Automattic Against The People – Part 1: Emergency Measures

If you are getting caught in the SPAM FILTER, then the first step in WOLF MOON’S WAR ON SPAM-CAMOUFLAGED CENSORSHIP PRIOR TO THE 2020 ELECTION WHERE THESE JOKERS ARE ABSOLUTELY DESPERATE TO STOP TRUMP is for you all to contact a company called “Akismet” that provides censorship spam services to WordPress.

This is NOT guaranteed to fix your problem. Only our continuing to rain hell on WordPress, Akismet, and their dodgy parent company AutomattiKKK is guaranteed to make people “solve” (meaning BACK THE **** OFF) this growing “censorship by false attribution of beloved posters as spam, camouflaged by allowed spam and COUGH ‘spam’ COUGH” issue.

These companies will social-network-groom us over their BANKRUPTCIES and HEARINGS.

But first things first. YOU are being asked to very kindly PLAY ALONG WITH THEIR BULLSHIT.

Here’s how you do it.

  1. Go to this line in a different tab:
  2. Under “Please tell us more“, click the radio button for the 4th item, “I think Akismet is catching my comments by mistake“.
  3. Answer the simple math question, presumably in base 10, to show them you are human.
  4. Give them your ONLINE NAME that you use on WordPress and your WordPress-associated email address. This is the email address that goes with your posts, and THEY ALREADY GET IT, so you are not giving them any new information.
  5. Skip “Company”, “Your Site URL”, and “API Key” – these are for PAID CUSTOMERS.
  6. Add a nice, friendly, detailed message that makes them realize you are not a spammer, but a blog commenter who has been wrongly named as a spammer for “unknown reasons”.
  7. Hit “Submit”.

Your form will look something like this, minus both the joke about base 8, and the 4th wall message.

I cannot guarantee in any way that this will help. However, it may. Mostly, it will PROBE THE ENEMY for whether they are dealing with us in good faith.

In addition, here are some links talking about Akismet labeling people as spam. They all say to do what we are doing above.

Good luck and more coming soon.


70 thoughts on “Automattic Against The People – Part 1: Emergency Measures

    1. Yes – if it’s related to being trapped in the spam filter or not even going to the spam filter, then it’s Akismet. Otherwise, you want WordPress Support.

      AND – I would add – it might not be a bad idea to also take this SAME issue to WordPress support ANYWAY – repeat it there – and then ask them why they can’t give us a simple tool to whitelist our people who are repeatedly trapped in the spam filter. This would be very easy for WordPress to do.

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        1. Yup. Throw ’em that hot potato and watch ’em dance!

          I’m sure one of the selling points of this 3-way Monte arrangement (unanswerable “we’re so clueless” [COUGH] boss company Automattikk up top, “We’re Jus’ A Blog Company” WordPress selling one product, and “spam” “solution” vendor Akismet next door selling another) is that they could all play keep-away with certain responsibilities.

          Yeah. Don’t try pulling that shit on Wolf Moon.

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          1. EXACTLY !!! WP played it straight for awhile but I knew the day would come when they and blogspot ( the other big blogging platform) would start fucking with Trump & Q. Frankly I’m surprised it’s taken so long!!

            Keep letting us know how we can help (even if we’re not being binned … yet)

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            1. Make sure your GAB account is working a.s.a.p. First order of business.

              Next, if you get trapped in the spam filter, take it to Akismet contact form. I’m aiming for ZERO trappage.

              GAB BLOGGING would give us that. WordPress can show us something competitive if they want to keep us here for their cabal studies.


              1. Absolutely!! Will test my Gab now, Boss. I posted a funny for you, Marica & Bfly on Daily thread recently. FG&C countered 🤓🥰💖💖🇺🇸🇺🇸

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              2. Wolfie, I’m good to go on Gab. But I cannot find the ‘group’ thing we set up months ago. Did that go away in an upgrade??

                Is it time for all of us to get set up in that new private chat room GAB is announcing “just in case?? (Like I know what I’m talking about or how to do it 🙄🙄!)

                Thanks for all you do 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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              3. Yes – all the old chat and PM stuff went away. You have to go to now and register with a password which you MUST remember, which allows you to set up chat anywhere, connected to your gab account.

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  1. Askimet…replied to me…said they are there to keep SPAM from MY BLOG… but NOT to help ME from being labeled SPAM—So… tough luck to you!!! I am still bitchin!!! at WP!!! Its a slog.. I can… comment ONLY at a Post YOU–Wolfie– does!!! Erbody else… goes to da bin! I am thinking of a..workaround…

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    1. Oh, that is utter BS. What they told you is WRONG, and we can RAISE HELL ABOUT IT.

      Akismet has that 4th item specifically for what you asked about. If they are bullshitting you, it’s time to really jump their ass.

      I’d like to take a look at that email in Gab chat. Can you go to Gab and sign up for chat at I can PM you and we can look at the email privately. That way if there is a mistake, we don’t publish it without due cause. Otherwise, major fire and fury is coming. I want to be certain we have just cause before going nuclear on their asses.

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  2. Kristina (Automattic)
    Feb 1, 18:08 UTC
    Hi there,
    When you leave comments on a blog you regularly visit, that your comments go to spam? Do I understand that correctly? Do you know the site owner? Do they use Akismet? If so, you could alert them to mark your comments as not spam so that Akismet can learn.
    Other than that, Akismet helps control spam on the comments received on your blog. It doesn’t prevent your comments being marked as spam. I hope that makes sense. If I’ve misunderstood what you were asking, please let us know. We are happy to help.
    Kristina – Happiness Engineer

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    1. Thank you. This is getting to the heart of the problem.

      First problem – Kristina does not understand you, or is pretending not to understand you. She may be confused by the fact that you are both a blog OWNER and a blog VISITOR, and that it is ALL OF US as VISITORS who are having problems.

      She is GUESSING what you are saying – in the FIRST paragraph she takes the problem correctly – of YOUR comments being labeled spam.

      Let us address her questions one by one.

      When you leave comments on a blog you regularly visit, that your comments go to spam?

      YES, and this is suddenly an extreme problem for many posters.

      Do I understand that correctly?

      YES, this is the problem.

      Do you know the site owner?

      YES, it is @wolfmoon1776, and the spam problem is on all his blogs, but particularly

      Do they use Akismet?

      YES, @wolfmoon1776 has a free WordPress blog.

      If so, you could alert them to mark your comments as not spam so that Akismet can learn.

      NO. Wolfmoon1776 has been doing this for a long time. The problem is that Akismet is NOT LEARNING, and WORDPRESS is not learning, either, and this is not an accident, and not merely pretending to be stupid. It’s very intentional. It would be extremely easy for Akismet to learn, or WordPress to learn, or Automattikkk to learn, but they are PRETENDING IT’S EACH OTHER’S FAULT.

      The deception trio is not learning. This is a CON JOB. It’s THREE CARD MONTE. All Automattic has to know is that the blog owner has deemed this content not spam to his satisfaction. WordPress never needs to know this again. I can TEACH with ONE BIT. Akismet is NOT LEARNING BY DESIGN.


      If WordPress cannot save the one-bit fact that this poster is NOT SPAM ON MY BLOG, then THEY are not learning.

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  3. I’ll file a report with Akismet later today Combining the above and adding the WP problem info. WP is hiding from me. I’ll fuss at them again too.

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  4. I think it’s OK, unless they ask you to keep things private. If the emails are supposed to be private, then you should keep them private, unless whistleblowing a crime. Leave that part to me.

    Kristina was very nice in that email you got, so I don’t think they would mind too much. I’m sure their people are told to do and say exactly what they do and say. The thing is, I’m attacking from 10,000 feet. I see the secrets behind their walls. I know this is absolute bullshit that they force all posts to go through “spam” when it is absolutely not about spam.

    I.T. is beautiful, but the problem is when honest people learn it. They begin to debug everything. They see so much corruption. SO much.

    I suggest just reporting like you did above – what they told you – and then we can have a look at it and understand two levels – what we need to communicate back through the “shill process”, and what is really going on with them and what their real, dishonest processes are, which allow censorship to sneak in.

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  5. Well – we can employ ‘measures’ like these to overcome K1s-m3t’s and other systems’ censorship.

    However, are there ways to offset Twitter’s censorship system which works from algorithms, popularity and leftist snitches – or should we just take it until PDJT either leaves Twitter and Facebook, or if we can find a new viable easy to use (Quodverum, Gab & the others are difficult to use) conservative social network?

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    1. This is a most excellent point.

      Personally, if I could magically have GAB BLOGGING, that is right where I would go. And the advantage of GAB BLOGGING is that Gab URLs would embed in posts just like Twitter URLs, so our people would get off Twitter, too, and onto Gab.

      This is not necessarily what Parscale needs to do. Bear in mind that Trump loves to fight on the other guy’s territory. He loves raising hell for the left on the left’s platforms. But our little Manhattan Projects and Trinity Construction activities might be better served on safer territory.

      SO – I’m seriously thinking that if I could go all Frankenstein on Gab’s code and create a blogging analog by rearranging their widgets, we could create a safe harbor and likely minor competitor for the Cabal-controlled platforms. I’m not so concerned about competing above levels that keep Gab flush – I am not a lover of the metal that makes men crazy. We don’t need an empire – just need a reservation.

      Of course, I don’t really have time to keep this site up and do all that coding, so if Gab did this, we could be their beta testers or even alpha testers.

      First step – we all need to get on – and a post will go up soon about that.

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      1. Wolfie,

        Have you talked to Tony Heller about getting off Word Unimpressed? He migrated to some other system that works fine a few years ago because he was having this type of problem IIRC.

        Toto Has Moved!:

        From his ‘About’ page:

        …I have degrees in Geology and Electrical Engineering, and worked on the design team of many of the world’s most complex designs, including some which likely power your PC or Mac. I have worked as a contract software developer on climate and weather models for the US government.

        And more about Tony on his new website:

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          1. Parler has a commenting system that they allow other sites to use – not sure if there is a free version. That said, GAB blogging would still be my preference because Torba has made all the right fundamental choices.

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    1. Cuz………I havent tried commenting yet….I just did…in da bin SMH! But I am hammering both places!! Gave WP the idea to create a work around by allowing Board Owners to create a white list of approved commenters…And have sent another “nice” request to Askimet….

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  6. Hey Zoe!! Have you called your sister yet to see if she saw her shadow? haha!! Interesting point about today…It’s a Pallindrome!!!! O2 O2 2O2O and its the 33 day of the year with 333 days left! (and my daughter is….33 today too!!) Smooches!!

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        1. I can post in Flep’s daily thread, and here in Wolf’s thread, so I’m guessing I can post everywhere here at WQTH for the moment.

          I just tested U-Tree, and it’s working there too (for the moment).

          That’s everywhere I have to check, I haven’t really explored WordPress much beyond WQTH yet 😁

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      1. I’m still wondering about the connection of that Canadian lab and China…

        Methinks there may have been some expertise/tools leaked as well… look at the acknowledgements in that paper about the bat virii… and those were the “documented” acknowledgements…

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      1. In the past, Canada has always sought to protect their “cultural institutions”.

        But the USMCA gives us new opportunities to break down their monopolistic control structures.

        They can’t block the U.S. internet.

        Canadian alternative journalism can always move to U.S. sites and support the U.S. economy.

        No way for Canada to win on this.

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        1. Correct. He is a communist just like his father was and he keeps pushing the envelope. The USMCA will break up so many monopolies. It will get very, very difficult as this happens. An example would be the milk marketing board and the one for chickens. All those products have to be sold through the boards at their prices, i.e. a farmer can’t just sell his milk somewhere on his own The farmers have very expensive quota also, for how much they produce. Millions of dollars of it. They have a good life and farms are usually inherited because its so expensive to start up. Now, that market will be flooded with the US product which is cheaper. They won’t be able to carry their expenses. That is just one example. Free market will win out and be better in the end, but it is going to put Canada in a world of hurt as things change.

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    1. This is quite awesome. Only had one member comment in spam (phoenix) and 5 real spam. I’m now leaving instructions to click back to Akismet on EVERY legit comment. Gotta close that feedback loop and help them figure out this problem.

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      1. Here was their last email…..

        Thanks for your patience. We were able to find and fix the issue on the site, so you should be good going forward. Note that any comments made prior to this fix will still need to be found and moderated by the blog owner.

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        1. Excellent. We will watch for it to sneak back, but I think the [honest] developers figured out what was going on. I would love to know both what they “could” tell me, and what they “can’t” tell me, but I’ll let them keep their secrets. As long as it’s fixed, I’m happy.

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