20200212: DOJ in Disarray? OR, the “Lack of Justice” Sound Off Thread

Please consider this the DOJ pro/con sound off thread. PLEASE read Scott467 response comments (highlighted at the bottom) which are right up there with Wolfie’s Roller Coaster essay. Well done, Scott! It’s time to sound off!

QTreepers can follow a story faster than a sneeze. Impressive! What was a fairly boring news day following the machinations of the NH Primary, was rocked by news coming out of the DOJ.

  • Jussie Smollet indicted on 6 counts by a Special Prosecutor in Chicago (which could have dominated a news cycle by itself).
  • News of 4 DOJ Prosecutors, 3 of them on the Mueller Special Counsel, resigning after the dust up on Roger Stone sentencing…. sending DC media into a firestorm. (WaPost said it was a ‘break glass moment at the DOJ’, the WaPost is running out of incendiary headlines)
  • News of Jessie Liu, former US Attorney to DC, nomination to the US Treasury being pulled…suddenly.
  • and silence fell over the land……… something was “up”.

By late afternoon, the President gave an Oval Office presser and commented on the Roger Stone sentencing. PDJT was not happy. Then we received news from the DOJ that the sentencing recommendation was NOT what was discussed within the hierarchy, which sets up a HUGE problem. Barr acted, pulled the recommendation and four prosecutors resigned….. and the MSM went wild. Comments across media, from Nadler and Schumer implying a conspiracy within the WH/DOJ to subvert justice. Oh, they’re ready to impeach the President AGAIN. But it was just beginning…..

By 7:00pm, we had Lou Dobbs with a segment about Jessie Lu, who left the US Atty slot in DC because she was promised a plum job at US Treasury. Her nomination hearing is supposed to take place in the Senate this week…… and the nomination was pulled. Made everyone’s head spin. FLEP has great details on this, won’t bother you with them here.

Devin Nunes spoke to Dobbs later about the problem of Liu and James Wolfe, Senate Intel Committee (see FLEP for video) but it instantly reminded us of the Geico Commercial……. Yeah, Jessie Liu almost had that plum job at Treasury but was faked out. OOooo, she almost had it!

By mid-evening, the NH Primary was old news. Everywhere we turned, folks were talking about the DOJ, “Are we finally getting some justice?” to “Why has it taken so long to get justice?”. Heck, I woke up in the middle of the night to let the dog out…. and people were talking about DOJ/JUSTICE on the a Blueberry Muffin Thread!! Don’t get me wrong, not complaining, we all post stuff on different threads……. it was a good thing because I found a golden nugget, The Muffin Thread is where I found this GEM from Scott467. By the time I finished reading Scott’s comment, I was wide awake, cheering. Scott nailed it. Here it is:

I just don’t know why ANY of the games are necessary. I don’t even know who all the games are FOR. They’re certainly not for OUR benefit, Sleepy Joe Public certainly isn’t keeping track of any of the palace intrigue. And the bad guys certainly don’t give a flip about the perception game.

It all reminds me of the arguments (such as they were) I used to have with Sundance about his insistence that Washington exists in a virtual alternate reality, a place where law means nothing and perception is all that counts. He could never explain it, or even try. We were just supposed to swallow it whole, like mm-mmm good dogma.

The Left doesn’t worry about ‘awakening’ the public, or public support, or even concern itself with whether the public lives or dies (preferably dies, from their perspective). They just arrest whomever they want, prosecute whomever they want, railroad whomever they want, smear whomever they want, violate whomever’s rights they want, simply because they have the power to do so and the WILL to do it. Because NOBODY is going to stop them. Like nerds with chips on their shoulders the size of Mount Everest.

But when on extremely rare occasion the ‘good guys’ are in a position to purge and wipe the slate wholly clean, they don’t. Instead, they play an elaborate game, taking YEARS, ostensibly in the effort to win public support for simply enforcing the LAW. Apparently failing to realize that they don’t need any permission to ENFORCE the freakin’ LAW.

If people are committing treason, don’t tell us about all the clues and evidence… you have the power to arrest and convict them… so DO it already. Nobody is going to stop you, just like nobody ever stopped the lawless tyrants. I know, I know, the government is filled with dirty prosecutors and judges who will see to it that the bad guys are never actually convicted. So arrest the dirty prosecutors and judges.

It’s not rocket science.

When bad people do bad things, the people granted power and authority to enforce the Law have a responsibility and an OBLIGATION to take control of the situation and ENFORCE the LAW. It doesn’t matter if the public understands SQUAT about it (they don’t, and they won’t, and they never have!). The public is simply NOT relevant to the enforcement of the LAW.


What part of that does law enforcement NOT understand?!?

If I run a traffic light, and a cop sees me, he doesn’t go on TV and try his case in public, to win public support, so that maybe, 3 years down the road, he can issue me a traffic ticket. He USES his lawful authority to pull me over and give me a ticket right then and there. It could even happen in the middle of the night, on the highway, with NO witnesses! The public would NEVER find out about my traffic ticket, and yet I would still have to pay it, or the state would begin using its power and authority to compel me to pay it, one way or the other. They always do, because they know EXACTLY how to exercise power… when they WANT to. People in positions of power always do.

But now we’re in alternate reality land, where the people who ARE awake must be convinced that the Public who mostly couldn’t care less must be ‘awakened’ (but never actually are awakened) before the Cops can ever do their job.

The whole thing is a farce.

In fact, it’s disrespectful to the word ‘farce’ to compare the ongoing insanity to anything so noble as ‘farce’.

Our guy, Scott467.

It gets better. Scott was just getting started. Scott is tired of excuses and so are we. A few folks chimed in and pleaded for patience which is understandable. I know, I know, wheels of justice grind slowly but exceedingly fine….. we’re playing by the rules while the other side is trashing the rules. It’s frustrating. We’re ready to mop up this mess.

PGroup and Ozzie were fabulous, calm, and rational! Scott continued and by the time he was done, I was ready to nominate HIM for Atty General. PGroup commented he was in awe of the “slick move” to eradicate Jessie Liu. Scott responded brilliantly…… Watch. (Edited for space, emphasis is mine, Scott’s words are powerful, full comment here: https://wqth.wordpress.com/2020/02/11/about-those-blueberry-muffins/ )

……. We the People OWN this country, it is OURS. We are NOT hostages to traitors, unless we allow ourselves to be. And if we do, that’s just sick……..A lot of wasted energy and wasted time. Justice delayed is justice denied. We don’t have to reinvent the wheel, and there’s not a single person in Washington on either side who doesn’t know how to exercise power.

The only mystery is why nobody will DO it.

But I’m not in awe, I’m in pain. Every day. And I’m in grief over the lawless ruin our country has become. That doesn’t leave much room for ‘awe’ at slick maneuvers. What is needed, what has been needed from day one, and what we all thought we were getting was a man of ACTION.

YES, I know the script, I know the great ‘hope’, I know ‘the plan’ we’re all supposed to be following (but which no one ever actually articulates). It starts to ring a little hollow after 1,100 days and counting…..

It means the Constitution was created for OUR benefit, to serve US — it was NOT created to serve the interests of TRAITORS seeking to DESTROY us. And if it should be that the Constitution was either destroyed or twisted by Traitors, such that We the People and the Republic are in danger of being lost, not only are we NOT obligated by the Constitution, but contrariwise, we have a duty far above and beyond the remains of the Constitution to do whatever is necessary to SAVE the Republic.

The Constitution didn’t start this country. This country and our People existed long before the Constitution did. The Constitution was established to protect US (We the People) FROM the very tyrannical government we now face. We are NOT obligated to self destruct, to lose the Republic to Traitors within, because lawyers have twisted the Constitution and the laws against us……

The Constitution exists to SERVE us. Not only would the president have been well within his Rights and lawful Authority to do so, but he has a Duty and Obligation and Oath of Office requiring him to do so. But 3+ years later, we’re still playing games about how to ‘trick’ people into leaving their positions of abuse in government. Meanwhile the People continue to suffer — year after year after year. Our rights remain trampled upon and the enemy continues to encroach with abandon. Traitors at the highest level in the history of our Republic remain free. The rule of Law remains dead and buried.

“SD’s Big Ugly has begun. And there’s nothing anyone can do to stop it or slow it down.” I hope so.

The thing is, we shouldn’t have to be relying on ‘hope’.

We never should have.

Please read Scott467 full comment here: https://wqth.wordpress.com/2020/02/11/about-those-blueberry-muffins/

Well, there’s the flaming arrow of truth.

There IS an overwhelming feeling of frustration with our current double standard of justice. If we don’t discipline the toddler, the toddler demands cookies for dinner. Not being an Eeyore to call it out. Hillary/Obama buddies have gorged themselves on too many cookies. There must be consequences. We can’t ignore it nor pretend the problem does not exist. It’s time for indictments.

Think I’m over-reacting?

Good heavens, the political opposition has smeared the President of the USA, his family, and ALL of his associates, PLUS those who voted for him, for FOUR YEARS. They almost impeached our President on a false whim and didn’t even allow him to defend himself within the Congress of the United States…….

The problem with the double standard of justice and lack of objectivity in the media and in the DOJ cannot possibly become any MORE severe than our current state of affairs. Are we fearful of offending the other side? Are we waiting for the slow grind of the wheel of justice? Why are we sitting on our hands? What are we so passive and accommodating to those who are ruining our country, our culture, and our legal system?

Yeah, this is the sound-off thread.

What happens when we ignore the problem or choose not to prosecute? We get guys like this…..

PASADENA, CA – JANUARY 15: Jussie Smollett attends the 49th NAACP Image Awards at Pasadena Civic Auditorium on January 15, 2018 in Pasadena, California. (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for NAACP )

171 thoughts on “20200212: DOJ in Disarray? OR, the “Lack of Justice” Sound Off Thread

  1. Yup. We’re all feeling this. I normally make a bunch of “patience” pleadings, but what I’m seeing is CONVERGENCE. We’re all ready for some actual indictments, because the sheer ridiculousness of the moment is clear.

    Good grief, these fuckers may have actually released a VIRUS to stop indictments. It’s just MIND-BOGGLING.

    I just realized this with Jessie Liu on MY outrage thread:


    Jessie Liu obstructed justice.

    She even obstructed “Justice” – her own fucking department. She protected the corrupt SSCI.

    There is no way around that fact. She SOOTHED THE SWAMP and covered up a COUP against President Trump.

    I’ll be very blunt. Things aren’t fixed unless she testifies against people or goes to jail.

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      1. I want people to read these Sundance articles, because they are logical mental preparation which is just as necessary as the emotional mental preparation.

        The Democrat positions are collapsing. The coup is collapsing. STUFF is gonna happen.

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          1. I rarely look at the comments there – just the headlines and SD text and graphics!!! 😀

            I have seen some good comments there. And I do study the Eeyores every once in a while. That has proven useful. But I avoid the self-inflicted schadenfreude brought in by the ROLCON Eeyores.

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            1. You said it well Wolf, this right here is the place to be. I do like to jump over to Marica’s place as well and read the story of the day as well as comments. What drew me to the other guys place was the commenter’s but now their all here and I love it. The QTreehouse is the place to be.

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      2. It was me,(of course) who wandered off the reservation on the muffin post.
        Mea culpa…..(again)
        I understand everyone’s frustration but can I give you an annolgy
        In oz wetlands dried up,(north of Sydney).
        All the swamp critters lit out.
        Then under the swamp caught on fire. It’s been burning 4 years. With engineering expertise from around oz and the world they re routed waste water so that when it rained the swamp would reform .
        Potus has had to destroy the equivalent engineering so that the swamp can’t resurrect
        Now we’ve got floods and the fire has finally been extinguished. Most importantly it can’t dry out again.
        We Sydneysiders are hoping the bin chickens all fuck off home


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    1. Oh, I can comment. Yes, feeling the frustration, too. I think we all do. That cold anger thing. Where is Sylvia? Scott 467 and Daughn, love how you both get right to the meat of the matter–no messing around with you guys. And then there’s our Wolfie. Still, if they make all the arrests that need to be made, how is the general public going to come to understand it? I do think it has to happen soon, and the pain of it has to be massive, and no room for cowards, no half-measures.

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      1. “Still, if they make all the arrests that need to be made, how is the general public going to come to understand it?”


        Answer #1: Many of them won’t understand, and that’s fine. They don’t have to understand it.

        There is no law that everyone has to understand crimes that have been committed before anyone can be arrested and prosecuted.

        Only the Prosecutor and the Jury has to understand.

        For everyone else, understanding is a matter of choice, it’s purely optional 😁


        Answer #2: Easy. Someone online with the name recognition and credibility to do it lays out the entire case, with links to official sources, proving everything, in a clear, logical, straight-line progression.

        After that, whenever Leftist crackpots make false claims in defense of the Globo-Fascists / Traitor Hussein administration / Clinton Crime Family, all anyone has to do is point to the explanation / documentation website, or post the link.

        That way nobody needs to get drawn into the weeds of arguing minutia with idiots and paid trolls.

        Just post the link, and end with something like “If you can’t understand something laid out this clearly, then maybe community organizing for reparations from your grade school is your best next move?” 😂

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  2. And I’ll be fucking more blunt. If Wray’s UNCONTROLLED COMEY ELEMENTS in fucking FBI push off YET ANOTHER MENTALLY ILL AR-15 murder spree as their response to this, I’m gonna…..

    Nope – I’ve got a better idea.

    Information warfare is ALWAYS more devastating.

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    1. Note: China was over a barrel between tariffs and Hong Kong revolt…sudden advent of Coronavirus 💥 in one felled swoop CCP successfully suppresses HK revolt and distracts populace from CCP created economic woes. Kudos to the Globalists!

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      1. Yeah, the timing was JUST TOO good on that release. The farcebook and twatter DEFENCE of China against ‘dis-information’ is very much a ‘tell’ as is the forced retraction of the paper by scientists in India.

        ALSO, now China can cry and try to weasel out of the Trump trade deals.

        I HOPE they can prove this was a CHINESE bio-weapon. They are ALREADY trying to say it is an Israeli/USA bio-weapon. 🙄

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  3. Before I tear my hair out with not just the IMPATIENCE, but the ephemeral nature of the thinking (this is NOT recent, nor is it simple with just evidence to prosecute these little fish when the overlords are who need to be taken out to keep it all from happening again) I’m going to copy the reply I left on Wolf’s post:

    “Deplorable Patriot
    February 12, 2020 at 09:12
    A couple comments:

    First, for whatever reason a very specific interview done with Trent Lott in 2001 has stayed with me. The discussion was based around John Ashcroft’s nomination to be Attorney General. What Lott said was that Justice was a cesspool. “It’s a cesspool over there, and John’s just what we need to clean it up.” At this point, I am not sure how swampian Lott is/was, but I would be willing to lay money I don’t have, that once the threads start getting pulled, we’re going to see a chain of shtuff, if you will, that goes back decades. Possibly to the early Clinton years, maybe before that. Liu didn’t just happen in a vacuum, and Eric Holder was not the originator of covering stuff up at Justice. Anyone who watched the 9-11 hearings knows Jamie Gorelick did the same sort of stuff, which is why she was on the panel – to keep the evidence under wraps.

    Second, this whole targeted takedown has all the hallmarks of a sting, meaning some of the players were just that – playing a part. Who, is a good question, but I still say this has so much of an aroma of revenge being served on an icy cold platter, that you have to wonder WHY some of these guys returned to government service when they had much more lucrative careers in the private sector. There was a tweet posted the other day that said Barr, Rosenstein, Comey, and a couple other people have been waiting since January 20, 1993, for revenge. What did the Clintons, their overlords, and the swamp do? I know the concept that Comey and Rosie are white hats who were the moles is not popular, but what if it’s true? They don’t work at CNN.

    So, the question remains, was this the stick of dynamite tossed into the bilge to get something to break free?

    Stay tuned.”

    Picking up while I get my BP down from the frustration with my own side…

    This is all part of something much bigger than just draining the swamp. It’s world wide, and those people may well have been left in place to trace the rat lines that go to the people pulling strings in foreign nations. In order to prosecute THEM, evidence must be collected. Remember, Q says they have it all. Why would that stop at our shores? Why does this have to be ONLY about the United States when then people putting those firewalls in Justice may well be the same people who are keeping other continents in an iron grip. We’re the last hold out. If VSGPDJT doesn’t take the world wide, it will eventually happen again.

    Think bigger. Think about the reality that something like three nations on earth have no central bank. The rest of us are being robbed blind.

    Think about the possibility that the real target(s) are so high up the food chain, we have no idea who they are. One of the people rumored to be at the top…there are no pictures anywhere of this person. Nada. The conspiracy world does not know what he looks like.

    None of this is recent. It was put in place over time, at least a hundred years, and the system – including the identification of assets, grooming, training, and other pieces and parts of how “they” get their people inserted into government(s) everywhere – HAS to be dismantled. Expect state houses to be effected. I have every expectation my state will be one of them. One thing I picked up over the years is that “they” like to set up shop in rural states with a lot of mineral deposits, a poorer population, and more. Specifically mentioned were West Virginia, Arkansas, North Carolina. I say right now, research I did on a job years ago…the Research Triangle in NC is the ONLY top down building business plan that ever worked. Nationwide. Why?

    This is bigger than just us. And we’re going to HAVE TO BE PATIENT and enjoy the show.

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      1. For a time, I worked sort of in the economic development arena around here. One of the things I was tasked with was finding how other metropolitan regions went about organizing booms.

        They didn’t. With the exception of the Research Triangle, it happened organically – even Silicon Valley – and not the way the planners tried. Why the Research Triangle has bugged me from time to time. I suspect there’s things going on there that are just not wholesome.

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        1. Perhaps it is because there are more Phds in the area than in any other area of the country.
          The weather is very nice.
          Land/housing cheap but the city amenities decent.
          On top of that we have the Jordan Lake recreation area nearby, It’s 2 1/2 hours to Carolina Beach and the same to the mountains making it easy weekend journeys.


          Apex NC, not far away, was voted THE BEST PLACE TO LIVE in all of the USA over two decades ago when we moved here and it STILL is.

          AUGUST 17, 2015: Apex named Money magazine’s No. 1 place to live in United States.


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            1. Actually you have Duke, NC state and Univ of NC plus others all in that area with 92,774 students being at Doctoral/Research Universities.

              The place is crawling with doctors and Phds. I do a lot of parties for them. 😉

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    1. I agree with DP’s sentiments.

      “Second, this whole targeted takedown has all the hallmarks of a sting, meaning some of the players were just that – playing a part.”
      A sting is by nature clandestine, and the public can’t know the details. I’m a little surprised when people ignore all the things that have already happened. Also, that they ignore the fact that that proves activity and planning behind the scenes — and more importantly, that the powers that be (Pres. Trump, AG Barr, Q, etc.) are orchestrating events to get the result we are all so impatient to see.

      “This is all part of something much bigger than just draining the swamp. It’s world wide, and those people may well have been left in place to trace the rat lines that go to the people pulling strings in foreign nations.”
      Exactly. The thing has to be done methodically, carefully, and strategically. And that’s exactly what I see. When something happens like Liu’s takedown, it is powerful evidence that extensive and comprehensive work is being done.

      The corruption is pervasive and of long standing. I feel privileged to be watching the takedown and cleaning out of evil I wasn’t even aware of. It is also satisfying to know that someone is finally doing something, and that they are doing it in the most effective way — and probably the only effective way. I am so grateful that Pres. Trump took this on.

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    2. When TSHF, I got first dibs on being your foxhole partner. Nobody handles the stress like you do and I’d never have to worry about how sincere you are.

      We are two of (who knows how many) whom are NOT going to be mind-blown when Q becomes a national hero by public acclaim.

      Second Term – Storm Time. No one escapes.

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  4. As usual, Scott’s commentary rings the bells for me. I am as hot-headed and pissed off as he is. BUT, I have one HUGE issue in my own life that constricts my preferred reaction.

    God help me, my oldest son has gone liberal.

    He was the sweetest child. Everybody loved him. He’s an Eagle Scout. Then he went to college. I wish I had known. My heart is literally broken.

    I pray every day that he is one of the ones for whom the “Great Awakening” is just that.

    I think maybe President Trump knows that there are a lot of us heart-broken parents out here, holding on to the hope that our beloved children will wake up. Maybe that is why it is taking all this time, and all these machinations just to accomplish what, under the LAW, should only take days.

    I don’t know. My fiery hot, want-my-damn-country-back side says “get on with it, already.” But my mother’s heart says “please try to convince the lost ones.”

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    1. I’m with you Aubergine … my older son, college grad/was indoctrinated in addition to being educated .. it makes me madder than hell these commie pukes are so entrenched in our US universities and colleges 😡‼️‼️ … It is so very important to clear those traitors out of these institutions … otherwise it’s a constantly renewed issue. REMOVE the commies from the education systems from border to border. It’s sickening these turds have sssslithered into the K-12 school systems … 😣🤚 .. ❤️ ..

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    2. Give him time. Both of my parents were converts to conservatism in their 20s and 30s. And, it doesn’t happen to everybody. I mean. of the five kids in my family, there’s nine – at least – college/university level degrees and each of us is more to the right than the others.

      Of course, our life experiences and self study may have something to do with that.

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              1. Just what we think. Their swamp dried up during the drought so they all came to sydney. Now we’ve had rain and their swamp is swampy again they can all fuck off back home

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              2. Did another post. Under their ex swamp a fire has been burning for min 4 years. Engineers have rerouted waste water so that when it rains the fire is extinguished and their swamp can never dry out again.
                This is what Potus has had to do in reverse so that the swamp denizens can never regain their turf. Meanwhile they are very happy here. I had a gold fish pond and one day one of these chooks took every goldfish out. They are strong enough to open wheelie bins will land on bbqs and steal meat.
                I got to grant it. They are audacious

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  5. The reason the Justice is so slow is two fold.

    Even if you have a semi-truck load of evidence on each person, you can not just go and arrest 2/3 of the US politicians and 3/4 of the US bureaucracy and 90% of the Fake News. And yeah, I think the mess is THAT BIG.

    Sen. Lindsey Graham: “Half the People Involved in the Russian Investigation Are Going to Jail”
    8 Feb 2020 – 10:17:53 PM

    The bottom half was instructed (99% good).
    The first will send a shock wave.


    If President Trump early on had tried to go scorched earth it wouldn’t work.
    ….A. THE FBI was Corrupt – so who would investigate?
    ….B. The DOJ was Corrupt – so who would prosecute?
    ….C. The Judges were Corrupt – so who would sentence?
    ….D. The top of the military was Corrupt – so who would protect the USA and President Trump when OTHER COUNTRIES stepped in to ‘protect us’ from a NEW HITLER???


    This was a very intricate puzzle that had to be dismantled carefully WORLD WIDE.

    TRACE the rat lines to the REAL PUPPET MASTERS

    Appoint HONEST judges esp to the Supreme Court.

    Appoint HONEST prosecutors and nullify the damage that the corrupt prosecutors can do.

    Clean out and downsize the bureaucracy. (You need Congress to help.)

    Cut the flow of Dark Money from money laundering, trafficking of humans, drugs, arms…

    The Outside influences had to be nulified. Think the arrest of the Saudi Princes.

    DEATHS & such:

    Maurice Strong — Died:Nov 27, 2015
    David Rockefeller — Died: Mar 20, 2017,
    Zbigniew Brzezinski — Died: May 26, 2017,

    Jacob Rothschild, 4th Baron Rothschild (born 29 April 1936) is rumored dead supposedly killed in a collision of a single engine Cessna 152 airplane with a two man helicopter the Cabri-G2 on Friday 17 November 2017.

    Apr 2004 — Rothschild to pull out of gold market after 200 years

    The investment bank that has chaired the London meetings setting the world gold price since 1919 is quitting the market.

    NM Rothschild will withdraw from all its commodity trading activities, which also include an oil trading business set up less than two years ago, as part of a strategic review….

    The company hosts and chairs twice-daily meetings which effectively set the world’s gold price.

    The Rothschilds sold the Austrian Hunting lodge.

    AUGUST 31, 2017 · Rothschild Just Dumped Massive Amounts Of US Assets, Sending An Ominous Signal

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    1. I was looking at the holes in Scott’s rant, and the biggest hole is assumption that the judicial, legal, military, and law enforcement would work like they are supposed to. The other thing to take into account are we the people, all of us, not just the “woke” portion as we are the voters. Trump has worked very hard and genuinely, to gather the support of the military, not including the upper echelon, and the voters. Getting the voters and the majority of the military behind him is essential to do what needs to be done. We NEED Trump to be president for another 4 years, and if things were to be perceived as anything but done legally, Trump would be a one term president and then where would we be?

      And you pointed all the reasons that I thought of in a much more orderly and logical fashion which I very much appreciate, Gail.

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    2. Nicely done Gail. Rothschilds and Rockefellers…second biggest trick the devil ever pulled was letting us think that these rotten families weren’t corrupting the world…(with help from some other key players like Cecil Rhodes and other banking families.)

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    1. I’m not sure that Jussie is smart enough to be Anonymous. 😏
      Someone suggested that it might be Schiffty. He does have a vivid imagination and is a writer.

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  6. Well, one thing is for sure, we definitely needed better judges.
    Shocking that Eric Holder and company would begin a campaign of one federal judge issuing a nationwide injunction…… it’s crazy, unheard of, weaponizes and degrades the judiciary, and steps all over the idea of 3 branches of government.
    Even more shocking, that those particular judges went along with the idea.

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      1. I flipped over to Microsoft Edge as a browser for WordPress.
        Have to log in all the time, changed passwords multiple time in past week, but at least I can SEE what everyone else is talking about.
        Can’t stand being outside looking in a window while QTree is having a party!

        Not severe enough to track down to Askimet, might do it over the weekend when I have time to sit and tear it all apart.
        Thank you though.
        Sure wish I had a computer fairy who would come in and fix everything at will.

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        1. The new Brave version fixed everything. Edge and Chrome also working fine. I use a password manager, Dashlane, and have added as extension to the browsers. Or you can set the PW in the browser for WP and Twitter. 🤩

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  7. Notice the BEAUTIFUL TIMING by President Trump!

    With MUH! Russia showing he is squeaky clean…
    With the impeachment behind him…
    With the China Virus in the news…
    With China planing to MURDER 20,000 people like cattle during DEPOPULATION…
    With CHINESE SPIES & Influence Agents in our colleges being revealed

    With Sec. Pompeo WARNING Governors of Chinese ‘investments’ in their states

    China is NOT in good odour right now. What a GREAT time to go after the CHINESE SPIES in our bureaucracy, senate, house, colleges and states.

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  8. The other thing that occurred to me while otherwise engaged is that with this coming down the pike, a lot of treaties needed to be rewritten. It wasn’t just NAFTA and TPP. Actual, give and take treaties with extradition written into them needed to be worked out. Ratified…that’s another story and part of the reason we need the Senate still.

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    1. Good point, Dep.
      When the Dems go off the rails and start talking about a treaty with China or the EU, and how they would (of course) include climate change and union wages at the bargaining table……. it makes me bang my head against a wall.

      Liked by 4 people

      1. This is a winner for us. The Dems are sticking a BARE FOOT in the door there.

        SLAM IT. “OH, I’M SO SORRY!”

        Phony climate change is going to send the Dems into THIRD PARTY STATUS. Let them do it. TIMING is how that is played. LET. THEM. PROFFER. THE. HOAX. Be sure to leave plenty of time to drive them into the ground with it, like metal stakes. No easy way out. Leave plenty of time to BEAT THE DEAD DONKEY.

        Our VSG can play those games all day, until Cryin’ Chuck is cryin’ “uncle”!!!

        Fake Science is already looking for an exit on phony climate change – any exit that retains credibility for their socialist embeds. No no no no no – they gotta P A Y pay. So no Alinsky fears on phony climate change – BEAT ‘EM WITH IT LIKE A PINYATA WITH A CHAIN SAW!

        Liked by 2 people

  9. I hate to say this, but I think the first mistake is reading Sundance.

    I understand that we need the information, and I still read there,too…but not deeply. It leaves me discouraged and dull. I lose sight of the big picture because I become bogged down with details I cannot remember. Many of the comments there are so ungrateful and critical that i come away disliking the commenters and Deplorables in general….or at least with the feeling that i need to get away from it all.

    I usually flee to Praying Medic, this site, and Q.

    At first I too, wanted the President to come in and clean house and send everyone to jail.

    I was incredulous that Obama and Kerry were allowed to go to other countries and tell the leadership not to listen to President Trump and that he would be removed,

    With the cooperation of our media and a large portion of our population as well, a shadow government was in place under the leadership of Obama and the Clintons and was operating with elements of governments across the globe against the President and the American people.

    In the last three years much of the country has come to distrust the very foundations of our society that formed the bedrock of information upon which we relied to order out lives. We are more engaged, empowered, and more likely to look into things for ourselves. We look at the world with different eyes.

    The Black community, the Hispanic community, theJewish community, even our indoctrinated youth and some members of our justice system have had an attitude adjustment that I longed for but never really expected to see.

    Under God’s Annointing—the President—through Q, his tweets, his rallies, and through his honesty in actually fulfilling his words to us, is reaching the public and changing the world.

    If not for Q, I might never have understood the depths of depravity behind much of the generally accepted thinking that governs so much of our daily lives.

    Looking into the belief systems of much of the organizational thought that is taught in our schools and fed to prople through therapy and our media led me to the horror of Luciferianism, its connection to the UN and the school of thought foundational to our psychological and even general health care and the educational principles of school systems worldwide.

    This stuff leads to the separation of families in which, for instance, grown children stop talking to or interacting with their (Christian) parents after coming to believe that their Christian upbringing—which instilled in them the concepts of good and evil and a sense if guilt over wrongdoing—was controlling and abusive. They often say things like “the separation is temporary“ while they pursue the need to “individuate”. This stuff is harmful and destructive to all concerned. It is not that uncommon in my liberal state.

    The mind control of so much of the world’s population is horrifying in its scope.

    I don’t have the answers, but I am wary of complainIng about any good I see being done. There are Scriptural warnings about complaining (I Corr 10:10, Exodus 17 are a couple).

    I couldn’t have done what the good guys are doing. It is humbling and awe inspiring because I see the merciful and powerful hand of God at work. And I see the depths of His compassion in these things.

    The world order needs to be realigned. The movement to do this is worldwide, and the evil that has been done to so many of us to benefit so few is almost unimaginable. Far worse, I believe, was being planned.

    Our justice system is flawed and while still not up to the task, it is being impacted in a good way by the good guys. We are not subject to a Sharia compliant world court or the entirety of a Chinese social credit system.

    We are still able to be the news.

    And we can still make our voices heard to do our part to see that “Trump is still our President”.

    Liked by 15 people

    1. Great post. I do not read over there at all. If an important article comes out every now and then, I get word of its contents elsewhere. This is not meant to denigrate; it is just a fact: That site is generally pessimistic in nature and does not subscribe to my belief that Q is working with the president and his administration to clean out the corruption, worldwide — and that that work has to be done in ways that we can’t be privy to.

      Someone who is unfailingly supportive of Pres. Trump and his methods is Brian Cates. His Twitter (remove the *): *https://twitter.com/drawandstrike?lang=en

      Liked by 5 people

      1. This went into spam for some reason – it may have to do with the link to Brian Cates, even though MASKED, which I find shocking. The idea that he’s spam-listed is bad enough, but to go after a MASKED URL is downright nasty. Suddenly two of your posts are in spam, and I smell trouble. Please report this post as well to Akismet at this address: https://akismet.com/contact picking the 4th item, giving them your user name here, your email used for WordPress, and include what I said, plus these two URLs:




        Liked by 3 people

          1. The controls on keeping people focused ON or OFF of Sundance are complex. The forces of evil want many of us NOT looking at him. They want others looking at him. It’s not a simplistic relationship. Note that Brian keeps a strong eye on Sundance. He’s no fool.

            The dark forces want “Eeyore-susceptible” people watching him. They want SOLVERS and FINDERS and “first followers” like us NOT watching him.


            Liked by 3 people

        1. I wondered about those two posts and thought I had made mistakes. I do not have a Word Press account, and I type in my email and user name every time I post.

          I have never had a spam problem before, and I tought it was because I do not have a WP account.

          I will report it as you suggest. Thank you!

          Liked by 4 people

    2. LM, I agree with you and I appreciate your point of view. I see God’s handiwork in this too. I know that we want justice (like yesterday!) but the timing must be God’s and not man’s. He knows what our country went through, what our President is going through and He will not forget us. People are waking up to the corruption and the lies of the left and media everyday.
      Soon, soon…. it’s coming. Like a puzzle coming together, we can’t see the final picture just yet, but things are falling into place. Like Q says “Enjoy the show”!

      Liked by 5 people

    3. LM,
      Look at the FACTS and skip the interpretation and most of all the COMMENTS. Before I found the QTree I was also getting depressed and watch Praying Medic vids as an antidote.

      Now I rarely read OT though Hubby does.

      Liked by 4 people

      1. I have hated to let SD go.

        The insight he brings is still stellar and there are times when it brings much needed elucidation to the murky well of available information.

        However, I have come to recognize that along with his intellectual brilliance there is a proprietary myopia that somehow blinds him to the forest of relevance of the minutiae to the broader scope of things.

        SD railed against MSM viewpoint censorship and Deep State control of things but then banned a whole group of people because they espoused a Trump supporting viewpoint marginally different than his own….and at a time when some of us needed each other the most. (PHC)

        I believe that SD is woefully blind to the President’s obvious endorsement of Q and has taken up the MSM mantle of dividing us over the issue rather than laying aside minir differences in favor if coming together with the larger community of Trump supporters to get behind the President and work together for his re-election and the MAGA/KAG agenda.

        I still value and support CTH, but I am trying to do so with eyes open to the limitations of the site until such time as one or the other of us has to eat the proverbial plate of crow.

        Right now I am grinning at the picture of PHC reading this with a smile on his face.

        Liked by 7 people

        1. I dropped SD like an abusive boyfriend. Gone. His analysis was great for things like the non-establishment candidate, but he and a few others wanted things to go the way THEY thought they should without complete information. That always drives me up a wall right up there with unsolicited advice.

          Liked by 1 person

  10. A bit from here and there:


    Robert Barnes@Barnes_Law
    Imagine thinking “career prosecutors” should control the executive branch rather than the person the people elected to be in charge of the executive branch.
    Quote Tweet

    Ari Melber@AriMelber
    · 13h
    The Barr DOJ overriding the decision of Mueller and career prosecutors raises big questions:

    Liked by 7 people

    1. And Ari Melber gets taken to the woodshed by knowledgeable people.

      Look at it quick before the responding tweets get scrubbed.

      Liked by 4 people

  11. Bernard B. Kerik@BernardKerik

    They abused their power to deprive American citizens of their right to freedom and liberty for their own personal and political gain. There is no greater threat to our democracy.
    Quote Tweet

    John Cardillo@johncardillo

    Team Mueller tested Bill Barr and lost.

    What you’re seeing today is proof that Mueller and Weissmann ran a shadow DOJ using the power of the government to settle political vendettas by ruining lives and framing innocents.

    Everyone of these motherfuckers should die in prison.


    Liked by 10 people

  12. 45 🇺🇸 – Text TRUMP to 88022 Retweeted

    Bernie Sanders surrogate Linda Sarsour says it’s a “problem” if you “humanize” Israel.


    Not only is Bernie a hard-core communist – he’s pro-Islam and anti-Israel.

    No wonder the Squad loves him.

    Liked by 9 people

  13. Wait a minute, what have we here?????????
    Oooo this looks interesting.
    Anyone else seeing this? Do we have confirmation??????

    “And Ukraine & not just the Bidens gets shipped to a U.S. attorney in Pittsburgh & is separate from the Durham investigation.”

    Pittsburgh and Connecticut?

    Liked by 6 people

      1. The new review includes some material provided by Rudy Giuliani, the president’s personal attorney, but goes beyond matters regarding former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter, who served on the board of a Ukrainian energy company.

        Liked by 5 people

        1. AND Rudy disappeared from public view for close to a year very early in 2017…

          This is NOT something new. It has been on going for quite a while. Don’t forget AG Sessions recused from RUSSIA, not Ukraine. 😁

          Liked by 12 people

        2. This just keeps gettin’ better……

          Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Tuesday fired his chief of staff, Andriy Bohdan, replacing him with a senior aide named Andriy Yermak.

          Yermak met with Giuliani in Madrid before Zelensky was elected.

          Liked by 9 people

              1. :0) Youth was spent around horses and my toesies paid the price…I’m happy when I can get em to uncurl, can’t even fathom trying to cross em..I’m wondering…. I have an old cross your heart bra hangin around some where….would that work ? :0)

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  14. And there’s the list of the four, straight from Eric Holder.

    Liked by 8 people

      1. Im-peach-mint 2.0? What evidence is there that Pres. Trump interfered in Roger Stone’s trial? He merely voiced an opinion about the length of the sentence.

        Liked by 8 people

      2. “I can’t believe I have to say this, but the President of the United States has no business interfering in the criminal trial of his own campaign adviser…..”

        Hey Mark, WHERE WERE YOU when BILL CLINTON “used his power under the U.S. Constitution to grant pardons and clemency to 456 people, thus commuting the sentences of those already convicted of a crime, and obviating a trial for those not yet convicted. On January 20, 2001, he pardoned 140 people in the final hours of his presidency.” — WIKI

        And what about Clinton’s pardon of Marc Richin response to pressure from Rich’s ex-wife and one of her friends, who together have steered millions of dollars to Bill and Hillary Rodham Clinton’s causes and those of fellow Democrats???

        Remember the Constitution GRANTS the president the power to grant pardons and clemency AND did you also forget the DOJ is UNDER the CONTROL of the President?


        I do not bother with twitter because I would be banned within a week. 🙃

        Liked by 9 people

        1. Honestly, in my perfect world…… the President would set up shop at the DOJ, call people in and interview them…… firing at will.
          Pres has the authority to do it.

          Liked by 5 people

    1. Note how similar this is to Holder’s tweet of June 30, 2017.

      There were two more Holder “message tweets” like that one.

      First, March 18, 2018, referring back to the earlier one, so we know it was a message in:

      Then this one on May 21, 2018:

      Holder is a wicked liar. His “independence” from Obama was a FARCE – any independence could better be described as PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY. Wicked lying communist Holder did everything in his power to cover up the crimes of HIS OWN MAKING as well as those of the entire Obama administration.

      MURDEROUS THUG – he, Brennan, and their foreign allies have PARKLAND BLOOD all over their hands.

      Liked by 4 people

  15. Scott said how Ive been feeling for about a year or so. Theres always “something” in the way of direct action. Scampeachment, now the election, then x, y, or z.
    Yes we want TRUMP 2020 but without accountability, ofvthe most severe and widespread(visible), people will not be post Trump folks. Remember after Reagan we got
    BUSH. Hardcore nasty globalism with a conservative veneer. Thee baddies need to be removed, prosecuted and punished long before Trump leaves office.

    Liked by 7 people

  16. Under the category of a “DOJ IN DISARRAY”, I offer the following. I assume we are all up to speed, but I will briefly summarize. Most recently, Judge Sullivan continued the sentencing of Michael Flynn indefinitely in response to the government’s motion to continue. In the order, Judge Sullivan referenced the term “ineffective assistance of counsel”, a term which Attorney Powell did not use at any time in her various pleadings. I was momentarily perplexed but in the ruckus of lasts week I moved on to other things and the case slid to the back of my cranial filing cabinet.

    Until today, I had not seen any of the government’s motion, which in itself was confusing to me. Why did the prosecutors need more time to sentence. Having seen some of the motion now, I understand and am appalled! GIven the fireworks in the Roger Stone case, Flynn’s case is about to get a whole lot of attention too,

    In their motion to continue, the GOVERNMENT ATTORNEYS, not Van Dorkel but an AUSA named Jocelyn Ballantine, stated that the purpose in filing the motion was:

    “to make certain and clear that counsel [Covington & Burling] may take the necessary steps to vindicate their public reputation by addressing and defending against the defendant’s claims of ineffective assistance of counsel, and equally to vindicate the integrity of this Court’s previous proceedings, the government asks this court to issue the attached proposed order.”

    All masks are off. A government prosecutor defending the discharged former attorneys? Talk about confirmation that (a) C&B was in the bag from the outset to sell Flynn out and (b) Judge Sullivan is in the same bag. Ineffective assistance of counsel is none of the business of the government, unless they are hiding some kind of improper arrangement with defense counsel and are desperate to keep control over the narrative.

    This is about to blow up big time. I would not at all be surprised to see a decision coming from way on high that the entire case be dismissed. The “shake-up” at DOJ certainly will include this travesty of justice. More popcorn please!!!!

    Liked by 17 people

      1. This is an excellent but highly technical discussion of exactly the current status of flynn’s case with a good explanation of ineffective assistance of counsel. I am not familiar with the DC Ethics rules and, also, not familiar with the trial judge being the one who thereafter rules on the ineffective assistance of counsel motion. The attorney writing the article doesn’t seem to have a problem with that scenario.

        I do. Judge Sullivan accepted the plea and ruled it to be “knowing and voluntary.” He is invested in the result and likely predisposed. He is HIGHLY CONFLICTED.


        Liked by 11 people

          1. Finally, I should add that I have a personal history with Attorney Gordon. If you look at her career precis at the end of the articles, I believe her to be deeply imbedded in The Swamp and her writing, while good, is slanted toward C&B and especially Sullivan whose conflict she never mentions. About 6 months ago I got into an extended, ultimately very personal Twitter fight with her and came away with the impression she was a SJW lesbian carrying a cudgel in the “gender fight” – but that’s my opinion and not fact. I am checking her out with other sources and will advise.

            Liked by 9 people

              1. You should live here!
                Example: About 4pm yesterday, he looked at me and said, “Have I ever told you about the legal concept of………..”….. some obscure legal theory.
                I put my hand out and said, “Stop, I don’t want to know. You’re over my head.”

                Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you for your participation here and the insight you offer. Knowing some of your background and accepting that you were able to manage it and keep your soul is a huge encouragement.

      You are a hero to me.

      I gave up on the justice system in this country after a family member entered law school and I came to understand that many of the participants in our legal system looked upon it as a great game of enrichment In which right and wrong were ignored,m and winning—no matter the cost or consequences—for the side one represented became the primary focus. Justice was not regarded or sought after in the process.

      The fact that many of those same people had to turn to happy pills or substance abuse to get through it all was ignored, as was the demoralizing effect of learning the proper rules of organizational conduct required to rise up through the ranks to attain, for instance, “partner”.

      Some good people managed to hold on to their souls and navigate the minefields described and rise to the top intact, but others fell by the wayside, left the field, or were destroyed.

      I realize that this does not apply to all branches of law, but a lot of what I have seen of the justice part of it leaves me with revulsion for much of it and of the people involved. Roaches are more worthy of respect.

      Our justice system caters to the wealthy and powerful and is out of reach of many of the little people.

      The process of much of it destroys the people who turn to it for help.

      After the work of Maga, I hope that we can take the time to clean the place up and make it the refuge it should be the victims of abuse who have no other recourse.

      If I am wrong please tell me. I would love to find out that I am mistaken and that things are better than I understand.

      Anyone who has survived the gutter of Massachusetts politics would surely be in a position to know.

      Liked by 6 people

  17. Some points to add to the “Why are we still waiting?” question:

    1) Q has said this is a global operation. Think about how Brexit and the end of the impeachment trial happened around the same time (I suspect Brexit was a bigger part of this than we’ve all talked about). Maybe we’re waiting on some other pieces before things can move forward.

    2) The cabal has (had?) hidden nuclear programs, SHOT A DAMN MISSILE AT AIR FORCE 1, and God knows what other capabilities that they won’t think twice about using against if they truly feel like it’s The End. White hats need time to disarm these doomsday traps.

    3) It seems like a priority of the Q team is preventing a Civil War. Although many on both sides would prefer it go that way, the reality is that China, UN, and the cabal would quickly take advantage of the chaos and every American would be screwed no matter what side of the Civil War their on.

    4) This is ultimately a spiritual war. I almost omitted this point from the list because I literally don’t know what else to add to that sentence. The clumsy point I’m trying to make here is that anyone who has had strange Q-related experiences knows that something more is going on here beyond our comprehension.

    Liked by 15 people

    1. Totally agree, Sadie…with all 4 points!

      Especially number 3).
      I cringe when I see people on our side advocating for a “burn it all down” solution to this mess.

      Our enemies would all love to see chaos erupt here, with people fighting each other in the streets.
      They would not wait around until we got our shit together.
      They would swarm on us.

      And your number 2) is something that I have pondered as well…

      We have no idea what Obarky and his crew sold out the back door, to their billionaire buddies.
      People like Bezos have enough money to fund their own armed services…and how do we know they haven’t?

      Pres Trump said it was worse than he thought.
      He also said he could never forgive Hussein for what he did.

      I think we have yet to find out the worst of it.

      Liked by 5 people

  18. Extraordinary post, Daughn, and Scott’s remarks are absolutely correct. Scott has been taking this stand for some time. He is right, but the only thing to say in defense of the seemingly slow motion of seeing Justice done is to make sure we’re unraveling the threads so they don’t break, and we accomplish a complete mop up job.

    Other than that, I’ve got confidence that we’ll get the right results. I also believe POTUS can blow it all up any time he wants.

    20200212: DOJ in Disarray? OR, the “Lack of Justice” Sound Off Thread https://wqth.wordpress.com/2020/02/12/20200212-doj-in-disarray-or-the-lack-of-justice-sound-off-thread/ via
    @wordpressdotcom Great Read. Americans shouldn’t have to depend on “Hope” to see Justice done in this country. The Constitution requires @realDonaldTrump to act. #DrainSwamp

    Liked by 8 people

    1. Husband and I go back and forth on this all the time.
      He is the lawyer, with long experience in DOJ/big cases which take years to settle or go to trial. I come to the problem from a biz perspective. If there is a problem, we figure it out, change a policy or fire someone. Patience is not in our vocabulary.
      Patience is the way lawyers do business.
      It’s maddening…….

      Liked by 7 people

  19. Holder – Do not compromise your values;
    Yates – you are both the backbone and the heart of the Department.

    Translation – You little twits better not flip and spill the beans, or we all will be going to fucking jail!

    Whoo-hoo doggie

    BTW – Contrary to the fine write up by Scott, I do understand the frustration and ‘just enforce the rule law’ mantra that absolutely needs to be done.

    However, I have complete, absolute confidence that PDJT and AG Barr will get this done.
    No doubt in my mind…PERIOD!
    What we have witnessed the past two weeks has been astonishing and it raises my confidence even higher.
    What we can’t control ourselves causes anxiety. Anxiety leads to impatience that drives people to frustration.

    Fear a man who has the power, the intelligence, the desire, and most of all the patience to see Complete and Total justice to those that have wronged his country, his family, his friends, and his supporters.
    PDJT will not let them go unpunished, Trust President Trump, have faith in the Lord to help him right those wrongs, and banish those vile and evil POS to hell.

    May God have mercy on their souls, because I surely will not!

    Liked by 11 people

  20. I certainly empathize with the impatience.

    It seems like we’re constantly told it’s “soon” only to then hear it has to wait for some reason. Because some asshat died. Because the election is sometime within the next two years. Because of impeachment. Because….

    I have to hope the delays aren’t for reasons like this, but because a lot of groundwork is being laid.

    I do agree with those who say that moving too early guarantees failure. Our system is BROKEN with all the corrupt judges and prosecutors in it. Scott seemed to imagine we could have tossed these people in jail in 2017, but that’s plainly not the case; we wouldn’t have been able to get a proper trial. That’s part of the groundwork that has been going on.

    Another aspect of it is, it has to be done in a way that will be acceptable to enough of the public. If they see it as nothing more than Trump getting revenge for petty reasons, or Trump trying to jail his opposition so he can become a new Mussolini…then we fail, even if we put the fuckers in prison, because Trump will be bounced, and they will be pardoned.

    Liked by 4 people

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