412 thoughts on “NO JUSTICE

        1. Read the latest Q post on Brennan – VERY CLOSELY – just like Q says. I’m saying this BECAUSE OF Q.

          What Durham is trying to go after Brennan for – the things Durham is following up on – cannot yield a smoking gun of any kind. It is such a judgment call, it leads to more Horowitz-level crap, and actually even less, because it’s coming from DOJ into an intelligence agency, where DOJ has less expertise, less scrutiny, and less say on what is proper and what is not.

          Durham is not looking for anything that can possibly lead to a significant sentence, IMO.

          I’ve had to adjust my expectations.

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            1. He will definitely get wagged fingers.

              I’m going to be a bit cagier about what I believe, so that base pacification works, but base acceptance of the status quo does not. Q is a recursive / reflective / amplifying process. It has a downside the other side has hacked and is playing us with. Time to throw a wooden shoe into the machinery and spill Ratseclisa’s wine.

              The other side is using Q to play THEIR wait game. It’s surprisingly effective. Sundance is watching the program from one side. Me from the other. The division serves the enemy.

              I’m gonna shake things up. But I ain’t telegraphing. Lesson from VSG.

              Smart players here will follow me. Some will not. Not right away. Prepare to be made uncomfortable. The jeeps need to start moving.

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  1. Wolfie, I am so angry right now–like you and Daughn and LM and Gail, Etc. Want to think like DP but having trouble doing it. Have not read this post yet, but was unable to comment on main thread, so when I saw a place to comment, I wanted to get it out there. Am also going to read Sundance’s post on this terrible news. Want so much to believe justice will be coming from Durham and others. Well, we’ll see, but this was a rotten valentine day present for us.

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        1. They’ve been nice words. I like them. I really do. They’re addictive.

          But today is a new day. Now is the time to irrevocably distinguish our trajectory from a near-total base pacification hoax – if people actually care whether or not I track that theory at double-digit percentage levels. Otherwise I’m horseracing my earlier Q belief narrative with a new one that is making more and more sense at about 0.01/h.

          We’re the problem. Not them.

          DOJ has chosen themselves over us. The infiltration is loyal to itself. Not us. There are not enough patriots in either DOJ or FBI to save them.

          They picked McCabe and said “Whatcha gonna do, teabaggers?”

          Now it’s OUR turn to choose. I say shut it down like an out-of control reactor. And give them fair warning. An ELECTION. But there needs to be a PROMISE MADE and a PROMISE KEPT.

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    1. There’s no text to this post.

      It’s just that picture of the redhead, her hair blowing in the wind, looking at an oncoming storm. It’s a picture that Somedunce used to use on the Eeyore Tree. (Maybe he still does, I don’t know; I don’t waste my time over there.)

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      1. Wait…what?! I though we all thought Huber was good, what a “white hat”, was part of The Plan *because* of Q?

        I can’t keep up.

        What I know is:
        -Q has highlighted information
        -Q has drawn people into research
        -Q has helped us know how to research and tipped us off…ex: wives
        (I know Always look at wives just like SD in ’15/’16 taught me to always and automatically look at the methodology of polls, who was polled and by what percentages R/D/I + women/men were polled)
        -Q has drawn people into the “weeds”/details
        -Q has helped reveal corruption
        -Q has strengthened conviction of Trump supporters re deep state corruption
        -Q has lead to revelations of corruption that would otherwise not be known, documentation of corruption as it happened and researchers perhaps helping the Good Guys, the White Hats with more info, data, etc.

        -Q (or misinterpretations of Q) has lead many to be complacency & are involved because …
        -people are busy watching a “show” like it is a written script, like it is something that others do with no grassroots involvement
        -because people think there is a “predetermined” outcome, that it is already 100% guaranteed to be 100% won…is it?
        -because it is all a “plan”…every outcome is explainable and it is always a Great outcome for a long term plan, for delayed gratification
        -because some of our (MAGA conservatives) are busy with Q v. focused research and focused political grassroots support

        We lost the mid terms because the white hats had this and it was a predetermined win, certain outcome for the good guys…Not True!

        We have lost much time waiting, waiting, waiting for this report, that investigation, for this person and that person to take action…

        How much MOAR could President Trump have accomplished in these last 3 yrs!?!

        how much More justice could have been delivered if he had more active political support and leverage because of grass roots action of protests, marches, calls, letters, sit ins…more political action that strengthens President Trump’s position to take more action.

        President Trump has even asked for help at times, for us to give him political support, a ground swell of demand to give him leverage to act (see wanting to fire Sessions and being stunned that the did not have a functioning AG to aid him) and we, his most loyal supporters laughed this off. Why?

        At what point do we say, we have been mollified and distracted…time to do both research AND political action in order to support President Trump?

        I am not and never have been anti Q …. and Not Even Close to anti those with a deep interest in 17! 🙂 But I have never been thrilled with all of the ways Q plays out.

        Part of my distrust or at least my hesitation to be too reliant on Q (&/or the interpretations of Q) is that I was brought up in a Christian fundamentalist denomination that was very (overly!) focused on the end of times predictions of Daniel and Revelation. They would be absolutely certain X was going to happen and explain at the world via predictions. Why they didn’t turn out, they would re-explain, same predictions but new “understanding” of same predictions at they were certain were correct – just as certain as before with the other predictions. Yeah, right.

        Eventually, nope, just not listening any more. Might be true, might not. But how does it make a difference in our actions? Interesting to know, sometimes helpful because helps one think long term, helps one think of the big picture, helps one research foreign relations, world history and politics, helps one be more aware of current events and the wisdom of living “prepared”, both for disaster as well as prepared to live eternally. But not helpful in creating short term expectations or setting too much store in interpretation of current events based on Biblical prophesy.

        I think that same goes for Q, in some ways. Helpful to research, understand and gain in knowledge, think of the big picture, give us so much more hope than the leftist “news”, give us background insight, etc. ….But change our daily life, our response to calls to action by our MAGA political leader, make us politically inactive, fool us into a rose colored glasses world? NO! at least that was my approach.

        I was/am Encouraged, Inspired and motivated by Q….but try not to be made inactive, complacent or even entertained by Q. I feel more educated/in the “Know” but how much do I know because of Q v. how much do I know because of interpretations of Q? How many times are the interpretations wrong and how many times has Q been wrong?

        I always ask myself…what if there No Q? What I didn’t know that there was The Plan to Trust? How would my actions be different? Yes, I would know less … but would I Do more? Would I have gone to DC by now to protest? There have been protests and marches of support called …. not many went. We don’t have much/any “extra” money… budget is TIGHT (yes, we are some of those unwise people you read about but at least no cc debt!) so we didn’t go to those marches/protests in DC. If no Q, would I have gone?

        If no Q…how would we react to the news of so many escaping justice? Of the coup ongoing in the DOJ/FBI/CIA and even outside of the Fed Gov from ex Fed Gov employees? Of the recent Vindman/Schiff attempt to take President Trump down? Of each attempt we hear about daily? Of each GOP persecuted (not a typo) and of each Dem let off? If not Q….what would political actions would we take?

        I try to ask myself this question and then act as if no Q, No promise of “Trust the Plan” and it will all be ok eventually, some day. I use Q to be informed and encouraged and motivated To political involvement and action …. not away from it.

        Hubber….thought that was a White Hat for whom we were waiting patiently and now….????

        It all just leaves me confused. But more motivated than ever. On bedrest today, again. But overall I am making a difference to drain the swamp where I live (think farm team swamp), to grow the local GOP, to make sure the local GOP is fair and NOT GOP”e”/RINO and to educate and activate our local/regional conservative voters. Also, voicing loudly on regional social media – esp. focused on facts getting out there. Have had much feed back on the facts I post from people I never “see” on social media….they read, they click on links, they learn, they are ready to vote! I am brining our elected leaders to our area – to hold them accountable and to let them hear from The People! We have to stay active.

        I know you all do the same/similar…but too many were lulled into inactivity via Q.

        Wolfmoon1776 – you posted last summer about how we spend our time and how we are influenced to spend out time. I have thought about that again and again, really mulling it over. I think about Q and esp. about interpretations of Q and how it influences many of us…mostly for good.

        Q is probably Good – but ought we act as if we had no knowledge of Q and Act *while* we trust the plan?
        (act/actions…ALL within the system and ALL political actions…just in case there is any question of what I mean)

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        1. Q and the people behind him have a purpose – a good purpose. But they are NOT US. We have to think for ourselves. We don’t have to demand what *Q* tells us. We can demand MORE.

          I think it’s REASONABLE to demand JUSTICE.

          I think it’s REASONABLE to demand an END to INJUSTICE.

          I think it’s REASONABLE to demand STRONG, FAST ACTION after the ELECTION.

          And I think it’s REASONABLE that WE get to define ALL OF THAT.

          Gutting and rebuilding DOJ is a reasonable idea now. This PARKLAND VALENTINES DAY MASSACRE OF JUSTICE is all the proof we needed.

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          1. And THAT my dear Wolf was the POINT in this exercise. NOW when the hammer drops, and drop it WILL, we the people are sufficiently “engaged” or is that ENRAGED to actually DEMAND that justice is served.

            NONE of this happened or WILL happen in a vacuum. Liu was the FIRST domino. Stone and Flynn are MORE dominoes. I know EVERYONE is pissed, but there IS a cogent plan here. McCabe and Comey were “exonerated” for doing the EXACT same things that Stone and Flynn are being railroaded FOR.

            We the people are NOT stupid, we see, but now, after Kavanaugh, Mueller, and shampeachment, ALL the people see this for what it WAS and IS, a farce. THAT is how you ensure accountability when you do NOT have a competent reliable MSM. You get the PEOPLE pissed off, by SHOWING the hypocrisy for the WORLD to see. People are NOW engaged, they ARE paying attention, and not just us patriots, NORIES as well. All one need do is look at the OUTRAGE on twitter.

            Q DID tell us. Everyone ( at least a lot) has just MISSED it. I will enlighten you. Think a MIRROR. That is what we are seeing. Flynn for Comey, McCabe for Stone. two sides of the same coin (case and charges) The patriots are being smashed, while the crooks skate. BLATANT hypocrisy, justice for THEE, but not for WE. It is now WIDE open for the WORLD to see.

            The MSM is too stupid and in their bubble to see. They will HAPPILY report this travesty. GOOD. Spread it far and WIDE, crow, GLOAT even. THAT is the plan. Let them THINK they got over on us all ONE more time. They will be gob smacked. It will be GLORIOUS.

            I know, what the hell am I talking about, rose colored glasses yada yada, but WAIT for it. One VERY important thing happened BEFORE this, and they ARE related. Liu was setup and REMOVED. No more road block and cover up from HER, and she had, as Sundance stated, her dirty little fingers in EVERYBODIES pie in this. SHE was the “shredder”. Now, she’s GONE.

            Trump has, if I am right, set this up B E A U T I F U L L Y. Liu gone, people OUTRAGED as McCabe “skates” on charges like Comey did that are EXACTLY what the Cabal railroaded Flynn and Stone, and even Papadopolous, Manafort, and Cohen on. You CAN’T make this up, it is TOO perfect, like a SCRIPT, because, it IS.

            Now what happens? Well we the people DEMAND justice, and we WILL get it. How? SIMPLE. What BETTER way to have Barr NOW have to openly declass the WHOLE sordid mess, and REVEAL just what Durham has been up to than to have to try and justify to WE THE PEOPLE just how the blue blazes f*ck these two cases happened after what happened to team Trump, specifically Flynn, Manafort, and Stone.

            The MSM CAN’T hide what they ALL just crowed about. In other words, here comes the BOOM. Want to know HOW I came to this conclusion? Simple, read the signs, and they are ALL there, when you know WHERE to look, and how to deduce. Is it NOW coincidence that Graham has NOW requested to Barr to make Comey, Rosenstein, McCabe, and others at DOJ available in the Crossfire Hurricane probe. WHY NOW? He has had THREE years. Because, it is TIME. The SHREDDER was removed.

            Trump even BRILLIANTLY, got Barr to DISTANCE himself from him, by saying he should not tweet about DOJ (conveniently AFTER Trump had ALREADY planted the seeds) Barr sent a SIGNAL TO Trump It is GO time.

            Kind of REALLY coincidental that Flynn has requested a do over, so has stone, Trump was outraged in tweets over the shady DOJ (Cabal) tactics in Stone’s trail. Judicial watch has filed suit for documents related to SETH RICH, Liu is GONE, Barr “distances over Trump tweets, McCabe is cleared of the LESSER charges, but is used to EXPOSE the hypocrisy, and THEN Graham asks Barr for ALL the Cabal DOJ players to come in UNDER OATH to his committee. TOO P E R F E C T. It HAD to be ALL choreographed.

            Now, I ask you, WHAT is the NEXT logical step? it HAS to be declass so that Graham can ask the RIGHT questions in his committee. NOT all of it, but ENOUGH to lead in the RIGHT places (OBAMA). Then when the DOJ Cabal either lie or plead the 5th, THEN Durham can bring the BOOM.

            In the SCOPE of the BIG picture, McCabe and skating is BAD for lying, BUT a necessary piece, just like I told you ALL on impeachment, it HAD to happen to achieve the GOAL, JUSTICE.

            I know you ALL are pissed, so am I, BUT, do not worry. Comey, McCabe, and the rest of this Cabal are NOT skating, they are snowballing toward the REAL charges. Who care about lying under oath and perjury when they are ALL going down for sedition, espionage, and TREASON.

            If you read my book, you KNOW that THAT is how this ends, and NO OTHER way. Let them “crow over their victory in this small skirmish, they will LOSE the big WAR. Oh, and HERE is the icing. It will be the HYPOCRISY of Comey and McCabe and how they were treated vs Flynn, Manafort and Stone, that WILL be used to set them ALL (Manafort, Flynn, and Stone) F R E E! wait and see.

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              1. Amen. I have learned to “hold my mud” when it comes to ANYTHING revealed, reported, or actions “taken” or NOT “taken” during the era of Trump. I STILL BELIEVE There IS a plan. And EVERYTHING has a part in that plan. Age has taught me patience

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            1. I want a promise made – a promise kept. And take time to make it – never promise what can’t be delivered when the downside hits. I get that. This is why WE may have to raise hell for the fix – to bring it into a promisable state.

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              1. Thanks. For the record I too am pissed. But I trust Trump. I want to reserve judgement until I see the end in this. This is battle and in battle there are moves and counter moves. Contingencies and plans. The other side is NOT going to go quietly. They MUST be outed, bludgeoned, and TOTALLY UTTERLY defeated

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        2. “We lost the mid terms because the white hats had this and it was a predetermined win, certain outcome for the good guys…Not True!”

          We lost in the midterms because the American electorate is complacent when they don’t see what they want at the top of the ticket.

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          1. Respectfully disagree. We lost because they cheated bigly.
            We let them, but we learned plenty.
            Also, if we didn’t lose the House we would not have had the benefit (the public) watching them self implode.

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      2. I never thought they get Brennon but had hopes they would get those who perpetrated and attempted cue.
        Unless they get the rest they never get the top. I am satisfied if they get Comey and the rest below him.
        I hate to say it but I had the whole day the feeling that Barr was there to moth things over calm things give the appearance the DOJ is in recovery and lessons learned. I could be wrong but something does not feel right when I heard Barr putting his failure to achieve a lawful organization on POTUS.
        The tweets keep me from getting results that is what I heard when he spook. Our government bureaucracy is rotten to the core. Maybe they all hoped POTUS would be impeached? Now they drag things out in the hope he is not reelected.
        I am tired wait until this guy is investigation is finished and that investigation and on and on.
        This reminds me of an ever tick tock to placate us. There was a reason why POTUS was angry in his tweet. Who is all in on it? Graham?

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      1. I believe that Trump nailed the ChiCom Bitch of his own accord, realizing that he had been totally betrayed by DOJ. I think he got the “McCabe will walk” information from somebody close to the end, and waited to ax her.

        Thus, I do not blame Trump or his close allies.

        He has limited options with no powerful allies for full justice.

        Barr is in it the same as Wray is in it the same as Q is in it the same as Praying Medic is in it the same as Kelly was in it the same as Mattis was in it. ALL of them are exactly as Sundance said – they are in it for INSTITUTIONAL PRESERVATION as their top priority. Everything else is secondary.

        That means Two-Tier Jussie Justice never goes away. They just drag things on until the Trump movement dissipates or he is somehow eliminated – preferably (to them) at the ballot box.

        ALL of them will sell out justice for some kind of waffly, mushy, middle-of-the-road peace.

        I don’t think we’ll do better than Barr or Wray under the current circumstances. ALL OF US mean well, but not all of us have the same priorities.

        Trump must have a complete mandate to overhaul these institutions. That will, of course, reactivate the coup.


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              1. Time to turn up the peaceful heat on DOJ and FBI. Demands for closure is our weapon. Peace and suffering false flag blows will be our shield. Eventually, somebody does the right thing.

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        2. “I believe that Trump nailed the ChiCom Bitch of his own accord, realizing that he had been totally betrayed by DOJ. I think he got the “McCabe will walk” information from somebody close to the end, and waited to ax her.”


          Have the people here lost their minds? Are y’all reverting to OT Eeyoreism? I thought we were all here to escape that.

          Maybe it’s the damn electric noise the couch commando is subjecting me to at the moment, and has been for the last three days, but dropping wrist slapping charges in favor of something bigger is triggering the worst group think on our side I’ve seen yet.

          The swamp, DoJ included, being drained wasn’t going to happen just by pulling a plug. It’s been corrupted for DECADES, back farther than JFK, I would dare say before the Civil War, and the place has to be DISMANTLED. “Justice,” whatever that is in the temporal sense, is BIGGER than Andrew McCabe lying to Congress or whoever he lied to. We’re talking TREASON, conspiracy to take down a president, etc. THOSE are the charges I would rather see prosecuted.

          And really, WE DON’T KNOW WHAT’S GOING ON BEHIND THE SCENES. We simply don’t. He could be caught up in drug and human trafficking for all we know. Maybe selling arms to Antifa, or money laundering in Malta.

          I know this is not the American way, especially in the current climate where people think they HAVE TO do something NOW with some sort of magic medicine and a silver bullet even if the cure will happen if you just leave the body alone for 6 months to three years and feed it right, but we’re not in charge, we can’t do a f&^%$# thing about it, so sit back, relax and enjoy the show. It’s better than 99% of what Hollywood is putting out these days.

          I’d say that’s the end of me being a bossy Midwestern chick, but the evening is young, and the couch commando has both TVs in the sports bar going and his f&^%$#@ iphone videos.

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            1. As of now, I’m hoping that the red hot tempers have flamed out.

              I was lying in the dark this morning thinking about just how deep this all is, and spending that much energy on a sardine not getting eaten today, but will be devoured next week just seems odd to me.

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              1. Sleep did me well, too. I figured out exactly where my problems with things are, and have decided to segregate those thoughts from the normal threads. I can’t take them over to the U tree – not enough eyeballs there. But I need to keep the happy campers separated from the grizzly info-preppers, so I’m creating work threads where I can go Sundance on problems. I advise that the happy campers ignore those threads.


              2. Just keep in mind one thing:

                When the communists infiltrated the priesthood, they specifically looked for men/operatives who were smart enough to lead double lives, and knew how to keep their cool. That’s what makes a good spy. They disappear when the action is over. The gang at CNN refuse to disappear.

                Think about it, and how sloppy they may be with things far more consequential than lying to Congress.

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        3. “Trump must have a complete mandate to overhaul these institutions. That will, of course, reactivate the coup.”


          When do WE ‘activate’ a Lawful coup against the Traitors?

          If 1/100th of what they do to us was done to them, just once, they would be wiped out.

          The problem is the insane desire to play by Marquess of Queensberry rules in the middle of a Coup d’état.

          That is NOT how to survive a Coup d’état, that is how to lose.

          There are no ‘rules’ to play by.

          As the DoJ makes abundantly clear every day, gleefully shoving it in our faces, there are no laws — and there is no rule of Law.

          All there is, is power.

          History is not short on examples of what needs to be done.

          And any leader, if he thinks he is above history, if he thinks that he has found some new thing under the sun, some ‘third way’, is a fool.

          In any other era in the history of mankind, there would already have been several thousand summary executions of Traitors — at least TWO years ago.

          Anyone who thinks it can be done some ‘kinder, gentler, more civilized way’ is deceiving himself.

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          1. edit / correction: I should have said “is being foolish”.

            It’s like trying to reinvent the wheel.

            The nature and character of power has not changed.

            The nature and character of Man has not changed.

            The nature and character of evil has not changed.

            The nature and character of what evil Men will do to obtain/retain power has not changed.

            And the way to successfully end a lawless coup has not changed.

            Not since the first time it ever happened.

            If the corrective measures are not swift, severe, and permanent, then success is doubtful at best.

            Let history be the guide.

            ‘Swift’ is already out of the equation.

            That’s not good, and doesn’t bode well for ‘severe’ or ‘permanent’.

            Playing with a fire as old as time… when there is no new thing under the sun.

            Not when it comes to fundamentals like the nature of Man, evil and power.

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        1. Oh, I’m patient. But I am done with sweet lies. BRUTAL TRUTH only.

          Read Q’s post on Durham’s investigation of Brennan. Brennan is in serious danger of a good criticism by CIA behind closed doors. Serious danger.

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            1. That’s not how I read it. The future I see contains only a lot of Horowitzian parsing of Brennan’s unprovably intentional misinterpretations and extremely careful and plausible exaggerations. These people were very cunning. They all made “professional mistakes by selective overconcern with by-the-book rules”. The lie inside that is much harder to catch than the mafia, where somebody dies, very provably.

              In other words, Brennan is cornered, but on less than McCabe. He can always default to incompetence, too, if it becomes obvious he erred. “Accidental coup”.

              Now – where are the “bad FISA” charges? Does Durham have that ball? Can those get “McCabed away”? I’m betting they will be. “The President said leave nothing out.” A mere miscommunication – he didn’t mean…..

              And so it goes.

              The only way this breaks differently is if they have a smoking gun recording. I think Mueller destroyed any there may have been. “We have it all” is only proven to me with MY phone. That’s not increasing my trust.

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              1. I can’t help what you’re seeing. I really can’t. But I disagree.

                The Liu-esque road blocks have to be removed AFTER they’ve coughed up evidence on non-visible perps or foreign and higher up agents before moving on is possible.

                I also think, in agreement with FG&C and others, that the House, Senate, and 4 more years of the Executive which gives us the Judiciary have to be secured before any consequential movement happens in DoJ matters. That means setting the stage. We’re in that phase.

                In comparison to treason, lying to Congress is a wrist slap conviction. Barr & Co., is going to go for the grand slam, IMO, not a single or double. Swing for the fences.

                It’s a difference in thinking.

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    1. SteveinCO – – Agree….kind of

      100% fed up….100% supportive of President Trump

      Such a deep swamp and he is so limited due swamp ready to pounce with all kinds of changes if he makes the wrong move

      Be 100% fed up and ready to take political action v. waiting for President Trump to be able to do it all.

      Be motivated v. discouraged.

      maybe we occasionally but way to much hope in what 1 man could accomplish …. and what we could accomplish by being involved in 1 election v. the grunt work in our local elections, local party, state party, state politics and continued political Action and involvement in our national politics.

      We were naive in what we thought 1 man could accomplished.

      Misplaced hope perhaps, but not misplaced faith – he is doing All he can and doing it well and withstanding so much for us and for the US. NOPE! NOT misplaced faith in President Trump. Just inflated expectations on what 1 man could accomplish and a gross underestimation of how deep, how evil and how pervasive the swamp really is!

      President Trump can not do this on his own.

      When he called for his base to support him on things (like Sessions) did we? Did we believe that he regretted Sessions?

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    2. Steve this one man even a little tweet they want to impeach him. He cannot fix it the whole deep state is against him and waiting to run him out of town. What would you like for him to do? As soon as he moves they create and impeachment. How many millions he has lost just to defend himself on false allegation.
      I for one will stick with him because the other choice is unbearable to contemplate.

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      1. I am beyond merely trusting Trump. He takes slings and arrows for us. It’s time we took some.

        Demanding closure of DOJ and FBI will put some of us in the hospital or worse. Too bad. It’s time for US to have Trump’s back.

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  2. How many times will the DOJ surrender? I could accept a loss in the courtroom but taking a knee before the game starts is inexcusable. This has the rather malodorous stench of Vichy-justice.

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    1. DOJ and FBI have to be gutted. THAT must be the new demand of the base, and we make this election be about it. DESTROY THE CORRUPT ABCs AND REBUILD THEM FROM THE GROUND UP.

      Every single person FIRED and rehired in.

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          1. The fbi doesnt really need to exist. Police work has advanced so far that the VERY VERY few caes they do each year(actively arrest etc) could be spread among other departments. Or how about regional hubs away from la, dc, ny? Break it and remake it. We do have a builder in the WH after all.

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            1. I have been advocating for reengineering the FBI since early 2017. Block grant money to the states to let them perform some of the functions currently done by the FBI. A national police force is a bad look for a Republic. But as long as I thought it was working, I didn’t worry about it. But obviously it isn’t working, so dump it.

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  3. I warned everyone here not to expect any indictments prior to Nov’s re-election.

    If you are feeling let down or disappointed, you weren’t managing your expectations correctly.

    POTUS does NOT want to give the enemedia any ammo in the form of “look, see! Trump is using the DoJ to take out his critics ahead of his re-election.”

    It is that simple. And everyone here was warned of this…several times….by me.

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      1. Vindman and McCabe are peons.

        Not only that, but there are a host of charges that can be brought against them after POTUS is re-elected.


        PDJT’s re-election is going to be a historic landslide victory, delivering him a MASSIVE voter mandate. This re-election mandate will be a crippling blow to the lamestream media and it’s vanishing credibility.

        This same media will scream and cry post re-election, but no one will be listening to them.

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        1. I agree on all those points. This is a very profound slap to honest folk esp seeing the clear bias and ADMITTED lies/activity. Maybe appearing as weak as possible to stoke the anger, awake more people and hit hard with the durham biz is part of some sun tzu strategy. It sure keeps people from being complacent but also risks wallowing in apathy and eeyore behavior.
          This is supposed to be a good weekend. Valentine’s but also President’s Day too. Im not as yet completely despondent!

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          1. We are a small portion of voters, and the main portion are just now waking up. The majority of voters are not as clued in as we are, but they are learning. We’ve been waiting for years, a lot of people have just begun to learn how corrupt things are. They WILL vote for Trump because of promises kept, and as more corruption gets exposed, more people will be demanding justice. Trump WILL get re-elected, and all of us who have been waiting had better not give in. Trump hasn’t given up, hasn’t given in, and fights for us. He’s bringing back trusted people and will be looking for more trusted people.

            Stay the course.

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    1. FG&C!!! Did you see that General Flynn followed me last night?!! Why would he bother following new people if THE PLAN is NO LONGER Here!!! 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

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    2. And you are right FG&C and if we don’t get any indictments before the elections the President can declassify all the cabals coup attempts before the election and increase his support for his base supporters. A LOT.

      The Supreme Court has stated that the presidential power “to classify and control access to information bearing on national security … flows primarily from the constitutional investment of power in the president.”

      This means that Trump has the power to declassify anything he wants, right now!

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              1. Trump is not a politician – but, he understands how the game is played – he may have had an idea of the corruption before taking office- but, I do not think what he found surprised him – he uses the tools in his toolbox quite effectively – and he is well aware of the ugly – and yet – it does not deter him – he has never lost his sense of humor – he wanted to sue Schiff – until they told him he couldn’t – he knew that.

                He is a quick study – a smart, savvy businessman – none of this is new to him – he will do what he has to do when necessary and not a moment too soon.

                He also has the assistance of a very powerful ally – Our Father – who will guide him and guarantee his success – of that I am certain.

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            1. Can’t reply to your next comment, so I’ll post here. I like what you said – reminding people of Trump’s astuteness. He knows many things, and plays the game his way. Sometimes people are frustrated with his methods and style, ie. Barr I believe is, but that’s because he is legalese old school.

              I don’t believe POTUS is going to let Barr cover anything up. He gave power to Barr to declassify, but he didn’t (and can’t give up his own power as POTUS) so that remains a weapon in his arsenal. Barr doesn’t strike me as the type of person who wants to see his legacy be destroyed by the fact he did not prosecute the attempted Coup.

              This isn’t a political scandal, this is criminal. He knows that.

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              1. Excellent analysis, lady – Agree wholeheartedly – except that the President’s Tweet came AFTER Barr’s decision – they are in sync – and are working together to get er done – imho

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  4. So — isn’t the Department of No Justice run by AG BARR?
    So — is this some kind of “payback” against POTUS for those tweets he wrote about Roger Stone?
    WTH goes on here?

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    1. No, Barr is a good guy, but his priority is to preserve DOJ. NOT ENOUGH.


      Time to call in the controlled demolition and rebuilding. DOJ is beyond repair. FBI is beyond repair.

      Oh, the IRONY. The saboteurs of 9/11 are going to be repaid in the JUSTICE WORLD.

      PINK SLIP NEUTRON BOMB – the buildings will stand, the CRIMINALS will be gone.

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        1. Exactly. Barr was not in a cave when AG Holder was destroying everything the DOJ stood for. He’s trying to restore the integrity of the Department of Justice with the only tool he has, the rule of law.

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          1. Mmm… with any one on the white hat side, I believe it’s personal, and I’ve long believed that for Trump. Rosie, Comey, maybe Mueller, but definitely Flynn, Mattis, Kelly, Sessions and a few others. I think they were recruited.

            And then last week a tweet popped up that said Barr, Rosie, Comey and a few others had been waiting for revenge since January 20, 1993. That was the day Clinton was inaugurated.

            For these guys, this is just as much about revenge being a dish served stone cold as it is restoring the goodness of government.

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  5. It’s like the left thinks they have made a touchdown, spiked the ball and started celebrating in the end zone. But instead, there is a flag on the field, and the ball is going to be brought back for a twenty yard penalty.

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        1. That the acting head of FBI “gets away” with leaking, and lying to OIG, UNDER OATH, does irreparable damage to the FBI rank and file.

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  6. Hold on people – The Trump Administration will bring the crooks to justice and continue draining the swamp double time – but cannot do this for many reasons – until after the election.

    Think of what our President has been dealing with since even before the inauguration – impeachment and bad press – attacks and obstruction from politicians and judges – and what all he is dealing with right now….

    Our VSG is a supremely flexible thinker – and a shrewd strategist.

    PDJT not giving up or giving in and neither should we.

    I am putting NO CONDITIONS on my support for PDJT.

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    1. PS – For the White House to post this photo of movie star handsome, Trump policy supporter, Scott Brady today – must mean something.

      I am thinking Special Prosecutor for Extraordinary Crimes Against the State – Sedition and Treason Against the United States of America as well as RICO prosecutions.

      If there is anyone in this country who believes in Law, Order, Justice, Constitution, Bill of Rights, Freedoms.

      If there is anyone in this country who will stand up for the Underdog, the Helpless and the Unborn – those that the left considers unworthy – it is PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP!

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      1. I’m not giving up my seat on the Trump train over some little pipsqueak like McCabe. I will not join the ranks of Trump coulda, shoulda, woulda. And I WILL support his presidency as long as there is breath in my body.

        The man has accomplished the impossible with the whole deck stacked against him. He knows so much more than we do. I will watch him for the direction we need to take.

        Nobody said this would be easy or even fair, but my friends, it will be worth it. I don’t for one minute think God has brought us this far and revealed what has been shown, to desert us now.

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      1. Judge Jackson will probably say, “no” – that’s her bias. It can be appealed. May have to file appeal after sentencing, but on new trial possible before sentencing by her. There’s clear evidence that a juror misled the Court… though, the Court knew.

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        1. The court HAD to have known, but they will claim they didn’t. Doesn’t matter much either way. In point of fact, if the judge will rule Yes with it understood that that point won’t be looked at, that would probably be best for Stone.

          I’m glad to hear that such a ruling can be appealed. But the trial is very nearly over–he has been convicted, and all that is left is the actual sentencing (I’ve heard it called the “penalty phase”). Unless that gets put on hold, pending the appeal on the motion (which, who knows, may not even be allowed at this phase–but let’s assume it can)…the appeal will take forever, and he has sentencing hanging over his head and appeals are very expensive lawyer time.

          Even if it can’t, he can always appeal his conviction, on the same grounds.

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          1. Tomeka, the foreperson ran for Congress in Memphis area around the year 2006.
            Let’s say she moved to DC after that, immediately.
            I saw one tweet claiming this is her 4th jury trial.
            I’ve been registered to vote since age 18.
            Called for jury duty one time, and I ended up as foreperson.

            4 Times in 15 years?
            She’s a professional juror. Love to take a look at other cases where she was on the jury.

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            1. One wonders if she was a plant in DC for this case. Someone knew who she was, and it’s easy considering the makeup of the people who run things in the DC court system, for manipulation of the Call to Jury duty.

              If there were any honest people in DC, I’m not seeing them. This is an investigation that should take place, but won’t.

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      1. Yes, with an honest judge. Like one on Matlock or Perry Mason. DC appears bereft of honest judges and prosecutors. If she gets to pronounce sentence it goes to immediate appeal and stay of sentence – she’s going to be overturned on appeal. I strongly believe that. I don’t care if it goes to the Supreme Court – upper courts don’t let this stand.

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      2. Stone should get another judge. Gateway Pundit reporter has a huge article up this evening. He was participating in the trial and somehow interviewed a juror, the left had a fit and the Berman Jackson threatened him. Never happened before.
        Note: The bias he uncovered was about another juror, different guy.

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    Right now It’s up to the digital soldiers folks!

    We’re here for duty Gen Flynn.

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      1. Frankly, if President Trump had NOT tweeted, we wouldn’t see the attention on this subject.
        He’s taking heat in the media, which is dumb and assumes he has to right to question his own DOJ, but maybe we needed to focus here and make some noise.

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  8. Hardly ever post here, but come here every day, sometimes twice.
    It is shocking to read almost all of the above comments.
    I thought I was at the cth.
    Buckle Up
    Remember the 24 hour rule.
    Remember how far we have come.
    Remember WWG1WGA
    Be strong..Semper Fidelis means Always Faithful
    We may have setbacks today but we will fight to win again tomorrow.
    President Trump never looses.

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      1. Tanks Razor, I appreciate the appreciation.
        Moar?? I used to post over there, but found myself a ‘defender’ most of the time.
        The discord seemed over the top (intentional?) and I quit. Lost cause.
        Sundance seems inflexible……….never corrects the record. but I digress~
        This site (until the last few days) doesn’t have that discord issue. Easy read.
        Same page with positive conributions and input….not to mention humor and faith.
        What’s not to like??
        I memorized this by Col Jessup…..

        Enjoy the show.

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        1. Glad to see you, Tom F.
          We are a little riled up tonight, but trying to figure out the best way to broadside the DOJ. They’re messing with our guy!

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      1. I hope not to disappoint people, but I am irrevocably changed by this. DOJ is not our friend, even if Barr is. I have to watch my six. I cannot afford to have illusions here. Realism is a survival tool for me. Most of you are not affected by their treachery. I am. Unfortunately.

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        1. DOJ has NEVER been our friend, whether we are in a position like yours seems to be, or whether we are just plain old folks. I thought we knew that.

          Remember the first rays of light shined on the Swamp when POTUS took office? He declassed JFK info. That was not a random act.

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          1. I agree wholeheartedly. I am bewildered. Didn’t we all REALLY know DOJ was as dirty as could be? We were told over and over it was salted with Holder hires who were political appointees later converted to career hires so they could burrow in. How many times were we told this???? An awful lot. And didn’t we all know that Holder hired Commies? The real deal? Red diaper babies? We knew this We have known this. That hasn’t changed. DOJ was never our friend.

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  9. Sorry – I just can’t be pacified and mollified by “great” news that a new investigation is taking place, a new person is being assigned to look into stuff, that Linsey is has new promises…whatever.

    I hope they are all true and something actually comes of it.

    however, I can not be cheered as I hear of more people walking scott free – McCabe & Vindman, etc.

    Nope, Cold Anger, Steely determination and focused political action!! This affects NOTHING that the new investigators will do but it will make progress while they investigate and if it leads to nothing, we have made progress while being fooled v. fooled into waiting, waiting and waiting…..

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    1. Yes – this is where I am. I have NO FAITH in any DOJ process. UTTERLY CORRUPT. I have NO FAITH in any FBI process. UTTERLY CORRUPT. There are good people inside, but these organizations are now STRUCTURALLY CORRUPT – preserving their own corruption spontaneously.

      If good things happen in DOJ or FBI, great, but we cannot wait any longer to demand changes that work around the problems.

      TEAR DOWN AND REBUILD, JANUARY 2021. DOJ, FBI, CIA. Plus removal of all swamp assets from NSA. Plus overhaul of the judiciary.

      We NEED a Republican majority in both houses AND the White House.

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      1. FBI and DOJ have been structurally corrupt (excellent phrase Wolfie) for a long time. At least as far back as Holder. I agree, trying to get justice from those institutions is difficult and maybe impossible. We need to tear down and rebuild for sure. But we are going to prevail.

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        1. Bring down all of the diseased houses.agencies of corruption and filth .I see that as the plan.our timeline isn’t the Lord’s timeline, he sees all of this and none of this will go unpunished.
          I desire a quick and terrible judgement also but I do realize that as it took many many years for things to get here it also takes time to root out the rot.and POTUS is working as quickly as he humanly can to expose and bring judgment. It’s a uphill battle when your surrounded by such evil but the Lord has this in his hands and will deal with this according to his plans . Evil men will only succeed if we allow it,wolf you are right about that.i am old and tired these days but I still have hope which I hadn’t had since 1993.We will just have to put our shoulders to the plow and continue on. We can’t let evil wear us down! Remember our father in heaven has this we are not alone in this battle!

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        1. PDJT has NEVER let us down!
          Those around him? Often!
          Those in “Control”? Often!

          Something must change for OUR good….. soon.
          We need a real Judicial WIN…… Soon.

          Lest PDJT may hemorrhage his support BEFORE the election.

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          1. Anybody willing to jump ship on POTUS now is going to vote for who exactly??? Bernie?? Bloomer?? Stay home so one of them wins??

            WE are the ones in control of HIS destiny just like HE is in control of OURS. Strap in tight for the bumpy parts

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              1. One time, I was really angry at the washing machine in the basement. I topped the steps with a full head of steam.
                Big T had never seen me like that and instinctively, he started backing up and talking a mile a minute.
                I laughed at him, he was way off base.
                I told him I was PI&&ed at the washing machine, and if he loved me, he would curse the washing machine as well.
                LOVE my POTUS, still thrilled about demolishing the WTO at Davos…….. but I want more…….. I want to win all the time.
                And I really want to beat the pants off the Deep State at the DOJ!
                Need to figure out what to do.

                Meantime, we’re kicking the washing machine.

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              2. Yes!
                We’re all mad at that damn washing machine right now but like YOU said, most important thing is to get the laundry done.

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  10. I’m so damned mad I’ve got blood running out my…eyes or wherever. This fucking day. I want to use every cussword I know, which is a considerable number. I want to cry, or scream, or spit, or…something.


    I swore I was going to use the 48-hour rule, and I’m still gonna. I don’t want to. But this is SUCH a reversal of what we have all believed about Barr and Durham, it MAKES NO SENSE.

    I will wait two days…

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      1. Either Barr is a good guy with acting chops that would impress Spielberg, or he is a candy-ass whiny fuck with no testicles.

        Sorry, but I’m not giving the guy a pass if he turns out not to be acting, per Q and the “movie” we are supposedly watching. Put ME in charge for six months, and that demon will be rode down to a lathered nub. Muh, institution, my ass. All anybody needs to do is start firing bad employees. They are NOT GUARANTEED a job in OUR government. They deserve JAIL, but they could be FIRED FIRST.

        I’m am trying so hard to hold fire and believe, but my grandchildren have to grow up in whatever nightmare this shit turns out to be, if we fail. I feel powerless to stop it, and I don’t like it.

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      2. Lisa’s wine toast really says it all. Sends one to thinking, okay, what’s POTUS’ next move. They didn’t miss that tweet of hers. Don Jr. pretty good at watching the tweeter feeds.

        Funny, but not funny, they give POTUS grief for exercising his 1st Amendment rights, but the trash from the corrupt DOJ/FBI folks – that’s not a problem.

        Lisa’s tweet was in the face of AG Barr as much as to the rest of us. Barr could shrug it off – but POTUS? No, he won’t.

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  11. Have to agree with tom f above, the porn lawyer was convicted today, can’t be a total loss. The stars are still bright and the sun’s going to come up tomorrow. Let’s all put the armor of God on and ride this rollercoaster.

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    1. I’m a little slow here.
      The ‘word’ over reacting (two words) comes into play here.
      Emotion versus logic?
      Can we please get back to the logic part?? Please.

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  12. Dont fall into the leftist trap,they are trying to take the wind out of our sails and we cant let them FUCKIN do it, understood?????
    We are all President Trump has for support,well let’s get fuckin loud, for fucks sake we are digital warriors start acting like it.
    Every Thursday and Friday for the last 3 years President Trump has owned the news cycle on the weekends,give this shit 72 hours and see where we stand.
    Good God I could of sworn I was at the other place listenin to some dude,fuck them eyeorrs were better than that, suck it up buttercup and remember elections have consequences. We failed Trump in the midterms we cant fail him come November or were all SUPER FUCKED!!!!!
    72 HOURS DAMMIT!!!!!!!!
    Damn I need a beer and a bottle of Jesse James honey bourbon yall makin my head hurt……

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        1. Treason is definately still on the table and with all the sealed indictments who really knows what’s going on.
          The thing I see is that each and every previous administration telegraphed their every move and used the media to their advantage.
          The Trump does not telegraph what’s going on and it drives the leftist media batshit crazy.
          I always give everything 72 hours for the truth to come out, as I see it the Sunday talk shows are all gonna be bullshit parties.
          Treason is a hanging offense, I think the deep state needs a strong message to not ever try this again and what better message to send than a public hangin? I volunteer to pull the lever.

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            1. Hell let’s get on the bullhorn, you know something crazy is here in the town of Eureka at the court house they used to hang people there, I was floored when Kimi told me about it.
              We need to bring back swift justice and harsh penalties, fuck all the tree huggers and their feeling start executing bad people again.

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              1. Brother when they ever hang a sumbitch for TREASON they better do it on pay per view for all of us who cant make it to DC and then use the proceeds toward our National debt them treasonous bastards ran up.

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          1. Indeed we do, Rodney.
            Maintaining a Positive Mental Attitude is challenging.
            Requires faith and discipline.
            This is almost over…………Fasten your seatbelts!!

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    1. Rodney…I think that Rant……Might have treed your Mountain Lion!!! Or sent him packin!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣
      Can I just say…I second Rodney’s rant!!!! 👍👍👍🥂

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    2. I have NEVER lost faith in President Trump.
      I have never been relaxed about the outcome of attempting to drain the swamp.
      The two are not mutually exclusive.

      Support President Trump will working diligently with him, for him to help him so he can drain the swamp … and we drain the swamp that we can, even the feeder swamps.

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      1. Amen MAGAMom AMEN.
        I know Trumps got this cause hes got God working thru him, if not hillary would be our President right now and last I checked shes NOT our President.
        November is our last chance to save the America we know and restore her to her majesty.
        United we Stand. Divided we fall and a whole bunch of people want America to fall from her Grace, we cant let that happen.
        I am gonna figure out how to get around my lifetime ban on twitter and create me a new acct I have to get ta fightin.

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        1. “United we Stand. Divided we fall and a whole bunch of people want America to fall from her Grace, we cant let that happen.”
          Hear, hear! You are someone I would want in my foxhole!

          🇺🇸 WWG!WGA!

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  13. Buy more ammo, stock the shelves, sharpen the axe, get more N95 mask, add to filtration system, new stove pipe for the Wonder Wood Stove in storage. I TRUST MY PLAN.

    For some reason the McCabe news did not bother me. Fuck Russia, Russia, Russia because China, China, China is the real problem. Read an article about an Emergency Room employee inventorying supplies in the stock room and 43% of supplies came from China along with a lot of our medications. My son-in-law works at local hospital in maintenance and he can’t pilfer any masks, etc.

    I hate it for my children and grandchildren because as they chop wood, hoe the garden, feed the hogs and I get to supervise in my rocking chair. Later they can play hide and seek, tag, and catch lightning bugs.

    First we must survive.

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  14. I just listened to Tracy Beanz and she said that DOJ had nothing to do with the decision: it was a Grand Jury decision, which is from DC, who in huge majority voted for kilary…”Maybe they used the same jurors that convicted Roger Stone”

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      1. I will agree with that. Change of venue is necessary, and I’m all for taking the majority of DC and returning it to Maryland. Doubt there would be a different result in Grand Jury results unless the venues were changed to the eastern shore and about 50 miles south of the Bay bridge.

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    1. Not all cases go a Grand Jury. Indictments can be done without GJ. I haven’t seen anything official that indicates a GJ didn’t find enough evidence. DOJ could have made the decision without submitting it to a grand jury.

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    2. KEY POINT FROM ELENA, thank you.
      John Solomon was on Dobbs this evening……. casually mentioned…….. in DC, sometimes it is not enough to have an open and shut case, particularly a political one, as DC is 80-90% Dem and would never vote to convict.
      He implied it is a serious consideration at the DOJ when going after a case in DC.

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      1. Saw that too. Glad you brought it back here for this discussion. Relevant, and important piece of the puzzle.

        Solomon and Dobbs had a disagreement. Dobbs grumpily saying No Justice, told ya so; Solomon, who is closer to sources, saying No, it’s coming……

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  15. Dear Q,

    The natives are getting restless a la the Hebrews before Moses came down from Mount Horab. Careful, methodical planning to nudge the normies is causing the faithful to lose that faith. Given the way like minds flock together and make up “worst case scenarios” to reinforce each other’s worst thoughts and fears, the plan might need some revisiting to shore up initial support.

    Y’all might consider a few more sticks of dynamite and some red meat thrown to the crowds in the midst of going after the big fish.


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        1. Certainly! Cut it 1.5″ thick, rest at room temp. Move rack to top setting. Turn oven on to 400f. at 400f Turn the Top broiler on HIGH and toss it in there for 4 mins, pull it flip it and put it in for another 6 mins. I’m THERE!

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    1. They’re not losing their faith, we’re PISSED.
      Red meat would be a good idea.
      Especially since we were led to believe there would be no deals.

      We adore the President, that’s not the issue. The problem is the DOJ.

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  16. @actual_chaos
    “The fact that these people are celebrating McCabe, who lied about leaking and was also called a total failure by the IG just because he narrowly squeaked by indictment says more about them then it does about anyone else.”

    “Don’t let these schmucks get to you though, keep enjoying your lives and being proud of this great country our movement has built. There’s work to be done but the fight isn’t over yet, not by a long shot. Enjoy your lives and enjoy this country. That’s what they hate the most.”

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  17. This huge government mess has been here for a long time and can’t be cleaned up quickly. I like the analogy of a huge ship turning, its slow but it does turn. I took huge pleasure out of the way POTUS got rid of Liu, a brilliant move and a important chess piece gone! I don’t like seeing Mccab get off (I do think they will all go down on another stronger charge). I wonder why we can’t put anyone in jail and they sure have no problem. But POTUS is not going through all of this to him personally, professionally, and to his family, not to win. And he will win. His sense of timing is brilliant, always. I liken this to the old movie “The Sting”. First you have to set them all up and they think they are winning and are now going to win big. Then when its set up, the tables are run against the bad guys. And they never saw it coming. PDJT is going to run the tables, don’t ever doubt it. He said the other night the swamp was worse than he thought, so I guess it takes longer, but he will win it all. It was also annoying today that they can find Avenatti guilty of bribing a sports clothing company but can’t do anything about a coup on the elected President.

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  18. There are 2 things I think we need to do, and they should be done in tandem. We need to educate normies about military tribunals and reasons/requirements for their use and at the same time indicate that because of the blatant corruption and impossibility of getting an impartial trial because of juries, judges and prosecutors that we urge consideration, or outright implementation of military tribunals. Listing reasons why should be paramount in order for people to pay attention. Just asking for tribunals will turn the average voter off, and consider a demand for such as being from a fringe group.

    This needs to come from us, and not Qanon. We’ve been instructed as to the requirements for such, so it should be upon us as warriors to bring this out. It would be very poor optics indeed if Qanon were to urge us to do it.

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      1. I agree, but it’s not the same thing as military tribunals. In order for military tribunals to be employed successfully, the general public needs to be supportive, and in order for that to happen , normies need to be educated.

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  19. MUCH….. is swarming around right now…….
    I’ll give it a week for the clouds to clear.

    Past proves future …….

    I lost count of how many times I have said to myself:
    Why did POTUS do/say that?

    Only to find out later……

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        1. From Barrs’ interview:
          THOMAS: And do you expect any other resignations, are you getting any hint of any other resignations in regard to this case? People tied to the case?

          BARR: I hope, I hope there are no more resignations. We, we like our prosecutors and hope they stay.

          They like their prosecutors didn’t ya know, spit!

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          1. Barr hypothetical: “Yeah, we hope Joe Blow and Jane Doe resign. They’re Deep State to the core. Their jobs are on the line.”
            That would be giving away a bit too much, right? It would give them a heads-up that could change their behavior. That question is best answered in just the way Barr did. The reporter doesn’t need to know everything, and neither does the public, when the good guys are in the midst of an operation.

            We want our people to telegraph that they feel the same way we do, but that can’t happen very often. The only person it unfailingly happens with is Pres. Trump. He is not a prosecutor or attorney or head of a three-letter agency. He just talks to the people.

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            1. TheseTruths I will consider your hypothesis, I hope you are correct. For tonight though, I’m tired of all the subterfuge. As I’ve said before, I’m praying for the best but putting my trust in Bill Barr at this point in time is becoming increasingly difficult.

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          1. I don’t know that. It depends on their collective bargaining agreement or merit system rules. I’d like to have a look at whatever the rules are that dictate their employment protections because in my experience their is always a way around them. Loopholes. If you’re willing to look and be creative.


        1. …and that answer itself assumes your premise to be correct…which I don’t know, one way or the other, either.

          I have a lot of questions like this lately; I don’t like where they lead.


    1. That pic looks to be in one of the upper floors of the Eagleton Courthouse.

      Incidentally, that building was hit by lightning not long after it was built. I was working for an org that was housed in another downtown building and I happened to be outside when that bolt struck the dome on the courthouse. Talk about LOUD. And I was 9+ blocks away.

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  20. 3866
    Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 717d81 No.8141007
    Feb 14 2020 22:09:33 (EST) NEW


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  21. 3865
    Feb 14, 2020 2:29:21 PM EST
    Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 3a775b No. 8136552

    Bigger [slam-dunk] charges coming?
    7h, 42m ago
    8kun qresearch

    AND now ……

    Feb 14, 2020 10:09:33 PM EST
    Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 717d81 No. 8141007

    1m ago
    8kun qresearch

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    1. Have this horrible sinking feeling like I’m being patted on the head and told “Don’t worry, honey, it will be okay”.
      Additional charges have nothing to do with the recommendation from the 2018 Horowitz report.
      McCabe could certainly be charged with multiple offenses.
      The precedent this sets for the rank and file FBI is beyond bad. Why would the good agents go to the OIG to report a rotten apple?

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      1. And someone tweeted above that the person who let McCabe off the hook is the same one who let the Awans go.

        If that’s true the next question begs to be asked: Why on earth was that guy still working at DOJ today?

        Liked by 5 people

        1. Furthermore, take Fitton, for instance
          He can’t even get FOIA cooperation from Barr’s DOJ.
          This is something Barr could fix in an afternoon. ASAP!
          Let the wheels of justice grind…. just move them into higher gear.
          No excuse for that kind of slovenly leadership. Again, it’s TRUMP’s justice dept.
          Move it along.

          Liked by 5 people

            1. If he wades in, it would be an extraordinary war. He has every right to do it. AND it needs to be done.
              Bottom line, Trump has said repeatedly, this can never happen to another President.
              He cannot go into this election cycle with this issue unsettled.

              Liked by 4 people

              1. Exactly.
                Constantly waiting on justice or the passage of a controversial bill doesn’t mean our bureaucrats don’t have to work for a year.

                Liked by 2 people

              1. It could very well be, all roads lead to Obama, and we would get there quickly.
                Someone else pointed this out earlier.
                Black community has the power to decide this election.
                Trump may be managing the risk.
                Hard to tell.
                We know he’s thinking about it though!

                Liked by 4 people

              2. Daughn… Why has this place.. gone ..SO NEGATIVE!!! I had to put an APB on my lil site not to bring negative stuff !!! 🤷‍♀️

                Liked by 4 people

              3. Negative? Not at all.
                Time for a plan of action.
                We’ve been assaulted by Deep state.
                I;m ready to meet at the mill….. or the keyboard if that works better.
                But I’m not sitting back making lemonade.
                Want some answers!

                Liked by 3 people

              4. Bet your ASS!!
                That smug little Lisa Page —— with her wine glass.
                Oooooooo, gonna take me a while to get over that one.

                Liked by 4 people

              5. And, we were broadsided by the DOJ AND the Army in one day!
                Don’t care what they do to me, but they will not pick on my President in such a way.

                Liked by 5 people

        1. I’m not sure.
          Heard talk of firing Michael Atkinson.
          I do believe that one is one the table.
          Surely, the left is barking loudly right now because THEY desperately WANT the Obama people to remain in place.
          Truth is, the Obama holdovers have been effective in hurting the President.
          Gonna have to play this one carefully.

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  22. I don’t like CNN and I don’t like AC, but this is worth the watch, especially from about the 4min mark. He describes EXACTLY what DOJ has done, of course he is whining about himself, but his words ring true, just mirrored onto POTUS and staff…watch it if you have a few minutes. Big question, too…..does this guy look relieved…would you not expect relief or happiness at receiving his good news?? He does NOT look relieved…..

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    1. I can’t read him either way, possibly subdued. What I did find interesting was his continued focus on the DOJ and “investigations” – that’s where I think he’s thinking about what’s still happening at the DOJ.

      The important thing will be that whatever results from the DOJ, if it’s what we’re hoping for, it has to be so clear and certain – so they can’t argue what McCabe is, that’s it’s political and the DOJ is hitting POTUS’ enemies.

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  23. 3867
    Feb 14, 2020 10:16:38 PM EST
    Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 717d81 No. 8141119

    1m ago
    8kun qresearch

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  24. Tired of the chain being yanked. Optics being important is code for not doing diddly. My expectations are to teach my children and grandchildren now to never trust anything government related and especially the alphabets. Nothing short of perp walks and extensive prison time will temper my approach. Cold anger does not begin to describe it. If one of us commit a federal crime, we get arrested and charged. Stone and Flynn for example. Not Comey, not McCabe, not anybody who actually committed real crimes that have been proven. Arresting McCabe for his crimes does not remove the jeopardy of being charged for additional crimes he will be found to have committed.

    The clock is winding down on B2’s time as an AG if justice is not served – cold.

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  25. 3866
    Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 717d81 No.8141007 📁
    Feb 14 2020 22:09:33 (EST) NEW


    Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 717d81 No.8141119 📁
    Feb 14 2020 22:16:38 (EST) NEW


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      1. I have no idea why many of the posts are shared by Q. I will say, FWIW, that this current confusion and muddying of the water seems to fall in line with the “fog of war” and I hopewill make sense after the smoke clears if we stick to that 24-48 hr rule

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            1. It really is a glorious time to be alive!
              We’ve needed to do this for a long time — take on the bureaucracy.
              I think he prepared us for this moment.
              Took a few years, didn’t it?
              I mean, some of us, most of us, thought once he was elected, we would get a wall, play nice with Russia, redo our trade agreements….. because we won the election.

              That didn’t happen so easily. We had to be “steeled”.
              Well, I’m ready, and so are my friends at QTree.
              It’s time!

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              1. Gotta figure out what to do first, rather be a sharpshooter than a cannon blast type of a response. (Never actually harming someone – not my job — Censors can you hear me now)
                We do need to be strategic.
                I’m thrilled that the base is so fired up about it.
                It means Barr and the DOJ will have to do everything out in the open. We need to be noisy. They get to DC and forget we exist.

                What do you think?

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              2. Remember the video Q has posted several times….the one where POTUS talks about returning a failed and corrupt system to US the American people….those aren’t empty words. Anyone who thought the Swamp and TPTB wouldn’t fight back had blinders on

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              3. True. It was Trump’s shot across their bow.
                Probably why Comey wanted people from the FBI installed into the WH, cuz they NEEDED to know what he was up to.

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    1. RE: Hannity. He is a blowhard, but if there is some truth to what he is saying, Barr working on something bigger… I believe that’s a possibility. Long time ago, Nunes was shocked. POTUS has talked about big things in deep context. He has used the word “Treason” – I don’t think he did it for rhetoric purposes.

      Could be so big, we can’t comprehend that it happened.

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    January 31, 1902 — Executive order 163
    President Theodore Roosevelt to issue Executive order 163 on January 31, 1902, banning federal workers from “individually or through associations, [soliciting] an increase of pay, or to influence or to attempt to influence in their own interest any legislation whatever

    But that didn’t last long

    ☭ August 24, 1912 — Lloyd-La Follette Act ☭
    This law states “the right of persons employed in the civil service of the United States, either individually or collectively, to petition Congress or any member thereof or to furnish information to either House of Congress or to any committee thereof, shall not be denied or interfered with.” The National Federation of Federal Employees was founded in Washington, D.C., on September 17, 1917 And in 1918, became the first labor union to win the legal right to represent federal workers. NFFE relied heavily on the provisions of the Lloyd-La Follette Act as the basis for its operations. Much of the union’s focus was on legislative action. In the same year the banksters took over the news industry.


    ☭ July 5, 1935 — National Labor Relations Act ☭
    In 1935 under the traitorous FDR, Labor unions secured the legal right to represent employees in their relationships with their employers under the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA). It was signed on July 5, 1935. It was strongly opposed by conservatives and members of the Republican Party, but it was upheld in the Supreme Court.


    ☭ January 17, 1962 — Executive Order 10988 ☭

    JFK’s Executive Order Changed Our Union Forever

    John F. Kennedy’s executive order granting federal employees stronger workplace rights and recognizing the value that an empowered workforce brings to public service.

    This executive order, issued Jan. 17, 1962, was considered the most significant victory in that era for our union and federal employees, allowing us to come together as one to secure a better future for our families. As pay and working conditions improved, more employees felt empowered and joined AFGE…..


    ☭ October 13, 1978 — Civil Service Reform Act ☭

    The Lloyd–La Follette Act of 1912 allowed unions and allowed Federal employees to petition the government, but gave them no real bargaining power. In 1978 Congress changed that.

    “The Civil Service Reform Act of 1978 codifies the collective bargaining rights of federal employees and describes them as “safeguarding the public interest.” The law requires federal agencies and federal employee unions to bargain in good faith over grievance and arbitration procedures and the conditions of employment.”


    The Result is an entrenched bureaucracy with almost unlimited power and very little way of being ousted.

    Liked by 4 people

      This is the major problem.

      Unfortunately the DOJ lawyers are part of the Union Workers who are PROTECTED.

      WORSE you are trying to fire LAWYERS.

      In the federal government, firing an employee is the easy part. Keeping them fired is where things get difficult. Federal employees can appeal any serious disciplinary action to two different agencies (the Merit Systems Protection Board and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission), enlist the legal expertise of a third agency (the Office of Special Counsel), and, of course, involve their union representative….

      Holding federal employees accountable is essentially impossible. They have the highest job security of any sector of the economy. In fact, out of a federal non-military workforce of 2.1 million, only 11,046 persons—or 0.5 percent—were fired in 2017.

      One reason for this is the cumbersome process managers must endure to fire a single employee. Multiple appeals involving as many as four separate agencies, as well as union representatives, are not uncommon. This process can last years even in the most cut-and-dry cases.

      Faced with such obstacles, federal managers often let misconduct go unaddressed….

      Today, even if an employee is clearly guilty of misconduct or chronic poor performance, the Merit Systems Protection Board can overturn a punishment it finds to be too harsh…..

      So the system is set-up to PROTECT THE USELESS AND CORRUPT!

      ‘Misconduct’ includes things like stealing government property and watching porn on government computers on government time and intentionally screwing over innocent citizens. Those are only the cases I have heard of BTW.

      Liked by 6 people

    2. Obviously it will take an Act of Congress — literally — to rectify the situation.

      So what has President Trump done in the mean time?


      You have to read this to understand just how badly the Federal Union has been PHUCKING OVER US CITIZENS!!!

      May 25, 2018
      ⚖️ Restricting Federal Unions and Firing Poor Performers ⚖️
      “President Trump has signed three executive orders “

      ⚖️ Under the new executive orders, unions will be charged rent for federal office space and will not be reimbursed for travel expenses or for hours spent appealing worker firings.

      ⚖️ All federal employees will be ordered to spend 75 percent of their time doing the work for which they were hired as a federal employee.

      ⚖️ Federal agencies will be required to publicly post union contracts in an online repository.

      ⚖️ Agencies will be encouraged to conclude negotiations with federal employee unions in less than a year.

      ⚖️ The use of ‘official time’ will be severely restricted.
      ▶️Official time is the system under which federal employees are paid salary and benefits working on behalf of the union rather than performing other work. Federal employees will not be allowed to spend no more that 25 percent of their time on union or other non-agency business. ◀️

      ⚖️ Unions will be charged rent for using space in federal buildings.

      ⚖️The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) recently reported the federal government spent almost $175 million paying employees working on “official time” in 2016. Testimony in Congress this week indicated that actual figure may be much higher than $175 million….

      So these Pieces of Schiff have been doing UNION BUSINESS AND WE PAY FOR IT!!! No more than 25% of their time??? Do that in industry and you would get booted ASAP!

      ⚖️The new orders will impact how long federal workers have to improve their performance after receiving a bad review. The time to improve will be reduced from 120 days to 30 days.

      ⚖️ Agencies will be encouraged to remove (fire) poor performers rather than suspending them….

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  27. Rules of Bureaucracy
    (And tell me every last one doesn’t apply to the climate change & open borders propaganda industry too!)

    Rule #1: Maintain the problem at all costs! The problem is the basis of power, perks, privileges, and security.

    Rule #2: Use crisis and perceived crisis to increase your power and control.

    Rule 2a. Force 11th-hour decisions, threaten the loss of options and opportunities, and limit the opposition’s opportunity to review and critique.

    Rule #3: If there are not enough crises, manufacture them, even from nature, where none exist.

    Rule #4: Control the flow and release of information while feigning openness.

    Rule 4a: Deny, delay, obfuscate, spin, and lie.

    Rule #5: Maximize public-relations exposure by creating a cover story that appeals to the universal need to help people.

    Rule #6: Create vested support groups by distributing concentrated benefits and/or entitlements to these special interests, while distributing the costs broadly to one’s political opponents.

    Rule #7: Demonize the truth tellers who have the temerity to say, “The emperor has no clothes.”

    Rule 7a: Accuse the truth teller of one’s own defects, deficiencies, crimes, and misdemeanours.


    Liked by 7 people

    1. Here is the problem for THEM! We the People KNOW THE PLAYBOOK!

      In the past, I would agree that nothing would happen—BUT!!! Every indication that I see is that We the People ARE AWAKE!

      Are we—or are we not—in uncharted territory?

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  28. I haven’t finished reading all the comments on this thread yet…but in times like these I go straight to the top–first I prayed for understanding and patience. then I slept on it. this morning I wrote an email to the President. I told him about the Q tree (again)–how we are staunch supporters of HIS, but these last few days have had tough to swallow news. i told him the 2 tiered justice system we currently have does not sit well with any of us. and there have been warnings of voters losing faith and support for him if this doesn’t change.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Good morning, pat.

      You have the perfect approach. Pray for understanding and guidance. It was a little crazy yesterday. In their own way, almost everyone is likely correct – it’s important to look at these events from all viewpoints.

      I like that you wrote the President. We know he is steadfast in his goals. He will not let us down. Nor will he let his underlings harm US.
      This clip from FOX last night kind of makes the point that McCabe isn’t off the hook… Listen all the way to the end.

      it wasn’t very manly of McCabe to throw his Subordinates under the bus.

      Liked by 1 person

  29. you know, this is probably the perfect attack plan for the left–they see the momentum POTUS has going into the election. how do they counter it? by their candidates? heavens no–they are all duds. highlighting POTUS’s failed campaign promises? he’s killing it on that front…so where is his weakness?? where have THEY been effective where POTUS has not? “justice”
    in the last 3 years, our side has been hit with setbacks in that regard–Flynn, Manafort, Stone…while their side has skated–it’s the one area POTUS SEEMS not to have succeeded in…so they exploit it where they can–where they have the corrupt justices, prosecutors…it will demoralize our side.
    we are focusing on the one section POTUS may not have control of YET…
    but his plan was to make our lives better…and we are better off aren’t we? because this part of his renovation wasn’t going to be easy or pretty–and it was going to take the most time.

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  30. I have always raised my doubts over the past couple of years…being a long-time fence-sitter on Q. Still till this day, I call myself a Q observer—not a Q follower.

    That said—I AM NOT ACCEPTING ALL OF THE NEGATIVITY! This is the Q-Tree!!!

    If I want negativity, I go to another place for that.

    Comey’s lesser charges were dropped to find out months later that he was under criminal investigation.

    Unfortunately, I have a family that has seen its share of courtrooms. Without going into detail—prosecutors do not charge you for jaywalking in the process of robbing a bank.

    We sometimes make the mistake of thinking when it comes to paying attention to details and having a long attention span—we compare ourselves to the public at large. Imagine the courtroom media spectacle of charging McCabe, Comey, Brennan et al for perjury—the public interest would be long lost by time the REAL crimes came along.The public would not be engaged at the most important time!

    I do not get this concept from Q—I have been saying this for a LONG TIME. I have even been ridiculed for my Pollyanna-ish outlook it OT. Yet, I have said the entire time that timing is everything. ONE SHOT!!!

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