20200128: MAGA/KAG Rally, Wildwood NJ.

We’ve never seen anything like this before. 24 hours before the rally!!!!!!!!

This was several hours before the Rally begins.

Have you ever been to Cape May/Wildwoods, NJ area? OMGosh, it’s beautiful!!!! Join us as we continue to explore the country via the President’s MAGA Rallies. This week, we visit one of the most scenic spots in all of America, Wildwood, NJ, which is in Cape May County, just a little south of Atlantic City, at the very end of the Garden State Parkway. It just happens to be home to Congressman Jefferson Van Drew, a Democrat who switched his vote and became a Republican during Shampeachment.

From yesterday morning!!!!!!!!!!!

Let’s get oriented a little better on a map. If we look, as the crow flies, Wildwoods is directly east of Washington, DC. The President could take Marine One. This is “old turf” for Citizen Trump from his days of casinos in Atlantic City. He knows the area well AND he well knows how tax policy of Trenton failed Atlantic City.

Yeah, QTreepers could definitely live here, if it weren’t for the high taxes and a crazy governor in Trenton. We should plan to stay a while and explore. Cape May/Wildwoods is where the MIDDLE CLASS went for vacation. The rich from NYC went to the Hamptons. Yes, Wildwoods and Cape May area is perfectly indicative of President Trump and the Deplorables.

The beach here is long, broad, and shallow, perfect for tourist destination
The Boardwalk, new Water Parks, and added attractions bolster summertime fun.
Wildwood, NJ Boardwalk Stock Photo-Gregg Kohl Photo Rated #11 of top 19 Boardwalks in America by CNN: https://www.cnn.com/travel/article/america-best-boardwalks/index.html
It’s beautiful!

The President’s speech will be at the Wildwoods Convention Center. Surely, the local hotel owners are grateful for the business during the down winter months. To give you an idea how much Wildwoods depends on tourism, listen to this one. The State of NJ has a guideline, one liquor license for every 3K residents. Well, there’s only about 5200 living in Wildwood……. and there are 60 liquor licenses in an area about the size of one square mile. In the summertime, Wildwoods populations swells to about 250,000 vacationers.

It’s gonna be YUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The reaction for this rally is spiking already.

Supporters lining up: From local ABC outlet.

Yeah, over 100K requests for tickets, over a week before the event. Amazing.

The history of Wildwoods area and Cape May is uniquely American. The area began to develop as soon as the Garden State Parkway was finished in 1955. The 200+ hotels have a 50s-60s vibe which is only a few decades later than South Beach in Miami. In fact, Wildwoods looks like a time warp into old Vegas. Classic Kitsch.

The Wildwood Doo Wop Preservation League has taken steps to preserve the architecture of several of these hotels before they are torn down to make way for high rise condos.

Wildwoods was HOPPING and the place to be in the mid-late 50s. In fact, Bill Haley and the Comet first performed Rock Around the Clock, at Wildwoods. From Wikipedia —- “Rock Around the Clock“, often credited as the first rock and roll record, was first performed on Memorial Day weekend in 1954 at the HofBrau Hotel in Wildwood by Bill Haley & His Comets. The song’s status as one of the first rock and roll hits has given rise to the city’s claim as “the birthplace of rock and roll”.[26][27]

Oh gosh, this song was used for my first cheer leading routine.

Wildwoods even has a Doo Woop museum with fabulous neon and signage from the period + and Acme Grocery stores. Again, from Wiki: A 1950s Doo Wop museum includes property from demolished motels such as neon signs and furniture.[33] Neo-Doo Wop buildings in the area feature a neon lit Wawa and a 1950s styled Acme Supermarket.[34]

Note, there is a town of Wildwood, which is only about one square mile. Wildwoods is a collection of about 4 communities and runs straight into Cape May. The two are only separated by a channel to an inner harbor.

See you at the RALLY!!!!!!!!!!!

610 thoughts on “20200128: MAGA/KAG Rally, Wildwood NJ.

  1. I think the reason Trump is having this rally SO FAR SOUTH in NJ. . .

    Is that he can maximize the signal (data) he get from NJ specifically.

    This must be a VERY CRITICAL DATA POINT for Brad Parscale.

    Sounds like he is going to be a VERY HAPPY MAN in 48 hours.

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    1. I love Parscale. Notice how DJT has some of the most brilliant, decent people on his teams? Guess that happens when dealing with people who have principles, virtues, and genuine goodness in them.

      It’s also why the Democrats are filled and surrounded by the baser elements of society – without a moral compas, they fit right in with the bad and ugly.

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    2. Michael…I think the reason it’s in Wildwood when Convention Hall a few miles up the road in Atlantic City can easily hold 20,000) is it’s somewhat of a payback (cannot say QPQ!!) to Van Drew who changed political parties. That’s his territory and he needs to be re-elected.
      On the other hand, look at the incredible number of ticket requests for this sleepy little summer resort town! AND, the crowds that were camping out for 2 days (!) To me that, in itself, is a very interesting component in this campaign.

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    3. Q drops from today explains it.

      George Washington Used “Durham” Boats to Cross the Delaware During the American Revolution
      28 Jan 2020 – 2:46:22 PM

      Anons found the subtle hint dropped in the beginning.
      Think Durham start.
      Think ‘Q’ start.
      You have more than you know.

      Durham Boats Used to Cross the Delaware River in New Jersey – Same State as Tonight’s Rally
      28 Jan 2020 – 3:20:07 PM

      Do you believe in coincidences?
      Where is the rally held tonight?
      Enjoy the show!

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    1. Have you ever seen Ship’s restaurant, on La Cienega? (they had a couple of other sites, as well)… Crazy but interesting, great food, and toasters at every table that launched toast almost a foot upward when done… gone, but not forgotten… and their incredible Steak-A-Bob…. sigh…


  2. Right here is a classic example of why people are sleeping outside for 2 nights…in New Jersey…in January. Respect….it can’t be bought, it can’t be faked. We are so lucky to have this man to lead this country 💓

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    1. DURING 9/11 recovery – President Trump sent his restaurant people down to the site to feed the first responders for months!!! He has always contributed to the first responder support for injured, widows relief funds. NY cops and firemen LOVE Donald Trump!!!!!

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  3. More awesome sauce from Daughn 👍👍 The map was very helpful to orient us.

    It’s so nice that we don’t have sucky primaries this cycle, and POTUS can have these rallies from now till election day. I am interested to see the various locations that Brad & crew choose for the rallies.

    At some point, I expect them to go directly into venues that are demographically more Hispanic and Black. This wouldn’t have been possible in last campaign, partly because Antifa was so well-funded, and Obama gave cops stand down orders everywhere. But Trump has support now in both communities, and I think he wants to engage those voters. What do you think?

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    1. I believe there will plenty of minorities who will be ready to stand by and make sure no trouble comes to DJT rally folks.

      This isn’t 2016 anymore!!!

      (Obama has lost his hold…)

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      1. Absolutely!! It’s not just the women in the WH but those who helped him get there. Even Joy Villa had an impact with her first Trump dress at the Oscars. Very gutsy!

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          1. An old caving buddy was from Parkersburg. I have done a LOT of caving in W.Va. Just about every weekend for a couple of years when I lived in NY and about once a month when I lived in Boston.

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              1. There’s a lot more now. Health care, and a lot of service and academic stuff. There’s a major effort to make “Wild, Wonderful, West Virginia” “Almost Heaven” again.

                They’ve had decades of the young (say 30s-50s) leaving the area and state, making it a very odd demographic (how I hate that word), with very young families and the grandparents, with nothing in-between. Here’s hoping that they finish their recovery from the blight Øblowhole put on them.

                Have to say, though, the elites basically raped the natural resources from WV. And ironically, their “fallout shelter”, Greenbrier, is in southern WV.

                I’ll take Cass, and Green Bank (don’t care about WiFi anyway…).

                The Black Forest (Schwarzwald) over here is VERY similar to WV. Just wish they had some Shay locos…

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    1. It’s glorious. For 6 wonderful years, we kept a second home in Hull, MA.
      All the five kids were young. The beach was just down the street, with Putt-putt golf, a carousel, ice cream, pizza, an enormous arcade, etc. Lots of family friendly restaurants and bars for the adults.
      Those were PERFECT summers, treasured memories by the kids…. and me.

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      1. I LOVED being able to pop the hood, climb INTO the engine compartment and sit on the wheel well to work on my old Chevy Truck. I had a Vega instead of the Pinto. 😋 And then a Cutlass, 8 cylinder with a 5 spd. I loved that car.

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        1. My mother brought a 1964 Pontiac Lemans Convertible to my parents’ marriage in 1967. My dad is a retired aerospace engineer with a thing for cars. Before the mid-90s, he used to do all the maintenance. That Pontiac….seriously, even I knew how to change the oil, and I was about 10 when it was junked.

          That’s another story altogether.


      2. I thought that was a Pinto, wasn’t sure (looked too long). My sister had one, just like it. Could stop and turn on a dime. Really fun to speed along a (strip mall) parking lot, and do a 180° turn into the space out front (of a Winchell’s donut shop – only one cinnamon roll… 🙂 ). Of course, if anyone was riding long, it wasn’t too much fun for them 🙂

        I had the stretch version, aka the Mustang II, which will live in infamy forevermore… Still, I drove the daylights out of it from SJ to LA in the 70s, and it survived (even the notorious “Grapevine” over the mountains couldn’t defeat it)… Still, I dreamed of a Porsche like many of my USC classmates (the rich kids… I was there on scholarship, and that didn’t cover transportation 😦 )…

        We had a 1968 Dodge Dart that looked like a plucked chicken when you opened the hood (same care as the little old ladies had in “Groundhog Day”, right down to the color). BUT, it had a TON of power, and ran like the wind. Speaking of wind, it had a rear-window defroster that would blow-dry your hair… Funny car…


          1. That’s sad, sorry to hear that…

            The fuel tank “compromise” was a VERY bad design decision. The Mustang II had pretty much the same thing. Back in the “fuel shortage” (another FAKE CRISIS) days, they cut so many corners that they made many things unsafe. And nary a peep from Ralph Nader… (though a decade before he had savaged the Corvair…).

            I had a Taurus SHO in the early 1990s. Incredible (Yamaha) engine – looked like a plate of Lasagne – ran like the wind.

            Trouble was, the rest of the car was, erm, less than optimal, and the paint started to peel off. I couldn’t get ANY dealer to take in in trade; basically had to take a loss to get rid of it. Probably would have done better to pull the motor and sell that, and scrap the rest…sigh…

            Bought a VW Passat wagon, VR6, moved over here, and it ran 200k miles with almost no problems, gave it to a friend here, went another 100k (then lost the timing chain [fear of that was why I gave rather than sold it]) and then he SOLD IT and I think it’s STILL somewhere over here driving along… He even drove it over the Alps into Italy a few times, with a trailer… but thank GOD, when it finally popped the timing chain, he was in the parking lot at the grocery store… talk about a minor miracle…

            That car car was basically a truck, disguised as a station wagon…


  4. Need help here from the group.
    Yesterday, there was a poll in Delaware on possible Presidential matchups.
    Since Delaware is Biden’s home state, he came in 20 points ahead of Trump in what is a traditional blue state.
    But wait.
    Against Bernie, Warren, Bloom, Boot, Trump was either tied or ahead……….. in Delaware!
    A blue state.
    How wild is that?

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    1. Saw similar info. Apparently, Dem Chris Coons might be facing a primary – from the Left – if a Lefty wins, and DJT is already at 45% in Delaware, then strong chance the GOP guy wins the Senate race. They have a strong contender. I’ll come back and add info as I find it.

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        1. And don’t forget lots of lime….

          Heyyyyy, why not make it a pitcher, with some Nachos and Pico de gallo on the side?

          And some Quesadillas, Chile Colorado, Refrito Frijoles, Carnitas, Flan… ahhh…

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          1. Quick, where’s michaelh ??? 😀

            (we’re kinda short of good Tex-Mex over here, and my kitchen can’t handle the load/volume 🙂 )….


  5. Last night, I saw info last night indicating 175,00 requests. New Jersey territory is in the densely populated corridor – that number entirely believable – POTUS is going to be drawing from Maryland, NJ, NY, PA, etc.

    But I’m going to leave this here – because if any of you still have Dem acquaintances or family that don’t get POTUS or US – they need to see this. Makes your blood boil – show these people – any regular Dems left that this is what CNN thinks of average Americans. Because you don’t have to be a Trump supporter to fall into the pool they think people like us belong.

    It happened over the weekend, but seemed to explode yesterday. If you have any Democrat acquaintances who consider themselves regular Americans, hard-working and patriotic, but they still just don’t like or get DJT – share this with them.


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      1. I don’t think Don Lemonhead could even point to his own backside, even WITH a map.

        These elitist shills are subhuman.

        But they echo the idiots in Davos, in particular Klaus Schwab…

        They’ll get their comeuppance…


    1. The funniest thing, I’ve always appreciated my NYC roots – different era of course than today – but I’ve taken incredible pride in being, “a girl from Queens.” It’s why I understand Donald Trump.

      Did I tell you all that my Virginia born and raised girl must have got my New York City genes? She met and married a New York fellow, and now lives in Astoria, Queens – where the Greeks still live! 🙂

      Liked by 13 people

        1. I love going to Astoria, but it’s just so funny… my hubby is Alabama born and raised, and my twin boys are homebodies, though one is stuck in California right now. but daughter – she’s one of the both sided brain folks, ballet dancer and science minded. Got scholarship Boston Univ, met future hubby there, grad school at Columbia, and she’s never looked back. But she is still the same sweet, sweet girl. Very active in Christian life up there. Her church is amazing. Redeemer Church – a church intended especially for the young in the urban city.

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      1. New Yorkers are the best.
        When I was transferred there, I felt an enormous sense of pride. And that’s coming from a Chicagoan.
        Go CUBS! But I’ll admit I’ve worn a Yankee hat!

        Liked by 5 people

          1. Oakland (and Philly) A’s fan here…we’ve got a few 🙂

            (Despite having to play in the Oakland Mausoleum…) .. biggest foul territory in all of baseball…


              1. To paraphrase Gandalf: “Kirk Gibson, name him not”…
                [I spent four years in “enemy territory”, aka Dodger land, at USC. Chavez Ravine was Mount Moria for an A’s (and sometimes Giants) fan]…


    2. My Jersey girl wanted to skip work and go down there (with me of course) but once she saw the early line, she thought the better of it. But all her friends are talking about it. She’s more hardcore than me.

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    1. New Jersey people without food…gotta be kidding me! LOL. Can’t even begin to imagine the number of subs and pizza consumed these past two days. These people are pros at packing coolers for a day at the beach!

      Liked by 3 people

    1. I’m going to be at Des Moines rally on Thursday with a group of deplorable–really some of the best people I know! We are leaving tomorrow to get in line for thursday pm rally. Coolers of food, blankets, chairs, beverages and extra phone chargers packed!!!!!!! Let me know if I am forgetting anything!

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    2. If you’re buying over here (or maybe even in the states) the Intenso S10000 Powerbank is really good (according to my son, and Stiftung Warentest), light, and reliable. It comes in a smaller (S5000) version, but the 10K is good, even for tablets, and (sort of a stretch) notebooks. Probably about 15-20 Euros, same in Francs, I’d guess…

      Conrad, MediaMarkt, Alternate, Amazon, etc. have them… about the same size as an iPhone (and they come in white, too)…


  6. F&F had an update, having a ticket is pointless, 1st come, 1st inside. Found it interesting that since venue is on a beach they are using bulldozers to create and build dunes behind venue, for security purposes. No surprise backdoor attacks.

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    1. DP, I grew up in a predominately Mexican neighborhood (CA).
      all my neighbors hated the “wetbacks”, yes, THEIR term, for exactly this reason.
      They had relatives come, yes, but went to night school to learn English, and worked…eventually to become Citizens.

      Liked by 7 people

      1. My grandfather’s parents were from Spain. Originally, they came here for work (my great-grandfather, Abuello, was skilled labor in the zinc industry) and had every intention of returning to Spain, so they were respectful, but didn’t assimilate outright.

        Franco took over, and over night they were proud patriots.

        This is the same story most Americans of Spanish descent tell. It’s the one large ethnicity many people don’t know came in the immigrant waves through Ellis Island. My mother’s Abuello’s family picture – the only one of the parents and all of their kids – is in the Ellis Island memorial. They all came through there.

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    1. Whoopsie Daisy!
      Diane got slapped.
      Can’t think for yourself if you’re a Dem.

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  7. Wanted to make a comment about the liquor licenses. Hopefully the laws changed since I was there, but as late as the mid-70’s (about the time of casino industry starting) those arcane laws were still in effect…no doubt due to protectionism and mobs. What Daughn didn’t mention is there was no ceiling on the price of a license…it was whatever the market was by the person who was lucky to have one.
    A little Italian restaurant from the 60’s might have gotten a license (with the right connections…if you know what I mean 😉) and then they would sit on it…like money in the bank.
    In most states, a new restaurant can get a liquor license for a few hundred dollars…might have to have a certain number of seats or other criteria. By the mid-70’s right down where the Rally is taking place…it might be a half-million. Talk about Art of the Deal! Definitely a case of who you knew and how much you were willing to slide under the table. This is why business owners/developers donated to every candidate…hedge your bets.
    Another poster might have more up to date info about it now, but that’s a little Jersey Shore history.

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    1. Funny, I was in Pennsylvania with a group, and we went out to an Italian restaurant. A woman from California and I – from Missouri where we can get all kinds of booze at gas stations in the cities, anyway – wanted a glass of wine. The restaurant didn’t have a license, but the chef gave a bottle to the table. I wonder often that happens.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Some cities allowed you to bring a bottle of wine and a corkage fee was levied, but I seem to recall restrictions on even that. It’s been awhile. Of course, nice restaurants lose money when they can’t sell alcohol.
        Problem with a chef/owner gifting a bottle…you have no choice of what you are drinking!

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  8. My Jersey girl called and told me one of our friends waited all day in Wildwood and just got in!!

    She just sent a pic of them holding Trump signs. You guys will like the new Women For Trump signs. Wish I knew how to post a private photo.

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    1. The numbers noted at the end of the Obama Era are basically inflated, because he had 24/7 99% positive news’ coverage, which included covering up the negative truth about our economy, our military, terrorism threats, etc.

      The numbers for President Trump are actually deflated because of the 24/7 negative coverage from the MSM – who intentionally hide/suppress the good news about what’s really happening for America under DJT.

      Liked by 1 person

        1. If the Senate is allowed to “reopen the case” for any reason, they usurp the power of the House……. and impeachment will go on forever, because there will always be MORE information.
          No curbs to Legislative power over the Executive branch.
          Fundamentally unconstitutional.


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