20200127: Shampeachment – Monday OFFENSE!

Please consider this the Monday Thread for Shampeachment!

FOX 10 Phoenix – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JMNFqoow4DY

CSPAN – https://www.c-span.org/video/?468552-1/senate-impeachment-trial-day-7 – also – https://www.youtube.com/user/CSPAN/featured

Golden State Times has the live-stream erroneously scheduled for 4pm – look for a correction before 1pm – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=06Wjfy0cVzU

It’s time for our guys to take the field. Tired of the lies, twisting of facts, ignorance leftists, and those politicians with malintent and their pious media pundits.

The trolls are out in FULL FORCE. Fair warning. Report when necessary. If anyone needs help on Twitter, let us know, we can back each other up. Watch for the signs from OUR team in the media.

Love to all!!!!!!!!

856 thoughts on “20200127: Shampeachment – Monday OFFENSE!

  1. Starr is argument is intended for fair minded and rational people, a small audience, but one or two of the Demokkkrat senators may listen. I do not consider Mittens to be fair or rational because he is controlled and petty.

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      1. I am biased… I have NEVER liked Bolton… he is one of the handful of people responsible for us attacking Iraq after 9/11… he is and has always been a Neacon…

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          1. It’s over on another thread, and IIRC, the first page of this one, at the bottom. The only outlet that had any preview information (not necessarily hard-copy) was the NYT, (“Wake-Up Maggie” Habermann), via the NSC (with one of the Vindictiveman brothers-in-slime as the “approver” of the, erm, leak).

            Canary trap.

            Same as the other reporter who got sent up for leaking…

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    1. Well, Chris is still carrying water for the Cabal, indirectly… perhaps for Brennan directly. No wonder Mike Wallace never had a relationship with his son.

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      1. Every once in awhile, a man who is treated rudely is having a bad day and responds by punching the rude person in the nose. Blood gushing out of one’s nose has an amazing calming effect on bad attitudes.

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  2. For someone who participated in the Clinton impeachment Starr looks pretty darn good…he aged much better than Slick Willy and Broom Hillary who are basically the same age…I guess evil ages a person.

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        1. I love Unseen’s nicknames. He’s got the dry Purpura as a cougar cat! 😂
          Judge Kenny (Ken Starr) and Professor Jay (jay Sekulow) – I think he’s nailed them well.

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    1. Ken, they used to go to the courts… when Obama appointed judges ruled by FIAT…

      Since Mitch has confirmed so many of President Trump’s appointments, most of the courts are AGAIN ruling by the Law, by the CONSTITUTION… (imagine that)

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            1. Please give McConnell credit.

              Were he a RINO, derp state, or ne’er-do-well, he would not have held up (an against) during the Øbozo administration: with the DEMONicRATS in power, he could have let all of their nominated crooks and deals through.

              BUT HE DIDN’T.

              Just because he isn’t a ball of fire doesn’t mean he lacks the spark of goodness and integrity. Remember, it was the Turtle that won the race…..

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              1. I’m with you. McConnell isn’t going to let them mess with the DUTY of the Senate. House had their chance, now the Senate WILL follow the Constitution.

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        1. Remember when momma used to cut up your food into kid bite-size pieces? That’s what is happening in the Senate. Considering a lot of senators are merely adult sized children (they know who they are) it is appropriate for Trump’s Thumpers to do the same.

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            1. Lawyers who don’t use their law degrees to practice law. Useless sheepskins. I think I’m a better lawyers than most of the attorneys I know simply because I read the entire opinions of cases we cite for authorities, not just the headnotes (summary). Plus, having a law degree does not make one a real lawyer. Maybe 25% of attorneys are real lawyers. Just ask Big T.

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  3. What the House Managers did not tell you – the Ukrainian officials changed the Inauguration Date from 05/16 to 05/20 – everyone was scrambling to make arrangements – Sec Perry led a delegation – the House Manager said the President instructed VP Pence NOT to go – that is not true!!!

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    1. I believe Romney (and likely protecting his son) is dirty and in deep trouble. Biden gets outed, so do the rest. That’s why Romney is desperate, – it isn’t just hatred toward Trump. Romney is scared…

      He could get run out of office before his term is up.

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  4. This kind of presentation is helpful – and this is much closer to the way non-political junkies are going to consume what happens today in the Senate.

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  5. Chris Wallace tries to make a point that witnesses were called during Clinton impeachment.
    Pavlich counters and says “not really”, all of them were interviewed/deposed whole matter investigated before the House sent to Senate.
    (Pavlich mistakenly says the HOUSE did the investigating when it was really Ken Starr’s counsel”)
    Chris turns on her and says NO, “get your facts straight”, they did call witnesses and makes point about House investigating versus Ken Starr.
    Katie come back and says THE BIGGER POINT I WAS MAKING was that all of it was done before going to Senate and no new witnesses were added
    No new information created.
    What House is now asking for is the same thing as reopening the investigation and having the investigation done in the Senate – NOOOOOOOOOO it’s supposed to be done in the House.

    SHE was right.
    Wallace tried to split hairs between “House” and “Counsel’s investigation”
    What she was saying is that ALL material/witnesses thoroughly investigated b/4 Senate. Not here.
    What they’re asking for now is tantamount to reopening investigation/adding articles.

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    1. This is EXACTLY what Mitch said in BOTH his floor speeches before the ‘Tribunal’ began in the Senate.

      He said the Senate was not going to do the House’s homework.

      He described the process in a dot by dot procedure.

      Of course the slime media didn’t cover it………………………

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    2. Chrissy, by the week, perhaps by the day is increasingly moar Faux nwws AND combative. Constantly interrupting guests if Chrissy doesn’t get the answer he wants…borderline demands his perspective.


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  8. This Bolton crap is ridiculous.
    And it’s all so indicative of the House’s sloppy case.

    In the NYTimes article, we have an ALLEGATION of a book draft, which was sent to a NSC staffer, who told it to the NYTimes……..
    Three times removed.
    And the NYTimes has no transcript, no convo recording.
    We’re playing telephone around a campfire and the Dems think this is good enough to remove a sitting President?

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    1. And what is amazing is how Demokkkrats like Schumer present the Bolton stuff as definitive inculpatory evidence. It is just pretend, pretend, pretend, knowing they will not be questioned by the media, but endorsed and promoted.

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      1. Indeed – Bolton’s manuscript and opinion is far beneath validity and weight of evidence in Transcript and testimony of Zelensky and Sondeman and others.

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    2. Heck, at this point, if a manuscript was actually sent to the NSC, we have no idea if it was really what Bolton is going to send to the publisher or not.

      This smells smells like some sort of trap. I’m not investing any vitriol on it just yet. I’m still not sure that Bolton isn’t the president’s shiny red ball punching bag du jour.

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  9. Bill Hemmer is supposed to be a pundit and know what he is talking about.
    RE: Nixon claim of Presidential Privilege.

    Nixon claimed everything he did, everything he touched, was privilege.
    SCOTUS ruled 9-0 that criminal matters were not included.

    President Trump is only contending his closest advisors, National Security people, would be the people whom he would pull the Exec Privilege card for. But we haven’t even reached that point.

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  10. Interesting, talking about Giuliani. She’s presenting him as a shiny object by the Dimms. I wonder if the Rs are going to get Giuliani in to testify after all.

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  11. She’s describing the “Giuliani TRAP” !! He was checking out the Ukrainians very early. No wonder Giuliani is talking about the trap being sprung.

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