WORK THREAD: How In The Hell Did McCabe Skate?

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Violators will be temp-banned. Get used to it. Bad Wolf is in the War Room. He’s gonna make Sundance look like a softie. And there is FIGHTING in the War Room. Civility rescinded. Namby Pamby better get her ass out of here. I’m gonna make her cry with her widdle bullshit. We’re here to take down Ratseclisa and all her nasty coup friends.

Now – riddle me this – how the fuck did McCabe skate?

As far as I’m concerned, we got “OJ justice” on this. I hope you see what I did there. I reminded you that there is extremely strong precedent for the most “slam dunk” (COUGH) *MURDERER* getting off when PC, communism, shit-head media (remember what they did to Mark Fuhrman?), corrupt and ineffective criminal justice, and all that shit intervenes.

There are no guarantees here that whatever got McCabe off won’t work for Comey, Brennan, and all the others. No guarantees. And remember – in the OJ case, the forces of evil were not even CONTROLLING THE INSIDE. Yeah, the “Hollywood” prosecutor’s office was highly compromised in 1000 ways, but it’s not nearly as bad as what we have here, with the wrong tribe basically in control of the reservation, and Chief Barr nominally in charge but – well, something is not right. Cigar store Injun?

NO amount of “tick tock” saves this. NO amount of “trust the plan” saves this. No amount of breathless Hannity saves this. No amount of Sara Carter’s fucking tits saves this.

Yeah, I get all the morale stuff – I’m not a fucking idiot, you know. But this is fucking war now and I don’t have time for stuff that keeps the merry band happy when we’re designing an actual battle plan. It’s GARBAGE – keep it out of my way when I’m in the War Room.

I was trying to figure out WHY this bothered me so much. WHY the moving goal posts of Q were just not working for me. THIS is why.

Very simple – I want to figure out what THE HELL happened here, construct a massive logic bomb based on that, and position it somewhere in front of everybody’s sliding goal posts. It’s time to make Q, Barr, Wray, and everybody else who is not named TRUMP live up to more rules than “somebody can get into Wolf’s WordPress account and impress him.” FUCK THAT SHIT. Ratseclisa’s FIB friends can do that, and very likely ARE doing that. I have FIB planes flying over me every week in their little planephag chaos circles. Can Q send planes? NOT IMPRESSED.

I trust TRUMP. I’m starting to demand bona fides from everybody else.


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    1. That was excellent Gail Combs. DH saw that all on a huge level in the steel industry. The corporates gave away the store to the unions when times were good.

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  1. You are pissed / confused because you are analysing the problem at the wrong level. Although that is unfair, cause I know you get what follows. I am just reiterating what is driving this.

    Remember, religion is upstream of culture which is upstream of politics. This confrontation is ultimately RELIGIOUS, and DC and Virginia is for HER / Leftism / Progressivism (vote 93% for Killary). Trump declared WAR on the swamp, so WAR is what you have, of the religious kind. They will NOT indict one of their own captains during a religious war. How many conservative lawyers are there in the world? And precisely how many of those would you find in DC / the DOJ? Can you find a jury that would find anyone in the swamp “Guilty”? Donald Trump famously said (paraphrase) that he could shoot someone in broad daylight and not lose his base – what make you think it is any different for THEM?!!! This is civil war where people are prepared to “die” for their core “beliefs”, not a kindergarten spat.

    I do not know if what Durham is doing can result in indictments outside of DC. If the answer is none, you are fucked, unless Gitmo comes into play. The only plus of this clusterfuck is that not all people are blind to the blatant hypocrisy and that you may be gaining some “deserters” from the nominal swamp.

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    1. That’s useful. This fits nicely with the OJ theory, because that outcome was largely driven by the religious ideals of the First African American Church of Low Self Esteem featuring Rev. Uhara Victim. Justice was subverted by appeals to religions outside those valuing truth as the top ideal.

      Interesting. People are going to have to work hard to beat this explanation.

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      1. Wolf. My 2c worth.
        A long time ago I read about one of Obama’s (undoubtedly illegal)EOs.
        This allowed the MSM to KNOWINGLY disseminate FLASE info as news. Ie PROPAGANDA.
        when Potus reminds this EO. they will not just be staring into the abyss, the abyss (american public in a white hot rage) will be staring into them.
        THAT ,IMO, is end game

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              1. Don’t know the penalties. Was Tokyo rose prosecuted? I think lord haw haw got the drop from the brits. Personal skin in the game

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              2. I think not being able to walk the streets will be enough for some, but others who knew it was all a hoax – they may need more.

                Not thinking a drop – not at all – but this can’t happen again.

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    2. You basically have to completely RESTRUCTURE the US government and that takes congress. THAT IS OUR JOB.

      Our enemies spent over one hundred years slowly getting the laws AND SUPREME COURT DECISIONS in place to castrate the US Constitution. While they were at it they destroyed our education system. That work actually came before the Federal Reserve Act.

      The dumbing-down of America is a planned scheme launched in 1898 by Progressive-in-Chief John Dewey.

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      1. As I said, religious. You have to convert people to the truth of underlying reality. They think that “Progressivism” IS THE BE ALL AND END ALL. You have to show them that they are progressing to annihilation in order to Awaken them.

        This is what the “Culture Wars” have been all about – it is them imposing their world views on the culture when they have power – this is what humans DO. Conservatives fight for their own world view – that is why no one here can pull your eyes away – it is existential.

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      2. You are right, Gail, about when the dumbing down of America began. Don’t think the gov can be fixed without getting rid of senior executive service started under Carter, much expanded under Obama. I don’t know who can or will tackle that at the source.

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    3. Like.

      It’s always been a spiritual war. Alinsky dedicated his damnable book to Lucifer.

      All justice is established on moral truth. Right vs wrong. When that truth is flipped on its head there can be no justice.

      Tyrants love to rule when there is no law, Rex lex.

      Make no mistake it is lawlessness. Two tiers is a misnomer. Their rules are they win and we lose, BAMN. Clear, simple, airtight explanation that explains past and accurately predicts their future actions.

      Lawlessness is the state of war. It is clearest when battles come to a head.

      I’m much more angry about Kavanaugh’s crucifixion than McCabe’s “skating” victory lap.

      I don’t have all answers, but the lawless insurgents do NOT run this country. They thought they did. Trump said no you don’t. This is the toddler tyrant temper tantrum fighting back oh yes we do.

      Acquitted for life. No you don’t.

      Elections still matter here. Barry said elections have consequences. Leftists don’t like the medicine when they have to take it.

      There are still a lot of ppl to awaken before November 3rd.

      We need the full House in November. Keep Senate. Reelect POTUS. Moar judges and justices. That is called the electoral mandate to cleanse the institutions.

      The corruption took decades to entrench itself. The false system is struggling to defend itself. Unless we are political office holders we are political outsiders and our power is to VOTE, educate others, and of course pray strategically for what we need to achieve victory in battle.

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      1. Yeah, plus much more. You have to win the institutions as well – which calls for a conversion of academia. How are you going to achieve that? They are filled to the brim with self righteousness and are indoctrinating your kids. They are zealous BELIEVERS …

        We are the enemy, from their point of view. They do not see themselves as corrupt – they are THE FUTURE.

        It will take a fundamental re-orientation of their world views ….

        And we do not “do” re-education camps …

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        1. Academia is all about the money. They were corrupted by the money. Cut off the money and you cut off the rot at its root.

          A TON of academic funding is government grants. That’s how they’ve taken it over. That’s where we need to lay our axe.

          In the late 1800s it was the industrialists who “bought” the academy. They started the corruption. They didn’t want virtuously trained men but good worker bees. George Marsden has more to say about this.

          But the start is to STARVE the beast. They will capitulate.

          Including cutting off foreign funding! Watching Pompeo and Mnuchin.

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          1. I agree, but much easier said than done. The West has become all about the money. Good luck cutting that off. GDP growth is king, and profits must be made. The little piggies are going to squeal up a shiff-storm and political pressure will be enormous. Suddenly “Freedom” of thought / speech will be re-discovered by the left – the hypocrisy will be rank.

            Jobs will be threatened and the youth will be mobilised.

            So this has to be done very cleverly, or we will lose that battle.

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            1. “…The West has become all about the money. Good luck cutting that off…..”

              You have to look a lot deeper than that Jason.

              Our corporations were taken over by the international Banksters. It is a long story but Corporations were to have ONLY a 20 year life span. They were NOT to be ever-living entities with the RIGHT to influence political campaigns via donations.

              Again it goes back to Congress and the Supreme Court.

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    4. Good points, JasonD. Didn’t we all talk about this before? Perhaps right after Mueller failed and talk began about Horowitz being little stuff and there would be no indictments for little stuff. I think the DOJ and media have made it seem like McCabe will never be indicted but that cannot be true. Being cut loose on smaller offenses does not grant immunity on subsequently brought larger charges. It is not a get-out-of-jail-free card though the media wants to dishearten us and make us walk away from the whole gigantic clusterfeck. I have wondered if this is a test of the public’s willingness to start a civil war over all the pain that should be coming to everyone we know has committed major crimes (treason). If you arrest Democrat offenders en masse but as a result start an all-out civil war, then what have you gained? An endless bloodbath of innocents and propagandized brown shirts? The war has not yet begun because there is no open warfare in the streets. So far only one side is committing violence and that’s the leftists. They are randomly committing violence against Trump supporters (Smollett et. al). On the other hand, if nobody is prosecuted for their leftist crimes, at what point will regular Americans start targeting the criminals themselves? We all know what they look like. Open season on those we all know are evil traitors would still cause the loss of our republic, right? McCabe is not the little hill I plan to die on. I, for one, refuse to give up on justice coming to the big fishes. I refuse to be angry or disheartened. I will continue to stand within the limits of the law and the ballot box. I could be persuaded to vote to eliminate all FBI HQ personnel and keep all the FBI Field Office and Legat special agents and analysts.

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      1. Yes Barb, we have chewed this cud before. We sort of understand the problem, but we have yet to come up with concrete answers how to fundamentally change people towards the good.

        DC is the heart of the swamp and their juries will hail their “swamp critturs” – they will NOT convict them.

        Unless Barr can solve this problem, you will not get convictions.

        Now the military will not even court martial Vindman for clear insubordination – so not sure where that leaves the Gitmo dream ….

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      2. Also, Barb, declination of prosecution is not exoneration. Double jeopardy is not entailed.

        It’s not a statement they think he’s not guilty. It just means they’ve decided at this time not to prosecute.

        Not only can they prosecute McCabe for other, bigger, “slam dunk”, offenses later, they can change their minds about the Horowitz-related charges at that time, and and roll those into the trial on the “slam dunk” stuff.

        I’m not an attorney. If an attorney sees my remarks, and wants to weigh in, that would be great!

        The news McCabe was not being prosecuted hit me this week like a (weak) punch in the gut. Then I washed it away like a bad taste from my mouth.

        Unlike many patriots, I didn’t take this announcement as a big reveal, or as anything caused by the Deep State or Black Hats. I’m with Bongino on this one: let’s see it play out, not get head faked by the Mockingwords du jour.

        I think it’s more likely to be the result of a strategic issue (and also of a technical legal issue that ongoing criminal investigations and the grand jury process are secret, both by design and in law.)

        Trying McCabe now would involve “discovery” (the legal term) of too much evidence that would interfere in ongoing White Hat efforts against the Big Fish, and tip off McCabe and his lawyers about what the White Hats know and whom else they will be going after.

        The same evidence will be used in many trials. White Hatted police and prosecutors are working their way up the pyramid now, and McCabe, as much as we hate his smug lying face, is too small to be worth jeopardizing the cases against those who were pulling the strings.

        This fall, as the Horowitz report was delayed yet again, and Gowdy and others were starting to deflate all the earlier big talk about it, and manage expectations, I was here in Wolf’s Treehouse laying down an ultimatum that Barr and the other lawyers were going to have to stop the delay tactics and start producing results visible to deplorables, or my attitude towards them was going to change.

        But now there is a ton of day-to-day news indicating progress on many legal fronts, as well as further hints that the game is bigger than we knew. We were thinking rhinoceros, but Barr and Durham keep coming across stinking fresh piles of brontosaurus* crap on the trail, so in legal terms they had to go and lock their Nitro Express in the safe and come back with a .50 BMG.

        Now, to mix the metaphor, we, who are used to seeing an empty ocean to the horizon, are finally starting to detect ripples on the surface caused by the motion of a whale of a criminal probe down below. In the spring or summer, when the whale breaches, it will stun!

        *or apatosaurus, or whatever the official current term for brontosaurus is.

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        1. Thank you, Covadonga, for your informative reply. I think you are right about the size and complexity of what they must be looking at. Spring or summer seems optimistic. I honestly think it is a herd of unusual size and scale. I had wondered if the transition to President Trump would truly happen or if something awful would transpire. That in itself was such a glorious miracle to me. I cried with relief, but it was just the start of seeking justice. It may take a decade to uncover all the fraud, graft, and crimes committed. For now, we are all in a much safer place. Prayers that continues for my lifetime and yours.

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          1. Barb, I agree it will take a decade or more. My point about spring or summer is that is when Mr. Barr has said Mr. Durham will be surfacing from his investigation. My hope and working hypothesis is that there will finally be arrests and indictments of some of our least favorite bad guys announced by then.

            And so I’m thinking the Eeyores and the more observant NPCs will have enough to chew on by then to keep them contemplative for awhile.

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    5. BTW, it was never Donald Trump who said, “I could shoot someone on 5Ave and not lose my base”. It was a NYReporter who wrote the article. Trump told the story of the article, about himself, while complimenting the large crowds which turned out for him during the election…….AND ……. how they were not fooled by the press misleading them.
      We were smart enough to see through the press.

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  2. QTree, moving at warp speed. Lovin’ where your mind is this morning, Boss! I’m right there with you. Time to figure it out.
    It’s not negativity. I’m ready to ride into virtual war, infuriated, full head of steam, to defend our President.
    And you’re right….. I can feel it.
    Everything has changed with the DOJ.
    It’s a “battle royale”.
    ONLY rational reason I can think of is what John Solomon alluded to…… “even thought they had a slam dunk case, the DOJ in DC knew they would have a hard time getting a conviction on a political case in DC which is 80-90% DEM…… the jurors wouldn’t vote to convict Andy McCabe in DC and the prosecutors don’t want to devote resources to a case where they cannot get a conviction…… Lou Dobbs nodded his head.
    Solomon Continued……. We don’t want to talk about it, but I’m afraid the DC juror pool has a larger influence that we think it does.

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      1. No matter how big the charge, a swamp jury ain’t going to pronounce “Guilty” on one of their hero’s.

        I cite you your OJ example. In fact, the bigger the charge, the prouder the swamp is of their hero ….

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        1. This could be really nasty. What it means is that once the crimes are actually connected to Russia’s Synthetic Black Communist Buttfuck Who Has Less American Black In Him Than I Do, But Who Made A Great Con Artist, And Was Imposed On America By Fucking Saudi Woman-Hating Barbarian Royalty, then the jury pool is actually likely to nullify on THE WORST CRIMES POSSIBLE.

          That’s bad news for “actual” justice “per se”. It means our “holy grail” of connecting their crimes to Obama does the OPPOSITE of helping. Connecting the crime to King Barry The Evil Toad makes them heroes to the treasonous left.

          Yup. This is great stuff. Means my gut reaction was right.

          Burn down FBI. Burn down DOJ. Move the fucking marble to Kansas and rebuild.

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          1. Wolfs, I recommend a 640 acre square section of land 20 miles north of Manhattan, Kansas. Its border ought to touch the northern limit of Fort Riley Military Reservation, just to keep all the Fibbers there “secure”. The buildings will look very impressive out on the prairie, where the ducks and wheat combiners can look at it all they want.

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      2. There was speculation at one time that this jury problem was what the other investigation was for.

        The illegal FISA warrants may have been signed in Washington, DC, and the illegal Clown/Clown contractor clownishness with dipping into wrong end of the SIGINT pool may have occurred in Langley, Virginia.

        But anons were thinking that the legal theory was that when the warrants were executed, or computer queries typed in, the actual data retrieval against Mr. Trump and his family and associates occurred at the NSA’s Bumblehive facility near Florence, in the red-pilled state of Utah. United States Attorney for the District of Utah: one John W. Huber, Esq.

        I’m still thinking “slam dunk” means there is clear evidence tying the perpetrators to major criminal wrongdoing in a jurisdiction sufficiently outside the ACELA corridor, whether in Utah, or somewhere else.

        I also think this spring is going to burst forth with fresh crime statistics showing the number of missing children reports filed in the US in 2019 was substantially less than in 2018, indicating that Whittaker and Barr continued the exemplary work of Jeff Sessions, whose own relatively brief tenure as AG resulted in that statistic declining by more than 8% from 2017 to 2018.

        Recent events involving Little St. John Island, NXIVM, Los Angeles’ Standard Hotel, Disney, La Luz Del Mundo church, etc. convince me that there are going to be a number of important criminal defendants in the previously untouchable VIP class, (I don’t know whom,) who will be facing charges on crimes against children.

        Methinks the particular jurisdiction in which each of these trials take place will, err, “play” a “smaller” role, so to speak, in framing the prosecutors’ legal strategies than in the case of the crimes against Trump.


      1. This means our best approach may be OUTRAGE THEATER. Piss off the whole country with every one of their evasions, until COUGH “they can’t walk the streets”.

        Wow. It’s almost like Q knew this was going to happen.

        Oh, shit, I talked about Q. FUCK IT. As long as Namby Pamby ain’t sayin’ “Oh, Bluto, Q’s gonna save us all! Have an ice cream sundae!”, then it’s OK to talk about goddamn Q in here.

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        1. Time to figure out what your rant is going to be and CALL the Congress critters on Monday and Tuesday and….

          Directory of Representatives

          REALLY GOOD SOURCE ===>

          Do not forget all the LOCAL offices as well as the DC offices. It is time to let them know we are PISSED!

          Unfortunately my Congress critter is not running for re-election AND we have a BLACK libertarian running against the Newbie as well as the DemonRat…. This is the typical way the DemonRats get in — DARN DARN DARN.

          OH, and they did a redistricting so it is mostly BLACK Raleigh, and LIBERAL Cary… If that district does not flip to Democrat I will be VERY surprised.

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    1. I wonder if Barr’s move on appointing an “outside” prosecutor is a signal that he could appoint other outside prosecutors – which ultimately means charges can be filed elsewhere than DC. It would make sense to lay out the framework before filling in the structure.

      This is the first time I can recall that someone has been appointed to take a look at these political cases – not directly involved with Mueller’s team or DC. It doesn’t mean there aren’t Swamp people (prosecutors) “out” there, but it could mean indictments “out” there.

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      1. Good point.
        And yes, Bill Barr has made use of “going outside of DC” to a great extent.
        Huber produced nothing…… thus far. I recall specifically Barr’s comments that “that investigation should bear fruit fairly soon”…. which was a niblet our side clung to…. hoping Hillary would be charged. We tracked planes from Little Rock, moving of boxes, etc. And we see nothing from Huber.

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        1. I’ve never had a feel for Huber, but he’s out there. We KNOW Durham, and everything I’ve read about him indicates he’s a man, who when he has a mission, goes to it. He’s also someone who was wronged at one point. He’s also younger than Barr… So many variables.

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      2. Durham is in Connecticut, right? I think there are lots of little things going on in many places around the US: Chicago for Smollett, Avenatti in NY and LA, Ed Buck in LA, We have been focusing on what the media is telling us still. We need to examine US Federal court decisions not organized by the particular court, but by the topic (immigration, public corruption, white-collar crime, terrorism, etc.) We need to find a list of court decisions over the last four years across the US and then do graph analysis (i2 Analyst Notebook, neo4J, Tableau, etc.) to see the trends and connections across time resulting from all the new judges that Trump and Republicans have put in place. To find a list like we need, we need to explore who has the big data sets. It will be hundreds of thousands of rows of data. I can look at places like findlaw, justia, govinfo, PACER, and so on. The DOJ and FBI should be looking at these things too to determine if they are making progress in improving justice achieved after 8 years of Obama internally breaking the system. The data would first need to be “cleaned” down to case type, defendants, date/time of indictment and opinion, docket #, court name, court location. There are probably a few more needed fields (or columns) of data to include. From there, one can connect the dots across time. How do we know if we are winning or losing if we don’t analyze the data?

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        1. This stands out,
          “We have been focusing on what the media is telling us still.”

          Despite all their friends in high places, the media, especially now couldn’t possibly have access to everything. It’s driving them crazy. Their job is disinformation. Outright lies. That’s never going to change, but in the meantime… POTUS tasked Barr and company to get the job done, get it done right.

          We’ll see what happens.

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        2. Let’s also hope the new Trump/McConnell judges hit the ground running with their mandate to interpret the law AS WRITTEN….and counteract the agenda of the $0r0$ DA and Prosecutors being sprinkled around the country.

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      3. “he could appoint other outside prosecutors – which ultimately means charges can be filed elsewhere than DC.”

        Yes, I very much hope so, too.

        But, remember, it is the evidence showing the crime is tied to a location outside DC and outside the rest of the blue-pilled bubble that is important, not the location of the prosecutor.

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        1. Hell – why is it legal to try ANYTHING in DC?

          Seriously – can that be an executive order based on the most basic constitutionality? Then pushed all the way to SCOTUS if need be?

          Let’s CHANGE OUR THINKING and basically state that “whenever the DC jury pool becomes a significant issue for anything more than parking tickets and land disputes, then it means that DC localism is improperly infringing on federal political issues, and such cases MUST and I mean MUST be sent elsewhere.”

          The idea that ONE CITY has predominance was ANATHEMA to the FOUNDERS. To let that principle proceed STRONGLY in LAW.

          “Redistribution of justice.”

          It will drive the beltway crowd FURIOUS, but it’s a solid angle of attack, IMHO.

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            1. Wolfs, and Barb,
              As one of our war objectives, as we decide to order them, let’s remove the three electoral votes from DC. Perhaps DC might have one electoral vote; tho I believe zero vote is better. Congress needs to govern DC better. Also, recover the DC land that was lost to Virginia.

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              1. Yes – the “DC problem” is real. It is ANTI-FOUNDER. It must become a principle that we remove all recursions which enable the state to self-preserve without the assent of the people.

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          1. Trials elsewhere probably require an amendment to the Constitution.

            Usually, the defendant has a right to be tried in the jurisdiction where the crime is alleged to have been committed.

            That is what is tripping us up here, that the perps all work and betray the country in the District of Columbia, which has very few deplorables. Mostly welfare recipients, bureaucrats, K Street lobbyists, college students, and elected officials. No chance of sympathetic, or even neutral, juries to adjudicate cases involving crimes against economically productive, patriotic Americans, or those acting in good faith on their behalf.

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            1. It is the self-segregating peer group problem – precisely predicted by the Founders. The basic problem is cited even in the Declaration. If we need an Amendment, so be it, but if we can find smaller solutions and a legal principle of some prior, actual, settled kind, which has been used to keep the federal government checked and balanced, then that may do for now.

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          2. Pentagon cases and Langley cases can be tried in Virginia, which theoretically would have a better jury pool. But that district (Eastern Virginia, iirc?) is still stuffed to the gills with bureaucrats, government contractors, and lawyers.

            Even worse, in the short term, is that Sundance has identified the current US Attorney in that district to be a male lawfare clone of Jussie Liu, though that can potentially be remedied with a personnel change. (See here, Jussie? Have I got a job for you, Jussie!)

            Military, and presumably Intelligence cases, can alternatively be tried in the military system, in Guantanamo Bay.

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      1. Usually a change of venue request in a criminal trial is filed by the defense, not the prosecution.

        Common understanding in the time of the Founding and of the Framing was that the accused had a right to a trial “in the vicinage.” The request could probably be filed by the prosecution, but I’m pretty sure if defense counsel then filed a motion to deny the prosecution’s request, the court would be Constitutionally obligated to deny the change of venue. The prosecution would basically be wasting the court’s time.

        And I’m pretty sure that if the prosecution filed in a DC court to change the venue to a red-pilled district, the defendant could then sue his former counsel for legal malpractice, with a pretty good chance of success, if they didn’t get the change of venue quashed.

        If the DoJ filed the charges in a court in Utah, or someplace else outside the bubble, which is how I think they would do it, the defense would probably challenge the DoJ’s theory of the crime, that the alleged acts could even plausibly be alleged to have taken place in that court’s jurisdiction, and therefore to ask the judge to rule the case outside his own competence, based on the defense theory that the DoJ had filed in the wrong district.

        This wouldn’t be the same as a request for a change of venue, because, if the court ruled in the defense’s favor, it would stop the trial process dead until and unless the prosecution refiled the case in a different court, or until the prosecution made a successful appeal in the circuit court for their favored district.

        I’m not an attorney, but I’m pretty confident on this, for a layman.

        Maybe Daughn, if she sees this, could ask her husband?

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        1. Many of these crimes involved international governments. I wonder if that could be a key reason to move the whole thing to MIL and Gitmo? And I’m not an attorney either but I think a lot. 🙂

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  3. Only other thing I gleaned…… from Tom Fitton.
    Paraphrasing: There are about 110K employees in the DOJ and Bill Barr needs to understand that this is NOT business as usual at the DOJ and Bill Barr needs to adjust his thinking about it. It’s no longer the DOJ of the 90s. He claims the DOJ is loaded with far left activist attorneys who claim to be neutral and “career” prosecutors. Fitton was furious, even more so than we were, pointed to his problem with getting FOIA requests, which could be solved by Bill Barr so easily.
    What I got out of it….. the heads of different divisions are the problems. THEY are the ones picking and choosing whom to target and Bill Barr is more of a figurehead, only steps in when there is a problem.

    It’s as though we need an organizational chart, to direct our IRE at a specific division head, and call for their OUSTING.

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    1. We have a problem with the Aussie ABC – no matter who the conservatives appoint to “run” the show, nothing changes with their far left reporting / opinions.

      The left have the institutions wrapped up – I do not know how to solve this without open civil war. It has to get worse, possibly MUCH worse, before conservatives will be allowed to de-fund them.

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    2. OUSTING – wholesale ousting of conservative/constitution-abiding DOJ lawyers – was done brazenly and ruthlessly – under both Clinton AND Øbominable.

      I well remember Christian Adams exposing the massive Ø purge.

      Remember – Ø also purged right-wing (right-minded) military.

      The media makes it a huge crime if PDJT fires anyone.

      Did Bush II purge and fire en masse like the Democrats do? Was there a media stink?

      Evidently, Wray and Barr are not partisan political purge advocates.

      Do we know/have documented evidence against McCabe?

      Did PDJT tweeting anything about McCabe? I only remember the tweet about McCabe’s wife receiving campaign support that was questionable.

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      1. We have documented evidence against McCabe. He did lie 4 times and 3 of the 4 were under oath. It’s spelled out in the OIG report on McCabe exclusively from Horowitz.

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        1. Yeah, something is very wrong here – SPECIFICALLY AT DOJ. Love your idea of an ORG CHART. This is how we bring the pressure and start OUSTING FUCKERS.

          I was OK with people setting up the background with the religious stuff this morning, but enough of that now – yeah, we get it. Close your Bibles, please, or you’re out of here.

          Let’s move on in EXACTLY the direction DAUGHN is going. SPECIFICS. We can talk Greco-Roman history every day while the tanks are parked in France, but the job is REMOVE FUCKING HITLER, so let’s get PATTON on this shit and MOVE OUT on real land.

          DOJ and FBI org charts and our own ratings on who the FUCK needs removal would be AWESOME.

          Maybe FITTON can help us.

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        1. Excellent. We need to start targeting individual heads of departments in DOJ. This will, of course, turn Barr against us. HA HA HA FUCK YOU, TEDDY BEAR. Get your house in order or the PEOPLE are coming to fix this shit.

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    3. That number seems so much bigger than what I remember just a year ago when I left. As last I knew, there were only about 6,000 special agents and the whole agency was about 35k. I thought that included contractors. If that number is right that means 65k contractors. weird. I had to check at How many people work for the FBI? The FBI employs approximately 35,000 people, including special agents and support professionals such as intelligence analysts, language specialists, scientists, and information technology specialists.

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  4. One more thing. Michael Caputo was being interviewed. I think he was on Tucker. and he was also run through the ringer of the Mueller special counsel. The Attorney Zelinsky who was in charge of Stone’s prosecution also questioned him.
    Caputo was wide-eyed telling the story of being questioned by Zelinsky. Said Zelinksky was yelling a female co-workers, berating them, and at one point, Zelinsky screamed………”I AM THE GOVERNMENT”.
    Caputo was telling this story as a wake up call for the public to realize the kind of people we’re dealing with at DOJ.

    THAT is the guy who went after Roger Stone.
    It needs to be a wake up call for us.
    These are NOT nice guys and we should be under no delusion that anyone at DOJ resembles Matlock or Perry Mason.

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    1. This is BEAUTIFUL, Daughn. Link THIS shit up with your ORG CHART idea and TOM FITTON and my willingness to say FUCK YOU TEDDY BEAR to Barr when he defends these RASCALS, and we start putting the BUG-BURNING MAGNIFIER on these fuckers.

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  5. One more thing, sorry I keep coming back.
    And I need more information on this one because I wasn’t really paying attention.
    Last night, there was a discussion of a new piece of legislation which has passed the HOUSE and is headed to the Senate.
    Apparently the OIG at the DOJ/FBI/ATF was not allowed to look at individual attorneys…… the employees of the DOJ. It’s the only agency in the federal government which has such immunity for employees.
    This legislation would CHANGE that status.

    I remember the info because it’s always surprising to get bipartisan legislation out of the Congress, but from what i THINK I HEARD, the bill passed the House overwhelmingly. And the pundits talking were encouraging swift passage in the Senate.

    Think about it. If a guy like Weissman could act with impunity and immunity, like he did with Enron… there is nothing to curb their unchecked power. I mean, Weissman destroyed Arthur Anderson, 80K jobs, and did it for his own ego. He was reversed 9-0 at SCOTUS. He put Merrill Lynch execs in jail…….
    I could never understand why Weissman was not disbarred after Arthur Anderson. Maybe this is the reason?

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    1. Daughn, this is AMAZING! It fits in EXACTLY with what we’re talking about – bringing the HEAT to DOJ at the micro, focused, BURN INDIVIDUAL PROBLEMS level. How the FUCK did this pass the rotten House? Yeah, it may allow PC dickheads to pull shit, but it helps US more.

      What a GIFT!!!

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    2. I will never ever forget (cousin by marriage) Sally Q Yates 56 page brief on why the National Security Division of the DoJ was EXEMPT from oversight by the IG.

      Of all the chutzpah.

      And when she was (justly) fired, the leftists made a mini-martyr of her, bestowing multiple meaningless awards and honors upon her. Bet she’s even now getting ‘$0r0$ bucks’ to keep herself afloat in her jobless state, or has a high-paying job at a leftist law firm.

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  6. (This place is empty, has everyone been banned before me??😳}

    Found this from Gorka. Was it narrowed to a Crooked matter only? McCabe said he’s been under a cloud for 2 years. Horrowitz FISA report didn’t drop until Fall 2019. So Gorka could be right about this, charge(s) that were dropped could’ve originated from April 2018 referral only, not Spygate matters.

    I checked Techno Fog, he hasn’t weighed in yet, but he’ll be the one to watch.

    This is from April 2018 IG report. This is McCabe was fired.


    As detailed in this report, the OIG found that then-Deputy Director AndrewMcCabe lacked candor, including under oath, on multiple occasions in connectio nwith describing his role in connection with a disclosure to the WSJ, and that this conduct violated FBI Offense Codes 2.5 and 2.6. The OIG also concluded that McCabe’s disclosure of the existence of an ongoing investigation in the manner described in this report violated the FBI’s and the Department’s media policy and constituted misconduct.

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    1. I’m not going to stop being pissed about it.
      McCabe did lie, he did violate procedure, in this specific case. It’s been proven and the DOJ did nothing about it. There is no excuse and the example it sets for the rest of the department is horrible.
      Why follow the rules?

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      1. Daughn we NEED to be PISSED.

        We also need to CALL our Congress Critters DemonRat or Reboob and RAISE WHOLE HELL! This is not a political problem it is a RULE of LAW problem that manifests as political.

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        1. Yes!!!!!!
          It’s time to make a whole LOT of noise.
          We cannot let the DOJ slither back underneath a rock, hidden, to continue their dirty work.
          It’s time to lay waste to the DOJ, tipping over the rocks, FULL sunshine and attention.
          We really do need an organizational chart at the DOJ.
          The thing they HATE THE MOST is attention from the public.
          Let’s deliver that attention. They cannot run away if they are fully visible.
          We really need support from The_Donald and the chans. The response needs to be massive. Like it was yesterday.

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  7. Sorry, I’ve got one more.
    Possible the only way forward without some kind of overthrow at DOJ.
    Alan Dershowitz was on last night with Hannity.
    Talked about the inability of the DOJ to police itself.
    Called for a Special Prosecutor of sorts to worm around the DOJ with massive authority.
    A hunter, if we can call it that.
    Problem is, he would step all over Durham’s investigation.

    He talked about the problem of “What is a Lie” or “Who gets charged for perjury?” and that the entire department needs ONE standard going forward. It would be a problem if the US Atty in St Louis looks at the Flynn case and says “That’s not a lie” and if someone else looks at the Stone case, and says, “this is a lie”…..
    ….. because we also have the Papadopoulis case, etc.
    There needs to be ONE standard, because different people/attorneys would have differing viewpoints…….. AND a charge of “Lying to the FBI/DOJ” is one of the most subjective cases (Weak) to bring to court.

    Now, the fact that Barr has already signed off on new directive = No investigations into campaigns unless the head of FBI AND the head of DOJ sign off on it.

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    1. I thought about a Special Prosecutor months ago. You mention Durham, they may be waiting for Durham to finish his investigation. It’s clear there are many cases and issues which appear tainted considering who worked on the cases. It’s not a one-man or woman clean up job.

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      1. Yeah, LP, there was a huge discussion I recall, on whether or not we needed another special prosecutor. Mueller was a waste of a special prosecutor. Tied up the administration for 2yrs and was effective politically for the other side.
        Sessions thought these matters COULD be resolved within the DOJ. On paper, they should be. But it’s too political now.

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        1. The department that appoints these people (OSC) was extremely corrupt – that was how they could make sure to get Mueller. They were in charge of whistleblowers – obviously Brennan and Obama had to corrupt that shit badly. Not sure if it has been fixed. I personally don’t trust OSC, let alone a special prosecutor. Frankly, I would prefer to have the whole special prosecutor stuff RESCINDED as unconstitutional, and I think that the Mueller FARCE demonstrates that they’re Stalinist bullshit.


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          1. I agree with you there.

            We need a way to make these Prosecutors PERSONALLY LIBEL when they pull this shit like NOT turning over exculpatory evidence OR KNOWINGLY imprisoning an innocent person.

            This crap of the American tax payer having to PAY when the court case is overturned and the lawyer skips happily on to another case where he can RUIN someone else’s life HAS TO BE STOPPED.

            I am thinking of the trail of destroyed lives left in the wake of Weissman for example.

            Leaving LAWYERS to police their own is ridiculous!

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            1. Yup. Something is very wrong here. That Weissmann was even at DOJ one single day after what was exposed in his early days is a horrible outrage. Unpunished? We can argue about that. Still at DOJ? Ridiculous.

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        1. This was a terrible story, although they all are. I often read the NYC stories because my daughter lives there. this 92 year old lady was beloved, and she fed the neighborhood cats. Now they have no one.

          Here is the tweet.

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        2. Always check the whole line-up of Trump twitter threads. He posts some jewels on, informs and signals our base through the POTUS and White House threads….and through DonJr., Eric, Ivanka, and their spouses. What a team!

          Q+ is not his only means of letting us know ‘what’s WHAT and who’s WHO!’

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            1. It’s relevant enough. Two important ideas: (1) communicating to us through tweets – yeah, we need to do something there – Twitter suppresses the routine information, and (2) he’s picking out some fighters and letting us know who they are. Oh, and (3) using the fam to get around Twitter. SMART.

              I have no beef with good info presented positively in WAR threads. I just want to keep the base cheerleading out of here. I now understand Sundance’s frustration. In 1 hour on this “cheerleading-free” thread, I’ve made more progress in understanding than in a month previously. SUGAR has messed with my GAS TANK.

              It would almost make me believe that the enemy sent in too much sugar, but I know that’s not true. We just need some separation. Hence my intense cussing. Namby Pamby keep the fuck out of here. She (who is all of us, really) can keep people happy on the Open Thread.

              I will label these threads appropriately, and keep their BITTER REALISM off the other threads, too.

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              1. I’m good w/ tough minded realism.

                What irritates me is the straight up pessimism, fatalism, argumentativeness for its own sake, devil’s advocates… anything that doesn’t lead us to better understanding or action…

                That’s really a different sort from realism but distracting from constructive purpose. I don’t want to be sidelined by a lot of learned helplessness.

                I understand, battered conservative syndrome is a real thing. We’ve been abused, lied to, gaslighted by our CON bettahs for a long time. Snatching failure from the jaws of victory b/c it was politically expedient for some GOPe operative who cares only about Whig party position and nothing about advancing conservative causes or even stemming a retreat.

                Reality is we have THIS moment where someone has cut thru all the BS in party with a knife. It’s not a pretty battle but it is definitely time for us all to FIGHT.

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        3. And NOTHING but nasty Progressives commenting….

          Until the Supreme Court GROWS A SET and decides to uphold our SOVEREIGNTY and tells the ‘sanctuary’ cities/states to go pound sand, the Trump government can not do very much.



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      1. True, about the same time the “LOYALTY” changed from loyalty to the rule of law and love of the law tooooooooo loyalty to the “institution”.

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        1. I’ve heard multiple times that the worst thing you could do in the FBI, under J Edgar Hoover, was cause embarrassment to the FBI. He’d come down on you like a shit ton of bricks.

          Now, there are two ways to bring embarrassment to the FBI. One of them SHOULD be punishable in that way…the other should NOT be.

          1) Make some colossal mistake, break some rule put in place to protect rights…that’s the FBI messing up and you are the one who did it. Let the bricks rain on you.

          2) Expose that someone else did so. That should NOT bring on the brick thunderstorm. In fact, you’re ensuring the integrity of the institution by doing so and should get a medal.

          But the “protect the organization” mindset will punish both 1 and 2.

          And if that’s how J Edgar Hoover saw things, the FBI was bad from day one.

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          1. This is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. Thank you for this idea. This is very fundamental to fixing BOTH DOJ and FBI.

            Notice how DOJ has in many ways TAKEN OVER FBI? How it’s becoming very difficult to tell them apart? This is part of the OBAMA EFFECT. I saw this in shallow state, too. A kind of vertical coalescence, as everything became “top down” socialist model. “Obamatization” as I called it. Well, look what happened to FBI. No ability to tell DOJ – publicly and openly, “SORRY – that order is a problem – check your fucking Constitution, bitchez – we are LAW ENFORCEMENT.” And that is another problem – the “de-law-enforcementing” of FBI. But maybe that’s a separate or separable issue. Or maybe not. But just sayin’.

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    2. “Now, the fact that Barr has already signed off on new directive = No investigations into campaigns unless the head of FBI AND the head of DOJ sign off on it.”

      ^^^ Once upon a time, I would have embraced this. After witnessing the past eleven or so years…LL, Holder, Yates, RR, Wray, Comey… NO, I don’t trust the DOJ and FIB.

      Today, the odds better a “right” decision may be made. Under a DOJ without Barr, zero faith. FIB and Wray FU beyond redemtion. IMHO.

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      1. Great comment. I am very ambivalent about this stuff, but something else. All of what you said, and add this. I’m thinking that the Peter Strzoks and Lisa Pages – meaning CIA embeds and Deep Staters – might try to compromise, embarrass, or “lead” Barr by doing investigations into campaigns that are not authorized. So I do get his order from that standpoint. WHAT A WAY TO SET UP TRUMP. See what I’m saying? SNEAKY.

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        1. Unfortunately, I do see it. And, quit possible, bordering probable.

          I simply distrust IC, FIB DOJ… Their actions all too commonly UnAmerica.

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    3. I like that Dershowitz sees it as a DOJ problem. I do NOT like the idea of investing all that power in another fucking special prosecutor – ONE PERSON – from the KNOWN CORRUPT OSC, who would be in charge of it.

      One person – one special prosecutor to reform DOJ – I do not fucking trust that shit. NEVER AGAIN.

      So yeah – Dersh is right, DOJ needs reform, but we have to be careful here. VERY CAREFUL. Or it’s just rearranging the deck chairs on the Lusitania.

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  8. Bottom line, we need to stop being nice. We need to fully understand who we are dealing with at DOJ. We need to be nasty, and get into the gutter. We’re going to get muddy on this one, but they cannot be allowed to subvert the rule of law. The double standard must end.
    Our legal system, as we visualize it ideally, is what gives our country stability.
    And we need to go after the law schools as well.

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    1. I vaguely recall an incident when I first moved home from Miami.
      In Miami, I dealt with atty’s all day long/bureaucrats at the IRS…. and this was all civil, nothing criminal. I’ve often joked, I had 63 attys on my Rolodex, and it was true. Those were the only ones worthy of writing down their number. One of my partners in the firm used to bring me a problem…… with an attorney…… because I was known to have success with atty’s, as in, “Daughn needs a snack this morning, let’s give her an atty to chew up.”
      We laughed about it.
      I received attribution and attention for that specific skill…… being nasty.
      What does that say in a bigger picture?

      Anyway, I moved home and was in a Macy’s Dept store with my dad. We were buying casserole dishes. We picked our chosen items and could not find a clerk to check us out. It set me off and I was raging angry, waving my money around, LOUD, trying to buy something if I could find a damn clerk. Eventually, the clerk did show up and I made her nervous, still continuing to complain.

      My dad was mortified. I was being an ass. He didn’t recognize me. And my dad tore me apart on the way home. Reality check delivered!

      Truth was, that wasn’t me……. that was Miami/Manhattan and the personality I had to have to deal in that world. It might be time to don that suit of armor once more. It is not, however, a pretty dress.

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      1. Bottom line, Wolfie is right…… this is “a war” for control over the most powerful force on earth, America.
        We’ve been slapped into that reality and we need to decide how to deal with it.
        We’re playing for all the marbles and the future of our kids.

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    2. Yes. Well said. We are going to have to bring uncomfortable heat. This is where we have to – with plausible deniability because it’s REAL deniability – get off the Q train and bring PEACEFUL heat to these fuckers.

      Martin Luther Character Not Skin was the master of this shit, and of course was killed by the Nazi-Commie Socialist Coalition, otherwise known as DEMOCRATS, for it.

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    1. ‘Maniacal Rage’ – here McCabe is labeling and deflecting his own behavior/crimes onto Trump….like a good little Øbominable leftist….like the leftist media using flame words, headline words….attributions and assertions.

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            1. It was the CLASSICAL end for High Treason Against the English Monarch and we use English common law.


              “….After the Crimes Act 1814 was passed by the Parliament of the United Kingdom, the prisoner was instead hanged until dead – not having to suffer the extremely painful remainder of the punishment while alive. The public display of the bodies of executed prisoners (whether by hanging, drawing and quartering, or some other method) was removed from English criminal law in 1843; drawing and quartering in 1870….”

              So it really was not that long, a mere 25 years, before the Commie-socialists started revamping the US educational system to produce good little illiterate socialists and collectivists instead of well educated little capitalists and individualists.

              And yes I know that is why ‘cruel and ‘unusual’ was adopted in the 8th Amendment in 1791, almost a full century before the English.

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    2. See there, and because he was not charged, because the DOJ did not prosecute, McCabe is allowed to go out into the media and further the narrative of Trump the irrational tyrant.
      Pure politics and a MASSIVE win for the Dems.
      PLUS, the response from the Army, refusing to even investigate Vindman is textbook insubordination.

      The public see the vindication of McCabe and it’s why we have a 25yr old guy in Florida running over Repubs at a voter registration event. We have a Bernie supporter in California pouring gasoline all over a Trump office in California. We have a Bernie supporter taking a punch at a 15yr old in a MAGA hat. We have female college students ripping up Repub signs at school.
      Broken window theory.

      If the DOJ let’s people like McCabe go……. it gives permission to society to act out upon Trump supporters.

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      1. “the response from the Army, refusing to even investigate Vindman is textbook insubordination.”

        This Army announcement regarding Lt. Col. Squirrel Ass affected me much more strongly than the McCabe announcement, and the insubordination angle came immediately to my mind, as well.

        Still, there may be wheels within wheels here. What if he has been, and still is, subject to a FISA warrant? What if the announcement disguises a secret Pentagon investigation?

        What if loyal members of the Trump team, like entomologists studying some bizarre subspecies of dung beetle under their microscopes, having tracked all of his habits, movements, communications, and associates in the National Security Council, would now like to continue their research with regard to who are are his habitués within the Pentagon?

        Perhaps he is now, to them, as useful as a walking, two-legged chunk of barium isotope for exploring the internal anatomy of the military-industrial complex.

        While we’re on the subjects of skating, and of Squirrel Ass’s service, or lack thereof, in the National Security Council, let me mention that the whole situation of the identical twin Brothers Vindictive serving the council simultaneously struck me as highly improper and contrived when I first heard of it during the Complete Schiff Show this autumn.

        What if one of the brothers had been accused of a crime, such as theft or destruction of classified documents, or espionage, and claimed in discovery “Oh, no. My goodness. That wasn’t me at all. That was my identical twin, who stole my uniform and ID badge, and entered the White House dressed up as me.”?

        Tom Clancy explored this concept, regarding two fictional twin petty criminals in, iirc, Louisiana, in one of his novels. The situation presents any trial jury with almost automatic reasonable doubt, if fingerprint evidence is somehow kept out of it.

        It makes me wonder if Brennan, or some analog to him in the DoD, equally crafty and malignant, cooked up this whole twin detaillee scenario as one part of a plot to corrupt the NSC.

        National security should never have to depend on countering such schemes in the aftermath of a breach, when it is perfectly feasible to avoid them proactively by banning such an oddly improbable selection of personnel outright.

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      1. I have some new info on this one on the next threat, at the top of the first page.

        Could just be a normal zealous type, apolitical – not sure. More will be needed. There is court reporting that Big T may be able to interpret for us.

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      1. Lighten up Francis.

        “Long ago”? The decision to DNP McCabe is a FAAG/AG level call and is the reason you want him fired. Cooney (funny how a single typo makes it “Comey”) as the prosecutor directly in charge of the proceeding is responsible for signing the DNP letter. I’m not sure if he is the front-line bad guy – although the entire office seems corrupt. His background will be interesting with the key fact being he is/isn’t an Odrama holdover.

        Because it is an FAAG/AG decision my legal training says that, until proven otherwise, McCabe is far from done. Barr is not corrupt although he has strong institutional loyalty. That loyalty, however, motivates strong leaders to be willing to burn it all down to save the institution. That’s the only alternative I have to the other conclusion – we are witnessing the end of the rule of law and the demise of the best and only constitutional republic in recorded history.

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        1. McCabe is obviously engaged in other legal venues where he has to provide testimony.

          So asking for an opinion here, even if without much data.

          Right now, just off the cuff, do you think he’s talking, hiding behind the 5th, or spilling the beans on all his superiors as he allegedly threatened to do? One nagging thought I’ve had is that he’s actually cooperating quite a bit, and they let him off in partial reward for that, but allowed it to appear as an institutional skate.

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          1. My question is, if he IS talking, can we accept him getting off altogether, if he takes down all the rest?

            I am trying hard to remain calm and use my brain (very hard at this time), and figure out what makes sense of yesterday in the context of everything else we know. A month or two ago, Barr was making speeches so moral and inspiring most of us were convinced he was the real McCoy. Then yesterday happened. WTF!? Was he replaced with a pod-person?

            So I would, if I were required to bet, put my money on McCabe singing like a canary. He said flat-out that he would.

            ““Recently fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe said if he faces criminal prosecution, he’s going to take down everyone else involved in FBI and DoJ wrongdoing related to the Hillary Clinton email probe with him, according to reporter Sarah Carter.

            “McCabe is worried. And one thing that I did hear is that McCabe has said over and over again, ‘If I go down, I’m taking everybody else with me,’” Carter said on “The Ingraham Angle” on Friday.”


            Of course, this leads to the possibility that the Deep State KNEW he would, and pulled out ALL the stops to protect him. Is Barr’s grand child or somebody being held in a basement somewhere?

            If McCabe really IS singing, and the sheet music leads right back the the Conductor (Obama), then for that large a fish, McCabe really might get off scot-free. Which in my opinion could happen to any American in a case where the prosecution’s end-goal is to land a WHALE.

            Could we live with that?

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              1. Yup. And I think it’s time to start moving the trend backwards. They made wheeling and dealing the law an accepted practice.

                We’ve DUMBED DOWN THE LAW. Notice how the Clinton Crime Bill did that, too. It’s SLICK how that game works:

                (1) Don’t enforce, so honest rubes get uppity and demand strict sentencing
                (2) Promise stupid law with higher penalties
                (3) Now enforce, throw blacks in jail forever
                (4) Wait 20 years, start bashing cops and stirring up blacks against them

                They just made the whole thing dumber and dumber to make bigger and bigger problems that only DEMOCRATS can fix by more “whoops” interventionism until the can get a revolution

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              2. This is one reason why I’m OK with Stone being sentenced, as Barr said. If Stone just talked to a witness casually and got a Manafort-level rap for witness-tampering, that is likely BOGUS. They overcharged Manafort on that, IIRC. But if Stone really and literally tried to influence the testimony of a witness, then he deserves charges and convictions.

                If you need to refresh somebody else’s memory, do it in court and win BIGGER.

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            1. There is a second outcome which I believe has at LEAST a 50% chance of being in play now.

              Here’s the plot, from their POV:

              (1) Make it look like we’re really doing it

              (2) Make sure we’ve got the rubes bought in, hook, line and sinker

              (3) Make them buy the delays and stand down

              (4) Keep moving the goal posts

              (5) Let off everybody along the way, promising a bigger fish every time

              (6) Let off the biggest fishes in the end, and demoralize the rubes that they were suckers and bought it

              (7) We’re back in business! Rule the rubes!

              I have seen nothing which disproves this option. Timed tweets? Spare me.

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              1. FYI – on Stone and Witness tampering.
                It was bogus.
                He called the radio DJ guy and “threatened” his dog, according to the prosecution.
                Not even the DJ thought his dog was in danger and he testified as such.

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              2. This is where my thinking is right now.

                Justice will never be done.

                The only diff is I put the blame at Trump’s feet, as that is where the buck stops.


              3. Well, I’ve decided to dig for proof – indicting or exonerating – as uncomfortable as that may be for Q, Trump, Barr, Wray, whoever. I’m going to find proofs people would rather we didn’t have, or aren’t allowed to give us.

                I’m treating this just like MK, Corso, Lazar, and other edgy classified stuff that nobody will tell us even exists, so it’s all full of unconstitutional, nasty stuff that needs to be whistleblown badly where it hurts Americans and America more than it helps.

                So far, it’s looking good for Trump, Q, Wray and Barr. I am fairly certain they got McCabe to talk, and to give up his suit, but they had to let him off these lower charges to get the deal. On the higher ones, he will likely get charges, but lighter sentencing for cooperation.

                I suspect that Comey has now blamecast to Brennan and vice versa.

                Where people knew they lied on FISA, or to people about FISA and its basis, I expect some charges.

                I’m speculating about everybody, but I really think McCabe decided to spill everything.

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            2. There is a reason I say this. This exact scam was pulled on us in shallow state. The main architect was a DS lawyer. The scam was run out of his office.

              Located preciously close to some of my most beloved nukes. The ones that bring down the whole fucking temple.

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  9. “Now, the fact that Barr has already signed off on new directive = No investigations into campaigns unless the head of FBI AND the head of DOJ sign off on it.”

    ^^^ Once upon a time, I would have embraced this. After witnessing the past eleven or so years…LL, Holder, Yates, RR, Wray, Comey… NO, I don’t trust the DOJ and FIB.

    Today, the odds better a “right” decision may be made. Under a DOJ without Barr, zero faith. FIB and Wray FU beyond redemtion. IMHO.

    Lots of nuggets in entire thread. Going to home in on a handful of Daughn’s.
    “….. the heads of different divisions are the problems. THEY are the ones picking and choosing whom to target and Bill Barr is more of a figurehead, only steps in when there is a problem.”

    ^^^ Dispensing with Jessie Liu is a prime example of division or department heads “ARE” huge problems thwarting even handed “justice”. MOAR of this getting rid of division and department heads must happen. Barr must get moar aggressive in this arena. Bar “supervising” hands on or hands off is NOT the solution.
    “He talked about the problem of “What is a Lie” or “Who gets charged for perjury?” and that the entire department needs ONE standard going forward.”

    ^^^ THIS. IT really started with Slick Willy totally BS line…”It all depends on what the definition of, IS, IS.”

    Like nonsense probably popped up over the years and slow folk like me missed it. THEN it reappears July of 2016 or so. Comey holds a presser, verbally indicts hildabeast on the email and server BS. Comey closes with intent not found and no reasonable prosecutor would prosecute. AND, “intent” not even cited in relevant laws. Fucking red herring argument MCM and Congress let them get away with.

    A couple weeks ago, “intent” popped up again. Can’t recall the perspective beyond swamp dodging prosecuting obvious bad actor.

    Back to as Daughn points out, blatantly cherry picking who gets prosecuted for “like crimes”.
    1. Barr must keep weeding out division and department heads that are NOT applying equal justice. AND, do so publicly.
    2. Barr must be moar hands on, with so many of the high profile cases…ensuring equal justice is applied…who to prosecute, recommended sentencing…

    3. “Talked about the inability of the DOJ to police itself.
    Called for a Special Prosecutor of sorts to worm around the DOJ with massive authority.”

    ^^^ AND, IF I may, the Special Prosecutor MUST be from outside DC area AND ZERO DOJ time. ZERO allegiance to protect and preserve the institutions of the DOJ, FIB and IC.

    Special Prosecutor must have broad based mandate across DOJ, FIB and IC.

    4. “3” can’t be applied, until Durham investigation is completed. AND, President Trump IS reelected. Appoint Special prosecutor November 4th. This WILL take years.

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  10. Interesting comparison, the O.J. trial. Let me run with that for a bit.

    I watched every minute of the O.J. trial. That is almost literal fact; I was a bored, stay-home Mom whose kids were in school all day. I was almost a juror.

    How O.J. skated involves multiple factors.

    1) First, and in my mind foremost, the jury. Too many were black. They had a pre-built bias NOT to convict, simply because O.J. was one of them, a most high-profile one of them, and his conviction would REFLECT on them. This may have been sub-conscious, but it was there.

    Sound like McCabe? Would his conviction “reflect” on Barr,

    2) The evidence against O.J. was OVERWHELMING. I don’t mean that in the way you think. If the evidence had been much less complex, it would have been a better case, because understanding the evidence (the blood trail, the DNA, the glove, the knife) almost required an advanced degree in the sciences. I said afterword that they needed to I.Q.-test jurors if they were going to present stuff like this in a trial. It was TOO BIG for the jury to follow. It was TOO MUCH INFORMATION for people to process.

    Like a world-wide conspiracy much? Like end-times, God vs. the Devil, good vs. pure evil, real honest-to-God BIBLICAL plagues-and-floods do-or-die survival of mankind-we-know-it conspiracy? Can even the best people Trump can find to prosecute this shit REALLY wrap their head ALL THE WAY around it? Can I even? Some days I wonder. Some things the human mind tries REALLY HARD to reject.

    3) There were HUGE mistakes made in the O.J. trial. The day they did the “glove trick,” I was honestly screaming at the T.V. It was over, and I knew it. They gave him the “out” and he took it, right in front of us. He was on television, with a complicit media (black hero, remember), showing how he “couldn’t have done it.”

    Job at CNN, McCabe? Another soft-ball interview for you to “explain it” to us? A whole former group of people (Obama’s cabal) who were actually in charge of the country for eight years telling people it’s all lies?

    4) The O.J. trial LASTED TOO LONG. By the time the end came, most average people (not me; I am lots of things, but average is not one of them) had LOST THE THREAD. It was too convoluted, there were too many data points, too much drama, way too many contradictory voices.

    WE’VE been watching this shit play out for THREE GOD-DAMNED YEARS!!!!!!!


    The good news in the O.J. saga was that he eventually went to prison, although it was for an unrelated crime, and thus unsatisfying, for those of us who really followed the trial. I have never gotten over hearing that “not guilty” verdict. Will we ultimately get the same unsatisfying result with McCabe? Maybe, maybe not.

    Insofar as a “plan” for a way forward from here, I think based on this comparison:

    1) Any investigation HAS to be outside of D.C. This might actually be happening.

    2) The “crime” charged has to be straight-forward, concrete, easy to explain and understand, and NOT a three-hundred-page indictment.

    3) The “perp” has to be given NO ACCESS to media (GITMO and military tribunals?) to “explain it away.”

    4) Justice must be SWIFT. No year-long televised trials, with breathless daily press.

    That is my assessment, based on your comparison. HOW we get those things I don’t know, unless this really is a movie we are watching, and it is already happening. That is my continual frustration with the process. I am one person, I can mouth-off, I can show up at rallies, I can protest, and I can vote, but I’m still just one person.

    Hope I don’t get banned! Without all of you to rely on, I might lose my mind.

    Liked by 13 people

    1. You forgot the other huge element of OJ’s trial–The 1992 Los Angeles riots that tore the city apart. Truly think that this had a lot to do with OJ verdict. (Sorry Wolfie for off topic),
      Is this maybe part of the answer to McCabe. Does someone or someones fear repercussions if McCabe is punished for what he did? Are there fears out there that if these people who screwed and are still screwing America are punished for what they did and are still doing that there will be such violent repercussions from liberals that America will be destroyed.
      Already liberals are increasing their violence again due to Trumps acquittal, and it has just started.

      Liked by 8 people

      1. “Are there fears out there that if these people who screwed… America are punished… that there will be such violent repercussions from liberals that America will be destroyed.
        “Already liberals are increasing their violence again due to Trumps acquittal, and it has just started.”

        I think the scenario of your first sentence is declining in probability. The “event people”, as Wolf calls them, and the Soros brownshirts have already gone past the point of diminishing returns.

        People just don’t get freaked out by school shootings, military base shootings, and other horrors as much as they used to. They’ve been normalized.

        Plus people are waking up or, in some cases, waqing up, to the scripted narratives:

        “One lone crazed gunman” vs. witness statements of multiple gunmen. His name not released in timely manner, especially if it’s in Arabic. His picture not released, if he’s not white. When his name is released, perp’s web presence is taken down immediately, so no way for us to research him ourselves. “No one saw it coming.” “The warning signs were all ignored.” Special Agent Clouseau couldn’t find a motive if it bit him on the hand like the dog that is not mine. “He was a right-winger.”, if he was a left-winger. Candlelight vigils, meaning we are helpless. “We are strong.”, meaning we are weak. “Legislation could have prevented this.”, meaning screw you and your 2nd Amendment. Yadda, yadda, yadda.

        Regarding your second sentence, they are expending ammo, and ammo is finite.

        This ties in with my previous points. They are losing, over and over now, after decades of almost continual winning. They aren’t used to losing. They are starting to stare into the abyss, and it is panicking many of them. Their behavior and emotional state are becoming increasingly bizarre. (Hey, Biden and Pelosi, I’m looking hard at you two…)

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    2. This is excellent stuff, and really helpful. I think this proves that the OJ analogy needs to be considered strongly by Trump and Barr. If it fixes OJ, it fixes this shit, too, very likely.

      Oh, the glove trick. I was screaming, too. As a lab jockey, I know all about gloves of all kinds. I WINCED when I saw them readying that demo. His team was brilliant and EVIL to do that. They SUBVERTED the law, and media-dazzled Clark Bar didn’t see it AT ALL.

      Liked by 5 people

    1. How In The Hell Did McCabe Skate?

      My theory is this…

      1. He has turned state’s witness in exchange for immunity.
      2. Note that he has only gotten relief from current charges, not anything more serious.
      3. White hats are holding these other charges over his head, which he knows about, as collateral to ensure good faith performance on McCabe’s part in being a state’s witness.

      ….and, most importantly….

      4. Publicly announcing that the DoJ is not going to prosecute McCabe (for now) DRAMATICALLY undercuts the left’s accusations that AG Barr is colluding with PDJT using the powers of the DoJ to go after his political enemies.

      In sum, McCabe hasn’t “skated” in the way which the question implies. FACT: There are far more serious felonies he can still be charged with, charges which have no statue of limitation.

      Lastly, funny how Barr gave an interview that suggests there is a rift between him and PDJT that coincided with the news about McCabe, isn’t it??

      I’m sure that was just coinkydink, right?

      I believe we are seeing some misdirection here on the part of the white hats.

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      1. “How In The Hell Did McCabe Skate?”

        In the EXACT same way the POS that stole my semi-truck and trailer did. The Phucking DOJ WOULD NOT bring the case before the judge. I appeared ALL DAY once a month for two years while they called that POS up and told him not to appear. Finally the case became so stale they tossed it out completely. Please note the truck and trailer was found by the cops IN HIS YARD! SLAM DUNK CASE. (The Pre-pass tracker showed he was taking it interstate.)

        In the case of my second semi-truck, they did not even bother with that song and dance. I was told if I tried to take my truck back out of the guy’s yard they would toss ME in jail!!!

        Now you know how we lost our entire life savings thanks to our IN-JUST-US system. Oh and I found out from one of the guys ex-wives, they used the trucks to run drugs from Florida to NYC and stolen cars from NYC down to Florida. Think the Canaveral seaport owned by the Mussie, who is the brother of Saddam Hussein’s chief WMD nuclear physicist.

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          1. Now you know why I flipped after seeing what they did to Roger Stone vs McCabe. We have not had Rule of Law for a very, very long time.

            Think of the 1960-70s radiation experiments on Americans. My Mom was one of their victims. Then there was the more recent EPA-Diesel fume experiments including on a young girl. IIRC they killed her and the PHUCKING JUDGE tossed the case (Human experimentation is against the law BTW) citing NO STANDING!


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          1. I do not dare.

            One of the people involved is very well connected to the DNC here in NC. The drug trade is so bad in my area, a neighbor who is a cop refuses to work in this county. A lady I bought a pony from who worked at the animal shelter, over heard a meeting held there between the politicians and the dealers. She had the life of her little son threatened if she talked. They shot up her windows just to make sure she got the message. The guy up the street, a forester, tripped over a ‘Maryjane’ plantation very close to me and reported it. After that every time he left his driveway the cops ticketed him. (This was on a dirt road!)

            My road is only six miles long and I know of at least three dealers and have seen more than one deal go down. (Why else is a tricked out caddy aka Pimp mobile, stopped in the middle of the road on a dirt road in the middle of no where?)

            So at this point I keep my head down and hope the addicts do not steal too much of my stuff or kill to much of my livestock.

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              1. That is about it Wolfie.

                Port Canaveral to New York, NY is 1,098 miles.

                Distance from Port Canaveral to Raleigh, NC is 613 miles or 9 1/2 hours.

                Distance from New York, NY to Raleigh, NC is 511 miles or 8 hours.

                We are south of Raleigh right smack in the middle of the trip and out in the boonies.

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      2. ForGodandCountry

        How In The Hell Did McCabe Skate?
        McCabe as I remember threatened to expose everyone in the department/ He said “take down.”

        What does McCabe know? What he knows could take down the whole department including part of FBI, CIA past President, Hilary and the Congress cabal.
        I have no proof of that but think it could blow up half of DC? We would be OK but who would not ?
        So they let him skate for now. I do not think he will have a long life unless he turned and spilled all he knows and that would be his protection in that case they would protect him their asset.

        We do not hear the normal bellowing and gloating from Comey not Brennen unless I missed it.

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        1. Yes – not so much being heard from them. We know that Durham is looking at Brennan.

          My feeling is that Brennan will be hard to get anything on that will result in a sentence. Comey and the FISA signers, more likely.

          Liked by 3 people

  11. The leftist trolls are like maggot-flies on a corpse in the replies to this (and every Trump famiily staff supporter tweet.

    Here they accuse PDJT builder of empire and skyscrapers whose tax returns are taller than they are, of not being able to read. These people are obsessed.

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  12. Are you kidding me? This is laughable! More words, bla,bla,bla…
    WTF, anything that is said/written here will not move the freaking needle one iota. Nada…Period.

    All this proves is that we the people have no say in this matter; we have no power. Nobody is listening to us or even pretends to listen….they have the power and they will do whatever they damned well please.

    Except, we do have two remedies at our disposal that will yield the power that effects change…..
    1) Vote, at all levels of government, get the fcking commies and global elitists out.
    ……………….if they still don’t listen, then
    2) Exercise you God given rights as stated in the Constitution and start a massive rebellion. Look what happened in Virginia, but DC needs to be next. Tar, feathers, pitchforks, etc.

    We need to show them we are serious, that their bullshit has consequences. Storm their offices just like the left does……I’m tired of being the nice dissenter…..we will not win wars being nice…talk is cheap and will not cut it. We need a version of Brexit, but aimed at DC…..DC bureaucrats are no damned different than EU bureaucrats..Commie rat-bastards.

    Liked by 5 people

    1. I’ll be more specific. I like what you’re saying that voting and ACTUAL PROTESTS are the kind of power we need, but there is so much in the middle that makes a difference that you are discounting – it’s stupid as hell to discount it. Daughn’s idea of dragging their fucking Org Charts in here and rating these fuckers PERSONALLY is a perfect example of what you are discounting.

      If all you are is a vote and a protest bot, you are either a hothead, a numbskull, or too stupid to figure out that information is more powerful than your fucking feet.

      I’m banning you for a day to make that point.

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  13. Wolfie I have been trying to figure that out for two days…(Wolfie will only share this on tweeter if you want).
    People are screaming about possibly of leniency with Stone and that Stone should get the strictest sentencing possible.
    Yet it is VERY VERY evident that McCabe did everything if not more than they are accusing Stone of . McCabe lied to congress, along with releasing information to others outside of the organization. H3LL there are so many who made statements during the impeachment trial that lied to congress that its not even fun, yet they are all just skate. WHY?
    None of it makes any sense at all to me at all…Yet though it all I do trust what Trump is doing, but most of all trust the Lord and his plans for America and all of us.
    If and when any of you make any sense of all this, please keep me informed.

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    1. Watch the other channels pundits carefully when they speak about Stone, especially the older men.
      Eventually, they will get around to the following comment, paraphrasing, “Well, I’ve never been a fan of Roger Stone” orrrrrr “You know, Stone has done a lot of bad things in the past”
      Meaning……. he’s beaten there ass at some point over the past 50 years.
      They ALL have had to deal with Roger Stone over the decades.
      The FBI/DOJ raided the stockpiles/private records of BOTH Manafort and Stone.
      Those boys had all the dirt on everyone in DC.

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  14. To put it simply he skated because it’s all about protecting the agencies, the institutions. Always has been always will be, unless, as you have said, it’s all torn down. I love President Trump, intend to support him and vote for him but the same person in charge of the justice department is the same person who was in charge during 1991-93. Remember Ruby Ridge, phone surveillance, on & on. Terrible time then with regards to justice for the people and the same is happening here. As an added note. I happened to be a part of the Ohio Unorganized Militia back in those days and the goons were everywhere. Though all our group did was study the Constitution, gun training and learning how to make our own bullets, we were consistently under surveillance. We were vilified in the news.
    We were constantly concerned about FBI undercover trying to stir up shit. IMHO, we need new blood in every single high up position in the FIB, CIA, and DOJ. I’m sick to death of seeing the same people in and out of these “revered institutions”. They are still getting away it because they are all on the same team people.

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  15. This lady has a long explainer.

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  16. Here is the explanation. OIG is not allowed to examine motivations, wrongdoing of attys at DOJ.
    True, only place across all of government where this anomaly exists.

    A few days ago, when the problem with McCabe and Vindman erupted, I alluded to the prospect of a BILL moving through Congress which could correct MUCH of the problem at the DOJ.
    It was a snippet I heard on broadcast media and before I could stop what I was doing, it was gone.


    FOUND IT!!
    This is it! It’s true.
    Bill is H.R. 202, written by a DEM from Louisiana, this Congress, and passed by VOICE VOTE in the House and headed to the Senate, expected to pass, ASAP.

    The Inspectors General can investigate anything, anywhere in government……. except the attorneys at the DOJ.
    This bill corrects that problem.

    Jason Chaffetz, former Congressman from Utah and Chair of Oversight Comm, explained in on FOX this morning.

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