20200211: New Hampshire Primary

Please consider this the thread for the NH Primary for Tuesday. Who do you think will win? Do you think we’ll get a result? Should we start a pool?

I’m not even sure who is still running on the Dem side. Why is Tulsi still there? Their platforms are all pretty much the same and no way to distinguish them except for minor differences.

The polling is all over the place. Is Bernie still in the lead? Is Amy surging? Is Biden on the ropes? What happened to Pete’s momentum? Why can’t Tom Steyer buy a new tie? Why won’t they let Yang talk? Why is Tulsi STILL THERE???? And oh…….. we forgot about Warren. Bet that happens to her quite a bit.

Results will begin to stream in in less than an hour as Dixville Notch citizens gather at midnight and vote en masse. This peculiarity brings media attention to Dixville Notch every four years. Good for them.

Yet, tomorrow is the BIG DAY for the Dems. The chance for Media Pundits to work their way out of the doldrums and do their favorite thing in the world……. talk about themselves. Look for them to be PERKY in the morning on CNN and MSDNC. They will probably seek to use the NH primary to change the narrative after the whippin’ they took from President Trump last week. We know they’re going to talk about President Trump all day long.

There seems to be great stress on the part of the Dems. From Politico today:

“The campaign (Trump’s campaign) doesn’t have to do anything but sit back and watch the Dems destroy themselves. It’s like a dream scenario.”

Politico, via FOX, February 10, 2020

Gosh, wonder whatever gave them them that impression?

Trump Rally in Manchester, NH, February 10, 2020

Does anyone here think our President might find a way to step all over the news cycle today? I mean….. I’m just guessing….. but what do I know….. And President Trump’s Admin has been cleaning house, vindicated after the Acquittal. President Trump has the wind at his back, gathering steam, his political enemies are on their heels…… and President Trump doesn’t strike me as the kind of guy who would let an opponent get up off the mat…… but what do I know….. And President Trump has been talking incessantly about how hard the past few years have been on his family; they were treated unfairly. Does anyone think, maybe, he’s looking for a bit of payback? I’m thinking he’s ready…… but what do I know…….

Gosh, I might have to make a LOT of Blueberry Muffins today.

See you all in the morning! It will be a busy news day full of desperation and liberal tears.

Can’t wait!

226 thoughts on “20200211: New Hampshire Primary

  1. Benie wins walking away. Pete the Buttplug squeaks in second, insulting the shit out of Chief Full o’ Bull. Slow Joe Quid Pro brings up the rear (which is where Petey likes to be).

    Seriously, who cares?

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        1. I think black turnout in South Carolina will be a harbinger of Democrat things to come. If they come out big to vote for anybody (doesn’t matter who) we’ll know we actually have a fight on our hands in November. If black turnout is low, they are all gonna vote for Trump in the general.

          That’s my two cents, anyway.

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          1. That’s why “Cankles and Moochelle” makes so much sense. It doesn’t have to pass any sniff tests in the primary season, but they hop in after the orchestrated crash and burn at the convention. It actually has a CHANCE in the general.

            I think Hillary learned her lesson with Tim Caine. A WEAK VP just sank her ticket, and a STRONG VP just made Trump’s 100 times better. Moochelle is really weak, but LOOKS STRONG. They use it to motivate all the emotional mind-bots on the left to overlook Hillary’s flaws ONE MORE TIME and just HOPE FOR CHANGE.

            It’s the strongest rally that the two crime families – Clinton and Obama – can run, IMO.

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      1. My Blue Heeler would wait until the cat snatches a cup cake and drop it on the floor.
        Then the cat would grab another one and run and hide. My dog would look at me when I catch her eating the last crumbles “It was not me it was the cat who gave me the cup cake.”

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        1. By the way if the cup cakes were nose low both my dogs would rule on them.
          I hide everything not because of the dogs but because the cat the dog enabler 🙂

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  2. Well the oracle OT posits it’ll be a Bloomberg/Stacey Abrams ticket, but you’ll have to bounce to his site if you want the granular details.

    These primaries are meaningless in that they’ve already screwed the pooch on being credible. We all know the pooh bahs will choose the candidate. Whether the pooh bahs already know who the candidate will be is the question. The longer they let Bernie run and do well, the more they shoot themselves in the foot (unless there’s a 1/1024th chance they’d actually allow him to be nominated.) Bernie doesn’t give a shit about being ‘cheated’ out of a win cuz he’ll get his millions, but his groupies are too dense to see that. They are gonna be PISSED.

    My own thought on Bloomberg … unless the pooh bahs come up with a new squirrel, he’s a likely nominee because he can buy off anyone he wants, and they all love the benjamins. I just find it curious there’s not more outcry about Bloomberg not having to do the ‘hard stuff’ like debates, and whether his team is dotting all the i’s and crossing t’s to get on the state ballots to win delegates. Yes, Bloomie is buying state officials to endorse him, but that’s not the same thing. If the insiders were opposed to Bloomberg, wouldn’t we be seeing pushback on his methods? I think the DNC figures Bllomberg is ‘Brokered Plan B’.

    But Stacey Abrams as a running mate 👀👀👀👀🙄🙄 I must REALLY be out of touch!!

    Are they worried about House & Senate? Which candidate has the pull to carry the Party?

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          1. Yeah, there is something there. Not sure what the attraction is …. coming from the left.
            I saw a clip of her not long ago, she was convinced she would be President by 2040.
            What is she smokin’?

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            1. For you golf fans, you probably know that when Jack Nicholas started out, began to win and show his promise, he was a rather fat, unattractive young man. Enter perhaps one of the first “imagine consultants” who changed the him into a marketable icon. Of course, now duplicated over and over..think the world-wide talent discovery shows, actors, etc.
              Point is….I’m would bet $$$ that within a year or so we will all see the much different-looking Stacy…slimmed down, gap tooth gone, hair under control, etc. She will become what they want us to see.

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            1. And a few bricks short of a full load (let alone a few fries short of a happy meal…).

              Pair Abrams up with Max Maxine… (the “peach” and the cobbled-ler)…

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      1. Stacy Abrams D-Rat VP nominee.

        ^^^ That IS the single dumbest dumbest forecast I’ve read in a long time.

        Moar reason to wonder about summ dunce.

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    1. Bloomberg and gap tooth? Hahahahahahahahahahhahhahahahahahhaha

      Mini mike heels blasting ads on the radio. Mom got a ‘letter’ from him which she did a Nancy to. 🙂

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    2. Like it or not, part of politics today is marketing. I don’t think the Democrat marketers can let Bloomberg be the nominee for one simple reason: he’s too little.

      Not disparaging small guys here, but the optics of a 6’3″ Trump on a stage with a 5″5″ (if he’s lucky) Bloomberg ain’t gonna fly.

      There’s all kinds of research about height in men, including in Presidential races:


      Women like taller men:


      There is a psychological benefit for males being taller as adolescents:


      If the Democrats aren’t seeing this, well, good for us!

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    3. Alison
      So does OT sage have “inside knowledge” that HILLARY CLINTON has decided against going for Try #3 for the Oval Office? — So she’s given her “Imprimatur” to a Bloomberg / Abrams ticket?

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  3. Whoever ultimately wins the nomination will, regardless of all the rotten tomatoes, spitballs, and, shall we say, fecal matter thrown at him, suddenly assume godlike perfection in the eyes of the Yellow Stream Media (including Hollywood). Be prepared for him or her to be put forward as a near godlike figure, and hard.

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    1. Sadie – remember you were suspicious of the whole Bernie thing? That there is something not right with it?

      I think you’re right. I think this is all scripted to create exactly the situation we are seeing – because CHEATING BERNIE AGAIN is the plan, to create convention chaos. They want it – it’s the Hillary-Perez plan. It’s why she needed commie Perez in control of the DNC. Then Soros and Shadow and CIA and Buttgig and failing throw-away Biden and all of that are designed to counter Bernie in a FAILING WAY, and bring the collision anywhere inside a region of convention failure which DNC CONTROLS – and that somehow GETS HILLARY ON THE TICKET – possibly with Bloomberg or Buttgig.

      I think it’s all scripted to dump control of the party back to Cankles and whoever cuts the deal with her and the CIA or is judged most viable by CIA.

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      1. I suspect all of the candidates up there have seen the real internal poll numbers and know President Trump is going to win in 2020. They’re either up there to delay legal trouble, advertise for 2024, and boost the undercard. I’ll be surprised if anyone running right now actually ends up with the nomination.

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        1. Cankles and Moochelle would have the backing of “both houses”. They would not have to be vetted by the primary process.

          Basically, what they would be doing is hijacking the “Jeb” roadmap strategy for the DEMS this time, but making sure that the “independent” candidate Bernie can’t win. It’s a very safe strategy to run 1/2 vs. a coalition of stronger fractions, where the 1/2 candidate is unbackable by Wall Street. This insures a broken process, so that they have to insert an alternative to “solve” the created problem.

          So that would most likely be it. Hillary with Mooch as VP, or Mooch with Hillary as VP. Then they use Bloomberg’s money to get in, and give him some gig like Treasury.

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            1. *wink*

              It’s getting very close.

              Guess where Joe Biden is heading RIGHT NOW?

              South Carolina

              Biden (and Hillary) know that as a candidate, Biden cannot be investigated by the FBI. BARR just issued that protection.

              So I’m sure Biden is running down there RIGHT NOW to start tying up loose ends for Hillary and the Comey FBI embeds.

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              1. The ChiCom is naked! 😉

                Don’t think his rap sheet is very long – mostly just mouthy and borderline treasonous. I’d be surprised if he went Feinstein on us, but you never know.

                If clean, then NO GITMO FOR YOU, YING YANG!!!

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  4. Carlos has a thread

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    1. Taking all 50 states…that might very well be the first time since James Monroe that ALL of the states have been taken by one candidate (note, though it still wouldn’t include DC, which gets to pretend to be a state for presidential elections).

      I consider DC hopeless, it votes 90% D. The only way to cleanly sweep the electoral college is for the Democrat to do it. (Not going to happen this time.)

      Reagan managed 49/50 in 1984, Nixon got 49/50 in 1972 (but also lost one faithless elector in VA).

      FDR got 46/48 in 1936 (and DC didn’t get to play back then).

      Nothing so lopsided before that, though Lincoln took all but three states in 1864, 22 out of 25 (or 24 out of 27, if you count Louisiana and Tennessee, which held votes but weren’t counted).

      In 1820 James Monroe swept the electoral college. In 1816 he had carried all but three states (16/19).

      In 1804 Jefferson carried all but two states (15/17).

      And of course in 1788 and 1792, George Washington swept the electoral college.

      So, it’s only happened three times (whether or not you include DC); I’ve listed all the other extremely lopsided elections.

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      1. Are you factoring in half the population of dc being ineligible to vote(as inmates)? Also the decentralisation of the swamp is decimating their ranks. Finally many will be forced out as employment prospects are grim for career wankers in dc and Potus has just abolished the higher pay allowance for living in expensive swamps. Ie ny, dc. Etc. they’ll be stuck with houses they owe more on then they are worth in a real estate glut

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        1. It’s not career government bureaucrats that drive the DC vote; many of them live in northern Virginia anyway. It’s the fact that DC is basically almost pure welfare inner city once you get out of the Mall area.

          Sure, many could jump to Trump this time around, but I doubt it would be enough to have DC actually flip.

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  5. When our turn comes on super Tuesday, I’m trying to decide if I want to mess with them by voting in the Dem primary 🤔😳. The folks at the table in my precinct would fall out of their chairs!🤣🤣. If enough do this, it would screw up their projections going in to Nov

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  6. Just tuned in Fox coverage of NH primary.

    First impression: Fat Frat Boy Baier is fatter than yesterday.

    NH is my home turf. Will be commenting throughout the day. Also, updates on Fat Frat Boy’s weight gain will be included.

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    1. I loved Daughn’s description of NH for the Trump Rally. I lived in several different towns in NH and did a lot of hiking in the NH mountains. It would be a great place if you could keep out the DemonRats invading from Taxachusetts.

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      1. Yeah, just like CA invaded CO, and IL is invading western MI. Why is it that urban elites HATE rural rubes, then build their second homes in rural utopias to escape the daily insanity of their urban grind?

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      2. The Invaders from the southern border of New Hampster are universally known as Massholes. Having lived in Taxachusetts for 45 years before moving to paradise in Mississippi, I am familiar with many of the regional prejudices. I

        Even before Bernie, Vermonters were all considered earthy communists who couldn’t pronounce French. One of my cousins moved to Calais (“callous”) just outside Montpelier (Mont-peel-yuh). She then raised 4 earthy-crunchy flower children and wore farm dresses everywhere – her husband was a lawyer.

        New Hamspterites were night-and-day different. It was like there was a looking glass on the borders between VT and MA. Flinty, frugal and frank, they had no patience for Massholes or Vermontnuts. I always liked them and they always had good sports teams in the state schools – especially hockey and track/XC – often kicking our lilly-white asses. NH actually has an itty-bitty coastline, Portsmouth at the end of the Merrimack River. If you ever want to visit a hidden gem, that’s the place. One of the most authentic, interesting and enjoyable small cities on the entire East Coast.

        Maine was and is as unique as legend has it. The peeps are just who they are and they make New Hampsterites look downright warm and fuzzy. Maine has an extraordinary coastline; just ask the Bushes. But it also a vast wilderness encompassed by the Aroostook and the Maine Highlands, often referred to by the locals simply as the Northwest Territory. Maine humor is legendary and unique and there are many examples. My personal experience was in Ogunquit when, coming out of the pouring rain and into a local general store, I remarked: “Sure is coming down out there.” The old owner looked at me and said “Ay-uh, ain’t never seen rain go up.”

        I will discuss the southern NE states Connecticut and Rhode Island at a later time.

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        1. The old owner looked at me and said “Ay-uh, ain’t never seen rain go up.”

          Sure it does.

          When we get into our monsoon cycle here (infrequent of late) we get an afternoon rain storm.

          The next day we get the SAME RAIN all over again; it has evaporated and gone back up.

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        2. My youngest brother-in-law now lives in Maine. We used to take our driving horses to Acadia National Park with a NH driving club for a weeks vacay. We also had a 25 to 30 mile drive every month throughout NH. It is a great way to see the state.

          The funniest trip was up near the border where we got attacked by a loose horse. She was trying to kick the face off my husband’s mare. We got our mare to start running and ran our two carriages with a horse and pony chasing us down the main street of the town. Thankfully the cars and pick-ups got out of the way.

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  7. Update from Fat Frat Boy Bret Research Department:

    Confirmed, FFBB is just as shameless and outed as Cavuto’s Bitch: Plugs Gasping-Rino. We all watched with varying degrees of revulsion as PGR’s hairline moved forward in straight-stitched rows reminiscent of a corn field until it almost reached his eyebrows. then, of course, he dyed it patchy grey and had it sculpted.

    But I digress. It seems FFBB never had a widow’s peak until he got fat. There is the urban legend that a widow’s peak is a sign of intelligence. So what does a fake one indicate? It certainly doesn’t include brains as part of the implant. I’m just adding another “F” to the acronym of his – no not a curse. Now he is “Fraud Fat Frat Boy Brett” – say that 3 times fast.

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    1. “There is the urban legend that a widow’s peak is a sign of intelligence.”

      REALLY? Then why am I not BRILLIANT. Mine’s bigger than his and Paul Ryan’s and it’s been there since before I was six.


      1. OK. I did the research. The basis for my statement was literally an old wife, my mom, whom I distinctly remember saying that about more than one woman. File it under Irish Catholic legend?

        The research indicates that, as to women, a widow’s peak is said to indicate that the woman will outlive her husband. As to men and the unmarried, I can find no legendary attribution, so until better than I can find more, my mom’s word wins.

        BTW, Dep, based on our interaction and using my best Bahtsin accent, you’re Wikid Smaaht.

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              1. Is a “recessive” gene considered a genetic “anomaly” from a scientific standpoint? Asking seriously. Redheads are recessive. Green-eyed redheads are more unusual and blue-eyed redheads are the most.


              2. It is not the case that recessive genes are necessarily in the minority. (That’s a common misconception.) In fact, just running a model where (say) one pair of people have a dominant gene and intermarry among 30 people who have the recessive gene will show that, all other things being equal, the percentage of people showing the “dominant” trait will stay the same, generation after generation. If it starts out as a minority, it will remain a minority; if it starts out as a majority, it will remain a majority.

                The only way this changes is if the dominant gene confers either an advantage or disadvantage for survival and/or attracting mates.


              3. So this would explain why three out of the five kids in my family are left handed when my mother is right handed?

                Okay, Dad and four of us kids are ambidextrous, and my sister is left handed, but who’s counting?


              4. I have no idea what handedness is controlled by. Even if its genetic it might be a combination of multiple genes, which makes it very hard to analyze.

                But if someone were to posit that handedness is controlled by genes AND that dominant genes are the minority, then righthandedness would have to be the dominant gene.

                You could get a lot of lefties out of a right-handed/right-handed marriage in that case, if both parents also carry a left-handed recessive gene and by luck of the draw, the 1 in our chance of both recessives ending up in the child happens 3 times out of 5. That’s unlikely, but not ridiculously so and will happen from time to time.

                But all of that is presuming right-handed/left-handed is set by a single gene (doubtful) and that that gene is recessive (which you can’t infer from frequency alone even if it IS just a single gene).

                But the takeaway should be: dominant-versus-recessive has nothing to do with whether that gene is in the majority.

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    2. FFFBB update:

      He is on now with the current Martha MacCallum. The former MM had cheeks, a chin line and a recognizable profile. Until she speaks, I couldn’t pick the current MM out of a crowd. Known generally as the Jennifer Grey Effect.

      FFFBB is still fat but no fatter than earlier. He is also still boring, plastic, with too many teeth and too few brains – guaranteeing a long career.

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      1. Earlier this week, in a moment of on-air self-reflection, FFFBB said:

        “Yesterday my wife said she was leaving me because I always sound like I’m on the air as a news anchor . . . .

        . . . More on that story later.”


    1. The cut is different. Not that I’m defending BB for anything, but having dealt with a widows peak for decades, on BB it was covered by the last cut. I would imagine in his 50th year BB is thinning out to the point that fluffing the locks is a way to make it look fuller. It also may explain why he’s gotten a little fluffy otherwise.

      Personally, I grew out the bangs the year I was 16 and use the weight of the hair to control it.


  8. I will write more on the other thread when I have a moment during my travel out of Boston right now.

    Am watching the news at the restaurant on airport property waiting for my friend for a quick meet up before flying out…. but they have the feed of the NH primary going.

    -but no surprise it’s been interrupted to handle the pr event of the Red Sox announcing an interim, Ron Roenicke

    The NH Primary topic: they just announced Biden left to go to SC….. 🤔🤣 cut in with footage of him carrrying boxes of Dunkin Donuts out to people voting …. and also pouring the ‘ Box of Joe’ coffee for people. (But it taking an eon to actually pour any coffee out, I noticed)

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  9. Text of tweet:

    I’ve never seen Republicans so unified!

    Everywhere I go with
    in New Hampshire voters tell me how excited they are for 4 more years.

    delivered on his promises & now folks are fired up to keep the winning streak going!

    #NHprimary2020 #KeepAmericaGreat

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      1. I had to listen 4 times because it wasn’t Q so I thought maybe Qanon (kwah-non), but finally I heard “Anonymous”.

        Let’s see what other listeners think ….

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      2. Daughn – see comments on daily thread. They think the ‘anonymous’ being asked about is the anonymous op ed writer supposedly in WH.

        I thought they meant Q.

        Then there’s Eric CIArmella

        How do we keep them straight 🤷‍♀️🤣🤓

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  10. As we are doing primaries tonight, I have to add this follow-up to the Iowa caucus (in NH it’s “caw-kiss”). I have had this article open on my computer for 3 days meaning to post it here. It was posted earlier in Q but it deserves a re-read as it is pure gold.

    Matt Taibbi in rolling Stone brings a new level of snark to an irreverent take on the the Iowa “face-plant” by the Dems. Now with divine intervention causing the Iowa Dem sign falling from the podium during a post-cawkiss presser, it begs to be savored again.


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    1. Looking at her I would not nominate her for anything not because she is Chinese. Her looks her expression of face and eyes tells me all I need to know.

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    2. You’re going to laugh…..
      I’m working on a thread for tomorrow called:
      DOJ in disarray
      DOJ in disarray
      DOJ in disarray
      Like a cheer……

      What are they going to do? Impeach the President again?

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  11. Well, it appears that MIKE BLOOMBERG will be in Winston-Salem, Greensboro, and Raleigh on Thursday. He’s now apparently got “campaign offices” open in these places.
    He’s got his smug, “Mr. Know-it-All” radio ads all over the place.
    Wonder how much he’s going to pay to try and buy the vote? — and what about the “free swag”, like t-shirts, and the 4-star dinners for donors, etc.?

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  12. It’s time to take the gloves off specifically with respect to the Richard Cranium from South Bend. He really is the White Obama: a beta male with major daddy issues. Here is a revealing and arresting story that ran a year ago about his father: a Maltese immigrant who went directly to a professor’s job at Notre Dame and was (he passed a year ago) the world’s leading expert on Italian Communist Party founder Antonio Gramsci, an associate of Vladimir Lenin.


    Imagine that: A guy whose father was a radical communist, who dodges all inquiries about his beliefs and who nobody knows anything about!

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    1. Surely, SOMEONE — faculty or alum — at ND can tell us something.

      Then, again, maybe not. Marie Claire describes him as ‘beloved Notre Dame professor’:


      I would like to know how Joe got his first US job at New Mexico State University. It seems strange that they had to bring in someone from Malta.

      He was a founding member and president of the International Gramsci Society.

      BUT, at ND, he headed the English department. Hmm.


      ‘A 2019 Washington Examiner article described Buttigieg as “a Marxist professor who spoke fondly of the Communist Manifesto.”[12]’


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    2. FFS! Are there any candidates that are born to American citizens on American soil? From what I can tell, Pete’s father was not an American citizen at the time of his birth.

      The founders put the Natural Born citizen requirement for POTUS in the Constitution for the simple reason of preventing divided loyalties as much as possible.

      BootEdgeEdge is a manufactured creation, who talks and says nothing, and is living a lie. Just like Soetoro.

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      1. Daddy was a Maltese immigrant! MALTA!!! Those professors from Malta. I wonder if Joseph Buttedge-edge and Joseph Misfud were friends. Maybe Joe B isn’t really dead and he is just morphed into Joe M.

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    1. FTA:

      ‘Smith broke up with the Luv Gov in December 2016 when he confessed that he was being extorted by a $5,000-a-night Russian hooker, Page Six reported at the time.

      ‘But Smith — who is thick-skinned and works at lightning speed — didn’t allow the fling to damage her career in politics, according to Politico.

      ‘She has advised Gov. Andrew Cuomo, Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe and Montana Gov. Steve Bullock.

      ‘Smith became a consultant for Buttigieg two years ago when he was laying the groundwork for a campaign to become chair of the Democratic National Committee.

      ‘She was skeptical about his potential success at first — but later dropped many of her clients to work with him.’


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    1. Tom Steyer has NOT dropped out of the race.

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      1. Do you trust him? He’s a donkey party idiot, after all.

        Maybe he’s threatening to quit, just to see if there’s a sudden mob eruption screaming for him to keep fighting for the climate.

        Hope is a funny thing. Shows up in the darndest places.

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    1. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      This is the ONE statistic I’ve been looking for.
      Traditionally, the youngsters only turn out about 14%. They hit almost 30% under Obama in 2008 and have never hit that point again.
      A 19% turnout is good for 2016.
      On the other side, those over age 55, turn out at about 65%.

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  16. Hey Folks – a little late but I brought S’more Brownies for the Dem Trainwreck tonight!

    But they’re a little overdone . . .

    How’s the Dem Primary vote tally going?

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    1. DNC … KNOWS…. they can NOT beat Trump in 2020….
      Klo Butcher is this years “Designated LOSER”
      The Dims won’t sacrifice Booty Judge……
      (They THINK that He might have a future)
      The DNC Hates the Bern out…..
      (Will NOT let the DNC be smeared with “Socialist” Label)
      Poca Haunt Us is a PROVEN Liar…. She got Stage 4 Terminal Stupidity too.
      DNC:…. Klo Butcher it is.

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      1. I think Nancy is planning to run Bernie, knowing that he will be crushed. She can then turn to the lunatic base and tell them, your ideas cannot win – therefore get with MY program or get out.

        This gets her to regain control of the donkey party. She knows she can’t win so never let a crisis go to waste.

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