The Trump Women are Killing It!

Don’t get me wrong, the men have been wonderful, worth their weight in gold, smashing legal arguments in the Senate SHAMMMMMMMMPEACHMENT. Yet, these two women, have been terrific and I happened to find the isolated video for sharing with future posterity. In fact, ALL of the women in Trump’s orbit seem to be powerful beyond measure and incredibly competent.

First up was Jane Raskin. Yeah, I want to be Jane Raskin when I grow up, if I ever do. She debunked the shiny object called Rudy Giuliani. Jane Raskin effectively noted Rudy Giuliani has been right four times and Adam Schiff was wrong every time. Pure gold. Smooth delivery, like silk. She should give the closing argument.

And then, there was Pam Bondi. She dismantled the objections of the Dems and gave us every reason to investigate the corruption of the Bidens and the corruption of what happened in Ukraine during the election of 2016.

It’s glorious to watch.

52 thoughts on “The Trump Women are Killing It!

  1. Women often make incredible lawyers. Some of them have an off-the-chart gifting of verbal reasoning and auditory processing capabilities that make them unbeatable in a live debate.

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  2. Alpha women are just as awesome as alpha men. Unfortunately, our culture has turned to lauding betas — and, in “feminism”, glorifying a sometimes nonexistent “oppression”.

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    1. When Big T left the big Boston firm, 10 lawyers formed a smaller boutique firm, and six were women.
      Enormous difference in personalities. The loud and snarky “bitch” lawyer, or the one who uses all her feminine power to sneak up and win. The later is more confident. Loud and snarky is offensive to almost everyone.
      In a jury trial, we must be careful to assess which “stereotype” appeals to a jury, and it’s often a man instead of a woman.
      Yet, in negotiation, the confident yet feminine female is an apex predator. As I would work my way around the world in business, Big T would shake his head at some of the conversations I would have, which were normal to me. He would say, “I can’t believe you just said THAT!” or “I could never get away with THAT!” and “How the hell did you get them to agree to do THAT!”
      The key to successfully defending a client is knowing which personality to use to make the most effective argument at a particular moment. It often takes BOTH people and lawyers who know enough to concede the point, allowing the other to lead at various times.
      What do I know? I’m no lawyer. I just make muffins.

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      1. The key to successfully defending a client is knowing which personality to use to make the most effective argument at a particular moment.

        A cliche, but true, there is “No I, in Team”. Tailor the solution, to the situation, to gain optimal results. As noted above, true in the Court room, business and I believe in most work places. AND, in retirement.

        In my working years, this slow guy over the years learned to commonly adjusted my personality to events. Adjusted to the personalities of those I was working for, working with, worked for me, or folks outside my chain, but wanted to agree or support my pursuit at the time. And, at times, I’d ask a co-worker to present or pursue something as I believed their personalities “could seal the deal” or otherwise deliver optimal results. At times, check the ego, to win.

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            1. The man is sick – obviously. She’s living the ‘in sickness and in health’ part of her marriage vows.

              However, the disunity must be very hard on the children.

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              1. I’ll admit it.
                I was dumb enough to believe the taking heads were really espousing their own opinions.
                It wasn’t until the 2016 election when we saw the payments to Erik Erikson, and how he flipped to be against Carson and Trump, paid by Ricketts, that my blinders came off.
                And then, there was the payment/purchase of the books by Levin, on behalf of the Cruz campaign.
                Imagine my shock when Trump was interview and joked around with Levin…….. and a week later, Levin hated Trump.
                I’m thinking Conway is just another mouth for $$’s

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              2. KellyAnne was in the Cruz camp/Goldman Sachs for a long time. Strange thing about taking the blinders off and advocating for America First…… once you let the genie out of the bottle, it’s impossible to put back in.

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            2. Rather sure, much of dysfunctional George is his total frustration that Kellyanne owns the narrative, conversation, exudes total confidence, and is beautiful.

              George the bursting butterball turkey can’t win in a conversation in public, guessing the same at home, AND resorts to D-Rat, MCM like smears, innuendo, lies. Pathetic, George is.

              George’s frustration surely goes well beyond public eye. Guessing his behavior, public and private is not tolerated, AND he pays the price. Further frustrating George’s ego, humiliating himself. Their kids know the truth.

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  3. And, for some odd reason, I had a random memory of Rupert Murdoch at a hearing with his wife at the time, Wendi Deng — some guy attacks him and she launches herself over all useless doofuses to smack him.

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  4. To be honest, I wasn’t impressed with Bondi’s delivery.

    The content of her piece was excellent, but there were noticeable halts and places where she didn’t seem sure of what she was reading. Indeed, 90%+ of the time she was simply reading what was written, RATHER than appearing practiced and smooth with a certainty of what she was talking about. In short, she was reading from a (great) script instead of referring to the script when she needed to. 90%+ of the time she had her head down, reading the script, rather than having her head up and looking at her audience.

    The contrast between Raskin and Bondi was painfully obvious. Where I was smiling at points of Raskin’s delivery, I was wincing at Bondi’s.

    And one other thing…

    Not once did Bondi ever use the term “Quid pro quo”, when the WHOLE POINT of talking about the Bidens is the REAL quid pro quo the Bidens engaged in vs. the baseless accusation of same against PDJT.

    Had Bondi been as smooth as Raskin, employed some cutting sarcasm, AND used the phrase
    “quid pro Joe” multiple times in reference to Biden, her performance would have been LETHAL.

    Just my $.02 impression of these two ladies.

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    1. Bondi got the job done. Agree, Bondi needed to “know” the material better. Would have helped in delivery. dunno if speaking in the Senate, an impeachment, national audience effected her delivery. My guess is it did.

      Thankfully, the message was clear.
      Raskin was superb.


    1. AND, Lara Lee is delivery in the run up to 2020 election. She is wonderful in all respects.

      Pun intended. Hoping, Hope is brought back in President Trump’s second term. Wildly unfair what happened to Hope leading to her departure. Tremendous asset. President Trump knows this.


      1. Stefanik needs to save that silly flower button pastel pink suit for weddings or give it away. Pale pink adds 20 lbs and makes most every woman who is not willowy thin look like Miss Piggy.

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        1. Elise is sharp as a tack. I know the opposition hates having to answer her dynamite questions in house investigations and committee hearings.

          But she needs to quit letting her Mom pick out her clothes.

          For example this patterned suit takes away from her message for sure:

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      2. Looks like that’s know it all Stephanie Ruhl she’s “correcting”…(who probably wasn’t listening to a word…all these liberal hacks have automatic tune-out mechanisms when confronted.) they are not there to find out facts but to attack.
        Notice how journalism, since the Obama era, isn’t investigative these days but hostile attacks, including to the President, honored foreign guests and Cabinet members. It’s really disgusting.

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        1. It’s no longer journalism; it’s defining and reinforcing a narrative, often invented, or distorted, with no basis in fact. Usually put forth by “unnamed sources” or those “not authorized to speak…”.

          Hmmm. Could be a reason those sources are NOT authorized to speak…

          Hiding behind their web of lies. As usual. Urinalists, YSM/MCM, descendants of Satan and Göbbels… funded by Satan Soros…


      3. Elise is great. Upstate NY’er. She represents part of the county that I’m from. There were Stefaniks in my hometown, but she’s from further East.

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  5. thanks for these Daughn!!!
    there is so much bunk around that POTUS is a misogynist but he is not. He has strong women around him! I don’t think he subscribes to tokenism tho–he’s more–if you want the job, prove you deserve it, and he rewards those who can prove it.

    one thing about Jane tho…I would have given her a hair clip…lol…

    strong women though…gotta respect that!

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  6. Short story.
    Girls are something, aren’t they?

    I was serious with Big T and it was one of the first times I met his four daughters. The second eldest sauntered down to the kitchen, where we were working, with big ole MOOSE tears in her eyes. She needed an extra $20 for “XYZ”, ….something she wanted.
    Like Pavlov’s dog, big T opened his wallet to reach for a $20.
    I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.
    As the crisp bill moved across the kitchen peninsula, from father’s hand to awaiting daughter, I snatched it. I narrowed my eyes at her and lowered myself onto the kitchen peninsula, stretching to get closer to her, staring at her the whole time.
    Those were fake tears and I knew it.
    “Make a compelling argument as to why you need the extra $20, and you can have it”, I said, “Convince ME, and it’s yours.”
    Thankfully, Big T trusted me in the moment and let me run…..
    Immediately, she changed tactics. She’s a smart one, I’ll give her that. She straightened up in her seat, shoulders back, tears……… evaporated instantly.
    Oh, she had a laundry list of reasons she needed an extra $20.

    Big T was almost frozen, curious, didn’t say a word, watching the scene before him to see if I would prevail against his most “difficult” daughter. Unknown to me, she was the one who caused most of the problems in the family, among the siblings, and between husband and “former” wife.

    She presented her pleas convincingly, but not good enough for me. I decided she lost on point for trying to fake tears and manipulate her father instead of asking honorably. I pointed out that her argument failed before she even started (You wasted your time!) because she was no longer deemed credible using such manipulative tactics. I stared deeply into her eyes and quietly said, “Because when you’re really crying, ……. we’re the ones you want to come running”. I finished by saying…….
    “No tears in this kitchen”
    She stomped off, but mad in a new way, not whining about not getting her way. This was new to her. The challenge flag was planted, and she was worthy.
    Big T was stunned and railed about wasting thousands of dollars in family therapy…..

    About a year later, the “no tears in this kitchen” became a “thing” and the girls made me a sign with the saying which we hung above the sink.
    No fakers allowed in our house.
    REAL tears were fine, of course, and as a family, we stopped everything for a sighting of blood.

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    1. Daughn – That took guts! I would bet that nowadays if you tried that, their “feminized” daddy would have dropped you like a hot potato for being cruel to his little sweetie pie daughter who never did anything wrong. At least that is the way it would have been for me and my second hubby. I am shocked you got away with establishing a few rules of the house, especially as a girlfriend. I really am. But, I love your story and am impressed by you once again. Big T is a smart man!


      1. I love that child, she’s feisty with a high IQ, but she lacked honor and integrity. Happy to go to bat for her but don’t ever lie to me or Daddy. And there can only be one queen in a household. Not giving up my perch.
        In high school, she decided to go “goth”. I shamed her, she wasn’t doing it right, and I outfitted her. By the time I returned a few months later, she was a cheerleader……

        She allegedly had ADD, but FORGOT her medication on a trip to my house for 10 days. She insisted she had to go home and called mom. No.
        Mysteriously, she GREW OUT of her ADD in the 10 days she was here.

        She went overseas for college, married an English Lord, worked in Hollywood, and settled in Dallas.
        I love her – total spitfire.


  7. On a fashion note, the Trump women are killing the light weight lined ladies overcoat. I’ve enjoyed seeing so many beautiful cashmere/lambswool overcoats from their collections.
    I have several in my closet that I was fortunate to find in thrift shops and rummage sales over the years. Cashmere, camel hair, staples of my office wardrobe. I still have them and wear them occasionally. These days a beat up Carhart is more practical.

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    1. Mary – I have a pair of Carhart overalls. They are my favorite winter attire. Kinda sad, eh? I guess we aren’t exactly the “ladies who lunch”….But yes, I love seeing all their beautiful clothes!

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      1. They’re the best. I adopted mine from my hubby and kids. The more broken in the better. Beg to differ about lunch, we make some amazing lunches here. Hubby’s birthday the other day: prime rib. Gardening in Carharts helps.

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