News Roundup! The Democrats Are A DISASTER, SleepyCreepy Joe Downplays Iowa, Bernie’s Crazies Are Calling Out the DNC, There Is No Democrat Enthusiasm, Brad Parscale’s Press Conference, PDJT Just Broke Another BHO Record, Rand Paul Drops A MOAB On Shitty’s Head In His Interview, Keep Rush In Your Thoughts & Prayers, Everyday Americans Are Welcomed At Our President’s Table (Terrence Williams)…..


I decided to wait to write the Tuesday roundup until after the Iowa results came in. What a mistake on my part. The Democrats are a DISASTER. They are a complete joke. These MORONS want us to accept their proposed Medicaid For All when they can’t even tally the votes for ~150,000 people.

HRC’s people are responsible for the garbage app that is being blamed for the Iowa vote caucus.

At some point in time they have to share the results. They can’t hold off the inevitable forever. I actually watched CNN’s election coverage last night. They went to 6 different caucus locations. It was absolutely delicious to see a gymnasium with 750 people and Biden’s voters huddled under the basketball net with about 15 people.

In 4 out of the 6 locations, Biden’s people didn’t have enough voters to meet the 15% threshold. In a fifth site, he barely made it to 15%. There was absolutely no way to spin it. I anticipate SleepyCreepy Joe coming in 5th place. He may only get a few of the 41 delegates.

Richard Baris is absolutely right! They are doing everything in their power to make sure the entire country forgets the shellacking that Biden took in Iowa. Especially since his message over the past two days that him becoming President would be BHO’s third term in office.

From the article linked above:

Former Vice President Joe Biden said he will continue his White House bid regardless of the results of Monday’s crucial Iowa caucuses.

In an email to supporters, Biden downplayed the Hawkeye State’s nominating contest, saying it is “one of many steps to go” and is “just the start” of the primary season.

“Whatever happens tonight, I intend to compete every step of the way and fight for every one of your votes,” Biden said.

Biden’s camp has worked to lower expectations for his showing in Iowa heading into Monday’s caucuses as it faces off against a crowded primary field, including Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), who has enjoyed a surge in state polling.

“Most [aides] feel it’s not going to be great,” one longtime Biden ally who has had conversations with top aides inside the campaign told The Hill Monday.

The problem for the Democrat Establishment and MSM is that Bernie’s radicals will not back down. They know what happened in 2016. They will make sure that it doesn’t happen again in 2020.

From the article linked above:

Workers on Bernie Sanders’s presidential campaign already had suspicions about the logistics and fairness of the Iowa caucuses. Counting delays by the Iowa Democratic Party are stirring those concerns anew.

While the political world waited late Monday to get results due more than an hour before, the Washington Examiner overheard several field organizers for the Vermont senator complaining that supporters of rival candidates were conspiring to block them from winning delegates.

One individual also complained about the campaign’s strategy of telling supporters to leave the caucus locations after the first round of voting, known as first alignment.

“I guess I shouldn’t have left after all,” one male organizer said to another woman.

“I don’t understand what was going on; all the other supporters seemed to be against us,” she responded.

Both individuals were wearing staff passes.

The other myth that was destroyed last night was the fact that Democrat voters couldn’t wait to vote. Their Messiah in 2008 got over 240,000 Iowans to come out for their caucus. In 2016 that number only stood at 171,000. They were predicting a number in between 2008 and 2016. The reality is that they will not even hit 2016’s numbers. I would not be surprised if the total comes in a little over 160,000.

They had Kathy Tur try to explain what happened with the turnout:

Our President’s 2020 Campaign Manager, Brad Parscale, along with our President’s family (Eric, Lara and Don Jr), held a press conference in Iowa to kick off the 2020 primary campaign season.

Brad explains that the campaign is using Iowa 2020 as a testing ground for the operational aspects to the grassroots campaign structure that has been assembled.

Brad the results are in. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

The other reality that slapped them across the face was that fact that our President topped BHO’s numbers from 2012 by about 4,000+ votes.

From the article linked above:

President Donald Trump broke Barack Obama’s record for the most votes received by an incumbent in the Iowa caucuses. With 99% of precincts reporting (1,764 of 1,765 precincts), President Trump received 31,398 votes, nearly four thousand more votes than Mr. Obama received in 2012.

“Democrats are stewing in a caucus mess of their own creation with the sloppiest train wreck in history,” Brad Parscale, Trump 2020 campaign manager, said. “It would be natural for people to doubt the fairness of the process. And these are the people who want to run our entire health care system?”

“Tonight President Trump posted a record performance in the well-run GOP Iowa caucuses with record turnout for an incumbent.”

In 2004, the last time there was a noncompetitive Republican caucus for an incumbent president, about 8,000 Republicans made a show of support for George W. Bush.

Daughn shared these clips with me. The LOVE for our President is incredible. Joe Walsh better crawl back under the rock he came out of.

Our President rightfully comes out this morning to defend the State of Iowa and puts the blame exactly where it belongs!

Shitty and his slime ball staff had a sleepless night yesterday. Senator Rand Paul dropped some MOABS on their heads.

Senator Rand Paul appears to know exactly what Shitty did to construct the impeachment hoax. In his interview, he outlines that he is aware of six members of the National Security Council and Shitty staff who appear to have coordinated their efforts to create the impeachment hoax over a year ago.

He also went on to say that he will have close discussions with our President about the serious FISA issues, including those used to target his administration.

Rush Limbaugh dropped some devastating news at the end of his show yesterday. He announced that he has advanced lung cancer. Please keep Rush in your thoughts and prayers.

What I admire most about our President and his family is the fact that everyday Americans are welcomed at the table. I am so proud and happy for Terrence that our President and FLOTUS asked him to sit with them at their table.

86 thoughts on “News Roundup! The Democrats Are A DISASTER, SleepyCreepy Joe Downplays Iowa, Bernie’s Crazies Are Calling Out the DNC, There Is No Democrat Enthusiasm, Brad Parscale’s Press Conference, PDJT Just Broke Another BHO Record, Rand Paul Drops A MOAB On Shitty’s Head In His Interview, Keep Rush In Your Thoughts & Prayers, Everyday Americans Are Welcomed At Our President’s Table (Terrence Williams)…..

  1. “These MORONS want us to accept their proposed Medicaid For All when they can’t even tally the votes for ~150,000 people.”


    Oh that’s a keeper!

    I was going to rib you for being late but that zinger is totally worth the wait!

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  2. The tenure-long Democrat/Øbominable/Hillrotten Sham-Peach-Mint coup attempt has not diminished President Trump’s popularity, credibility, efficacy in office!

    Trump followers have increased since the vote began.

    72,000,025 – 2:42 pm – 2/2/20
    72,029,621 – 4:45 am – 2/3/20
    72,085,362 – 8:47 am – 2/4/20
    72,086,602 – 9:07 am
    72,088,275 – 9:49 am

    Tonight’s SOTU will probably have a record audience – both LIVE stream, broadcast media and replay!

    For most Americans – it is a giant relief to have a President who loves and works hard for this country and its people – and who gets amazing results with all his programs and policies!!!

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    1. It’s probably a bit early to say, but maybe this is the path God wanted her to take. He thwarted her other ambitions and is guiding her towards Congress.

      I hope she gets there. Will be interesting to watch.

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  3. thanks Flep—I was waiting for you to make sense out of Iowa for me!
    this had to be planned, right?
    impeachment is failing, POTUS is climbing, Biden is falling, Bernie is trending….they need a distraction…they quickly invent something else out of thin air and POOF! no one cares about Iowa anymore…

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  4. Mike Huckabee slices and dices Democrats with his razor wit.

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  5. It’s hard to believe that in the year 2020 they still can’t get it right…especially after the corruption in the the last D party presidential primary. I believe that this is more intentional than mere incompetence. They will do anything to prevent communist Bernie from getting the nomination…not that they aren’t communists themselves…they just know that Bernie will NEVER win. What they don’t seem to realise is that none of their candidates has a shot of beating our President. The meltdown continues…

    This contraption was built by design with a purpose…

    Illustration by the very clever British artist Heath Robinson (1872-1944)

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    1. For Zoe regarding the above post:

      William Heath Robinson (31 May 1872 – 13 September 1944) was an English cartoonist, illustrator and artist, best known for drawings of whimsically elaborate machines to achieve simple objectives.[1] (Wiki)

      Similar to Rube Goldberg contraptions, Heath Robinson illustrated many cartoons depicting people, bureaucrats and the like, using bizarre and elaborate contraptions with ropes, levers, pulleys and other devices to accomplish very simple tasks.

      The above image shows a man sitting on a high stool surrounded by pulleys and ropes that have been constructed around him about to pull a large lever before him. Above him is a hook that is attached to one of the few hairs on his head stretching it to an absurd length.

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      1. Oh…and there is also a small round mirror attached to the device that is facing our man in the stool. The caption I added below the image says: Democrat Iowa caucus App 2020.

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      1. Thanks, Duchess…yeah…a couple of days in the box to get my mind right…I had a failure to communicate.

        Wolfie must have done some epic behind the scenes battling to bring me back into the sunlight.

        Thanks again, Wolf! It’s good to be among you fine patriots once again.

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  6. The irony is delicious:

    Bernie groupies: You’re stealing our votes!

    DNC: No; we’re redistributing them. Socialism!!


    Bernie groupies: But Bernie got more votes

    DNC: All your votes belong to us.

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    1. Ha ha…and it couldn’t happen to a more deserving socialist. The chaos and backstabbing on that side is providing some quality entertainment. And it’s only going to get crazier…the Bernie-bots are not going to take these shenanigans lying down.

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  7. Liked by 7 people

    1. He’s toying with the dems. Like a cat. Think they are getting away and then they’ll feel his claw in their backs again. The impeachment will be over at a time, place and at the exact most fortuitous moment for Potus

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      1. He might be a bit droll when he speaks – but – he is like a father scolding and teaching the dimwit kiddies (bullies) thinking they could get away with this nonsense without some sort of punishment.

        Frankly, although it might be difficult listening to him without falling asleep – he let them have it – and did not miss a beat!

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    2. Zoe – link to video Duchess posted above (remember to remove *)


      Senate Cloakroom
      At 4:00 pm on Wednesday, February 5th, the Senate will proceed to two votes on the Articles of Impeachment:
      1. Article I: Abuse of Power
      2. Article II: Obstruction of Congress

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  8. Brian Cates // Digital Soldier for Flynn ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ Retweeted
    Helpful analysis of the evangelical breed of rigid NeverTrumpism, placed in larger theological and historical context.
    Evangelicals Against Trump – Intercollegiate Studies Institute: Think. Live Free.
    The enthusiastic support many evangelicals have given President Trump has baffled observers, including some prominent evangelicals who are beginning to push back.

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    1. Not surprising. D G Hart was a never-Trumper in 2016. A lot of the orthodox Presbyterian guys online are.

      Hart used to teach at Westminster Seminary Philadelphia.

      In his spare time, he has written for Old Life for several years along with other theologically orthodox Presbyterian ministers. I enjoy their theological columns, the anti-Trumpism much less so:

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  9. Hillrotten is one of the primary reasons the Democrat party is in a mess.

    Ruinous, radical leftist policies are the other main reason.

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  10. OMG – Biden campaign wants to stop release of Iowa results….before they are even known.

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  11. Biden is just incapable of being POTUS. Not to mention unworthy.

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    1. How are you doin’ brother ?
      How is Angie and the dogs ?

      You gotta check in more often… Lots of folks worried about you!
      (at least hit the “Like” button or something!)

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