WORK THREAD: Department of Justice Deconstruction Begins

WARNING: Do not post on this thread unless you are addressing the purpose of the thread. All other responses will be sent to trash. No rah-rah, no Eeyore, no praise, no prayers, no Q, no “[whatever] Trust [whatever]”, no whatever. Take it back to the Open Thread.

Highly general background responses linking things to the Illuminati are not helpful – UNLESS they put some communist Democrat DOJ prosecutor with a NAME in jail. So if some turd is an ex-Jesuit creep who was probably diddled as a kid, and is now shilling for pedophiles, BRING THE DIRT – we need it. If the Jesuits are to blame for it all, spare me – I already know their role in this shit, although I could use that background SOMEWHERE ELSE.

Also discounting of the effectiveness of this process is an instaban. We don’t need that shit. Go home to mommy. But just for a day.

Are we clear? Good.

PURPOSE: This thread is to start collecting data, out in the open, on individual officials in DOJ and FBI who are behind the bullshit. This is going to be an uncomfortable thread for some of you – stay away if you can’t handle being harassed by .gov as I have been for years so it makes no difference. This is going to anger both the black hats and the white hats. Too damn bad. The party in DOJ/FBI is over.

Bring me the heads [figuratively – we are non-violent – and it better show] of the COUP supporters who are still there and gumming up the works. Who are the people who let assholes like McCabe get jobs in media and then WALK? Who are the CIA embeds? Who are the most likely committers of POLITICALLY EFFECTIVE MURDER through controlled assets (meaning timed “false flags”). NAMES – FACES – BIOS – let’s get the pedophile communist racist Marxist scum RIGHT HERE under the magnifying glass.



Links to Two Prior Threads:

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    1. Top comment on this is excellent:

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      1. In other words they’re covering their asses or someone else’s ass. I noticed SD insinuated Barr was protecting Rosenstein by not going after McCabe. Hmm.

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        1. It is entirely possible that Barr’s idea of a perfect DOJ is the status quo ante from which he was fired – meaning right before Bill Clinton nuked DOJ.

          That is pre-9/11, which is good, but it’s still post-HGWB. May not be as MAGA as we would like.

          If this is all because Rosey ratted out the bads, and will come out after actual trials, then maybe not so bad. But if it’s institutional cover, not so good.

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          1. Holy cow! I did the Exact same thing! read it as “that”, as an encouraging thought/possibly true and didn’t realize I had it wrong until this post and then re-reading. Wow – saw what I wanted to see? Just wow. How many times do I do that? small errors that make a world of difference!

            First, incorrect reading was hopeful and yet the 2nd is, based on track record, more believable. Just wow that I did that. Wishful thinking I guess and a wake up to be pinpoint accurate and detailed. Grounded in reality

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        2. I think it is dangerous (and inappropriate) to make too many assumptions – particularly to assume that Bill Barr’s intention is to “defend the institutions”. That is a logical leap stating intentionality that we DO NOT know. We simply cannot afford take these kinds of things on blind faith and without evidence. Assumptions like this have a dangerous way of tainting our reasoning and ability to chase the facts, regardless of where they lead.


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      2. Very important to read this carefully. If you are off by ONE LETTER, it reads incorrectly. I made that mistake the first time I read it.


        CORRECT: If a Federal investigation stalls, is deflected, or slow-rolled…it’s due to the target having MORE dirty laundry than the government wants exposed, or they cut a deal.

        INCORRECT: If a Federal investigation stalls, is deflected, or slow-rolled…it’s due to the target having MORE dirty laundry that the government wants exposed, or they cut a deal.


        Read it WRONG, and it means that the primary option is delay of release to eventually expose when bigger fish are caught.

        Read it RIGHT, and it means they are BURYING the evidence – or they cut a deal – with BURYING the primary option.

        People very frequently don’t catch this stuff in the writing phase.

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        1. Part of my job as a second pressman at Flyer Publishing in Brandon Florida was to proof read everything going to be printed before the presses were fired up, people would be surprised how much correcting must be done before printing begins. Even after printing starts I used to proof read the first print to be sure everything printed was in order.
          You highlight a very common mistake people make Wolf, thank you for all you do, I am honored to be in your bunker.

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        2. I think what you are arguing here is bit of a logical leap.
          If there was an ‘and’ instead of an ‘or’, you would be right. Otherwise it is speculation.

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          1. If it were “and cut a deal” versus the actual “or cut a deal” Wolf’s point would be stronger. But I still think the than/that distinction Wolf mentioned still affects the meaning of Barnes’ statement.

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    2. Here is a link to Wheatie’s comment:

      Here is a document from that subthread:

      So – J. P. Cooney.

      I have a bit of information on J.P. Cooney vs. Menendez which is interesting – depends on who was trying to pressure Menendez, and how they were doing it…..

      White Hat? Black Hat? Dutiful Prosecutor? Pressuring a pedo for politics? Not clear. Not going to call this one – but it’s VERY INTERESTING nonetheless…..

      Note: a DEVIL BARRETT article from Washington CIA Propaganda

      WHAT is their angle? Bad prosecution of Menendez? Pressure on Menendez?

      Federal Judge excoriates Sen. Menendez prosecution team

      Stay off WaPo!!!

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    3. Here is a link about J. P. Cooney that may actually be very useful to Big T, as a window into character.

      It’s a Politico article that recounts parts of the Menendez trial!

      In another portion of the email quoted by prosecutor J.P. Cooney, Lopes wrote that Menendez “degrades his reputation in the ambassadorial ranks throughout the state department.” Lopes, who is now executive director of the inter-American Development Bank, also praised Menendez in the email, calling him a “statesman” and “top notch” on foreign policy.

      Prosecutors charge that securing visas for three Melgen girlfriends and one of their sisters was among the favors Menendez performed for Melgen in exchange for private jet flights, lavish vacations and hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions.

      Cooney said he wanted to “impeach” Lopes as a witness because the email appears to contradict his earlier testimony. Cooney also said the email, sent from Lopes’ private account to O’Brien’s private account, demonstrated Lopes’ intent to hide their correspondence because Lopes at one point said “taking this thread offline.”

      “This is a powerful document of impeachment, and even with redactions, your honor, I think it is telling as to the witness’ credibility,” Cooney said.

      Menendez attorney Raymond Brown said that even though Melgen was mentioned in the email, what spurred it was was actually a request by New Jersey attorney Donald Scarinci — a close friend of Menendez’s — to get his daughter an internship.

      “This email is about something that has no relationship to Sal Melgen,” Brown said.

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  1. Rosenstein remains at the heart of this.

    Accord to SD, he is the blackest of the black hats ….

    According to the Q-tree, he remains an enigma ….

    A certain VSG can lift the curtain on this CENTRAL question with one tweet, but chooses not to. PDJT is the one person (outside of RR) who knows with absolute certainty what role RR played in all this.

    If RR is black, perhaps this is the leverage PDJT has on Barr (a Bushie) to clean up the DOJ … Cause if the DAG was in fact central to the coup (remember that RR was Mueller’s BOSS, and thus lead the “coup”), then the DOJ can be burnt to the ground by ONE TWEET.

    I still think that the sting was the game being played, and Q’s existence corroborates that. Regardless, determine RR’s ACTUAL role in all this and the whole thing unravels …

    PDJT holds that power. So far he has Rod’s back ….. No point double guessing about Barr – it is all about RR’s role. Barr and PDJT seem to be singing from the same sheet re RR …

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  2. “Bring me the heads [figuratively – we are non-violent – and it better show] of the COUP supporters who are still there and gumming up the works.”


    And not to forget the criminals who have been forced out. The penalty for TREASON is not being fired from your cushy government job, the penalty for TREASON is being fired from planet earth, i.e., you get to leave this world much earlier than your natural expiration date.


    A Complete List of DOJ and FBI Corruptors and Criminals Destroying the US from Within
    December 29, 2017
    by Joe Hoft

    Eric Holder -According to the Guardian Obama’s first Attorney General Eric Holder was –

    – the first sitting member of a president’s cabinet in US history to be held in contempt of Congress after Republicans vented their fury over a bungled gun-tracking investigation.

    – Seventeen Democrats, under pressure from the pro-gun lobby the NRA, joined 238 Republicans to carry a criminal contempt resolution against Holder. A currently serving attorney general has never before been censured in this way.

    – The criminal contempt resolution, passed by 255 to 67, with most Democrats walking out of the chamber en masse before the vote, related to Operation Fast and Furious, a federal investigation launched in Arizona designed to ensnare gun smugglers involved with the Mexican drug cartels.

    – Thursday’s vote was of symbolic value, pointing to the almost total collapse of trust between the two main parties in Congress. Republican anger has been fueled by a conspiracy theory that Fast and Furious was deliberately set up to fail by the Obama administration to pave the way for greater federal gun controls

    Holder was AG during Obama’s first term and he therefore was AG during not only during the fast and furious scandal but the many other corrupt activities that occurred during Obama’s first term. He signed off on the Uranium One deal where the Obama administration approved the sale of 20 percent of US uranium to Russia while at the same time, no doubt was involved in the cover up of FBI Director Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russia where the “FBI knew, as of November 2009, of criminal activities by Tenex, the U.S. affiliate of Russia’s nuclear energy agency, Rosatom.”


    Loretta Lynch – Obama’s second corrupt AG oversaw the FBI and DOJ that set Hillary Clinton free during the email scandal after obvious criminal actions a week after Lynch met Bill Clinton on an Arizona tarmac in a botched clandestine meeting before the election. After the Trump win Lynch released the following bizarre video and call to arms for the deep state –

    Robert Mueller – Dirty Cop and former FBI Head Robert Mueller is the epitome of the deep state. As head of the FBI he failed to prosecute anyone for emailgate, fast and furious, Clinton foundation, etc. He never recused himself as the special counsel in the Trump – Russia farce in spite of numerous conflicts of interest. His entire team is a group of deep state liberal corrupt attorneys and investigators. His investigation is a crime as exemplified by the recent report that the Mueller team unlawfully obtained transition emails from the Trump team that were protected under attorney – client privilege. Mueller is also famous for hand delivering uranium to Russia on an airport tarmac per Hillary Clinton instructions.

    James Comey – Mueller’s partner in crime and protégé led the FBI after Mueller’s departure. He won a deep state award for best corrupt actor when he led the Clinton email investigation, treated it as a special case, and then let Hillary off with no charges. His presentation for why she should be let go was a masterpiece and showed he may also be a bit of a lunatic. He let Hillary go twice during the election in spite of obvious crimes to every American. –

    Sally Yates – The acting AG when President Trump took over who defied the President’s immigration order and was fired for doing so.

    Rod Rosenstein – At Rosenstein’s recent testimony in front of the House he showed how truly creepy he is. He answered nothing and constantly sniffed his nose like a cocaine addict. He was involved in the Russia coverup at the time of the sale of Uranium One and he and Mueller have been accused of abusing ‘Secrecy Powers’ in hiding information about the Trump investigation from Congress for months.

    Andrew Weissman – Weissman is one of the Trump haters on Mueller’s team who praised Yates for defying President Trump’s travel ban before being removed by Trump. The MSM praised her as well. Mueller’s selection of Weissman says it all. Weissmann is famous for pushing charges against Arthur Anderson and Merrill Lynch in the 2000’s that were eventually overturned by the Supreme Court 9 – 0 and an Appellate Court a year later. Thousands lost their jobs because of Weissmann’s errors. He has served as general counsel at the FBI and as an assistant U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of New York. — Weissmann donated $2,300 to the Obama Victory Fund in 2008, $2,000 to the DNC in 2006 and at least $2,300 to the Clinton campaign in 2007.

    Andrew McCabe – FBI Head after Comey was fired by President Trump, McCabe is in the middle of the scheme to overthrow the government. His wife ran for office in 2016 and her campaign received hundreds of thousands in Hillary related campaign donations at the same time McCabe was involved in the Hillary emails cover-up. In spite of this, McCabe didn’t recuse himself from the Hillary investigation until a week before the 2016 election. His name was on an email involved in drafting Comey’s exoneration of Clinton. The distribution list is all deep state –

    Recently it was reported that McCabe is planning on retiring in 90 days from the FBI. He should be instead tried for treason.

    Peter Strzok – Nobody knew this crook’s name until a few weeks ago. The Lead Inspector on the Clinton email scandal and Trump – Russia farce. This guy had a god – complex and thought it was his mission to stop Trump and help Hillary. He’s a crook in every sense of the word and should be in jail and tried for treason.

    Lisa Page – Strzok’s mistress at the DOJ. Another Trump hater in the deep state. She is on the Mueller investigative team and on detail from the FBI’s Office of the General Counsel and a former trial attorney with the Criminal Division’s Organized Crime and Gang Section – Investigated Ukrainian oligarch Dmitry Firtash, a one-time business partner of former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort, at the DOJ.

    Bruce and Nellie Ohr – He worked at the DOJ and she worked at Fusion – the company that slanders people for a living. Her specialty was with Russia and Trump. This was all kept secret until recently.

    James Baker – The FBI General Counsel who is being reassigned by new FBI Director Christopher Wray following a leak investigation.

    Peter Kadzik – Kadzik was a DOJ Assistant Attorney and was outed as a mole for the Hillary Clinton campaign in an email released by WikiLeaks.


    The Entire Mueller Investigative Team – in addition to those listed above, below are the others on the Mueller team –

    Rush Atkinson, an attorney on detail from the Criminal Division’s Fraud Section at the Department of Justice
    — Donated $200 to Clinton in 2016

    Peter Carr – DOJ spokesman under Barack Obama.

    Andrew Goldstein, a public corruption prosecutor on detail from the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the Southern District of New York — Worked under Trump-basher Preet Bharara in the liberal New York southern district.

    Adam Jed, an appellate attorney on detail from DOJ’s Civil Division. — Defended Obamacare at the DOJ.

    Elizabeth Prelogar, an appellate attorney on detail from the Office of the Solicitor General. -Fluent in Russian; former law clerk to Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Elena Kagan.

    James Quarles, a former partner at WilmerHale and a former assistant special prosecutor for the Watergate Special Prosecution Force. –Former assistant special prosecutor on the Watergate Special Prosecution Force.

    Jeannie Rhee, a former partner at WilmerHale who has served in the Office of Legal Counsel at DOJ and as an assistant U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia. — Rhee is a Clinton Foundation Lawyer and former Deputy Assistant Attorney General in the Office of Legal Counsel under Barack Obama.

    Brandon Van Grack, an attorney on detail from the Justice Department’s National Security Division. — Led a grand jury inquiry in Northern Virginia scrutinizing former Trump associate Michael Flynn’s foreign lobbying.

    Aaron Zebley, a former partner at WilmerHale who has previously served with Mueller at the FBI and has served as an assistant U.S. attorney in the Eastern District of Virginia. — Worked with Robert Mueller at the WilmerHale firm.

    Aaron Zelinsky, an attorney on detail from the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the District of Maryland. — Worked under Assistant AG Rod Rosenstein in Maryland.

    Zainab Ahmad, a top national security prosecutor on detail from U.S. Attorney’s Office in the Eastern District of New York.

    Michael Dreeben, an appellate attorney on detail from the Office of the Solicitor General, described by former colleagues as one of the brightest criminal law experts of the past two generations.

    Jeff Sessions – The biggest disappointment of the year. At first the thought was that Sessions was compromised but now he appears to be a card carrying member of deep state. He did everything he could to create the Mueller investigation and has done nothing to address the many Obama and Hillary crimes. He must go.

    Chris Wray – The current FBI Director, Wray shows that he is part of the problem by allowing individuals like Baker and Strzok to move departments and McCabe to retire without being held accountable.

    Honorable Mention –

    Aaron Rouse – He’s the Head of the FBI investigation into the Las Vegas shootings and murder of 59 concert goers and he’s a Comey appointee. The fact that we know so little and that the MSM is burying the story is proof of more FBI corruption related to this incident.
    These people must be brought to justice. Concocting a fake investigation to remove the duly elected President of the United States, Donald Trump, is treasonous. Treason is a crime.


    And another list, with some overlap:

    The List: 25 Top FBI, DOJ Officials Who Have Been Recently Fired, Demoted, or Resigned
    August 22, 2018 by seamusbruner

    “FBI agent Peter Strzok was finally fired Aug. 10 after more than a year of intrigue surrounding his bias against President Donald Trump.

    He joins more than two dozen other top FBI and Department of Justice (DOJ) officials who have been fired, demoted, or resigned in the wake of investigations of the 2016 presidential election—in yet another confirmation that the DOJ/FBI swamp is being drained…”

    Here is the full list, with sources (links to sources contained in the article above):

    FBI Departures:

    James Comey, director (fired)
    Andrew McCabe, deputy director (fired)
    Peter Strzok, counterintelligence expert (fired)
    Lisa Page, attorney (demoted; resigned)
    James Rybicki, chief of staff (resigned)
    James Baker, general counsel (resigned)
    Mike Kortan, assistant director for public affairs (resigned)
    Josh Campbell, special assistant to James Comey (resigned)
    James Turgal, executive assistant director (resigned)
    Greg Bower, assistant director for office of congressional affairs (resigned)
    Michael Steinbach, executive assistant director (resigned)
    John Giacalone, executive assistant director (resigned)


    DOJ Departures:

    Sally Yates, deputy attorney general (fired)
    Bruce Ohr, associate deputy attorney general (twice demoted)
    David Laufman, counterintelligence chief (resigned)
    Rachel Brand, deputy attorney general (resigned)
    Trisha Beth Anderson, office of legal counsel for FBI (demoted or reassigned*)
    John P. Carlin, assistant attorney general (resigned)
    Peter Kadzik, assistant attorney general, congressional liaison (resigned)
    Mary McCord, acting assistant attorney general (resigned)
    Matthew Axelrod, principal assistant to deputy attorney general (resigned)
    Preet Bharara, U.S. attorney, SDNY (fired along with 45 other U.S. Attorneys)
    Sharon McGowan, civil rights division (resigned)
    Diana Flynn, litigation director for LGBTQ civil rights (resigned)
    Vanita Gupta, civil rights division (resigned)
    Joel McElvain, assistant branch director of the civil division (resigned)

    *Status Unclear

    To Read the Full Op-Ed by COMPROMISED Author Seamus Bruner, Click Here.


    And another list, again with some overlap, but also new names:

    BOOM: Leaked List Reveals Names Of ‘Dirty’ FBI-DOJ Officials DEMANDED To Testify On ObamaGate…
    June 30, 2018

    House Intel Committee Chair Devin Nunes is demanding that 17 current and former FBI or Justice Department officials testify about possible government surveillance abuse during the 2016 election, otherwise known as ‘Obamagate.’

    The list includes former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe and FBI official Peter Strzok.

    In a letter obtained by Fox News, Nunes asks that both the Oversight and Judiciary Committees push for face to face interviews with these officials on the grounds that they likely “have relevant information.”

    Nunes wrote in his letter, Friday, “For the sake of transparency and to keep the American people as fully informed as possible about these matters, the task force should consider interviewing these individuals in an open setting.”

    The letter was sent to House Oversight Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy and House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte, who are expected to respond to the request early next week.

    Here’s the full list of names:

    Andrew McCabe, former FBI deputy director
    Peter Strzok, FBI agent
    Trisha Anderson, DOJ lawyer
    James Baker, former FBI general counsel
    Gregory Brower, former FBI congressional liaison
    John Carlin, former head of the DOJ’s national security division
    Kevin Clinesmith, FBI lawyer
    Tashina Gauhar, DOJ official
    David Laufman, former head of DOJ’s counterintelligence division
    Mary McCord, former DOJ lawyer
    Jonathan Moffa, FBI official
    Sally Moyer, FBI lawyer
    Bruce Ohr, former associate deputy attorney general
    Lisa Page, former FBI lawyer
    Joseph Pientka, FBI agent
    E.W. “Bill” Priestap, assistant director of the FBI counterintelligence division
    George Toscas, DOJ official

    Take a look at the full Nunes letter here.


    Note that these articles were from 2017 and 2018, i.e., two or three years old!

    There are a LOT more criminals who have been exposed during that time.

    And NONE of them have been arrested or prosecuted.


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  3. I’m hoping that info for this site provides some of the information for researching:

    There is a search tool available from this:

    “We have developed this easy-to-use research tool for citizen investigators and journalists to easily search the names of these unelected officials, the deepest of all scum in the swamp, that keep the rank and file Senior Executive Services members in line and on message. The only way to pull these slimy rats from the swamp is to expose them, name by name, in public.

    There are three ways to access these files:

    Declawed PDF


    Declawed XLSX

    All files are the same list of 500, just offered to the researcher in different ways. This is what you will find. Use the control F key to search the documents for specific names.”

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    1. Excellent. I just *realized finally* not only that McCabe was SES by WHY it protected his ass and resulted in him getting a pass. I’ll explain momentarily in a new working thread.

      This is a good tool here. We’re gonna need it. SES Swamp Rats all need to go.

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  4. Every case has gone to same judge?

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  5. Been looking at the bottom 4 name under the departures list.
    McElvain – he’s currently working the health care division of King & Spalding. He was a contestant on who wants to be a millionaire 20 yrs ago.

    Guptra – She is the President and Chief Executive Officer of The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights
    She did work at the ACLU before going to D.C. She appears to have a definite agenda and works at it.
    Her spouse is Chinese, it’s not clear where he was born. Chin Q. Le

    The next 2 are interesting.
    They both work at the same place.
    Flynn and McGowan both work at Lambda Legal.

    McGowan is gay, Flynn is a transgender (currently f). They just work at the same place.


    remove the __ from the above link.

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    1. Good work – thanks for that. ACLU are over half commies, so I suspect you have a pair of them, face down.

      The ‘stapo pair are interesting, I agree. Something up there, but I have no idea what it is. ‘Stapo usually run a lot of sketchy errands for more senior bads. Their skating is very interesting. Follow their trail to find the scandals is my thinking.

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        1. It also appears that they are expanding. They added a lot of new postions within the last 4 mos. That indicates that they got a lot of funding from somewhere.

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  6. There is a v. interesting article on Town Hall about Roger Stone’s case, in particular, Jonathan Kravis, who was the chief prosecutor until he resigned from the DOJ last week.

    Town Hall interviewed federal trial attorney Jesse Binnall about not only Stone’s case but also the previous cases on which Jonathan Kravis was prosecutor:


    ‘I went to federal trial attorney Jesse Binnall for some answers. Binnall defends high-profile clients against political witch-hunts and has defended cases brought by Jonathan Kravis in the past. Currently, Binnall is defending Michael Flynn alongside Sidney Powell …’

    In the Stone case, Binnall says:

    ‘”These four prosecutors filed a brief making a sentencing recommendation without getting approval from the chain of command. That is extraordinarily unusual in the DOJ. In fact, I can say it’s unheard of at the DOJ; certainly, I’ve never heard of it. In practice, DOJ lawyers almost always get approval for everything they do.”‘

    ‘Then, all four prosecutors on this case withdrew in succession, with one, Kravis, resigning from the DOJ entirely. This is unheard of. Why do you think they did it? Do you believe they planned and colluded?’

    ‘”I think they knew exactly what was going to happen when they filed that sentencing recommendation, expecting they will be reined in for doing so. They could then play the role of martyrs by resigning from the case, with one of them resigning entirely from his job.

    ‘”One of the most serious powers of a prosecutor is asking to deprive a defendant of freedom, requesting jail time. I think this [nine-year sentence] was an abuse of their power as prosecutors, to make a recommendation like this without making a departmental approval.

    ‘”They knew leftist media would celebrate their disobedience and abuse of power. Leftist media has a history of fawning over people who martyr themselves for left-wing causes, just like Sally Yates. I think they wanted to leave the Roger Stone case with a bang.

    ‘”Or, they did it because they were going rogue, and they didn’t care what their supervisors thought. Perhaps because they don’t like U.S. Attorney Shea. To them, this case is political, and it’s personal. I think they suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome. TDS is a very serious condition!”‘

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    1. There’s another part in the article that says that Kravis also ordered a pre-dawn raid on a defendant in the Ron Paul Three case:

      “Jonathan Kravis did the same thing to my client Kesari that he did to Roger Stone. Remember how they raided the 68-year-old’s home to arrest him? They did the same thing to Kesari. Feds busted into his house at 6 in the morning and dragged his 15-year-old daughter out on the side of a busy road, in her underwear. For context, this case was about a failure to report a campaign expenditure on an FEC form.”

      Kravis, says Binnall, worked in the Obama White House:

      “Kravis is very calculating. He is a former Obama White House lawyer and I think he came to the DOJ with a political agenda. In fact, I think he’s an angry Democrat who can’t stop abusing his power as a prosecutor. It’s good that he has left government.”


      “I think Kravis is upset that the President of the United States and the Attorney General are putting limits on his political prosecutions.”

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      1. Oh, FUCK these people. Look at the Daily Beast having a SAD over Jonathan Kravis:

        “Barr Just Cost the Justice Department Its Prized Public-Corruption Fighter”

        No, this stuff does not stand. It’s time to BURN the TREASON MEDIA for how THEY have corrupted justice by their SICK reporting.

        HERE is the face of the ENEMY.



        3. Jonathan Kravis (Yale ’04/Garland)


        (a) he is originally from the Philadelphia area, and he is a “rabid” Philadelphia Eagles fan;
        (b) he’s a sports enthusiast generally, playing goalie in a local league in Washington and participating regularly in fantasy sports leagues;
        (c) he is “an enthusiastic and gifted poker player,” who analyzes poker hands over at The ’04 Wall blog;
        (d) not all of his hobbies are quite this cool — he also enjoys Dawson’s Creek and the works of Gilbert and Sullivan (and “is always willing to sing you an entire opera, in endearingly out-of-tune fashion”);
        (e) at Williams College, where he did his undergraduate work, he did debate and studied math before deciding to major in religion;
        (f) he spent two summers working at Supreme Court litigation boutique Goldstein & Howe (which hosts the fabulous SCOTUSblog, and whose founder, Tom Goldstein, was recently recognized by the National Law Journal as one of America’s top young lawyers — congrats, Tom!);
        (g) perhaps informed by this exposure to Supreme Court practice, Jon won “a betting pool in which he forecast with the most accuracy how the Court (and the individual Justices) would decide each case heard that Term”;
        (h) he is part of the Yale Law “power group” that also includes incoming Souter clerk Jon Michaels and current Breyer clerk Jake Sullivan (Kravis’s former roommate);
        (i) this July, Jon Kravis is getting married to Laura Jacobs, a fellow graduate of Williams (where she played softball and rugby), who is a middle school teacher in Washington;
        (j) Jon is “very good-humored” and “a spectacularly good guy”; and
        (k) last but not least, he is “the hero of the YLJ’s recent win against HLR,” in the 2004 Yale Law Journal-Harvard Law Review touch football game, held each year “on the morning of the better-attended and more famous Game.”

        For more on this last tidbit, A3G yields the floor to a Yale Law Journal alum:

        Guido5[T]he YLJ had a history of losing, badly, to the HLR until one man came along. That man was Jon Kravis, who simply would not accept that Harvard could not be beaten and willed us to succeed. As our head coach, he pulled out all the stops, even going so far as to arrange a win-one-for-the-Gipper pep talk from [former Yale Law School dean and current Second Circuit judge] Guido Calabresi just before kick-off.

        FootballGuido roused the team with talk of great YLJ athletes of the past, like Justice Byron “Whizzer” White.* He also quoted Yale football legend Walter Camp: “[Ladies and] Gentlemen, you are now going out to play football against Harvard. Never again in your whole life will you do anything so important.” As always, that man knows how to rise to an occasion.

        And do you believe in miracles: we won, 21-7! I will forever be in Jon Kravis’ debt because of that glorious Saturday morning in November, when we of the YLJ at long last defeated the Gannett House juggernaut.

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  7. DOJ stalwarts are upset with Barr for bringing in federal attorneys from other parts of the US to hear high-profile cases. Good for Barr. Seems to be a reasonable solution for now.

    This WaPo article is by Devlin Barrett, whose name is already familiar to those at our Tree. I have not read it:

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    1. ‘David Laufman said such reviews are “enormously demoralizing.”

      Well, demoralizing for who, the black suited non card carrying anti American vermillion colored Os? Maybe they would become demoralized enough to QUIT????

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    1. Apelbaum does amazing work. So much in the way of IT resources, technical expertise, and drive to uncover bad guys’ secrets, all combined in one person, is stunning to behold.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That was one of the biggest, deepest, earliest dives on the entire Fusion GPS gang – absolutely invaluable. It’s the stuff in his thread that was NOT taken up by the greater researcher community (e.g., Mary Jacoby) that is still crucial, IMO.

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        1. Apelbaum keeps doing those dives on various subjects.

          Recently, he did one on protest groups in the US that netted the Iranian government, both the water car and the caboose on the Crazy Train (Omar/Tlaib,) and a bunch of political actors of Middle Eastern origin or descent in the US.

          Agree with you crumb trails are not always being sufficiently followed.

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  8. Sundance has done many deep dives on the DoJ.

    I know he’s not always the most popular individual here, due to his history of banning and so forth. But we aren’t really in a position to know what pressure may have been applied to him, and possibly, just possibly there is a story there that would tend to be exculpatory.

    Anyway, whatever hurt he may have done, he has done some first class research into the Deep State over a period of years, and it would be a good idea for some researchers here to review his threads, to avoid us reinventing the wheel.

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      1. I don’t care where the info comes from, and really FLEP does a good job at CTH watch.
        But gheezzzzzzzzz, if the devil himself handed me Hillary Clinton’s emails, I would publish the crap out of them.

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        1. Flep needs to stay positive, IMO. He can’t really pass out the “essential but dreadful” CTH stuff and maintain his critical morale functions. What this tells me is that maybe we just need to keep an eye on what Flep doesn’t cover and filter some of that back here, with care.


        1. See my response to Daughn. I’ll try to do something, but I want to make sure we don’t damage morale. I’ll figure something out.

          Also, b/c of changes, there will be an uptick in shill applications to get in here, so locking down NOW.

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  9. Here is the explanation. OIG is not allowed to examine motivations, wrongdoing of attys at DOJ.
    True, only place across all of government where this anomaly exists.

    A few days ago, when the problem with McCabe and Vindman erupted, I alluded to the prospect of a BILL moving through Congress which could correct MUCH of the problem at the DOJ.
    It was a snippet I heard on broadcast media and before I could stop what I was doing, it was gone.


    FOUND IT!!
    This is it! It’s true.
    Bill is H.R. 202, written by a DEM from Louisiana, this Congress, and passed by VOICE VOTE in the House and headed to the Senate, expected to pass, ASAP.

    The Inspectors General can investigate anything, anywhere in government……. except the attorneys at the DOJ.
    This bill corrects that problem.

    Jason Chaffetz, former Congressman from Utah and Chair of Oversight Comm, explained in on FOX this morning.

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    1. Liked by 1 person

    1. This came through “Beer at the Parade”.

      Another interesting drop from T3 that I have not looked at yet:


  10. You need to read this………. Hat tip to Ozzy for finding it.
    It all comes back to 1991 and all the gang is there.
    Trump, Robert Trump, Giuliani, Mueller, Comey, Barr ALLLLLLLLLLL of them.
    Taking down a corrupt bank, BCCI,, who bribed officials in 73 countries and was the bank for mafia, CIA, crooked politicians all over the world.

    READ it. And then look at the DAG to Barr AND HIS SONNNNNNNNNNN who is now working under Rosenstein, and Dana Boente.
    Just was appointed as US atty for Eastern Virginia which includes the CIA and Pentagon.


    And Barr’s old DAG when Barr was AG for HW Bush just wrote an Op-Ed in the WaPost?

    Holy crap.
    This is HUGE
    Big T all over it right now.
    And his son?????????/
    Holy crap

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    1. Notice the part about merely mentioning Terwilliger’s name getting a bunch of coordinated response. THAT is like Fusion GPS – same thing. They’re SENSITIVE on it.

      “At one point, even mentioning the name Terwilliger on Twitter would draw out an army of bots & trolls.”


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