‘inevitable’. Oh, man.

    What could go wrong?
    Biden says some waste inevitable part of stimulus


    REX @REX
    7. Of you want a laugh check this article out. My favorite is the $3.4 million turtle tunnel.

    How did Earl miss that?

    As with all of Obama’s policies, incompetence, fraud and idiocy reign supreme.
    The 10 Most Outrageous Stimulus Projects


    REX @REX
    8. Or maybe it’s more than incompetence.

    Here’s Trump in April 2017:

    ‘There was a very large infrastructure bill that was approved during the Obama administration, $1 trillion, and nobody ever saw anything being built. To this day I haven’t heard of anything that’s been built. They took this money and used it on social programs.”

    IOW, FRAUD. This is what Trump is talking about:
    Obama Infrastructure Stimulus: Union Payoff Filled with Rail Boondoggles and Pork


    9. So isn’t it funny that all of a sudden and out of the blue, the preening crook from Chicago appears on twitter and posts this horsecrap.

    It’s almost like Obama is trying to polish a turd, for a reason. Much like Crooked is doing lately, 24/7.

    Maybe we should ask Earl. After all, he always seems to pop up when they’re around.


    Liked by 3 people

    1. Ozzy….memories! My southern grandma and my mother always said that!
      When my mother was in her end of life coma, before I left the hospice facility every night I said a little prayer over her and always finished with “ goodnight…sleep tight…don’t let the bedbugs bite.”

      Liked by 10 people

      1. “And iffin they do…hitem with a shoe” that’s how my husband ended that little bedbug night time ritual with our three children and they have carried it on with our grand children years later. Right after 🙏🏻and before the light switch. 😊

        Liked by 9 people


    Humanity of Indiana aborted babies undeniable

    After nearly twenty years and travel between two states, the remains of thousands of aborted children were brought home to Indiana and laid to rest.

    The abortions took place between 2000 and 2003 in three cities in Indiana where notorious abortionist, Dr. Ulrich Klopfer, had abortion clinics.

    For unknown reasons, Kloper transported the aborted remains back to his home in Illinois.

    Liked by 9 people

      1. The Little Seed

        God dropped a little seed down to the ground
        And bounced it across a hard rocky path
        To rest where the soil was loose, moist and deep
        In a hole sized right to hide from the birds.
        God made sunshine to warm the fertile ground
        And brought some clouds with light rain falling down.
        God gave all things the little seed could use
        And then God said to the little seed “Grow.”
        The little seed split with a small green sprout
        And tiny roots weaved through the rich ground
        To where God placed nutrients to be found.
        As the small plant grew, God sent out some leaves
        To gather fresh air for the plant to breathe.
        As the time passed, the plant grew very tall,
        Sending out more roots and leaves, big and small.
        God said “Produce fruit” and the plant grew buds,
        Then flowers, pollinated by His bees.
        A small green fruit formed within each flower
        That grew large and ripe as God met its needs.

        The little seed could have been you or me
        As God formed us and provided our needs,
        And shaped us, as clay, into the right form.
        He gave us His Spirit so that we grew
        And learned from His Word to follow His will.
        He gave us His good gifts that we can use
        To grow in His grace and produce His fruit,
        And say thanks to Him while on bended knee,
        “You did it all. All the glory is Yours.”

        Liked by 9 people

  10. Wolfie……. this is right up your alley.
    Remember when we all thought Alex Jones was a little crazy????
    It’s an Associated Press article, surprisingly legit source.
    Talking about the fact that the C_A dosed Whitey Bulger over 50 times with LSD….. and it didn’t appear in his 2 month trial. Never mentioned.

    Liked by 10 people

          1. I don’t know. An elder law partner of Big T used to tell stories about that time period that would curl your hair.
            Kind of stuff which would lead to decades old vendettas…… making sense now?

            Liked by 3 people

  11. vandals spray Plymouth Rock and other landmarks with graffiti and “508 MOF”

    Similar graffiti, including an obscene message aimed at police, was found more than a mile away at the base of the state-owned National Monument to the Forefathers.
    A Scallop Roll statue Plymouth, Massachusetts, was one of at least four of site vandalized overnight Sunday.

    Much of the Plymouth Rock graffiti was indecipherable smears of paint, Botieri said, but several of the landmarks were tagged with the numbers and letters 508 MOF.

    Liked by 5 people

        1. “wonder what the 508 MOF means”


          508 is the area code for a nearby region.

          “MOF” is used as a shortened version of “mofo”, or street slang for ‘motherf-ker’.

          So it’s likely that this was a ‘tag’ done by some local punks, who live in area code 508.

          That’s all I got.
          It might mean something else, but that’s all I could come up with.

          Liked by 2 people

  12. FOUND IT!!
    This is it! It’s true.
    Bill is H.R. 202, written by a DEM from Louisiana, this Congress, and passed by VOICE VOTE in the House and headed to the Senate, expected to pass, ASAP.

    The Inspectors General can investigate anything, anywhere in government……. except the attorneys at the DOJ.
    This bill corrects that problem.

    Jason Chaffetz, former Congressman from Utah and Chair of Oversight Comm, explained in on FOX this morning.

    Liked by 14 people

      1. Yeah, I could never figure out why Weissman was not disbarred after ruining Arthur Anderson and being overturned at SCOTUS 9-0.
        That explains it.
        He was immune.

        Liked by 6 people

  13. so seeing the teases from Derschowitz that Soros got Obama to investigate “someone” yada, yada, yada…and he has the 302’s to prove it.
    HOW? how does he have the 302’s and HOW does he know? was he there when it was said?
    so tired of the bombshell teases–is he writing another book perhaps?

    Liked by 5 people

        1. I trust Dershowitz. I only hope that the FBI does not storm his house and search his place for the 202 ?
          We live in dangerous times. How did he get the 202 maybe through transparency Tom F?

          Liked by 2 people

        2. Yep. I do. He has been 100% ethical and in-line with his jurisprudence beliefs and convictions throughout the Trump Presidency. And he has taken a LOT of arrows for PDJT, too. He may be a democrat, but he is a man of ethics, morals, and integrity.

          Liked by 4 people

  14. TheLastRefuge
    · 5h
    BREAKING: (not yet confirmed) Senator James Lankford has stepped down, literally quit, the SSCI for this congress.

    No word on why, but I think many already know.

    There is no public statement per exit agreement. This might be interesting. Mr. @ChadPergram can you confirm?

    Liked by 4 people

          1. Me three. I know Langford’s name and what he looks like but had to look him up to know if hes honorable, which he seems to be. Unless they remove everyone left or arrest them, they may be getting a replacement we dont like.

            Liked by 2 people

          2. Totally agree with the indecipherable servings of alphabet soup. Yes . . . pet peeve.

            I guess that in the rush to say things, it might be forgotten that the primary purpose of a post is to actually communicate in an understandable fashion with the readers.

            Liked by 5 people

          3. I agree. It is a similar problem with articles with techical jargon, where abbreviations are rife, that someone is writing enthusiasticallly at length about some TLA (Three-Letter Abbreviation) without ever even expanding it so it would actually be apparent if the whole thing is about a process, a device, a chemical, a manufacturing method or whatever. Back in the days of college, I learned that these should generally be expanded the first time they are used, so subsequent references to the same TLA would be sensible. I see this principle is being followed in articles in the various IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers) publications, though I am not definitely sure if it is an actual documented required best practice. It can certainly be recommended.

            Same with political, medical, or other terms. The Senator that quit the SSCI [ where the explanatory (Senate Select Committe on Intelligence) is missing]; first question for anyone not well-acquainted with all the various committes and other entities, as well as all their names and abbreviations, would not know what to make of this. Is it good, is it bad, is it something that along with $5 bucks is enough for a coffee at the coffee shop at the closest corner…

            Liked by 7 people

              1. Maybe he was fooled by the name of the committee……”Intelligence”….
                He may have thought that meant “Smart”.
                Look who’s on the committee…..
                Zero “Intelligence” there 🙂

                Liked by 2 people

  15. Homeland Security waives contracting laws for border wall

    SAN DIEGO (AP) — The Trump administration said Tuesday that it will waive federal contracting laws to speed construction of a wall at the U.S.-Mexico border.

    The Department of Homeland Security said waiving procurement regulations will allow 177 miles (283 kilometers) of wall to be built more quickly in California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. The 10 waived laws include requirements for having open competition, justifying selections and receiving all bonding from a contractor before any work can begin.

    The acting Homeland Security secretary, Chad Wolf, is exercising authority under a 2005 law that gives him sweeping powers to waive laws for building border barriers.

    Liked by 16 people

    1. This IS a huge step forward. Federal contracting is nothing but a maze of road blocks to not only slow, but stop progress.

      Wonder who figured out the obvious impediment to wall building. Months ago, Jared was tasked to assist with the wall project…SPEED UP THE WALL. Ask enough questions to determine why something is not happening faster and figure a solution. Work smarter, new regulation, streamline process, OR waive a regulation.

      This revelation to waive contracting regulations is an obvious one. Bureaucrats wouldn’t think of it. Same as waiving the obnoxious environmental regulations. OR, changing the tide on illegal immigration…President Trump’s team have upended stoopid regulations and even created some to stem the illegal flow.

      While I am incredibly thrilled with all the wall funding, contracts, progress, even wall completed. THIS should accelerate actual wall construction. Fantastic it is.

      Liked by 10 people

  16. Liked by 9 people

    1. “whose also a lawyer” . . . I wonder . . . will we be now subjected to endless speculation concerning the use of “whose” vs “who’s” because PTrump ALWAYS tweets so carefully that there must be a wealth of hidden meanings in what initially may be seen as a grammatical error?

      Liked by 7 people

    2. Interesting “your” versus “you’re”. I’m certain VSGPDJT knows the difference, and character limits are no consideration either. Hmmm. Implying the foreperson is Pwned???

      Liked by 4 people

  17. Liked by 10 people

      1. That periodic drip has become pretty constant.

        My guess is dismissal of charges, new trials, judges resigning… Sort of like DOJ lawyers resigning. Yea, I dream when guessing.

        Liked by 2 people

      1. Please forgive me . . . I seem to be on a tear today, but bullfighting is a gruesome, sadistic sport akin to dog fighting and cock fighting, except there is a pretty boy with a red cape involved. And, yes, there is skill involved, but also a choreographed set of procedures that leads the enraged bull down the path to total exhaustion, where is is grandly dispatched with a flourish by said pretty boy.

        Blood sports . . . they’ve been tickling the fancies of lusting spectators since before the days of gladiators, Christians and lions.

        Liked by 4 people

          1. “After the matador kills the bull, it is sent to a slaughterhouse. Its meat is then sold for human consumption, according to various sources,”

            “In the past, meat from fighting bulls was used for dog food or animal feed, but today, “the meat is being rediscovered as part of, like, the whole organic craze,”

            “Fighting bull flesh has uses beyond the butcher shop: It is also processed for pet foods, animal feeds and processed foods for humans,”

            “because the toro bravo [fighting bull] is neither bred nor reared for the flavor and texture of its meat — it is leaner and tougher, living much longer and living wild — a lesser proportion of its flesh is used for unprocessed human consumption (as opposed to as gelatin, processed foods, animal and pet feed) than that of cattle bred and reared exclusively for that purpose.”


            Liked by 2 people

        1. I surrender.

          It was just an analogy… meant to describe Trump’s trolling, agitating, provoking the left.

          In a way, Trump toying with leftists is like a lion or any cat with its prey.

          But that’s also a blood sport …to the cat, that is.

          Liked by 5 people

    1. Our Daughn24/7 has already got Colorado Springs in the hole and waiting. Likely already has Vegas and Phoenix done as well! She’s no slacker, our Mississippi Queen!

      Liked by 12 people

            1. … awwww … 😔🤚❤️ … shucks ..

              In we were supposed to get icy rain Monday night but didn’t and I was very glad for that. Ice is dangerous, slip and fall and you could break something. I broke my left wrist slipping on ice, it was just awful .. 😫😢🤚

              … please be careful pat … ❤️ .. till spring then bust loose .. 😜👍❤️

              Liked by 2 people

              1. Whoa 😳🤚‼️ … that’s awful Pat, you be careful with the dadgum ice sweetie .. ❤️ … my brother went to a sporting good store and bought a pair of cleats to wear over his winter walking shoes … the sidewalks he uses for his daily morning walk are public walks ways and they city doesn’t clear the ice/snow off them … 🙂

                Liked by 1 person

              2. this was years ago–in the parking lot of the company i worked for. the boss saw me fall and called an ambulance–I said i don’t need one–I can wiggle all my toes, I’m fine.
                I was wrong…

                Liked by 1 person

              3. Oh 😮 … oh my, he didn’t salt the lot, what a maroon, a libel maroon. It sounds like you were covered when you fell and injured yourself, … good 🧐🤨👍❤️‼️
                So he wasn’t a nice guy he was a pud ..

                Liked by 1 person

              4. he really was.
                I remember sitting on the ice waiting for the ambulance–I was leaning back on my hands–well the boss and another guy didn’t want me sitting on ice, so they tried to slide a piece of cardboard under me– knocking my arms out of the way in the process. I fell back on the ice and banged my head–I was lucky they didn’t try to help me any more before the ambulance got there! LOL

                Liked by 1 person

              5. Wow 😳🤚 … too bad you didn’t have pepper spray with you … or .. or .. scream at the top of your lungs .. “STOP YOU’RE HURTING ME … AHHHHHHHH THE PAIN‼️‼️ .. ☺️👍🤨

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  18. Well —
    According to 700LWL; 710WOR; LA Times; CNN; NPR;NBC News; New York Times —
    The BOY SCOUTS of AMERICA organization has filed for bankruptcy. This is apparently due to hundreds of sexual abuse lawsuits filed by former members of the group, some lawsuits detail abuse going back to the 1940’s.
    Now that the organization has filed for bankruptcy, these lawsuits are on hold.

    Liked by 7 people

    1. That is to be expected. Same thing happened to the Catholic Church with all its predator priests.

      Rex Tillerson helped instigate the Boy Scouts cave-in to the gay activists. He allowed the change to gay scouts/gay leaders.

      NOT a good thing. I have personal knowledge of a gay leader in a small town in the 1950s who led the boys into experimentation – that harmed and affected them the rest of their lives.

      Same sex attraction is a symptom, an identity development issue, an abnormality. It is not a sign of another ‘identity, orientation or gender’

      Liked by 5 people

  19. Liked by 11 people

  20. Liked by 10 people


    RICHMOND, Va. ( – Virginia Democrats stormed out of the state’s House of Delegates when a local pastor condemned abortion and so-called gay marriage.

    Invited to give the opening prayer, Rev. Robert M. Grant Jr. last week warned state lawmakers of God’s wrath on those who reject biblical principles and greenlight abortion and sodomy.

    Liked by 9 people

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