Shampeachment – The President’s Team Takes the Field.

Fox 10 Phoenix will carry today’s session –

CSPAN will also carry it live –

It’s time for some OFFENSE! Beginning 10:00AM Eastern time from the Senate. Tune in!

OFFENSE in DEFENSE of the President. Finally, the President will be able to defend himself to the public against these spurious charges. The eight gifted attorneys in the header above will be seen in the Senate. You may see the eight House members below, the Fire-Breathers, drifting all over the media.

Since August 28th, the Politico Article by Natasha Bertrand (which we suspect was planted by Schiff’s staff), the Dems have hammered the President, turning the narrative of funding to Ukraine into a “Trump personal gain for the election of 2020” and therefore scurrilous and impeachable. The Dems impeached the President in 78days, when Clinton and Nixon both took years to resolve (because of all the appeals). The Dems claim they have overwhelming evidence, but need more witnesses, more information, and AN ACTUAL CRIME would help the Dems case. Yet, they cannot wait for proper procedure and appeals on subpoenas…… because the voters may re-elect the President……… and that cannot happen…… according to the Dems.

Yet, after months of conducting secret depositions in the basement and made-for-television hearings in the House, fervently pushed by mass media, the public still does not want the President removed. To be clear, if this was a real trial, it would be as if the Prosecutor was on the field for FIVE MONTHS……. with no telling of the other side of the story…… and the Dems still can’t convince the jury, which is us. The President is entitled to a defense, his side of the story has yet to be told. We can assume the President’s defense will be hefty and persuasive.

Within the movie we are watching, there are a few Senators who are targeted as “moderate”, which the Dems have been trying to harangue. Lisa Murkowski, Collins, Romney, and Lamar Alexander. When Congressman Nadler accused the Repub Senators of a cover up if they did not vote for more witnesses, Susan Collins was so upset she wrote a note to the Chief Justice Roberts. Strike One.

Well, this evening, Schiff lost Murkowski. Schiff made a comment that Repubs in the Senate had been warned if they voted against the President “their head would be on a pike”. Lisa was NOT amused. The Repubs are furious, and the media darling, Schiff, is in big trouble for making a fatal error, over playing his hand. Strike Two.

Barrasso speaking to the cameras, and reported by the New York Times, Emily Cochrane (above) might as well be Strike 3

If you are on Twitter, please follow Congressman Andy Biggs. His twitter feed is extraordinary. He is obsessed with the subject of impeachment (and strongly defending the President). His twitter feed is pushing out info on the impeachment about every 20 minutes to an hour (He’s like I was with Davos).

Here is the transcript to the President’s phone call with President Zelinsky:

Here is the link for the Whistleblower Complaint. Both may come in handy tomorrow:

Jay Sekulow talks about what to expect tomorrow and mentions Nellie Ohr and Fusion GPS.

See you tomorrow! 10:00am Eastern! Don’t be late.

Let’s meet at the old saw mill………. and ride!

……Of the North-Church-tower, as a signal-light,—
One if by land, and two if by sea;
And I on the opposite shore will be,
Ready to ride and spread the alarm
Through every Middlesex village and farm,
For the country-folk to be up and to arm…..

Longfellow, of course, The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere

462 thoughts on “Shampeachment – The President’s Team Takes the Field.

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    1. Amazing, Daughn, isn’t it? The President’s team presented more accurate information, more succinctly, in two hours regarding Russia and Ukraine than the Democrats and the media has in the last three years. I don’t know how the media will try and spin this…I’m sure they’ll be getting their phone calls later tonight to prepare their endless talking points and buzzwords…just hoping that most Americans were busy doing other things on a Saturday morning. But this was just the brief introduction…much more to come!

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      1. Harry, you’re right.
        Has anyone checked the MSM and their reaction?
        Schiff and Schumer are demanding witnesses, and a FALSE assumption that they don’t need to appeal through the judiciary if the President contests – because they think they can just rule on it right there, and Roberts can decide.
        That’s not how the process works.

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    2. It will be interesting how the Sunday fools (Chrissy, Toad, Fredo, Lemon Head, Baghdad Wolf…) try to defend D-Rats AND trash President Trump. They have ALL ignored the facts AND talked up D-rats innuendo and accusations.

      Today, D-Rat innuendo and accusation narrative shredded for all to see.

      Monday’s testimony will be awesome, I am betting.

      AND, guessing President’s Team will rest as Monday closes. They’ll have covered everything essential, plus some bonus facts;-)

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      1. Wouldn’t it be grand if President Trump was these to greet them all Monday and walk in with them and have a seat front row. That would be one hell of a way to start off a MAGA week.

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  2. I did not watch the proceedings.

    But browsing through the comments here it seems my presumptions about what would happen today are correct…

    …the defense team gutted and filleted the dim’s shampeachment arguments like dead fish.

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      1. Yeah. IDK about other locales, but Saturday mornings around here…few people just park in front of the TV unless we’ve got snow coming down. If there’s no rain, all the golf courses are crawling with those who are die hards, runners and cyclists are out, all the kids’ leagues are rolling, etc.

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          1. I was thrilled with the side swipe today on Schiff.
            Two points.
            1. Went after him on the credibility = Schiff pretending he can mind read, draw inference, make judgements about the motives of the principals even though they insist that’s not what they were thinking. And then showed the video of Schiff claiming he had info implicating Trump as a Russian source in March of 2017. Devastating.
            2. Second one was the video showing Schiff saying we would see the Whistle blower. Then that evaporated. Schiff then claimed we didn’t need the WB because we had the transcript. but the transcript was released on Sept 25th and on Sept 29th he was still saying we would see WB…….. so what happened? Well, we learned that Schiff lied about prior contact with the WB, so Schiff hid the WB along with the 18th witness. Devastating again.
            Goes directly to Schiff credibility.

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    1. AND, the President’s Team correctly assigned “blame” or attribution to d-Rats that intentionally presented misleading information that at times were, charitably, untruthful. Americans call those untruths, LIES. D-rats lied, continuously.

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      1. Yes, but there are so many unreasonable people out there. I expect all but one or two dems to vote to conviict, and of course the huge percentage of our countrymen who still lap up MSM will never see it.

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  5. Daughn,

    Thanks so much for putting up the THREAD…. and for your excellent commentary… it’s so helpful to have this all together in one place.

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      1. Pat,
        This was EASY to watch and I hate watching TV and vids.

        You can watch it in 20 to 30 minute segments, of one presentation at a time, if a replay is available.

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          1. It really was MASTERFUL. If you get the figits just watch one lawyer at a time then take a break.

            I think that is the first time I have sat riveted for two hours in a long long time. 1/2 hour is my usual max.

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            1. I was glued – going back and forth to the comments – I did not watch any of the coverage last week – already knew the script by heart – but, today was the coup de gras – the cherry on my banana split!

              These guys were organized and well-prepared – even the ‘educational’ deputy was riveting – because he carefully kept your attention on the subject –

              I am not a fan of doctors, lawyers, and Indian chiefs – but – I am a fan of LOGIC and COMMON SENSE – they were very good at showing just how ridiculous this entire case is – how Schiff and Friends twist and turn heresay into what they call ‘evidence’ – I laughed when they made the comparisons – example – Schiff’s Little Joke VS the Actual Transcript – boy, did he look foolish – on national TV!!!

              I just enjoyed the entire presentation – each lawyer played the part relegated to him with precision – masterful is the only word I can think of to define their expertise

              If this was the ‘Trailer’ as Jay Sekulow called it – I can only imagine what the ‘Movie’ will be like – they are going to ‘clean their clocks’ and leave none of them ticking – Barasso said Schiff looked like the blood had been drained from his face – after his little ‘parody’ was played.

              Well – they ain’t seen nuthin’ yet! Flep calls the Trump Team of Advisors – His Killers – I wonder what he would name these Lambasting Lawyers – The Lion’s Den?

              I have to say, Gail – I was thrilled with the presentation these guys gave in the Senate this morning – as I am sure PT was, too – after all – he loves ‘smart’ people!

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              1. I missed the first part, the introduction. So I went to look at that to see the Shiffty parody vs transcript and got sucked into watching it for FORTY MINUTES! I had to force myself to stop watching it again!

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  6. Dems Mantra for the next several days…


    In other words THEY GOT NOTHING!!!!

    What else can they possibly say to rebutt? The President’s lawyers are lying when they point out our lies?? 😂

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    1. Schumer wants witnesses because it will tie up the Senate for another 2yrs with necessary appeals, also harm the nomination of judges process.
      Once again, Schumer/Dems pursuing political vendetta instead of doing the people’s business.

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  7. Who gave Joni Earnst a red pill????????/
    For years, she’s been one of the worst neocon RINO Senators.
    All of a sudden, Joni Earnst is full tilt, balls to the wall, in defense of the President and annihilating the Dems.
    Where has she been all our lives?

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    1. She NEEDS President Trump’s support!

      Election 2020: Democrat Theresa Greenfield to run against Republican Sen. Joni Ernst

      Jun 3, 2019 –Democrat Theresa Greenfield launches bid against Republican Sen. Joni Ernst. Democrat Theresa Greenfield announced her U.S. Senate campaign Monday, saying incumbent Sen. Joni Ernst has failed to live up to the promises she made when she first ran for office in 2014.

      After that presentation she CAN NOT, NOT support President Trump.

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    Schiff on on presser claiming the President doesn’t trust his own intel agencies because he trusts Putin more.


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    1. Total Twinz MQ!!! 😂👯‍♀️😂

      Then Naddles comes on with same story like we just didn’t just witness the past 2 hours!
      Their delusion is just off the charts unfathomable!!

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  9. OMG!!
    Schiff saying Sekelow said POTUS trusts Putin more than his Intel agencies.
    This guy needs some Serious HELP!! He is totally insane!

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        1. Nah, Shifty Shitt is a lamprey afraid he is going to be removed from the American Taxpayer back.

          Or maybe his is just the lamprey’s poo sitting at the bottom of the ocean.

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        1. Jordan has never been a sharp-dressed man.
          I don’t care if he wears Bermuda shorts and a wife beater with a straw hat.
          He’s fine.

          You know, I halfway expected some Senators to show up in their footie pajamas for final day of Schiff.

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          1. Ha!

            I realize that Jordan is one whose wife is bound to say, “You are NOT wearing that out of the house” but I could not hear what he had to say due to the distraction.

            Call me shallow, but, gentlemen, when on the air, solid shirts, please. White is preferred followed by icy blue, pink, light gray and purple. If you have the colorblind genes, find a woman you trust who doesn’t, and let her help you.

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            1. There are MANY times I stop Big T from leaving the house. But I am fussy. Want him to look like a million, even if going to the grocery store – at least with a clean shirt on and pants zipped up!


              1. Pants zipped up. [snort] Yes, I live with a dad and brothers.

                If I told you about the time my dad and one of my brothers went to a family funeral wearing mismatched socks….

                No, really, Big T might know the name Jack Buck. He was Joe Buck’s (of Fox sports fame) dad. BIG TIME sports play by play man. Nationally, this was not known, but he was colorblind and the people behind the scenes would comment on his clothes. His come back was, “Carole is out of town….”


          2. Jordan is a pitbull, you dont put a suit on a pitbull.
            If anything you put a wider leather collar on them and kevlar when hunting… Gloves came off, it’s SHOW TIME….

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            1. Glad I know how to do my own washin and foldin, I also learned to starch lol my momma taught me how to iron but the military taught me how to starch, never failed an inspection.

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    1. If it should never happen again, Mr. President, then there MUST be ACCOUNTABILITY and PUNISHMENT.


      Sending reporters, Congress critters, aides, and DC bureaucrats to prison for lengthy sentences s what is required…

      …at a minimum.

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      1. 3653
        Pain / Punishment Meme
        6 Dec 2019 – 3:54:40 PM


        The impeachment trial and the revealing of the LYING of the Democrats come first.

        1. Muller report — BOMBS no collusion

        2. OIG Report — FBI LIED

        3. FISA COURT — FBI LIED, Carter Page surveillence ILLEGAL.

        4. The impeachment trial and the revealing of the LYING of the Democrats come next.

        5. Duham DROPS BOMBS in the spring.

        Re-read the recent Q drops

        Declassification Chain of Command
        23 Jan 2020 – 1:57:08 AM
        DECLAS CoC
        POTUS > Barr
        Barr > Durham
        [[F] classified intel provided [FVEY – Non FVEY] as needed]
        Does Durham want to hold [freeze] ‘public’ declas due to criminal nature of the probe(s)?
        Think GJ material.
        When did the investigation begin?
        When did the investigation really begin?
        Nothing can stop what is coming.

        Slow drip > Flood

        Corrupt [D]s fighting for their lives to keep media/gov focused on POTUS.
        Don’t worry, it won’t be boring forever.

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      1. Hey, Wolfie,
        Remember President Trump took Miss Lindsey out golfing?

        I wonder if Potus laid a bunch of truth bombs on Miss Lindsey and (s)he has been spilling her guts.

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    1. Mitt Romney is a lost cause since he has dirty linen in Ukraine.
      Rand Paul I am not worried about. He is running again in 2020 and though he has made moves that he wants to run for president again, he is only 55. He is MUCH better off waiting four years and trying to get President Trump to back him.

      Paul is waging a fierce campaign to prevent the Senate from hearing witnesses in Donald Trump’s impeachment trial, vowing to force tough votes on his fellow Republicans if they break with the president or back Democrats’ demands for new evidence…Paul says if four or more of his GOP colleagues join with Democrats to entertain new witness testimony, he will make the Senate vote on subpoenaing the president’s preferred witnesses, including Hunter Biden and the whistleblower who revealed the Ukraine scandal—polarizing picks who moderate Republicans aren’t eager to call. So he has a simple message for his party: end the trial before witnesses are called….


      Lisa Murkowski is not up for re-election until 2022 BUT
      Alaska’s GOP Looking To Punish Lisa Murkowski Over Kavanaugh Vote
      So she may be a lot less willing to go against Mitch and the Alaska GOP this time.

      Susan Collins Officially Running in 2020 was highly insulted by Nadless….

      …Jerry Nadler insulted the very swing senators the Democrats need to get their witnesses and vote off the ground, stating that anyone who didn’t agree to impeach President Trump was engaging in a “cover-up” and was effectively treasonous. Fox News reports how well that went down:

      [Swing Senator Susan] Collins told Politico she was “stunned” by Nadler’s comments, and confirmed to the outlet that she wrote a note that made its way to Roberts after a tense back and forth between Nadler and White House Chief Counsel Pat Cipollone.

      “It reminded me that if we were in a normal debate in the Senate, that the rule would be invoked to strike the words of the senator for impugning another senator,” she told Politico. “So, I did write a note raising the issue of whether there’d been a violation of the rules.”

      Collins said she gave the note to the secretary for the majority, Laura Dove, and “shortly thereafter, the chief justice did admonish both sides. And I was glad that he did.”


      Lamar Alexander is Set to Leave Office so he is a dangerous wild card.
      OCTOBER 10, 2019, Sen. Lamar Alexander calls impeachment a ‘mistake’

      ….Sen. Lamar Alexander, R-Tenn., said in a written statement that impeaching President Trump “would be a mistake.”

      Just last week, Alexander issued a more cautious statement. He said the Senate Intelligence Committee was probing Mr. Trump’s attempt to prod Ukraine into investigating former Vice President Joe Biden, a 2020 Democratic presidential contender, and added, “I want to know the facts before I comment.”

      Alexander, 79, is respected on both sides of the aisle. With his four-decade political career winding down, he’s been considered a harbinger of what departing, moderate GOP lawmakers might do.

      Republican leaders are eager to prevent divisions within their party in a battle likely to dominate Washington for months and expected to be a major factor in next year’s presidential and congressional elections.

      On Wednesday, Alexander’s position tilted more favorably toward President Trump.

      “It’s inappropriate for the president to be talking with foreign governments about investigating his political opponents, but impeachment would be a mistake,” Alexander said. “An election, which is just around the corner, is the right way to decide who should be president. Impeachment has never removed a president. It will only divide the country further.”

      I imagine he views Shifty Shit with disgust at this point.


      Mike Lee is not up for re-election until 2022.

      Sen. Mike Lee decries impeachment managers’ ‘theatrics’ as Trump trial opens

      Sen. Mike Lee complained about House Democrats’ “theatrics” as opening arguments began Wednesday in the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump

      “They’re behaving a bit as a teenager might when they’re losing in the game of Monopoly badly and rather than suffer the indignity of defeat, simply stand up and knock the board with all the game pieces and watch as the shoe and the wheelbarrow fall to the ground,” the Utah Republican said. “That’s what’s going on here and it’s shameful.”….

      Mike Lee is the quiet force to get Trump acquitted – POLITICO
      “Dec 24, 2019 — Mike Lee is the quiet force to get Trump acquitted. The conservative GOP senator is coordinating closely with the White House ahead of Trump’s impeachment trial.”

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    2. Mike Lee has written several books on the Constitution. From the inverview I saw yesterday, he’s behind POTUS and thinks this is a sham. Rand’s recent tweet seems to indicate same sentiment. The only one who wavered thus far is Collins, when she voted with the Dems once last week. But that was before “Head on a Pike” pissed them all off.

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    3. Mike Lee was standing next to the President yesterday at the right to life rally.
      Interesting, eh?
      President announced he was giving a Medal of Honor to a noteworthy Tennessean, nominated by Lamar Alexander, and Lamar thanked the President.
      Rand Paul sent out a tweet about 36 hours of wasted time (see beginning of thread).
      Strange, eh?
      One by one, President is ticking off the boxes.

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    1. Yeah, this is a total set up.
      Let’s get all of it out there.
      Good to come out now.
      Even though Lev Parnas broke the law and NYTimes is promulgating illicitly obtained material.

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  14. I am watching the Impeachment Trail on demand (I knew this would be epic to watch and enjoy the adults enter the room, so we went out to the Alps and spent time in nature and are watching this as our ‘evening programming’ )

    ‘You didn’t hear this’ ‘Why didn’t they show you this?’ ‘Or this?’(x17 thousand times)
    So far I’m LIKING it! Boom 💥 Boom 💥 Boom 💥

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  15. Republicans are VERY angry about Schiff’s decision to reference that CBS “head on a pike” report. Murkowski says “that’s where he lost me.” Barrasso says “whatever gains he may have made, he lost all of it — plus some — tonight.”


    Oh yeah, I’m sure they’re just livid about that kind of typical comment the devilrats make a hundred times a day. ‘Head on a pike’, ooooooohhh!

    Save it for somebody who believes your lying bullshit.

    And WHAT “gains” had they made with you up to that point, Senator slimeball Barrasso?!?

    What credible evidence, of ANY wrongdoing, has been presented?


    You people are WORSE than the devilrats.

    Traitors always are.

    That’s why captured enemy combatants are imprisoned, but traitors are executed.

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  16. Should the Senate Trial result in an acquittal, (as compared to outright dismissal) along with the decision, the DNC should be held for restitution. If the Mueller Report represented US $45M, it is reasonable to suggest that this sham has cost at least half that amount. In reality they should be made to pay the full costs of Mueller Report because their refusal to accept that report was the impetus to pursue this entire abuse.

    It should also prompt an amendment to the impeachment process to ensure that no similar impeachment action might be undertaken in the future purely and clearly on the basis of political majority. The entire DNC should be charged with abusing the power of the House of Representatives.

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