How President Trump Just Obtained Nuclear Superiority Over The Swamp

It is now very important to RECONFIGURE YOUR THINKING about what is going on in Washington.

They are going to try to distract you with LOOK, SQUIRREL…..

when the thing you should really be looking at is the LIU-K, WOLFE!

President Trump, in firing (in two brilliant steps) the CORRUPT Jessie K. Liu, has just powered up his new-fangled nuclear-powered laser which is going to dry up the swamp in a jiffy.

It is, as Sundance says, BIGGER THAN SPYGATE.

  • Spygate was just PART of this shit.
  • The Russia Hoax was just PART of this shit.
  • Mueller was just PART of this shit.
  • The Maria Butina / Jessie Liu “lost episodes of Mueller” farce is just PART of this shit.
  • Some Russian guy named Deripaska is just PART of this shit.
  • Bogus Forced Recusal of Jeff Sessions is just PART of this shit.
  • Fusion GPS is just PART of this shit.
  • Impeachment Failure One – Russia is just PART of this shit.
  • Impeachment Failure Two – Ukraine is just PART of this shit.

There is SO much more, and I am hoping that ALL YOU COMMENTERS will add many, many more items to the list of “what was part of this shit“. It’s all VERY BIG.

But there is ONE SPECIAL PART that just connects EVERYTHING.

Sundance was RIGHT that it was the DOJ that was at the center – the dirty, rotten CENTER – the Eric Holder CENTER – of all the nastiness that was arrayed against Citizen Trump, Candidate Trump, and ultimately President Trump.


In particular, Jessie Liu protected ONE THING which – once you see it – shows you how ROTTEN and POISONOUS the whole damn thing was.

But FIRST, I have to help you see it. Or bring in a friend to do it.

Remember – IT’S ALL ABOUT MISDIRECTION. Both how they tried to attack our VSG. And how he defeated them.

SUNDANCE is going to do the heavy lifting. RIGHT NOW.

First, I want you to READ THIS SLOWLY AND CAREFULLY. Read it twice if you have to.

The DC Cover-up That’s As Big As Spygate…

NOW – if you have read this CAREFULLY, then you understand that Jessie Liu was basically in charge of making everything VANISH in plain sight, while making it NOT look like that’s what she was doing.

She tried at all times to make it look like she was actually helping President Trump, when in fact she was SAVING THE SWAMP. In particular, she single-handedly took all the heat off of the role of CONGRESS – both the House and the Senate, but especially the SENATE – in the plot against Trump.

To do this, she had to let a SPYGATE LEAKERJames Wolfe of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI) – get off on the ACTUAL charges that mattered – the LEAKING CHARGES – and convict him on the lesser charge of simply lying to the FBI. This, of course, would hide the circumstances of the leaking. And THAT was very important to the Swamp.

I repeat. Jessie K. Liu protected the Swamp from justice for some of THE MOST DAMAGING parts of the Spygate story. She *LITERALLY* obstructed justice.

Frankly, at this point, I wonder if Wolfe actually DID lie to the FBI, or if that was an engineered charge precisely to let him off easy, while BURYING the actual substantial charges and circumstances surrounding the leak.

In any event, Sundance saw this IMMEDIATELY for what it was – a naked dereliction of the DOJ’s duty, and particularly stunning in light of Trump’s promise to plug leaks and treat leakers like the criminals they are.

Sundance used to be quite angry about this. It seemed like nothing would ever be done about it.


With Jessie Liu – the gal who let off James Wolfe, and was PLANNING to let off Andrew McCabe – out of the picture – there are all kinds of possibilities for a CHAIN REACTION in the swamp.


So – NOW – what did the SWAMP in DOJ do in response to this? A desperation move. An SJW Lawfare HOAX.

SUNDANCE explains again.

Remember – what the Mueller DOJ attorneys are doing is just another very big form of LOOK, SQUIRREL.

Mueller Prosecutor Departs DC Team After Setting Sentencing Trap in Roger Stone Case…

This is rather cunning of these DOJ attorneys. This is pure LAWFARE. They are setting a fire and jumping ship. By leaving DOJ, they protect themselves from internal investigation and any requirement to tell the truth WITH CANDOR. If they leave, they can hide evidence of the coup.

There will be a fight over pardoning Roger Stone for being prosecuted in a hoax investigation, and that is a good thing. However, DO NOT be distracted from the main issue here.

The main issue is THIS:


This was more than just a hoax. It was more than just “SpyGate”. It was a


Normally, what we see in a coup, is the MILITARY being used in a plot against the head of state.

But in this coup, we saw the CIVILIAN branches of government being used instead – largely because the head of state was TOO POPULAR with the military.

We truly live in amazing times.

Sundance has rightly surmised that Trump and Barr have just split the atom under the corruptos in DOJ, and that this explosion leads to a LOT more fusion than just Fusion GPS.


Enjoy the show.


197 thoughts on “How President Trump Just Obtained Nuclear Superiority Over The Swamp

  1. Speaking of “booms everywhere,” reminder that there was a heavy attack on 8kun and anti-Q media campaign right before this all went down. The enemy is expecting something bad in the near future. And the week isn’t even half over yet!

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          1. Heyyyyyyyyyy
            Didn’t Lui handle the Awan brothers?
            And didn’t we just have a mysterious “stay” on the trial because of ANOTHER UNNAMED PENDING INVESTIGATION?

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              1. I think 5 of them just fled upon being caught setting the Roger Stone trap for Barr. THAT was one wicked little ploy.

                Note who was first to go nuts over the jiggled bait here. Kunning Kamala. LOL! I’ll bet SHE knows a lot of them.

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        1. A perfect demonstration of the wicked enemedia, and the “Atlantic” bunch, steeped in malevolent hatred of America. They KNOW that Q is “real” – NOT a “conspiracy theory”, and they’re trying to slowly reverse positions on their YEARS of lies about Q.

          Now, they bring in the “unassailable” Barky the Pig to deliver the goods.

          Fuck you, Barack Obama. Your YEARS of deceiving the American people have not been properly accounted for. JUSTICE for inflicting the MURDEROUS BRENNAN and the MURDEROUS HOLDER upon the citizens of this captive nation has not been DELIVERED.

          Just on the bogus “climate change” hoax, used to FEED RED CHINA, deserves to see FAKE SCIENCE LIT ON FIRE UNDER YOUR ASS.

          There was HEAVY coordination between the TAKEOVER of American science and the election of Barack Obama. The SCUM that was inserted into Fake Science to welcome in their SOVIET PUPPET may be gone now, but there are still plenty of RESIDUALS that have not been cleaned out.

          They’re already trying to WALK BACK all the hoaxes. NO NO NO NO NO. There must be PROSECUTION FOR THE HOAXES. EVERY ONE OF THEM.

          We’re gonna JUSSIE BARACK’S ASS.


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  2. A friend of mine who used to post at Ace’s as “SMFH”. She spent time in the sandbox field-repairing tanks.

    She recommended playing the following at maximum volume when your neighbors weren’t behaving well.

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    1. … 🤨👍❤️🇺🇸❤️‼️‼️‼️❗️ …

      ………… 🧐🤚 ………………… 💥 💥 💥 B O O M 💥 💥 💥 …………….. 😜👍❗️ ……….

      … boom .. boom .. boom …

      .. 😃👍🇺🇸‼️ ..

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          1. It would be way more subtle than that. The reason “bags of money to the Clintons” disappeared was because more convoluted, legal payoff methods were found.

            I’m sure they greased her skids – but the hand will never be provably seen.

            What’s weird, though, is that head of the Harvard Chemistry Department. Holy crap. THAT was brazen. How did that slip past everybody?

            This kind of thing has to be widespread in science. It just has to. And THAT is scary. If Liu’s dad was a Chinese researcher in America, the ChiComs had to have approached him. Thus, it may be that the influence was more subtle. The payoffs more like “magic career advancement”.

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          2. I feel the same about Obama’s post-Inauguration disappearance….surely there were cameras, security, air crew, etc than can provide information. IMO, he was getting his orders, getting payments set up and “sealing the deal.”

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    1. Jessie Liu = a whole ton of mischief. Whatever steps get her OUT are the first part of healing. And I like the “last-minute yank” for its psychological effect.

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      1. Lawfare damn well didn’t see Jessie L nomination yanked at last minute.

        Awesome getting her out of DOJ thinking she’s unscathed.

        We’ve known she dirty for a long time.

        The way this played out was genius. Pleasant surprise for me. Perhaps most all of us.

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    2. I can not find ANYTHING that say an Awan spent even one day in jail.

      Trump Blasts Awan Plea Deal: “Server Scandal Key To Democrat Corruption”

      After months of delays, former IT aides to Congressional Democrats, Imran Awan and his wife Hina Alvi, look like they’re about to slide right out of a D.C. courtroom with a plea deal in their bank fraud case – while a litany of far more serious allegations documented by the Daily Caller’s Luke Rosiak remain unprosecuted….

      July 03, 2018
      DOJ Agrees Not To Prosecute Imran Awan For House Cybersecurity And Theft, But Questions Remain by Luke Rosiak

      Coomey did not object to the removal of Awan’s GPS monitor, said he would not oppose a sentence of probation, and agreed to drop charges against his wife, fellow former systems administrative Hina Alvi. (RELATED: Capitol Police Accidentally Gave Evidence To House Hacking Suspect’s Defense Attorney)

      The Department of Justice said it found “found no evidence that [Imran] illegally removed House data from the House network or from House Members’ offices, stole the House Democratic Caucus Server, stole or destroyed House information technology equipment, or improperly accessed or transferred government information.”…..

      ^^^ Lots of good information.

      DECEMBER 11, 2019|
      Judicial Watch: Federal Court Hearing on Awan Brothers, Congressional Democrat IT Scandal

      Wednesday, January 15, 2020
      Judge Orders Hearing For Judicial Watch, Awan Brothers Case

      The Justice Department is being forced to explain why they have repeatedly failed to produce records for the Awan Brothers case.

      During a snap hearing on Tuesday, a federal judge ruled that the DOJ must appear for a status hearing on Wednesday regarding Judicial Watch’s 2018 FOIA request. The organization previously asked the FBI for information on the brothers’ involvement in a congressional Democrat information technology scandal….

      In November, the DOJ told the court they were having “technical difficulties” producing documents related to the case. Judicial Watch has alleged the DOJ and FBI are helping cover up the Democrat cyber operation through Awan.

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        1. China and Russia currently have, and for an indeterminate length of time have had, (at least) a tactical alliance.

          Most of the “conflict” between them, and divergence in the way they are being treated, respectively, in Dim/Mockingbird media false narratives, is Kabuki theater, being used mainly for its rope-a-dope effect.

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      1. Yes, the Awan Brothers judge is an Obama appointee, Caribbean female, can’t remember her name. same female is same judge in many strange rulings in DC. Looks like the go-to judge for the cabal….. but since it is DC, it could be that the cases just came up in her court.

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        1. Judge Tanya Chutkin handled the Awan loan fraud case….

          She was also the Judge that was battling Devin Nunes when he went after the financial records of Fusion GPS…She was booted off the Fusion case and replaced with Judge Leon who eventually released the financial records to the House Intel Committee….

          And Chutkin was the judge in the Maria Butina case as well.

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            1. More ‘Sino’ than Soviet, Wolfie.

              Like I’ve been saying, China, or rather, the ChiComs, are the REAL threat.

              The ChiComs took their initial Soviet influence and parlayed it into an even more insidious form for use in their plan for world domination.

              The ChiComs figured out how to use our system of capitalism against us.

              They figured out that if they give us what we want…cheap goods…then they would have control over us.

              We never hear the ChiComs speaking out against Globalism the way that Putin has.

              That’s because the ChiComs have been using the whole globalist narrative for their benefit, in their plan for world domination.

              They have used ‘cheap labor’ as a way to lure Western businesses into their country.

              Why have the Dems not been screaming about this?
              The Dems are supposed to be pro-labor.

              When did the DNC become an ally of the ChiComs?

              I think this is a question that needs to be asked.

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              1. In answer to your last question, the Dems were being infiltrated and influenced by the Chinese, in parallel with the Soviets, from even before Mao consolidated power (meaning pre-1949). But even by the Korean War, China was exerting influence HERE IN AMERICA to finesse us into the trap. So 1949 or EARLIER. There was a constant drumbeat by both the Soviets and the Chinese and their lackeys here to let China into the UN.

                It’s THAT old.

                But – “ally”? Impossible to say, but I would call it BILL CLINTON as formalizing things. China got away with MURDER under the Clintons. That is when the doors opened and the ChiComs ran around grabbing everything in the store.

                BUT – let’s talk Russia.

                It’s important not to get XOR here. Russia’s best assets in the US are almost ALL remainder ideological dupes who have advanced to positions of power.

                Do the math. How do the Russians play that position?

                Are the Clintons just corrupt? Communist? Or BOTH? I am betting AND logic.

                Again – how do the Russians play the position? To win. RUSSIA FIRST.

                How EXACTLY do they play it?

                EXACTLY THE WAY THEY ARE. Secret ideological appeal.

                BUT REMEMBER…..

                So what is happening?


                In my opinion. Still working on that theory. But I think that this may be part of the reason “unipolar globalism” as people have previously envisioned it doesn’t actually work.

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              2. Yep…under the Clintons, the ChiComs really got their hooks into us.

                As far as Who has infiltrated and established more of their influence here, China or Russia…

                We haven’t built factories in Russia.
                Our Economy isn’t tied to Russia.

                The only thing we depend on from Russia…is getting rides to the Space Station.

                And under Trump, that will hopefully be ending soon.

                Extricating ourselves from the Sino-tentacles will be far more difficult.
                It’s doable…but difficult.

                And the way I see it, about Globalism…is that it has been predatory toward the US.

                Globalism has been treating the US like an all-you-can-eat banquet.

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              3. The “hidden hand” was perhaps the deadliest enemy of all. It will kill ANY group or type of people, and also hide BEHIND any group or type of people, as it tries – desperately – to create more and more divided types of people to control us.

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      1. And let us NOT forget, the chief of Staff for Congressman Becerra was the Director in charge of the Awan Brothers…. when the server disappeared for the House.
        And where is this man now?
        He’s the Deputy AG of California.
        As Congressman Becerra is the AG of California…….
        Ohhh, what tangled webs we weave.

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        1. .. oh what a tangled web “we” (💩) we weave … BWAHAHAHAHAHAH …

          .. JUSTICE .. is coming and it’s bring HELL with her … 😉👍❤️🇺🇸❤️‼️ ..

          The classical Corinthian architectural style of the Supreme Court Building was selected to match the nearby congressional buildings. The “Authority of Law” is one of two marble statues by sculptor James Earle Fraser that is set on the steps of the Supreme Court Building.

          “Contemplation of Justice” was also created by sculptor James Earle Fraser. The statue features a woman seated with a tiny figure in her right hand representing Justice.


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              1. Well, in the original Trivial Pusuits I sucked at art and literature, and sucked at sports. Sometimes I’d get lucky and it’d be a question I happened to know the answer to. But generally people discovered I’d get four pie wedges immediately then struggle while they got caught up and of course know which wedge to pick when I was in the center for the win.

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              2. The table I was with on Saturday, we had art, literature, and math covered. The rest…there was a lot of guessing and I ended up being the sports person as there were 8 women.

                One of the teams I used to play with…we were pretty well rounded until we got to a category titled, “TV theme songs from the 60s.” The team in 2nd behind us was across the aisle, and one woman gets up, walks half way across and with both hands gesturing, goes, “You’re going DOWN!” We sank like a rock.

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              3. OK, in that case, there might be as many as eight or nine I’d get…shows that got re-run in the 70s.

                I really didn’t have much contact with TV until 1972 or so for various reasons.

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              1. Well the good news is you can get a buffalo head nickel for less than a buck, if you go to a coin shop. It might be too worn to show a date (the date rubbed right off because it was a high point of the design), but it will be a buffalo nickel.

                For fifty bucks you can get a “Gem Uncirculated” one (MS-65) from the late 1930s.

                Unless you want a pristine piece, one in AU or Extra Fine will do and will run you anywhere from $3 to $20 or so.

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              2. LOL! Young’un! 😉

                I used to get buffalo nickels in CHANGE. And the occasional Indian head penny! And I loved the “Mercury dimes”, too! Silver coins just felt like REAL MONEY!!! Loved ’em!


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              3. … 🧐❓❗️ …. pieces of eight …. zowie‼️ … that off the board cool 😎 …. as a kid I remember the mercury dimes but being a kid I would spend it as fast as I got it … ☹️

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        2. I’m patient, God is not mocked these miserable traitors are going DOWN .. period .. also a thoughtful supply of Glenfich is de rigeur ..

          de rigueur adjective
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          de ri·​gueur | \ də-(ˌ)rē-ˈgər \
          Definition of de rigueur
          : prescribed or required by fashion, etiquette, or custom : PROPER
          … tattoos, of course, being de rigueur among the poetry set. …
          — Will Ferguson
          Synonyms & Antonyms
          De Rigueur: How to Pronounce It, Spell It, and Use It in a Sentence
          Why Does Your Invite Say Costume de rigueur?
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          Learn More about de rigueur
          Synonyms & Antonyms for de rigueur
          befitting, correct, decent, decorous, genteel, nice, polite, proper, respectable, seemly
          Merriam Webster .. 😉

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          1. Becerra – yeah, me too. He needs to go down hard.
            I followed the Awan Brothers more so than I got involved in Ukraine mess.
            Awan Brothers was my FAVORITE scandal because it had so many tentacles AND had the potential to destroy the Dems in midterms of 2018.
            Made no sense whatsoever for Becerra, major player in the House, to leave the House. He was destined for prominence, bigger and better than Schiff. Why did he leave?

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        1. The brilliance here too – no one at the NSC was “fired” either!

          In fact, the way the NSC was structured, no one needed to be fired to be removed from it.

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    1. She’s SES — the supposed “elite, cannot-be-fired” swampers. She was facing criticism where she was and was offered a buyoff lateral to Treasury if she gave up her position. Then her replacement was named, a bunch of stuff got out in public, and her lateral was withdrawn.

      This would be way too complicated for the average schmo, but Liu is in the middle of so much corruption that it warrants the effort to sideline HR, unions, and whoever runs SES. Congress is squawking, but it’s a weekday ending with “y”…..

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        1. Thanks for that, razorbak.

          I’ll raise you 😉 , but I have more to follow about your link (see below):

          1/ MA’s George Washington University bio:

          Same pic and bio here:

          2/ MA’s Cyberadjudication (?!?), from a paper he wrote for the Iowa Law Review in 2001:

          3/ MA’s Cryptoinsurance (a paper he wrote for George Washington University in 2015):

          This same line of thinking ties in with MA’s Predictocracy.

          What you have flagged is very interesting. The book was published in January 2008. Who was the biggest online personality predicting the election result later on that year? Nate Silver of 538, who was lauded by the media nationwide for predicting O’s victory that year:

          Nate was into sports before that year. All of a sudden, he became No. 1 in political predictions.

          -ocracy = government by a particular sort of people or according to a particular principle

          Apologies for rambling. It’s rather late here.

          Thank you for the link — very interesting.

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      1. Now this is getting interesting. Compare to her co-conspirator judge, Tanya “I Ain’t Got No Russian Name” Chutkan…..

        Are they friends in real life?

        If Jussie Liu (COUGH) is deep diaper of some kind….. WOW.

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  3. I saw this too OT yesterday. Things definitely going on behind the scenes. RS trial sentence gives the MSM another way to divert our attention. The Flynn delay is more than likely related too. Once these dominos (pos`s) start falling I hope it’s swift and with a sledge hammer. Would be wonderful to see James Wolfe charged with leaking if that’s possible now. Pretty sure old Andy McCabe didn’t sleep well last night and the rest of these POS are on notice now. Going to be fun watching them all scurrying around like the rats they are.

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  4. Is this the start???

    Rubber Bullets Sting but Do Not Last
    23 Jan 2020 – 5:01:20 PM
    When did the public first learn re: FISA warrants re: +3 [non Page]?
    If FISA warrants deemed to be illegal [ALL SURV LEAPFROG HOPS] what happens to MUELLER’s case(s)?
    How do you invalidate a claim?
    Conspiracy to commit….
    Rubber bullets sting but do not last.

    Panic in DC
    5 Feb 2020 – 12:23:38 PM

    People actually believe those responsible for the attempted coup [coup attempt] of a duly elected sitting US President will go unpunished?
    End to our Constitutional Republic?
    No equal justice under the law?
    No accountability?
    Escape unscathed?
    Buckle up!

    Sen. Lindsey Graham: “Half the People Involved in the Russian Investigation Are Going to Jail”

    8 Feb 2020 – 10:17:53 PM
    The bottom half was instructed (99% good).
    The first will send a shock wave.

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  5. A couple comments:

    First, for whatever reason a very specific interview done with Trent Lott in 2001 has stayed with me. The discussion was based around John Ashcroft’s nomination to be Attorney General. What Lott said was that Justice was a cesspool. “It’s a cesspool over there, and John’s just what we need to clean it up.” At this point, I am not sure how swampian Lott is/was, but I would be willing to lay money I don’t have, that once the threads start getting pulled, we’re going to see a chain of shtuff, if you will, that goes back decades. Possibly to the early Clinton years, maybe before that. Liu didn’t just happen in a vacuum, and Eric Holder was not the originator of covering stuff up at Justice. Anyone who watched the 9-11 hearings knows Jamie Gorelick did the same sort of stuff, which is why she was on the panel – to keep the evidence under wraps.

    Second, this whole targeted takedown has all the hallmarks of a sting, meaning some of the players were just that – playing a part. Who, is a good question, but I still say this has so much of an aroma of revenge being served on an icy cold platter, that you have to wonder WHY some of these guys returned to government service when they had much more lucrative careers in the private sector. There was a tweet posted the other day that said Barr, Rosenstein, Comey, and a couple other people have been waiting since January 20, 1993, for revenge. What did the Clintons, their overlords, and the swamp do? I know the concept that Comey and Rosie are white hats who were the moles is not popular, but what if it’s true? They don’t work at CNN.

    So, the question remains, was this the stick of dynamite tossed into the bilge to get something to break free?

    Stay tuned.

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    1. Trent Lott, good man, been in my house several times and showed up with a full compliment of Secret Service.
      He resigned as Majority Leader of the Senate over a dustup from a comment he made decades ago, now suddenly perceived as “racist”.
      It was odd.
      We heard about the comment, never heard what the comment was, and in a flash…… he was GONE, retired to southern MS, beautiful home, one of the oldest on the Gulf Coast, destroyed by Hurricane Katrina.
      No one heard from him again.
      Extremely odd……

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      1. Daughn, we’d love to hear the rest of this story, especially if there’s Mississippian secret details that reveal the inner truths.

        Just whenever you can muffin it out of the maid, mayor, the committee-man, the guvnor and his chauffeur…

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        1. Majority Leader of the Senate, Governor of the State, President of Entergy (power company for 7 states), Head of BMW North America, and an army of Congressmen and “officials”…….. came to the house for LUNCH one day.
          It’s a really great story…..
          Not a typical day (for sure)
          Yet, Trent Lott came back many times. Who knows what he really thinks, deep down, but he was a hang out in the kitchen kind of guy. Not what one would expect. Nice. Down to earth.

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    2. A spider ‘weaves’ its web but it cannot be unweaved.

      Clothing can be knitted (weaved) and it CAN be unweaved, usually by pulling a thread.

      Ever seen one of those big bags of dog food, sew shut with a single stitch string? You get the proper end unknotted and then just pull. Magically the whole string unstitches itself.

      IMO this all fits with what we are watching in the DJT Cleaning Crusade.

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    3. The swamp is wide and deep and goes back a looooong time. It was designed and maintained over the centuries by very clever bastards. It has the ability to reform. I did a post with an analogy to a swamp fire over here. It’s the prevention of reformation that’s tricky. Can’t find my post. May be sinbined

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  6. I want to point out the GENIUS of the Jesse Liu situation.

    A Presidential appointment is a HUGE honor and recognition.

    Even if you are very close to the top, you know that you still aren’t at the highest eschelons of government.

    They must’ve worked on her for a while to give her the idea that she was doing great work and that everyone was impressed with how capable she was.

    She probably had meetings with Steve Mnuchin where he told her all the wonderful things that had been said about her, what an important role they had open, and of course ‘not just anyone would be capable of meeting these obligations, it really takes a special type of person…’

    Pump up her ego . . .

    . . . appeal to her vanity. . .

    She would happily take the bait.

    And they did it perfectly. She didn’t suspect a thing until the trap had already been sprung.

    IMO, arrogance was her downfall.

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  7. From Wikipedia – a strange nugget of info:
    “In March 2019, President Donald Trump said he would nominate Liu to become United States Associate Attorney General, but she withdrew her name from consideration later that month because the Republican-controlled Senate Judiciary Committee objected to her nomination.[7][8][9] ”

    Why would PDJT nominate her for Assoc AG for the USA and why would the Rep Judiciary object to her nomination so severely her name had to be pulled?

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    1. All part of the Kabuki theater to get her to volunteer to leave her position.

      Chair: Lindsey Graham (R)
      Since January 3, 2019

      Ranking member: Dianne Feinstein (D)
      Since January 3, 2017

      Remember President Trump had been golfing often with Ms Lindsey so she could have been told President Trump had talked Graham into OKing her nomination.

      WASHINGTON – Sen. Lindsey Graham often plays golf with President Donald Trump, but he wasn’t willing to lie for the privilege, veteran journalist Bob Woodward says in his new book about the Trump White House….

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    1. You’re most welcome! I really wanted people to see this. It’s very important to understand NOT ONLY how horrible this woman was, but also how effective she was at CHARMING HER WAY past everybody’s defenses.

      Being biased against CTH will not do us any good. Sundance makes some amazing points, and when he does, I am unable to contribute to them over there, so I have to do it here.

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        1. Yeah, I hear you! 😉

          Seriously, I just got one of my BIGGEST NUKES by visiting that site, grabbing some hints from SD, and connecting a few dots. That will be my next post!

          “They” wanted us off that site for a reason. BREAK UP A GOOD THING. Ain’t our fault somebody FELL FOR IT.

          But yeah, we can FIX IT NOW!!! Bigger, badder and winninger than ever!!!

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          1. Wolfie,

            It actually worked to our advantage. We now have a very tight research group that is NOT drowned out by all the kibitzers and Eeyores. Reminds me a bit of ChiefIOs group — Small but deadly.
            However both Anthony Watts and Jo Nova would ‘guest posts’ a lot of his stuff.

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              1. AMEN!!!

                I do not mind an intelligent argument but I hated posting the same stuff over and over to the SAME people who then IGNORED it until they finally made some nasty remark. They NEVER PROVIDED CONTRARY EVIDENCE only opinion.

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      1. My only problem with SD is he just won’t hold his fire until he actually KNOWS something, and he disparages the wrong people because of it.

        He has been insinuating that Barr is a “do-nothing” and potentially Deep State for months. Will he admit he was wrong and ask for a heaping plate of crow? NO.

        He will pretend like he knew Barr was great all along. Pisses me off is all.

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  8. Look at Lui’s WIKI


    NYT says Jessie Kong Liu [is] the daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Wu-Schyong Liu of King of Prussia, Pa.

    Is this him perhaps?

    “…The N-terminal analyses were performed by Dr. Wu-Schyong Liu (Dept. of Biological Chemistry, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine) using an Applied Biosystems 475Aprotein sequencer…

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    1. Well, this is Jessie’s birth record in Texas:

      Name: Jessie Kong Liu
      Event Type: Birth
      Event Date: 02 Jan 1973
      Event Place: Kleberg, Texas
      Gender: Female
      Father’s Name: Wu Schyoug Liu
      Mother’s Name: Yu Yin Lin

      “Texas Birth Index, 1903-1997,” database, FamilySearch ( : 1 January 2015), Yu Yin Lin in entry for Jessie Kong Liu, 02 Jan 1973; from “Texas Birth Index, 1903-1997,” database and images, Ancestry ( : 2005); citing Texas Department of State Health Services.

      This record for the Dr. from King of Prussia, PA, gives his birth date as 30 Jan 1941. note his Third Previous Residence is Baltimore, MD, home of Johns Hopkins University.

      Name: Wu-Schyong Liu
      Alias: Wuschyong Liu
      Event Date: from 1 Sep 2005 to 29 Oct 2007
      Event Place: Collegeville, Montgomery, Pennsylvania, United States
      Birth Date: 30 Jan 1941
      Last Place of Residence: Collegeville, Pennsylvania 19426
      Second Previous Residence Place: King Of Prussia, Pennsylvania 19406
      Third Previous Residence Place: Baltimore, Maryland 21218
      2nd Address Date: 01 Jan 2000-01 Aug 2005
      3rd Address Date: 1 Mar 1993

      “United States Public Records, 1970-2009”, database, FamilySearch ( : 21 December 2019), Wuschyong Liu, 2005-2007.

      A search online reveals this information about Wu Schyong Liu born on that same date:


      Wu Liu Wu’s birthday is 01/30/1941 and is 79 years old. Previously cities included Baltimore MD, Collegeville PA and College Station TX. Wu also answers to Wu Schyong Liu, Wuschyong Liu, Liu Wu-schyong, Wu-schyong Liu and Wu S Liu, and perhaps a couple of other names. Wu’s relationship status is married. Other family members and associates include Marlyne Tramble-foster, Seung Yang, Anna Gapuz, Rachel Krasko and Rachelle Vega.

      The age (79) fits with the birth date for the man in PA. This is her father, for sure.

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      1. Now the question is origin. This was very early – Nixon visited China in February 1972, and Jessie was born in January of 1973. It’s highly likely that her parents are from Hong Kong or Taiwan, but I won’t rule out mainland, because students from the mainland were already filling undergrad slots in flyover colleges and universities in the mid-70’s. If the Chinese were trying something like the Russian excusenik / diaper spawn strategy, she would be a perfect specimen. Go straight for a top spot in DOJ, absolutely no fingerprints back to the mainland. No orders, no strings, no proof. She could also get MK along the way through the same methods used in California so effectively (e.g., Twinkie boy).

        I will find this out soon, I’m sure, but just testing my speculations against it.

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        1. And let’s not forget about GHWBush…

          Nixon appointed Pappy Bush as ambassador to the UN, in 1971.

          Then, in 1974 Gerald Ford appointed GHWBush as US Liaison and Ambassador to China.

          GHWB and family, lived in China for awhile…until Ford brought him back and made him head of the C_A in 1976.

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        1. Also, remember Q’s comment (#3837) of Feb 6:

          “How many people [removed] from the FBI had Iranian family backgrounds?”

          Iran is at least loosely in the the orbit of the China/Russia axis, along with North Korea, Pakistan, Venezuela, etc., though Q has cast doubt on the conventional account of who actually pulls the strings of the “crazy actor” states, Iran and North Korea.

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      1. Hmm. I have NFI where half your cities/states are but I’m thinking that China’s in a vice.
        No manufacturing due to Coronavirus.
        No food due to various animal/crop plagues.
        Due to virus control can keep population under control till they get hungry.
        “………………..will trade food for all those us treasury bonds you got hey Ji? If the price waS right that could work. Double the pain. And Ji, smile whilst your knees are being chainsawed off, and thank me

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        1. They still owe us about 4 trillion for WW2 debt when we floated their economy with 700MILLION in GOLD.
          China paid Britain back when they negotiated for Hong Kong.
          I want my money back!!!!!!!!!!!

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          1. Life is a lemon and I want my money back.!
            Seriously. Just as important as how much you owe is who you owe it to. I’m pretty sure Potus has a plan.
            This will not end well for China

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      2. The link just specifies “The Department of Defense approved 11 ‘installation sites’ near major airports around the US “, then lists the airports only. Fort Lewis is close to Sea Tac. Could be an error on the part of the author.

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    1. Hmm…Jussie is being charged with “staging a heinous hate crime”.

      And also making false claims that he was the victim of that hate crime.

      It was the Dems who made it a Federal Crime to commit a ‘hate crime’.
      Remember that?

      So I guess that makes it a federal offense to stage a hate crime and falsely claim to be a victim of a hate crime.

      The Dems are getting bitten by one of their own stupid ‘social justice’ laws.

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