74 thoughts on “History – President Trump Delivers Remarks During March for Life 2020 – 12:15pm ET Livestream…

    1. “…while Obama marches for abortions…”


      He’s not really a marcher, far too militaristic for his taste.

      He’s more of a shambler, definitely.

      He shambles.

      sham•ble shăm′bəl►

      intransitive verb
      To walk in an awkward, lazy, or unsteady manner, shuffling the feet.
      A shuffling gait.

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    1. Whether that is a good thing or a bad thing would seem to depend entirely on what ‘faith’ the prospective parents practice.

      It would be a real tragedy to have the good fortune to be born in America, only to be adopted by members of the global death cult.

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  1. Never had a stronger defender of the unborn in the White House. President Reagan was wonderful, but Roe v Wade hadn’t become the atrocity it is today.

    Now we have infanticide.

    Getting the judges. Supreme Court.

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    1. “Working to preserve religious protections”


      Religion is not objectively a ‘good’ thing that ought to be protected.

      Manson had a religion.

      So did Jim Jones.

      So do lots of nuts.

      The only religion under constant attack is Christianity, because Christianity is the only threat to the globalists / Leftists / Satanists

      He ought to be talking about preserving CHRISTIAN protections, not generic ‘religious’ protections.

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  2. “Voice for the voiceless” “Democrats have embraced the most radical abortion positions. Nearly every top Democrat in Congress supports abortion all the way up to birth.”

    He’s making sure the graphic pictures of abortion are said publicly.

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  3. “Feel pain in their mother’s womb.”

    100 year anniversary of women’s right to vote. Women are using the power of their vote to improve lives.

    He said it. “god’s Grace”

    “Mothers are heroes”

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        1. America is one of only 7 countries in the whole world who has these extreme abortion laws going into the 3rd trimester!

          That’s an horrendous stain on this country.

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  4. What struck me is the dramatic difference between the “pro” and “anti” groups…the bitter anger on display, the abject unhappiness about themselves and life in general, the victimhood mentality and lashing out to anyone that doesn’t agree with them…vs the happy, positive, wholesome focus of this crowd.
    Which group do you think attracts the undecided public? Who would you want to associate with?
    If I were a Democrat, I would be very worried!
    This was a very positive action by POTUS… very uplifting…and importantly gave the event media coverage otherwise totally ignored by the MSM.

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    1. POTUS used the word, “Optimism” in Davos – something the WTO picked up.

      People who live with faith, a moral compass, a positive direction, etc. are by its very essence living in an uplifting manner.

      I believe the Left attracts the unhappy, the miserable, and those touched by Evil – Satan finds a home with them.

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  5. There are/were 500 million there in D.C. Due to the president’s speech, I am convinced they would all crawl over broken bottles to vote for him. Quite a GOTV event.

    DJT is flat-out brutal to his enemies.

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  6. Well, evidently this historic appearance by a sitting POTUS is not considered history or even newsworthy to the MSM. And they consider themselves news networks? Only if it fits their agenda…PATHETIC! And very infuriating…it’s an insult to the American public. 🤯😤

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  7. This MAN Donald J Trump has the Almight God working thru him, prove me wrong.
    When I see our amazing President the first vision I get is the movie Walking Tall and not the new liberal version with The Rock in it I mean the original version…
    Trump will not take shit from anyone….

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  8. This is so special to me on a personal level I cannot contain the tears. I volunteered heavily in pro-life for 2 decades, from sidewalk counseling to prayer group by PP sometimes holding a crying man in our arms while his friend was inside having an abortion, to post abortion retreats for healing for men and women. Sadly, I never got to the March for Life.

    Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think my president, my hero, would ever go in person to speak to his people. It puts new hope in my heart and soul. And on the day I had a consultation with the first radiologist on how they were attacking my brain cancer before attacking the other ones! His speech made today a joyous day for me.

    Thank You Dear Abba Father for giving us President Trump.

    As our then 6 year old son said in his made up prayer: God is Great, God is Good, God is Love.

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    1. AMEN! And hugs and prayers for you as well. ❤

      I know exactly what you are saying, and I see it all the time. God will let us know that our prayers have not been in vain. Sometimes he shows only that person, but sometimes he shows everybody, or even all of creation!

      Yes, this is beyond anything I ever thought possible. Miracles happen.

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