Gab Chat and Private Messaging Are BACK!

This is just to let you know that Gab Chat and Private Messaging are BACK and in BETA TEST – but the beta product is REALLY GOOD (although it does NOT work on Firefox yet – BECAUSE FIREFOX).


Let’s take a closer (if slightly stretched) look at that…..

Gab needs more people on it for testing, so GIT YOU AZZEZ ON IT, PEEPS!

Here is a sample of what it looks like right now, for me.

IMPORTANT!!! Note my “handle” @WOLFM00N in the upper left-hand corner. THAT is important. THAT is where you will find notifications and invitations – by clicking on it.

Along the left, and down a bit, you will find private rooms, private messages, and public rooms.

All of these are fundamentally the same, but there are slight differences which define them.

Private rooms are named rooms, to which the owner/starter invites others

Private messages are basically un-named, invited rooms – conversations, usually between 2 individuals, but there can be more than 2 in the room.

Public rooms are like private rooms, only the URL for the room can be shared, and people don’t have to be invited – they can just walk in. Both of the images above, are of public rooms.

Gab Chat is still a work in progress, as you can see from this Gab post by Andrew Torba, the founder and CEO of Gab.


This means that they are integrating Gab Chat into Gab, so that it’s easy to go from one to the other. This way, you’ll be able to click a button in Gab to PM/DM somebody.

SO – how do you GET ON GAB CHAT?

Here is a YouTube video that may help:

FIRST make sure that you can get on Gab – back on your old account. You will need your Gab user name and password. If you have forgotten them, your user name might be HERE:


Then, if you’ve forgotten you password, you will need to at least still be able to get into your email address that you signed up with.

Then, no matter what, you need to go here…..


THEN, once you’ve taken care of your Gab account, to make sure it’s working, if necessary, you need to head over to Gab Chat, here:


You will be asked to log into your Gab account. That means that you need to know your username and password, exactly as we prepared.

Next, however, is the tricky part.

You will generate ENCRYPTION KEYS (actually, Gab will do it for you), and those keys will be protected by a password, which can be anything meeting the minimum requirements. It can be identical to your Gab password, or something different. Whatever that password is, you MUST remember it – particularly if you try to access your chat messages from a new device. Do whatever you have to do to NOT lose that password.

Here is what Gab says will happen if you lose your chat key password:

Please do not lose or forget this password. Gab cannot restore your Security Keys. The password you enter now will be used to encrypt your private key. If you lose or forget this password, you will no longer be able to decrypt messages send to you while you were using these keys.

Gab Chat instructions

At that point, you’re ready to chat.

I suggest that you send me, @WOLFM00N (with TWO zeroes in “M00N”), a new private message, and then I will invite you into the The Q Tree Members group. If you’re an author, you’ll also get an invitation to the The Q Tree Authors group, which is like the other, only more boring and concerned with infrastructure and groundskeeping.

I don’t know if there is a size limit to our group. I’m hoping there is not.

I will add more instructions and details here as needed, as we get some experience signing up.

So far, Deplorable Patriot (@FlyoverDeplorablePatriot a.k.a. Bohemian Flair Crochet) has successfully chatted with me and joined the groups. WE NEED MOAR!

PM me, friends!



148 thoughts on “Gab Chat and Private Messaging Are BACK!

    1. It’s our rallying point, and quite possibly our back-up. I can create a GROUP there, and that may suffice for a while.

      However, Torba has talked about extending Gab to BLOGS, and if so, that may be the way to go. However, nothing immediate.

      Gab blogs would show Gab posts in comments just like Twitter posts here – with NO censorship or suspensions. Lots of reason to move things there, if the opportunity knocks.

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      1. wolfmoon, hope this ends up in your notifications!!!

        I made the mistake of signing up w gab in 2017, fairly early…I knew nothing ab weird caca going on online All I knew was CTH. I immediately saw porn and never went back.
        but after this thread…..

        I signed up not understanding nomenclature re posted name vs hidden name.
        Was horrified to see my actual name on the two posts I made!!!

        Now, I cannot get in, bc gab will not match ANYTHING with my email. I do NOT want to change my email!!!
        But I do want to change my name of posting to normal.

        I tried what you suggested on this thread…after your saying DO NOT use your name.
        But I cannot sign in, and nowhere am I given the option of changing ANY info…all I get is a big fat NOPE.

        I know nothing ab being facile in this arena. I would appreciate your help – no emergency – I know you have work t do…BUT it must be kindergarten vocabulary.
        Your instructions above began with saying to click on an icon which did not exist.

        I tried everything I could imagine: NOPE.

        Or direct me to another who can walk me through this?
        I would croak if I lost you due to the Nazis. Too horrible to contemplate.

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        1. Well, Gab is down right now. Hopefully they’ll be back up at some point.

          When they get back up, I have a simple set of questions.

          (1) Can you get into Gab, or are you locked out for some reason?

          If you are locked out….

          (2) Why are you locked out? Is it because you forgot your password?

          If you forgot your password….

          (3) Can you find something where you log in that says “I forgot my password”?

          I need to know very clearly, first of all, whether you are able to LOG IN or NOT.


          1. wolfmoon, thank you very much for responding to my cry!
            I have a talk date w/a friend today, and will concentrate on responding to your initial question later in the day. Thanks so much.


  1. Still working through problems with my old email addy.

    Tried to open a new Gab account with a new email account, and it keeps trying to use that old email.
    I’ll keep trying, though.

    AT&T has the worst customer service in the world.
    You try to talk to a human…and you get someone in Malaysia who can barely speak English.

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    1. Hey I can recommend using ProtonMail if you need another email address- I got that suggestion from Wolfie or this board way back when the instructions for signing up to WP and Gab were originally posted. I use my ProtonMail for Gab/WP – they even offer a VPN (I’m not using that so I cannot speak to it)

      Wheatie- is it just because it keeps loading in the email automatically for your sign up? I’m on a Mac but I *believe* the concept may be the same of going into your browser passwords and resetting the sign in details. I had to constantly override the ‘auto fill’ of my original email I signed up with, as I changed over to ProtonMail later in the game (the ol’ I’ll get to it someday to update my Gab/WP settings)

      Hope this helps- but I haven’t read your history so sorry if it’s an entirely different problem altogether… happy to read that and help how I can.

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      1. Thanks, MA_kswiss!

        It sounds like I’m having the same problem, with the ‘auto fill’ on Gab.

        I’ve pretty much resigned myself to the fact that the simplest fix is to be able to get back into my old email.
        It locked me out when I forgot my password…and tried repeatedly with wrong ones.

        I’ve thought about using ProtonMail — it sounds promising.
        It’s based in Switzerland, isn’t it?

        Using a VPN may be the way I will have to go, in setting up a new Gab account, if I cannot get things worked out with AT&T on my old email.

        Thanks again for your help!

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        1. You know, I do believe it is based here. It’s super streamlined and I like it.

          Don’t go back to your old email- buck them making you conform—- you can do this!!!

          Restart fresh new email, new Gab you! Mr MA_Kswiss and I keep a hard copy of passwords- very old school but it really has helped me in a bind.

          Also- I keep forgetting the power of the VPN that I use- it’s so behind the scene i forget it’s there. I have to sometimes deal with the slowdown lag by European sites that ‘balk at it’ but eventually let me in but it’s safer IMO.

          Also while I’m on the technical stuff – if anyone needs a secure large file transfer capability that’s is free (1Gb transfer) i use It was recommended to my by my Swiss Tax advisor as a secure method to transfer sensitive files.

          My US clients who get files from me really like the Swiss landscapes they use while waiting for the download.

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    1. Got your PM! You’re now invited to The Q Tree Members! Check and see if the invitation is somewhere on the left side of your screen, or listed by by clicking on your username in the upper left corner.

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            1. I’m thinking you may just have to try this.

              Get rid of all and sessions in tabs.
              Quit your browser (which can’t be firefox).
              Wait a half hour.
              Log into gab.
              Make sure your browser is logging you in automatically. If not, fix and log out.
              When your browser logs you into gab automatically, start in a different tab.
              Make sure all cookies are allowed.
              Kill the chat tab.
              New tab, log into

              Let’s see if this works to let you in.


              1. Partially working. I can post to both, but your private message says:

                “Message failed to decrypt. The author may have invalidated or re-generated their security keys.”


              1. HA! The U Tree sure is a lot easier for dirty jokes than Gab Chat!!! 😉

                No, I regret to inform Chris Wray and Bill Barr that the reason we need encryption is so that we can hide actionable NORMAL STUFF from DEMONRAT CRIMINALS and their foreign and domestic allies – not from LE. Although, frankly, my policy is never to say anything in chat that I could not bear being public – because I truly believe it when I say it, and it would not harm folks (although it might hurt feelings) if known.

                If it MUST remain secret, it probably should not be discussed AT ALL.

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              2. I completely agree. The only way two people can keep a secret is if one of them is dead!

                The demoncrats will use anything against us. They think “normal” is wrong, and perverse is right.

                I taught my kids my own policy; NOTHING online is private.

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    1. I think you need to go to and approve third-party cookies (because is not Then you can join the chat service (hopefully). Once you’re on there, we can PM and I can join you to the chatroom!

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    1. NO! Not yet! Get your chat working and deal with that. Pro won’t help – but once you’re all peachy on it, then think about it later, if you find Gab to your liking. Regular Gab and Pro work just as well as each other. But Pro supports their cause. FEEL GOOD about Gab, and then join Pro!

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  2. Are you using Firefox? I tried to get in a chat the other night for the SOTU and could not but I think I saw something that Firefox was a problem. I didn’t take the time to investigate but just came here to QTree instead.

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    1. YES! Firefox is a problem right now – there is a warning on the chat service to use another browser for now!

      “The Mozilla Firefox browser is not compatible with Chat. It does not yet fully support a security feature needed to ensure your privacy while using Chat. Speficially, Chat makes use of the SubtleCrypto wrapKey and unwrapKey APIs. Mozilla Firefox does not yet support the unwrapKey API for use with Elliptic Curve Diffie-Hellmann public/private key pairs.”

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        1. Yup. I you want, you can just use something else temporarily (to set up Gab chat), and when (fingers crossed) Firefox adds the easy fix, then you can use Gab chat on it and dump the set-up browser.

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          1. i think I’ll wait in the wings and stay with firefox. my computer works great for me cuz i try to limit the unnecessary stuff and keep it clean…but i bookmarked the instructions and bread crumbs you left…

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    1. She’s in now! Firefox was the problem.

      Not sure if Firefox will fix their API. They are allegedly pro-privacy, but they are now filled with leftist SJW hypocrisy. “Oh, we’re not for censorship, but don’t say anything UNSAFE FOR PROTECTED CLASSES!”


  3. Dammit I just went to my gab acct and it was blank said I am following zero and followed by zero with zero post WTF!!!!!
    I have to many headaches in life for this shitola lol back to square 1

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      1. Wow thanks Wolf, I dont know how a new acct was created and it was from another e-mail acct I have. You just saved my day, thank you very much.
        I didnt even get on a computer till I was in my 40s and didnt even know how to turn one on lol I went to get on my moms puter to do her pogo and it said computer sleeping, I freaked out not knowing how to wake it up because I had to talk to Kimi lol long story short I probably shouldn’t be on a puter.

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  4. Wolfie, thanks so much for this. Can you keep this post at the top for a few days in order to alert Gabbers who might not visit today?

    I will have time tomorrow to dive into my Gab acct and see if I can find all the stuff to connect with you & others. I REALLY like the idea of something other than WP and twitter. We are going to need it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Is it OK if I put it in the sidebar? I think we’re going to need the Coronavirus thread up at the top again. If the numbers are as serious as people think they might be, we will need to get people properly warned to begin gradually prepping. I suspect there may be “spotty” stay-at-home quarantines here, wherever the virus gets ahead of the tracking of exposed individuals.

      Liked by 2 people

        1. Yup. Big nightmare. Biological weapons are a huge backfire.

          I do not rule out the possibility that “higher intelligence” had a hand in this, to teach the commies not to mess with biowarfare. Their thinking may have been that releasing this virus on the makers themselves is a form of planetary inoculation against a future where more dangerous biowarfare agents proliferate.


          1. Hadn’t thought of that!!!
            But the proliferation of global travel and migration puts us all at risk, plus Commies losing so much under the Trump administration gives them a glimpse of their potential future economic demise.

            The biologics are truly frightening.

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            1. The Chinese are learning the value of Trump’s response right now – they’re allegedly implementing almost identical internal controls to keep the virus contained.

              Gotta be smart. CONTAIN, and then INFILTRATE THE INFILTRATION.

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      1. Wolfie, I got signed onto and through the encryption screens, but when I try to send you a private msg to ask you to invite me to the Q Tree group, I keep getting an error msg that says something like “encryption payload” has to be added to the msg (???). I don’t know what to do ? I am using an Ipad and Safari/duckduckgo.

        Love & 💋💋 Clueless in Colorado (this is NOT urgent for you to figure out. I’m not vital to the cause 🙄👀😎)

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        1. Guessing something went wrong when trying to join group.

          Clicked accept. Then it looked like it wanted me to type my key password. Did so.

          Went back to PM with Wolf and it indicates message failed to decrypt. Yet, earlier I saw my message, and two from Wolf.

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  5. Every time I click on ‘Gab Chat’ or just ‘Chat’…I get hurled into the Security Key Generator again.

    I don’t know what to do.

    I momentarily get to see the Chat page…for just a second.
    Then I get tossed back into the Security Key Generator, which I do again, each time.

    This is not making sense.

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              1. OK – this would be different from antivirus – this would be probably a privacy product.

                Does it block ads and trackers?
                Does it allow you to fine-tune individual trackers for individual websites?
                Does it have settings for cookies, scripts, and the like for individual sites?

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              2. Not sure…hubby is the one who handles that.

                It was all on this computer before…when I was using Gab just fine.
                Dunno why it would be a problem now.

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              3. Same thing.

                I get tossed into the Security Key Generator.

                Get a popup, initially, that says I have not done it yet.

                Then I do it again…and it says:

                “This Site says…
                Security Keys generated successfully.”

                I click on Chat.
                Then get hurled back to the Security Key Generator.

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  6. Moving over here:

    “Did you check “save password” when you filled it out?”

    Yes…about a dozen times.

    Then, thinking that might be the problem…I filled it out another dozen or so times, without “save password” checked.

    It made no difference.
    I keep getting tossed back into the Security Key Generator.

    And it even says that I have created Security Keys!

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      1. Well that didn’t work.

        Still getting tossed back into the Security Key Generator.

        I’m going to try to get HELP from Gab.

        Thing is…can’t find a “Help” thingy to click on.

        It opens up a tab to something called “GitLab”.

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      1. Only for a second…I get a brief look.
        Then I get tossed back into the Key-Gen thingy.

        I can see in the sidebar there, during that brief glimpse…that you have sent a PM.
        But there is no time for me to click on it…or anything else.

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          1. I just checked…and I’ve got both Gab and Gab Chat listed as “allowed cookies” already.

            So there shouldn’t have been a problem with cookies.
            They were already listed on our ‘allow’ list.

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            1. Wow. That is not good. There is a setting on your chat settings that lets you get RID of all your personal data on the device – basically clear bad cookies – and THAT may be what you need to do – but you will have to do it NOT though Gab chat.

              SO – can you clear or delete those cookies?

              Liked by 1 person

              1. Would rather wait and see if we can get help from Gab…before doing something like that.

                I will try removing Gab/GabChat from the ‘allowed cookies’ list…then adding them back.
                See if that makes a difference.

                They did such an overhaul there, maybe their cookies have changed in some way.

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