Dear KAG: 20200218 Open Thread

Welcome to the 15 minute, standing meeting Tuesday Daily thread. With all the winning going on, mood music calls for something less war-like. Time for some battle music:

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Fellow tree dweller Wheatie gave us some good reminders on the basics of civility in political discourse:

  1. No food fights.
  2. No running with scissors.
  3. If you bring snacks, bring enough for everyone.


From the Book of St. James, Chapter 1:

Blessed is he who perseveres in temptation,
for when he has been proven he will receive the crown of life
that he promised to those who love him.
No one experiencing temptation should say,
“I am being tempted by God”;
for God is not subject to temptation to evil,
and he himself tempts no one.
Rather, each person is tempted when lured and enticed by his desire.
Then desire conceives and brings forth sin,
and when sin reaches maturity it gives birth to death.

Do not be deceived, my beloved brothers and sisters:
all good giving and every perfect gift is from above,
coming down from the Father of lights,
with whom there is no alteration or shadow caused by change.
He willed to give us birth by the word of truth
that we may be a kind of first fruits of his creatures.

As always, prayers for the fight against that which seeks to enslave us are welcome. Via con Dios.

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  1. NASCAR Driver Found Dead One Month After Being Released from Jail for ‘Anti-Asian’ Attack

    Former NASCAR driver Candace Muzny was found dead in her Oklahoma City home Monday. She was 43 years old.

    While no cause of death has been reported, police are considering her death “suspicious,” according to KOKH.

    Investigators are waiting on the report from the medical examiner’s office before making any assumptions.

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    1. The loving, tolerant left.

      I feel for them, actually.

      PDJT has been kicking so much liberal ass and taking names…..with a LOT more coming….that it’s kinda understandable why these children are so emotionally disturbed.

      They’ve never been taught how to lose, because they were never forced to compete.

      I blame the adults on the left who had a hand in creating such mobs.

      So will God.

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      1. Regarding Blago’s commutation by President Trump. I consider the attempted sale of a senate seat an extremely seriious crime, and on top of that, I think Blago was very arrogant, showing no contrition or humility with regard to what he did. Despite that, I did appreciate he did not want to raise taxes on the citizens of Illinois, unlike just about every other politician, especially the democrats. We have had very few honest governors in Illinois during my lifetime, and many of them have gone to prison, deservedly. It is an embarrassment.

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        1. I tell you – NOTHING will shake them up quicker than a threat to the federal money drug. “The spice must flow.”

          I was just thinking about the affirmative action scandal, and how all sides were in on it because the federal money to universities was so huge. It took me a long time to realize that many ostensibly opposed forces were actually in larger league.

          Threaten THAT stuff, and even the COMMIES will back off.

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      1. Ugh, believe it or not I have a Journalism degree from that University. Of course that was over 30 years ago, still remember my class on Ethics in Journalism, lol. I also remember hating Reagan and voting for Jesse Jackson. Thankfully I grew up. Let’s hope these young adults do too.

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  2. Lawsuit: City of Dallas Running Owner out of Business
    Dallas has long targeted Jim’s Car Wash, even using the owner’s frantic 911 calls as evidence against him.
    By Robert Montoya
    February 17, 2020

    Dallas’ city government has been targeting a local small business on the south side to allegedly force the owners to sell, going so far as to use the taxpayer’s own calls to the police as evidence against him. The attorney representing the owner alleges it is all because his client won’t play the Dallas political game.

    Jim’s Car Wash, owned by Fred Davenport and operated by his son Dale in south Dallas, has been under siege from city authorities for 15 years. City officials have long blamed Davenport’s business as the cause of rampant crime in the area. However, Dallas’ own data shows that while the area the business is located in does have a crime issue, it’s not within the zones highlighted by the city as being especially high.

    This hasn’t stopped the city from targeting the business. A Dallas judge forcibly closed Jim’s Car Wash last year based on the city’s claim that Davenport was operating a public nuisance. Davenport still pays taxes and gets ticketed by the city, but his business is shut down.

    Yet the city’s claim has lost credibility in light of recent evidence obtained by Davenport’s attorney, Warren Norred, who successfully forced Dallas to turn over a treasure trove of public records. They include 20 months’ worth of 911 calls made by Davenport’s business to the police, in which he reported criminal activity occurring near his property.

    The records of 911 calls filled 414 single-spaced pages.

    Davenport’s business has a long history of reporting crimes and testifying about Dallas’ abuse of public nuisance laws; fourteen years ago, Davenport was a witness before a Texas legislature investigative committee looking into this. The committee chastised the city for running what the report called a protection racket.

    . . .

    The 911 calls, for the most part, have resulted in no significant action from law enforcement to address crime. Part of the reason for the lack of enforcement is that the police are short-staffed. “Dallas has about 3,000 officers right now, which is 1,000 fewer than it had a decade ago,” Norred said.

    “The city of Dallas does not prioritize safety in the south Dallas area.”

    . . . Davenport, for his part, has tried to help. He fought for and got an additional tax levied on all businesses in the area to support funding for an increased police presence.

    He deliberately worked for a higher tax on himself to pay for additional security, which is fairly unusual,” Norred said.

    Instead of Dallas spending this new revenue on more police, Norred added, they gave it to a now-defunct business called Hip Hop Government. . .

    . . . Continued . . .

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  3. New Study: Greenland’s Largest Glacier Has Rapidly Thickened Since 2016…Fueled By 1.5°C Regional Ocean Cooling

    Greenland’s largest glacier (Jakobshavn) has quite abruptly thickened since 2016. The thickening has been so profound the ice elevations are nearly back to 2010-2011 levels. The nearby ocean has cooled ~1.5°C – a return to 1980s-era temperatures.

    The world’s glaciers have not been following along with the CO2-driven catastrophic melting narrative.


    For example, in a study of 50 Alaskan glaciers for the warming period between 1972-2012, researchers (McNabb and Hock, 2014) found there was

    “…no corresponding change in the number of glaciers retreating nor do we see corresponding acceleration of retreat rates. To the contrary, many glaciers in the region have advanced…”


    In the Southern Hemisphere, an accumulating collection of (29) referenced studies (Lüning et al.,2019) indicate that not only has the Southern Ocean, Antarctic Peninsula, West Antarctica, and East Antarctica been cooling or not warming in recent decades, but many regional glaciers have begun advancing again.

    Greenland’s ice sheet mass losses have significantly decelerated since 2013 – a reversal from the rapid retreat from the 1990s to 2012 driven by cloud forcing and the NAO (Ruan et al., 2019).

    The 47 largest Greenland glaciers also experienced a “relatively stable” period of rather insignificant retreat from 2013 to 2018 (Andersen et al., 2019).

    Only 21 of the 47 Greenland glaciers retreated in 2018, 12 advanced, and the other 14 showed no trends in either direction (Polar Portal, 2019).

    Greenland’s largest glacier, Jakobshavn, earned headlines in 2019 for it’s surprising and non-predicted rapid thickening in recent years.

    New Study
    A new study (Joughin et al., 2020) finds that the Jakobshavn glacier thickening that began in 2016 has continued apace, and ice elevation has now nearly completely returned to 2010/2011 amplitudes.

    The authors attribute much of the glacier advance to the rapid 1.5°C ocean cooling impacting the region in recent years.

    Ocean temperatures have returned to 1980s-era levels.

    Image Source: Joughin et al., 2020

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  4. In Chula Vista, CA: Officials lied to public about Drag Queen background checks, MassResistance FOIA request reveals
    Another chapter in the sordid story of pro-LGBT politicians pushing a depraved agenda
    MassResistance parents fighting back every step of the way!
    February 17, 2020

    VIDEO: Watch for yourself as Chula Vista, CA, officials lie to the public about background checks on “Drag Queens.” (1 min 34 sec)

    A Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request by MassResistance has revealed that the Mayor and a City Councilman in Chula Vista, CA, blatantly lied to the public about criminal background checks being done on the “Drag Queens” reading to children in the city’s public library.

    . . . on Feb. 11, 2020, Arthur received this interesting answer from Tamisha Woods, Sr. Records Specialist in the Office of the City Clerk:

    I have been informed by staff that there are no responsive records to your request, however the City does not require background checks for any of its performers as they only work with staff for less than twenty hours and the city has a standing policy that they are considered episodic volunteers and do not require a background check.

    In other words, there were no “complete background checks” at all. The library’s “vetting” process was not really much more than just checking any “references” the Drag Queens offered.

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    1. The irony of this twat….on the day POTUS is mulling commuting the sentence for the creep (a democrat and frmr Gov of IL) who tried to sell Obungler’s Senate seat to the highest bidder….is astounding.

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  5. Hurricane Watcher💥
    To clarify, POTUS is declaring that Chinese state media companies physically operating in the US are “offices of foreign missions.”

    This is a good step and should have been taken sooner. Better late than never.
    Quote Tweet

    Nick Schifrin
    · 4h
    BREAKING: Trump Administration is declaring Chinese state media in US “offices of foreign missions,” meaning personnel, property must be reported to State Department. Applies to @XHNews, @cgtnamerica,
    China Radio Intl., China Daily Distribution Corp.,
    Hai Tian Development USA
    Show this thread

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  6. Buttigieg: If Trump Refuses to Leave White House, He Can ‘Do Chores’

    A voter asked Buttigieg what he would do if Trump said, “No, this is all a hoax,” and refusing to concede.

    Buttigieg said, “I mean, if he won’t leave, I guess if he’s willing to do chores, I guess we could work something out.”

    He continued, “I think we want to set a goal of winning big enough that this election is way beyond cheating distance and that Trumpism goes into the history books, too.”

    Epic inbound DJT troll in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 . . .

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    1. Trump doing chores? For Pete?
      Actually, the 11yr old did a better job mowing the WH lawn than Pete would ever do.

      Don’t you just hate it when people try to be funny, and it doesn’t work…..and there is that awkward silence.

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  7. “Hottest” January? More Globaloney Bloviating from NOAA and the Media

    The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration on February 13 issued a press release claiming “January 2020 was Earth’s hottest January on record.” Predictably, mainstream media trumpeted the news. ABC’s treatment was typical.

    Some thoughts on ABC’s report—which are generally applicable to the press release and other media coverage as well:

    1. For an indication of just how sloppily people think about this issue, compare the URL (“”) with the headline (“January 2020 was the hottest in modern recorded history, NOAA says”) with the tagline (“There has never been a warmer January in 141 years of climate records.”). So which is it—hottest in earth’s history? hottest in modern recorded history? hottest in 141 years of climate records? Those don’t all mean the same thing.

    2. “The global land and ocean surface temperature in January was the highest on record for the month at 2.05 degrees Fahrenheit, surpassing a record set in 2016, NOAA scientists said in a press release Thursday.” More sloppiness. No, global average surface temperature in January wasn’t 2.05˚F. If it had been, people everywhere would have been shivering! That would actually have more likely been the coldest global average surface temperature in all the time since the earth was formed. Rather, the global average surface temperature was 2.05˚F above the mean for 1981–2010. That is, the anomaly from the mean for that period was 2.05˚F. Amazing that the reporter who wrote the story didn’t detect this problem. After all, she later wrote, “The average temperature [for the continental United States] over the 20th century was 30.12 degrees Fahrenheit.” Even that wasn’t actually true. What she meant to write was that the average temperature [for the continental U.S.] for January over the 20th century was 30.12 degrees Fahrenheit. For the globe as a whole, average temperature for the whole 20th century—every month of every year—was more on the order of 59˚F. Again, if it’d been 30.12˚F, we’d have been in a really deep ice age.

    3. “The four warmest Januarys documented in the climate record have all occurred since 2016, while the 10 warmest have occurred since 2002. January 2020 also marked the 44th consecutive January and the 421st consecutive month overall with temperatures above the 20th century average, according to the release.” As if somehow that were shocking? When you’re in a warming period, recent years will be warmer than years in the distant past. That has nothing to do with what’s causing the warming or whether the warming will continue.

    4. Now, was January 2020 warmer than January 2016? Not according to the most reliable (because the most truly global and the least subject to contamination by urban heat island effect, improper instrument siting, and inconsistent instrument and data handling, among other reasons) data we have: the satellite data. According to that, global average temperature’s anomaly from the 1981–2010 mean was 0.56˚C in January 2020, and 0.56˚C in 2016—the same. Meanwhile, many other months of the year were more than 0.56˚C above the 1981–2010 mean, as you can discover by clicking on the link to the satellite date and reading down the third column.

    5. Finally, a point about rhetoric. “Hottest” sounds like something we’d be able to detect with our unaided senses. But a difference in temperature of 0.56˚C (1.008˚F) is slight enough that most people wouldn’t feel it even if that were to characterize the “average temperature” of the room in which they were standing. . . . But when that’s the average not for a single room but for the earth as a whole—well, nobody, but nobody, can feel that with unaided senses, and it makes no difference to ecosystems or human wellbeing.

    So what we’re seeing is more of the typical journalistic fearmongering, driven by politicized science in government agencies like NOAA.

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  8. Rudy’s friend Bernie was on the list Trump pardoned

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    1. The DOJ went after Bernie, complete political persecution.
      PDJT nominated him for Homeland Security.
      They started diging into his background and had to withdraw the nomination
      Apparently, years ago, he had a housekeeping who was illegal, paid under the table.
      Kind of like Meg Ryan, CEO of EBAY who ran for Gov of California as a Repub
      Don’t remember her going to jail.

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    1. Was Sander’s tweeting from his lake house he bought with the $$ he got from endorsing Hitlery after she rigged the DNC primaries against him?

      Asking for irony.

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    1. Somebody should put a sandwich board sign at the front of that line saying,

      Job Applicants – Line Up Here In Single File.

      This will cause them to Feel the Bern in a new way and result in an insane scattering of Bernie Bros.


  9. Earlier today I asked about John Mappin. Is he legit? Does he know things? Is he a brilliant marketer? I just came across this article, and found it interesting.

    February 16, 2016
    Today Camelot Castle, England formally recognized Donald Trump’s Humanitarian Deeds and Services to Humanity and awarded him an Honorary, Hereditary Camelot Castle Knighthood – Henceforth at Camelot Castle Donald Trump shall be referred to as Sir Donald Trump of Camelot. …

    …This Historic and noble, very rarely granted honor, “The Excalibur Award” was awarded to Mr. Trump along with the Arms and Colours of Camelot Castle for extending tremendous courage and noble intentions towards his country and to the world….

    More at the link.

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  10. Roscoe B Davis🎖⭐️⭐️⭐️
    Judge Amy Berman Jackson had denied the Stone motion for mistrial based on the bias displayed by multiple jurors, plans to sentence as scheduled.

    This will be an easy overturn upon appeal.
    11:29 AM · Feb 18, 2020

    Roscoe B Davis🎖⭐️⭐️⭐️
    Replying to

    I stand corrected, I have actually seen her ruling now and it was being misreported, all she turned down was the motion for delay.

    Judge claims she’s still studying the motion for mistrial, and will rule on it by the sentencing schedule.

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  11. Reposting this amazing post by DP, because I agree with it 100%.

    This is the only logical explanation for all we are witnessing under the Trump administration…

    …which has, quite literally, taken on the entire world’s established power structure and is dismantling it as if it were child’s play.

    I have yet to see a theory that logically matches this one.


    Back before Q had a huge following, and The Great Awakening was still up, and the chans were getting a lot more leak type information before 8chan was deplatformed, I saw a post that disappeared. It was almost as if I was meant to see it, but I’m sure others saw it as well. That post talked about the plan being an outgrowth of the Korean conflict and a military operation. Development had been ongoing since Eisenhower. Donald Trump was recruited to be the public face of it after making a name for himself. In 2004, Trump did The Apprentice claiming there was a skill he needed to acquire. I know it’s fantastic to believe, but in the first 1500 or so of Q posts, in the first six months, there’s a lot there about JFK that is not mentioned much anymore, but this has been in the works since before his assassination is what I get out of the totality of information I have seen.

    The real war is between the CIA and NSA, and it’s been going on since 1952 – and that was decades AFTER the Central Bank and the Military Industrial Complex set their sights on American taxpayer dollars as their target. Draining the swamp is just part of it. The rot was there long before Reagan. It was there before Truman, truth be told, and probably back to at least Wilson, maybe even Taft.

    Planning for something THIS BIG when it actually goes down AFTER all the cabal assets and arsenal are destroyed, doesn’t happen in such a short period of time. I used to work HUGE outdoor events. The logistics were ridiculous, and the first events always took a year to develop the blueprint for succeeding years. Everyone had a job to do and were briefed just on what they were to do. Just the plan for the St. Patrick’s Day Parade is three inches thick, and the same sort of thing applies. THE PLAN as in the Q plan had to be in development for quite a while, never mind execution which I believe began with getting personnel in place for the last 10 years or so.

    I know I’m in the minority on this, and just about everything I have to say will be refuted, but remember that the picture taken in October 2017 of “The Calm Before The Storm” the people in it were military high brass and their wives. Ever wonder why?

    Full Picture Less than 10
    2 Nov 2017 – 7:03:36 PM
    You can count the people who have the full picture on two hands.
    Of those (less than 10 people) only three are non-military.
    Why is this relevant?
    Game theory.
    Outside of a potential operator who has been dialed-in w/ orders (specific to his/her mission) nobody else has this information.
    Operators never divulge.
    Alice & Wonderland.

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    1. Wiki entry for game theory which I will work on studying between other tasks, like memorizing a 2-hour Zingspiel.

      Game theory is the study of mathematical models of strategic interaction among rational decision-makers.[1] It has applications in all fields of social science, as well as in logic, systems science and computer science. Originally, it addressed zero-sum games, in which each participant’s gains or losses are exactly balanced by those of the other participants. Today, game theory applies to a wide range of behavioral relations, and is now an umbrella term for the science of logical decision making in humans, animals, and computers.

      Modern game theory began with the idea of mixed-strategy equilibria in two-person zero-sum games and its proof by John von Neumann. Von Neumann’s original proof used the Brouwer fixed-point theorem on continuous mappings into compact convex sets, which became a standard method in game theory and mathematical economics. His paper was followed by the 1944 book Theory of Games and Economic Behavior, co-written with Oskar Morgenstern, which considered cooperative games of several players. The second edition of this book provided an axiomatic theory of expected utility, which allowed mathematical statisticians and economists to treat decision-making under uncertainty.

      Game theory was developed extensively in the 1950s by many scholars. It was explicitly applied to biology in the 1970s, although similar developments go back at least as far as the 1930s. Game theory has been widely recognized as an important tool in many fields. As of 2014, with the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences going to game theorist Jean Tirole, eleven game theorists have won the economics Nobel Prize. John Maynard Smith was awarded the Crafoord Prize for his application of game theory to biology.

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      1. Moar, as in the first type of game theory that seems to fit this situation.

        Cooperative / non-cooperative
        Main articles: Cooperative game and Non-cooperative game
        A game is cooperative if the players are able to form binding commitments externally enforced (e.g. through contract law). A game is non-cooperative if players cannot form alliances or if all agreements need to be self-enforcing (e.g. through credible threats).[1]

        Cooperative games are often analyzed through the framework of cooperative game theory, which focuses on predicting which coalitions will form, the joint actions that groups take, and the resulting collective payoffs. It is opposed to the traditional non-cooperative game theory which focuses on predicting individual players’ actions and payoffs and analyzing Nash equilibria.[2][3]

        Cooperative game theory provides a high-level approach as it describes only the structure, strategies, and payoffs of coalitions, whereas non-cooperative game theory also looks at how bargaining procedures will affect the distribution of payoffs within each coalition. As non-cooperative game theory is more general, cooperative games can be analyzed through the approach of non-cooperative game theory (the converse does not hold) provided that sufficient assumptions are made to encompass all the possible strategies available to players due to the possibility of external enforcement of cooperation. While it would thus be optimal to have all games expressed under a non-cooperative framework, in many instances insufficient information is available to accurately model the formal procedures available during the strategic bargaining process, or the resulting model would be too complex to offer a practical tool in the real world. In such cases, cooperative game theory provides a simplified approach that allows analysis of the game at large without having to make any assumption about bargaining powers.

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    2. I think the beginnings of a plan to deal with things have always been easy to see in the Roosevelt / Truman / Ike triad. Roosevelt let in the socialist contagion, being a bit of a fellow-traveler. STATE was primarily affected, but infiltration everywhere. Truman took a while to get up to speed, and realized he’d been duped by the creation of the CIA, which was a cherry mash – tasty chocolate on the outside and RED on the inside, that allowed for an allowed presence of an infected spy apparatus, ostensibly working outside the US, but in fact with a mission INSIDE as well. China and Korea delivered a nasty present from Truman to IKE, who realized that we had to do something, but was also dealing with “other” things from “other” interested parties, and realized the immensity of the problem. CIA was thus allowed to pursue its “world-gov” plots and aspirations, with some pretense that it was actually getting away with things, while “The Plan” began figuring out how to out-flank the mess.

      JFK was approached by the white hats after too much betrayal by CIA, and was taken out when it was clear that he was wise, throwing things to the fat corruptoid.

      History continued.

      How does such a plan survive long enough to reach critical effect?


      My only question is whether Bill Cooper was planned or unplanned.

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      1. According to that post on 8chan that I saw that disappeared, it was the Pentagon that figured out they were being double crossed. They would send Korean War battle plans in to the UN since it was a UN initiative, and they’d get slaughtered in the field. So, the Pentagon high brass being the Pentagon high brass, they sent in fake battle plans, and sure enough, the opposition set up for that scenario.

        That, apparently, is why the NSA was signed into being.

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          1. Then Congress double crossed the military in ‘Nam. I can remember the officers & sergeants complaining bitterly at the hi-bys. They wanted Congress to get out of the way and LET them win the war.

            Afghanistan after Hitlery was Sec of State, was the same problem as Korea. The enemy KNEW where the troops would be. So they sent in the plans AFTER THE FACT.

            (I really wish I had kept that comment from the guy in Afghanistan.)

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      1. Most welcome, Zoe.

        And please accept my apologies. I’ve been slacking on posting the text to tweets so you can see them.

        I’m going to renew that push for you.

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    3. I have also thought President Trump was ‘groomed’ for the job.

      His Uncle Fred
      5 years of military school (BUT NOT wasted as cannon fodder in ‘Nam)

      Wharton School
      WWIKI: “Wharton’s MBA program is ranked No. 1 in the United States according to Forbes[5] and No. 1 in the United States according to the 2020 U.S. News & World Report ranking… The Wharton School is the world’s oldest collegiate school of business…”

      Then there is his mentor, Dr. Norman Vincent Peale.
      Dianne West mentions he is the antithesis of Comey’s mentor, Karl Paul Reinhold Niebuhr. Interesting that “Last year, Barack Obama cited Reinhold Niebuhr (1892-1971) as one of his favorite philosophers.”

      January 20, 2009
      …Citing a deceased theologian with a German name seems sophisticated, and Jimmy Carter likewise often pointed to Niebuhr, and justifiably so. Niebuhr was probably the 20th century’s finest ethicist in the liberal Protestant tradition….

      Niebuhr always remained left of center politically, endorsing the New Deal and welfare state, and heartily endorsing civil rights….

      Dianne West is a lot less forgiving pointing out, that like all good ‘Agents of Influence’ Niebuhr remained difficult to pin down by changing as needed.


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    1. No Mr. President, your approval rating IS at 70%. The filthy, lying, disgusting media hacks are suppressing your real numbers.

      You keep being you.

      #LANDSLIDE 2020

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      1. Right FG&C… he is probably giggling while he says 50… trollin’, doncha know 😉

        DIMs just tried to mpeach/remove him, and he’s rockin’ ……………………..

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        1. Spring training has started, so it’s time for a baseball analogy.

          POTUS is the best baseball hitter in MLB history, politically speaking. The dims have been throwing their nastiest, filthiest stuff at him, but he homers off of them every time. He’s so frigging good they’ve tried throwing intentional balls to the opposite side of the plate….I mean stuff WAY outside….but he just steps over and still hits a homer.

          Gotta believe the left’s power players are now truly frightened of the man.

          They are staring his re-election right in the face, after which he can take his gloves off and fight unhindered by the need to get re-elected. And he may very well have GOP majorities in both chambers of Congress.

          So that’s 2 sports analogies…

          …because it’s two-fer Tuesday.

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          1. “Gotta believe the left’s power players are now truly frightened of the man…..”

            I have to believe the brains got taken out.

            Maurice Strong DEAD

            David Rockefeller DEAD

            Zbigniew Brzezinski DEAD

            Prince Al Waleed DEFANGED

            Rothschild Fire Sale in Austria

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        1. Sarah Lawrence…that school was part of the plot of a movie titled “10 Things I Hate About You.” Knowing that marketing departments pay for placements in entertainment fare…why that movie?

          2nd comment: that movie is a modern re-write of Taming of the Shrew. Shakespeare never goes out of style.

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              1. Such a scam! It took me a long time to realize what happened with CA3. The WHOLE WORLD was in on the scam. Everybody but the taxpayer. And one dumb honest rube who didn’t realize it.

                Trillions of dollars. They knew it was coming.

                They ALL knew it was coming.

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  12. Anyone ever thought about the incredible, delicious irony of POTUS’s last name, given everything at play, at stake, how it is all unfolding, and how POTUS lives up to his name??


    What does it mean to trump something?

    to outrank or defeat someone or something, often in a highly public way.

    Where did the word trump come from?

    The English word trump derives from trionfi, a type of 15th-century Italian playing cards, from the Latin triumphus “triumph, victory procession”, ultimately (via Etruscan) from Greek θρίαμβος, the term for a hymn to Dionysus sung in processions in his honour.

    What does the word trump mean in England?

    The verb “to trump” in British English means the same thing as in American English — either (1) to surpass or outdo someone or something, or (2) to play a trump card in a card game. The noun “trump” means the same too — most usually “trump card” to mean a decisive or advantageous move, resource, action, etc.


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    1. And Lord, haste the day when the faith shall be sight,
      The clouds be rolled back as a scroll;
      The Trump shall resound!
      and the Lord shall descend
      Even so, it is well with my soul!

      If you want to have fun, search Youtube for prophecy/rapture videos about Trump and Revelation:

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    1. He’s even better than Biden – for a wrestling match – Trump will trounce him good!

      No wonder he is more excited about taking him on than Sanders – Sanders has entranced the young with free stuff – what they do not realize is – they do not get to choose their I-Phones – they will all be the same – as will be their homes, cars (if they are lucky), and healthcare (if they qualify). Just as they live rent free in their parents’ basements – they will live rent free without the luxuries they enjoy at present.

      However – Trump – in his infinite wisdom – will be able to educate the young on the cruelty of socialism – since the education system appears to have skipped that part of history.

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  13. Remind me to tell Liawatha Lizzie about the summer of 1993, that we hear tell was a whole lot like the summer of 1844. See, in 1844, the Mississippi River came up so high, that Anheuser-Busch built the brewhouse just higher than that.

    And then there was 1973, one in the last five years, 1946 when my mom’s family was evacuated out of East St. Louis via johnboat, 1916 or so, 1967 which convinced the residents of STL that we really do need a flood wall…..

    Liked by 9 people

    1. Big mike presurgery? Or proof of bathhouse Barry’s proclivities? Or Jeremiah Wright’s notes and videos? Yeah I thought they came down as hard as they could criminally and publicly.

      Liked by 5 people

    2. Pardon the CNN reference. It was the first one that popped up…


      After the first jury was hung at 11 to 1 for conviction on key corruption counts, prosecutors tried again — winning the second trial and securing convictions on 17 of 20 corruption charges, including the shakedowns related to Obama’s Senate seat. Blagojevich was also convicted of shakedowns involving a children’s hospital, racetrack owner and a building executive.


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    3. Rumor is that Blago has become the lap dog (read: property) of an inmate named “Pinky”, which is a play on the size of Pinky’s thumbs as well as his favorite color.

      The fascinating thing is how accurate internet rumor can be.


      1. I see that now that there is an actual article at Fox. It was just a 2 sentence breaking news headline I first saw.
        I’m not yet jumping to any conclusions. Just passing the message.

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          1. Damn GWP says first reported by the Compost and confirmed by CNN, ABC and AP. Very misleading! Surely only confirming they are all reporting the same thing. NOT that the reports are confirmed. Circular reporting! Must be true if they’re all saying it!/s

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      1. If you were AG, GITMO would be adding new extensions – and the Marines would be very busy rounding up the criminals – including the Sanctuary City governors, CongressCritters, Obama holdovers in every department, and illegals hiding out holding their drivers’ licenses.

        Deportations would be up – and GITMO would be overflowing until they get the guillotines set up.

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        1. One thing I would definitely do is promote cruise ship dockings at GITMO, so that THE PEOPLE could actually SEE THESE JOKERS in the exercise yards! It would be a growth industry! Restaurants, souvenir stores, maybe a waterpark for the kids! 😉

          Get some LONG TERM PERFORMANCE DEALS with the “actors” in lieu of short rides to Old Sparky!

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    1. “…Barr is considering resigning over Trump’s tweets….”

      If true then he needs Grow-a-cet.

      If a Trumpian leak, it is the best fake news troll yet.

      Liked by 5 people


      Go get ’em Q……………………………

      A conspiracy huh?

      Look in the mirror FAKE NEWS… slime media……………………… you’re the CONSPIRACY!!

      Liked by 7 people

  14. Liked by 6 people

    1. Let’s tap the brakes.

      Who wants indictments now and risk PDJT’s re-election


      Guaranteeing PDJT’s election by delaying indictments for just a little while longer


      Yeah, that’s what I thought.

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