Dear KMAG: 20200201 Open Topic

Welcome! The doors are open, come on inside!

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This Comfy Q Tree Saturday Open Thread is VERY OPEN – a place for everybody to post whatever they feel they would like to tell the White Hats, and the rest of the MAGA/KMAG/KAG world (with KMAG being a bit of both).

Free Speech is practiced here at the Q Tree. But please keep it civil.
Discussion of Q is not only allowed but encouraged. Imagine that! We can talk about Q here and not get banned.

Please also consider the Important Guidelines, outlined here. Let’s not give the odious Internet Censors a reason to shut down this precious haven that Wolf has created for us.

With the Storm upon us…please remember to Pray for our President.


Wheatie’s Rules:

    1. No food fights.
    2. No running with scissors.
    3. If you bring snacks, bring enough for everyone.


For your listening enjoyment, I offer this mix of compositions from Patrick Rundblad and Fearless Motivation Instrumentals, of tracks titled ‘Transcendence’ and ‘Set Free’:


Visual Descriptions for our dear Zoe, and for anyone else who may find them helpful:

Header Image: Is a massive Tree growing up out of a deep canyon; the base of which has an intricate internal structure of several floors of large rooms with arched openings and long windows. A soft light is shining out from them. There are two suspended pathways, leading to the base of the Tree on opposite sides of the canyon.

There are streams of water falling magically off of the huge leafed-out branches of the Tree…cascading down into the canyon below. It’s as though the Tree itself, is the source of the water. The sides of the canyon are covered in lush, verdant tree growth…but none are as massive as the Tree growing up from the canyon.

Second Image: Is a cozy interior view of a stairway against the wall leading down into a large area with overstuffed chairs, a couch and soft lighting. There is a bannister made of winding tree branches. Throw pillows and throw rugs add to the comfy atmosphere.

Third Image: Is President Trump with a solemn look of resolve on his face.


The Storm is here…but we have been ready for it.





720 thoughts on “Dear KMAG: 20200201 Open Topic

  1. Donald J. Trump Retweeted

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    1. Too bad Chief Justice Roberts didn’t deal with this situation – why do 4 senators who are political opponents of the current POTUS get to vote on his removal?

      That’s criminal.

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    2. IF any of the Rs have a spine, during their ten minutes on the Senate floor, they’ll ask,

      Why the four D-rat Senators running for President are allowed to vote on the impeachment question. They obviously have a conflict of interest and cannot be objective.

      Maybe Paul will ask. If for no other reason than his honest question was stymied by Roberts, twice.

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      1. Actually, Paul got Roberts to confirm the WB actually was Ciaramella by including his name in a question that had nothing to do with “whistleblower” and Roberts refused to air the question because it revealed the WB’s name.

        Brilliant bit of improvisation.

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  2. If I hear ONE MORE Bloomberg ad on the radio I’m throwing out my radio!!!
    I mean Bloomberg is wasting his money since most people use other music services without commercials but I am not one of those people and I can’t stand his ads!!!!

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    1. Maroooon Steyer is on Pandora here in NV about every ten or fifteen minutes. ALWAYS, the same message.

      He bitches about President Trump. Never says what he is going to fix or how.

      Perfect recipe to piss off voters. Me thinks.

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    1. LOL I have no idea who that is but I feel for you. LOL Good to have you back by the way.

      But these Bloomberg ones OMG he acts like he’s a small town kid. Then he tries to explain how well NYC schools and healthcare is doing. And trying to explain he’ll bring order to the USA.

      Ummmm what about your soda tax?

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  3. Is it just me?

    WordPress is logging me out more often.

    Which wouldn’t be so bad, except that when I log in, it puts me in my dashbord…rather than taking me to the site I effing logged in from.

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            1. I registered for Eaglefire, because I like and have spoken with Jim Simpson, but I really don’t know how to use it at all. It’s interesting, but I think it’s not set up for my ease of use.

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              1. Wolfie, there was no reply button after your comment to me. Well you know I don’t know how to copy links, but if you google https eaglefirenation, I think you’ll find it. I don’t think I’ll be on it much except to read a little. I made one comment but wouldn’t even know how to find it again, let alone other people or things. There are instructions. I wonder if it’s kind of like twitter. You toot instead of tweet.

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              2. The free side of this is likely limited. Getting everything to work has costs and for non tech types like me seems complicated looking from the outside but I’m sure its not once you understand it. It looks like its acting like a cell phone / ISP (internet service provider) that doubles up by renting out cloud space for the traffic coming and out going as well as storage space for data and apps done separate for each, but I’m not sure.

                This is the fee page with its various plans and services if you missed it.

                Posting the plan I would take but the family plan in the link above seems reasonable also.

                1TB High-Speed Data Bandwidth Per Month | 40GB free storage for all Apps | $20.00
                Good for individuals with small groups of friends and family. Unlimited accounts, network followers, talk, text or video calls over Wifi or cellular. 25GB fast SSD free personal data storage. 15GB email storage.

                If it is acting like or as an ISP for home and phone and your good with the the amount of data they allow for a month for the plan you pick then it seems okay and may be a good deal at 20.00 a month considering what I pay AT&T and Trac phone.

                I would hope they have some sort of meter page and that you can cross out of the network on your 1TB High-Speed Data Bandwidth Per Month which would give you access to other free services on the internet such as hot mail and storage space. Can’t imagine that not being the case.

                If you have questions you might want to repost your information again at the front of one of our pages and see if anyone is willing to give a separate evaluation on this.

                Other than that would love to hear back from you after you’ve tried out the service for a few months.

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      1. If i’m in incognito mode I can access the comments people have left for me. But still if I click reply it sends me right to the bottom of the page.

        All happened after the one Trump rally. My Mom was worried she had hit the wrong button and I told her not to worry it wasn’t her.

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        1. But still it should not be happening at all. And it might turn out to be a bigger issue later on.

          Note: if I’m in Incognito Mode and on the Q tree I can’t access my comments BUT if I got to my site/stats then I can see the comments. Ugh!!!

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      1. Truth be told I don’t know why they added the opera singer part. I found the dumb as well. I just wanted to post what they pulled from her site. Odd that there Bernie lefitsts are from well to do back grounds.

        DP I knew you sang but wow!!!

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      2. Reminder….

        It was a Bernie supporter that attempted the mass murder of Congressional GOP representatives at a softball practice.

        From Wikipedia….

        The practice had been underway for about half an hour when James Hodgkinson began firing. According to the Capitol Police, he was armed with an SKS rifle and a 9mm Smith & Wesson handgun, both of which he had apparently purchased legally.[1] It was unclear if Hodgkinson used the handgun during the shooting incident.[24]

        When Hodgkinson opened fire, two of the officers, David Bailey and Crystal Griner, rushed onto the field to protect the congressmen and the other civilians. Hodgkinson sought cover behind the third base dugout as the third Capitol Police officer, Henry Cabrera, took aim at him from behind the first base dugout.[21][23]

        At 7:09 am, the Alexandria Police received a 9-1-1 report of shots fired. Two police officers arrived within three minutes and also engaged Hodgkinson in a gunfight. Witnesses estimated between 50 and 100 shots were fired during the shootout, which lasted about 10 minutes before Hodgkinson was shot by two Alexandria Police and two Capitol Police officers.[25][26][22]

        Scalise, who was at second base when the shooting started, was shot in the hip and tried to drag himself off the field. While the shooting was still going on, Rep. Mo Brooks used his belt as a tourniquet to help stop bleeding for a staffer who had been shot in the calf. After the shooting ended, Brooks and Rep. Brad Wenstrup—a podiatrist who also served with the Army’s 344th Combat Support Hospital—were able to assist Scalise.[27]

        Several witnesses said their lives were saved by the presence of the Capitol Police, who were there because of Scalise’s position as the House Majority Whip. The Capitol Police immediately engaged Hodgkinson and kept him pinned down, preventing him from continuing to fire on the unarmed baseball players. Rep. Davis and Sen. Rand Paul separately said that if not for the presence of the officers, the incident “would have been a massacre.”[28][4][29]

        A tactical squad from the Capitol Police Containment and Emergency Response Team was erroneously directed to the residence of Nancy Pelosi in Georgetown, delaying their response time.[30]

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  4. Whuuuut? Did somebody slap Zuckerburg awake and slip him a red pill? Is this why $0r0$ wants to further control Farce Book??

    Robert Barnes Retweeted
    Paul Joseph Watson
    Mark Zuckerberg: “It kind of feels like the list of things that you’re not allowed to say socially keeps on growing, and I’m not really okay with that.”


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    1. Don’t believe it.

      C_A disinformation campaign claiming Soros wants to control Facebook in order to sympathetic light for C_A pawn Zuckerberg.

      At this point, after so much water under the bridge, there should be no need to point this out to anyone.

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      1. Yes, would have to be grabbed by the arm, sat in a chair and shown a very long list of things that Fake Book has begun to do right from multiple legitimate sources to even begin to believe that, which is I think where most everyone is at or certainly should be.


  5. The idiocy of the trans craze has touched me today.

    One of the aspects of being a classical and church musician that you just have to live with is contact with those who choose to pursue non-God intended sexual attractions. For the past couple of years, I’ve had contact with a music director who we concluded (and a mutual friend who is a nurse all but confirmed) is – and given this latest development, hopefully now WAS – transitioning from…man…we’ll just go with anatomy, to woman.

    This guy…not normal at all. I’m not sure what the trauma in his past is, but something happened, and last March, the weekend of a concert he directed, he fell and broke seven ribs. This guy is in his 20s. Falling hurts, yes, but seven ribs broken? Either he did more than just fall down stairs, or the bone density was compromised.

    Within the last month, he was found unconscious on the floor, and it turns out he had a stroke.

    All those extra hormones…just like in women, mess with the natural balance and you open yourself up to this sort of thing. Stroke is a risk of any hormonal birth control for women. This reality, along with heart attacks, is why testing of the pill was shipped to Puerto Rico. It was being noticed in the US. What makes the guys who think they want to be women not realize that it could happen to them if they pump themselves up with what was never meant to be in the male body?

    This is one of the reasons soy is dangerous to male humans. So is flax. It’s loaded with phyto-estrogens. Lavendar acts as a phyto-estrogen for men and boys, but doesn’t for women. This is not uncommon knowledge.

    Why would any responsible physician give these guys that which might kill them?

    Now, truthfully, I have no great affinity for this particular guy, but he’s still one of God’s creatures. I just had not heard of a transitioning man actually having a stroke before now. I doubt seriously he’s the only one.

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    1. Oh wow DP… seven broken ribs!!!!! What was he doing? That does not sound like a fall.
      Is he still transitioning even after everything that has happened?

      This is one of the reasons soy is dangerous to male humans. So is flax. It’s loaded with phyto-estrogens. Lavendar acts as a phyto-estrogen for men and boys, but doesn’t for women. This is not uncommon knowledge.——- I had no idea. I know Paul Joseph Watson did a video about what he calls Soy boys and it was very eye opening.

      why testing of the pill was shipped to Puerto Rico—- again one learns something new everyday.

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    2. phytoestrogens – also tea tree, from my understanding.

      Lavendar seemed to be the popular essential oil of the year a in recent time but none in our body care unless it is something only for me.

      We use lavender specifically for burns which are infrequent, of course. And occasionally specifically for fever, which is again, infrequent. But not for frequent use

      Same with tea tree but we do use tea tree more. But only for specific applications and not in general hand sanitizers or body care, including hand soap.

      Didn’t know that at first…live in learn.

      Avoid plastics, too.

      And avoid soy like the plague. Raised vegetarian and even vegan for a number of yeas but with plenty of soy. I have the health issues to prove it! Anyway, soy is in All baby formulas I could find when Bubby was an infant and I needed help feeding him. If I knew then what I know now I would have made my own to supplement …. its That important! We also avoid domestic cheese and try to find dairy & eggs from animals fed soy free grain if they are given supplements. We are what we eat, eats! I get thyroid reactions from specific domestic cheese but less from European cheese as they feed less soy.

      Soy – it not just the proteins. the phytoestrogens are in the oils. allergen labels only focus on soy protein and if they use soy oils or even part soy oils, that is not labeled as an allergen. soy goes by many names. learn the list.

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    3. … seven broken ribs!!!!!

      I have been tossed from horses over 200 times and never broke a bone!!! (My crazy Off the Track thoroughbred jumped over 6 feet and didn’t know what a walk was for the first two years I had him.)

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      1. Yes. Seven broken ribs. He conducted wearing a brace and on mega pain killers.

        Fortunately, the ladies of that parish made sure he ate before the concert. Among the singers of the three parishes that get together for the Lenten concerts is a WORLD CLASS physician. I mean, like, he’s one of the people who administers the board exams. Plus, a few nurses. If this guy went down, we were covered. He didn’t, and there were some glorious moments in that concert.

        A stroke, though, is a completely different thing.

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        1. He is WAY too young for a stroke. I hope he gets a decent doctor who can straighten him out.

          If this is from the transitioning drugs, just think what it is doing to those poor kids who aren’t even grown yet!

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  6. This is the good American stock we come from

    Devin Nunes
    Posting this again for this years Super Bowl. Definitely best ad ever!
    Quote Tweet

    Nick Short 🇺🇸
    · Feb 3, 2019
    So God Made a Farmer by Paul Harvey. Still the best #SuperBowl commercial ever made.

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  7. This popped into my feed. Interesting Q drop to keep in mind.

    Test of Q drop in the tweet:

    Families Combined (TRI) = NWO
    11 Nov 2017 – 11:33:51 PM
    Wealth (over generations) buys power.
    Power (over generations) buys more wealth/control.
    More wealth/control buys countries and its people.
    Families combined (TRI) = NWO.
    Inner TRI families will collapse.
    What is the keystone?
    What Nation dominates all others?
    What Nation has influence over most others?
    What is the keystone?
    Return to SA.
    Strings cut (+++).
    Puppets (+++) in shadows.
    Each side of the triangle controls a certain subsect of power brokers.
    Power brokers are also labeled as the puppets/servants.
    What is the New World Order?
    Why did POTUS receive a sword dance when visiting SA?
    What does this mean culturally?
    Why is this relevant?
    What occurred in SA?
    How did POTUS remove one side of the pyramid?
    What did POTUS receive while visiting China?
    Where did POTUS dine?
    What is the significance?
    What if China, Russia, and others are coordinating w/ POTUS to eliminate the NWO?
    Who controls NK?
    Who really controls NK?
    Who controls several agencies within the US, EU, and abroad?
    Why is No Such Agency so vital?
    Enormous scale of events currently ongoing.
    Why is Russia helping to kill ISIS?
    This is not easy to accept nor believe.
    Crumbs make bread.
    Operations active.
    Joint missions underway.
    The world is fighting back.
    Refer back to graphic.
    The Great Awakening.
    Snow White.
    Iron Eagle.
    Jason Bourne (2016)(Dream/CIA).

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    1. Quote from President Kennedy from Tweet:

      “Every man, woman and child lives under a NUCLEAR SWORD OF DAMOCLES, hanging by the slenderest of threads, capable of being cut at any moment by accident or miscalculation or by madness. The WEAPONS OF WAR must be ABOLISHED before they abolish us.” – JFK 9/25/1961

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    2. Sword dance in SA….called “Ardah”.

      The term ‘ardah’ is thought to derive from the Arabic verb ard meaning ‘to show’ or ‘to parade’. It was so named because its purpose was to publicly display the fighting strength of a tribe and boost morale before an armed engagement.

      The 2017 Riyadh summit was a series of three summits held on May 20-21, 2017 on the occasion of the visit of United States President Donald Trump to Saudi Arabia, his first trip overseas as POTUS.

      In the photo above…. From left, President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi of Egypt, King Salman of Saudi Arabia, Melania Trump and President Trump

      A month later, Saudi Arabia’s King Salman named his 31-year-old son Mohammed bin Salman as crown prince on June 21, removing his nephew, Mohammed bin Nayef, as heir on June 21, 2017. The action set off a series of wide-spread arrests and seizures of assets and monies from power brokers and royal family members inside Saudi Arabia.

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  8. Oh, my.

    Zoe, the video here is from London last night right near Parliament. You can hear the bells of Big Ben’s younger brothers as the people count down to BREXIT. It begins 17 seconds before midnight. A number of people in the crowd are holding up “We are Q” signs.

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    1. What a time to be alive.

      Funny, too, how the distinction of good and evil has sharply increased into this date over the past several decades.

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    1. AND THIS!
      Jan 29th 2020
      Iraq ARMY firing on ‘Security Forces’ who were firing on Protesters. The Protesters called the Army in!

      This is what I expected to happen although I thought it would be Gulf Arabs.

      …So what happened is exactly the opposite of what was reported.

      In Iraq, the army is very cleverly saying that they can’t act because they haven’t been ordered to act.

      But they’re acting.
      In the videos I’m watching, the gunfire is clearly suppressive gunfire.

      Someone is firing on those who are trying to kill protestors.

      All the senior army officers in the background are masked.

      This is so the security forces don’t identify them….

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      1. Iraqi Shia dominated parliament wanting to kick out US forces has the predictable outcome of Shia vs. Sunni & Kurds with Turks who will likely step in if they can get a slice of Iraqi pie, then add in the Gulf Arabs. Not a new story, this has been happening since 2300 BC.


        1. Subtle my keister.

          Chinese steel is crap…a well known truth for anyone working with tools and cars.

          I’d love to know how much Chinese anything has affected the problems with our newest aircraft carrier, for instance.

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          1. AMEN!
            QC engineers knew it was CRAP back in the mid 1980s. One engineer at a QC conference I went to told of grabbing some bolts going into aircraft wings.

            This was the marking meaning grade 8


            He slapped them into a tensile testing machine and found they were POT METAL. They snapped like they were made of butter! 😱

            Understand this was a discussion on the problems with ISO 9000 where, we QC Engineers were being told we HAD TO TRUST OUR SUPPLIERS and NOT DO INCOMING INSPECTION! GRRRrrrr.

            It is no coincidence that ISO came in just as corporations were moving factories to CHINA. Quality took a deep nosedive once we had WTO + ISO.

            We haunt flea markets and buy OLD US made tools.

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              1. FG&C
                You and the other pilots OWE that Texas QC engineer a BIG THANK Q. He was NOT SUPPOSED TO TEST THOSE BOLTS! I wonder just how many lives he saved by going against his bosses and testing them anyway?

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              2. You mean anyone who gets in an airplane, not just us pilots, I’m sure.

                What manufacturer did/does that engineer work for? Boeing?

                No surprise he is a Texan.

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          2. I’m more concerned for their input into and access to the software all those expensive toys use. Think ships hitting stuff on clear days

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          3. I’m more concerned for their input into and access to the software all those expensive toys use. Think ships hitting stuff on clear days.
            With defective steel it’s deniable that’s it’s deliberate and targeted

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            1. Ozzy,

              It was all through our systems. Colleges with Chinese Spies, Corporations with Chinese Spies, Nuclear with Chinese Spies, Software with hidden traps and spyware, Crap quality parts, outsourcing military equipment to China….

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  9. Quote:

    “the House impeachment was the equivalent of little kids putting plastic buckets on their heads and pretending to be astronauts.

    The House pretended, and the Senate returned the process to reality.”

    -Carlos Osweda


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        1. More interesting is who and how he was strong armed or lured into returning. Did he believe that Potus would be taken care of one way or another or did Potus and q team make him an off he couldn’t refuse.
          To paraphrase. We need to start asking the right fucking questions

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    I have 11 pieces of spam right now. NONE of them is one of you. This is a FIRST in quite a while. Nor is any of these pieces of spam, the kind of spam I was getting right up to the moment I started my bitchfest.


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          1. It’s hard to say. It could be somebody inside any of the three companies, acting in a rogue fashion. It could be an outsider who knows how to tweak their API against people here. It could be a PLAN by management at AutomattiKKK to begin restricting conversation on their blogs, starting by what appear to be random restrictions on content, which cover for increasing logically discernible restrictions.

            but whoever it is, WORDPRESS is allowing this problem to happen. It is the responsibility of WORDPRESS – not AKISMET – to fix this.

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              1. Yes – the LINK by itself goes into spam. But you’re not spam. You are a valued poster here who can post a link any time. You don’t need to post anything more.

                Try that same link again – the one that gets trashed – but put a sentence about it on a previous line, like “Look at this link about blah” – see if that changes the outcome of their algorithm.

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              2. Exactly. Let’s try it right here. Do you remember the CFP link that Akismet would not allow? Try that or similar again with a reference in front of it, just like you did here, and see if it gets spam-binned.

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              3. I have not linked to Citizen Free Press without prefacing the link with an asterisk – only way I can post it – have not tried one recently – been busy elsewhere – so I do not have one right now –

                However, I can tell when my comment goes to spam – the load goes fast – and pushes my screen to the top of the thread.

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              4. The Twitter URL may have inadvertently helped the CFP URL (hard to explain – it’s a bit like a mathematical bona fide). Try the CFP URL by itself – remove the twitter URL – see if that works.

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              5. It means that they have some kind of values in their systems that are applied to posters who have been identified in some way, and those numbers can be – quite literally – “crazy”. A bunch of our posters got “crazy” values, and the system essentially goes after them – treats them like spammers.

                This is a HUGE weakness in WordPress. But I can see how they were snookered by Akismet on this.

                Akismet makes it easy to deal with spam, BUT you have to give up control of things to Akismet.

                WordPress is now a HOSTAGE of Akismet in dealing with their own bloggers and commenters. Akismet’s functions that determine who is a spammer and who is not have weaknesses. Worse still, MORAL JUDGMENTS of posters have been off-loaded to Akismet, so WordPress is no longer in charge of who is an OK poster, but they have to pretend that they still are, and that any Akismet actions are just a “mistake” or a “bug”, or a “problem in the code”, or worse still, “something the poster did wrong to ‘run into’ Akismet code”.

                The whole thing is wrong. Sneaky and WRONG.

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              6. Oh, WordPress could EASILY fix this without ANY effort by Akismet. They just pretend that they can’t do anything.

                This is all a dodge. WordPress could whitelist every one of you AUTOMATICALLY, or let me whitelist every one of you, but in doing so, it would lead to one or both of two things they don’t want – (1) giving up hidden censorship, and (2) making the censorship transparent.

                I could write the code to fix this. Whatever language. Or specify the design. They can’t lie to me. This is a pure design problem. They are not being honest about their design criteria.

                Anybody who WP’s GUI liberates from spam as “OK”, or who their GUI says is not OK, based on an admin click, needs to be gray-shaded toward whitelist or toward blacklist. My guess is that Akismet talked WordPress out of their own responsibilities to their users. That is how *I* would take down free speech if I was some satanic buttplug selling Akismet as a Trojan horse to WordPress.

                The Akismet software, founder, and company have a real “heart-string tugger” story. Not sure that I buy it. Not at all.


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              7. I would not be surprised if all of this has to do with censorship and curtailing free speech – all one has to do is look at what the social media giants are doing – now – it appears – they are going after the blogs – the only real place we have free speech –

                Seems to me – this is all designed to curtail traffic to your blog – frustrate your regular users – aggravate the blog owner – the whole nine yards, Wolf –

                I am so sorry this has happened – day after day – your ‘hosts’ are deep diving in the spam bin – that leaves them less time to converse with everyone here –

                Now – you are telling me WP is in on it? Or that they are pretending ignorance? No wonder you are frustrated.

                Remember – you are a Warrior – where there is a will – there is a way – when we think there is no way – God will make a way – I will pray God fixes it!!!

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            1. Wolfie, I posted a bare link the other day, with an * …. it went straight to spam

              I posted one without upthread maybe 30 mins ago, no * and it went thru, NP

              no consistency!

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              1. This tells me that there are complex functions involved, both at WordPress and Akismet, and that these can be TWEAKED to MESS WITH PEOPLE OR BLOGS. What happened is that somebody went in and spun some dials to make them BACK OFF on posters here.

                WordPress admins start getting complaints, and WordPress / Akismet start getting bad press here, and suddenly there are CHANGES behind the scenes.

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              1. Can’t really say. I smell people involved here. And remember – ALGORITHMS are written, deployed, and their buttons PUSHED by people. So there ARE people involved – writing and USING algorithms. The question is simply HOW the people are involved. Multiple times and places, no doubt.

                “The rock is carried up the mountain road. The rock is brought to the edge of the road. The rock is pushed over the edge when somebody walks below. Who is at fault, if all knew the purpose?”

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    1. No wonder I am healthy as a horse. I LOVE garlic and put it in nearly everything.

      Did you know there is a medieval dish of whole roasted garlic cloves?

      ….The Forme of Cury is England’s oldest surviving cookbook. When you serve one of the recipes you can find in it, you’re tasting the same food somebody ate in the 14th century. What’s more, you’re tasting the same food King Richard II ate.

      The book was compiled by King Richard II’s personal chefs, and it’s full of dishes that were served to the king of England himself. There are over 190 recipes compiled in there altogether, ranging from the simple to the exotic. Some recipes are as simple as throwing peeled garlic in a pot of water and oil and then sprinkling saffron on top, while others call for porpoise or whale meat….

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      1. Gail, I am fascinated by old recipes like these. I have several modern printings of Elizabethan and Georgian English cookbooks, but not that one.

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  11. Plugging not plugging

    A few rather insightful posts up OT, particularly re: Michael Moore DNC rant and how Joe Biden was used by cabal as so much tissue paper.

    Ignore the bit about Barr at the end of the Biden post.

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  12. Nice video from Women For Trump:

    For Zoe…text from tweet:

    Women For Trump: We toured the entire state of Iowa and rallied with great patriots who love President Donald J. Trump!

    The Iowa caucuses are this Monday, Feb 3 – Join Team Trump as we caucus across the state!

    ……………End text.

    A lady in the video says…”The day he descended the golden escalator, I knew we had a fighter.”

    Video features Lara Trump and Mercedes Schlapp travelling Iowa in a tour bus, with Lara Trump narrating.

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  13. Thomas Wictor

    I’m 56 years old.

    This is BRAND NEW.

    Trump just hit 42 percent approval among black Americans.

    Imagine the REAL numbers. November is going to be the biggest landslide in our history.


    Hilarious BARACK OBAMA sounds like a Idiot when getting heckled by AUDIENCE at Rallies!

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    1. ChiComs need to protect Peng and every researcher in that lab. The Cabal will try to kill all the witnesses who can help piece together the higher levels of the plot to release the stuff.

      ChiComs behaved as expected and tried to cover up. This was planned by the cabal. They know exactly how human psychology works.

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    1. Oh … 😮🤚 … I’m logged in but no bell 🔔 … hmmm 🤨 .. ahh … now worries it’s probably rolling around on below deck somewhere ..

      Love and God bless you all .. 🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸 …

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