20200204: ShaMMMpeachment Tuesday ~ The Great Wind Down

We’re still here. Kudos to the diligence of those still following the Great ShaMMMpeachment of the Congress. Forget Water-Boarding as a method of torture, watching ShaMMMpeachment would make criminals sing and confess loudly, anything to stop the whining of Congress critters who waste our time and money. Today will be a non-stop bloviating of 100 Senators all desperate for their chance in front of a camera.

Remember when you were a kid, kept in school for too long and anxious to get outside and play on the first warm day of Spring? Yeah, that’s what the American People feel like after ShaMMMpeachment. We’re ready to go back to work, buy a house, start a business, hire someone. Congress droning on and on, pushing propaganda, lying about events, considering hearsay as fact, demanding the President of the USA PROVE innocence rather than the prosecutor prove guilt. It’s an unending loop of Charlie Brown’s teacher.

We’re proud of the President’s team.

Like school-children kept inside for too long, we’re ready to play a little football.

Thanks to Duchess, we have the highlight of the day in the Senate, Rand Paul’s speech! He was great!

117 thoughts on “20200204: ShaMMMpeachment Tuesday ~ The Great Wind Down

  1. I counted 53 Senators (counting McConnell’s morning short speech) who have spoken.

    Tomorrow, between 9:30 am and 4:30 pm when voting is supposed to begin – 47 Senators will have to give their 10 minute speeches…if all are required to do so.

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