20200127: Shampeachment – Monday OFFENSE!

Please consider this the Monday Thread for Shampeachment!

FOX 10 Phoenix – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JMNFqoow4DY

CSPAN – https://www.c-span.org/video/?468552-1/senate-impeachment-trial-day-7 – also – https://www.youtube.com/user/CSPAN/featured

Golden State Times has the live-stream erroneously scheduled for 4pm – look for a correction before 1pm – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=06Wjfy0cVzU

It’s time for our guys to take the field. Tired of the lies, twisting of facts, ignorance leftists, and those politicians with malintent and their pious media pundits.

The trolls are out in FULL FORCE. Fair warning. Report when necessary. If anyone needs help on Twitter, let us know, we can back each other up. Watch for the signs from OUR team in the media.

Love to all!!!!!!!!

856 thoughts on “20200127: Shampeachment – Monday OFFENSE!

    1. In case you are wondering just WTH is happening…

      The NYSlimes published an article Sunday by…who else?…Maggie Haberman…with this verbatim claim…


      “President Trump told his national security adviser in August that he wanted to continue freezing $391 million in security assistance to Ukraine until officials there helped with investigations into Democrats including the Bidens, according to an unpublished manuscript by the former adviser, John R. Bolton.”

      Now, if you want to know how this happened, who the leaker is, and why this happened, you have to read these two pieces by Sundance, IN ORDER…

      1. https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2020/01/19/nsc-russia-expert-escorted-from-white-house-under-intelligence-investigation/


      2. https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2020/01/26/another-carefully-timed-national-security-council-leak-john-bolton-book-manuscript-leaked-to-new-york-times/#more-181961


      “The timing, purpose and narrative engineering here are transparent in the extreme.

      The NY Times attempts to frame the narrative around the need for John Bolton to testify in the Senate Impeachment Trial… all too transparent in motive. Timed to work around the House fraud; impeachment article construction without Judicial review for subpoenas; and timed to bolster House managers’ unconstitutional demand for Bolton as a Senate witness.

      The House motive here, the forethought within the design, is very important now because it explains why they are vociferously demanding witnesses in the Senate. The House plan was always to work around the ability of the executive branch to go to court. The managers are now attempting to execute that plan, along with a manufactured political talking point, in the Senate trial.

      The House crew intended for this to unfold exactly as it is happening.“

      That manufactured talking point??

      A: That Bolton claims in his book PDJT told him (Bolton) he wanted a quid pro quo from Ukraine re: opening an investigation into the Biden’s in exchange for the US aid.

      What is fascinating here is that it is possible…as some have suggested here in the QTree…that Bolton is actually working WITH PDJT and running a sting op…that Bolton’s book makes no such claim, but they fed that line of crap into the NSC manuscript security review to flush out a mole.

      In other words, the manuscript given to the NSC manuscript review process was a fake, and low and behold they caught a “resistance” spy/plant inside the NSC who was leaking info to the NYSlimes and who was subsequently PHYSICALLY ESCAOTED off the WH grounds on Jan. 17 and who is now under active security investigation (and we’re talking hard prison time here, too).

      Which, if true, is an absolutely DELICIOUS possibility, because not only did they catch and identify the leaker, they also nail Maggie Haberman at the NYSlimes, too.
      Enjoy the show.

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        1. Potus and team already had him pegged. He stayed till they had no further use for him. They needed controlled leakers but once used. Think tissues. Useful for so many jobs but when snotty…binned


      1. It would be funny if latter Bolton pops up and says “yeah that was my opinion, doesn’t amount to a hill of beans since I was out of loop”.

        Regardless, Bolton’s not a duplicitous operator, nor buy-able IMO and would fully respect privileged communications with the President and this little affair has never been anything that would ever angst him.

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          1. IMO.

            He is another, like McMaster, Kelly, Nielsen, Bannon, Tillerson, etc., who did not jive with Trump policies and thought they were smarter than Trump.

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      2. Yep. This one smells like a canary trap.

        Honestly, the more this fleshes out, the more I really do believe that The Plan called for using players who were betrayed somewhere along the line in roles where they could exact some perfectly legal revenge. John Bolton may well be one of them.

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      1. She needs the MONEY to PAY for the special treatment.

        “… researchers have gained knowledge of the human immune system through the growth of cancer immunotherapy. One of the most successful being that of CAR-T, better known as a drug made by genetically modifying an individuals T-Cell’s to destroy cancerous regions of the body, as reported by Newsweek.

        “CAR-T cells have to be engineered for each patient individually, to take into account the fact that each person’s immune cells have their own molecular ‘signature’—making the therapy very expensive and laboursome,”


        This is why the elite survive cancer and the serfs do not.

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        1. Not sure if you saw my reply the other day. Cost is between $250-$300K !!!
          Family member died day before she was to receive transfusion of modified blood.

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          1. The book is NOT yet published which makes this whole thing even MOAR interesting. If THAT is the big bombshell in Bolton’s book, no way would HE want it leaked ahead of time. There goes his marketing strategy of promising bombshells “if only” you buy his book.

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          2. I’m reading these posts a few hours later than written…now Senator Collins days that Bolton’s book statements (that NO ONE HAS SEEN, INCLUDING HER!) makes her think witness to need to be called! This blows my mind…
            Is she that malleable that she changes her opinion every few hours?
            I certainly would love to explain to her the ROLE of Senators…and it’s not to do the investigation for the House! Is that so difficult to comprehend?

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  1. I probably should have posted this when the Senate schiffshow first started.

    What, exactly, is being tried in the Senate? Whether DJT did something wrong? Is that what you think?

    Well, that is NOT what is being tried in the Senate.

    The trial in the Senate has one, and only one, purpose – to try the issue of whether POTUS should be removed from office. Not whether he has done something. That is the House’s job. And because they didn’t give the president due process, they have not provided the Senate with sufficient information TO TRY THE IMPEACHMENT articles.

    In other words, no Senator, under oath under the constitution, can legitimately vote to remove POTUS. DJT is entitled per the constitution to a unanimous vote of acquittal because what was presented was not complete.

    6. The Senate shall have the sole Power to try all impeachments. When sitting for that Purpose, they shall be on Oath or Affirmation. When the President of the United States is tried, the Chief Justice shall preside: And no Person shall be convicted without the Concurrence of two thirds of the Members present.

    7. Judgment in Cases of Impeachment shall not extend further than to removal from Office, and disqualification to hold and enjoy any Office of honor, Trust or Profit under the United States: but the Party convicted shall nevertheless be liable and subject to Indictment, Trial, Judgment and Punishment, according to Law.

    Since the fed govt has only the powers and authority ceded to it by the States, there appears to be no authority by which the Senate can take evidence (add to the Articles of Impeachment).

    We shall soon see just how “constitutional” this trial will be. Maybe the Senate parliamentarian will drive the wooden stake into the heart of this vampire production.

    side note: conviction does not mandate removal from office. Removal is the upper limit, not the requirement. If it was required upon conviction, it would say so.

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    1. “…because they didn’t give the president due process, they have not provided the Senate with sufficient information TO TRY THE IMPEACHMENT articles.”

      This was by the Lawfare group’s design.

      The dims took this course because they knew the courts would strike the House dims efforts down. They had to circumvent the courts in order to get the impeachment articles into the Senate where they NOW are demanding to bring new witness testimony and documents that the courts would have shot down duento former rules and precedents previously established in the other 2 impeachment’s proceedings (Clinton and the other POTUS whom I can’t in this moment recall who it was).

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    2. Except it has been evident, for a long time, that neither the Law, nor the Constitution is relevant.

      No one is following the Law or enforcing it. Not the Justice Department, not the Supreme Court, not the FISA court, not the FIB, nor any other agency of government.

      Absence of the rule of LAW is exactly what has been evident, since Inauguration day.

      We keep observing that the laws the PUBLIC is aware of are being wantonly violated.

      We keep observing that the agencies of government responsible for ENFORCING the laws which the public is aware of are AWOL, totally and completely 100% DERELICT in their duty and function.

      And yet like a classic victim of abuse, we keep pointing out the same things, we keep appealing to the same ‘authority’, i.e., “the Law” to intervene, because we don’t know what else to do.

      Clearly the “Law” is functionally irrelevant to these proceedings, in the same way that the “Law” has been functionally irrelevant since the beginning of the Trump presidency.

      The “Law” is functionally irrelevant.

      Clearly that includes the Constitution, it’s just more obvious now than it was before.

      In the absence of any kind of enforcement, the “Law” is irrelevant.

      What other conclusion can be supported by observable facts and evidence?

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      1. Everyone we pay to enforce the Law — millions of local, state and federal employees across the country — from the street cop in SDNY all the way up to AG Barr, and everyone in between — is derelict.


        Maybe there is a good reason why they are all derelict in their duty. Maybe space aliens ripped a hole in the space-time continuum and inverted reality.

        That would be an example of a good reason.

        But how can the fact that they are all derelict in their duty be credibly disputed?

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      1. Guiliani says it is a trap……

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  2. “Source: Alexander Vindman’s Brother, Yevgeny, Clears Publications by NSC Officials”


    Our government is so thoroughly corrupt it makes Keystone Cops look like a real-life documentary.

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  3. Thing that make us say, ………. DUH!
    Impeachment sounds like Atlantic Council Pampleteering.
    HOW can I get appointed to the Ukraine Independent Counsel investigation? I mean, I would be happy to make the coffee. I just want to be on the team!!!!!!!!!!!

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    1. I believe the Dems strategy has to be to win the Senate, but also keep the house–they know they can’t win the presidency. They could thwart POTUS’s plans/policies but also curtail the judicial armada he’s forming and prevent him from replacing Ruthie…

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    1. Kaine is such an idiot…
      the House is supposed to investigate and form a compelling record of testimony to take to the Senate. the Senate is NOT supposed to continue that investigation but to determine if the material presented is compelling enough to convict.

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      1. He was interviewed on C-Span when President Trump’s lawyers had finished their presentation – I cut him off – he is a fool – however – they all said the same thing – as if they were reading from a script – all idiots, Pat!!! There is no do-over!!!

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        1. there IS a script…you cannot trust these idiots to speak off the cuff…they might reveal the truth! so the Dems are scripted…it’s why they all sound the same and repeat the same lies!
          they have one brain among them!

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              1. lol…since I don’t have a phone that uses apps I would have to say yes..but all you need are talking points in a text chain…like an email…tell them what to say and send it out en masse to the Dems…easy peasy lemon squeezy…LOL
                propaganda for dummies!

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              2. Okey Dokey – not an APP person, either – just seems to me – all of a sudden – they all are saying the same thing – MSM folks, too – and GA/FL gave the hashtags, too – so must be mass informants – LOL

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              3. Right – Kaine stepped right up to the mic – as soon as they were finished – could almost repeat what he would say – then – they all did the same thing – even MSM – Yucky, evil people! Someday – they will be very sorry for what they did – imho

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    2. Betcha that DemCom “script” was based on an email to a DemCom Senator — could well have been KAINE.
      After all, he’s a big funds bundler for the Clintons.
      Didn’t Kaine have some dream of being Hillary Clinton’s VP?

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      1. He is a ‘big bundler’ for sure – and yes – for Clinton – and yes – he had pipe dreams of being the witch’s soy boy.

        I do not think Kaine was the only one who got the ‘script’, CV – others were spewing the same hate-filled rhetoric!


  4. 1. Martha Washington
    2. Abigail Adams
    3. Martha Jefferson Randolph
    4. Dolly Madison
    5. Elzabeth Monroe
    6. Louisa Adams
    7. Emily Donelson
    8. Sarah Yorke Jackson
    9 No one for Martin Van Buren
    10. Sarah Angelica Singleton
    11. Anna Harrison
    12. Jane Irwin Harrison
    13. Letitia Tyler
    14. Priscilla Tyler
    15. Julia Tyler
    16. Sarah Childress Polk
    17. Margaret Taylor
    18. Abigail Fillmore
    19. Jane Pierce
    20. Harriet Lane
    21. Mary Todd Lincoln
    22. Eliza Johnson
    23. Julia Grant
    24. Lucy Hayes
    25. Lucretia Garfield
    26. Mary Arthur
    27. Rose Cleveland
    28. Frances Cleveland
    29. Caroline Harrison
    30. Mary Harrison
    31. Ida McKinley
    32. Edith Roosevelt
    33. Helen Taft
    34. Ellen Wilson
    35. Margaret Wilson
    36. Edith Wilson
    37. Florence Harding
    38. Grace Coolidge
    39. Lou Hoover
    40. Eleanor Roosevelt
    41. Bess Truman
    42. Mamie Eisenhower
    43. Jacqueline Kennedy
    44. Lady Bird Johnson
    45. Pat Nixon
    46. Betty Ford
    47. Roslyn Carter
    48. Nancy Reagan
    49. Barbara Bush
    50. Hillary Clinton
    51. Laura Bush
    52. Michelle Obama
    53. Melania Trump

    If John Bolton is called to testify and somehow the Senate overrules Presidential Exec Privilege, we all better hope these women listed above, and every subsequent first lady (or man) are geopolitical experts ON EVERY REGION, economic PhD’s, lawyers, health care experts, educational experts, and energy experts, environmental stewards, diplomats, the very best of negotiators, and the best of military planners……..
    ……. because THE FIRST LADY will be the only one left with whom the President of the USA can have a private conversation.

    Be careful what we wish for…….

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      1. My take as well. He wouldn’t be mentioning, “link him to Whistleblower?” if he didn’t have the evidence. already.

        Reminded myself yesterday about FISA warrants POTUS is allowed to have on people who are a threat to National Security. Schifty and gang fall into that kettle.

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  5. Just a quick reminder as we watch the Swamp Follies today….

    January 20, 2017 – VSGPDJT inaugurated President of the United States

    March 20, 2017 – David Rockefeller, founding member of just about every meddlesome council conspiracy people have been warning about for decades, passes away at 101

    May 26, 2017 – Zbigniew Brzezinski, former National Security Advisor for Jimmy Carter and supposedly the one running the foreign relations arm of cabal operations, passes away at 89

    The Democrats have been flailing and misfiring with half asked plans outside of election “magic” ever since.

    These people are stupid.

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  6. I will really be glad when this Shampeachmint is shot down.

    I continue to have this niggling fear, just poking at me, despite some recent statements to the contrary, that just enough uber RINOs in the Senate will show their true, corrupt, self-serving colors and vote with the Dimms.

    Some combination of fear of exposure of their past and present corruption and the promise of future rewards and protection will be their motivation.

    When PTrump makes it through this Shittshow, I don’t think it will be the end of the Dimm’s corrupt “lawfare”. They’ll have PTrump up for impeachment for eating chicken with his hands, chewing ice, and thinking about jaywalking. Although I do think, that when the next Shittshow Movie opens, even less people will come to the premier, and the McTurtle Movie Critic Review will have it tossed out of the theaters based on its failure to display any redeeming characteristics whatsoever.

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    1. I forgot to say that this niggling fear was for the addition of witnesses and additions documents . . . extending this process virtually forever.

      I don’t think that anywhere near enough RINOs can be gathered to support a removal vote.

      I just want this thing over and have the election concluded successfully for PTrump . . . with the House and the Senate ending up MAGA!

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      1. This video gave me hope – that God spoke to a man – many years ago – wherein ‘God Said No!’

        Here is the title – will not post here – take up important space – but, it is easy to find – just scroll down

        New Trump Impeachment Prophecy, From Trey Smith and Kim Clement: “Simple Stone”

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    1. Dragnet opening theme also comes to mind…..

      Saturday’s theme – presenting the actual facts – fits Dragnet’s famous line too – “Just the facts, Ma’am.”

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  9. Here we go……….

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    1. Four horsemen of the RINO apocalypse…..
      – conquest, open borders, allowing invasion of terrorists, crime and drugs, human trafficking
      – pestilence – open doors to disease
      – famine – globalism loss jobs, industry and income for Americans,
      – death – leading to death) they have no loyalty to our nation…they are traitors.

      They are monstrously evil and should be removed from office!!!

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      1. Collins is dumb as a doorknob and I do not say that lightly. Even I understand the constitution why does she not? She is an overeducated boob. Where are her constituency? Do they approve?
        Romney is another boob. Wonder what Utah thinks or is his church political would not surprise me since most churches are these days.

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        1. The Mormon Church is one of the most political non-government bodies in the world.

          They change their beliefs based on the laws of man. They went from polygamy to monogamy, just because the government told them they had to.

          Not that I believe polygamy is ok, but if it was an actual “revelation” as they claim, and a sincere belief, then giving it up because the government told them to was purely political.

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    2. Witnesses? Dumb ass idea. But, RINOs, like D-Rats ARE maroons. Collins and her ilk may be stoopid enough to pursue the House’ responsibilities.

      My opening witness list starts with:
      – hussein
      – Too Slow Joe
      – Schitty
      – ICIG Atkinson
      – Where’s Hunter
      – Ambassador Yankobitch

      AND, Senate adopts twelve hour days, six days a week.

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  10. Ohhhhhhhh looky here, Hunter Biden is at the Waldorf Astoria, driving a Porsche.

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    1. I’m going to side with the idea that McConnell, who is very intent on maintaining Regular Rules of Order in the Senate, which would include the Senate’s role in conducting an Impeachment trial… well, I’m going to hold believing that he isn’t going to let the House, or their proxies set new precedent in the Senate, let alone violate the Constitution.

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  11. Breitbart checked it, apparently.
    Yes, Vindman’s brother at NSC is the one to check publications.

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  12. New! On store shelves now! Schitt & Nadless Peach Mint ice cream.

    Ummm . . . Peach Mint . . . A delightful calf shit scours green (some of you know exactly what I’m talking about), and smelling like an Eric Swallwell fart. Wilted strips of bitter mint with brown, mushy chunks of putrescent peach that catch in your throat.

    All the Dimms in the House and Senate leap to their feet shouting “Three scoops for me!”, while the general public, almost fatally nauseated, rushes toward MAGA! for fresh air and mental stability.

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              1. now that the thread is isn’t “hot” I can relay what NYGuy shared about Tonawanda…apparently he received some sort of personal communication (tweet maybe) from POTUS about an awesome picture he took?????


  13. Odd ball here.

    What I have never understood is, why isn’t US aid tied to proper behavior of the nation receiving aid. With full accountability. Don’t give two shits if politicians are involved or not.

    What am I missing?
    AND, it was OK for hussein, DOJ, FIB, IC to investigate politician candidate Trump.

    But it is NOT OK to investigate obvious criminal behavior by too slow Joe, Where’s Hunter…?

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    1. this argument has made the rounds at our dinner table for years…we send them “aid” …do they send us an accounting of what they spent it on? these are taxpayers’ monies and as such there should be an accounting—these are not “gifts” but aid.

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      1. we would all be surprised at what has not been accountable!

        iirc President Trump is first to ask for audits of many agencies… particularly Pentagon.

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  14. A plot to remove a US Ambassador?
    This is stupid on it’s face.
    There is no need for a plot.
    All the President had to do was fire her. End of discussion.
    No need for Lev “James Bond” Parnas.

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    1. Just another attempt by the traitorous Dimms to set the stage and control the narrative that the President interfered with the ambassador setting foreign policy and then plotted her removal. All part of the same ol’, same ol’ Alinsky playbook.

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  15. No Dem who says “Do the repubs want to hear the truth?” when calling for witnesses has any credibility.
    Otherwise, the Dems would release the testimony of the ICIG Michael Atkinson.
    Why did Schiff hide it?

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    1. Obviously, if the vote goes for additional witnesses and documentation, hopefully short and very specifically limited, Deposition #18 will be on that non-negotiable list.

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  16. Also posted on the open thread today:

    Bolton’s book is due out March 17. The title is “The Room Where It Happened: A White House Memoir.” Publisher is Simon & Schuster, one of the big five.

    This is Bolton’s third book. The first two are:

    Surrender Is Not an Option: Defending America at the United Nations

    How Barack Obama is Endangering our National Sovereignty: How Global Warming Hysteria Leads to Bad Science, Pandering Politicians and Misguided Policies That (Encounter Broadsides)

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  17. Just completed my daily call and sent daily email to my socialist D-rat seantors cathy masto and wacky jacky rosen.

    Gave them an earful of stop the impeachment BS, shredit, no…..

    masto and rosen operate in the spitten image of that vile POS harry reid. Spit!

    Fully realize they don’t care what this American believes. Call and email daily.

    Read somewhere earlier today, Chuck Toad, Meet the Worst of the Press, yesterday read a D-Rat lawmaker quote whining…
    – It went something like, “No one is calling. No one is emailing. No one cares about impeachment. 😉 😉 😉

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  18. Greg is in fire today… Daughn posted one of his Threads earlier, this one out just minutes ago… I highly recommend you read his Twitter threads at his account for lots of tidbits… esp. that Brennan IS the one responsible for push to impeach POTUS… reason, Durham has everything on him, resulting in a dthPlty mil trl and removing POTUS is ONLY way clear for him to avoid.

    Click on 2nd or 3rd tweet below at timestamp for new THREAD…

    Do keep Josh Hawley in your thoughts and prayers… have been impressed with him from the get-go

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  19. LMAO…just heard an really interesting “what if” and don’t know if it’s even possible…but here goes…

    what if POTUS declassifies (if it’s needed to be) and releases Bolton’s manuscript…???

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      1. This is what I’m worried about. Is the language something that the people on the fruited plain can grasp, or is it full of legalese and minute details that put the average TV watcher searching for the remote.

        I just don’t know how many people are going to take the time to really listen to what is being said and digest it, even on video. Because the MSM is not going to tell them.

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        1. It was laid out in a way that it was like listening to an inspiring sermon on Sunday with a really good supporting illustrations of how the US constitution/government is set up and a reminder of history. It didn’t feel didactic or heavy- just important.

          My two cents.


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