About Those Blueberry Muffins….

While we’re waiting on New Hampshire primary results, and because there is no other news besides New Hampshire, I figured it might be time for a story.

The story is not hard to imagine. It’s a method of self-deprecation I used throughout my life, to allow others to make the decision…. after I have made a gentle suggestion. I usually throw my hands up, surrendering, “I just make the muffins, it’s really your decision”. It all started almost 40yrs ago.

I was a shallow, self-absorbed, female teenager, constantly late…. until I got fired for being late and then….. was never late again. In my foolish arrogance, I was convinced I would be come a successful executive and therefore, didn’t need to learn to cook….. I could hire a cook. My parents, Dad and Step Mom, both excellent cooks and entertained lavishly and effortlessly. They laughed at me, shook their heads and waited for the passage of time to correct my view of the world.

On a fluke, I was hired as a hostess for a hotel restaurant and promoted to manager by the end of the week. There, I learned……… every one had to eat (Imagine my surprise! Why are we so dumb when we’re young?)…….. there was money to be made in food (that was the good part)…….. being the host meant networking (I am a social creature)…….. and more power (I really liked that part)…… and finally, GOOD FOOD has strange powers of coercion (most beneficial)…… Almost overnight, food took on a whole new meaning for me. I knew I had a lot to learn but became obsessed with learning to cook and the fine art of entertaining. Kind of strange that I should end up owning a B&B, eh?

In the early years, friends and relatives were my guinea pigs as I worked my way through cookbooks. Business led me to NYC and a choice of transfer landed me in Miami at 22yrs old. In the final interview with my new boss, I asked him how he got started with new client development. Our company strongly relied upon repeat business. I knew the corporate office (I came out of the corp office in NYC) wanted their national reps to focus more on NEW business. The General Manager for all of South Florida, a mass of a man, a man’s man, thought about my question and glibly replied that he took doughnuts to all the Fire Dept Inspectors/Chiefs, thus creating friendships. Therefore, he got a peek at the drawings/specifications before anyone else.

I remembered what he said. Yet, I was a young exec, just starting out with a new apartment. I had to buy an ironing board and shoe trees, pots and pans. Doughnuts were expensive and there were 45 municipalities in my area. Do you have any idea how many doughnuts 45 fire departments can eat? I needed another option……. enter, Blueberry Muffins.

I shopped on Saturdays and cooked on Sundays, hundreds and thousands of muffins. It worked. I got to see the plans and specifications. I was “in the room”, at least, and south Florida was booming in the 1980’s.

One day, typical day, I was in the room with a Fire Dept Inspector/Chief who was on a call to the Architect in Atlanta. He waved me into his office and I put the muffin basket down on his desk. He grabbed for one, ripping apart the paper, disregarding the idea that he was on the phone with food in his mouth. He put the phone on speaker, telling the Architect that the ADT Nat Rep for Security System hardware/design was in the room. No response from the Architect. The Chief was a little intimidated by the “big” Architect in Atlanta. I could tell. Yet, the Architect in Atlanta was dismissive of my “friend” the Chief, and I didn’t like it. The building was a high rise, about 30 stories, and the architect had a bad case of “the big head”. As the conversation went on, the more condescending the Architect became.

I grew up at the knee of my Dad. There were building plans and concept models in my nursery as a baby. His team invented high speed elevators, and I was on the job site for installs at Sear’s Tower, Hancock Building, Amoco, The Superdome, etc. Their architects bounced me on their knee. Their union heads built my swing set. Let’s just say……. a pissant Architect from a swamp town like Atlanta (compared to Chicago and NYC) with a piddly-little-30-story-condo didn’t intimidate me at all. Truth was, most of all, I was mad he was not respectful to my friend. He wasn’t talking to the Chief like an Architect would talk to my Dad. He was looking down on the Chief…….. and it pissed me off.

Every set of drawings has errors. It’s a given. It would be impossible to create a set of drawings for any small home or a half-bath, let alone a 30 story building, without errors. Discovery of an error usually leads to a phone call from the engineer or contractor back to the Project Architect, as in, “What do you want to do about… XYZ?” It’s usually no problem at all, because it happens all the time. Anyone with any amount of experience in the industry knows this. How an architect reacts to the phone call speaks VOLUMES about the kind of fellow he is. For most of the conversation between the Chief and the Architect, however, I remained dutifully silent.

As the two men got ready to close the conversation, the Architect asked if the Chief had any questions. The Chief looked at me, open palmed, “You have any questions?” I nodded and moved closer to the speaker phone. Innocently… , like a little bird chirping, I asked about a few of the errors, which I CASUALLY found, that would hamper our install of the security system for each unit, fire system for the building, and CCTV. Note: these were not small errors, they were HUGE errors, and would significantly change my bid price on the project. The architect damn near came through the phone, demanding to know who I was….. Yep, spoke volumes.

In that moment, a key moment, everything moves in slow motion and we remember the fine details which reveal much. The Architect’s reaction was over the top, defensive for no reason. He was an ass with a chip on his shoulder, which obviously had nothing to do with the Chief or me. In a flash, I could tell by the look on the Chief’s face, he was used to being treated this way by Architects….. which was a bad sign. Yet, the way the Chief set his jaw, leaned forward in a primal way, was instantly protective of me….. that was a good sign of an honorable man. I was his buddy, and a young woman who brought him sweets. Beyond that, my question was valid…. and I knew it. After all, I was the bored young upstart with nothing to do late at night except look at building plans. The Chief, who was no electrical engineer but had superior working knowledge, reached for his set of plans immediately to check on my questions. All of this happened in what must have been a 3-second-pause on a long distance phone call. I opened my mouth to respond to the Architect….

And out it came…….

“Hey, I’m just the lady who makes the blueberry muffins for the firehouse, but it seems to me… that if you did ABC……. then XYZ would be easier. And it would probably save a lot of conduit, time, cost for the client, and the install would go faster…….. and I’m guessing……. the electrical contractor would kiss you and send you a great Christmas present…….and YOUR client would be happy with the time and money saved……short pause…… but what do I know….. I’m just making muffins……. you’re the Architect and you would know best.”, paraphrasing, that’s about what I said. Dead silence on the phone line from Atlanta…….

Knowing how to WAIT for an answer, silently, the Chief broke out in a Cheshire Cat grin. He knew exactly what I was doing, and he was laughing about it. I was all of 22yrs old. I had no business getting into a pissing contest with a 45yr old Architect from Atlanta and a 60yr old Fire Chief who definitely didn’t need lil’ ole me to defend him. Yet, hard to say it, but I knew I was right. The Architect countered with an argument about length of runs, placement and design of the chase system….. I was still right.

Within 3 days, the Chief received “additions and revisions”. As we discovered more errors (because it’s bound to happen), it became a running joke between the Chief and me. I loved that man…. like an uncle. He tucked me under his wing and ensured my success. And it started with Blueberry Muffins.

Blueberry Muffins became a mainstay in my life.

Flash forward….. I left ADT, joined a brokerage firm, loved it, cashed out, moved home, started the B&B, and got married……

I found a recipe for a German Pancake which I altered and became a winner for the B&B. I grew tired of making the same dish and changed up the menu after a few years. Unknown to me, one of my best corp clients flew in with a bunch of big shots he was trying to persuade…….. The whole flight in, he talked about my Blueberry pancakes…… and I didn’t serve them that morning. Whoops! He was crushed. I had to remake breakfast…. just for those sweet boys/men/powerful men/Capitalist Gods. From then on, when the blueberries ripen, late July, I order 20 gallons of them. The plastic bins cover every kitchen counter and the whole house smells like a great big blueberry. It’s wonderful.

Again, blueberry pancakes and muffins were the key to my success.

A few years later, I was at least 8 months pregnant…………. and the subject of muffins, actually, blueberry pancakes, came up again in a key moment. I was making breakfast, minding my own business, hanging out in the kitchen. In the Dining Room were the Mayor of our little town, the State’s Econ Development Director, and four Corp Execs who were in the final stages of negotiation for a 200 million dollar facility in our town, employing hundreds. The corp execs and our town/state had worked on the project for months. The execs had become friends, and completely outfitted my soon-to-be newborn in Nittany Lion gear from their home town. In other words, I knew everyone there and knew them well. They had the site plans stretched all over the dining table, and I had a hard time serving them, weaving in and out, while they gesticulated. They were arguing……..

Problem was, the agreed upon building site was under water. We had a “500yr rain” the day before the corp execs came in and the site was flooded. They were hesitating and considering another site in a competing town. They went back and forth. The guy in charge, Corp VP was about 6’3″, and our Mayor was about 6’4″ and their egos were getting in the way. The Mayor said, “Well Captain, I don’t believe I can help you.”, which I’ve heard before from him. It meant he was ready to walk away…. and lose the project. We were stuck.

It was really none of my business.

I was familiar with the building site, as my stepson played soccer in the fields at the end of the new “industrial park”. The building site opposite the proposed site was TOO HIGH, and required an enormous amount of grading for parking and truck access (and had a reduced price because of the elevation problem). I called my first husband, who was a contractor. I asked him how much it cost to move a cubic yard of dirt, if I supplied the dirt, equipment, diesel, and labor, to move it across the street. Off the top of his head, he said $1.69/yd. I did the math on a kitchen scroll usually used for the grocery list……… and walked into the dining room with a proposed solution.

And I started……

“You know fellas, I just make the blueberry pancakes here, but it seems to me, the site across the street is too high, and this one is too low, so if you move the dirt from one to another……. I’ve done the math……. I’m coming up with about $67K on a 197 million dollar project…… so it looks good to me……. but you should check my figures…….. cuz you would know better than me……. and the City should pay for the $67K (Mayor frowned at me)…… but the cost would be recovered because price for land across the street could be increased!……….. but you guys know more about this stuff than lil’ ole me…..

It was a win for the Corp Execs as they got the land improved at no cost. Ego assuaged. It was a mild capitulation for the Mayor, but he ended up raising the price of the land across the street another $120K, making money on the NEXT deal (which was also resolved over my dining room table). My first husband got the contract to supervise the excavating and soil testing. Win-win, all around.

And it worked.


And again………..

And again……….

It’s all about a gentle suggestion, allowing those in control to come to their own conclusions, with a little bit of coercion in the form of Blueberry Muffins or Pancakes….. and for those in the know, Chocolate Chip Cookies work just as well.

Easy peasy. Right?

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  1. Ive never been taught to suggest or persuade as you do. I really dont know how you do it. This is an art you learned very young, in a good way. I would love to read a book on this. Ive always thought being politely direct is the most honest way to solve something or I have to be quiet, but this seems to be the softest but most effective solution. Another amazing story Miss Daughn.

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      1. Food sates people, hiving them something to do while pleasing them subtlety. Thats why the kitchen is the heart and should be given respect for the people who strive in their homes to keep it that way. 😊

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  2. Daughn, that’s an uplifting story for those of us who don’t have ‘the knack’ at subtle suggestion as you obviously do. You learned young, at the knee of some very good men. I’ve hopefully learned this lesson from you, but it’s way late for me to use on my children or on those I worked with. Maybe I can practice it on my beautiful grandsons as they grow up, and on my husband, as well as at my parish council and volunteer fire department meetings. ☺️ Thank you, dear lady. You’re a treasure. 🙏

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  3. For something ‘exotic’, try bilberries in a mix/batter. (If you can get them)


    I confess to being a former muffin-oholic. Back in the 1980’s I used to stop at a small store that had a top-notch bakery. They would often sell a package that had a half dozen day old muffins of several varieties. They were large. Blueberry was often among them, as well as lemon poppy seed, cranberry, chocolate, carrot and sometimes pumpkin.

    I’d stop there in the morning maybe once a week to pick up a package of muffins and a gallon of milk, most of which I’d use later on at home. Then I’d drive the back roads with my ‘six-pack’ and swigging on the milk jug between mouthfuls. Never got in a wreck while doing that, but had some close calls, mainly with the ditch.

    I was doing medium and large format landscape photography at the time, and would often scout ahead and make notes for when the right weather conditions and light made for good photography. Good times. The store where I bought the muffins changed hands and brought that routine to a screeching halt.

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  4. When I decided to persuade the priest head of Pro-life in our diocese and the then diocesan head of Catholic Charities that I had a team together who could handle post abortion healing retreats, but just needed their support, diocesan insurance, and a professional counselor on the weekend retreats, one of my team members and I took them to lunch. It worked with bells. Nice restaurant, good food, low key conversation, heck of a lot better than a “meeting.” The priest was a bit skeptical at first, but after the first retreat ( which he was on) both became our biggest cheerleaders.

    Being of Polish and Italian ancestry, I learned food is the key to most everything. Love your stories DNW.

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    1. Also, the color of what one wears to certain meetings can influence how your sincerity, ingenuity, or commanding presence is perceived often more than body language.

      The color blueberry must be all of those. 🙂

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  5. Daughn (from yesterdays rally thread):

    “Pack your bags though and get out your flip flops. Our next stop is Phoenix, AZ on February 19th…
    …I would give anything to travel like this for real.
    What a great year it would be!”




    Not even kidding.

    I know that you have the “right stuff”!

    But I also know how busy you are (I sometimes wonder when, and if, you sleep!)

    But this MIGHT just be his last election( 😉 )… and your last chance ‘to live like this for real”…


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    1. “Another one bites the dust. Andrew yang out”


      And he had such a good chance.

      A real contender!

      It’s so unfair that someone as obviously brilliant and suited for leadership as Andrew Yang couldn’t get traction.

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    1. “Whatever happened to Hillary campaign manager Podesta’s BROTHER? Wasn’t he caught, forced to leave his firm, with BIG BAD things to happen? Why did nothing ever happen to him, only to the “other” side?”


      Do TELL, mon ami!

      For tis you and — you alone — who has the power to actually DO anything about ALL of the insanity!

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        1. “When the stars align The wrath of Potus will fall on them Like a bolt from the blue”


          That would be nice.

          Long as I remember the rain been comin’ down
          Clouds of mystery pourin’ confusion on the ground.
          Good men through the ages tryin’ to find the sun.
          And I wonder still I wonder who’ll stop the rain…

          I went down Virginia seekin’ shelter from the storm
          Caught up in the fable I watched the tower grow
          Five year plans and new deals wrapped in golden chains.
          And I wonder still I wonder who’ll stop the rain…

          Heard the singers playin’, how we cheered for more.
          The crowd had rushed together tryin’ to keep warm.
          Still the rain kept pourin’, fallin’ on my ears
          And I wonder, still I wonder…
          Who’ll stop the rain…

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    2. POTUS doesn’t tweet without meaning or already knowing the answer. While folks think these issues were delegated to the dustbin of history – I believe they’re being moved to the front burner. All in its time.

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    1. I just don’t know why ANY of the games are necessary.

      I don’t even know who all the games are FOR.

      They’re certainly not for OUR benefit, Sleepy Joe Public certainly isn’t keeping track of any of the palace intrigue.

      And the bad guys certainly don’t give a flip about the perception game.

      It all reminds me of the arguments (such as they were) I used to have with Sundance about his insistence that Washington exists in a virtual alternate reality, a place where law means nothing and perception is all that counts.

      He could never explain it, or even try. We were just supposed to swallow it whole, like mm-mmm good dogma.

      The Left doesn’t worry about ‘awakening’ the public, or public support, or even concern itself with whether the public lives or dies (preferably dies, from their perspective).

      They just arrest whomever they want, prosecute whomever they want, railroad whomever they want, smear whomever they want, violate whomever’s rights they want, simply because they have the power to do so and the WILL to do it. Because NOBODY is going to stop them. Like nerds with chips on their shoulders the size of Mount Everest.

      But when on extremely rare occasion the ‘good guys’ are in a position to purge and wipe the slate wholly clean, they don’t.

      Instead, they play an elaborate game, taking YEARS, ostensibly in the effort to win public support for simply enforcing the LAW.

      Apparently failing to realize that they don’t need any permission to ENFORCE the freakin’ LAW.

      If people are committing treason, don’t tell us about all the clues and evidence… you have the power to arrest and convict them… so DO it already. Nobody is going to stop you, just like nobody ever stopped the lawless tyrants.

      I know, I know, the government is filled with dirty prosecutors and judges who will see to it that the bad guys are never actually convicted. So arrest the dirty prosecutors and judges.

      It’s not rocket science.

      When bad people do bad things, the people granted power and authority to enforce the Law have a responsibility and an OBLIGATION to take control of the situation and ENFORCE the LAW.

      It doesn’t matter if the public understands SQUAT about it (they don’t, and they won’t, and they never have!). The public is simply NOT relevant to the enforcement of the LAW.


      What part of that does law enforcement NOT understand?!?

      If I run a traffic light, and a cop sees me, he doesn’t go on TV and try his case in public, to win public support, so that maybe, 3 years down the road, he can issue me a traffic ticket. He USES his lawful authority to pull me over and give me a ticket right then and there. It could even happen in the middle of the night, on the highway, with NO witnesses!

      The public would NEVER find out about my traffic ticket, and yet I would still have to pay it, or the state would begin using its power and authority to compel me to pay it, one way or the other. They always do, because they know EXACTLY how to exercise power… when they WANT to.

      People in positions of power always do.

      But now we’re in alternate reality land, where the people who ARE awake must be convinced that the Public who mostly couldn’t care less must be ‘awakened’ (but never actually are awakened) before the Cops can ever do their job.

      The whole thing is a farce.

      In fact, it’s disrespectful to the word ‘farce’ to compare the ongoing insanity to anything so noble as ‘farce’.

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      1. All the moves and intrigue are not primarily for public awareness or benefit. They are primarily to pre-empt Lawfare Inc. from using civil litigation to tie up progress.

        Voluntary departure closes the door to ANY claim of retaliation (or legal claim of discrimination). So a lot of energy is expended to get various black hats to voluntarily vacate positions where DJT does not want them to be.

        This is the slickest way to get Liu out of govt completely. I am in awe and you should be as well.

        A broad sweeping out of the black hats might nail most of the visible ones (don’t forget that McCabe and others either filed suit over their firings or threatened to) but the unknown ones will hunker down and hide. Worse yet they will still be able to do damage and the swamp wins.

        DJT has been on a long steady trek to have the black hats ALL SELF-IDENTIFY themselves with incriminating acts. He got Vindman to leak classified material just by making it possible to leak it. IOW DJT predicted that Vindman would behave as his nature dictated and sure enough he did. Bingo. Busted. Buh bye.

        He is running dozens of these stings using irresistable bait on the swamp rodents (black hats). And, like the rodents they are, they cannot refuse to take the bait.

        SD’s Big Ugly has begun. And there’s nothing anyone can do to stop it or slow it down.

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        1. “All the moves and intrigue are not primarily for public awareness or benefit. They are primarily to pre-empt Lawfare Inc. from using civil litigation to tie up progress. ”


          They can’t avail themselves of civil lawyergation if they’re shot for treason.

          Lawfare is an ongoing act of treason.

          It is a deadly assault on our Constitution, on our Republic, and on our People.


          “Voluntary departure closes the door to ANY claim of retaliation (or legal claim of discrimination). So a lot of energy is expended to get various black hats to voluntarily vacate positions where DJT does not want them to be.”


          Is there enough time left in the world — or at the very least, in this life — for all of the traitors in our government to depart?

          And again, dead traitors don’t file claims.

          We the People OWN this country, it is OURS.

          We are NOT hostages to traitors, unless we allow ourselves to be.

          And if we do, that’s just sick.


          “So a lot of energy is expended to get various black hats to voluntarily vacate positions where DJT does not want them to be.”


          A lot of wasted energy and wasted time. Justice delayed is justice denied.

          We don’t have to reinvent the wheel, and there’s not a single person in Washington on either side who doesn’t know how to exercise power.

          At the very least, the traitors could all be fired, and then given the Manafort / Stone treatment, on steroids. Deny them bail, bring the full force of the United States government against them, bankrupt them in the process, convict them of death penalty qualified crimes, and execute them.

          None of this process is a mystery, either to tyrants or lawmen.

          The only mystery is why nobody will DO it.


          “This is the slickest way to get Liu out of govt completely. I am in awe and you should be as well.”


          But I’m not in awe, I’m in pain.

          Every day.

          And I’m in grief over the lawless ruin our country has become.

          That doesn’t leave much room for ‘awe’ at slick maneuvers.

          What is needed, what has been needed from day one, and what we all thought we were getting was a man of ACTION.

          YES, I know the script, I know the great ‘hope’, I know ‘the plan’ we’re all supposed to be following (but which no one ever actually articulates).

          It starts to ring a little hollow after 1,100 days and counting.


          “A broad sweeping out of the black hats might nail most of the visible ones (don’t forget that McCabe and others either filed suit over their firings or threatened to) but the unknown ones will hunker down and hide. Worse yet they will still be able to do damage and the swamp wins.”


          The NSA has the goods on every single traitor in government. Not because they’re good, but because our Constitution has been SHREDDED and as a result, the NSA records EVERYTHING that EVERYBODY ever DOES.

          And when the enemy within takes direct action to attempt a coup, it is no longer a ‘civil action’, it is a WAR. And a traitor would find himself quite lucky to get a trial before execution in the middle of a WAR for the Republic.

          As has often been said (but to my knowledge, never heeded), the Constitution is NOT a suicide-pact.

          What does that mean?

          It means the Constitution was created for OUR benefit, to serve US — it was NOT created to serve the interests of TRAITORS seeking to DESTROY us.

          And if it should be that the Constitution was either destroyed or twisted by Traitors, such that We the People and the Republic are in danger of being lost, not only are we NOT obligated by the Constitution, but contrariwise, we have a duty far above and beyond the remains of the Constitution to do whatever is necessary to SAVE the Republic.

          The Constitution didn’t start this country.

          This country and our People existed long before the Constitution did. The Constitution was established to protect US (We the People) FROM the very tyrannical government we now face.

          We are NOT obligated to self destruct, to lose the Republic to Traitors within, because lawyers have twisted the Constitution and the laws against us.

          Our obligation and duty is the OPPOSITE, to WIN at any and all cost.

          And when the war for the Republic is WON, the rule of Law is reestablished, and better safeguards are put in place, based on the knowledge of the treachery that caused the collapse of the rule of Law in the first place.

          Our birthright PREDATES the Constitution.

          The Constitution exists to SERVE us.

          If it NO LONGER DOES, if instead it serves the TRAITORS to our Republic and is used as a weapon against We the People, then as Abraham Lincoln noted, We the People have every right and duty to abolish it along with the corrupt government which alternately ignores and abuses it.


          “DJT has been on a long steady trek to have the black hats ALL SELF-IDENTIFY themselves with incriminating acts. He got Vindman to leak classified material just by making it possible to leak it. IOW DJT predicted that Vindman would behave as his nature dictated and sure enough he did. Bingo. Busted. Buh bye.”


          They should all have been raided in their homes, had bags put over their heads, flown to GITMO, given military tribunals, and executed — YEARS ago.

          Not only would the president have been well within his Rights and lawful Authority to do so, but he has a Duty and Obligation and Oath of Office requiring him to do so.

          But 3+ years later, we’re still playing games about how to ‘trick’ people into leaving their positions of abuse in government.


          “He is running dozens of these stings using irresistable bait on the swamp rodents (black hats). And, like the rodents they are, they cannot refuse to take the bait. ”


          Meanwhile the People continue to suffer — year after year after year. Our rights remain trampled upon and the enemy continues to encroach with abandon. Traitors at the highest level in the history of our Republic remain free. The rule of Law remains dead and buried.


          “SD’s Big Ugly has begun. And there’s nothing anyone can do to stop it or slow it down.”


          I hope so.

          The thing is, we shouldn’t have to be relying on ‘hope’.

          We never should have.

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  6. @MZHemingway: “FYI that Adam Jed was one of the main lawyers detailed to the contraceptive mandate litigation, on the side of the Obama Admin. He argued against the Little Sisters of the Poor at the Tenth Circuit when they were sued by Obama.”

    #Stone #prosecutors #resign #Jed #1Am #abortion

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    This thread with the – BIG JUICY PHOTO – and without your recipe – is false advertising, a big tease and most of all – it is cruel and unusual punishment!!!

    We humbly beg – give us the Recipe!


    1. Ohhh man, this is a secret I discovered by accident. Okay, you can have it.

      A German Pancake is usually cooked in an entire skillet, put into the oven to finish off, and cut into wedges like a pizza for serving. Well, I was looking for the same thing, but our guests eat at different times, and I needed individual servings.

      This recipe is NOT complex at all, but the PROCESS makes all the difference. I’ve never had better pancakes, yet.

      Blueberry Pancakes
      2 cups, slightly packed, Bisquick. (Unpacked cups result in thinner pancakes)
      1 cup of milk
      2 eggs.
      (It’s the Bisquick Pancake recipe on the side of the box – no lie)

      Here’s the secret part:

      BLEND slightly, until ingredients are wet, DO NOT OVERMIX. Then, let it sit for about 20-30 minutes until bubbles form (No one knows the secret about the bubbles – the batter rises, becomes thicker, almost like the chemical reaction in bread.).
      THEN, you are ready to make pancakes.
      Over medium heat, melt 3 tablespoons of butter.
      With a 1/4 cup measure, dump heaping 1/4 cup full into a corner of a low skillet. You can see the bubbles in the batter coming apart as you scoop.
      I can get three pancakes in a broad chicken fryer skillet, comfortably.
      Drop blueberries in immediately and be generous. (A word about blueberries later on)
      Turn heat down, just under medium heat.

      Let the pancakes sit for about 5-7 minutes. Before turning the pancake, loosen all edges. Deftly, turn the pancakes over….., add one more tablespoon of butter, and roll the pat of butter around the pan to get crisp edges on the pancakes…. and in another 3-4 minutes, they will be ready. You get a pancake with crisp edges and soft middle. No need for extra melted butter. Some people use syrup on top (because they are pre-programmed to), but a dusting of about 1/2 teaspoon of sugar is even better…..

      You get a pancake which is about 3/4-1″ thick, light as air, with crisp edges. It’s a BIG pancake and a hungry grown man can usually only eat one.

      Surprised it’s so easy?
      It’s really easy. People are convinced I’ve performed some kind of magic. Nope. Just a little patience.

      Here’s the best part. When you head into the kitchen to make breakfast in the morning, instead of starting the coffee first, go ahead and mix up the batter. While the batter SITS to “bubble”, do the coffee, set the table, put the bacon on, mix up the scrambled eggs ( one scant tablespoon of Hellman’s mayo for every three eggs is the magic formula – never any milk – use a nonstick skillet, melt a half tablespoon of butter for 12 eggs, when almost done, melt another 1/2 tablespoon of butter). When the coffee is done, run it out to the table, with the OJ. Bacon finishes…… (cut your bacon slices in half before cooking, about 5″ long each – easier to cook the whole piece and you don’t have problems with the uncooked “end” piece)
      Leaves you clear to focus on the pancakes and eggs.
      Put the eggs on just before you flip the pancakes and everything will come out at the same time.

      A word about the blueberries.
      Fresh blueberries are seasonal, of course. Fresh blueberries, refrigerated, will not alter the recipe at all. FROZEN blueberries are easy to come by and what we most often use, because people have come to expect these pancakes at our house.
      When you use frozen blueberries, the cool temp of the blueberry cools the batter. Be careful about “blueberry placement” on a pancake. If all the blueberries are in the middle of the pancake, the interior of the pancake will not finish cooking and still be doughy. Place the berries around the edge, and intersperse the berries in the middle.

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