2.9.20 News Roundup! Steve Bannon With Bill Maher, Chris Matthews Fears Bernie Sanders’ Socialism, Nationalism Is the Globalists Kryptonite, Representative Jim Jordan & Mark Meadows Moved To Top Positions In the House, The Establishment Democrats, MSM & DNC Are At It Again In New Hampshire, Steve Bannon On Jesse Waters’ Show, PDJT Is Expanding His Base, Rush Limbaugh’s Show & His Comments About the SOTU & Receiving the Presidential Medal Of Freedom…..

Bill Maher invited Steve Bannon back onto his HBO show to debate the state of anti-Trump politics.

Bannon draws attention to several hypocrisies including the DNC use of Michael Bloomberg to fund and advance their anti-Trump effort. The Democrats are in serious trouble and they realize their Party is going to be taken over by Bernie Sanders and his socialist/communist crazies.

There is nothing they can do to stop it!

The POS Chris Matthews voices the frustration that the Establishment Democrats and MSM are feeling right now. The cannot control the inevitable from happening. The crazies have been let out of the asylum and aren’t ever going back.

Chris Matthews states, “I thought these folks wanted the same things, but apparently not. Can someone educate me on what’s going on in the Democratic party?”
What is going on is simple: Globalism. Our President completely disrupted the Republican side of the coin by winning the Presidency. With our President as their foe and without the GOPe to play along, the Democratic coalition is falling apart right in front of our eyes. Now instead of covering for Bernie, they have to expose him as the socialist/communist he is – for fear of him gaining control of too many voters and ultimately the Democrat Party.

“These folks” do indeed all want the same thing – the power and riches afforded them by globalism. But we will not see their agenda if we accept the media’s language and labels. To put these extraordinary events in context, look to who controls both party machines and the media.

The globalists’ highest objective is global governance. Nationalism is in their way. It is their kryptonite. The globalists send out their henchmen like Soros to destroy nations from within. They buy, fund and sell politicians, clergy, media, celebrities, as required.

Then comes any appealing form of political “-ism” needed to divide the people of a nation, be it socialism, communism, marixism, fascism, islamism, despotism, racism, conservatism, environmentalism, feminism etc. Any and all except capitalism, of course.

America’s death march has been toward a form of fascism they like to call “state capitalism”. All administration in our lifetimes except Reagan, led and grew America’s death march to global citizenship.

We and our Constitution have always been the globalists’ greatest and final obstacle. They truly thought they had America on the gallows with a noose around her neck after the reign of BHO. Jeb/Hillary would’ve pulled the lever with TPP and we would have kissed our beloved country goodbye.


Our President retweeted some incredible news from the other day.

These moves highlight how our President and the priorities he has put forth into the GOP, are now leading the “Trump” Republican Party. Our President is absolutely correct when he continually states, “the republican party has never been more united.”  The biggest gift of losing the House in 2018 is the fact that most of the GOPe ranks have been removed and the strategic conservative/nationalist movement is now in place.

Because House Judiciary Chair Ranking Member Doug Collins is running for a Georgia Senate Seat, the Republican House rules state that he must leave his ranking position on the committee. The other day, the House steering committee overwhelmingly picked Representative Jim Jordan to take over as the top ranking member on the Judiciary Committee to replace Doug Collins.

Additionally, Representative Mark Meadows will take over the Republican Leadership of the House Oversight Committee for the remainder of the year replacing Jim Jordan. Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler is having nightmares knowing that Jim Jordan is a KILLER who fights for our President and our country.

This move also displays a unifying effort by House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy to ascend the MAGA coalition into more influence. Kevin McCarthy wants and will be Speaker of the House when Republicans retake it in November.

McCarthy recognizes the new Republican Party is the Party of our President and the blue-collar coalition. His support for Jim Jordan is reflective of the Trump movement now leading the Party.

From the article linked above:

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) will soon become the top Republican on the House Judiciary Committee, after the House Republican Steering Committee voted unanimously Thursday to have him replace Rep. Doug Collins (R-Ga.), multiple sources told The Hill.

Separately, Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.) will take over Jordan’s top GOP post on the House Oversight Committee.

The move essentially installs two of President Trump’s fiercest allies on top committees, giving the administration two strong supporters to combat Democrats’ next investigations into the White House.

Jordan’s appointment not only symbolizes how far his relationship with House Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) has come, but it further opens the opportunity for McCarthy to foster good will with the House Freedom Caucus.

After listening to Steve Bannon describe what the Democrat Establishment, DNC and MSM tried to do to Bernie in Iowa, it seems the same tactic is happening before the New Hampshire Primary on Tuesday.

From the article linked above:

Pete Buttigieg continued his rise in Friday night’s exclusive WBZ/Boston Globe/Suffolk University poll, for the first time taking a narrow lead that falls within the survey’s 4.4% margin of error.

Buttigieg pulled in 25 percent, up two points from Thursday night, while Bernie Sanders held steady at 24 percent. Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden also rose by two percentage points, placing Warren third with 14 percent and Biden fourth with 11.

Fake polls ran the week before Iowa showing Mayor Pete either slightly behind or ahead of Bernie. The Des Moines Register scrapped their Sunday poll because  anonymous complaints came from Team Buttigieg. That final Iowa poll showed Bernie leading by 4 over Mayor Pete.

You had the disaster of the vote count and still to this day no clear winner.

Keep in mind that it was the Team Buttigieg network that operated the mysterious “Shadow” vote-counting “APP” that stopped working. This is why Mayor Pete could confidently declare victory amid the chaos.

Here is the full interview. Well worth watching!

Mayor Pete benefitted greatly from all of that. Lets see what happens on Tuesday.

Meanwhile our President and his campaign manager, Brad Parscale, continue to expand their base.

From the article linked above :

The improving economy and voter anger with the partisan impeachment process have helped to boost President Trump’s support among blacks, Hispanics, independents, and suburban women, according to a new survey.

“The president continues to receive a high approval rating near or slightly above 50% for the third straight poll. He has rebounded with Independents, women, suburban voters and suburban women,” said pollster Jonathan Zogby in his analysis.

Trump now has a 51% approval rating in the Zogby Analytics survey, the same level former Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush had with they won reelection.

God bless Rush Limbaugh! Please continue to have him in your thoughts and prayers.

[Video and Transcript Below]

We will never lose under PDJT!

108 thoughts on “2.9.20 News Roundup! Steve Bannon With Bill Maher, Chris Matthews Fears Bernie Sanders’ Socialism, Nationalism Is the Globalists Kryptonite, Representative Jim Jordan & Mark Meadows Moved To Top Positions In the House, The Establishment Democrats, MSM & DNC Are At It Again In New Hampshire, Steve Bannon On Jesse Waters’ Show, PDJT Is Expanding His Base, Rush Limbaugh’s Show & His Comments About the SOTU & Receiving the Presidential Medal Of Freedom…..

    1. Totally agree. There is a LOT of intricacy, nuance, and double and triple meanings to this Democrat Presidential primary as they ALL try – DESPERATELY – to find some way to regain power.

      Flep – this is an EXCELLENT take on globalism, and people need to go back and read it if they skimmed over it too quickly. Without understanding the constant drumbeat and danger of globalist intrigue in the background, people can’t understand the THREAT to America which has existed from BEFORE DAY ONE and which not only still exists, but even more importantly, NEVER DID NOT EXIST. Accepting that truth of pervasive and omnipresent globalist threat – the spider behind the WEB of “foreign entanglements – allows American history to be viewed correctly and deeply.

      Now – onto MAHER.

      The Maher segment was fascinating – here is a “next level” take that many people who are not us won’t get – YET.

      Notice how Bannon blasts right past the “decoder ring” stuff. Very key. Maher is desperate to help the cabal put the Trump view of the world on the defensive, but Bannon is having none of it. The common people are smart and they’re picking it up, and even the most subtle ridicule is not gonna get play.

      Even the NAZI stuff ain’t gonna get play. Shame on Maher for trying that shit here in AMERICA.


      Notice at the beginning that Maher tells Bannon he’s “brave” for appearing, and thanks his audience for being “polite” when they give him a warm welcome. THAT is really fascinating – beyond the subtle “nice slams”.

      What this tells me is that one of two things happened on audience selection:

      (1) The Fake Entertainment folks could not GET a “boo hiss Trump” audience – which if true, and I think it is, bodes very badly for the Dems – their propaganda is not working against Trump

      (2) The Cabal needed Bannon to spill strategy, and thus didn’t stack the audience

      There could be a bit of hierarchical “AND logic” on this as well. Option 1 fails, so the goal of option 2 plays.

      Now – here is some Cabal / China / elite behavior on display – some “code to the secrets people”.

      THOSE IN THE KNOW GET THE JOKE – the “you’re brave to come on here” stuff.

      When I saw Bannon going on Maher’s show, I *winced* – because this is exactly how Barbara Olson died on 9/11 – going on the exact plane needed to appear on Maher’s show.

      For Whom The Bell Tolls

      I leave this as an open question, although this thread is ultimately concerned with somebody named Barbara Olson, who died on 9/11. I believe that the method of Barbara’s murder is now demonstrated. Introduction The key to solving 9/11 is realizing that it was a CLINTON-centered operation which was launched AFTER the Clintons left the …


      Am I a conspiracy theorist? No – I’m a CONSPIRACY VETERAN. And I have just outlived one of the TOP players in my conspiracy. Savin’ that nuke for “reserved seating”.


      Liked by 20 people

        1. As I describe it, between paranoid conspiricism and investigation.

          Conspiricism is the fear based paranoia that a huge entity is secretly and in totality governing human affairs.

          It is falsifiable because there are ever-expanding explanations, often ad hoc, to support a fear-based worldview.

          Dreamworks doing their part:

          An investigator (or intel analyst) however does not dimiss data points prematurely. Eye witness accounts often do not neatly reconcile and you cannot ignore information that doesn’t fit just because you see a particular narrative.

          That’s the key difference between interpreting a staged crime scene and finding the real perps.

          Much of what we are seeing on the media is the STAGED crime scene, where the information is controlled toward a particular narrative.

          An investigator finds the other data points beyond what was staged to be seen.

          The media can’t stand being fact-checked – the Media Priest-class alone has the right to share the sacred and unassailable narrative, the story of what is happening! So they dismiss anyone that disagrees out of hand. When people get too close to countering their view they deploy their weapon of mass dismissal: that person is a “conspiracy theorist”.

          It’s just another way of saying someone whose views challenge the controlled media narrative.

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          1. True – labels like deplorables have consequences – who called us that – they expose the truth – the outrage on MSM about QAnon – obviously – they are frightened – little do they know this movement is worldwide – it challenges their narrative so they must be declared ridiculous – objectionable.

            Jeremiah Chapter 11

            7 For I earnestly protested unto your fathers in the day [that] I brought them up out of the land of Egypt, [even] unto this day, rising early and protesting, saying, Obey my voice.
            8 Yet they obeyed not, nor inclined their ear, but walked every one in the imagination of their evil heart: therefore I will bring upon them all the words of this covenant, which I commanded [them] to do; but they did [them] not.
            9 And the LORD said unto me, A conspiracy is found among the men of Judah, and among the inhabitants of Jerusalem.
            10 They are turned back to the iniquities of their forefathers, which refused to hear my words; and they went after other gods to serve them: the house of Israel and the house of Judah have broken my covenant which I made with their fathers.


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      1. Amen.
        Thanks to Flep for putting [GS] in his proper position in the hierarchy by characterizing him as a “henchman” cause that’s what he is. He’s certainly one of the chief henchmen but a henchman nonetheless.
        My “wince” moment was…”All administrations in our lifetimes except Reagan, led and grew America’s death march to global citizenship.”… we all know what the Globalists did to Reagan using the servomechanism of John Hinckley. Never let a day go by without lifting DJT in prayer to The Almighty 🙏.

        In the spirit of Flep’s post I’ll place this super reference work on the global manipulators:

        Killing the Planet: How a Financial Cartel Doomed Mankind – November 5, 2019
        by Rodney Howard-Browne (Author), Paul L Williams (Author)
        I kid you not, they peg this.

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  1. Here we go again – leftists attack GOP volunteers registering voters in Florida!

    “At approximately 2:45 p.m. a multi-colored brown and gold van driven by what is described as a white male in his 20s or 30s, accelerated into a crowd of volunteers at the Kernan Village shopping center located at 11900 Atlantic Boulevard.”

    Will we see the same violence and harassment in 2020 as we did in the 2018 election year – when leftist organized and trained agitators attacked the Trump family, his staff and supporters, GOP Congress and other conservatives?

    639 documented acts of violence and harrassment approved by Democrats and media.

    Liked by 10 people

        1. Right you are, IMO. Reminds me of Romans 1, which essentially says that in the Last Days demons will act out in a coordinated manner. It describes the behaviors that will happen.

          We are there. Divine protection is not optional – get it or perish.

          Liked by 7 people

    1. Steve Scalise speaks out!


      @realDonaldTrump supporters shouldn’t have to fear for their lives while registering people to vote.

      There’s no place for violence in politics. We settle differences at the ballot box.

      This can’t be the new normal. Democrats need to join me in condemning this behavior.


      Liked by 10 people

      1. I am amazed at the naivety of Steve Scalise. He takes the brunt of a PLANNED mass assassination of Republicans, barely survives, sees the Yellow Stream Media IGNORE it, and yet still expresses a hope that the party that fostered such evil will suddenly find its better angels.

        Hey Steve – we all love you but you need to open your eyes. The leftists/commies have no better angels.

        Liked by 5 people

        1. I wouldn’t assume he REALLY expects anything from the Dems.

          He’s actually trying to trap them.

          If they do condemn the behavior, they’ve undercut the antifa mentality.

          If they don’t, after being called on to do so, they look like what they are, and he’s won a point because he’s shown it.

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    2. President Trump – “Law enforcement has been notified. Be careful tough guys who you are playing with.”

      Think of the implications of our President’s warning to leftists. He isn’t going to allow a repeat of 2018.

      No doubt, the driver of that van has been identified and all the force of the law has been directed toward that individual.

      There will be serious people watching, attending Republican events, guarding sites, ready and waiting to take down any criminal perpetrators of violent assault and vandalism.

      Antifa should also consider itself on notice.

      Liked by 10 people

      1. It was attempted FIRST DEGREE MURDER.

        Florida Attempted Murder Sentence
        Florida courts prosecute the crime the same as a murder charge. In other words, the court’s position is that the defendant would have murdered someone had their attempt been successful.

        There are two “degrees” of attempted murder. The second degree involves an act that you did not plan out in advance. This kind of attempt is often referred to as a “crime of passion.” Sentencing for a second degree charge can be up to 15 years in prison.

        In first degree attempted murder, you did premeditate – or plan out “in cold blood” – the act of murder. A first degree conviction can result in a life sentence in jail….


        With luck it is NOT pled down to a misdemeanor and they can PROVE the guy’s over the top anger/plans.

        Liked by 9 people

        1. notice the age of all these perps, they had 8 years of the oBama indoctrination. His administration totally ruined atleast 75% of our youth, we really need to take back our schools and end this indoctrination.

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  2. thanks for the roundup!
    so happy to see the SPRING cleaning of the WH come early–glad we got some of the garbage out of there…Vindman twins, Sondland…mess with the bull, get the horns!

    and wow awesome news about Meadows and Jordan. Someone mentioned (can’t verify if it’s true) that Meadows might be in line to replace Mulvaney?

    and thanks for the explanation and insights into globalism…many “regular” people don’t consider these things important till if effects their jobs and families—ain’t nothing wrong with nationalism either!!

    Liked by 11 people

    1. Remember BEFORE the passage of the Federal Reserve Act and the 16th Amendment allowing the federal government to TAX the people directly, The USA practiced ‘isolationism.’ Two years after the passage of those two globalist wet dreams, J. P. Morgan and the munitions companies BOUGHT controlling interest in the most important news media so they could GASLIGHT the public into supporting Globalist/Bankster wars where the Banksters supported BOTH SIDES and made $$$$ out of the destruction and blood spilled.

      The USA has been CONTINUOUSLY fighting foreign wars ever since thereby bleeding the USA of manpower and wealth.

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      1. This is it. When the cabal reaps riches FROM BOTH SIDES in their manipulated conflicts & wars, they have no reason to stop because they always win and we (the un-Elites) on both sides always lose.

        Trillions at stake when President Trump is achieving different outcomes that give un-Elites wins, AND opens our eyes to their deceptions.

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    2. “many “regular” people don’t consider these things important till if effects their jobs and families“
      Yep, the problem is that they’ve worked us all like the proverbial frog that’s gradually brought to a boil.

      Liked by 5 people

      1. Gosh, I hope so, Redleg…and as he and his wife are on the dance floor I hope he does the old two finger signal with two fingers pointing to his eyes and then pointing to them! LOL

        Liked by 3 people

  3. By now everybody knows or should know that Buttgieg is C_A and DS. That they want to pass as a serious POTUS candidate a creation that got less than 9K of votes in a small town’s mayoral race. It’s just another example of both the Cabal’s desperation as well as belief in the stupidity of the average American voter. He’s a plastic man with serious manufacturing defects. He would never pass quality inspection on the assembly line. Sort of a home video produced Toy Story reject type character. To call him Alfred E. Newman is an insult to Alfred.

    That the “media” covers him with love and attention and the DNC promotes him as a viable candidate is just another of numerous examples of their marching orders as lieutenants on the plantation. Until projectiles blow through or hideous diseases munch on the brain of George Soros and ilk, this type of stuff will continue. However, the enemy continually outs themselves if we pay attention at all.

    Thanks so much for your dedication to this, flep. It matters.

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    1. Alfred sends his thanks. He noted that he can be distinguished from Mayor Buttplug because he has never repaired his missing tooth.

      BTW, it is a common misconception that being queer is a CIA employment requirement. That is not accurate – it is a strong positive but soy boyz are acceptable.

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    1. She planned, and probably practiced Gail..
      ..it can’t be easy in her frail condition to grasp , grip then RIP thru several pieces of quality paper and make it look like it’s only one..so she stacked them in neat piles then gave each pile a “starter-TEAR”..
      ..All for show and drama…as she also KNEW there was a camera on her..
      Practiced -watch

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  4. He knows…he just retweeted this:


    Liked by 7 people

        1. Liked by 7 people

      1. Not surprising, tho’ – the man talks as if he is trying to convince himself what he says is true – people are disgusted – they all deserve to get confronted – to their faces –

        He certainly was caught off guard!

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  5. Ridiculous question really… the MAYOR has told the LEOs to stand down… the DIMs who gov’t the City WANT this chaos…

    THIS ^^^^ is The Algerian Strategy at work…

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  6. Lisa Mei Crowley Retweeted
    Joe M

    Pompeo was channeling his inner @rickygervais with this speech at the National Governor’s Association where he unabashedly stuns the whole stinking lot of ’em with the truth of their treason. Every glass of champagne they drink from here on will feel like hydrochloric acid.

    Joe M
    · 16h

    A list of governors were selling our national security to China like candy, fully [knowing] it would hand them our sovereignty on a silver plate, and annihilate our Republic as we know it. “Friendlies”, as China calls them. A lot of urethral sphincters in that room just gave way.

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    EVent Horizon @evdefender SHOWS the Chinese numbers are CRAPOLA!

    Hubby, (and the guy who developed the graph) Helped me understand what this graph is actually showing.

    See: https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1223887384892313600.html

    He is looking at the numbers reported by China to determine IF the numbers actually make sense. If the virus takes 10 days to KILL after being IDed then the PROPER stat is using the # of case data from January 20th AND the DEATHS from January 30th to figure out the % deaths. For a proper comparison you MUST discard the newer cases.

    Think someone is lying to you?

    First check to see if they bothered to add any variability whatsoever in the model they are using to supposedly report actual numbers from a complex system….
    Closer look at mortality rates calculated at -0, -3, -5, -7 Days.

    Since the virus takes between 7-10 Days to kill people, achieving steady state in the -0 Day mortality rate is only possible if a dramatic reduction in mortality occurred.

    That is shown in this graph looking at the number of ID cases 7, 5 and 3 days prior.

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      1. As if Baffled Befuddled Biden is any better – if he could just remember where he is – he might impress someone – why are those people clapping anyway – are they all on leave from the home?

        Liked by 1 person

      1. It is super cold- 30s – it was snowing a little and later there going to be rain ;(

        Everyone is so nice – sharing their food and heaters! There’s a really great group representing the Vietnamese American citizens and they have a huge propane heater and are cooking for everyone! Incredible community spirit here.

        There’s been a lot of drivers going by honking horns and waving support.

        Someone had made a huge cereal box as a meme ‘Biden Corn Pops’ Hilarious!

        Apparently all tents need to be down and removed by 6am. Wish us luck out here- I am up front with the first inline group!! Oh yea

        Liked by 7 people

        1. Sounds like a beautiful MAGA crowd. One of the things that de Tocqueville noted in his “Democracy in America” is that Americans naturally “threw-in together” when facing challenges, without formal organizations — and regardless of ancestry or creed……it’s like The Sign that they’re American. And I love the Vietnamese group cooking for everyone…..just watch, they’re secretly doing a market research survey to see if they’ll make money if they open a restaurant — if they can get you addicted to their tasty food, they’re halfway there.

          I’m delighted to know that you’re safe among friends.

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  8. Meanwhile, the President and First Lady are getting ready to host their 4th annual Governors Ball.

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