News Roundup! The Establishment Democrats Are Petrified, The Establishment Democrats & MSM Hate That Our President Is Defending Bernie, The Impeachment Hoax Is Going Down In Flames, Mark Meadow & Trey Gowdy’s Interview, John Ratcliffe’s Interview, Democrats Are Doing Satan’s Work, Thankfully A Majority Of Americans Don’t Agree With the Democrats Position On Abortion, Texas Is NOT Turning Blue, USMCA Will Be Signed By PDJT On Wednesday, May They All R.I.P.,Video Tweeted By Our President, Sicilians Love PDJT…..

Whenever we get closer to actual voting taking place, the BS polls reverse course in order to be able to stay in business. The Establishment Democrats are petrified! They thought Lucifer’s wife would be able to derail Bernie by saying: “nobody likes him”. She suffered a massive grassroots backlash while the limo-liberal donor class remained silent. That experience resulted in her walk-back apology on Twitter.

Last week the New York Times endorsed Pocahontas. This week the Des Moines Register did as well. This is more evidence that the MSM has been activated to stop Bernie from becoming the Democrat nominee.

The problem for the Establishment Democrats and MSM is that all their games ultimately fail. No one will be swayed by those endorsements. If anything they will have the opposite effect.

From the article linked above:

I’m imagining Barack Obama looking at these new polling numbers and contemplating his legacy: A wipeout of Democrats in federal and state races by 2016, the election of a Republican president whom O himself allegedly describes as a “fascist,” and the increasing likelihood that his own party will choose an out-and-out socialist as its next nominee.

Bernie’s seven-point lead in the NYT poll is the biggest of any candidate in Iowa since mid-November, when the Buttigieg boomlet was in full swing. Sanders is now the frontrunner there according to the two most highly regarded polls of the state.

It could go either way next Monday, although CBS makes a smart point in its story about how the 15-percent threshold for delegates could end up benefiting Bernie. There are actually two ballots on caucus night, with the initial vote designed to see how many candidates have at least 15 percent support. Supporters of any candidate who falls short of that number on the first vote can then switch to a different candidate on the second ballot.

[…] Sanders could benefit enormously if Warren come up just shy of the threshold at 14 percent or so, freeing her progressive fans to stampede over to Bernie. He might win going away.

Is the same true in New Hampshire? New from CNN:

Overall, 25% of likely Democratic primary voters back the Vermont senator, with former Vice President Joe Biden (16%), former South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg (15%) and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren (12%) battling for second place.

As in polling elsewhere, shifting preferences among liberals have changed the dynamic of the race: Sanders has gained 13 points among liberal likely primary voters in New Hampshire while Warren has dropped 7 points. Sanders now holds a clear lead within that group: 39% back him, 21% Warren.

If he wins Iowa comfortably and then takes New Hampshire going away, what does the Democratic establishment do? Barack Obama doesn’t want to weigh in on the primary, it seems, but can Biden talk Michelle Obama into an endorsement?

What is killing the Establishment Democrats and MSM is the fact that our President sees exactly what they are doing and is constantly pointing it out. If any type of shenanigans occur, he will let the Bernbots know about it. If they steal the nominee from him, up to 30% to 40% will sit out the November 3rd election. Some will take out their anger by voting for our President.

From the article linked above:

As tensions between Democratic presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren rose earlier this month, Sanders found himself with an unusual ally: Donald Trump.

During a raucous campaign rally earlier this month in which the president critiqued some of his Democratic challengers, Trump launched into an unprompted defense of Sanders. Warren had accused Sanders of telling her that a woman couldn’t win the White House in November, but Sanders insisted he would never say such a thing. Trump concurred.

“I don’t believe that Bernie said that. I really don’t,” Trump told his supporters. “It’s not the kind of thing he would say.”

As the Democratic primary campaign intensifies before the first contests to decide the nominee, Trump and his allies have issued a series of curiously favorable comments about Sanders. They’ve played up the Vermont senator’s electoral strength and fundraising prowess. And they’ve suggested that if Sanders doesn’t secure the nomination, it will be because the party rigged the primary against him. It’s a sentiment that resonates with some Sanders backers who believe the Democratic National Committee worked against him in 2016, when Hillary Clinton won the nomination.

Meanwhile their impeachment dreams are going up in smoke.

Even their BS polls no longer can get the results they want with all the skewing that they do.

Representative Mark Meadows and Trey Gowdy appeared on Fox News with Maria Bartiromo to discuss their perspectives on the impeachment hoax. Both men point out the important aspect that Shitty continues to lie and that has never ceased since the original fraudulent BS around the Russia collusion conspiracy.

Trey Gowdy notes the hypocrisy that those (Democrats) running for the presidency in 2020 makes you immune from any federal investigative inquiry yet in 2016 candidate Donald Trump was considered a viable target by the Obama administration.

Representative John Ratcliffe appeared with Maria Bartiromo to discuss the fraudulent construct of the House impeachment articles. He highlights how the ‘whistle-blower’ and the Intelligence Community Inspector General, Michael Atkinson, have conflicting testimony in the House and that’s why Shitty will not release those transcripts.

The Democrats are doing Satan’s work!

Thankfully a majority of Americans don’t agree with them!

I absolutely laugh my ass off every time the MSM writes about the Republicans losing the State of Texas because of the people that are moving there. It is the biggest fallacy in the world.

Even Governor Abbott confirmed that his internal polling was showing exactly what  CNN’s exit polling was showing.

More winning coming later this week!

From the article linked above:

President Donald Trump will hold a signing ceremony for the U.S.-Mexico-Canada trade agreement on Wednesday, according to the White House.

The deal to modernize the North American Free Trade Agreement passed on bipartisan votes in Congress, scoring the president a significant political victory amid his Senate impeachment trial.

Mexico has already ratified the agreement. Canada must act next for it to fully enter into force.

Knowing our President, he will call Mr. Blackface in Canada and tell him to get his part done or else tariffs will be imposed by the middle of February.

Our President tweeted this video clip for us to watch.

My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone that was killed in the horrific helicopter crash.

Nothing but love for our President in Sicily!

120 thoughts on “News Roundup! The Establishment Democrats Are Petrified, The Establishment Democrats & MSM Hate That Our President Is Defending Bernie, The Impeachment Hoax Is Going Down In Flames, Mark Meadow & Trey Gowdy’s Interview, John Ratcliffe’s Interview, Democrats Are Doing Satan’s Work, Thankfully A Majority Of Americans Don’t Agree With the Democrats Position On Abortion, Texas Is NOT Turning Blue, USMCA Will Be Signed By PDJT On Wednesday, May They All R.I.P.,Video Tweeted By Our President, Sicilians Love PDJT…..

    1. MORE NEWS!

      Unfortunately it is not good.

      January 24, 2020 CBS News Trump campaign Iowa staffer found dead

      …A Trump campaign staffer, James Xing, died in Marion, Iowa, on Thursday night, the Republican party said. Sources with knowledge of the situation told CBS News that Xing was found dead in his home on Friday morning and foul play was not suspected in the case.

      Xing served as Trump campaign Regional Field Director in the Cedar Rapids area.  
      “Last night we tragically lost a member of our team,” Republican National Committee chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said in a statement to CBS News. “James is in our hearts, our minds and our prayers as we grieve with those who are suffering today.”
      Xing’s Twitter feed shows that he had previously worked for the Trump campaign in Nevada. One tweet shows him at a campaign event in Las Vegas. Xing was 29 years old and is survived by his parents….

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  1. What if Q’s drop about a state funeral means the death of the donkey party? How many times can they commit hari-kari bfore they keel over? Seems like every day another knife is shoved into the democrat abdomen.

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    1. “What if Q’s drop about a state funeral means the death of the donkey party?”


      We should be so lucky — but we’re not, nobody is.


      “How many times can they commit hari-kari bfore they keel over?”


      Answer: Infinity

      It will never ‘keel over’ or die or go away until or unless it is PROSECUTED out of existence.

      Evil doesn’t care about shame or humiliation or public perception when it comes down to it. They try to avoid it as much as they can, but if they can’t, they sure aren’t going to stop what they’re doing.

      This has happened because the Democrat Party no longer depends on public support for its existence. They don’t care what you or I or anyone thinks, because they don’t have to.

      They only care about themselves and whoever is giving them millions of dollars in graft-for-play schemes.

      Millions of dollars compensates for a lot of shame, humiliation and embarrassment.

      They control (which means they have corrupted) the entire voting apparatus of every big city in the country, and many complete states.

      They are lawless.

      The news media is an active member of their crime syndicate, just like critical members/departments of the DOJ, FIB, C_A, DoS, etc., so their crimes are covered up (from public awareness) and never prosecuted (friends in high places).

      Since the Democrats (and UniParty RINO traitors) rely on a completely rigged system, We the People don’t matter.

      So they can commit hari-kari stupidity and outright crimes every day, and they will never ‘keel over’ from it, because the reason they remain in power has nothing to do with US, or what we think about them.

      It’s purely about money and power, and they only way to take either one away from a psychopath is by force.

      Force of Law, or physical force.

      Force is involved, or it never goes away.

      No different than ISIS, or the Mexican drug cartels, or Al Capone, or any of a thousand other criminals or syndicates we can name throughout history.

      They don’t ever go away until they are arrested or eliminated.

      If there is a single example in the history of mankind, all the way back to Adam, where this has not been the case, I am not aware of it.

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  2. “I thought everyone wanted my authentic, unvarnished views! ”


    Imagine for a moment, the mindset, the hubris, the arrogance, the psychopathy — not only to think it, but to be so completely self-centered as to believe and publicly say that she thinks *everyone* cares or wants to know about anything she thinks.

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  3. Don’t know if this is an accurate depiction of the US electorate, but if so, PDJT has understood this and is moving the GOP in the right direction.

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    1. “Pro-LGBTQ and zero regulations on big business.

      It is by far the least popular set of values in the US.

      So why is it the platform that the GOP pushes?”


      Follow the money.

      Or ask Charlie Kirk. I don’t know what he thinks about regulations on big business, but I can guess he reflects the Koch Brothers and CoC positions perfectly.

      But it was brought to everyone’s attention in recent months that he is a big proponent of sexual deviance of all kinds (LGBTQ-LMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ).

      Like most of the pseudo-conservative talk-show circuit mouthpieces, they worship at the altar of Political Correctness while paying lip-service to conservatism.

      And the only logical reason I’m aware of is because they are being very well paid to tell us what to think.

      Which would make them shills riding the gravy train, and the people financing the gravy train are not Conservatives and never have been.

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  4. “[…] Sanders could benefit enormously if Warren come up just shy of the threshold at 14 percent or so, freeing her progressive fans to stampede over to Bernie. He might win going away.”


    And the only way Warren comes up shy of 15% is if the Democrat apparatus doesn’t cheat.

    When was the last time the Democrat apparatus didn’t cheat?

    They cheated all the way to Sick Hillary’s coronation in 2016.

    Has the Democrat Party repented and rehabilitated itself over the past four years (I can hardly even write it without laughing 😁).

    Or have they quadrupled down on corruption?

    If the corruption (the people, the system, the networks, the financiers, the leadership, etc.) controlling the Democrat Party has not been removed (and it certainly hasn’t been!), then by what reason of logic would they suddenly go straight?

    They CAN’T play it straight.

    Literally, they have NEVER done it before.

    They wouldn’t have the first idea HOW to play it straight, even if they WANTED to — which they don’t.

    They are the Scorpion on the frog’s back, crossing the stream.

    They are the snake that crazy old bat took in and nursed back to health.


    On her way to work one morning, down the path along side the lake.
    A tender-hearted woman saw a poor, half-frozen snake.
    His pretty colored skin had been all frosted with the dew.
    “Oh well,” she cried, “I’ll take you in and I’ll take care of you.”
    “Take me in, oh tender woman.
    Take me in, for heaven’s sake.
    Take me in, oh tender woman,” sighed the vicious snake.

    She wrapped him all cozy in a curvature of silk.
    And then laid him by her fireside with some honey and some milk.
    Now she hurried home from work that night and soon as she arrived,
    She found that pretty snake she’d taken in and revived.
    “Take me in, oh tender woman.
    Take me in, for heaven’s sake.
    Take me in, oh tender woman,” sighed the vicious snake.

    Now she clutched him to her bosom.
    “You’re so beautiful,” she cried.
    “But if I hadn’t brought you in by now you would have died.”
    She stroked his pretty skin again and then she kissed and held him tight.
    Instead of saying, “thank you,” that snake gave her a vicious bite.

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    1. Here in WA state, we don’t use primary votes to choose our presidential candidates. We use caucuses just like Iowa. And I can say with reasonable certainty that there is no way to cheat at the caucus because there are no secret votes. Each step of winnowing down is open voting and can be (and is) witnessed by anyone present.

      So if Chief Full of Bull doesn’t hit 15%, there is no way to goose her up. (ugly mind pic – sorry about that)

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  5. i saw a headline on yahoo news as I opened my email account and now I can’t find the story–I will try to find the link…USA Today headline said a google search about Kobe Bryant said his “ASSASSINATION” was January 26th…

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          1. “Why would they ‘assassinate’ Kolbe?”

            May have been aware of the pedo stuff, got religion and was going to spill the beans.

            Remember he was very well connected to the likes of Jussie Smollett.

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  6. Exactly right Scott467 there a parasite feeding off their host the US government. I don’t think we’ll every see them gone.
    But more people are aware now because of PDJT.

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    110 MILES of complete wall system now built!

    227.7 – Estimated miles of top grade US steel in place according to contract start/completion dates.

    Wall construction maps, graphs, spreadsheet –
    Twitter –
    Videos of wall construction –

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      In addition to tons of drugs and counterfeit goods, CBP stops fake money and drug money!

      CBP works security for high profile events like this year’s Rose Bowl, ProBowl and the upcoming Super Bowl!

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      1. CBP IS PART OF DHS – and we have got a Cracker Jack – Go-getter – Ace DHS Director in Chad Wolfe.

        He is on top of the Coronavirus outbreak situation!

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        1. DHS considers nCoV Coronavirus 2019 a potential WMD – and is treating it as such! That is reassuring along with our DHS director being dead serious about protecting our country and its citizens – just like our President is!!!

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  8. John Bolton can stick his book in his A$$!

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    1. Bolton is a RINO serpent, like Kelly and Nielsen and Bannon.
      They just didn’t jive with Trump policies and agenda.
      They thought they were smarter than Trump.

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    2. This has been surmised before.

      Transcript reportedly ONLY provided to NSC so they would clear it for publication.

      Bolton transcript that was sent to NSC was “planted” “faux transcript” to catch NSC leaker(s).

      NSC…LtCol Vindictive and his lawyer brother work at NSC.

      Perhaps this helps explain why they are still with NSC, at or near White House.

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      1. I think, as a student of Sun Tzu Trump, that Bolton was “fired” as part of trap with him as bait. Remember how they trapped that NYT reporter and that Senate staffer with the altered date on the last page. Nobody noticed it (including me). However, that was all it took to get a guilty plea and only God knows how much other info.

        Homicide detectives would call this a too perfect suicide scene, therefore it’s a well-camouflaged murder scene.

        I’ve been saying for three years that DJT is our murder weapon. So this all fits.

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  9. Liked by 6 people

    1. Day and night – our President fights back and he fights hard!

      He’s the Jack Reacher (brutal as necessary) and Patrick Ryan (massive brains and weapons – willing to use them overtly and covertly) and Andrew Jackson (fiercely fighting corruption) of Presidents!!!

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  10. The RINO nasties are lining up like buzzards….

    Romney, Collins, Murkowski, Alexander
    Four horsemen of the RINO apocalypse…..
    – conquest – open borders, allowing invasion of terrorists, crime and drugs, human trafficking
    – pestilence – open doors to disease
    – famine – globalism loss jobs, industry and income for Americans,
    – death – leading to death) they have no loyalty to our nation…they are traitors.
    They are monstrously evil and should be removed from office!!!

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  11. BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Christopher Wray’s FBI Caught in Another LIE and Cover Up – FBI EMAILS ON SETH RICH UNCOVERED

    Christopher Wray’s FBI lied again. His FBI claimed that Seth Rich’s DNC computer and emails were investigated upon his death but then his FBI backtracked and claimed no related docs were available in a FOIA request.

    Now we know it was just another Deep State lie!

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  12. Great coverage, Flep! Thank you,

    Back to the primaries … wasn’t Iowa one of the states where the ‘impartial coin toss’ put the state in Hillary’s column? Just remembering the many ways Dems tamper…

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  13. Dan Bongino….Another MEDIA HOAX Drops…latest…

    DB : “Anytime you see a new Anti-Trump BOMBSHELL, wait 24-72 hours, and the story will be discredited…”

    John Bolton ! Quid Pro Quo !


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  14. worth reading…solid points made…


    Dems Impeachment Strategy Isn’t To Win Over The Senate But To Defeat The Senate


    Jan 27, 2020

    “…they want to win the Senate for the Democrats in November.”

    they will never get the 2/3 Senate votes ~ 67 ~ to convict and remove PDJT…

    so…they “are likely making not a legal case to the Senators to remove the President from power, but a political case to the people to remove the GOP Senators from power.”

    (makes sense…)

    ..and then they can say…”Look, a majority of the Senate ‘knew’ the President was guilty and should be removed ! ”

    …screaming that at the top of their lungs during the upcoming campaign…

    so…maybe they want Republicans to vote unanimously to acquit PDJT…

    …and then they can try to accuse “every single GOP member of having put party before principle, ambition before Americanism, fealty to a President before…the people.”

    …and especially effective against Republican Senators in purplish states…

    so…this “Impeachment” has become about “flipping the Senate.”

    much more, at the link.

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  15. Saul M. Montes-Bradley II @Debradelai

    And to my great-grandmother Ester Rosenbloum, her daughter Soske, and Soske’s lovely daughters, walked to Bronnaya Gora and executed with thousands of their friends and neighbors.

    Their mass grave remembered by a small plaque.

    They may have just found the remains of Soske’s s husband, Motle, in a building site where the Brest Ghetto used to be, with 1,000 others…

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