20200211: New Hampshire Primary

Please consider this the thread for the NH Primary for Tuesday. Who do you think will win? Do you think we’ll get a result? Should we start a pool?

I’m not even sure who is still running on the Dem side. Why is Tulsi still there? Their platforms are all pretty much the same and no way to distinguish them except for minor differences.

The polling is all over the place. Is Bernie still in the lead? Is Amy surging? Is Biden on the ropes? What happened to Pete’s momentum? Why can’t Tom Steyer buy a new tie? Why won’t they let Yang talk? Why is Tulsi STILL THERE???? And oh…….. we forgot about Warren. Bet that happens to her quite a bit.

Results will begin to stream in in less than an hour as Dixville Notch citizens gather at midnight and vote en masse. This peculiarity brings media attention to Dixville Notch every four years. Good for them.

Yet, tomorrow is the BIG DAY for the Dems. The chance for Media Pundits to work their way out of the doldrums and do their favorite thing in the world……. talk about themselves. Look for them to be PERKY in the morning on CNN and MSDNC. They will probably seek to use the NH primary to change the narrative after the whippin’ they took from President Trump last week. We know they’re going to talk about President Trump all day long.

There seems to be great stress on the part of the Dems. From Politico today:

“The campaign (Trump’s campaign) doesn’t have to do anything but sit back and watch the Dems destroy themselves. It’s like a dream scenario.”

Politico, via FOX, February 10, 2020

Gosh, wonder whatever gave them them that impression?

Trump Rally in Manchester, NH, February 10, 2020

Does anyone here think our President might find a way to step all over the news cycle today? I mean….. I’m just guessing….. but what do I know….. And President Trump’s Admin has been cleaning house, vindicated after the Acquittal. President Trump has the wind at his back, gathering steam, his political enemies are on their heels…… and President Trump doesn’t strike me as the kind of guy who would let an opponent get up off the mat…… but what do I know….. And President Trump has been talking incessantly about how hard the past few years have been on his family; they were treated unfairly. Does anyone think, maybe, he’s looking for a bit of payback? I’m thinking he’s ready…… but what do I know…….

Gosh, I might have to make a LOT of Blueberry Muffins today.

See you all in the morning! It will be a busy news day full of desperation and liberal tears.

Can’t wait!

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