20200131: ShaMMMpeachment ~ Decision Day

Well? What do you guys think? Where are we? Do we have enough votes to shut down this charade? Mittens and Collins are voting to have witnesses. Lamar Alexander is a “no”. Gosh, we learned last night Lamar Alexander and Mitch McConnell have been friends since they both served Senators as interns together in the 60s. Queen Lisa Murkowski has not indicated how she will vote as yet. Closing arguments are today. Then, a vote for acquittal which could come as early as today or tomorrow. Let’s see what happens.

Proud of our team:

It’s been a privilege “to serve” with you all. Thank you for your contributions.

It’s been quite an experience.

518 thoughts on “20200131: ShaMMMpeachment ~ Decision Day

  1. Mark Meadows:

    51-49. 17 witnesses is enough. 28K pages of documents is enough. The Democrats have no case.


    Elise Stefanik:

    Adam Schiff’s impeachment sham is OVER.

    It was partisan, unconstitutional, unfair, and flawed from the very start.

    From Schiff’s coordination with the whistleblower to the fact that Dems have publicly called for impeachment since the day after @realDonaldTrump was elected.

    An outrageous abuse of power by Adam Schiff.

    And an absolute waste of the country’s time and taxpayer dollars.

    It is time to move on and get back to the People’s work.


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  2. Lee Zeldin:

    Schiff is so out of touch with reality and so oblivious to how badly
    just undercut & destroyed Schiff’s arguments up and down, and inside and out.

    It’s Over! Shut down this Schiff Show and don’t ever produce a sequel.

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  3. Hmmmm….retweeted today by Barbara Flynn

    Barbara(Flynn)⭐️⭐️⭐️Redgate #WhoLeakedGenFlynn Retweeted
    Donald J. Trump
    Oct 26, 2019
    …Thank you
    ! Hopefully this is just the beginning of a massive story of injustice and treason. You will never learn this from the corrupt LameStream Media who get Pulitzer Prizes for reporting the story totally wrong. The ones who report it right get only RESPECT!

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  4. Chad Pergram
    Senior Congressional source tells Fox there has been no discussion about postponing State of the Union. Advance teams were crawling all over the Capitol today in preparation for Tuesday
    Part of the holdup is that some senators are arguing the need for them to debate the articles of impeachment on the Senate floor. Open debate is the essence of the Senate. If senators aren’t allowed 2 debate impeachment on the floor themselves, they say that undercuts the Senate

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    1. Ohhhhhhhhh, I see.
      Could this be a vain attempt for the Presidential candidates to get some camera time?
      Again, at the expense of the American people and the President?

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      1. Playing catch up today.

        Absolutely D-rats in the clown car, toss in cry’n Chuckster. Gotta get some video sound bites for campaign trail.

        AND, they’ll work on RINOs to vote for impeachment. Of course they’ll never get to 67. But, me thinks it is how ignorant politicians operate.

        AND, the bastards will pursue impeachment vote behind closed doors. Unbelievable, the assholes can’t even stand up for their actions.

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  5. Chad Pergram
    Separate GOP/Dem mtgs now underway among senators as they try to hash out a path forward to finish impeachment trial

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  6. Crazy Mazie Hirono sums up the Democrat attitude:

    “I don’t care what kind of nice, little, legal, Constitutional defenses that they came up with.”

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    1. HaHa! Hey Mazie, a lot of us at this point don’t care what any of you deranged dems or your deranged voters want. We are sick of y’all hijacking our gov’t and don’t care what you think anymore…We win, you lose!

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  7. My guess and hope – is that McConnell is sufficiently tired of the whole business taking his valuable time – he’s going to give them a dinner break and call them back at 7pm and make ’em vote to acquit.

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    1. “Senators will now confer among ourselves, with the House Managers, and with the President’s counsel to determine next steps as we prepare to conclude the trial in the coming days.”

      Sounds like they are not going to vote tonight.

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        1. Schumer tried to get Roberts involved using the CJ rulings on a couple of procedural motions in Johnson’s impeachment – they were not rulings involving actual Senate policy and rules.

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  8. He may be impeached forever….it will make him stronger 💪🇺🇸

    On the other hand being a drunken, delusional idiot forever…….🤷

    Pelosi: The President was impeached for abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. He is impeached forever. There can be no acquittal without a trial. And there is no trial without witnesses, documents and evidence.

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    1. President is NOT impeached UNLESS the House’s partisan Scampeachmint passes the Senate!!!

      The House only has 1/2 the power to impeach – IT MUST PASS THE SENATE!!!

      The House Impeachment was partisan and likely illegitimate – and shall not pass the Senate.

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      1. Indeed. The committees in the House never was given the jurisdiction to formulate these Articles, since there had to be a vote in the House for this to get started properly. That vote was never held, and if it had been, chances are it would not have passed, so nothing more would happen. Of course, these characters who are so lawyerly adamant that there has to be justice, couldn’t accept that so they started the whole works off without the proper foundation.

        This is just the same «cart before the horse»-style modus operandum as we have seen a number of times before: Start with the conclusion and work backwards in time and space, to the premises, never mind such standard concepts as causality. Or «show me the perpetrator and I’ll find a crime», rather similar.

        Thus all the impeachment (which I prefer to call the scampi peach mint, an unpalatable combination even under the best of circumstances) articles and is just as much rubbish. Passing this on to the Senate could taken as defrauding the Senate.

        The correct ending to this isn’t acquittal, it is mistrial, with prejudice and with charges levied against the conspirators in the House.

        Even I can figure this out and I’m an engineer and not a lawyer…

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        1. Fully agree! It was illegitimate from the beginning.

          That is Pelosi’s MO – she did the ‘Sham-peach-mint’ just like she ‘passed’ Obamacare. No one was allowed to read it beforehand. You’ve got to pass it to read it, she said.

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  9. I’m ok with a name change…..

    Graham Ledger
    Oh wow. You really got him now! Check mate! Nice job, Molly. #ImpeachmentTrials
    Quote Tweet

    Molly McKew
    · 1h
    For years, Republican extremists in the Tea Party & “Freedom” caucus have called the Democratic Party the “Democrat Party” as a slur. They’ve normalized the slur over time.

    From now on, fine. Lexicon wars it is.

    There is no Republican Party.

    There is only the Trump Party.

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    1. She thinks that’s a slur? It’s appropriate because Pres. Trump has given the Republican Party new life and some Repubs in Congress the courage they lacked to do the right thing. The Trump Party will MAGA.

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  10. So, do I understand it correctly.

    – Senators can submit stuff to the record and make ten minute statements.

    – Wednesday, they vote to acquit. No long winded nonsense Wednesday,

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    1. No new stuff can be submitted, but whatever the Senators want to say in their 10 minutes of air time will be recorded in the Senate record, becoming permanent.

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    1. I have been considering the implications of this vote happening after the SOTU.
      President Trump will have the most breathless, bipartisan audience he has had or likely ever will have for a SOTU address.
      At this SOTU, it is the perfect time to Declassify all of the pertinent information concerning the accusations made against him. President Trump is totally media savvy. No one can just walk away from the disclosures. It will be the perfect time to lay out the Constitutional reasons why this impeachment does not meet any of the requirements for impeachment. There will be videos on the big screen and 500 page handouts of evidence with references to more evidence and documentation.
      It is also the perfect time to disclose all of the foreign contributions received to sell out our country again with videos, audio tapes and documentation that has been gathered over the years.
      The doors will be locked and guarded and the arrests will be televised on live stream TV.
      I am ordering more popcorn.

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      1. I’m with you. Not a bad thing for the vote to take place after the SOTU.

        No talking points for the Dems – other than what they’ve been parroting. POTUS gets to tell the country how good things are, and maybe POTUS can allude to what the People weren’t told – or what’s coming.

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        1. With the vote after the SOTU, the Dems can’t whine on national TV about how the trial ended. They can mention it, but it won’t have been completed. They won’t be able to vent their full righteous indignation because they won’t want to come across as losers to the voters before the process is complete, IMO.

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      2. This I would totally absolutely love: “It is also the perfect time to disclose all of the foreign contributions received to sell out our country again with videos, audio tapes and documentation that has been gathered over the years.”

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        1. Well, it does fit in with the “State of the Union” concept – the corruption that stole money from American taxpayers – and POTUS is trying to stop said corruption on the part of elected officials. 🙂

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      3. It would be lovely, but theyd have to coordinate with each fbi and military office around the country to make the non attendee arrests and for riot control. Plus, it would really have to be air tight so as not to get the nuts to try to suspend the election altogether.

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  11. Chad Pergram
    Colleague Kimberly Anderson says McConnell leaves Senate chamber looking pleased. Had a big smile and gave a thumbs up

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  12. Per Larry S. I’m still fond of McConnell.

    “What does this tell you? That Minion is gonna acquit. And if he votes to acquit, something tells me Manchin at least will join, perhaps both Enema and Jones.”

    “Senate approves final framework to finish trial next Wednesday

    The vote was 53-47”


    “You can bet @realDonaldTrump
    will have choice words for the SOTU.

    And guess what? While NO ONE was watching impeachment, the whole USA will be watching him Tuesday night.”

    Larry Schweikart
    So, it is interesting that ROBERTS made this ruling, not the Senate rules.
    He could have screwed us folks, and didn’t . . . this time.

    But I’ll take the win.
    Quote Tweet

    Undercover Huber
    · 57m
    BREAKING: Chief Justice agrees with below https://twitter.com/Peoples_Pundit/status/1223399965646622720?s=20

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  13. Maintaining perspective: The Dems have fired their weapons and come up empty. Keep in mind POTUS’ has yet to fire his.

    Something to think about.

    The Dems just lost their biggest weapon. Trump will be acquitted on Wednesday.

    Trump on the other hand has kept his powder dry. He has Barr and Durham, possible indictments, Biden investigations, Rudy docs to unleash at will for the next 9 months😏😏

    Better than all that: he has now totally discredited both the Special Prosecutor AND the House impeachment crap. Those will be totally ineffective again.

    If I was a DemoKKKrat I’d be wetting myself.

    Trump is about to be unleashed.
    Replying to
    Yes , I noticed at his rally yesterday that his speech was much more focused on four or five big campaign issues. It was a different tone from the Monday rally. He is entering campaign mode and he has all his weapons intact to fire at will.

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  14. So Susie ‘the Snake’ Collins voted with Mitty McTraitor… along with EVERY single Democrat.

    I hope somebody is keeping score.

    It’s a fine opportunity for a late entry outsider to challenge both of them.

    It could be anybody, and they would beat either of these two.

    All another Republican would have to do is say the same thing in every campaign speech:

    My opponent votes with the Democrats against MAGA and my opponent tries to jam a knife in the president’s back at every opportunity. I will never do that, I will support the president and I support MAGA.”

    Then roll on to the next campaign stop, and repeat. 👍

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    1. Pelosi still trying to fashion her own reality. “Impeachment is forever, no acquittal.” Someone needs to wake her up. Hopefully things are coming that will do just that.

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