Dear KMAG: 20200125 Open Topic

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This Fortress Q Tree Saturday Open Thread is VERY OPEN – a place for everybody to post whatever they feel they would like to tell the White Hats, and the rest of the MAGA/KMAG/KAG world (with KMAG being a bit of both).


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    3. If you bring snacks, bring enough for everyone.


Since Q tells us that we’re watching a movie, for your listening enjoyment, I offer this composition of background music by AShamaluevMusic:


Visual Descriptions for our dear Zoe, and for anyone else who may find them helpful:

Header Image: Is a view of a gigantic Tree that dwarfs everything around it. Even though it is in the distance, it still looks huge. There are outcroppings of it’s bark that form ledges and there appear to be tiny figures on one of the ledges, headed for an opening in the massive trunk. A few gnarled outgrowths that may be roots are growing out of the trunk, with a large one growing down into the ground, perhaps serving as a support.

Second Image: A stone pathway leads up to tall double doors, built into the side of an enormous tree trunk. The doors are arched and covered in ornate carvings. There are a few small points of light in the doors, giving off a slight blue glow. Rays of sunlight illuminate the path in front of the doors.

Third Image: Is an open-sided room with a view of treetops. There is a warm glow coming from a wood-burning stove and a comfy looking couch. Nearby is a rustic table and chair, a bed covered in fluffy fur throws and a hot tub in the corner overlooking the mountain vistas. A large tree trunk and branches support the rustic ceiling…and tree branches form the railing along the side deck.

Fourth Image: President Trump has his back to us and is facing a gaggle of press curs across the lawn. He is holding up his right hand at shoulder level and making a fist…perhaps a signal that he is going in.


Mr. Rogers has a message for the Dirty Dems and the DNCmedia:

Their Scampeachment Schitt Show will be an epic fail.

369 thoughts on “Dear KMAG: 20200125 Open Topic

    1. and the Hill trying to soften the facts with phrases like…separating families wasn’t a matter of policy…kids in cages were a case by case basis if the parents were being prosecuted for more serious charges…gimme a break…it happened. OWN THE TRUTH!!!

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  1. Sure is a busy Saturday.
    Threw up a Coronavirus thread. All comments and theories are welcome.
    Maps and links included, with virality model study.

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    1. Yes, it’s a busy Saturday. The House attention whores didn’t ask if any of us were available to actually WATCH the president’s team take the field today when it was decided there would be a Saturday session.

      And my sibling is in the kitchen that I cleaned yesterday making a mess.

      It’s going to be a long one here.

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      1. Worked out better to do the short, 3 hrs, opening arguments for our side today, and leave the big stuff for Monday. I believe that’s why they gave Shifty and company yesterday, when it was going to be our turn.

        We get better optics – viewership on Monday.

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        1. Actually that just gives the left more time to pull off another False Flag in order to rob the President’s defense of viewership and attention.

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        2. It’s Saturday morning. Just about everyone I know who needs to see this is at their kids’ sports events. And then in some places, this is the busiest time of the week at grocery stores.

          I have my doubts there were more people watching than not. I couldn’t. I was out.


        3. AND, just enough to put a pin into the liberal balloons on MSM Sunday talk shows. Poor Chris, Chuck and Margaret are scrambling like crazy to come up with a decent spin.
          And just think of the Congressional Democrats, desperately trying to memorize the talking points that have been sent out for their forced appearances. Wanna bet they all say exactly the same words?

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      1. Just KILL Foreign Aid and grants to NGOs & Universities until the US Federal Debt is ZERO!

        If you are in debt up to your eyebrows you should NOT be giving away money!

        Let the American public DECIDE what charity they want to give.

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      1. I’m going to guess he things it stands for US Space force, but the word “ship” would be missing.

        The comment is silly on another level. Star Trek all happens in this galaxy so “intergalactic” my ass. (Beleeve me this galaxy is plenty big all on its own, with over a hundred billion stars, every man, woman and child on planet earth can have 14 of them.)

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        1. “The Space Force was established as the sixth armed service branch, with Air Force General John “Jay” Raymond, the head of Air Force Space Command and U.S. Space Command, becoming the first Chief of Space Operations.” ~ wiki

          Steve, the word “ship” doesn’t appear in title or any other context…

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          1. Um…the bit about the USSF Trump. And someone trying to figure out what the F stood for, That’s what I was responding to. (And the USSF Trump would be a spaceship, if it were ever to exist.)

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    1. Unlike many of the Big Names in the Dims’ Cabal, Ms. Feinstein is pretty quiet these days. Think she’s worried about what will be uncovered?
      If she was smart, she’d quietly retire and fade into the background hoping she’ll be overlooked. After all, at age 85 why does she think she needs to be there (well, actually she didn’t think she needed to be on the Senate Floor the other night and simply left!)

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          1. Tea… some peeps can never have enough power or money. I also think once one sells one’s soul to the Devil, it’s a done deal. Some of these people I am convinced are forced to remain where they are and do what they do. Blackmail, threats against their family? Who knows…

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          1. Sorry, typing with wrong hand…but you get the idea….
            You are correct about cabal assigned to globalism..maybe Mafia is a better term…but then, that started in Italy! LOL


  4. Spread rate and lethality are, of course, two different animals. If I remember correctly, the physical shape of the 1918 virus had a “hook” in it that made it very difficult to eliminate from humans. Other viruses, following the 1918 flu virus have not had that hook in them.

    The spread rate could be unprecedented (it may not be), but if the virus acts with the lethality of common yearly virus, it may merely mean that a lot of people get the flu quickly.

    We’ll see. Naturally, prudent precautions are in order.

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    Few Presidents, if any, have been as productive as President Trump has been over his first three years despite constant and overwhelming attempts by Democrats to undermine him.

    The endless verbal assault on President Trump seems to have only emboldened his efforts to deliver results to the American people.

    Let’s take a look at the list of President Trump’s greatest accomplishments…

    Unemployment levels at 50-year low, more Americans working than ever before
    Median household income at highest level ever recorded
    African-American unemployment at lowest rate ever recorded
    Hispanic-American unemployment at the lowest rate ever recorded
    Asian-American unemployment at the lowest rate ever recorded
    Women’s unemployment at lowest rate in 65 years
    Youth unemployment at lowest rate in nearly 50 years
    Lowest unemployment rate ever recorded for Americans without a high school diploma
    Veterans’ unemployment at lowest rate in nearly 20 years
    Nearly 4 million Americans lifted off food stamps since the 2016 election
    Signed the biggest tax cut in US history, returning billions to the US taxpayer
    FDA approved more affordable generic drugs than ever before
    Medicare reform saves seniors hundreds of millions of dollars per year
    Pushed through and signed Right-To-Try legislation (experimental drugs)
    Pushed through and signed First Step Act (prison reform)
    Secured $6 billion in new funding to fight the opioid epidemic
    Signed VA Choice Act and VA Accountability Act
    U.S. oil production at an all-time high, coal exports up 60%
    United States became net natural gas exporter for the first time since 1957
    Secured record $700 billion in military funding; $716 billion next year
    NATO allies are spending $69 billion more on defense since 2016
    Space Force established as the 6th branch of the Armed Forces
    Appointed and got approved over 180 federal judges
    Confirmed Supreme Court Justices Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh
    Moved U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem
    Protecting Americans from terrorists with the Travel Ban, upheld by Supreme Court
    Pushed through and signed USMCA to replace NAFTA
    Imposed tariffs on China, signed Phase 1 of trade deal ($200 billion+)
    Improved vetting and screening for refugees, switched focus to overseas resettlement
    Updated Prayer Guidance for first time since 2003, protecting public prayer
    Destroyed 100% of ISIS “caliphate” in Iraq & Syria
    Terminated top terrorists Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and Qassem Soleimani
    Building long-awaited border wall with Mexico
    Partially defunded Planned Parenthood
    Forgave $750 million in student loans of 100% disabled Veterans
    Became the first US President to step foot in North Korea
    Illegal border crossings down over 70% (2019 v. 2018)
    Violent crime across US down for two consecutive years (Source: FBI)
    Issued Executive Order protecting religious organizations from the IRS

    President Trump has been so successful during his first three years in office that compiling his accomplishments is no easy task.

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      1. The shah and family would be Persian, right? I don’t know a lot about ME ethnicity, but have heard snippets about Persian being different than Iranian .. or something??


          1. “Iran” and “Persia” are basically synonyms, they refer to the same entity. As such, Wikipedia does the right thing (this once) and if you type in “Persia” you get directed to the “Iran” page.

            Persia was the ancient Greek term; they referred to all Iranians as Persians even though only one province of Iran was called “Persis”

            They call themselves Iranians and their country Iran. (And it’s eeRON, not ihRON and certainly not eyeRAN.)

            It’s sort of the way we refer to the Netherlands as “Holland” but Holland in fact is only one subdivision of the Netherlands. Coming out of our mouths, the two words mean the same thing (though coming out of a Dutchman’s mouth, they probably don’t).

            However, like just about every country in the Old World, there are bits and pieces of the country of Iran that are predominantly occupied by people who aren’t Iranian/Persian; they don’t think of themselves as Iranians even though their passport says “Iran” on it. So there is Iran/Persia the country, and Iranians/Persians (the ethnicity). There’s a Kurdish area, an Azeri area, and, I believe, a Baloch (Baluci) area. The Azeri make up about 16 percent of the population by themselves. The full list is quite a bit longer, but those are the big groups. Only 61 percent is purely Iranian ethnically, another ten percent speak closely related languages of the Iranian branch of Indo European. Of course this gets confusing when you realize “Iranian” (or “Persian”) could refer to someone who is either a citizen of iran [but not necessarily an ethnic Iranian] OR an ethnic Iranian [not necessarily an Iranian citizen], OR someone who is an ethnic Iranian who is a citizen of the country of Iran.

            In practice in the US, if someone uses “Persian” over “Iranian” they are more likely than otherwise to mean the ethnicity.

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        1. Persian’s are Aryan or Indo-European as opposed to being Semitic. They and many other Indo Eourpean peoples likely filtered down from above the Black Sea region beginning in 4000 to 3000 BC but were not prominent players in the Mid East until near 600 BC when led by Cyrus the Great, the anointed one in the Bible, and over through the last Babylonian King Nabonidus creating the Persian Empire which lasted nearly 300 yrs before Alexander the Great over ran them. Some 700 years later as a people they would succumb to Islam however they chose the path of Shia instead of Sunni. Shia being those who followed the blood line of Meat head…errr. Mohammad instead of the succession put in place by Mohammad’s generals.

          You will find both the English (left bottom right) and Persians (right middle right) on the following language tree.

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    1. CBS: “You’re going to propose a plan to the American people and you’re not going to tell them how much it costs?”


      Hey CBS… ya think that’s the first time the DIMs have pulled that? How ’bout Obamacare? “Vote, then we’ll tell you what’s in the Bill”

      Did any red flags go up then?

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  9. There seems to be an epidemic of fatal car accidents involving people in the news that go against the preferred media narrative.

    Fortunately none of the Covington students were killed in this head on crash that occurred on their way home from the March For Life rally. Unfortunately the driver of the car wasn’t so lucky. That person has yet to be identified. Probably just a very tragic accident but it does make you wonder when this keeps happening over and over.

    From Gateway Pundit:

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  10. After the presentation by PTrump’s team this morning, I thought “Now, that was refreshing.”. . . hearing facts and a straightforward, understandable, logical argument.

    Then I got to thinking that refreshing wasn’t the right word. It was more than that.

    For weeks and weeks, the Dimms and their media lackeys have been leading with lies, conjecture instead of facts, agenda-serving conclusions, as presented in a bewildering assortment of bits and pieces . . . the trees in the Mad Hatter’s forest . . . all driving a reasonable person down a winding path leading to insanity.

    The presentation this morning was a healing psychological balm . . . a sign and a side path away from Nutsoland toward facts, reasoning and mental stability. Really a great start for the weekend and, hopefully, just a taste of what we can look forward to on Monday morning.

    Sometime in PTrump’s defense, I’d love to see a presentation of videos and documents based on the theme of “Well, since you brought up the Bidens, we thought we’d provide you with a top-level look at a fraction of the stuff we’ve dug up.”

    Anyway . . . looking forward to it!

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    1. Actually, the leftist totalitarian supremacists (communists, socialists, climate hoaxers, LBGTXYZ, Islamists) are all cultists. They believe in myths that are not true – but that they want to force on the rest of the world!

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      1. We know that Georgia… but they are doing what they always do, project onto others what they themselves are… and unfortunately some are believing it.

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        1. PDJT and his fearless team, including Stephen Miller, will figure out how to get the real truth and real news across.

          We have got 3 rallies in the next 2 weeks!

          And there is always Twitter and PDJT has 71 MILLION followers.

          Lou Dobbs and the Fox News team will also help!

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  11. He is making a difference……………….. we can make a difference too.

    I live in the woods, about ten minutes from a small southern city… about 20 years ago the City hired a horticulturist and obtained some federal grant money for beautification. Prior to his employment city lights stopped at the edge of what some called the ghetto, but was really predominately black. The downtown area had always been lovely and didn’t really need anything. This guy spent the funds extending the beautification into the black neighborhoods. Lights were extended to the end of the city limits, trees and azaleas and other flowers were planted along the right of ways, also an extension of existing. Do you know what happened? People started cleaning up their yards, painting their houses, repairing their fences. No, it wasn’t yuppies coming in and gentrifying. The efforts were made by people who believed that at last they were included, that they were respected as ‘citizens’ … that their tax dollars were being spent on them. Same is true of the area in general two decades later. (The City gov’t was then, and is today Red, that is Republican.)

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  12. Leaving an excellent meeting in with some heavy hitters in TN and some on national scale
    Much good happening and could share much
    Most surprise to me? How much the satan worship and pedo is getting to be assumed and discussed as factual. This was Not a few people on a local scale. Culture and Hollywood big focus of discussion and was not discussed as fringe at all! Factual and with knowledge plus with talk of countering. Not treated as a conspiracy theory. Including the satanist to the stars and dc that dies the feasts
    We sally surprised me that all is accepted as factual and mainstream at least amongst conservatives

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    1. By DESIGN, MAGA Mom! Just as the posts above talk about certain mindsets (Trump/GOP is a cult) promoted by saying the phrases over and over…so it is with Gays, transgenders, pedophilia,Satanism, etc. put it out there enough and our minds are conditioned.

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    1. Pinned Tweet
      Senate Republicans
      Dems’ case has collapsed.

      SIX FACTS:

      1. Transcript shows no conditionality

      2. Zelensky says no pressure

      3. Ukraine didn’t know aid paused

      4. Dem witnesses said POTUS didn’t want conditionality

      5. Aid released, Ukraine did nothing for it

      6. POTUS bolstered Ukraine support

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