20200128: ShamMMMpeachment thread. Second full day.

Tuesday’s Impeachment Thread. How are we feeling after yesterday??? Is it what you all expected? How do we feel about the President’s team? Who made the most effective argument in your opinion? How do you feel about Bolton? Witnesses? The NYSLIME? Are we ready for more offense?

166 thoughts on “20200128: ShamMMMpeachment thread. Second full day.


    WE SPIED on Mr Trump for 1 1/2 years — Nothing

    We Concocted a FALSE Special Council to CONTINUE the SPYING — Nothing

    We have continually tried to ‘peach 45’ for three years — Nothing

    So we YELL!

    And even if we can’t meme worth beans…

    We’ve still got:

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  2. By using the Democrats own prior impeachment statements from 1998 was a brilliant way to end. Exposing the hypocrites.

    No sense in beating a dead horse.

    I’m actually looking forward to the questions from Senators especially the Democrats.

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  3. Such is the state of our media today, that I really don’t know if this is parody or not.

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    1. Mark Levin in on firer tonight. He said “that 3-4 Republicans want witnesses.”
      He also said “Kelly said in Florida that Bolton is honest and he believes him.” Paraphrased .

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    1. Bolton’s words with Nappy interviewing is the SAME logic Comey, McCabe, Page, Strokz, Brennan…USED to justify spying on president Trump, attempted coup…

      Bolton is ethically bankrupt.

      His statements above can be used against him, IF he is a witness in the impeachment. NULLIFIES whatever his testimony may be. Meaningless.

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  4. The House was the place to call for witnesses and build the case – the Senate is NOT the place for more case-building – it is the place to vote on the case the House created (which is bunk and hogwash).

    The House has behaved like children, lawless, immature, selfish children.

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  5. IT IS NOT FAIR to change the Senate rules AFTER President Trump’s people have presented their defense.

    The President’s team should be given time to rebut and answer those witnesses.

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    1. Do I understand you correctly?

      Yertle, told Mittens to bugger off NO Witnesses.

      I know Mitch was horrified at the idea of trashing the Constitution in the way Nadless, Nasty Pig, and Shifty Shitt have done.

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  6. Fully understand Turtle has said he doesn’t have 51 votes to stop witnesses.

    Think we need to wait 48 hours. Rs can work on the four weasels…mittens, Collins, Murkowski and Alexander.

    Guessing select Rs will have some private, calm, logical discussions with them. Only need to get two of them onboard.
    – Collins, Murkowski and Alexander workable.
    – mittens probably a lost cause. mittens will will vote witnesses, unless he sees it as futile.

    AND, ChiFi is a snake. She is absolutely not thinking acquit. Trolling Rs. Same as President Trump has trolled ChiFi to her face. Recall Second Amendment WH round table after Parkland. Trolled her about banning ARs. Both perked up the vile bitch proving she had a pulse of sorts and LOLF at the same time.

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