Dear KAG!: 20200130 Open Thread

 This Night before Daughn Thursday 20200130 Open Thread is Open – VERY OPEN – a place for everybody to post whatever they feel they would like to tell the White Hats, and the rest of the MAGA / KAG! / KMAG world (KMAG being a bit of both MAGA and KAG! You can say what you want, comment on what other people said, and so on.

Free Speech is practiced here. ENJOY IT. Use it or lose it.

However, we have a new policy. Starting 20191110. Keep it SOMEWHAT civil. We have a new board – actually a new SITE – called The U Tree – where people can take each other to the woodshed without fear of censorship or moderation. NOT HERE. This board will remain a REFUGE for those who need civility, either some or all of the time.

They tried to FORCE fake Orwellian civility on us. In response, we CHOOSE true civility to defend our precious FREEDOM from THEM. Our rules began with the civility of the Old Treehouse, later to become the Wolverinian Empire, and one might say that we have RESTORED THE OLD REPUBLIC – the early high-interaction model of the Treehouse – except of course that Q discussion is not only allowed but encouraged, and speech is considerably freer in other ways. Please feel free to argue and disagree with the board owner, as nicely as possible.

Please also consider the Important Guidelines, outlined here in the January 1st open thread. Let’s not give the odious Internet Censors a reason to shut down this precious haven.


Also remember Wheatie’s Rules: •1.No food fights. •2.No running with scissors. •3.If you bring snacks, bring enough for everyone .

Keep on Trumpin!

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    1. Volgarian8301 posted tweets re: Gen Flynn by his son

      On behalf of the Flynn Family I want to say a few things.. #1. We are thankful for all of the amazing spiritual and financial support we have received from Patriots nationwide…#2 We have a fearless fighter in @SidneyPowell1 leading our fight God bless her.

      millions of Patriots helping us get the truth out about the egregious, un-American, Soviet style way that @GenFlynn a decorated war hero has been treated by the same Govt he put his life on the line for, for over 33 years.Thank you friends. We will keep fighting!

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      1. Btw, these tweets directly refute a certain poster here who has been highly critical of, and indeed blatantly insulting to, Sidney Powell.

        Which basically means said poster’s opinion is utterly worthless when it comes to Sidney Powell.

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        1. Now, now. Not sure a bucket of ice water is necessary. Nor helpful. Piddling on folks contributing is what sum dunce, over there does. Do we really want to go there?

          Back on topic.

          While I am deficient in the law, I do believe Sydney is exposing the obvious (that commoners see) AND will ultimately prevail, with rulings in Gen Flynn’s favor. The “law” seemingly operates in a stratosphere separate from normal folks.

          Significantly, AND very telling to me, I believe the corrupt DOJ sentencing thoughts have swung wildly. Initially probation. Recently six months jail. NOW probation. DOJ weenie’s in panic…don’t want their corruption to be exposed. Me thinks. We’ll see IF Sullivan is as bad as DOJ. Thus far, I consider Sullivan as bad as DOJ.

          – Seems as though the DOJ IS backing down and indirectly admits, DOJ IS facked up. Yea. Latter thought an understatement.

          DOJ backing down on sentencing, to me, is an admission, DOJ wants an off ramp to “save face”. DOJ is as bad as the Chinese in that regard. How’s that for an over arching all encompassing generalization 😉

          AND, the poster or two with another tangent opinion regarding Sydney, may ultimately prove correct. Dunno. Judge Sullivan needs to rule. Scheduled February 28th, IIRC. Of course sentencing has been delayed probably ten times over the past few years.

          AND, DOJ really, really needs to be bitch slapped for their corruption and heavy handed tactics AGAINST Americans. For good measure, sooo many Judges need a good bitch slapping also.

          Just my two cents.

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      1. Wolf, do you have any objection if I email WordPress support about my comments going into the spam bucket? I’ve bookmarked the links from two pages from your site to send them by way of illustration. Am also having the same problem with the U Tree.

        It’s happened on Marica’s site, too, although that comment had a number attached to it:

        Please confirm either way. Many thanks.

        The problem must be with my WP profile, although I cannot figure out why, as I haven’t changed anything.

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        1. I just released these from spam. We have no tools to *permanently* declare somebody NOT SPAM. I no longer believe this is an oversight – I believe that this is a sneaky tool of control. bflyjesusgrl has been forced to give up on my posts. This is subtle discouragement. There is NO REASON that either (1) a simple function of freeing people from spam, or (2) machine learning could not be used by WordPress, Akismet, or both, to avoid the false positives which are used as selective political discouragement.

          I’m about to do an article that will put these companies in the crosshairs of DOJ. You are welcome to tell them that, too. I’m sick of this shit. I could write a function to keep people out of spam in ONE DAY. Screw these people, excuse my French. This is plausibly deniable social tinkering . TO HELL WITH IT. The article goes up this weekend if they don’t fix you and scott467 and blyjesusgrl by then.

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              1. Yes, please get the others to that thread.
                If their problems are ALL GONE, then I may desist from making a post which Automattic will really have a bad day about.

                I’m about to do a post which explains that I believe Akismet is being abused to achieve social grooming here. Illegitimate political social grooming, as is done on Twitter and Facebook.

                There is NO REASON that once I liberate people from spam, they are not permanently liberated. We have been slowly groomed to accept conditions that are contrary to my purposes as a site owner, and our members’ interests, and I’m about to raise HOLY HELL.

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              2. Thank you very much, Wolf.

                I was happy to see your comment on another relevant thread and hope that others take advantage of it:


                Based on what WP support told me on my thread, is that Akismet is to blame — which would agree with your assumptions.

                From the WP support person to my enquiry:


                ‘… If it continues, it may be that Akismet was inadvertently flagging your comments and we can check to verify that.’

                Therefore, for others similarly affected: it is worth going to WP support. Feel free to cite these two threads — I see that someone else here has. I have both bookmarked, so I can retrieve the links if anyone needs them.

                Thanks again, Wolf, for your support. I very much appreciate it.

                Thank you also to MA_kSwiss for help this week — invaluable.

                I also appreciate everyone’s moral support and friendship over the past few days, not only here but on Marica’s site.

                Best wishes to all for a good weekend.

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              3. Thank you very much, Wolf! 🙂

                We had a quiet night in watching ITV’s balanced countdown to Brexit, sipping Champagne at 11 p.m. Had gin cocktails earlier.

                Let’s hope this heralds the resumption of something big. We no longer have an Empire, but we still have a strong Commonwealth of nations!

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              4. I think it IS something big – and on the right track.

                Empires are cultural and linguistic now – they are “world brands”. They are far more dynamic than anything that current thinking is really translating into any kind of bureaucracy. Heck – APPLE is more relevant as a “cross-cutting empire” than Macron is as a leader of the Francophone empire.

                The Francophone world is trying to bring France to its senses. It’s trying to WAKE UP, just like the Anglosphere.

                When I travel, I see that the power of linguistic heritage is what really organizes the world. Seeing Brazilians flock to Portugal, or Africans flocking to France, showed me where the true power lies.

                The Anglosphere just decided that it’s not going away. MAGA was where the disruption broke, but BREXIT was making it official.

                Nations are again asserting relevance, but so are NEW FORMS and NEW ORGANIZATIONS and NEW RELATIONSHIPS.

                It’s a very exciting time. Everybody is right and everybody is wrong and we all have to adapt while hanging on to what matters and preserving it when others don’t get it.

                Thanks goodness we have Trump, and also “that other VSG with weird blonde hair who recites stuff in Greek forever you know the one”! 😉

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              5. Yep, I certainly do. 🙂

                I agree with everything you say. New paradigms will be made this year. Our election results last December signalled the beginning. Boris has a majority of 80. The people of Britain spoke at the ballot box. They clearly want Conservative Party leadership.

                Boris will join PDJT as a maker of international news. His enthusiasm is infectious. He will make loving one’s country a ‘thing’ again in Europe. Other Europeans will see that and want it for themselves. I do think that Boris will spearhead great trade deals, too.


              6. That one came through because I replied through ‘the bell’.

                That’s why I asked MA_kswiss to communicate with you on my behalf. We were exchanging messages on the Sunday thread about this. My messages were posted as long as I replied in this manner.

                If I reply to you through ‘the bell’, the comment will show. If I try to comment directly on the thread, it doesn’t.

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              7. When you use “the bell”, are you on itself, or on Both of them have the bell, but it only works on WQTH itself if all cookies are allowed. This is just a detail which may help explain what Akismet is looking at to discriminate against you.

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              8. I reply via the bell from my site, as I’m normally writing a post after I’ve read WQTH.

                I’m 99% positive that I’ve got all my cookies enabled. I haven’t changed any of my settings for ages.

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    2. I’m wondering just how many shiny red balls are being kept in the air all at once.

      I feel bad that the Flynn family is going through all of this, but somehow the whole thing going on as long as it has been has the aura of a soap opera being used as a trap.

      After all, Flynn was betrayed AND he knows where a whole lot of bodies are buried.

      Waiting for the book to come out.

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  2. Ladies, I left you all a post about learning how to shoot at the end of yesterday’s Open Thread.

    Please keep us updated on your training.

    Also….pro tip.

    Start with a .22 cal. Use it to learn the basics….general gun safety, how to handle a firearm, trigger squeeze, breathing, sight picture, etc. Master the basics FIRST before moving up in caliber size. Don’t listen to anyone who tells you that this isn’t necessary and tries to start you with a bigger gun.

    No one learns how to drive using a Ferrari. They learn best by mastering the basics with a car that is easy to drive and won’t overpower them, just like pilots don’t start out learning how to fly in a 747.

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      1. You’re not a Roller Derby fan, are you? 🙂
        (Just thinking back to the Bay Bombers and the Oakland Coliseum Arena)…

        Have to wonder if those gals started out as Hockey players…
        (went to a fight, and a hockey game broke out – Rodney Dangerfield)…


    1. Your post is excellent. After reading your post, I now understand why my dad quit hunting birds. After we moved to the PNW, he’d gone over to the eastern side of the mountains to hunt pheasant, which he used to do regularly with friends when we lived in KS. He went only once, and never went again, with some comment about not liking the hunters. Now I understand what it was he didn’t like.

      His grandfather had similar expectations of hunting, having been a hunter for the Army before WW I, and I believe was my dad’s primary instructor. My dad said he didn’t like to waste bullets or meat.

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      1. Thank you, JC. Yeah, hunting pheasants is VERY similar to hunting quail and can be just as dangerous. And yes, serious hunters/shooters consider wasting either bullets or meat a grave sin, which is an attitude/way of thinking passed all the down from the days of flintlock muskets when bullets, powder, and meat were hard to come by!

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    2. Was a great post and wonderful story I might add!

      Will keep you up to date!

      (FYI. For anyone wondering we were talking about gun training)

      But now I’m tempted to try a 747 😉

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      1. By all means! I suggest a simulator though, just in case. 😎

        In fact, Qantas has a 747 simulator in Sydney, Australia. Did you know? Qantas opens its simulators up to the general public as a mileage award. Guests can book a one-hour ride for two people in the Boeing 747-400 simulator at the Qantas training facility just outside of the Sydney airport. The regular price is 115,000 points.

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    3. It’s fine to use a .22 to learn basics, but before you invest too much you’re going to want to think about why you’re doing this. Me, I’m a CPA. When I looked into return on investment, I built a spreadsheet. And the price of ammo absolutely should be a factor. A website like is a nice resource.

      When you see people arguing over how many angels can dance on a pin and whether 9mm or .45ACP is superior by 10-20%, it helps to know that 9mm practice ammo is half the price.

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      1. The hero that saved his church with a beautiful clean shot at extended range across the entire length of the building…..there’s enough information out there to contact him personally, especially care/of his church, and no reason not to do so politely. Ask him about his consumption of practice rounds and his carry rounds. I’d guess he punched 5,000+ holes in paper targets and hoped he never would have to make the shot he did….but was ready, skilled, and practiced to make it count.

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      2. Random thoughts from the peanut gallery.

        Price of ammo matters, unless one is wealthy or has a source of free ammo. Rarely use a range personally. The desert is a huge range of sorts. Quite easy to send many rounds down range when plinking.

        .22 can be had for four of five cents per round. 9MM .20 or .22 per round.

        FWIW, I believe the two most common rounds are .22 and 9MM.

        – 9MM most affordable when compared to .380, 40S&W, .45ACP.

        – Buy in bulk, unless purchasing rounds for defensive purposes.

        – Black Friday ammo sales are great AND commonly come with rebates.
        – – IF I made a purchase of 9MM Federal for $400 or so, I may have quite literally received my $100 MC debit card yesterday in the mail. A two month wait,, but it is $100, or 25% kickback. A really, really intelligent person here has stated, never pay retail 😉 But again, that is IF I purchased that 9MM ammo for .18 per round 😉

        There is NO consensus in gun community which caliber IS optimal to carry for defensive purposes. IT’s personal preference.
        – Me, 9MM. I know people that carry .380, 9MM, .45ACP.
        – One guy carries .32, IIRC. The latter is what he feels best suits him.

        Consensus for ideal caliber is commonly, whatever the shooter is most comfortable with. Safety. User ability to safely handle and accurately shoot the gun. Primary purpose of the gun.

        Then we can get into, how is the gun carried. Open carry. CCW – inside waist band, outside waistband, ankle…

        Where did we start…

        #1 gun safety. Agree with .22 best round to start out with.
        – A gun range that loans or rents guns is an option.
        – Me, recommend ask a friend you trust, that owns a .22, to take you to the range.
        – OR, if an option, shoot on BLM land, which is free. But do check local BLM regulations and surrounding city county ordinances. They all vary.

        S A F E T Y.


      1. Do it!

        Most ranges these days have guns you can try out, often for free.

        Start small to avoid the challenges of a strong recoil. Newbies will show up at a range never having shot a pistol before and want to try out a .44 magnum, because they saw Clint Eastwood in Dirty Harry (“Do ya feel lucky, punk?”).

        One shot and they be all…

        Don’t do that to yourself.

        Start with a .22

        No recoil. Lots of fun!

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        1. The ranges here, I know have weapons that can be used/rented. And I’ll have to start small and stay small. My hands are not big enough to reach an eighth on the piano, or even play flute. I tried. Oboe was better, but they’re little.

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          1. Fact: a .22 will bring down an elk if the shot is perfect.

            Large calibers are used because:

            1. Most people won’t take the time to become a great shooter. They’ll become a decent shot and stop there because of the law of diminishing returns and they are lazy. The jump from good to great takes 3x’s as long as getting to good, and large calibers make up the difference by doing more damage.

            2. Ammo is the US is dirt cheap compared to prices anywhere else in the world. Even today.

            I personally believe that decent shooters who hunt are inhumane hunters. They’ll wound, not kill, a significant number of animals they’d shoot at. THAT is a waste of bullets and good meat. A HUGE no-no in the world I was raised in. Such types will also take shots they have no business attempting and wind up wounding an animal rather than killing it outright.

            Being a great shot as a hunter is a mindset and way of being. It must be learned from old school methods and those that know them.

            If you want to learn how to,shoot, find one of these people.

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            1. FG&C, one year at a gunshow, I picked up a book on how to shoot white tailed deer, the book was written in 1947 iirc.
              Wow, the subject was so multi-dimensional I was enthralled for weeks. loads of common sense, but mostly learning ab deer and their habits. shocking!
              (Helped me greatly when it came to the doggos.)

              Years later, I ran into a trio of Brothers who were elk hunters. They told me they took one 3 wk vacation, together, each year.
              First week set up Camp, second week scout, third week hunt.
              Each year, all 3 of them bagged an elk…with one arrow each.
              These two experiences really impressed upon me the greater picture of what hunting can be, and greatly increased my interest.

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          2. They come in all sizes. One of my daughters has small hands. A pellet pistol, personal preference is one that is a pump, rather that CO2, is useful for general practice in learning to aim. There are target traps that can even be used indoors, and they’re usually not very expensive. Amazon has one, with the little animals, for under 30$. Where ever it is used, should have a good solid wood or concrete backstop be hind it. A piece of plywood or OSB will work fine or up against a solid fence. The pellets have a flat end to them, they are not round like a BB.



  3. Wow. Roberts needs to be investigated. He’s got someone’s puppet strings on him.

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    1. I’m surprised that Rand didn’t just stand up and ask his question. What is Roberts going to do – cry?

      More to the point, what would Turtle do to his fellow Kentucky senator?

      Probably nothing, or he’d just ask him to sit down.

      Truth be told, we don’t expect much out of this ersatz impeachment. And we’re not likely to get much, either.

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      1. Well, if Feinstein can go out and (Deliberately) tell the media about things she should not have said without any repercussions…I’d say go for it, If Schiff can lie and leak information without repercussions without consequences. …If Reid can deliberately lie about a Candidate on the floor of then smugly brag that “it worked” without repercussions. … If POTUS can be slandered on Congressional floor, etc etc. Rand Paul probably has the guts to do it.
        Of course, the Dims/media would feed off of that for days…just looking for an excuse to take focus away…and hopefully the GOP knows it.
        Spit on Roberts….such a major disappointment.

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    2. Tweet says…

      Chief Justice Roberts told senators that he will not read aloud the alleged Ukraine whistleblower’s name or otherwise publicly relay questions that might out him/her—a move that has effectively blocked
      @RandPaul from asking a question today.

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        1. There’s a reason this was done this way. My guess is that since the name has never been OFFICIALLY released, it won’t be spoken by him in an official capacity.

          Roberts was different before the Obamacare thing. Somebody has something being held over his head, and I don’t think it’s the kids being adopted from Ireland through another country. It has to be something more damning and embarrassing than that.

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          1. If President Trump had been running in 2012 against Obama he would have taken that court ruling by roberts, he would have taken the fed gov/obama admin arguing it *was* a tax and would have yelled it from the rooftops, using it as a key to defeating Obama.

            Instead, romney ignored this gift for the election by roberts. So did the entire Uniparty.

            Should have been used to nail the liars to the wall (metaphorically speaking) in the campaign

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      1. My opinion:
        Justice Roberts is under the control of “someone” either in the ClintonMachine or the ValJar .apparatus.
        There’s something SO BAD about Roberts’ life that he changed his ObamaCare vote to protect himself.
        Also a possibility that a MUCH “higher up” controls Roberts — like GEORGE SOROS.
        Roberts is acting now in a way that can only be seen in the light of his being a part of the effort to remove POTUS from office.
        I said awhile ago that if the Impeachment Farce got as far as a Senate trial that Roberts CANNOT be trusted.

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    3. what’s to stop a Senator from asking Philbin what statute requires the whistle blower remain anonymous. and how could a whistle blower be receiving “death threats” if no one knows his name? if there is NO LAW requiring it, how can Roberts deny saying it?

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    4. Easy solution for Rand Paul.

      When it is a Republican turn to submit a question.

      “Mr. chief Justice, I have submitted a question for Managers regrading Eric Cermmmm.”

      Simply state it. It is NOT against any law that I know of. D-rats, deep state and now Roberts are shielding the WB when there is no need to.

      When Roberts throws a tizzy. Go into a verbal brawl aboutr the law, whistle blower statute or whatever it is.

      NO ONE, INCLUDING Eric and Roberts. F’m, IMO.

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    1. If I was Bolton, I’d have my lawyer write a letter to Tucker. But he will get what’s coming to him (shame & embarrassment) when it is shown that Bolton didn’t write that nasty crap and it was all a DJT trap to control the media while something more important was happening.

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        1. I just reread the post I wrote. I misread your post PG. But I never have liked Bolton and agree with Tucker in general about him. Hope you are right about this. I, too, believe this Bolton leak is a canary trap. Sorry if I came off as too harsh and hope you’ll overlook it. Wishing you a great day.

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          1. Overlook hat? 🙂

            Just for clarification, I love the law. I’m especially intrigued by authority of offices and meanings of words (called statutory construction in the legal world).

            I see NO AUTHORITY for C.J. Roberts to act as he did. I don’t really give a damn if he was right or wrong, just that what he did about the whistleblower name is ultra vires (without any authority) per the constitution (a collection of powers & authorities CEDED by the states to the fed govt. No inherent authority exists in the original fed constitution; all power was given by the states. So I get really pissed off when some schlub decides the office exists just so he/she can occupy it.

            If you listen very carefully to Dershowitz, you can see that truth expressed coherently regarding the legitimacy of the Articles of Impeachment. He (like me) believes that the Articles lack legitimacy due to no overt act by the president.

            FTR, this is Q-tree. Splinters are inevitable. 🙂 Your opinion/reaction is valuable.

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      1. While my initial read was and is, canary trap. Fact is we don’t know.

        But I will say, IF it isn’t exposed as canary trap before impeachment wraps up, then Bolton is the schmuck Tucker portrays him to be.

        Me, assuredly don’t like Bolton. A war hawk of the worst ilk, like McStain.

        All of that aside, Bolton has no reclama against Tucker. IMO.

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    Did Piglosi hold on to the Impeachment articles for a month knowing that they would be using the Bolton book leak as a means to coerce the Senate into approving witnesses, thereby subverting the Constitutional norms for the impeachment process and getting the Senate to perform the investigation work of the House??

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    1. I should have prefaced the question above with…

      “If it turns out that the Bolton book leak excerpt was genuine and not a fake canary trap…”

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      1. Guessing, Piglosi initially holding the articles was Piglosi panicking…as the Articles are ignorant.

        Don’t recall when Bolton first volunteered he’d testify.

        Rather positive NSC gave heads up to D-rats…whether it be Piglosi, shitty or another avenue.

        Above stands whether it is a trap or not. NSC leaks. Only question for me is, was it a trap.

        Thinking we’ll know with 48 hours…impeachment wrap up.


    2. Pelosi definitely held them to work with MSNBC and the Lev Parnas crew. Rachel maddow said it took her team months to put the 6 hours of prime time tape together.
      And ya’ know, Adam Schiff had to put together his movie clips for his debut in the Senate. Hehe!

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  5. 1. re: Flynn.

    Lawyer Interruptus here: I read the Flynn Affidavit (FA) carefully. In my past experience, Covington & Burling was well known as corporate bag men for what we now know as the Deep Swamp. I would never, ever guide a criminal target in a DC investigation by DOJ to anyone associated with C&B simply because the corporate powers and billions of business the government steers their way is an inherent, unavoidable conflict. There are dozens of boutique law firms with highly-skilled criminal specialists whose very existence is because of cesspools like C&B.

    Here, however, C&B was actively part of the psyop designed to take down Trump using Flynn. I have no doubt that the FA is factually accurate. Therefore, every piece of advice given to Flynn was tainted and designed to push him over a cliff and get a guilty plea on the record to be used as predicate to suggest everything the Trump administration did was illegal. How many times have you heard “Why then did Flynn plead guilty?”

    The lawyers intentionally overbilled him to get him under duress. They acted like surrogate prosecutors. They created false deadlines. They gave him materially inaccurate and false legal advice. All with the goal of coercing a guilty plea. And, whether C&B knew it or not, the judge was in the bag. I don’t know what leverage they have over him, but the DS got to the judge as well.

    Flynn was always the most important and first target. He knows where all the bodies are buried. He knows the Obama corruption, especially Russia and Ukraine. He is Jack Ryan in Clear and Present Danger. I have no illusion that the judge will deny his plea withdrawal and sentence him. I surely expect Trump will pardon him and others in his second term.

    2. Bolton.

    Vindman’s brother is the leaker. The book has never cleared security review. There is a chance the transcript submitted for review with such tempting language is a deliberate plant but we will likely never know. I an convinced it is a trap and the hook has been set. Let’s see.

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    1. If you have the time, it would be interesting if you gave your legal analysis of the Flynn case.

      As a trial attorney, you must know how Flynn would be humiliated on cross-examination based on the statements he makes in this affidavit. Some things he says are preposterous.

      Once again, through her incompetence, Powell puts Flynn in a poor light. Re-read the affidavit paragraph by paragraph and ask yourself what this says about Flynn by implication, the poor, frightened, dependent, clueless dear.

      It is quite extraordinary that Flynn would not have “known” the same stuff you knew about C&B. Based on his affidavit, he apparently heard different from what you heard.

      And as someone experienced in the criminal law, you understand how often courts hear the plaintive refrain: “I was railroaded!”


      1. Why don’t you tell us all how it is illegal for Flynn to pretend to be a wounded duck in order to get corrupt prosecutors to stick their head in a noose.

        Guess what? There is no law against it.

        Moreover, stop acting like Flynn is a murderer. He’s accused of lying…something that Schiff does on a daily basis on TV.

        Btw, my post above was specifically for you. They Flynn family says hi.

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        1. You know it’s pretty fucking stupid of you to continue to believe Powell is “incompetent” just a few posts down from a post quoting Flynn’s own son…

          Apparently you don’t seem to understand you are indirectly accusing Gen. Flynn of being an idiot.

          And apparently, given your request to Big T, you are either NOT a lawyer yourself or a damn shitty one. What you are, for certain sure, is an idiot to be calling Powell “incompetent” and, in doing so, also accusing her client….Gen. Flynn….of being an idiot to employ her.

          Funny how Gen. Flynn didn’t ask YOU to represent him. Is that because you aren’t a lawyer, or is it because as a lawyer you haven’t earned enough of a reputation to be employed by a client like Gen. Flynn??


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          1. Bluster and ad hominems do not bolster your argument.

            You BELIEVE that Flynn’s guilty plea was a “sting” … lots of people have believed that. Doesn’t make it so.

            The present so-called WB is not a WB, but a leaker, an informant… tied to the DIA… the DIA is NOT clean as you believe.

            No one KNOWS what is going on with Gen Fllynn’s case and that includes you.

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            1. For Zoe – text from tweet I posted above

              TruthLeaks – Investigative Journalist George Webb

              Schiff’s IP addresses tie him directly to DIA informants being presented as whistleblowers. Strzok is tied to all the DIA informants.

              Followed by D.O.D. #’s and names including Peter Strzok and Eric Ciaramelia, alleged WB

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          2. You know, it generally takes quite a bit for a poster to piss me off, but you and I are definitely on the same page about this one.

            Thanks for fighting the good fight. I would just be too much of a bitch about it, so I am refraining.

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            1. YEA!!!!!! not

              It is wonderful that one is ALL knowing, zero room for error AND harshly intolerant.

              Counting my blessings, that my afflictions, while many, are not so rudely out of line for civil discourse.


              1. OH. My bad.

                Meant to address tone, NOT disagreement. Latter CAN be healthy.

                Really need to work on my crappy communication skills. I may not be alone in that regard.

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      2. I have some time but, gee, I kinda thought I already did. So I’ll reiterate, it’s a frame-up from start to finish and the C&B firm is in it from top to bottom.

        As for “humiliation” on cross, it has never happened in the thousands of cross-exams I have done and anyone who expects or predicts that outcome is simply not experienced. I don’t find his statements “preposterous” as he is making a sworn affidavit and his skilled and experienced attorney, who will have hours of direct exam to flesh out the affidavit, blunt the anticipated cross and set traps for the novice prosecutors, knows exactly what she is doing.

        Perhaps you gathered from my original piece that I have much experience with the very specific and identifiable sub-species of lawyer of which Flynn’s original counsel are members. Big firm criminal defense lawyers are pawns of the corporate department, kept far enough away that they cannot be smelled but close enough to bail out firm clients who get crossways with DOJ over stock deals, regulatory stuff or SEC rules. They are not trial lawyers and they do as they are told. That Flynn was herded toward them and then ensnared speaks not to his naivete but to his vulnerability at that time. Once you hire a lawyer and your professional life hangs in the balance you do not question that lawyers judgment in the heat of the moment.

        I have no idea what ax you are grinding with Sydney Powell nor do I know anything about your professional background. I try to avoid taking a personal position in a professional situation, particularly when it comes to professional behavior. Trump is the greatest president of our lifetime despite his rocky marital past. In my home growing up, my dad railed weekly against Alan Dershowitz the TV icon as they travelled in the same circles, but he never had one bad word about his intellect and practice skills.

        I have no basis to judge Attorney Powell’s professional skills other than her actions in this case and what other professionals say about her. I judge her to be an articulate, strong and indefatigable Southern woman; I married one so I understand and admire the fact that such women can move mountains, change history and not break a nail. She is exactly the person I would have recommended Flynn hire at the outset when facing a battalion of angry, chauvinistic, nerdy prosecutors and a mercurial trial judge.

        Her professional reputation is impeccable and she is well-liked by her peers. The first is more important as I have met many world-renowned doctors who were reviled by their less-skilled peers. Their peers never played golf with them but sent their mothers for a cure.

        Attorney Powell was handed an on-going trainwreck when Flynn finally fired C&B. As an added factor, it is clear that the DOJ has acted with complete disregard of Brady rules in the “discovery” phase of the case. Thus, she had a client who already plead guilty based on incomplete records and incompetent prior representation.

        I don’t need to “re-read the affidavit” or do any self-exam. We simply disagree on its import and the strategy behind it. I think your assessment is biased and driven by your dislike of Attorney Powell.

        As a federal district court clerk early in my career, I worked for a the chief judge of the US District Court in Boston. Criminal cases are very unusual in USDC as 99% are handled at the state level. Nonetheless, the only people who were less experienced than my judge in criminal practice and procedure were the US Attorneys and no one has given this aspect attention. I can promise you that Van Dorkle has not done enough cross-exams in open court to qualify as a novice. I am sure he has NEVER done one of a high-profile, well-prepared, well-represented defendant in a high-profile, politically-charged case with media covering the color of his tie. If you think Attorney Powell is somehow not skilled, wait til you see Van Dorkle.

        Finally, I think I have heard “I was railroaded” maybe twice in my career as a trial attorney. When it comes from a career criminal in his max-security jail cell a year after trial, I yawn. When my federal judge heard it in a habeas corpus case brought by a prisoner sentenced to 30 years for a relatively minor crime, he listened and, against all his conservative DNA, he sent the case back for a de novo sentencing hearing.

        I have a far less cynical view of this case and criminal law in general than you apparently do. Perhaps if you have the time, you explain to all of us, with some specific examples and facts, how you came to form these categorical opinions of both Powell and, apparently, Flynn too. It’s Thursday and I’ve been wrong a whole bunch this week already so what’s a couple more times worth in the big picture?

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        1. Thomas, thank you for this post, which helps me to understand so much about our legal system and what is going on. We are blessed to have you among us.

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        2. Very well stated, counselor. I also have some trouble with critiquing legal strategy based on a peek under the curtain so to speak. I suppose that comes from my work experience as a former lower life form (paralegal) which work was filled with reading briefs and court files until they came bleeding out of my ears.

          Sometimes (but rarely) I was unable to discern the trial theory of the case despite reading all the trial court briefs/memos. I remember only two cases which required “backing up” the case in order to obtain justice for our client. I remember it being a terrifying experience because doing so meant making certain that current statements did not conflict with previous statements.

          This Flynn case reminds me of what I have read concerning legal malpractice lawsuits, where the plaintiff must prove that proper representation would have resulted in a favorable ruling. Two trains on parallel tracks at cruising speed and the plaintiff’s legal team has to jump back and forth between the trains (to keep discovery straight).

          I do not envy Sidney and just to annoy everyone, here’s the real truth: legal success is a favorable outcome. No points for expensive watches and Italian suits.

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        3. We have a different understanding of legal analysis. Concluding that a prosecution is a frame-up from start to finish, to my mind, is not legal analysis. It is interesting speculation about the motivations behind a case. Legal analysis, to my mind, is applying the law to the facts of a case.

          I am curious about the nature of the cases where you have done thousands of cross examinations without a person once, not even once, being humiliated. How many have been in a criminal case? How many have been of a defendant who is testifying about an absurd and contradictory alibi? How many have been of a paid expert in a criminal case where the expert was called in to throw a Hail Mary in the face of overwhelming evidence? How many have been where a defendant wants you to believe he didn’t lie by saying he lied under oath, which is Flynn’s present position? Have you ever cross examined someone who states that he committed perjury twice, on exactly the same subject, and the second time he committed perjury because he was surprised?

          I am interested in the knowledge you have that Flynn was “herded” to C&B. How do you know that? How do you know he was “ensnared?”

          True, once you hire a lawyer and your life hangs in the balance you do not question the lawyer’s judgment in the heat of the moment. But two points: 1) doesn’t that apply to Powell as well as to any other lawyer? It looks to me like Flynn is not questioning her judgment under circumstances where her judgment appears harmful to him. That rationalization can be made about C&B or Powell, so where does it get us? 2) And of course anyone can say they were railroaded by their lawyers. (Although you say you have only heard that twice in your life, you are making exactly that argument in Flynn’s case. You are saying Flynn was railroaded, so that makes a third time.) But do you twice LIE under oath because of your lawyers? Are you absolved of lying under oath because of your lawyers? Doesn’t lying under oath carry some moral liability and psychological agency which exceeds your lawyer’s judgment?

          I have stated what “ax” I have to grind with Powell many times and at length on QTH. She took over Flynn’s case when he was ready to be sentenced to no incarceration after pleading guilty to a minor offense, for which he could expect to be pardoned. The stress and the financial bleeding were coming to an end. The government promised no further prosecution for him and his son.

          I read Powell’s original papers and posted my thoughts at the time, several times at least. And what I said, in sum, was that she was not making a legal argument, she was making a political statement. I could go into detail again but I won’t. Suffice it to say, she never applied the law to the facts, and such law as she did cite was inapplicable (the Stevens case, a topic in her book).

          Sullivan gave her every chance to make a legal argument, and she did not. So Sullivan conducted a legal analysis and, predictably, denied her motion. Sullivan conducted actual legal analysis, based on actual law. I have yet to see anyone refute his legal analysis, certainly Powell has not. Can you? That is what I was asking. Can you apply the intricate law governing Brady to the many allegations and facts of the case? And apply that Brady analysis in the context of a guilty plea, one which has been taken twice under oath? I am ready to be convinced, but none of Powell’s defenders have made the slightest effort to do so. Instead, they disparage the judge.

          Has the stress and financial bleeding stopped since Powell took over? Is Flynn in a better position now, or when he was ready to be sentenced on a minor offense to no incarceration? Does Flynn now have to worry about additional charges against him or his son? Does he know? Do we know? Why are we worrying about this when it all could have been over long ago? Especially when the highly favorable circumstances were obliterated by a motion which had very little chance of succeeding.

          Powell has her client in a far worse position than when she took over the case, and there was no good reason for it. Powell was not handed a train wreck. She turned the case into a train wreck. I find her advice to Flynn despicable, and I find her publicity campaign during her representation repugnant. BTW, how much money is Powell making, both in payment for services and in book sales because of the huge publicity and adulatory audience she has created? Does that count as much as the money C&B made?

          You seem to take issue with my making a judgment on Powell’s professionalism. But at least it was based on the actual facts of her actual representation, facts which can be refuted or contradicted. But you seem to have disparaged the professionalism of the lawyers at C&B in terms which are impossible to address. And you disparage the professionalism of Sullivan in terms which are impossible to address. Does the same standard of judging professionalism apply to Powell, C&B, and Sullivan alike, or are some lawyers OK to disparage, and others are not?


          1. Quick question, Tonawanda, what is YOUR background?

            And what is your background, relationship with Powell or her firm? Or C&B?

            It’s all well and good to state opinions, etc. about something, but some things demand relevant experience
            (concert cellist, pianist, and MPE systems internals expert here, so if anyone wants to debate (or fall asleep from that), have at it…)…

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    2. Big T!

      Believe you are 100% correct about Flynn. BUT….I also believe…GOTTA believe….that the Flynn, a mil spook for over 30 years and former (now legendary) Director of the Defense Intel Agency (DIA), knew all about C&B.

      QUESTION: IF….if….you were Flynn….and your BMF was Adm. Mike Rogers, the Director of the NSA…
      …and you knew a corrupt Mueller SC was coming at your for made-up, corrupt reasons using corrupt methods…
      …and you knew about Q (ie. “We have it all”)….
      …and, given they had targeted you, you were willing to use yourself as bait, to APPEAR to be bamboozled by the corrupt prosecution…

      …isn’t using C&B to set the hook in the whole, sordid affair EXACTLY what you would do??

      I posit to you that Gen. Flynn has played these arrogant, hubris-filled MFers like a violin and gave them all the rope he needed to hang them with. I FURTHER posit that:

      1. All these delays in his case, which have been substantial now, are simple legal tactics employed by Flynn to delay the closing of the trap until Flynn, POTUS, and the Q team are ready and the timing is right (see: this impeachment effort which is going to be judged by the public in a whole new and different light when all the corruption is fully exposed)

      2. That the original judge in the case, Contreras(sp?), WAS the corrupt judge that was forcibly recused in order to get Sullivan, and

      3. IF Sullivan is somehow tainted or in the pocket of the DS he is currently being given the chance to join Team We-Are-About-To-FUCK-Each-And-Every-One-Of-You and allow Flynn to change his plea, OR…

      4. Sullivan has been playing the game right along with Flynn & Powell and is setting the trap while issuing delays as Q team/POTUS needs.

      Think about the timing from POTUS’ perspective.

      He WANTED the dims to impeach him. They’ve been signaling they would for years! So, he adapted a plan to give them….GOAD them….into giving the arrogant, hubris-filled jackasses what they always wanted.

      However, closing the Flynn trap BEFORE they stuck their necks into the noose of impeachment would have caused the rat bastards to back out…

      …Sullivan’s denial of Powell’s Brady motion may have even helped convinced them that there was no Flynn trap and they were safe to proceed with their impeachment scam.

      Now, I admit this is a VERY rosy picture I’m painting here. But I am predicating it all on these facts:

      1. Gen. Flynn is no one’s fool. He is WICKED smart and knows DC like the back of his hand. One doesn’t rise up within the military to the point of being appointed as the Director of the DIA…and serving for years as same, earning a legendary reputation within it…AND be a dumbshit.

      2. He bestie is Mike Rogers.

      3. Q “has it all”. And I’ll give you 100-to-1 that these two are behind Q.

      Think on it. The Directors of the NSA and DIA….besties for decades inside the military. Did you know that as an Ensign in the Navy Rogers was the Fire Control Director aboard a destroyer that was providing fire support for Flynn’s company on the island of Grenada?

      Was being heads of these super-black agencies the crowing achievement of their careers?? HELL NO!

      They’ve feigned retirement! Just as Flynn is pretending to be a wounded duck!

      The crowning achievement of their careers…what is going to make their names as feared as Kaiser Soze…is the recruiting of Donald Trump to be the face of the movement they called MAGA while employing Q to create a digital army that all collectively goes on to take down the criminal DS and corruption inside the Washington DC power structure….indeed….criminal and corrupt networks all over the globe!!

      Think of what we’ve seen. Think of the knowledge that has been released, spread, and shared! Look at what is happening all over the globe…..from Brexit to protests in France to the Hong Kong protests to the abolishment of NAFTA and the adoption of USMCA….

      When Chuck Schumer threatened PDJT that the “intel community will screw you six ways to Sunday” he had no idea that PDJT, Flynn, and Rogers were going to flip the script on him and all the other Swamp rats.

      And if all this ISN’T FUCKING OBVIOUS BY NOW to all of us who have been watching all of this every day on an hourly basis like a daytime soap opera addicts then we are all a bunch of silly rubes…

      …and THAT, for certain sure, is not true.

      Over to you.

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      1. Here is a point I think we have been missing:

        WHY has Sidney been pounding this case on TV?

        We have a decorated general with 33 years of service, ACCUSED of lying to the FBI because he could not remember the details of one of a MULTIPLE of IMPORTANT phone calls he had a month later.

        This should scare the crap out of ANY THINKING PERSON!!! (And Sidney is making sure it does.)

        Most people have at least an intuitive grip on the tricks our memories can play especially after having crammed for exams in school. 😋 And the idea that a faulty memory could land you in jail should convince everyone NEVER TO TALK TO A COP! (This faulty memory phenomenon is well know to cops. 15 people = 15 different stories.)

        By choosing a call when General Flynn was on vacation, he was literally set-up for a faulty memory situation.
        1. He could not take notes since he was not in a secure location.

        2. He may have been drinking.

        3. He was probably wishing the Russian Ambassador would shut-up and wait until he got back from Christmas vacation.

        Short-term memory is approximately 20 to 30 seconds and good for up to 9 items. This means any notes General Flynn may have taken later (OR notes the FBI took later) are likely to be sketchy at best.


        …You can increase the duration of short-term memories to an extent by using rehearsal strategies such as saying the information aloud or mentally repeating it. However, the information in short-term memory is also highly susceptible to interference. Any new information that enters short-term memory will quickly displace any old information. Similar items in the environment can also interfere with short-term memories….

        The exact mechanisms for how memories are transferred from short-term to long-term stores remain controversial and not well understood. The classic model, known as the Atkinson-Shiffrin model or multi-modal model, suggested that all short-term memories were automatically placed in long-term memory after a certain amount of time.

        More recently, other researchers have proposed that some mental editing takes place and that only particular memories are selected for long-term retention. Still, other researchers dispute the idea that there are separate stores for short-term and long-term memories….

        Long term memory often needs prompting AND is surprisingly fragile and ▶️susceptible to change, misinformation, and interference.◀️ “

        …..Not all long-term memories are created equal, however. Information that is of greater importance leads to a stronger recall. You can usually remember important events such as your wedding day or the birth of your first child with much greater clarity and detail than you can less memorable days. While some memories spring to mind quickly, others are weaker and might require prompts or reminders to bring them into focus.….

        While long-term memory is also susceptible to the forgetting process, long-term memories can last for a matter of days to as long as many decades.

        There are a number of factors that can influence how long information endures in long-term memory. First, the way the memory was encoded in the first place can play a significant role. If you were very aware and alert when you had the experience, then the memory will probably be a lot more vivid….

        Long-Term Memories Are Not Set In Stone
        While long-term memory has a seemingly boundless capacity and duration, these memories can also be surprisingly fragile and susceptible to change, misinformation, and interference. Memory expert Elizabeth Loftus has demonstrated how easily false memories can be triggered. In one of her most famous experiments, she was able to get 25% of her participants to believe in a false memory that they had once been lost in a shopping mall as a child.….

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      2. FG&C well said brother! I am with you on this. There’s so much behind-the-scenes stuff going on here who can keep up with it? Your correct, there are a lot of us silly rubes…… who know WTF is going on. One thing for sure is that there is a great awakening going on and there powerless to stop it. Oh they try with their FF but that’s getting old too. And Sidney Powell has been fighting theses corrupt DOJ lawyer’s for years, she’s seen all of this play out before with Enron (Weissmann).

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      3. ForGodand Country, I really think you make a very persuasive case, especially after what we have learned lately about q. Now, I’ll probably make you all angry with me for adding that though I’m taking a side, I respect those on the other side and admitting I Could Be Wrong. I hope and pray I’m Not.

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        1. Not at all, Zoe. Not one little bit! Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

          My gripe with the poster in question is in his/her calling Sidney Powell grossly “incompetent” and, by unavoidable extension, that Gen. Flynn is an idiot for hiring her to represent him, both of which are completely unsupportable accusations. Big T (Thomas) was far more eloquent and precise in his reply to that poster where mine was a hammer. Perhaps Big T’s scalpel will have more effect that the blunt force trauma I employed.

          This paragraph is particularly egregious and, in my own opinion, deserving of the back of my rhetorical hand.

          “Once again, through her incompetence, Powell puts Flynn in a poor light. Re-read the affidavit paragraph by paragraph and ask yourself what this says about Flynn by implication, the poor, frightened, dependent, clueless dear.”

          Given Big T’s deep, legally experienced response to same, I’m good with the hammer I used.

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          1. Well, I love how you defended Sidney Powell, and I agree about Flynn–he is no fool, and I have utmost respect for him and his service to our country and his amazing abilities.

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            1. Read Flynn’s affidavit. He admits he was a fool. Being a fool was the complete logical basis of his affidavit. That is exactly why Powell is an incompetent counselor.


              1. Says you.
                Appears to me you are trying to crawl into Flynn’s mind and assuming the worst possible motives.
                Hey, I’m highly qualified in my narrow slice of a skillset, but if the government was coming after me, I would fold like a cheap suit.
                And we can imagine, a military man might be more prone to do so.

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              2. Flynn’s affidavit comes down to a single characterization: I WAS FOOLED!

                It has nothing to do with me. What is Flynn saying? I WAS FOOLED!

                I am looking at his affidavit logically, not crawling in his mind. I am looking at the LEGAL and practical implications of his affidavit, which Powell selfishly did not do.


              3. Tona, I have no idea why you are so pissed off about this issue, but you are entitled.
                Logic dictates 4 days of proffer is insane.
                Logic dictates a 3 million dollar bill in 6 months is usury and highly suspicious.
                I have all kinds of questions for C&B, but it’s a separate issue.
                Can I see pleading guilty to a crime I did not commit? Yes. Absolutely, especially to end the bleeding or threat to family.
                Strangely, it was almost the same thing which happened to the Merrill Lynch execs.


              4. Oh my goodness. It is the facts of the Flynn case. Powell has ruined Flynn. She is an incompetent, and probably more. Why are people adulating her?


    3. Everyone keeps saying Flynn knows where all the bodies are buried. I think I understand the thrust of that argument well enough. I just wish someone would give the General a shovel. He could bring an extra one. I would be happy to dig along side.

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      1. Count me in on that as well. Flynn served under Obama. It seems clear Hillary was the “continuity of enterprise” the deep state expected and they had her tied up in knots having given her a pass on the emails. With Trump and Flynn as his #1 advisor, they went for the advisor first – literally the day after the inauguration. I can only hope that in the months after the re-election we see lots of “spade work.”

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    4. For the most part, I am in agreement with FG&C on Flynn. Using the original law firm and having Sullivan as a judge was a combination trap and way to keep the case alive.

      Not being a legal junkie, I have no opinion on Powell.

      I do believe that Flynn being tied up this way is/was in The Plan to keep a laser pointer shiny red ball in the air holding attention of a people who are notorious for pulling out their mobiles while in line at the grocery store. It’s essentially a soap opera for patriots. It seems like any normal American would have found a way to settle by now.

      The one place I part ways with FG&C is on who is behind the whole thing. IMO, anyone whose face is public has been recruited to participate. Almost every one, if you look in their backgrounds, has been betrayed by the cabal/deep state/swamp at some point. I still maintain that the first phase of The Plan began in 1999 when JFK Jr., died and the people in possession of it at the time knew the Clintons were part of the scheme to bring down the nation. Phase One would have been recruitment of people with name recognition and the smarts to be able to pull it off. They were either identified already (Trump) or collected in the next few years as the betrayals stacked up, especially under W.

      Revenge is a powerful motivator. And you can’t tell me those who were betrayed along the line who were in those sorts of positions wouldn’t have jumped at the chance to play mole and help bring down the swampy deep state.

      I also believe that part of the plan was the insertion of a number of sleepers into the swamp (Mulvaney, Pompeo, Gowdy) via the TEA Party wave in 2010. When it materialized, it was used to get those guys into Congress and onto committees where they could see and learn the background information that they are now using to close off the rat lines.

      We’re watching the plan in action, and I honestly believe the Flynn thing is part of it. A combined trap and shiny red ball, just like John Bolton’s latest manuscript that I’m not really sure exists. After all, it has not been made public and we only have the word of a few people that it exists. I seriously wonder if Vindmann – if he really is the leaker – wasn’t handed a piece of fiction, and he ran with it, and the real manuscript hasn’t made it to the NSC yet.

      I mean, these people are stupid.

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      1. The key, learned in Flynn’s statement only yesterday, was the FOUR DAYS of proffers.
        NO ONE does that.
        Should have been a 2 hr meeting at best.
        C&B attorneys should have their houses egged at Halloween.
        No excuse for not pulling him out.

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        1. Like I said, I’m not a legal person. BUT, I am a communications person, and what I see here is the perpetual fanning of righteous indignation and outrage of patriots who know the name and story of Michael Flynn. It’s keeping patriots focused.

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          1. Yeah,
            That is what I was trying to get across. General Flynn’s case is a BIG RED FLAG waved in front of the noses of the waking sheeple.

            Don’t under estimate a sheep!

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        2. How many times have you negotiated a plea in a criminal case? How many times has Thomas? I am really curious – – can I negotiate the purchase of marble from Wherever, never have done it before?

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          1. Honey bear read the 12 page memo to me and discussed.
            When he got to the fourth day, he was red-faced.
            Should have never taken that long and disservice to their client, Flynn.
            My comment was based on what he said.

            Could you negotiate marble from all over the world……… sure.
            Why not?

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            1. Yes, just like Thomas can evaluate what happened in Flynn’s plea, or analyze a Brady issue. Please turn to Thomas now, and ask him: are you competent to do a Brady analysis?


              1. He says he doesn’t owe you an explanation on anything.
                “This isn’t a law school class, and you aren’t the professor.” and ” If you have the qualifications to be said law school professor, he would be happy to discuss” and ” leave my wife out of it”
                Now, that’s a direct quote.

                What he did say earlier,
                He’s never heard of a proffer taking 4 days no matter how complicated the case.
                Don’t think I understand the anger here.
                What did I miss?

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              2. So, he does not have the faintest idea how Powell abused the Brady issue in this case to sucker MAGA people, and he does not have the faintest idea how guilty pleas work and the legal consequence of guilty pleas.

                And he certainly did not even attempt to defend Powell legally, just as she never even attempted to make a legal argument, as I have been saying all along.

                No one owes me an explanation about anything, true. But people who assert themselves based on their profession ought to have the decency to defend themselves on their profession.


              3. Oh, I get it now.
                Flynn’s proffer should have been easy, and his atty’s should have limited it to the two charges he was facing. Sounds like they pumped him for info.
                FARA violation and lying to FBI should have been a 30 minute MAX type meeting.
                Common sense, how much can you say?


            2. I am curious, what did Thomas say when you asked him if he was competent to analyze a Brady issue?

              And how many criminal pleas has he negotiated as a criminal defense attorney or a prosecutor?


              1. Tona, I now understand you have a “thing” about Sidney Powell and Flynn.
                Fine, your choice.
                Say what you want. Free speech zone.
                In fact, you don’t even have to make a rational argument.
                Hell, I disagreed with your argument and bizarre assumptions, based on your opinions, which weren’t really based on anything.
                But, that’s okay, too.

                I read your reply, and could pick apart the flawed logic, or at least the questionable logic – as I did verbally as I read.
                There is a LOT we don’t know here.

                Yet, sure as heck, the proffer should have never taken 4 full days, and it does smell suspicious.
                A 3 million dollar bill in 6 months for a FARA violation and potential lying to FBI is doubly suspicious.

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              2. Look at your statement. I have a “thing”. Is that a logical statement, or a rhetorical one?

                You say I have flawed logic, but you do not cite a single instance.

                I realize both you and Mr T are wonderful people, and I admire you both. But logic is logic, and avoidance is avoidance.

                Sorry, Mr T has not the faintest idea what he is talking about. Sorry, he does not.

                Lawyers (like Mr T) have some bizarre idea they are authorities on everything. They are not. It is distressing to me that someone says “I am a lawyer” and other people assume understanding and knowledge.

                Lawyers are NOT anywhere near omniscient. But for some reason they try to pretend they are. Law is a very subtle, logical, ethical, moral and necessary aspect of life, but the practitioners are not, necessarily.

                You can not pick apart my logic, you are just saying so. That reflects on you. But you are lovable (in my eyes) for many other reasons, and so I let it go.


    5. Regretfully, I must disagree with your statement that the judge denying the motion would be immediately followed by a pardon by DJT. It seems to me that Sidney Powell stuffed her motion (and the separately filed declaration of Flynn) with facts so that there would be an appealable issue should the judge deny the motion. To my way of thinking, the Flynn court record contains more than enough disputed facts to compel a evidentiary (fact-finding) hearing in order to resolve the motion.

      I have not yet read her motion so this might be in it but it seems like a request for a testimonial hearing needs to be formally sought in order to create a basis for an appeal of an adverse result.

      DJT knew he was being surveilled a long time before he took office. I’d bet that he had developed a plan to drain the swamp before he took the oath. And Flynn was a part of it.

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      1. You might be right. We’ll certainly see on the pardon.

        On the hearing, because Flynn has already plead guilty, Sullivan has very broad discretion to deny the motion out of hand despite the affidavit. In that context, an appeal is futile. So a pardon would be the last available option.

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        1. I still think the presence of prosecutorial misconduct, including Brady violations, would require an evidence hearing. That would be appealable.


          1. We can maybe address these substantive issues in the clear light of day tomorrow under one condition. We dispense with the attacks, innuendo and insinuation.

            If you have some specialized knowledge or experience then you owe it to the group and to basic courtesy to share it with us. If you don’t then stop with the inquisitorial tone and the angry, condescending attitude because it serves no one well, especially you. I enjoy the exchanges and the breadth of experience here. You apparently don’t enjoy it and don’t respect the people and the genuine sense of comradeship we find here.

            Beyond that I’m done here and have things to do.

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            1. I owe nothing to anyone but my honesty and logic. What difference does it make if anything is “specialized”?

              You do not know what you are talking about with respect to guilty pleas and Brady, why pretend that you do? What is more harmful, your pretense or my inquisitorial tone?

              You refuse to answer questions when you have puffed up yourself as an expert. Answer, expert.


              1. From your high chair of superiority, please tell me just how I am so deficient. I have appeared before many imperious, haughty and demeaning judges in my time. They pale before your highness and haughtiness. So I kneel before your greatness and ask that you enlighten us all. What do I not know? Apparently there is much I don’t and I thirst to drink from the font of your well of knowledge.

                Liked by 1 person

              2. Apply a Brady analysis to Powell’s argument which demonstrates she had the slightest chance of winning, instead of putting her client in a much worse position to her pecuniary benefit. She didn’t do it, and not a single one of her adulators has done it.

                Barnes has not done it, Cleveland has not done it, Cates has not done it, the Powerline guys have not done it, you have not done it.

                Yes, there is much you don’t know. The first thing to do is, admit it. Second, stop being a license flasher. Third, answer the question and stop changing the subject when you are wrong or do not know what you are talking about; that is truly an ugly trait. Fourth, answer people regardless of whether they are your law professor or your cleaning lady; if you give an opinion, defend it without regard to credentials. Fifth, stick to facts and logic, quit the unbecoming atmospherics.


              1. * Waves at Pat from far away * – Yippie! Glad you were spared – Chilly here – but, we are not complaining – love and warmth abound – Thank You, Jesus!

                Have a Happy Day with lots of * Giggles * !

                Liked by 1 person

  6. Can someone explain to me on whose authority did Roberts block Ran Paul’s question ( because it contained the whistle blower’s name)? There is no guarantee of anonymity in the whistle blower statute? and asking about the communications he had BEFORE he attained whistle blower status should be completely allowed–he was nobody at that point…

    Liked by 2 people

  7. Thread on Vindman’s future?

    Liked by 11 people

    1. Replies to this are very interesting:

      Jeanie D’Amico @JDreamer731
      Jan 28
      Replying to
      It’d be so nice to see the law upheld, I just wish they’d start at the top of the food chain not the bottom. Vindman is a deep state pawn, I hope there are some bigger pieces in play.

      John Basham ⭐️⭐️⭐ @JohnBasham
      Jan 28
      Whether he’s a Deep State pawn, those who’ve worked with him and those who work around him now seem to all have very similar descriptions of the man…like: pompous, self-important, narcissistic, untrustworthy, & know-it-all seem to be a common theme. Others question US loyalty.

      Trump2020! @USABrit4Trump
      Jan 27
      Replying to
      Pretty obvious his main allegiance was to Ukraine, the place of his birth.
      His concern was that Ukraine would lose the support of Congress, so to push his personal political agenda he defied the orders of his commander-in-chief.
      He needs to be kicked out of the Army in disgrace.

      breezinthru757 – @breezinthru757
      Jan 27
      Thats correct and he walked straight out of the call and called someone else to tell them about the call.

      That last one is very revealing. – SO – is Vindman a leaker or a whistleblower or a Russian agent?

      Liked by 8 people

      1. Vindman was asked about the time he was offered Sec of Defense post in Ukraine. The offer was made three times.
        Vindman was proud. He straightened up in his chair and smiled.
        His response was skeevy……….. and revealing.
        His loyalty is NOT to the USA.

        Liked by 5 people

    2. Zoe, the tweet in the OP folks are responding to says….

      REPORT: There is a growing chorus of Senior Military leaders who are moving toward a Court Martial of Lt. Col Alexander Vindman for disobeying an order of the Commander-in-Chief that “Was Not manifestly unlawful.”

      Liked by 6 people

    3. LtCol vindictive needs to be keel hauled, then brought up on UCMJ charges. SOB has violated his oath. It’s time criminals are not given a pass…

      No moar two tier justice.

      Liked by 4 people

  8. Bill Mitchell
    Dec 30th, 2019: Bolton submits his book to the NSC for review.

    Jan 23rd, 2020: White House forbids Bolton from publishing because book contains top secret information.

    Jan 26th, 2020: Bolton’s book, just “banned” by the White House, selectively leaks.

    Someone is going to jail.

    Liked by 10 people

  9. In the middle of impeachment, in New Jersey…

    “We had the most RSVPs we have ever had for any Trump rally in the history of Trump rallies… In the midst of impeachment, they wonder how this impeachment is playing out across the country. There is your answer right there.” –

    Liked by 13 people

        1. I have just noticed that more and more people are doing it. I want to acknowledge it when I see it, because it is a kind gesture. I don’t post very many Tweets, but I will do my best to remember to do it, too.

          Liked by 6 people

            1. ….and replies to same. From her perspective, she cannot hear a tweet, but then come all these replies that she has to guess at the OP that started them. If we post a text of the tweet, she can more easily participate and stay informed, allowing her to the share her knowledge with others in her orbit of people.

              Even wounded soldiers can fight and shoot back at the enemy.

              Liked by 4 people

          1. I and others thank you all. I wish I could read every one, but I’m a bit slow. I could not read the texts of the Flynn letters, though I tried every link. Not sure why, but you all gave me at least some of the gist, and I appreciate that a lot.

            Liked by 2 people

  10. Good morning all you glorious deplorable Q patriots .. 🤨🤚❤️🇺🇸❤️‼️‼️

    I was reading a Twitter here today and wound up reading an awesome tweet from Jeff Sessions so here:

    Jeff Sessions (@jeffsessions) Tweeted:
    With regard to the @AmbJohnBolton situation, let me just say this: I did not write a book or go on CNN or criticize @realDonaldTrump for 3 VERY IMPORTANT REASONS…

    Jeff Sessions (@jeffsessions) Tweeted:
    FIRST – I don’t believe it is the honorable thing to do. You are there to serve his agenda, not your own. He was elected, not you.

    Jeff Sessions (@jeffsessions) Tweeted:
    SECOND – It is an act of disloyalty to the administration one serves,
    and tends to undermine the unity and teamwork needed to reach the
    highest level of effectiveness.

    Jeff Sessions (@jeffsessions) Tweeted:
    THIRD – it sets a very damaging and dangerous precedent. A President must have the ability to have candid conversations with his National Security Advisor, his AG, his SOS, etc., without fear that those conversations will end up in a book or a newspaper.

    … that’s my 2 cents worth atm .. ❤️

    God bless and all abundantly, always .. 🙂 ..

    Liked by 16 people

      1. …and he’s smart as all get out – smart enough to hire Stephen Miller – and smart and generous enough to offer him to Candidate/President Trump!!!

        Liked by 4 people

    1. Polling in Alabama shows Sessions running away with the nomination. He will beat Doug Jones easily. Which is why Jones will probably vote to acquit the President.IMO.

      Liked by 5 people

    1. I would say that Twitter and their Fascist social media friends need to be shut down – they’re massively interfering with free and fair elections. While it’s not government denying Free Speech rights, twitter is controlling mass communications in this country, and should be regulated as a utility.

      Liked by 6 people

    1. Dora, it’ll be interesting to see how KT handles this.
      I have checked in with her regularly for pointers as to how to follow the Brexit drama.
      this is a serious loss.
      I actually read the linked article…and the position of the Independent is the future tack on this sort of censorship.

      Liked by 1 person

  11. Because I’m fond of Mitch McConnell – simply because he’s been doing the jobs POTUS has wanted done. Tax Reform & cuts, Obamacare Mandate repealed, and would have had the entire ACA done if not for TRAITOR McCain, and the Judges. The Judges – most important of all the other important legacies from POTUS 45.

    Text for Zoe:
    Need a statue to the man as a Defender of the Constitution above politics when this is over. Thank you sir

    “Schumer: We’re About to Lose to Mitch McConnell, Again”

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  12. Lots of protest went on about the Wuhan plane going into Ontario airport, a big contribution to why it was moved to March ARB. Still, moved about 15-20 miles south east into a different county and people are panicky anyways. The base is mixed civilian and military use. The Riverside county Sheriff’s Department has their academy there. Theres an air museum just off the base. Very large adjacent military cemetery also. There used to be acres of open land around it, but it was sold off by clinton and others so now its a sea of roofs and warehouses.
    Im not that close but Im not worried about those people. They are quarantined and understand in their smaller group their safety is better.
    If we were into many hundreds or thousands being herded, Id say run and protect yourself(nothing like being in a warehouse with contagion floating around).

    Liked by 8 people

    1. Even if I were close by, no worry. They are quarantined, as I understand it.

      March ARB, Riverside County is way out there as you said.

      As a side note, that arsenic waste from Crystal Geyser plant Olancha, CA, Inyo County, Eastern Sierras was dumped down the drain somewhere in Riverside County, IIRC. ~ Three hour drive.

      Shunting away the folks flown in from Wuhan is simply moar intolerant irrational lefty BS. NOT you Gil. But absolutely vast majority of komifornians.

      Liked by 3 people

  13. 13Hrs ago

    Liked by 6 people

    1. I would say, end all inbound flights except for repatriation of our citizens only. But, people will travel to ither countries and connect on other flights. Thats a logistical headache but its better than 1000s of gravely sick or dead.

      Liked by 4 people

    2. Tweet says….

      BREAKING: Update on #CoronaVirus

      – 7811 infected.
      – 12 167 suspected cases.
      – 170 dead.
      – 1370 in serious condition.

      1228% increase in infected people since last week.

      Why are we not quarantining all flights from China yet???

      This is spreading fast

      Liked by 3 people

    3. Would be nice to see breakouts. China. Other countries. Rather sure the data is out there. Seemingly we have to search it all out. CDC or some entity should be publishing daily at a minimum.

      Liked by 2 people

    1. Tweet says….

      The left & some in media blatantly misconstrue @AlanDersh’s arguments.

      He’s never argued that the POTUS has absolute immunity.

      Nor has he argued that President @realDonaldTrump did the quid pro quo.

      He’s challenging the amorphous charge of Abuse of Power.

      Huge difference.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Couple thoughts:
      Frist, look carefully at Hillary Clinton in the photograph. Face is thinner — either she’s lost weight or is not taking drugs (like Prednisone) that would cause the face to swell. Also, how she’s sitting — unnaturally straight, large cushion at her back, large scarf up at her neck. Scarf MAY be due to draft but she’s worn large scarves in mild weather too; this then may indicate that she’s wearing a back brace of some type.
      Second, Tulsi Gabbard needs to have 24/7 security at her side, STAT.

      Liked by 7 people

    2. Volgarian, oh, Good Lord!
      Maybe if we all got together and chanted loudly in some dreary way, in unison, in some strange harmonic fashion, this horrible old hag would shrivel and croak. Anything, PLEASE!
      She isn’t even a sideshow any more.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Zoe, the tweet above is about this….

      WASHINGTON –The U.S. Department of the Treasury today announced the completion of initial financial transactions benefitting Iranian medical patients through a humanitarian channel in Switzerland. Iranian cancer and transplant patients are receiving treatments through this channel, which is subject to strict due diligence measures to avoid misuse by the Iranian regime. The successful completion of these transactions provides a model for facilitating further humanitarian exports to Iran. Efforts to establish this humanitarian channel, in coordination with the State Department, were previously announced on October 25, 2019.

      “The United States is determined to ensure the Iranian people have access to food, life-saving medicines, and other humanitarian goods, despite the regime’s economic mismanagement and wasteful funding of malign activities across the region,” said Secretary Steven T. Mnuchin. “This Administration has full confidence that, together with our partners abroad, this mechanism will improve the flow of humanitarian goods to the Iranian people. Humanitarian transactions are currently allowed under our sanctions programs, and we encourage companies to use this humanitarian mechanism. We would like to thank the Swiss authorities for working with us.”

      The United States has a consistent policy of maintaining broad exceptions and authorizations allowing for the sale of agricultural commodities, food, medicine, and medical devices to Iran.

      Liked by 4 people

    1. Trump Is Mine posted a tweet which says…

      EXCLUSIVE: @RudyGiuliani tells @CBS_Herridge John Bolton was “strangely silent” and “did not object” to the removal of U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch.

      “He (Bolton) did not object one bit, didn’t raise a single thing in her defense.”

      Liked by 3 people

    1. Trump Is Mine posted a tweet from Lisa Crowley which says…

      It was very obvious for a while.

      She’s pointing at a Washington Examiner article with the headline:

      ‘Clear distancing’: Matt Drudge says his all-in support for Trump ‘was three years ago’

      Liked by 3 people

    1. For Zoe – tweet contains an embedded video of Joe Biden in ’88 plagerizing and lying

      He hasn’t changed over the decades, he’s still a liar…

      Liked by 6 people

    2. This stands as incontrovertible proof that John McCain intentionally threw the election in 2008 to Barack Obama. It is entirely possible that Obama would’ve been defeated had the McCain campaign had made this a central issue.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Attn: All Texans.

      Cornyn RINO stumping for CoC again. Check list, a lot of Tx Reps signed too.

      Liked by 4 people

      1. Sadly, not much we can do. Cornyn is dug in deep as a tick here in the Lone Star. Plus, he is way better than a Beto, so we have to keep voting for him unless we want to put a Senate seat into play, which No one wants to do in 2020. So we’ll just have to put up with him for another 6 years.

        Liked by 3 people

        1. He’s on the 2020 ballot. That’s why we’ve seen him supporting POTUS More lately. Nonetheless, we need to keep the pressure on him.

          Liked by 1 person

      2. My opinion: Cornyn is SWAMP at base. Wants cheaper foreign workers like TOM DONAHUE does. Easier that way — lower wages paid to foreign workers while the cost of the goods / services continue to rise, so higher profits for the employer companies.

        Liked by 3 people

  14. I”ve been following Robert Barnes for a very long time. According to his twitter profile, he is a “Trial lawyer. High-profile wins for clients in civil, criminal and constitutional law. Featured in UK Times & AP: America’s most successful political gambler.” (the last claim to fame is a joke about someone with the same name winning a bet wrt Trump winning 😉 )

    Liked by 6 people

    1. For Zoe – text from two tweets from Barnes posted above, as well as tweets from Techno Fog posted by Barnes

      Robert Barnes

      The facts described by @GenFlynn may shock many ordinary Americans, but not those of us in criminal defense. Sadly, the combined coercive pressure of unethical prosecutors & ineffective, conflicted representation of former insiders disguised as “defense” lawyers leads to this.

      Techno Fog
      · 20h

      NEW – declaration from Gen. Flynn:

      “I did not lie.”

      He was mindful of the need to “protect sensitive or classified information.”

      He knew the Kislyak calls were recorded.

      Show this thread

      Robert Barnes
      As the declaration by
      reveals: what his supporters long suspected is true. He was, is, and remains innocent. A coerced “confession” is no confession at all, and it remains the most unreliable evidence in the world.

      Zoe the entire document Techno Fog references is available at scrib, link cited above… don’t know if your software picks up as these are images, but you can obtain directly through scrib

      Liked by 3 people

        1. Are you referring to document? at scrib? Probably because it is an image. Surely Scrib has a pdf copy… I will ck that later. Basically Flynn is saying he did not lie to FBI

          Liked by 2 people

  15. Dad’s up!!

    Donald J. Trump
    “Schiff blasted for not focusing on California homeless.”
    His District is in terrible shape. He is a corrupt pol who only dreams of the Impeachment Hoax. In my opinion he is mentally deranged!

    Liked by 5 people

  16. Hey someone should ask Romney why his top intelligence adviser served on the board of Burisma while Hunter Biden was there. Someone ask him. Mitt puts his hurt feelings ahead of the country. Either that or he is corrupt. Maybe both.

    Liked by 6 people

  17. This is copied verbatim from ChieIOs site.

    It includes a report on the coronavirus and advice from a Doctor on a team whose boss talks to President Trump. It IS NOT GOOD because CDC is hiding the facts to prevent panic.

    It includes a translation of President Trump’s tweet.

    It is long so here is an interesting Excerpt:

    ….“Very few cases REPORTED in the USA, but strongly on watch.” [Trump tweet] Reported by the political CDC. They are SCUM – they will do anything not to create a panic. I know they lie specifically due to the “boots on ground” work my boss has done on ebola and SARS.

    “Officially” there are few confirmed nCoV cases publicized in the US. There are a whole bunch of people being investigated. There are even MORE secondary contacts. Case in point, in my own town we have an individual who came in on the same flight as the first positive in Washington state. NO ONE has officially contacted him or his family. (We are feeding him facts and recommendations at a distance.)…

    My Copy:

    Original at Chiefio:

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