News Roundup! Big Time Winning At the Supreme Court, American Are Happier Now Than In January 2017, Economic Train, USMCA Is Already Paying Off Bigly, Democrats Are Throwing Their Chances Of Winning Pennsylvania Away With Their Proposed Energy Policies, PDJT’s Approval Rating Back To 50%, Thousands Lined Up For Our President’s Rally A Day In Advance, PDJT & Brad Parscale Have Built An Unstoppable Machine, PDJT Welcomes PM Netanyahu To the White House, Doug Collins Is Running For the Georgia Senate Seat…..

While the Democrats, MSM, Leftists, Never Trumpers etc. are trying to get 4 Moronic Republicans to allow Bolton to testify, our President and our country got a major win at the Supreme Court yesterday.

From the article linked above:

As his impeachment trial continues, the Supreme Court gave President Trump a win on Monday on immigration. In a vote of 5-4, the justices gave the Trump administration the green light to stop giving green cards to immigrants they believe will rely on public assistance, such as housing and health care.

The ruling lifts a nationwide injunction that was enforced by a federal judge in New York.

“I concur in the Court’s decision to issue a stay,” Justice Neil Gorsuch writes in the concurrence. “But I hope, too, that we might at an appropriate juncture take up some of the underlying equitable and constitutional questions raised by the rise of nationwide injunctions.”

Once again proof for those that are undecided or not a zombie for the Democrat party, Money talks while BS walks!

From the article linked above:

  • Most Americans satisfied with country on the economy, national security
  • Average satisfaction across 27 issues is higher than when Trump took office

President Donald Trump’s upbeat view of the nation’s economy, military strength, economic opportunity and overall quality of life will likely resonate with Americans when he delivers his State of the Union address to Congress next week. Most Americans say they are satisfied with each of these aspects of the country as 2020 begins. The majority also feel positively about the positions of women and gays in society.

The Economic Train continues to crisscross the country picking up passengers and running over her enemies.

From the article linked above:

The Texas Manufacturing Outlook Survey indicates statewide factory activity accelerated significantly in January, beating the consensus forecast. The Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas said the key production index, which measures statewide manufacturing conditions, gained 7 points to 10.5.

The new orders index jumped 16 points to 17.6, the highest reading in 15 months. The growth rate of orders index also returned to positive territory, rising from -5.0 to 6.1. The capacity utilization and shipments indexes moved higher to 11.5 and 8.6, respectively.

Forecasts ranged from a low of -9.9 to a high of -1.0. The consensus forecast was -3.1. 

This would not have been possible if it weren’t for the USMCA that is replacing NAFTA.

From the article linked above:

General Motors is investing $2.2 billion in its Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly plant to make it a state-of-the-art facility building electric and self-driving cars.

The automaker said Monday the plant will provide 2,200 jobs as it shifts to become the company’s first all-electric vehicle plant.

“This will be General Motors’ most technically advanced assembly plant,” GM President Mark Reuss said in a news conference at the facility. “That’s really amazing.”

Last November, GM said it would close four U.S. plants, including Detroit-Hamtramck. But after a 40-day nationwide strike by the UAW, GM pledged to invest $3 billion to retool Detroit-Hamtramck to build electric vehicles. On Monday, GM said it will put another $800 million toward supplier tooling and other projects related to new electric trucks. 

The greatest gift to our President and our country is the climate change hoax. Democrats are all in when it comes to climate change. Even a so called moderate like SleepyCreepy Joe is on record saying that all fracking will be banned when he becomes President.

This is going to cost them dearly in the State of Pennsylvania.

From the article linked above:

[…] a pledge to ban all hydraulic fracturing, better known as fracking, could jeopardize any presidential candidate’s chances of winning this most critical of battleground states — and thus the presidency itself. So as Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren woo young environmental voters with a national fracking ban, these two Democrats are uneasy.

[…] Mr. Peduto said “the Warren-Sanders, ban-all-fracking-right-now” position would “absolutely devastate communities throughout the Rust Belt” and pit environmentalists against workers at a time when Democrats need both.

[…] “If a candidate comes into this state and tries to sell that policy, they’re going to have a hard time winning,” he said.

[…] Republicans say they believe they have a weapon against Mr. Biden in his reply at last month’s debate. When asked if he would sacrifice some oil and gas jobs for a greener economy he said, “The answer is yes.”

[…] “At the end of the day, if I don’t have a job, if I don’t have health care, if I can’t take care of my family, it doesn’t matter if we have global peace and gun control and everything else,” said Jeff Nobers, executive director of the Builders Guild of Western Pennsylvania.

The Rasmussen poll has our President’s approval rating back up to 50%!

An RSBN twitter video from Wildwood, New Jersey last tonight shows thousands of our President’s supporters lined-up and camping out overnight – a full day ahead of the Tuesday rally at the Wildwoods Convention Center.

According to recent reporting there has been over 150,000 RSVP’s for the rally today. Here’s a video ground report from 1:00pm yesterday:

And look at how big that crowd grew to last night:

There is absolutely no Democrat or Republican other than PDJT that can get this to happen.

Brad Parscale is absolutely right! He and our President have built an unstoppable machine.

From the article linked above:

If you want to get a better understanding of the type of people who make up President Trump’s coalition, try attending one of his rallies.

Contrary to the media’s straw-man portrayal of a stereotypical Trump voter, Keep America Great rallies attract voters of all demographic descriptions from across the political spectrum who have been uplifted by his policies. These patriotic Americans love our country and everything it stands for. Trump supporters are not embarrassed by our founding, our history, or our Constitution. All they want is to live in a great America, and Donald Trump is the only leader who unabashedly shares that goal.

After attending dozens of Trump rallies throughout the country, I can definitively say that there is no politician in America who is capable of uniting voters like this president — and the data we’ve gathered from these events proves it. As I’ve been saying since 2016, data doesn’t lie.

Yesterday our President welcomed Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu to the White House.

[Video Below]

Yesterday our President hosted Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for a bilateral discussion.  Prior to their meeting the leaders held a press availability in the oval office, outlining plans for a mid-east peace agreement.

[Video and Transcript Below]

Speaking in front of the Oval Office, our President and Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu answered media questions.

[Video and Transcript Below]

I can’t tell you how happy I am that Representative Doug Collins is going to run for the Senate seat that the POS Governor of Georgia gave to  . Doug Collins is a PATRIOT that loves our country and our President. He is a fighter and that is actually what he is doing by announcing this. It is a BIG middle finger to Kemp and the RINOs that didn’t want him selected, including Mitch McConnell.

He is going to absolutely destroy Kelly Loeffler in the Georgia election in November and if necessary a runoff in January. It wouldn’t shock me that he reaches the required 50% threshold in November which would eliminate a runoff in January.

From the article linked above:

Republican Georgia Rep. Doug Collins plans to run for the battleground Senate seat in Georgia, the Daily Caller confirmed Monday.

Collins will likely face the newly appointed Republican Georgia Sen. Kelly Loeffler in the election, which will take place in November. Politico first reported the news, saying Collins has even consulted the White House about the planned run for Senate.

151 thoughts on “News Roundup! Big Time Winning At the Supreme Court, American Are Happier Now Than In January 2017, Economic Train, USMCA Is Already Paying Off Bigly, Democrats Are Throwing Their Chances Of Winning Pennsylvania Away With Their Proposed Energy Policies, PDJT’s Approval Rating Back To 50%, Thousands Lined Up For Our President’s Rally A Day In Advance, PDJT & Brad Parscale Have Built An Unstoppable Machine, PDJT Welcomes PM Netanyahu To the White House, Doug Collins Is Running For the Georgia Senate Seat…..

  1. Dershowitz absolutely destroyed any pretense of this circus being legitimate. For the life of me, I cannot figure out why someone as principled as he is about the constitution can call himself a democrat. It must be a genetic defect of some sort.

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              1. The jury was tainted with black grievance sjws. If the trial was not in la or would have gone down. Also the crime scene was fucked up and the blood washed off Nicole’s body prior to family identification. This included the blood dripped on her back by the killer. Now that blood would have been the “big nail” in the coffin for the prosecution


              2. Yep. But before that. A famous coroner once said you can screw up your marriage, get a divorce and a do over but a crime science you have to get right the first time

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  2. “Since when does a Republican get hundreds of patriots to camp out overnight in freezing weather…in New Jersey?”


    Since we’ve had a Republican who wasn’t beholden to political-correctness, wasn’t afraid of the lying MSM or bought off by the CoC or the Cabal?

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  3. At the 36:35 mark of Ken Starr’s speech:

    Here’s the Ken Starr quote that makes me think Potus is going for damages. re: Bivens vs 6 unnamed Federal Agents “Can citizens whose rights have clearly been violated by federal law enforcement agencies and agents bring an action for damages when Congress has not so provided no law that gave the wounded citizen a right to redress through damages.” Justice John Harlan said yes. Who is the fed law enforcement agency? The House. Agents? Representatives.
    @REX @ThomasWic @Debradelai @SidneyPowell

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  4. John H. Durham, United States Attorney for the District of Connecticut, today announced that Sarah P. Karwan will serve as the Chief of the U.S. Attorney’s Office’s Criminal Division.
    Ms. Karwan succeeds the Honorable William J. Nardini, who now serves as a U.S. Circuit Judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit.
    Seems like a contender

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  5. thanks for the news Flep!
    since I live in PA (close to NY) I can tell you fracking/ drilling not only creates jobs in the energy sector–but in a lot of others…truck drivers (local drivers) are needed for water trucks, gravel companies/drivers are also needed, the crews that travel across the country need places to stay, restaurants to eat at, stores to buy toiletries, clothes…and on and on it goes.
    in the little town next to us, when the fracking began in earnest, properties were being remodeled–and then rented out…the little restaurant added 2 waitresses…the grocery store expanded a bit…
    and next door in NY? well they’d like fracking to happen in upstate NY, at least the people I’ve spoken to, but liberal NYC refuses to vote in favor or it. landowners in this area want to lease their lands and make a little money on it, but the state says no…

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    1. Your absolutely right! Salena Zito says the same thing. It is so much bigger than those that work for an energy company. As for NY, the state is shot! They will never allow fracking for two major reasons. The first is that they are hardcore liberals that believe this climate change hoax. The second is that if they ever did, upstate would absolutely boom. Once you get out of NYC, the majority of the state is Republicans. If you had a Republican boom upstate, it would devastate their liberal haven.

      I am so happy that Pennsylvania is taking the majority of the fuel from NY. If we aren’t going to use it, Pennsylvania is more than welcome to it.

      Liked by 10 people

        1. King Como doesn’t want the fracking but will take the gas to run his power plants and the waste for his landfills. Also correct flepeorblog, most of central and southern tier NY is Republican, fracking would free them from the Democratic control so we can’t have that happening.
          One of the many reasons I left NY behind.

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    2. patfrederick
      BILL PEDUTO talks out both sides of his mouth at the same time!
      He tells the New York Times that taking fracking away in PA would be devastating.
      BUT — in October of LAST YEAR, he said THIS:
      “I oppose any additional petrochemical companies coming to Western Pennsylvania.”
      Peduto was talking to the “Pittsburgh Climate Action Summit” conference.
      (thhps://, article of November 19, 2019)
      Bill Peduto is a typical DemCom tool and hack. His tenure as Mayor of Pittsburgh is dismal. Taxes are up, neighborhoods are continuing to deteriorate, people are moving to other areas of Allegheny County and even out to Westmoreland and Washington counties Any new construction / job initiatives you read about regarding Pittsburgh are not addressing these other deep problems.
      I sold my remaining Pittsburgh rental property in 2015 — taxes went way up and the neighborhood (which used to be rock-solid values, clean etc., had become infested by crime and dirt. I bought into Westmoreland County.

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        1. patfrederick
          Pittsburgh (I was born and grew up there) has been ruled by DemCom hacks for over 70 years.
          “Republicans” in Pittsburgh, especially “prominent” ones, were / are mostly RINO’s — “go along to get along” — while making sure their own investments are sheltered. Example: the Hillman family.
          What the TRUMP people need to know — ASAP — is that Bill Peduto is a two-faced DemCom hack — NOT to be trusted!

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  6. Michael H – that’s Trump’s blue suit under his signature overcoat. I’ve never seen PDJT in a vest…unless it was a kevlar one under a shirt. ;8->

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  7. Starting here. It happened over the weekend, but seemed to explode yesterday. If you have any Democrat acquaintances who consider themselves regular Americans, hard-working and patriotic, but they still just don’t like or get DJT – share this with them.

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  8. Don Lemon, Rick Wilson and the other one – insulted Trump supporters yet again….

    and got Miss Ivanka riled big time!

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        1. “Boomer rubes” and “You all” – now that’s going to win Dems Southern States is it???

          Every GOP candidate should play this in every ad campaign they can afford.

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      1. Hey Complete Numbskull Network – us hillbillies don’t need to know how to read maps because we know the difference between a hollow and a holler.

        Actually, all we really know how to do is vote for DJT. And conservative Republicans.

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      2. Play that CNN video during rally warm ups. Attending, in the venue and overflow, Deplorables, D’s and those that didn’t vote in 2016 will remember this on election day.

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        1. This may well be the Democrat Party’s “At-Large” Deplorable moment. I can’t think of any other phrase, term or video that beats this. Not only insulting on so many levels, but it PROVES their contempt of us.

          Regular, decent people don’t believe in this kind of behavior, so even if they don’t like DJT, only their hardcore, fascist, commie base will support this. Others will have to see it for themselves.

          I look forward to how Parscale uses this…

          Expect POTUS to mention it at his rally tonight.

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      1. ^^^ Wins over D’s and those that have not voted recently when they assimilate with thousands of American’s believing, America first.

        Powerful. D-Rats and MCM can’t grasp MAG, America First, hate it AND can’t counter it effectively.

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    1. Contrary to what the Democrats claim, I don’t think there’s been another time in recent years where we’ve seen Americans more united than now for President Trump. Perhaps 9/11, and Reagan pulled in the Silent Majority, but now DJT is pulling – OPENLY – the diverse nature of this country under his tent.

      2016 had Hidden Vote, 2020 will have the Monster Vote.

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  9. Man, that Don Lemon video has me fired up! I just posted it on FB with the comment that I would put my knowledge of the world, politics, etc. as well as my I.Q. up against those three yahoos any time. What a bunch of idiots. Anyone who disagrees with their liberalism must be stupid. Right. Kiss my ass, you elitist pieces of shit.

    Thanks for the GOOD news every day, Flep! You rock!

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    1. The three of them added together probably don’t come close to your IQ (I’m guessing that combined, they’re well short of triple digits, and I’m sure you’re well into triple digits!).

      My only comment to them would be “kiss my grits”… (then again, maybe not, because they might try it – I’m a guy)…

      Throughout history, it’s been the cities versus fly-over (or drive/ride/cycle/caravan/walk over) country. And the cities always sank into decadent, perverted, immoral, crooked, murderous, elitist behavior. After which, they sank out of sight, if not out of mind.

      Hey, Lemonheads, Atlantis and Babylon are calling…

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    2. Every time my hubby hears remarks like the trash said by Lemon and gang, he gets infuriated.

      My household is filled with “degrees” – my children, with God’s Blessings are successful – they have advanced degrees too.

      But you know all those degrees don’t even begin to match the decency, common sense, empathy, sympathy, and ability to care about our fellow man that exists in my household.

      Lemon, Wilson, Ari are barren souls, simply barren.

      BTW, too bad their wasn’t a pie for Lemon’s face to fall into. He should be fired. Wouldn’t be surprised to see CNN lose WH press credentials. Always hope.

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  10. Fabulous F Le’Pore – you continue to amaze by your news coverage – we are so blessed – such an inspiring, uplifting News RoundUp!!!

    Guess I did not get enough excitement from the Trump Impeachment Team yesterday – I needed more from you!!!

    Please know you are most appreciated – day after day – we are spoiled with the FACTS – the TRUTH – and the POSITIVE!!!

    God Bless You Real Good, F Le’Pore, for all you do to lift us up daily!!!

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  11. New MAGA Senator coming to DC in the next election and his name is Doug Collins. Thank you, sir. I pray for more and more willing MAGA deplorables who are willing to step in the gap and run for national office. They futures of our children’s children depend on the choices we make today. The total destruction of the evil Uni-party must be completed. Look not to the right or to the left, look only to the Lord for instruction and courage.

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      1. So many have opined this, F Le’Pore – just knowing what these guys have done to enrich themselves makes it all the more difficult to trust them – imho – trying – I am


        1. There was only ONE Perfect Man who walked the face of the Earth.


          For ALL have sinned and come short of the GLORY of GOD.

          We need to be happy with broken vessels, and the blessings that GOD gives us. Is it that hard to forgive?
          Even the sinner on the cross next to Jesus waited until the last minute to repent, YET HE WAS SAVED.

          We’re not getting perfection on Earth, ever. Perfection is for the NEW Heaven and the NEW Earth. And the SAVED and the 144,000.

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    1. It’s influencing alright ! More $$$ comin’ in for President Trump…

      MORE Americans sleeping in the cold to hear President Trump speak at a Rally…

      DIMs are broke and can’t fill a broom closet.

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  13. News | The White House – 01/27 and 01/28/2020

    Please Check Back for Updates – Thank You!!!


    Statement from the Press Secretary on Supreme Court Victory

    Issued on: January 27, 2020

    Today’s stay from the Supreme Court is a massive win for American taxpayers, American workers, and the American Constitution. This decision allows the Government to implement regulations effectuating longstanding Federal law that newcomers to this country must be financially self-sufficient and not a “public charge” on our country and its citizens. Two courts of appeals had already ruled that the Government should be able to implement these regulations, but one single district judge’s nationwide injunction remained. As two Justices pointed out today, the expanding practice of district courts entering nationwide injunctions raises real problems about the proper power of a judge to decide only the case before him or her.

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  14. Adam Schiff Is Hiding Something Big….. Dan Bongino…

    Jan 28, 2020

    Adam Schiff….and the 18th WitnessMichael Atkinson…ICIG…had firsthand knowledge of (fake) whistleblower…and that “complaint”…

    but wait…what happened ??


    1. Øbominable was Mr. Abuse of Power and Øbstruction of Congress from Day Øne of his shameful, corrupt, anti-American, IslamoNazi tenure.

      List of Obama administration abuses of power and lawbreaking –

      Timeline of Sedition and Treason:

      O administration was corrupt –

      1,063 Documented Examples of Barack Obama’s Lying, Lawbreaking, Corruption, Cronyism, Hypocrisy, Waste, Etc. –


      The Complete List of Barack Obama’s Scandals, Misdeeds, Crimes and Blunders –

      THERE’S EVEN A BOOK about Obama’s lies, corruption, cronyism, hypocrisy. (first of many, I’m sure)

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      1. Probably a good thing to do, in any case. Aren’t sinkholes a “feature” around there (FL, etc.)? (OK, I’d say they’re a bug, from a stability perspective)…

        Interesting, in that Sunday’s the Superbowl… trouble is, as the sun gets less and less active, Volcanos, earthquakes, and other seismic activity tends to increase (lotsa info on and ) … Wonder what Shakira and Jennifer Lopez are trying to conure up…

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    1. Hmmm. Just thinking – were there any sorts of mines underneath? In England there are cases of sinkholes occurring when abanoned mines collapse, either through disuse, poor construction (i.e. they weren’t stable in the first place), or the timbers, etc., finally rotted away. But those would be from hundreds of years ago. Not sure if that would apply here…

      Also water table depletion…

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      1. Most of the underlying earth structure of Florida and the Islands is limestone which is cavernous – with caves and underground streams which move, erode, collapse with changes in rainfall, drought, earthquakes, storms, etc.

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  15. Then there is this guy.

    Hillrotten people are like bed bugs or head lice.

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