News Roundup! Deadly Crash Involving Bus Carrying Covington Catholic High School Students, Lying Shitty Is Exposed By Our PDJT’s Attorney, Shitty Gets Chewed Out, PDJT’s Attorney Exposes the Scam Used By Nancy & Shitty, Senator Hawley Drops A MOAB, Fake News Is Realizing PDJT Is Winning, MSM Attacks Bernie, Polling Out Of IA & NH Is Bad For the Establishment Democrats, Understanding the Delegate Process For the Democrat Primaries, Life Is Winning, Pro-Life Advocates Will Fight To Have PDJT Re-elected, The Mullahs Can Pound Sand, PDJT Tweeted Two Clips For Us To Watch, Clips Recommended By Me…..

It kills me to have to share this news. Prayers are needed for all those involved in this horrible accident!

A car crossed the median on a highway in Kentucky and drove directly into a bus carrying students from Covington High School. The driver of the car was killed, some of the bus passengers were injured including the bus driver.

The students were returning home after the March for Life rally in Washington DC.

From the article linked above:

One person is dead and several are injured following a head-on crash involving a charter bus carrying Covington Catholic students, Campbell County police said.

The crash happened around 7:20 a.m. Saturday in the northbound lanes of the AA Highway at California Crossroads in Campbell County.

According to witnesses on the scene, a southbound car somehow entered the northbound lanes of the highway, striking the charter bus head-on.

“I saw a car come across the median and head toward me,” said Ricky Lynn, a witness who was also driving north. “I was able to get out of the way.”

The driver of the wrong-way car was pronounced dead at the scene. That driver’s name has not been released.

Two people on the bus were taken to area hospitals for treatment, and others suffered minor injuries. The motor coach driver suffered a minor knee injury, the bus company said.

The bus was full of Covington Catholic High School students and several parent chaperones, who were returning from the March for Life rally in Washington. The bus was one of four in a caravan, carrying a total of about 200 passengers.

Our President’s lawyers within a few hours were able to destroy the Democrats entire impeachment hoax.

I absolutely loved that attorney Mike Purpura annihilated the POS Lying Schiff by highlighting the completely made-up version of the Trump-Zelensky phone call and that he read it into the congressional record as if it were factually true.

This Trump supporter decided to give Shitty a piece of his mind!

Shitty and the Democrats have been able to get away with their BS request for additional witnesses in the Senate because the MSM has done their part to hide the farce that was the House impeachment inquiry.

White House Counsel Patrick Philbin explains why House subpoenas were illegitimate: the subpoena power was never authorized; the initiating subpoena power was never voted on.

Nancy knew that if she had done a regular vote, the Republican House Members would have had the same subpoena power as the Democrats. Her and Shitty would not have been able to protect any of them.

Also just as important is the fact that their hoax prevented the Executive Branch from having a constitutional pathway or process to engage an appellate review by federal courts.

This young lady absolutely gets the game that the House played.

Republican Senator Josh Hawley from Missouri has a message for the Democrats and any DUMB Republican that wants to push for witnesses in the Senate trial. 

From the article linked above:

If the Senate decides to consider new impeachment trial witnesses and documents next week, Sen. Josh Hawley plans to try and force votes on everyone from Adam Schiff to Joe Biden.

The Missouri Republican is preparing to file subpoena requests for witnesses and documents that Democrats and Republicans alike won’t want to vote on. Hawley’s strategy harmonizes with plans from GOP Sens. Ted Cruz of Texas and Rand Paul of Kentucky to force votes to hear from Hunter Biden, the former vice president’s son who was on the board of Ukrainian energy company Burisma.

Their tactics are intended to convince a handful of senators to sink a vote next week to consider new evidence in President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial.

You know it is bad for Shitty and the rest of the Moronic Democrats when you lost the King of Fake News!

The MSM has been given their marching orders. The last thing in the world the Establishment Democrats want is for Bernie Sanders to be the nominee.

The problem for them is that Bernie’s people are true believers in what he is selling. They may get their wish but they will live to regret it on November 3rd.

There is a really good chance that up to 30% – 40% of Bernie’s crazies will completely sit out the election. Some will vote for our President.

The Establishment Democrats and MSM must have saw these most recent polls and got freaked out by them.

From the article linked above:

With solid support from liberals, Mr. Sanders appears to be peaking just as the caucuses approach.

Senator Bernie Sanders has opened up a lead in Iowa just over a week before the Democratic caucuses, consolidating support from liberals and benefiting from divisions among more moderate presidential candidates who are clustered behind him, according to a New York Times/Siena College poll of likely caucusgoers.

The rise of Mr. Sanders has come at the expense of his fellow progressive, Senator Elizabeth Warren: she dropped from 22 percent in the October poll, enough to lead the field, to 15 percent in this survey.

His lead is much bigger in New Hampshire.

As we get closer to February 4th, it is important to understand how delegates are distributed amongst the Democrat candidates.

This article does a good job of explaining the process.

From the article linked above:

The magic number in most primaries is 15 percent

Democrats allocate most of their pledged delegates proportionally by legislative district, in addition to allocating at-large and PLEO (party leader and elected official) delegates based on the statewide vote breakdown. 

While delegates are allocated proportionally, in nearly every state the minimum threshold to earn delegates is 15% of the vote.

That means that as long as someone breaks 15 percent either statewide or in at least one district, they get delegates from that state to bring to the convention.

With such a crowded 2020 field, a number of candidates will inevitably fail to meet the delegate targets.

If someone wants to stop running for president at any point during the process, the delegates that they’ve earned — who are real people — can either be told to support a rival candidate or released to vote for whomever.

More evidence that Life is winning under PDJT.

I loved reading this! Life is going to fight to get our President re-elected.

From the article linked above:

President Trump’s campaign has launched a coalition of anti-abortion advocates Friday that will work to reelect the president in 2020. 

The “Pro-Life Voices for Trump” coalition will mobilize voters who oppose abortion to support Trump in November. 

The coalition is led by Marjorie Dannenfelser, the president of the Susan B. Anthony List, a campaign group that supports Trump and other anti-abortion candidates running for office.

“I am honored to be asked by President Trump to once again flex the muscle of the pro-life movement behind his reelection,” said Dannenfelser, who held the same position in 2016.

Father Frank Pavone, national director of Priests for Life, will also serve as co-chair.

Trump has made abortion a key issue in his 2016 and 2020 campaigns, an issue of vast importance to a core part of his base: conservative, evangelical Christians.

His administration has made several changes that were pushed by anti-abortion advocates, including removing Planned Parenthood from a federal family planning program and banning U.S. aid for foreign nongovernmental organizations that provide or promote abortions.

The Iranian government can go pound sand according to our President. Terrence has a good laugh at their expense.

Our President also decided to share his message with the people of Iran.

Our President tweeted a couple of videos he wants us to watch.

Enjoy these videos. The first two are hysterical while the last one is absolutely amazing.

150 thoughts on “News Roundup! Deadly Crash Involving Bus Carrying Covington Catholic High School Students, Lying Shitty Is Exposed By Our PDJT’s Attorney, Shitty Gets Chewed Out, PDJT’s Attorney Exposes the Scam Used By Nancy & Shitty, Senator Hawley Drops A MOAB, Fake News Is Realizing PDJT Is Winning, MSM Attacks Bernie, Polling Out Of IA & NH Is Bad For the Establishment Democrats, Understanding the Delegate Process For the Democrat Primaries, Life Is Winning, Pro-Life Advocates Will Fight To Have PDJT Re-elected, The Mullahs Can Pound Sand, PDJT Tweeted Two Clips For Us To Watch, Clips Recommended By Me…..

    1. Marica – if you hear ANY information about the DRIVER of the car, could you please post a link in a reply to one of my comments? I’m researching this accident because of the similarity to several other accidents. The fake news and the Cabal are going to try to cover up the details, so ANY information you can get will be helpful.

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      1. wolfie- have been looking for details…and I found one….based on the texts from one of the Cov Student’s parents it appears the driver was a male (?) Not much, but it’s something.

        excerpt from the article:
        Lori Tenhundfeld, the mother of one of the students, says a priest and students prayed for the driver who died.

        “I had texted, I said to him, ‘Oh my gosh Luke, you have so much to be grateful for, please say a prayer for this man’ and he said ‘Yes, we have already said a prayer for him together,'” Tenhundfeld said.

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          1. Ive called 911 twice because I’ve seen fires burning by the side of the road at night.

            It’s fruitless because they will insist I tell them *exactly* where I am. It’s in the middle of the night, I don’t remember the last mile marker I saw. In once case I was on a state highway I knew fairly well, well enough to know I was miles away from an intersection. In the other it was an interstate in Illinois that I had no meaningful knowledge of. How the FUCK am I supposed to be able to tell them where I am?

            It doesn’t mean I wouldn’t try in this case, but it would be an exercise in frustration.

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        1. My husband and I have driven that Highway many times. I do not like to drive it in the dark. Often people pass and it can be scary specially when they pass on a curve. No one can wait or have patience every wants to get where they want to go fast.

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        1. Wow. Seems like a million years ago. I mean, wow. Take me back! TIME MACHINE!!!

          But it wasn’t that long. We got kicked out of CTH AFTER the mid-terms – 11/11/2018. And Patrick didn’t get kicked out until AFTER that.

          It hasn’t been that long. And yet it feels like forever. WOW.

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  1. Jesse Watters told a tale of meeting Bernie supporters in the elevator in his building. They said FoxNews was most fair to Bernie and if the Dem leaders screwed him again, they would all vote DJT.

    God must be smiling.

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      1. Trump’s detractors love to accuse him of poor impulse control and shooting off his mouth (wow, he could start a war!) but this is proof that that is wrong.

        Because Bernie sure deserves to have pokes taken at him, yet Trump has the ability to restrain himself!

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  2. The video you posted at the end tweeted Bradford File was awesome!

    Here’s another BF tweet I love!

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    1. I love it, but it would never happen. In too many cases the pen used to sign a bill into law is a favored keepsake, and the President gives it to someone significant to the effort as a memento.

      Even if he got all of the Pelosi pens, he’d run out quickly…a “problem” with winning too much. (A good problem to have!)

      Now, what he COULD do is have a little desk plaque made with two little pillars coming up out of it, holding up the impeachment pen, and make sure it’s prominently visible. And maybe, when it’s one of those deals where he signs each letter of his name (or in his case, each zig-zag) with a different pen, he could do one of them–the first or the last–with the impeachment pen.

      OR he could complain the cheapass thing dried up and doesn’t work any more. “I’ll bet Pelosi spent a hundred dollars on this piece of crap. Typical Democrat-run government efficiency!”

      Oh, there’s all kinds of variations.

      But more on the serious side, any tme the dems profess to be sad-hearted at having to do the impeachment but it was the right thing to do even if painful, just play that damn video.

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      1. “with two little pillars coming up out of it”…

        The Bail and the Wicket…

        Krikkit, anyone 🙂

        (and Mafiosi Piglosi is probably even more cold and heartless than those robots…).

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  3. DHS Director Wolf is very impressive!

    Wolf is absolutely committed to Trump immigration policy reforms and the wall. He is energetic, meets with leaders of countries involved with smuggling, illegals, etc.

    Liked by 9 people

    1. DHS Wolf is such a relief after the disappointments of General Kelly and Kirstjen Nielsen who did not approve/support Trump policies! Good riddance to them.

      Kelly especially was always so sure he was smarter and more virtuous than PDJT.

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    1. I did a little poking around…and it’s amazing how little information there is regarding the Covington bus crash. Most searches will link you to an unrelated Covington High School bus crash that happened last year sometime. Strange indeed.

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      1. Yep. Her two remaining brain cells bouncing back and forth like a disused PONG display in an abandoned “Peppermill” restaurant/bar, empty since the 1990s…

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    1. Tonawanda I think “demanding Zelinsky to testify” opens the door to demand other foreign leaders in the future as it arrises to testified .
      I think it would damage foreign policy if every foreign leader would be concerned that they could be drawn into a political US fight. Talking about foreign interference in US politics that would be one.
      By the way who runs foreign policy the House, Senate or POTUS?
      POTUS released his call with Zelinsky and that should have been the end of it because it discredited the whistle blower . The democrats pushed the transcript away and made up their own fables.
      Schiff is a creater of fables .
      I think Republicans already gave the Schiff show to much credit and he needs to be shut down.

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  5. Pelosi’s intended stain has only landed back on her and the Democrat majority House of Representatives.

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    1. Nanzi is incorrect…

      Impeachment = Indictment

      Both must contain a charge, a CRIME…

      Her Articles contain NO CRIME… ergo, NO impeachment.

      Shampeachment is and forever will be a POLITICAL ACT…

      A HOAX, A SHAM, A FRAUD… that will forever reflect upon HER and those partisans who voted for it.

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    MONDAY – Republican Senate Smashes Pelosi/Schiff/Schumer Sham-Peach-Mint!!!


    Antidote to devastation caused by Clinton Era NAFTA agreement that destroyed American industry, cities, middle incomes.

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      1. Regrettably not BKR! Canada has to ratify it on their end for the USMCA to replace NAFTA. I haven’t heard anything coming out of Canada yet about when they will vote on it. They maybe waiting for our President to sign first.

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        1. After Senate passed USMCA, I had read a couple times Canada was going to pass it this month. So, guessing this week or certainly February.

          Canada would be foolish to not pass USMCA. NAFTA will go away. Without USMCA, Canada IS screwed, me thinks.

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    FTA on the website:
    It appears there may have been ANOTHER vehicle involved in the crash.

    The AA Highway at the California Crossing area is US62 and KY9 / KY10. From google maps, it appears to be a highway with NO barrier divider.
    OK, I’m going to go there: Too many “coincidences” for me. Too many questions.
    “Warning” to Nick Sandmann? / To Attorney Cipillone?
    I say: You betcha.

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    1. California crossing??? Hmmmm… sounds Schiffty to me.

      As does Kobe’s helo crash in Schifforbrains’ stomping grounds, even though he’s been flying for many years… (and yes, I know, they’re not the most stable of flying vehicles – a friend back in the USA was an expert and expert witness for such things)…

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    1. Right Gallup, that’s why no matter where a Rally is held, thousands are left to watch outside…

      That’s why Biden, even Bernie, can’t get more than a handful of peeps…

      Keep on giving us those FAUX POLLS… we really believe ’em

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  8. Liked by 6 people

    1. Yep. The DEMONicRAT party is like the losers at the frat rushes in Animal house; the Republican party is more of one where everyone is happy, excited, conservative, pro-life, successful, and not getting drunk/stoned/whatever out of their heads.

      In other words, the tables have turned.

      The DEMONicRAT is a party for losers, creeps, and thieves, mostly aging hippies losing their faculties (e.g. Fauxcahontas Liarwatha, Bolshevik Bernie,”Hands-On” Biden, Mafiosi Piglosi, Chi-Spy Drive-By DiFi, Gruesome Newsom, and a(n infected) host of others,
      but the former GOP (Grand OLD Party) is now a Grand New Party, with a clear vision, a great plan, a movement that benefits everyone, and a Great Future. MAGA KAG!!!

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  10. Liked by 3 people

      1. Meeting with Bibi’s opponent. And probably her Iranian and Hezbollah “friends”…

        Hmmm. Isn’t foreign policy the exclusive purview of the President, and the Executive Branch, as he delegates/supervises it?

        Would be interesting if the Poligrip Princess has a FISA on her…. don’t leave home without it…

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        1. well, she did leave a few bread crumbs on her way to see Alidadi or whatever his name was… Conan the dog knew straight away which direction to go 😉

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        2. Nancy Pelosi believes that she is the “President in Training” — in her mind, she’s “practicing” being the Interim POTUS after she gets President Trump and VP Pence both removed from office.
          Unless (just saying), she’s over there to “arrange” the next hit on an American Embassy…


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  14. This looks like a complete set up, not sure if it’s mean to take over the news cycle or what, or defers to the level of ‘state funeral (albeit not a literal state funeral, but a public social one for sports fan)

    from Gab that posted this tweet:
    Follow Follow @QAnonNotables
    Kobe = Mr. Peanut?

    The reference for Mr Peanut comes from the announcement of the ‘death of Mr. Peanut’ recently going around the boards/twitter that was peculiar.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. From what I understand- the boards are believing that the Press Release about the demise of the ‘Mr. Peanut’ mascot was some sort of coded message, and people have been speculating who it might be (especially with the Qdrop of the ‘State Funeral Definition’). Many thought it might mean Jimmy Carter.

        But enter Kobe Bryant, and then this commercial he did surfaced (with the circus theme and the peanut costumed kid hopping in his car to get away from the circus run amok.)

        Hope that helps.

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          1. Thanks for asking- Sometimes I don’t flesh out the entire point of what I’m thinking – out of brevity, but wind up leaving out key items. It frustrates the stuffing out of Mr MA_kswiss sometimes 🤪🙌🏻😂

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            1. I know the feeling. I have been told that about myself, too.

              Since late Sunday, I’ve been trying unsuccessfully to comment on the Q Tree posts themselves. I’m replying to you now via the WordPress ‘bell’ with replies on it to me from you.

              Just so you and everyone knows. Perhaps you could leave a short message to that effect on my behalf on the next daily thread? If so, I would greatly appreciate it.

              I saw a comment on Sunday to everyone from Wolf saying that there had been some site issues on the Q Tree. I’ve never had a problem commenting on other WP sites — other than when I was banned OT.

              For you and everyone else, I have no news to report from the UK this week. Brexit has been quiet.

              Sorry to relay this through you. When I have time, I’ll see what I can do on my end. It might be something as simple as clearing my cache.

              More later in a message on one of the daily threads once this is resolved, which I hope will be soon.

              Thanks again for your help!

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              1. Thank you very much, friend — greatly appreciated!

                It pains me wanting to be able to comment and being unable to.

                How is your father doing today? I have been praying for his recovery and know what it is like for you being so far away. Thank goodness he is in good hands.

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              2. Churchmouse! Wolfie has a message for you- perhaps being able to post using a VPN will give you a new VPN and solve the issue.

                Wolf’s message:
                Churchmouse is going into the SPAM bucket, but I think that even more posts are actually just going into THE VOID as “known spam” (the bucket is just “maybe spam”).

                Churchmouse might be able to post better through a VPN which will give a new IP address – please pass that information on!

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              3. Thank you for relaying Wolf’s message about using a VPN. Thanks to him for taking the time to offer an alternative.


                That might be the way forward. (I did clear my cache this morning and attempt to comment, but, once again, unsuccessfully.)

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              4. I do everything from my PC, but thank you for the suggestion.

                As someone with a WP site myself, I find this situation strange. I’ll try to find time to do a bit of research on the WP fora to see if anyone else has a similar problem and if there is a solution.

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              5. A great idea.

                I replied to two of your comments on the Open Thread, first page. One about you being on EST now and the other to a ‘MONSTER’ week.

                Neither showed up.

                Would you mind asking Wolf if he has any problems if I email WP support to see if they can shed some light on this? I would have to give them the URLs for both Trees. (I can’t comment on U Tree, either.) WP Support have been helpful to me in the past, although, fortunately, I haven’t needed to contact them for nearly ten years.

                Many thanks in advance.

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              6. I just replied to the comment request you sent to Wolf on my behalf.

                My reply has a comment number assigned to it (I can see the comment number on the URL line). But the comment doesn’t show up on the page.

                Same thing happened when I commented on one of Marica’s threads today. Am thinking there is something amiss with my WP profile.

                Many thanks for all your help — greatly appreciated!

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              7. Have just seen my exchange with you on the thread itself.

                Unless someone releases my newer comments from spam (which a few kind Q Tree thread authors have done), it seems the only way my other comments show up are in response to this conversation of yours and mine.

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              8. Okay, thanks.

                I asked only since Wolf picked up the previous message. Thought you had been directly involved in getting it to him.

                I was going to email WP myself.

                Sorry for any lack of clarity. I just wanted to find out if it was okay with Wolf if I did so.

                I’ll post a request to him on an open thread.

                Thank you for all your help. I greatly appreciate it.

                Sleep well!

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    1. So Nasty Piglosi told them to hit the US embassy this time. She knows it is a catch-22 for President Trump.

      IFFFF he retaliates he will lose the wishy washy Senators in the Impeachment and the DemonRats get to call the ‘witnesses’ they want to call and drag the impeachment out until November.

      IFFF he does not retaliate then the Iranians will escalate and he will be seen as ‘weak.’

      I sure as heck hope they had a FISA on Nasty and caught Nasty or her staff red handed in setting this up.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. I just checked:

        …The Senate on Friday, after a record-breaking 10-hour vote, failed to approve a resolution that would require President Trump to get congressional approval before ordering a military intervention in Iran.

        The vote, which was not expected to pass, came after political unease over the White House’s tough talk against Iran.


        The vote was the longest in the chamber’s history. The Senate closed its vote on the measure at 3:10 p.m. ET, which was 10 hours and 8 minutes after starting the vote. The old record for the length of a Senate vote was set on Dec. 21, 2018 at five hours and 20 minutes.

        The plan needed 60 votes. But the final tally was 50-40. Sen. Michael Bennet, D-Colo., who participated in Thursday night’s Democratic presidential debate, voted at 3:10 p.m. in favor of the Iran amendment. Moments later, the vote was closed, and the Senate was quickly gaveled out of session….

        McConnell said putting restrictions on the White House would “hamstring” the president’s ability to respond militarily at a time of escalating tension between the U.S. and Iran.


      2. Agree with the choices you have posed – the Catch 22 – interesting you think Nan had something to do with this – however – I think PT was expecting something – he knows how the DS operates – he will NOT appear weak – whether he issues a warning or a retaliation – waiting a couple of days will clarify who is behind this attack – it will also allow his lawyers to complete their rebuttal –

        At any rate – he will make the RIGHT decision – surely he knows she is up to no good – wherever she is at present.

        BTW – we do not need a FISA on her – we have the Ukrainian Connection – she and others are panicked – so we know they will lash out in various ways.

        Appreciate you posting – because we have to pay attention – to what the DS does to retaliate for Saturday –

        I take comfort God is in charge – and PT is under His protection – in ways we do not know – we prayed – and He answered – He will not let us down – EVER!!!


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