WORK THREAD: How I Now Believe “Dead Eyes” Bromwich Got Dirty Andy McCabe Off

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Highly general background responses linking things to the Roths and Freemasons are not helpful – UNLESS they put some communist Democrat DOJ prosecutor with a NAME in jail. Memberships are useful. Connections are useful. THAT’S what we need.

Also discounting of the effectiveness of this process is an instaban. We don’t need that shit. Go home to mommy. But just for a day.

Are we clear? Good.

PURPOSE: This thread is my best current theory on why DOJ had to let McCabe off.

Thanks to poster [trumpismine] for the documents which tipped me off to part of the basis of the theory.

TL;DR: McCabe is SES. For some reason, we rushed his departure, potentially violating SES protocols in what was undoubtedly a calculated-downside move. This opening was then used by McCabe to threaten DOJ with discovery they did not want, about McCabe’s more serious crimes, which would be required to justify the termination. Rather than tip our hand to the black hats, we let McCabe skate.

We took a blow as rope-a-dope.



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OK, people – you need these documents!


More specifically, look at THIS analysis page:


By Eli Lee
October 14, 2019


It’s important to go read that link – it’s short. After you understand that we basically short-changed the SES “you simply cannot get rid of these fuckers” process, you will see this paragraph regarding McCabe attorney Michael “Dead Eyes” Bromwich:

In the words of Michael R. Bromwich, then-counsel for McCabe, the timeline for McCabe’s termination “was nothing short of extraordinary,” given that the process normally takes “many months, if not longer” yet here “was completed in 23 days.” McCabe and others have suggested he was targeted for his participation in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s then-ongoing investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential campaign. In August of this year, McCabe sued the DOJ and FBI over his firing, accusing the agencies of bowing to political pressure from President Trump and forgoing required internal processes in order to expedite his dismissal.

Note that in a PRIOR paragraph, justifying this firing in defense of the lawsuit filed by McCabe and Bromwich against DOJ and FBI would have required detailing a more significant crime:

Key findings

According to documents provided in this latest release, senior agency officials like McCabe are entitled to 30 days of advance notice prior to being terminated. The only exception appears to be where there is “reasonable cause to believe the employee has committed a crime for which a sentence of imprisonment can be imposed[.]” The stated reasons for terminating McCabe do not involve such a crime, making this exception inapplicable here. 

Thus, we see that McCabe had leverage on improper termination. Leverage with a specific nasty payload for the secretive Q team. This means that McCabe likely got a deal not [just] for cooperating, but [also] for dropping his lawsuit.


Breaking: Fired FBI Andrew McCabe Suddenly Drops Wrongful Termination Case Against DOJ

by Jim Hoft, October 25, 2019


Note also in this story:

This comes after it was announced Thursday that Attorney General Bill Barr announced the John Durham probe is now a criminal investigation.

So we’re already seeing the connection to Durham here. I’ve gotta say, if Durham is FAKE and a PLANNED PUNT, they’re doing a hell of a job to fool us. But like I said elsewhere, that would be the exact same ploy they pulled on us in “shallow state”. I mean, we’re talking about an entire FAKE massive initiative. ALL FAKE. Thousands of people FOOLED.

Now – here is where it gets interesting. Bromwich alleges (of course) that the timing on the McCabe firing was POLITICAL. Sundance has even more details here. In my opinion, that’s an EXCELLENT THREAT, but it’s a falsehood that both sides understand, since the POLITICS OF SUCCESS are downstream from DUTY FULFILLED, and as long as duty is fulfilled, accrued political benefits (or liabilities) are utterly justifiable. Any accusation of political motive is like accusing a pregnant woman of simply wanting to get fat.

So DUTY justifies POLITICAL OUTCOME. What duty is that? – you might ask.

The duty of a deniable military schedule. McCabe needed firing for “Q-level” reasons. Bromwich knows this, but because of the left’s positioning on “Q”, he is every bit as unable to speak of it as are Sessions, Rosenstein or Barr. So the “threat” of political motive stands unopposed, by design. Note that Cankles does this all the time – this pinning of others against their secret obligations. It seems like a specialty of the left.

SO – does this let DOJ and FBI off the hook for cutting a deal with McCabe?

Maybe – if this theory is correct. But again – it’s just a theory. I have other theories, and they are not so happy, and much stronger now. After the Obama Deception, I’m all out of waiting for the end of the movie to figure out the plot.

Yes, great actors make a great movie. But so does a smart audience.

Get your popcorn now, during intermission. I can safely predict, you’re gonna need more.


94 thoughts on “WORK THREAD: How I Now Believe “Dead Eyes” Bromwich Got Dirty Andy McCabe Off

  1. I need to think more about this, but something doesn’t feel right here.

    As much attention as we’ve given McCabe, why is it just now coming out about his alleged SES status?

    We knew about Bruce Ohr’s SES status quite a while back. But we went through all the McCabe stuff and never confirmed his SES status?

    Don’t we have a list of all the SES people? IIRC it’s FOIA data and should be somewhat accessible…

    Not a new copy we just downloaded, a dated copy that hasn’t been updated after the fact.

    So I have a question, if McCabe was SES … why wasn’t Comey SES? To whom precisely does SES apply?

    Regardless, in the 2021 Congress reforming & eliminating the unconstitutional provisions of the SES should be a priority…

    OR, in the short term, challenge the entire unconstitutional construct in court.

    We all know that McCabe committed serious crimes. Heck, he had a dedicated IG report – JUST FOR HIS BS.

    How much more do we really need?

    It may seem like a stretch, but suspicious cat tells me that we managed to trick the Lawfare Bro’s into CREATING the challenge to the SES construct in the courts.

    It needed an airtight case that demonstrated guilt, and they would need a disgruntled employee to trigger the case. McCabe is the trigger for the case. They couldn’t start it themselves challenging it in court, or it really would look political. No, this sets it up for a head on challenge.

    A court case, IMO, is better long term than repeal of SES by Congress. A court decision that shows SES is unconstitional would essentially eliminate the program PERMANENTLY. A Congressional repeal/reform is only as good as the current Congress/Administration – all it takes is another Carter to reimplement the program.

    Of course, for such a challenge to the SES constitutionality to succeed, you would need one critical component: Righteous Judges, on the Federal benches and in the Supreme Court.

    We can’t allow this to EVER happen to another President again. The entire SES system must be razed to the ground and turned into glass. A bulldozer isn’t good enough, the site must be declared radioactive for generations. A constitional challenge would be the most sound and permanent way to ensure that entitled government bureaucrats NEVER AGAIN feel that they are above the law or the President’s censure.

    I don’t know if any of that is right. I don’t care, what matters is recording hunches and see if they produce fruit or grow into new leads.

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    1. What I am discovering here is that the MSM does NOT deeply investigate anything it wants to live, or a scandal about which it wants to die. Any coverage will be a 180 from where investigation should go. They LOVE SES, so SES is like Q – they don’t even touch it unless they need to label it a “…..conspiracy theory against senior federal workers. Such as Chiquita al-Massoud Stalinova, LGBT activist and mother of 4 non-binary children. Chiquita – please tell us about the SES program and how it has turned your life around and enabled you to raise these four special needs children.”

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      1. Sure – MCM is the distraction engine so they have no vested interest in investigating anything anymore.

        But the citizen journalists – Judicial Watch, TGP, the Twitter DS researchers, other blogs – I don’t recall ever seeing the SES connection with McCabe come up.

        My question, why is this the first we’ve heard about it?

        Does that suggest more manufacturing at work than meets the eye?

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        1. Because we are – as a whole – crappy researchers. Because – if this linked thread is right – it was being discussed online AS IT WAS HAPPENING on 3/17/18, and from all appearances, it’s not impossible to figure out who is SES for many people just knowing their positions.

          Nope. He was SES, and many government employees would have known at that time.

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          1. From December of 2016:

            “The bulk of the current career Senior Executive Service – composed of roughly 7,000 individuals across the executive branch – were appointed to the SES during the past seven years during the Obama administration, data from OPM’s internal Enterprise Human Resources Integration tool shows.”


            This whole think is worth the read. I don’t even want to think about how we missed this. I clearly don’t know enough about how our government is being run. FFS.

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      1. Simple version: McCabe was SES, so it was harder to fire him fast. We did it anyway, he sued DOJ/FBI. Eventually, McCabe dropped the suit, right before Durham’s investigation became a criminal investigation. It *LOOKS* like McCabe decided to cooperate, and part of that deal was dropping the annoying suit.

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    2. If you go to the link below, which Wolf posted above, click on the number 1 here: Records: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.

      OR, just click here:

      CREW Gets McCabe Termination Documents

      Go to page 9. On the top right, it is dated 04/05/2018. The document is Performance Appraisal Information for Andrew G. McCabe.

      Now go to the next page, 10. There is a block of classified stuff blanked out. The next entry is:

      CONV TO SES CAR 09/27/2009

      From there forward in his work record you will see periodic entries of “SES PERFORMANCE.”

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          1. Like everything else about Obama! Sing it!

            ‘O’ is for the Odor of your hateful lies,
            ‘B’ is for the Bullshit we endured,
            ‘A’ is for the Assholes you forced on us,
            ‘M’ for Machinations, spies and lures.
            ‘A’ again for All the times you lied and lied and lied!
            Put it all together it spells Obama,
            A name that’s purely loathesome to me!

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    3. michaelh,

      Comey would not be SES because he is an APPOINTEE. He is appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate.

      The SES people would be the top CAREER BueauRats in the bureaucracy who stay in place for thirty years are more. They are the people that MAKE SURE the government moves in the direction that the Puppet Masters want no matter WHO is elected by the serfs.

      This is why THEY CAN NOT BE FIRED short of convicting them of a serious crime and as we can see with the DOJ and McCabe, EVEN WITH A CONFESSION you STILL can not convict and remove the Futher Muckers!

      Why? Because the DOJ is ALSO FULL OF SES employees!!!

      The Federal Bureaucracy is set-up in such a way that no matter what YOU CAN NOT CHANGE IT!
      Why? — Because they scratching each other’s backs.

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    4. Wouldn’t need to know if Comey was SES because SES is also determined by the billet. If the job is an SES job then the person filling that job has that standing – pay and power. All these senior people are SES types.

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  2. Bromwich is the one who defended the female friend of Christine Blasey Ford……. the woman Ford visited at Delaware beach, the one who was in the DOJ.

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    1. “Ford’s Friend Monica McLean, Ex-FBI Agent, Could Face Charges for Tampering With Witness”

      “[Ford’s} most crucial witness was the other girl allegedly at the house, Leland Keyser.

      “Keyser eventually issued a statement saying she had never met Kavanaugh. After the statement, McLean, the former FBI agent, reportedly pressured Keyser to revise her statement.”
      “Friend Rejects Claim That Ford Helped Her on Polygraph Test”
      Caption of a pic on this site:
      “From left to right: Debra Katz, Monica McLean, Christine Blasey Ford and Michael Bromwich. David Laufman (lower left) is Monica McLean’s attorney. Laufman, along with Peter Strzok, interviewed Hillary Clinton on July 2, 2016 in email cover-up. Bromwich also represents former FBI Deputy and Acting director Andrew McCabe.”

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    1. If the Lawfare gang didn’t concoct this whole coup, then Beijing, Moscow or CIA did. Or maybe Lawfare + CIA.

      McCabe is probably giving up Obama and the “include everything” order. And I see 1000 denials on that, with everybody saying “bu-bu-bu-but I didn’t mean THAAAAAAAT!!!!!”

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      1. Follow Mike Morrell.
        He was 2nd at the CIA under Brennan. He was the one who re-did talking points for Susan Rice.
        And……. just a hunch…..I’ve never been able to explain WHY Morrell is in the back pocket of Hillary Clinton.
        Their relationship is bizarre. He is still defending her to this day.

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        1. Yup. I heard that TOAD on a radio ad on a “hot country” station in 2016, putting down Trump and shillin’ for Hillin-sky. O.M.G. I wanted to tear out my radio!

          I’ll bet he was gonna be Hillary’s head of CIA.

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    2. Check Yaacov Apelbaum’s WordPress site, The Illustrated Primer.

      He’s basically a one-man, private sector intelligence agency, and has web-crawler and artificial intelligence software to snatch all that data off the net. Though he seems to mainly use it internally to establish links between people for his reports, and may be too concerned with privacy to share it.

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  3. “senior agency officials like McCabe are entitled to 30 days ……exception ….for which a prison sentence can be imposed”

    That excerpt kind of squashes this logic, since Flynn and Stone and Papadop etc where ALL charged with a view to imprisonment for the crime of lying to the FIB, same as McCabe. So McCabe’s crime had a reasonable expectation of imprisonment – hence our anger ….

    Whatever is going on with McCabe involves the chess moves with Flynn. The similarity in their crimes and McCabe’s involvement in Flynn’s take-down. The timing of the outside prosecutor looking at Flynn coincides with McCabe skating … This is no coincidence!!!

    Figuring this timing out will provide the answer. McCabe apparently said he would take the cabal down with him if he is left holding the bag – my guess is he has delivered ….

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    1. LMAO!

      Similarity of their crimes?

      [DEMOCRAT_FILTER]Jason, why can’t you see this? Andy McCabe was INSIDE FBI, not outside. He’s a Democrat, not a hateful Republican. He’s never committed another crime. He would not go to prison, even if these charges were true. How can you compare Roger Stone, career criminal, who threatened somebody’s life partner because that person was a witness? Oh, Jason, Andy McCabe, GOOD Andy McCabe, would not be going to prison.[/DEMOCRAT_FILTER]

      It’s Two-Tiered “justice”. It’s that simple. They never STATE the two-tiered nature openly – they DENY IT at every turn. But they SEE the world with utter cognitive dissonance.

      Andy McCabe enters everything with the presumption of innocence. We don’t. And they don’t even RECOGNIZE IT.

      Nope. If I’m Bromwich, I NEVER EVER ADMIT that it’s jailable for McCabe. Refuse, refuse, refuse, and push the political angle with media backing.

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        1. Theoretically, you are correct of course – but the problem is that Bromwich has them aced from the very start because he has two ways to kill them on the way to answering the very question of what has McCabe done and is it jailable and thus SES-waiver-worthy. I’m sure there’s plenty of fight there.

          So first, he makes noise to the one-sided media and creates the one thing his fellow lawyers in DOJ can’t stand – institutional damage. THEN he starts demanding things that the Trump administration doesn’t want to hand over. So he splits the White House from the DOJ on the issue as well.

          Nasty business.

          But I can see McCabe’s eye on a way out, and Barr and Co. know it.

          McCabe knows that if he can deal away the low stuff where he was caught by the IG, he has a clean slate above on the really nasty stuff. So he’s just got to clear up the IG stuff with a deal, and then gets another deal for everything else. The termination suit cleans the bottom, the new deal cleans the top.

          I suspect that McCabe lied to Rosey and Pence about Flynn. It may be hard to work out of those problems. But if he ratted out Comey and MORE, then maybe he gets little or no hard time.

          The trouble is, I think Vegas was tied to McCabe in some fashion. Same with Charlottesville. I just don’t understand how, but I see a connection.

          Interesting times.

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          1. I thought I was going to calm down after finding the lawsuit deal outline which proves McCabe is talking, but TheseTruths is digging up some great departures from DOJ – 2 commies (one inside) and 2 gaystapo – there have to be MASSIVE scandals they left behind.

            Put on the gloves and respirators – we have work. No time to get calm! 😉

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  4. I’m amazed how little we (I) know about the workings of the federal government. I didn’t know about the Senior Executive Service, and I think the theory posited here is sound. We are too busy to research and study every aspect of the government bureaucracy that is so overblown and corrupt. And I’m amazed that this theory/news about the SES is not being trumpeted on every conservative blog and news site. It looks as if the SES could be a major tool of the swamp.
    “The Senior Executive Service (SES) lead America’s workforce. As the keystone of the Civil Service Reform Act of 1978 [Jimmy Carter], the SES was established to “…ensure that the executive management of the Government of the United States is responsive to the needs, policies, and goals of the Nation and otherwise is of the highest quality.” These leaders possess well-honed executive skills and share a broad perspective on government and a public service commitment that is grounded in the Constitution.

    “Members of the SES serve in the key positions just below the top Presidential appointees. SES members are the major link between these appointees and the rest of the Federal workforce. They operate and oversee nearly every government activity in approximately 75 Federal agencies.

    “The U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) manages the overall Federal executive personnel program, providing the day-to-day oversight and assistance to agencies as they develop, select, and manage their Federal executives.”
    I don’t know how it all works, but I need to be convinced that positions with that much power and seemingly little accountability are necessary. The potential for corruption is too great.

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    1. From this article (emphasis mine):
      There are just over 8,000 SES positions in the federal government, the vast majority (approximately 7,300 in fiscal year 2016) are SES Career).

      Not surprisingly, the vast majority of SES positions are in Department of Defense (including the Services); the Department with the second highest numbers of SES positions is the Department of Justice.

      The stats below are from OPM’s 2016 SES Report and represents positions in the executive pay plan:
      Department of Education – 86
      Department of Housing & Urban Development – 115
      Department of the Air Force – 182
      Department of Labor – 200
      Department of State – 204
      Department of Transportation – 231
      Department of Interior – 258
      Department of the Army – 261
      Department of the Navy – 326
      Department of Veterans Affairs – 357
      Department of Agriculture – 361
      Department of Commerce – 425
      Department of the Treasury – 458
      Department of Health & Human Services – 468
      Department of Defense – 478
      Department of Energy – 490
      Department of Homeland Security – 639
      Department of Justice – 821
      All Other Agencies (all non-Cabinet level agencies) – 1,796

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    2. I am utterly convinced that SES was designed for “progressive continuity” – to maintain control of the federal government.

      SES was implemented under Jimmy Carter, who I believe was some kind of Soviet mind control dupe. Carter could not WAIT to do the wrong thing for America, freedom, and the future – and the right thing for Moscow and Beijing – at every turn. One of the earliest victories of Soviet church takeover in America.

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    3. No, they are not necessary. A person whose job is absolutely secure regardless of performance, is a person who is free to commit crimes.


  5. Forgive me if this has already been posted. I seem to remember that Zero made an Executive Order adding a whole bunch of people/positions to SES. Including a whole bunch of people in the intelligence agencies.

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    1. Yup. And it looks like it was DEFINITELY made in conjunction with the coup plotting – it was signed December 15, 2015.

      Executive Order 13714

      Strengthening the Senior Executive Service

      It references BACK to a 2011 “diversity” order, too.

      Here is the PDF:

      Click to access 2015-32060.pdf

      Changes in DOJ had to be done by 9/30/18, but could have been earlier – McCabe may or may not have been fired ahead of them.

      My feeling is that SES is the tail, not the dog, of the McCabe firing.

      Yes, SES is huge and horrible, but a separate issue. However, I think it helped Obama “keep his legacy”, and that was the main purpose of strengthening it. It intersects the coup plot to assist it, but was not a critical specific component.

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        1. Oh, it’s all done. I can see this very clearly now. White Hat DOJ HAD McCabe – wrongful termination was just him betting with a worthless IOU, and hoping that Jussie Liu would help him weasel out later.


          The White Hats can lower the boom on McCabe with those old IG-based charges whenever, and if they have a deal with McCabe now – which I’m sure they do – then I’ll bet they’re hanging those over him. But making those go away is likely part of the offer. If he rats out EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING, then he skates in some fashion on EVERYTHING.

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          1. I like this a lot. Wrongful termination is a hail Mary pass. It worked ENOUGH for the Lawfare team to take a victory lap for PR. Buying time and sell the “we were persecuted ” narrative that they WILL play later…

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  6. In his second term, DJT will treat the SES (and teachers’ unions) as he did the VA.

    He is most likely royally vexed by the dreadful laziness and incompetence and partisan leftism being indulged/fomented/weaponized in both arenas of employment.

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    1. I consider McCabe, Page and Strzok as partisan political agents allowed to operate freely in a malfunctional system where politics and family connections, big donor connections predict promotion to or immediate placement into Senior Executive ‘untouchable’ status.

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  7. Let’s put a couple things together.
    A SES employee can be terminated IF it is reasonable to believe they have committed a crime that calls for prison time BUT you STILL have to give them 7 days (so they can destroy evidence).

    Ex-FBI Deputy McCabe admits to LYING, LEAKING info to media, OBSTRUCTING probe

    …The transcripts, released by the Department of Justice Inspector General’s office (OIG) — which found McCabe “lacked candor” with investigators in a scathing February 2018 report — detail how McCabe spun a false narrative that he was not responsible for leaking the information cited in a October 2016 Wall Street Journal article that detailed a new probe into Hillary Clinton’s email use.

    The transcripts were released by the Justice Department’s inspector general in response to a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington.

    An unidentified FBI investigator detailed his frustration with Mr. McCabe over the time he spent investigating the leak, only to discover the leak came from the former deputy director himself, according to the transcripts. Mr. McCabe had repeatedly denied he was the source of the leak, but later confessed and apologized when the investigator confronted him, the transcripts said.

    “I remember saying to him, ‘Sir, you understand that we’ve put a lot of work into this based on what you told us,’” the agent said. “I mean, and I even said, long nights and weekends working on this trying to find out who amongst your ranks of trusted people would, would do something like that. And [Mr. McCabe] kind of just looked down, kind of nodded and said, ‘Yeah, I’m sorry.’”

    What Are the Penalties for Lying to Congress?

    Perjury and lying to the federal government are both crimes that could land a person in some serious legal trouble. If convicted of either crime, a person could be looking at up to five years in prison. This means that if a person is found to have lied during a congressional hearing or investigation, or simply lied to an FBI or other federal agent, actual jail time could result…..

    How to Prove Perjury or Lying to Congress

    When a person is prosecuted, there are separate federal regulations for perjury specifically and lying to the feds generally. Under the United States Code, title 18, section 1001, a person who knowingly or willingly makes a material statement that is false, or fraudulent, to the feds, is guilty of a crime. What comes as a surprise to many is that unlike section 1621, section 1001 does not require that a person be under oath.

    The difficulty that comes in prosecuting these crimes is the requirement that the statements be made knowingly or willingly. This allows those being accused of, or investigated for, perjury, to assert a lack of knowledge at the time of the statement that the statement was false. However, this may not be compelling enough to defeat or avoid a prosecution if contradictory evidence exists. Additionally, individuals who lie out of fear, or provide evasive answers, during a federal investigation, frequently find themselves facing the threat of federal prosecution….

    United States Code, title 18, section 1001

    (a)Except as otherwise provided in this section, whoever, in any matter within the jurisdiction of the executive, legislative, or judicial branch of the Government of the United States, knowingly and willfully—

    (1)falsifies, conceals, or covers up by any trick, scheme, or device a material fact;

    (2)makes any materially false, fictitious, or fraudulent statement or representation; or

    (3)makes or uses any false writing or document knowing the same to contain any materially false, fictitious, or fraudulent statement or entry;

    shall be fined under this title, imprisoned not more than 5 years or, if the offense involves international or domestic terrorism (as defined in section 2331), imprisoned not more than 8 years, or both. If the matter relates to an offense under chapter 109A, 109B, 110, or 117, or section 1591, then the term of imprisonment imposed under this section shall be not more than 8 years…..

    (c)  With respect to any matter within the jurisdiction of the legislative branch, subsection (a) shall apply only to–

    (1) administrative matters, including a claim for payment, a matter related to the procurement of property or services, personnel or employment practices, or support services, or a document required by law, rule, or regulation to be submitted to the Congress or any office or officer within the legislative branch; or

    (2) any investigation or review, conducted pursuant to the authority of any committee, subcommittee, commission or office of the Congress, consistent with applicable rules of the House or Senate.

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    1. So McCabe admitted to LYING to the FBI.

      What Are the Consequences of Lying to the FBI?

      This is Findlaw about General Flynn, but remember McCabe misled the FBI leak investigation.

      While you might have the right to remain silent, you certainly don’t have a right to lie to the police. State laws can vary when it comes to false statements, but lying during federal investigation is a felony carrying a potential five year prison sentence.

      And that’s just your standard, run-of-the-mill federal obstruction of justice charge. What about misleading the FBI….

      18 U.S.C. § 1001 makes it a federal crime for anyone who “in any matter within the jurisdiction of the executive, legislative, or judicial branch of the Government of the United States, knowingly and willfully … makes any materially false, fictitious, or fraudulent statement or representation.” The same statute has been used to convict and imprison Rod Blagojevich, Scooter Libby, Bernard Madoff, Martha Stewart, and Jeffrey Skilling…..

      From the DOJ:


      The circumstance often arises in which a false statement is made in response to an inquiry by an FBI or other Federal agent, or made voluntarily to an agent. The issue is whether such a statement is within the purview of 18 U.S.C. § 1001.

      It is the Department’s policy not to charge a § 1001 violation in situations in which a suspect, during an investigation, merely denies guilt in response to questioning by the government. See JM 9-42.160 for a discussion of the Department’s policy. This policy is to be narrowly construed, however; affirmative, discursive and voluntary statements to Federal criminal investigators would not fall within the policy.
      Further, certain false responses to questions propounded for administrative purposes (e.g., statements to border or United States Immigration and Naturalization Service agents during routine inquiries) are also prosecutable, as are untruthful “no’s” when the defendant initiated contact with the government in order to obtain a benefit.

      By its plain terms, § 1001 (as it existed before it was amended in October 1996), broadly reaches “[w]hoever, in any matter within the jurisdiction of any department or agency of the United States knowingly and willfully . . .makes any false, fictitious or fraudulent statements or representations. . . .”….


      I am no lawyer, and I could not find a definitive statement but LYING to the Inspector General would seem to fall under the “[w]hoever, in any matter within the jurisdiction of any department or agency of the United States knowingly and willfully . . .makes any false, fictitious or fraudulent statements or representations. . . .”

      Thus, I do not see ANY OVERT reason for not prosecuting McCabe on the stand alone charge of LYING to the FBI/Inspector General.

      I just want to make sure we are ALL clear on that point before diving down the rabbit hole.

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      1. OH, I forgot this VERY IMPORTANT STATEMENT (Hadn’t had my cuppa yet.)

        “…In the words of Michael R. Bromwich, then-counsel for McCabe, the timeline for McCabe’s termination “was nothing short of extraordinary,” given that the process normally takes “many months, if not longer” yet here “was completed in 23 days.”….”

        Last time I took math, 23 days was more than THREE TIMES seven days. So no Bromwich, you do NOT get to pull that switcheroo!

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        1. “Bu-bu-bu-bu-bu-bu-DEMOCRAT!”

          You can see exactly what Bromwich is doing. ALINSKY FEARS ON MEDIA PERCEPTION OF POLITICAL BIAS AND WITCH HUNT. This is what owning both the media and the government does.

          You want to fight over the semantics of 2+2=4? LOL! Bromwich will lose eventually, but how much Trump administration blood will be spilled in the process?

          The media creates a false reality.

          If the media were fair, Trump could have a press conference, say what you’re saying, and the MEDIA would go out and talk about “compare Flynn with McCabe – something is wrong!”.

          It will never happen. Instead, McCabe is the witch hunt.

          I think McCabe’s lawyers did a good job in hiding his cooperation, which serves not only his interests, but Democrats in general, so they can continue to deny that anything is wrong, and even reverse the appearance of the situation.

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      2. Yes. In other words, if the law was being fairly applied, McCabe should be CHARGED, and given that the evidence is strong, and he ADMITTED that he lied (confession), he *should* be convicted and sentenced.

        McCabe had only THREE possible cards to make that go away.

        ONE – his lawsuit, which can and probably was an ANNOYING BLUFF, but which threatened to give the other side (widely interpreted) information (widely interpreted)

        TWO – the promise to cooperate in busting his superiors and others (including Hillary Clinton, IMO)

        THREE – ideological sympathy of those who would otherwise be prosecuting him, and who likely have THEIR OWN track record (possibly illegal, possibly not) of supporting the coup.

        I think it MUST be all three.

        Number TWO is necessary. That is the big rock the feds want. Number THREE is obvious, and can’t go away. And Number ONE is the only thing, IMO, that McCabe really had to bargain with

        Termination suits are ALWAYS a pain in the ass, and ALWAYS a barter, because no matter how ill-founded, “just make it go away” always threatens to make sense economically, at the very minimum.

        McCabe is talking. It is the ONLY thing that makes sense, IMO.

        But HERE is where things get interesting. Based on what I’m learning, “talk and hide” is a common, deep-state-protecting outcome. THAT is likely what happened to James Wolfe, although I don’t think he talked much. Probably just enough to make it clear to everybody that he would spill on the Senate in a big way. At which point he got a light sentence on a hider charge.

        Just because somebody TALKS, doesn’t mean DS is gonna do anything useful with it.

        This is a key point.

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    2. YUP. Maybe Trump could have his own EO that “further strengthens” SES by GUTTING the parts which allow “communist retention” – which is the real purpose of the thing. For instance, in the event that the “imprisonable crime” is considered to INVOLVE OTHER KNOWN OR UNKNOWN CONSPIRATORS, it goes from 7 days to ZERO DAYS in the interest of preserving evidence.

      There are many other “enhancements” possible, that DEFANG SES.

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  8. OK I just laid out ^^^ the facts that show the DOJ had a slam dunk case (McCabe CONFESSED) AND the SES rules ALLOWED his firing within 23 days and after 7 days given his lying and confession.

    So WTF⁉️

    I have to go along with the Rope-A-Dope and OPTICS!!!!

    What are the optics?
    The DOJ OH!Bummer holdovers throw the book at Roger Stone for ‘lying to the FBI’

    ….A. It is not even clear it WAS lying. link

    ….B. At Stone’s age the sentence is a DEATH SENTENCE

    ….C. PapaD “was sentenced on Friday to 14 days in prison for lying to the F.B.I. about his contacts with Russian intermediaries….”

    ….D. McCabe who has CONFESSED to lying AND leaking documents to the press IS NOT INDICTED and is Suing to get his pension back.

    That then leads the curious to this revelation:

    …Through a Freedom of Information Act request filed in January, the watchdog group Judicial Watch has obtained proof that 10 of 14 FBI employees who were referred to the Department of Justice’s Office of Professional Responsibility for leaking sensitive or classified information remain gainfully employed with the bureau.

    ….“Collectively, these documents show lenient treatment for evident criminal activity. Only four of the 14 employees found to have made an unauthorized disclosure were dismissed from the FBI. And even though Andrew McCabe was fired and referred for a criminal investigation for his leak, no prosecution has taken place.”

    And to the fact the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT PROTECTS THE CRIMINALS WHO WORK IN THE GOVERNMENT but tosses the book at ANYONE who the see as a threat.

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    1. Yup.

      Now – HERE is the important point. If we don’t have a deal with McCabe to talk, we got NOTHING. But based on the fact that we are now investigating Comey and Brennan, AND the fact that it actually became a CRIMINAL probe, I’m thinking that McCabe HAD to give them something usable to probe Comey and Brennan. He HAD to give them meetings and conversations that these other people will at a minimum look very bad if they don’t remember, AND which could send them to jail if there are more witnesses that DO remember.

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  9. Hopefully my last comment will show…

    What is President Trump’s MAIN GOAL??

    To drain the Swamp.

    What would a corporate CEO do in taking over an ailing company?
    — Fire the crooks and the deadwood.

    Why can’t President Trump do that NOW?
    BECAUSE OF THE SES and FEDERAL EMPLOYEES UNION and all the laws and rules that protect them from firing DESPITE CRIMINAL ACTIVITY and Also ALLOW them to do Union business on government time.

    See my comments starting HERE:

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    1. President Trump has to SHOW the American public WHY the government bureaucracy is dysfunctional, bloated, and crooked so WE can vote in elected officials that CAN AND WILL write the laws needed to fix it.

      He was at least partly successful with the Veterans Admin. Now he needs our help to go after the rest.

      Given OSHA and other labor laws, we no longer NEED Unions to protect our workers PERIOD. Now unions just drive up costs and drive businesses to close union factories and head for non-union areas to build new. (BTDT) What we NEED is a ROARING economy so businesses have to FIGHT for good workers.

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  10. I am also going to add this (H/T to Hubby):

    American Thought Leaders – The Epoch Times

    Why does Diana West believe that communist ideology has infiltrated America’s intelligence agencies?

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  11. Devil’s Advocate here, before we go off on a tirade.
    Big T was SES for a period of time.
    No goldfish swallowed, no Skull and Crossbones, no meeting in the grove under a burning owl.
    See what I mean?

    They are executives with specific skills, GS 13-15, highest paid employees of the government, often brought in as experts for an agency. Because of their experience, they can often be transported to OTHER agencies.

    Obama admin had thousands and thousand of political appointees (A President is allowed almost 4,000 appointees when he first takes office, let alone what Obama had over 8yrs period) and then burrowed them deep as “employees” in the months prior to the inauguration of Trump. Making them permanent employees makes the former political hacks incredibly difficult to fire, protected by federal emp workers unions (SEIU) and gives the Dem/Obama team a “bookmark” in government for when they return to power.
    It also helps them thwart the efforts of the Trump Admin.

    That Schumer has demanded debate on all Trump nominees, has completely blocked Trump loyalists to take over the agencies and enabled the “resistance” within government (Deep State). BUT —- note that McConnell is going along with it. All McConnell would have to do is “recess” the Senate and the Trump appointees could go in.

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    1. Daughn.

      The point is to REMOVE the laws that protect BAD EMPLOYEES. Bureaucrats SHOULD NOT BE ABLE TO JOIN A UNION especially when unions are a major target of the communists.

      Why should bureaucrats have RIGHTS and PRIVILEGES that the ordinary American worker does not?

      I have been fired more than once for NO CAUSE so why are these people ‘SPECIAL’ and get to BREAK LAWS and STILL retain their jobs?

      For example:
      Defense Department Computer Network Among Top Sharers of Child Pornography

      …Defense Department computers are among the top distributors of child pornography. An untold number of Department of Defense (DOD) employees and contractors have subscriptions to child pornography websites, and the problem is apparently so pervasive it requires new technical solutions to address it.

      “Hundreds of DoD-affiliated individuals” were recently identified as suspects in child pornography cases, according to an investigation by the Defense Criminal Investigative Service.

      So far, authorities have only looked into about 20 percent of these cases. But already, they’ve found “several” individuals “using their government devices to download or share said pornographic material.”

      Last year, an investigation by the National Criminal Justice Training Program found DOD computers were among the top networks nationwide for peer-to-peer sharing of pornographic images of minors. DOD’s network ranked 19th out of 2,891 computer networks studied.

      To prevent such widespread abuse going forward, the “End National Defense Network Abuse Act” would “crack down on this activity…..

      Why in Hades did Congress have to write a NEW LAW to take care of this problem???

      In Industry your ass would be booted out the door before you got to say a word! Yet if these are SES employees they get to STAY for at least 7 days and then appeal six ways to Sunday before they get awarded back pay and damages!

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    2. I don’t think anyone is judging SES employees in general, or saying that they are all in cahoots and know the secret underpinnings — just that the SES could be a tool to be used, especially if it’s almost impossible to cull the herd because of regulations. And, as Wolf said above, it could allow for continuity of one administration’s policies that are contrary to those of the current administration.

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    3. Good point. SES is a nice tool for deep state viability – it doesn’t mean that all SES are Obamacommie embeds and RESIST scumbags.

      Some of it (SES assignment) is just POSITION. Note, however, that POSITION with attached duties is a GREAT recruiting tool – just like Rhodes scholarships are a GREAT recruiting tool, but not a 100% guarantee that they “get” the potential recruit.

      FREE WITH YOUR NEW POSITION – *PERKS* – just sign up for your FREE gym membership at CLUB RESIST! 🙄

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    4. I believe original SES passed b/c it was not a nakedly partisan concept. But there was definitely a poison pill plan with it. The Rs wouldn’t abuse it, but the Ds wouldn’t miss an opportunity to do so. What worked well for Ds in the judiciary could also be applied to the executive! That leaves the legislature which has its own continuous staffing constructs underneath the Uniparty apparatus. WOLFE. His indictment could expose the dangerous truth that legislators don’t matter much. That the SSCI is 100% corrupt is only an artifact of a much larger scheme.

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  12. Trey Gowdy was on Maria’s show and said they had a hard time getting the indictment against McCabe, which translates into an even harder time getting a conviction.

    Liked by 4 people

        1. Because things are about to go nuclear. It’s very clear that the fact that McCABE SANG is breaking out. Or, if he did not sing, then Trump could FIRE BARR. And Trump won’t need to fire Barr, because the “Resistoids” are attacking Barr so hard, it’s obvious – McCABE SANG.

          And CIA “The” Rick Wilson is being tasked to find out something IN THAT CONTEXT. Very likely he is looking for hints to verify whether or not McCabe sang. But it’s obvious as hell to me now that he did.

          I will have a post going up shortly with more information!!!

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            1. Wilson may have an MK trigger for Strzok for him to deliver some information, too. But I didn’t tell you that – nobody would believe it anyway. But think of it as two CIA guys meeting.

              Things are getting interesting. Watch WaPo and see if they try to beat me to the punch.

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              1. I’m thinking it was staged.
                If they really needed to talk, they would have done it, privately.
                Having lunch in the middle of a DC restaurant?

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              1. Hell no he’s not! And contrary to SD, I don’t see him covering for the swamp traitors and protecting institutions, thereby giving Lawfare the blackmail advantage – not buying it. Honey Badger don’t give a damn. He will figure out a way to stop all this mess.

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  13. Here is the explanation. OIG is not allowed to examine motivations, wrongdoing of attys at DOJ.
    True, only place across all of government where this anomaly exists.

    A few days ago, when the problem with McCabe and Vindman erupted, I alluded to the prospect of a BILL moving through Congress which could correct MUCH of the problem at the DOJ.
    It was a snippet I heard on broadcast media and before I could stop what I was doing, it was gone.


    FOUND IT!!
    This is it! It’s true.
    Bill is H.R. 202, written by a DEM from Louisiana, this Congress, and passed by VOICE VOTE in the House and headed to the Senate, expected to pass, ASAP.

    The Inspectors General can investigate anything, anywhere in government……. except the attorneys at the DOJ.
    This bill corrects that problem.

    Jason Chaffetz, former Congressman from Utah and Chair of Oversight Comm, explained in on FOX this morning.

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