20200128: MAGA/KAG Rally, Wildwood NJ.

We’ve never seen anything like this before. 24 hours before the rally!!!!!!!!

This was several hours before the Rally begins.

Have you ever been to Cape May/Wildwoods, NJ area? OMGosh, it’s beautiful!!!! Join us as we continue to explore the country via the President’s MAGA Rallies. This week, we visit one of the most scenic spots in all of America, Wildwood, NJ, which is in Cape May County, just a little south of Atlantic City, at the very end of the Garden State Parkway. It just happens to be home to Congressman Jefferson Van Drew, a Democrat who switched his vote and became a Republican during Shampeachment.

From yesterday morning!!!!!!!!!!!

Let’s get oriented a little better on a map. If we look, as the crow flies, Wildwoods is directly east of Washington, DC. The President could take Marine One. This is “old turf” for Citizen Trump from his days of casinos in Atlantic City. He knows the area well AND he well knows how tax policy of Trenton failed Atlantic City.

Yeah, QTreepers could definitely live here, if it weren’t for the high taxes and a crazy governor in Trenton. We should plan to stay a while and explore. Cape May/Wildwoods is where the MIDDLE CLASS went for vacation. The rich from NYC went to the Hamptons. Yes, Wildwoods and Cape May area is perfectly indicative of President Trump and the Deplorables.

The beach here is long, broad, and shallow, perfect for tourist destination
The Boardwalk, new Water Parks, and added attractions bolster summertime fun.
Wildwood, NJ Boardwalk Stock Photo-Gregg Kohl Photo Rated #11 of top 19 Boardwalks in America by CNN: https://www.cnn.com/travel/article/america-best-boardwalks/index.html
It’s beautiful!

The President’s speech will be at the Wildwoods Convention Center. Surely, the local hotel owners are grateful for the business during the down winter months. To give you an idea how much Wildwoods depends on tourism, listen to this one. The State of NJ has a guideline, one liquor license for every 3K residents. Well, there’s only about 5200 living in Wildwood……. and there are 60 liquor licenses in an area about the size of one square mile. In the summertime, Wildwoods populations swells to about 250,000 vacationers.

It’s gonna be YUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The reaction for this rally is spiking already.

Supporters lining up: From local ABC outlet.

Yeah, over 100K requests for tickets, over a week before the event. Amazing.

The history of Wildwoods area and Cape May is uniquely American. The area began to develop as soon as the Garden State Parkway was finished in 1955. The 200+ hotels have a 50s-60s vibe which is only a few decades later than South Beach in Miami. In fact, Wildwoods looks like a time warp into old Vegas. Classic Kitsch.

The Wildwood Doo Wop Preservation League has taken steps to preserve the architecture of several of these hotels before they are torn down to make way for high rise condos.

Wildwoods was HOPPING and the place to be in the mid-late 50s. In fact, Bill Haley and the Comet first performed Rock Around the Clock, at Wildwoods. From Wikipedia —- “Rock Around the Clock“, often credited as the first rock and roll record, was first performed on Memorial Day weekend in 1954 at the HofBrau Hotel in Wildwood by Bill Haley & His Comets. The song’s status as one of the first rock and roll hits has given rise to the city’s claim as “the birthplace of rock and roll”.[26][27]

Oh gosh, this song was used for my first cheer leading routine.

Wildwoods even has a Doo Woop museum with fabulous neon and signage from the period + and Acme Grocery stores. Again, from Wiki: A 1950s Doo Wop museum includes property from demolished motels such as neon signs and furniture.[33] Neo-Doo Wop buildings in the area feature a neon lit Wawa and a 1950s styled Acme Supermarket.[34]

Note, there is a town of Wildwood, which is only about one square mile. Wildwoods is a collection of about 4 communities and runs straight into Cape May. The two are only separated by a channel to an inner harbor.

See you at the RALLY!!!!!!!!!!!

610 thoughts on “20200128: MAGA/KAG Rally, Wildwood NJ.

        1. Ow21— total ground report! Updates all day since we are going tomorrow evening! So excited to be the eyes and ears for the brilliant people of this awesome Q Tree!

          Liked by 9 people

              1. just got word that we got VIP passes… not sure of what that means w regards to access behind the scenes as those are also part of our passes, but this should be really cool esp for photos. also man on the street interviews as I wont have to worry about waiting in line…

                Liked by 7 people

              2. was going to wear my #buygreenland shirt, then we had made “Make Nebraska great again, build a wall and make Iowa pay for it!”, SO I was then going to wear that…But now,
                either MAGA or 45….

                Liked by 5 people

              3. You can also make POWER PLANS. Those include spare phones, power packs, a power cord in case you get lucky, and also park your vehicle in CLOSE to the venue, and one person can go run for a charge, to grab food or drinks, or to return gear, umbrellas, etc. If you’ve got really good parking, you can even bring a honking big battery or power source in line with you, and return it later.

                Be prepared for them to OPEN THE DOORS EARLY to let people in. Typical Trump effectiveness!

                I’m a real rally pro – feel free to ask me any questions about rallies. I’ve been to so many, I’ve run into almost every conceivable logistical problem. Thought I would die of sunstroke at one (they let us in early), soaked with rain at another, and walked a MILE to get back to my ride from one of them. They’re all a joy!!!

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              1. Love your VIP passes. That usually means a special entrance and you don’t have to wait outside, once they open up the VIP entrance. You should also be eligible for preferred seating, such as behind the stage on television, or with other VIPs. Not sure about other perks, which may depend on the rally, but it has to be excellent.

                Liked by 3 people

              2. I’ll keep you posted! We were so prepped for General admission w extra batteries, close parking and lodging, food, chairs, blankets… either way, a thrill to be there!

                Liked by 3 people

              3. That is what we just this moment decided! So interested to see if the people we meet know where Ukraine is on a map🤦🏻‍♀️

                Liked by 3 people

              4. FYI – Usually about 20 minutes behind stage with Trump, pics, and a lot of cursing if he is in a good mood!
                Wonderful, so happy for Huskerheart!

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    1. Fox 10 – NewsNow – is my favorite Trump rally channel – sound is good and picture is clear HD, never out of sync, never drops the stream – never breaks for any reason.

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  1. Liked by 9 people

    1. Daughn – if possible, we need to get that Thursday rally thread up on Wednesday afternoon because huskerheart is going to be IN LINE on Wednesday night and doing ground reports WITH PICTURES!!!


      January 28, 2020 at 21:59 Edit
      and I will be at the one on Thursday! I’ll send photos!

      Liked by you and 2 other people


      January 28, 2020 at 22:18 Edit
      husker – So Lucky!!!! Yes, please do a ground report for those of us in the Qtree bleachers…

      Liked by you


      January 28, 2020 at 22:27 Edit
      Ow21— total ground report! Updates all day since we are going tomorrow evening! So excited to be the eyes and ears for the brilliant people of this awesome Q Tree!

      Liked by you


      January 28, 2020 at 22:46 Edit
      Excellent! Post them from OUTSIDE – it’s VERY difficult to upload photos once you are inside. VERY difficult. Even TEXTS from inside are difficult.



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  2. Liked by 5 people

      1. Agree. I think the Dems are just desperate to hold onto downticket races. Based on what we just saw at the rally in New Jersey tonight, over a fourth of the folks were Democrats – that’s doom for them. If 10-15% real Democrats vote for POTUS, they’re going to give him what he asks – the Congressional and Senate seats.

        Should be very, very interesting.

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      1. I’ve noticed that trend too. I bet Parscale is comparing it to whatever data he has from the rallies in 2016, and the rallies of POTUS’ early days in office. When 1/4 of the people attending or wanting to attend the rally isn’t coming from your normal voter base – I’d say it’s a Sea Change – one the Dems haven’t grasped.


  3. I know it must make leftist heads explode when they hear this:

    “The United States is now the number one producer of oil and natural gas anywhere in the world.”


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  4. thanks everyone for the comments on the rally and Daughn especially for the thread itself…and michael for those graphics and pics during the thread–what a multi tasker!!!


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