Dear KAG: 20200128 Open Thread

Still waiting for this to happen in certain parts of the Nation’s Capitol?

Battle music, please.

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Fellow tree dweller Wheatie gave us some good reminders on the basics of civility in political discourse:

  1. No food fights.
  2. No running with scissors.
  3. If you bring snacks, bring enough for everyone.


Some words of wisdom from the Gospel According to St. Mark, Chapter 3:

The scribes who had come from Jerusalem said of Jesus,
“He is possessed by Beelzebul,” and
“By the prince of demons he drives out demons.”

Summoning them, he began to speak to them in parables,
“How can Satan drive out Satan?
If a kingdom is divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand.
And if a house is divided against itself,
that house will not be able to stand.
And if Satan has risen up against himself and is divided,
he cannot stand;
that is the end of him.
But no one can enter a strong man’s house to plunder his property
unless he first ties up the strong man.
Then he can plunder his house.
Amen, I say to you, all sins and all blasphemies
that people utter will be forgiven them.
But whoever blasphemes against the Holy Spirit
will never have forgiveness,
but is guilty of an everlasting sin.”
For they had said, “He has an unclean spirit.”

As always, prayers for the fight against that which seeks to enslave us are welcome. Via con Dios.

406 thoughts on “Dear KAG: 20200128 Open Thread

    1. Oh, cool, twinsies! I posted this on “Trump’s Strong Women” thread. Yours starts a few secs earlier and shows Elise jumping in! Awesome! And love watching Jim Jordan/Mark Meadows behind her. She is rockin’ it!

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  1. Good morning qtreepers!! Up an at’em today. Won’t be able to check the late night activity until another three hours after my French session.

    It was epic watching PDJT’s team go to work in the early session so I slept really well! 😊🙋🏻‍♀️🇨🇭

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        1. Exactly— how are any of you getting anything DONE today? I’m reading here, catching up over yonder, deep diving into Gab, laughing over on twitter reactions….updating my constitutional law knowledge….it’s full time! Perhaps it’s just me… I just am stoked that I have you all ‘in the room’ to discuss all of this with.

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              1. Hey, Pat! You have a Blessed Day, too!

                Got any funnies in your bag of tricks? Need some * Giggles * – not that I did not get any from yesterday’s Trump Team Presentation – mind you – the Bondi Meme was great!!!

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    1. wonder who he’s looking at in that video–he’s kinda staring down one person, when he mentions, “you had documents” I didn’t even have yet and I learned about them from you…
      or maybe something else caught his eye…
      anyone else see that?

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  2. Bolton’s less than factual and often vindictive nature highlighted in this article…
    Bolton, who was then the State Department’s undersecretary for arms control issues, included a warning about the Cuban threat in a draft of a speech and sent it around the department for the necessary clearance. A biological warfare analyst wrote back that Bolton’s proposed comments overstated what U.S. intelligence agencies really knew about the matter, and, as routinely happens, suggested some small changes.

    The analyst was summoned to Bolton’s office. “He got very red in the face, and shaking his finger at me, and explained to me that I was acting way beyond my position,” the analyst, Christian Westermann, recalled later during a Senate inquiry. Bolton then demanded that Westermann’s supervisor remove him permanently from the biological weapons portfolio, thundering that “he wasn’t going to be told what he could say by a mid-level munchkin.”


    Much of Bolton’s reputation for lying about and intimidating those who crossed him came out in his Senate hearings when he was nominated to become the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations in 2005. Among the 35 people interviewed were several who called into question his personality for the role. He was referenced as one who was willing to lie (something he affirmed in an interview five years later) about those who criticized him. They said he would “bully” and “intimidate” people who disagreed with him. But most notably were instances documented in which he was accused of “retaliating” against those he believed had wronged him, a trait they said would manifest for years.

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    1. … and your point is …? (the author – not you pat)

      I would hope that people working in certain places in govt have firm ideas of boundaries, unlike Comey and Brennan. As far as lying, we have an entire area of govt (intelligence) where lying is a required skill for hiring.

      If temperament is an issue, it should be remediated. I look at it this way: would America elect a man as president who said rich people can grab women by their genitals?

      The article is a sophomoric hit job. I rest my case.

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      1. Bolton’s former Chief of Staff speaks out…
        I haven’t seen Bolton’s book manuscript and I don’t know what’s in it. I take Bolton and his staff at their word that they did not leak the manuscript to the New York Times. But I believe they are still responsible for this leak since Bolton’s explosive book was sent to the leak-prone National Security Council for a security review in December 2019 so the book could be published in the spring of 2020. It also is inexplicable how such a sensitive manuscript could be sent to the NSC in the middle of the impeachment process. Under such circumstances, a leak of the manuscript was all but certain.

        If a manuscript of this sensitivity was to be published at all, this should happen after the election, not in the spring of 2020. I don’t understand the need for a former National Security Adviser to publish a tell-all book critical of a president he served, especially during a presidential reelection campaign that will determine the fate of the country. There will be a time for Bolton to speak out without appearing to try to tip a presidential election.

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    1. Political Correctness is currently being used as a gas-lighting tool.

      PC really stands for:
      Punitive Conformity – speech/thought control
      Propaganda Conspiracy – information/narrative control
      Power Consolidation – government/finance control.
      Protecting Corruption – covering up crime, sin and perversion.

      They use a victim/bully tactic, pretend to be victims, then intimidate, threaten, assault. Works well – sort of like Good Cop/Bad Cop.

      Mohammed, Hitler and Stalin did it, Alinsky wrote about it and now it’s the Standard Operating Procedure of the left.

      They started with bullying beauty contestants, cake bakeries and churches.

      Now they bully everyone, political candidates, nominees, business owners, workers, and the whole US military.

      They tried to take down Donald Trump, Brett Kavanaugh and Tucker Carlson, but they have battled the bullies and won.

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  3. Are we allowed to despise CNN anymore than we do. Wouldn’t be surprised if some of this clip gets played at the Rally. Better yet, maybe it can be incorporated into POTUS’ defense presentation today. Ukraine is mentioned – and CNN? – we do know where it is. Jesse Watters should do a segment.

    But I’m going to leave this here – because if any of you still have Dem acquaintances or family that don’t get POTUS or US – they need to see this. Makes your blood boil – but go show these people – any regular Dems left that this is what CNN thinks of average Americans. Because you don’t have to be a Trump supporter to fall into the pool they think people like us belong.

    It happened over the weekend, but seemed to explode yesterday. If you have any Democrat acquaintances who consider themselves regular Americans, hard-working and patriotic, but they still just don’t like or get DJT – share this with them.

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  4. More from Cates on the Bolton feeding frenzy

    “And yet this narrative took off like a V2 rocket, and now the Democratic leadership is **convinced** they know what Bolton’s book will actually, and what he would actually testify to.
    So now both Attorney General William Barr & WH Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney have gone ON THE RECORD to state the NYT’s & WaPo’s anonymous source is yanking their chain.”

    The only thing Id change in this excerpt is change the V2 rocket to ACME rocket and mention it circling back on them 😉 Wile E. Media 😉

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    1. It doesn’t matter if the story falls apart what matters is that the Trojan Horse Rinos now have an EXCUSE to DEMAND WITTNESSES and drag the impeachment out until November.

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      1. Well, yeah, it does matter.

        It fits a pattern of dims claiming something is true and then it’s proven untrue…

        …a true Repubs should be HAMMERING right now. After all, there are HUNDREDS of examples to choose from.

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  5. Food for thought on Bolton.

    Follow Bolton, Stage is Clean
    3 Apr 2018 – 12:23:03 AM
    Where We Go One We Go All Marker
    3 Apr 2018 – 12:18:17 AM
    Drops will go fast.
    WH clean SIG.
    Everything is planned.
    We Fight.
    Follow Bolton.
    Learn how to archive offline.
    The streets will not be safe for them.

    A Clean House is Very Important
    10 Apr 2018 – 11:11:02 AM

    Who is standing next to Pence & POTUS?
    Bolton cleaning house.
    Out they go!
    A clean House is very important.

    Bolton met with Putin to Discuss POTUS Summit
    27 Jun 2018 – 12:58:04 PM
    27 Jun 2018 – 12:45:55 PM
    If you continue to proceed down this dangerous path only know that we are prepared.
    You should know this based on earlier drops re: SA / Nat Guard / MIL Assets activate US soil.
    The game is over when the public knows.
    The fight to keep the LIGHTS OFF is all that matters to you.
    You will FAIL.
    You lost CONTROL.
    You underestimated their resolve and their ability to free-think away from the pipeline narrative.
    We will DECLAS.
    We will shine LIGHT.
    No amount of money, influence, or power can stop this.
    Our rights to secure and protect at all costs then become justified.
    We stand at the ready.
    If you are smart (stupid) you know what just occurred at the meeting in Russia.
    Attempts to frame Russia / POTUS (optics) are failing and will soon be exposed.
    [Objective] to keep POTUS away from PUTIN failed.
    Bolton + PUTIN should scare you.
    Enemies are allies.
    EVIL has no place here.
    America is no longer for sale.
    The age of taxing our citizens across the World while entry to our markets is FREE is OVER.
    The WORLD will UNITE in this cause (G v E/R v W).
    Forced immigration pushers will be exposed (the ‘why’).
    Read the BIBLE.

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    1. This is the Russia trip in question.

      National Security Adviser John Bolton touched down in Russia and met with President Vladimir Putin as part of a Trump administration blitz for better relations with Moscow.

      Bolton landed in the capital city on Wednesday, and later met with the country’s longtime leader at the Kremlin.

      “Unfortunately it is necessary to acknowledge that Russian-American relations are not in the best form,” Putin said, according to state agency TASS.

      Putin used the meeting to blame the relations on an “interior political battle in the United States,” a reference to how his counterpart President Trump has had his first year and a half in office engulfed by questions about Russian influence on the election.

      Trump has a history of praising Putin, and recently suggested that Russia could re-enter the G7 after casting doubt on the reason it was kicked out, the annexation of Crimea from Ukraine in 2014.

      The Putin meeting may be the first in a string for American officials, with a group of senators eyeing a similar rendezvous when they come to Moscow next week and Trump looking at a potential sit down with the former KGB agent in the middle of next month.

      Kremlin spokesman Peskov did not comment on the possibility of the Trump-Putin meeting, which reports have said would likely happen in Helsinki, Finland, though Bolton was scheduled to speak to reporters in the early evening local time….

      Trump reportedly said he believed Putin’s denials of any interference, though Special Counsel Robert Mueller has indicted dozens of people in his probe into the matter and received guilty pleas from Trump figures including Michael Flynn, Rick Gates and George Papadopoulos.

      Bolton is known as a super hawk on foreign policy including in relation to Moscow, though has also appeared on the edges of Russia investigation reporting after he appeared in a Russian gun rights video in 2013 and his Super PAC’s work with data company Cambridge Analytica.

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  6. this article has a lot of info about Schiff I didn’t know…some seems incredulous…he writes screenplays? (that explains the drama queen flair) …he lived in Slovakia for years???

    There is alot of background information about Democrat CA Congressman and House Impeachment Manager Adam Smith that Few People Have noticed

    Schiff may be an agent of a foreign power.
    His involvement in Eastern European Politics Dates back THIRTY years.
    He speaks several languages including Armenian, Turkish, SlovaK, and Russian.


    Schiff was living in Eastern Europe while being paid as an Los Angeles, California prosecutor in 1989 and 1992 near or during when Ukraine, Czech Republic and Slovak Republic all gained their independence.

    He’s an amateur screenwriter of screenplays and novels. He’s working on writing a spy novel right now. He likely fancies himself as THE one who can provide the Trump Presidency with a Hollywood ending.

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    1. ^^^ One of those HUGE tragedies in life, that I know exactly where I was when it happened. Onboard USS Enterprise (CVN 65) heading to western Pacific for seven months. Captain came on the 1MC, speaker system throughout the ship. Announced Challenger exploded shortly after launch. All lives lost. no known reason. Literally took our breath away onboard the ship. Incredibly sad news it was.

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        1. The story goes that Reagan wanted a blue ribbon panel with all kinds of VIPs and big names to investigate it. Chuck Yeager, the test pilot, was originally appointed to it. He picked up a couple of reports, read them, and said, “Don’t launch under 45 degrees.”

          Well, that was too easy for the Reagan people, so, they went ahead with the panel, and the conclusion: don’t launch under 45 degrees.

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          1. And who got punished for ordering the launch despite the contractor screaming NO?


            Somebody should have been charged with 7 counts of voluntary manslaughter.


  7. CA sucks.
    The corporate crime has largely gone unpunished as no single employee has been held criminally responsible for enriching the naturally-occurring arsenic levels in the wastewater and releasing all 23,000 gallons into the sewer. With a fine as low as $5 million, a fine which could be disputed at a later date presumably with a new trial, the company could conceivably be laughing all the way to the bank.

    To put it into a different perspective, if a citizen had poisoned the Californian wastewater with arsenic, that person, if convicted, would spend the rest of his life in jail convicted of domestic terrorism, conspiracy, and a whole host of other crimes. The fact no one is going to prison serves to illustrate how corporate free passes work.

    That’s right America. A company who promises to give you the cleanest, purest, mountain spring water, took out the good stuff, sold it to you for a profit, then dumped the poisons found in the water right back into the wastewater system and no one went to jail, no one paid a high price, and the privately held company will just keep on getting wealthier at the public’s expense.

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        1. Well, we know, or at least I 100% believe the “green” BS is all about controlling the masses.

          Regarding Crystal Geyser, the sanctimonious company that dumped the arsenic, or caused it’s dumping. When I read an article about this a few days ago, I noted then…

          – Crystal Geyser bottling plant is located in Olancha, CA. Eastern Sierra foothills. Middle of no damn place. But, IMO, an incredibly beautiful area.

          – Crystal Geyser Arsenic and other poisons shipped further south and DUMPED into the sewer system. I forget the local the poisons were dumped. But it was another podunk out of the main stream CA green weenie region.

          After noting above, I wondered, then and now, what IF that poison was dumped in the sewer of an over populated area such as San Diego, LA, Frisco, Sacramento, what would be the response and potential penalty? Far different I would guess.
          On a personal level…2010-2015 ARSENIC in MY tap water makes moar sense now…

          At that time, I lived 50 miles south of Olancha, in Ridgcrest, CA. (Yea, the place where hundreds of earthquakes rumbled last year)
          – Quarterly, we’d get required mailings from our water company, Indian Wells Water notifying us of higher than normal, acceptable arsenic in the water.
          – At the time I assumed it was “nature” or from years of who knows what happening onboard China Lake Weapons Station. Everyone I knew in Ridgecrest drank bottled or filtered water.

          Driving on US 395 through Olancha, past Crystal Geyser facility, literally fronts the highway for nearly 1/2 mile. A series of large buildings. One large containment pond, lined with heavy plastic can be seen from the highway. Used to wonder why the lined pond was there. Now I know, Crystal Geyser was storing Arsenic and other poisons, to be intentionally, illegally dumped.

          Back to first point above. Betting IF this poison was dumped near a huge CA population center, the fine would have been greater.

          AND, I wonder who Crystal Geyser contributes to in the political world.

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          1. If the EPA acts fast enough before repeal is final, it can prosecute the company for polluting a body of water under the Waters of the US rule. That makes it a federal case which DJT can tweet the hell out of.

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    1. “Bolton was a recess appointee, who resigned at the end of his appointment because the Senate would not confirm him…”

      HMMMMmmmm And Bolton is KNOWN for payback?

      Sure looks like Bolton maybe another TRAP for the DemonRats. ESPECIALLY if it got rid of a RUSSIAN MOLE aka the Vindman twins.

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      1. I think Bolton was brought in specifically to deal with the Russian issues. Back in October-November 2018 we pulled out of a treaty that put us at a disadvantage with China re nuclear arms. Bolton was sent to Putin to set the table.

        There’s more to all of this than the MSM and the surface has to say.

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  8. Haven’t had a chance to read all the thread(s) – but worth making sure everyone sees this.

    “Out of more than 20,000 identified voters who came to a recent Trump rally in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 57.9 percent did not have a history of voting for Republicans. Remarkably, 4,413 attendees didn’t even vote in the last election — a clear indication that President Trump is energizing Americans who were previously not engaged in politics.

    The Milwaukee rally wasn’t exceptional in that respect.

    Nearly 22 percent of identified supporters at President Trump’s rally in Toledo, Ohio, were Democrats, and another 21 percent were independents. An astounding 15 percent of identified voters who saw the president speak in Battle Creek, Michigan, has not voted in any of the last four elections. In Hershey, Pennsylvania, just over 20 percent of identified voters at the rally were Democrats, and 18 percent were non-white.”

    This is why the Democrats are afraid. Now we need to make them lose downticket – and I think it can happen – if the rose rally attendees go vote – and why wouldn’t they??? They can help a number of downticket races.

    IMO, as we nearer to November, if not before, POTUS is going to shift his messaging a bit to focus on the help he needs in the downticket races. Right now he has to wait for some of the primary races to finish out on our side.

    God Bless this great President. Never thought I’d see this in my lifetime.

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  9. FYI:

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    1. Cruz is most def. an ally to PDJT. If not in 2016, he most assuredly is now (as are so many others).

      This is the man who preserved the display of the 10 Commandments at the Texas Capitol bldg. by winning in front of the Supreme Court.

      Cruz is 100% on board the MAGA Trump train.

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    1. The more that’s hitting the headlines, I’m really thinking that Bolton is the latest red shiny ball launched to set traps and hold some people’s attention.

      I’m holding fire on this scene in the show we’re supposed to be enjoying. The fog of war is real.

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  10. Okay, something REALLY weird just happened.

    I was talking/trying to persuade someone on Twitter about Serhiy Leshchenko, but I could not remember exactly how to spell his name, AND there are two important characters with the letter “L”. Leshchenko is the tall gawky one, the Ukraine MP who released the false (we think) black box ledger to the New York Times….. which led to the resignation of Paul Manafort…… which was actual election interference. He as much as admitted it with the former Forbes reporter. The OTHER “L” name is Lutsenko, the guy with the round face, who took over as Prosecutor when Shokin was fired. He’s the guy who met with Yovanovitch when she wanted cases dropped.

    So here I am, in the middle of a twitter argument, and I searched on Leshchenko……….
    …….. and about the third article down
    ……… was my article on Q tree, the one on Yovanovitch.

    First time that’s ever happened.
    We are the news now.

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    1. I confess, i stealthily tweeted out the link last week to lots of high profiles. THIS IS WAR!! And you MQ, are one BADA$$ WARRIOR!! 🤩🤩🤩💞💞

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      1. I used to work in fund raising. Development, advancement or whatever it’s being called this year, IS time consuming. It just is. The cultivation time to sell ideas to major gift donors can be measured in months, if not years. There has to be regular contact or the donor will find another cause for their money.

        My guess is with three years of MAGA, McCarthy is having an easier time selling the donors on four more years given Trump’s track record. People just aren’t going to easily give up their cash to a losing proposition.

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        1. I predict that the final fund-raising numbers for PDJT’s re-election are going to not only set records, but records that leave everyone (Including dims) absolutely dumbfounded.

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  11. ERLC fellow upset that Trump attended the March for Life rally.

    Can you believe Trump’s nerve?! 😉

    But this really is how these people think. It is who they are. They continue to drop the charade and expose themselves for the charlatans and abusive hirelings they are.

    January 24, 2020
    ERLC Fellow Says It’s Not Good for the Pro-Life Movement that President Trump is Attending the March for Life
    Posted by Jeff Maples

    Today marks the annual March for Life which is primarily a political — not primarily a religious — gathering of pro-life supporters from around the nation to protest the murdering of innocent children. Today, Donald Trump will attend and speak at the March for Life making him the first U.S. president ever to do so. And though the event is primarily political in nature, one would expect Christians to glad that the world’s most powerful man supports the pro-life movement.

    Yet, leave it to the “woke” camp of Southern Baptist elitists who by all means and measures have redefined what it means to be “pro-life.” Yesterday, the Southern Baptist ERLC leader, Russell Moore laid out a brand new definition of “pro-life” to include not only opposing abortion but supporting such things as affirmative action for black college students, softening border laws, and government-operated healthcare systems.

    Now, an ERLC research fellow who is also a Baylor University professor and highly sought after speaker and author for The Gospel Coalition announced on Twitter that Donald Trump’s appearance at the March for Life would be detrimental for the movement.

    The logic seems to be that because Donald Trump doesn’t line up with the new definition — set by the progressive Evangelical elitists — of “pro-life,” that Trump’s appearance will work against the movement. And, to that extent, he’s right. In fact, Trump’s appearance at the event will serve to solidify a movement that is opposed to abortion — which is what it really means to be pro-life. His appearance will not serve to help Russell Moore, Thomas Kidd, and the Evangelical elite’s new “woke” definition of pro-life.

    Kidd’s comments drew a number of ireful responses, including the following,

    And while I may not fully agree with the sentiments of all of the comments, the one thing we all share is a disdain for the hijacking of the pro-life movement into something it’s not — socialism.

    Being pro-life has nothing at all to do with social justice — it’s about ending the slaughter of innocent children in the womb. That’s all it’s ever been about. And having the president of the most powerful nation in the world attend the event — despite the fact that he’s not truly a Christian — just proves that he has a better grasp on general revelation than the vast majority of those who think of themselves as leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ.

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      1. Pretty much – the ERLC fellows are abusive hirelings.

        “Then said Jesus unto them again, Verily, verily, I say unto you, I am the door of the sheep. All that ever came before me are thieves and robbers: but the sheep did not hear them. I am the door: by me if any man enter in, he shall be saved, and shall go in and out, and find pasture. The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly. I am the good shepherd: the good shepherd giveth his life for the sheep. But he that is an hireling, and not the shepherd, whose own the sheep are not, seeth the wolf coming, and leaveth the sheep, and fleeth: and the wolf catcheth them, and scattereth the sheep. The hireling fleeth, because he is an hireling, and careth not for the sheep. I am the good shepherd, and know my sheep, and am known of mine. As the Father knoweth me, even so know I the Father: and I lay down my life for the sheep.” ~ John 10:7-15 (KJV)

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        1. Michael,

          I have read most of your posts wrt this situation. I am so worried, in particular about my granddaughter who is a minister in Ft. Worth area at a SB church. She went to Seminary at SW Bap Theology Seminary. I don’t know her politics ATM…

          Do you think the SB churches in her area are infiltrated with this attitude?

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          1. It’s hard to say. The churches are autonomous but the ERLC is trying to influence or control them. Mostly to break up the Evangelical vote before 2020. They’re trying to defeat Trump BAMN. I would try to see how familiar she is with the ERLC and what her position and the church’s position is on LGBT issues.

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            1. Thank you for commenting… My oldest grandboy is gay, and BOTH grandsons are estranged from her because of her position on LGBT issues. To my knowledge, the Church shares her position. I don’t know about her position with ERLC. I had hoped to visit the end of Feb but have decided not to fly bc of the coronavirus situation. She is very busy w/ full time ministry, 2 really young children and hubby is working fulltime as teacher and night classes for masters… conv is limited to texts ! Her church is not MEGA (she was previously in Charlotte with Elevation) but has quite a large staff… I have met all… she is Children’s Minister, then there’s a Pastor, Ass’t Pastor, Music Minister and another I think. I will discuss with her though when I visit sometime in April it looks like now. Again thank you for replying. btw, what does BAMN mean?

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    1. Can I be so rude as to point out that if March for Life is political (and not religious), how the hell did it get that way? It’s not a tough question.

      It was these thug heathens who wanted to make money killing babies and being able to do it in WA and CA wasn’t enough for their greedy black souls. They wanted their baby killing for profit model to become INDUSTRIAL across the USA.

      And their useful idiots in the organized religions have the nerve to challenge us as being political animals. If they had stood up and fought back when STATES were busy legalizing babykilling, there wouldn’t be any Roe v Wade.

      Bastards. I bet most of them are too arrogant to repent. So as far as I’m concerned they can enjoy hell because they chose to go there.

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      1. It’s political, but originates in convictions taught by religion.

        I could expound on the mentality that led to Roe v Wade, but that wouldn’t go over all that well. It was a rejection of religious teaching on a related topic.

        But few people want to hear that since they tend to agree with the mentality.

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      2. America has a long history of religious conviction becoming a political movement. We have tremendous freedom to express our views and organize that other nations do not enjoy. It’s often far from perfect and messy, but it’s a far sight better than a European monarch who is afraid of allowing their citizens to speak or organize “against the king”.


  12. March not religious, didn’t the Catholics start it? He’s not truly a Christian, who is anyone to judge??? 😡Sounds like Jeff is spending too much time with the Fairy-Sees, Sad-U-Sees, and the Ex CT Author Liberal Progressive Bible re-interpreting and distorting crowd. 🙄

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    1. Nellie Gray, the woman who founded the walk, was Catholic. Everyone is welcome to join, but I’m telling you, the networks that have been developed to house all the people headed to Washington every January are impressive. The Catholic high schools, specifically are great about letting kids from other locales sleep on the gym floor and use the locker rooms. Every year, I know people who have sent their kids for the event, and all say it was just a great experience.

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  13. OK I was going to be done but I’m going to share this one too. . .

    January 23, 2020
    Russell Moore Implies Being Pro-Life Means Supporting Affirmative Action in Colleges and Universities for Blacks
    Posted by Jeff Maples

    The Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission head, Russell Moore started a movement several years ago to coincide with the majority Catholic event and dubbed it the Evangelicals for Life. The Evangelical version, however, has largely turned into a pro-social justice movement seeking to redefine what it means to be pro-life — and by their definition, being pro-life also means being pro-socialism.

    Russell Moore recently talked about what it means to be pro-life in his Sign Posts podcast and explained to his listeners this very re-definition of the movement to include social justice. . .

    According to Moore, one cannot be pro-life unless they “care about the life of the immigrant,” “care about sick people,” and “care about the welfare of black people” — all hot-button social justice issues. Of course, the higher one is on the intersectionality scale the more you have to care about them to be pro-life. It doesn’t matter if you care about straight, white men so long as you care about immigrants, blacks, and sick people.

    But then he goes on to equate the pro-life issue with caring about social programs . . .

    . . . [N]obody — literally nobody — has argued that these people are not created in the image of God. This is a highly irresponsible and foolish argument [for ERLC head Russell Moore] to make.

    I want to compare the thin gruel of progressivism with Trump’s policy accomplishments:

    “Affirmative action programs”

    The left want more people to enter college Cloward-Piven style, burden them with debt, and cheapen the value of a degree, while giving them an education that is indoctrination but no real job skills, ostensibly the reason for going to college – under the white lie that getting a college degree is the ticket to greater earnings. Meanwhile the left uses high ed for their endless graft. OUTCOMES DON’T MATTER – SYMBOLISM AND VIRTUE SIGNALING MATTERS.

    Trump is concerned about improving ECONOMIC OUTCOMES which is the primary driver for education:
    * Massive increase in jobs training programs (ECONOMIC OUTCOMES)
    * Private partnerships to train and hire workers (ECONOMIC OUTCOMES)
    * Radical expansion of vocational training opportunities as an alternative path to workforce development (ECONOMIC OUTCOMES)
    * Policies that dramatically improve economic mobility and REDUCE income inequality (the Dems WANT income inequality, because it gives them a crisis to “solve”)
    * Removing barriers that keep people out of the workforce. For example, allowing more former convicts opportunities to jobs and improve their outlook. (This is HUGE. The leftist progressives complain about how we should care about “prisoners” but they will do NOTHING to help them! Except releasing violent criminals.)
    * Reducing unemployment to record lows
    * Policies that increase employment opportunities and wages for the lowest income earners – economic mobility = ECONOMIC FREEDOM

    Care for the Sick

    The left doesn’t want people to have private health insurance or health care. They want medicare to have a total monopoly on health care – a system where people are treated inhumanely and where timely proper medical care is virtually impossible.

    It was Christian and Jewish institutions that built America’s health care system from literally nothing to become the envy of the world. To paraphrase Obama, government didn’t build that.

    The left loves to whine about “capitalism” and its effects on health care. The biggest problem is that health care is not a free market – it is encumbered by many anti-market distortions. The things leftists complain are wrong with health care are precisely the things that anti-market interference caused.

    Where is the call for Christian charity? As the head of the ERLC you would think that one would be a position to call for programs of medical charity and medical missions programs. But that’s not on the table because they aren’t willing to allow the Overton Window to be expanded – they want to control the options on the table.

    Trump’s accomplishments in caring for the sick are so numerous I’m not going to try to recount them here.


    The left does not care about immigrants. They simply don’t. They only want them for inflating their votes and using them as a political foil.

    Trump bent over backwards to work with the left to resolve DACA and other issues. He literally gave them EVERYTHING they asked for to reform the immigration system. Trump’s base was LIVID – but he pressed forward. At the end of the day, the greedy left only cared about what they could weaponize against Trump and rejected the deal.

    It’s not that the left are hypocrites. It’s that they simply don’t care.

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  14. I wondered when the people of Ireland would find their red hair and remember how and why the famine walls got built. Talk about attempted genocide. The famine was completely avoidable.

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  15. Geez, so much happening today, this week and next…6 threads!!! 😲 THE ROLLERCOASTER IS REAL!!!

    Overlooked maybe from yesterday…. Boeing jet crashed in Afghanistan with 5 onboard. Pentagon claiming technical issues. Saw video that maybe showed shrapnel in wreckage, like intentionally shot down by Taliban, who people are saying are funded by IRGC? F&F reporting that Taliban attacked American forces trying to access wreckage.

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  16. Liked by 8 people

    1. Fox Alert: Fotis Doulos missed court, found unresponsive in running car in garage, rushed to hospital.
      He may have, but EDKH.

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        1. Probably not, he just offed his wife and got caught. He’s on life support, can’t breathe on his own. He didn’t want to go to prison.

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    1. I imagine that most of the people here and at ChiefIO have higher IQs than that Lemon. We probably also have a lot more information stashed in our brains too.

      Perhaps The Lemon’ should READ the 2010 Blair-Rockefeller Poll on the Tea Party.

      ….10.6% of the national poll defined themselves as Tea Party members. Tea Party members are predominantly white, middle class, educated, Christian males over the age of 45. Though the unemployment rate of Tea Party members is less than the national average, Tea Party members seem to feel that their situations are going to get worse….

      Nearly half of Tea Party members (49.9%) are middle class, with an annual household income of 40 to 100K, another 13.9% make over 100K. Tea Party members are less likely to fall below the poverty level than Non-Tea Party members. The majority (65.3%) of Tea Party members have some college training, with 27.5 % having earned a Bachelor’s Degree or higher (Figure 2).

      Moreover, only 7.2 % of Tea Party members have less than a high school education, as compared to 13.4 % of Non-Tea Party members. Only 8.6 % of Tea Party members are not working because they have either been laid off temporarily or have lost their job and are looking for work, compared to 10.7% of Non-Tea Party members.

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  17. Well ….
    “Hunter Biden settles child support case”
    Hunter Biden has agreed to pay monthly child support, retroactive to 2018, to the Arkansas mother of a child that the mother claimed Biden fathered and a subsequent DNA test proved her claim to be true. The payments will continue indefinitely.
    Biden has until March 1 to submit his financial documents that were subpoenaed in the case or face contempt of court charges. He had previously denied that the child is his.

    Wonder if this settlement is the result of that photo of Hunter Biden with his pregnant wife AND his Porsche in front of the Waldorf that went viral a couple days ago?

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    1. He thinks this will stop the public digging, likely it won’t – not for Trump supporters. This is only a temporary agreement. If the babymomma has a good legal team, they will heat it up again publicly to use as leverage for gain in the permanent settlement. Hunter’s screwed.

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    Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on who is attacking Christians:

    Attacks on Christianity, throughout the world, emanate from two principal sources: radical Muslims and leftists. The role played by radical Muslims is detailed in the 2020 World Watch List published by Open Doors; the Gatestone Institute cites radical Muslims as well, but it also mentions the role played by radical left-wing groups.

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  19. Pausing to properly celebrate 🥰

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  20. Ha Ha Cryin called for National emergency yesterday. Secretary Azar just held presser regarding US response and how prepared we are. Big FAIL Schmucky, no $$$ for you!!

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  21. POTUS speaking on ME Peace NOW

    Sitting in a television studio on the East cost, calling Americans stupid and illiterate doesn’t tend to go over too well…

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  22. QTreepers – please pray for my dad- he was just sent to the hospital via ambulance – my parents have caregivers thankfully. I believe he had a seizure again. I am communicating a continent away with the caregiver and my siblings 😞

    God has this. I have faith. 🙏🏻

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