The Big News Out of Davos 2020

Happy Birthday, America.

If we were looking for some inkling of capitulation from the globalists, we found it…….. at long last, and the impact will be bigger than we can understand in the snapshot of a 24hr news cycle. Next month, the debacle of Shampeachment will be a distant memory, but this…… what happened today in Davos……… this will last for decades…. and it’s glorious.

Imagine being a 7yr old kid, anxiously awaiting your birthday. All year long, you go to other kids’ parties, your mom buys great presents….. things you secretly wanted…… which you give away to other kids. The seasons fade, summer ends, and the weather turns cooler in time to head back to school. Months tick by….. and YOUR birthday finally comes up on the calendar. You divulge your deepest desires to your parents in coded hints. The anticipation builds and you scour the house, like a secret spy, to search for a brightly wrapped present. Endlessly you pester mom, then dad, finally siblings, for clues as to what you might be getting. By birthday week, as friends are expected at your party, you can barely contain the excitement.

Finally, your big day comes……. and it’s more than you ever imagined. As the scene unfolds, it’s a 10′ tall birthday cake, a new bicycle to ride – one for every day of the week, HUNDREDS of buddies at your party – people you don’t even know (but they’re your friends), the whole school is there, an entire circus, a train, and planes to ride, even your beloved deceased Grandma is at your party..…. somehow…. and she brings a big stash of your favorite candy…… enough to last for years. Everyone loves you and it’s the best day of your life.……. all in slow motion….. recorded…… so you can replay the moment again and again.

THAT is what President Trump and the Trump Team gave us today.

Let’s all understand, at the Davos 2020 conference, the final presser from the President of the USA is probably the biggest event of the week. Here, President Trump took the stage for a few minutes and then….. surprisingly…… introduced the Director General of the WTO, Roberto Azevedo. whom Trump refers to as “Roberto”. Did any of you know this guy before today?

Normally, it would be highly unusual for the President of the USA to share a stage with ANYONE at such a momentous occasion, but here, only 6 minutes into his presser, President Trump called “Roberto” to the podium. And we saw capitulation like we’ve never seen before…….

The WTO is on the chopping block and Team Trump will largely write the new rules. Wait…….. whut??? Otherwise, as Trump implied, he will dismantle the WTO. I stopped dead in my tracks with a half eaten banana. I actually felt the news move through me as a physical force. Today…. was my big birthday party, bigger than I ever imagined……. and it was America’s birthday party as well.

Never in a million years did we imagine President Trump would be able to accomplish this much in such a short period of time. He’s giving us our entire wish list. It’s the best Christmas and birthday rolled together. It’s a new bicycle for every day of the week, the big cake, the elephants to ride, and airplanes to fly. It’s the rebirth of the United States. It’s prosperity for our kids. It’s the gift of a level playing field for all of America’s workers. It’s the promise of fairness. No more screwing over America. It’s vindication and acknowledgement of the decades of pain felt by regular Americans. It’s the endless stash of birthday candy which will last long enough for my grandchildren.

It really is……… THAT BIG.

The reporters, pundits, most Congressmen, and even young trade reps, will never be able to understand the impact of what happened today. To be fair, it’s not their fault, they only receive a paycheck and are not responsible for the whole company with this kind of DUNS category#, or this section of the Blue Book. You can’t understand the pain unless you feel it, and work in it. Most employees and companies don’t produce anything tangible. They simply have no life experience in this arena.

ONLY a business person, one who has bought supplies originally in the USA, and now forced to buy overseas for decades, could see the problem firsthand. ONLY someone old enough to see how we used to do business, and then compare it to how we have to do business now, would have the correct perspective…. the vision to see the glaring errors. ONLY a man who has been frustrated by local suppliers going out of business, and witnessed the agony, been to the foreclosure sales of friends – caused by unfair foreign competition, and annoyed at the policies of DC, would understand how America lost our wealth. AND ONLY an exceptional man would have the ability and courage to fix the problem.

THAT man is Donald Trump, and he is surrounded by other men, like Wilbur Ross, with similar experience.

As a partner in a brokerage firm during the 80’s, I traded FOREX, okay fine, BUT back then I didn’t understand how much bad trade harmed our whole economy – and hurt our people. Later in life, when I was forced to trade internationally for building products, my life, my customer’s lives, were filled with frustration and endless angst. We KNEW what was wrong with American Trade Policy and we were tired of being defeated at every turn. We were all business owners, responsible for our employees and their families. We were active politically and called our Senators, Governors, and demanded that the ROBBERY of America STOP. Yet, like the 7yr old kid awaiting a birthday, our moms (the government) were always buying presents for some other kid (China/Brazil/India/Turkey). Our day, America’s day, to celebrate never came. As the years turned into decades, at OUR annual conferences, we pounded bourbon and railed at the idiocy of our leaders…. our friends in peril, and opportunities lost.

Ahhhh, but we were babies in the international trading arena. Citizen Trump built big things, and one can imagine his frustration and indignation loomed larger. Trump’s resolution and payback has been a long time in coming. For him, it is personal. It’s the big nut for America. Solving the problem of trade inequity gives America the money to solve the other problems we have…. the bridges, schools, even humanitarian issues beloved and deficit funded by the left.

You think the problem started with President Trump? That President Trump is the source of the controversy? That he is mean, a bully, racist, or dumb, for trying to solve the problem? Ohhh, hell no.

Look here, at Citizen Trump, November 21, 1991, providing testimony to the House Budget Committee about the problems with passive losses in the Tax Act of 1986 which, once implemented, cost the the country about 500 billion dollars, the loss of 700K construction jobs, and the recession of ’91&’92. HERE, beginning at 39:30, Republican Congresswoman, Helen Delich Bentley, talks about Free Trade versus FAIR TRADE, and the problems of shipping jobs overseas.

You think “Free Trade versus Fair Trade” is a new slogan? No. Were you surprised? Republicans and Democrats were arguing about the concept, concerned about American manufacturing, using the same slogans, 30years ago.

Trump knew. All our leaders knew. The wipe out of America was never addressed. It was intentional negligence.

When the WTO allowed China to enter with “developing nation” status, it meant Chinese imports into the USA were allowed at the lowest tariff rate of any other country’s products entering the USA in the same category class. In other words, China was granted the best deal on customs duties, access to our markets, with no protections for OUR industries, and targeted subsidies by the CCP to wipe out our companies. Today, we’re are familiar with how the Chinese targeted our farmers during negotiations. Well, imagine a situation whereby American farmers were targeted for 30yrs, and the CCP supplied Chinese farmers with seed, fertilizer, and tractors to help them compete…….. oh, and Chinese farmers don’t have to pay back their loans. THAT is what China does.

Industry by industry, the Chinese stole (or were given) our technology starting with basic housewares and easily manufactured items, graduating to autos, airliners, and precision medical devices or construction equipment. The great glassware manufacturers of upstate NY, Ohio, and Indiana were sold out, first. Then came the rest of our manufacturing base, the furniture companies in the Carolinas, the textile mills (from 8000 to about 50 remaining in the USA), auto parts, blue jeans and underwear….. steel, cabinetry, drywall, nails, lighting, plumbing fixtures, …….. almost all gone.

Kohler still has a corporate office in the USA, beautiful hotel attached, gorgeous facility, and sponsors a well known golf tournament. Are they in the Fortune 100? Probably. You probably think Kohler is a great American company……. Yet, I have Kohler fixture prototypes in my master shower – because they walked out the back door of their factory in Xiamen. One of my guys in Xiamen had a nephew who worked at the factory, and thought Miss Daughn might like a nice little present in her container. Surprised? I sure as heck was. So much for copyright protections in China…. I mean…. the prototypes were walking out the BACK DOOR.

Were we not paying attention in 2001? The approval for China to join the WTO came on November 11, 2001 (formally approved a month later), but only came after FIFTEEN YEARS of negotiations. The meeting, in Doha Qatar, was guarded by helos, 2 ships, and 2100 American Marines – only 2 months after the Trade Towers came down. America was in disarray at that time. This deal began in later stages of Reagan, proceeded under Daddy Bush, was pretty much “inked” under the Clinton Admin. Did we know what we were signing?

In the CNN article above, a few leaders were worried about China’s ability to keep their promises, but Chinese officials dismissed those concerns.

To Team Trump’s credit, Wilbur Ross, our Wilburine, who has been to China 86 times BEFORE he became our Commerce Sec, immediately began investigations and leveled charges against the Chinese at the WTO. Pretty soon, judgments started rolling in. We didn’t hear much about them in the press but the Trump Admin was determined and extraordinarily aggressive. Wilbur also pursued charges against France (Airbus) and other countries. The cases at WTO often take years to resolve, and sometimes those victims bringing charges are out of business or hobbled when the time comes for their birthday party (like the great settlement for Delta Faucets which DOUBLED the tariff on Chinese manufactured stainless sinks – the CCP, via subsidies, was intentionally trying to wipe out remaining American manufacturers of kitchen sinks!!!!).

The biggest problem with the WTO is no teeth to enforce a judgement. China often simply ignored a ruling against them. Yet………… Methinks Wilbur and his team have worn out the WTO. I’m just guessing……. (and I just make muffins).

Keep in mind, other countries have already addressed the Chinese problem to protect their own workers. Brazil has a 35% tariff against all foreign manufactured goods. About 17% supports their version of Social Security, and the other 18% supports local municipalities (police/fire/admin). Turkey charges an 18% tariff on Chinese goods but they implemented it when China began to play games with currency manipulation. Heck, even IRAN has a 40% tariff on Chinese imports AND a 40% tariff when China buys raw materials from Iran (the Chinese are known to raid mining operations in Iran because Iran is so rich in natural resources).

So why were the Americans and Europeans so stupid? More importantly, WHO benefited from American and European stupid trade policies?

American companies (and Europe was in on it too), multinationals, helped the Chinese develop manufacturing to take advantage of low wages, and no OSHA requirements. Forget about extra expenses for eye goggles, hardhats, and steel toed boots in China – flip flops are okay. And forget about Workman’s Comp for an accident, or suing the company. It’s easy to pollute in China. I’ve often told the story of the white marble factory we bought from, who had to move, because the blue jeans factory upriver was dumping blue dye into water and all the WHITE marble was suddenly BLUE. So, the water in Flint Michigan was important but I bet those same leftists bought those blue jeans……….. YES, those same executives, who are often the most radical politically, LOVE to pollute and exploit low wages abroad, in factories with dangerous working conditions.

But judgement day has come to the WTO and the American globalists on Wall Street and in London/Brussels/Berlin. It’s a safe bet……. as happy as I am today, the US Chamber of Commerce, the lobbying arm which was most responsible for shipping our jobs overseas, was probably in panic mode. Yeah, Tom Donahue was throwing up today………… for me, I’m feelin’ pretty good about it.

In order to share with you guys, I finally found the transcript from the Davos presser this morning when I checked back in this afternoon. Read the words yourself and watch the video above from Trump’ presser. It’s capitulation and it feels so good. It is the biggest birthday gift – ever. The big “get” from Davos this year was …….

And everything changes from this moment forward. Here is what Director General Roberto Azevedo, whom Trump refers to as “Roberto”, said in front of the entire international press corps. Emphasis is mine.

DIRECTOR-GENERAL AZEVÊDO: Well, thank you, Mr. President. And I think it’s fair to say that we have been saying, for quite some time, that if the multilateral system, if the WTO is to deliver and perform its role in today’s global economy, it has to be updated. It has to be changed. It has to be reformed.

This is an agenda that is squarely before members. I don’t think anybody in Geneva misses the point. I think they understand that the — the system has not been functioning properly in many areas. That’s something that we’re trying to address.

I’m very happy that, in the conversation today with President Trump, he agreed that this is something that needs to happen; the WTO has to change. We are committed to effect those changes. And this is something that we’re serious about.

And I am going to be, together with President Trump, as soon as possible, discussing what needs to change, what needs to be effected in the WTO, and we’re committed to doing that.

And, of course, I will be talking to all of the other WTO members, making sure that they all understand that this is serious. This is a path that we all have to be on together if we want to make the WTO relevant and performing to today’s requirements, frankly.

So thank you very much, Mr. President. It’s an honor to be with you and with everybody else. Thank you.

THE PRESIDENT: Thank you very much. Great.

Transcript from Davos 2020 Presser for the President of the USA

Yeah, the WTO execs will be in DC this week or next.

No kidding?

Does that sound odd to anyone here? Urgency? When did “urgency” happen? Sounds like President Trump and his team lit a fire underneath the seats of some cushy bureaucrats. Have you ever seen bureaucrats with a desire for urgency?

Wonder what the offer was?


Sure, I know, some of the Eeyores will come along and ruin my birthday party with dire warnings of stealth operations by the US Chamber to water-down WTO changes. I’m not sure they matter so much anymore. Those boys have lost their luster….. as if men wearing “wife beater” white t-shirts to the grocery store was ever attractive. We should not have been so enamored with the globalists 40yrs ago. Bottom line, China has become a dangerous place to do business, American sentiment has turned, and tax policy in the USA is MUCH better AND safer. Companies will do what is in their best interest, of course. Yet the case for manufacturing in the USA has never been stronger.

And we’re gonna get a new and improved WTO. Happy Birthday!

Just don’t tell the press until we’re finished writing the rules.

124 thoughts on “The Big News Out of Davos 2020

  1. Daughn – you’ve hit another homerun!!! Being able to explain this from a tradesman’s perspective and in terms we can all understand. Thank you, and I am celebrating with you.

    Wilbur Ross is a gold nugget. I keep praying he is grooming his successor for the next 4 years.

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    1. Grandma, I took refuge reading Daughn fantastic reports – kept sanity and optimism going while our Evil Congress critters insulted our President and the People in their shamimpeachment kangaroo “trial.”

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      1. When we think back about how much time we spent, venting/objecting/railing/pleading for sanity…… during the two years of Mueller, it all seems like wasted time.
        The shampeachment outcome is predetermined.
        Trump will not be impeached.
        It will be impossible to resist watching OUR team take the field.
        But I can’t help but wonder about all the other things we are missing while suffering through this distraction. CUZ SOMETHING big is going on while everyone else is busy in DC.

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            1. POTUS’ words yesterday echoed, at least in my opinion, that same, “I caught the Swamp, I caught them all…”

              I really, really, really want to see Pencil neck indicted. FTR, I don’t believe there even was a “whistleblower” – I believe it was all concocted by the Deep State players – trotted out after failure of the Muller thugs to entrap POTUS.

              The Ukraine Hoax developed like a screenwriter’s plot.

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              1. “I caught the Swamp, I caught them all…”

                When and Where will POTUS choose to make the EPIC REVEAL:

                • SCAMpeachment to start the DECLASSIFY as our CALL to ARMS

                • Election to RESTORE VOTER CONTROL with a Federal LANDSLIDE and State & Local CONVERSIONS

                • 2021 for a Deep State TAKEDOWN with a LANDSLIDE CONGRESSIONAL PARTNER!

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          1. Oh yea. Part of the Trusty Plan, which I am onboard with is, the criminals, regardless of position in or out of government, that participated in the Russia hoax, attempted coup WILL be brought to justice.

            OUR patience WILL be rewarded.

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        1. CUZ SOMETHING big is going on while everyone else is busy in DC.

          ^^^ 100% now, AND throughout two years of muh Mueller investigation single issue, tunnel vision dumrats and MCM – they can’t see the beauty of anything President Trump pursues behind the scenes. AND unveils his efforts to the astonishment of MCM…which can’t fathom the goodness President Trump’s single handed successes.

          WTO, another example of TRUSTY PLAN types knowing President Trump has a master plan – long range plan. Sort of like a system of systems approach. President Trump hinted at WTO, but never truly elevated WTO, until Davos. Davos, a grand forum, to launch WTO reform.

          Me thinks, WTO could not be unveiled China Phase One was announced. 😉 Coincidence that China Phase One signed last week? Nah.

          Just as lesser trade issues had to be addressed before realizing success in China AND then pursue WTO…South Korea, Japan, USMCA. Now, Brexit a reality leads to UK trade…on to leverage with EU trade. Pakistan, India…

          President Trump’s successes across the spectrum of the issues with stunning spectacular results are why we have this spastic dumrat shampeachment. dumrats continue to lose power, AND they hate it. dumrats sponsors (COC, wall street, globalists…) are losing power, control…

          Come November, we should keep the White House and senate. Win back the House. Moar Justices, Judges and even an infrastructure bill for America. America IS WINNING on a grand scale…

          Returning to, as Daughn pointed out,…

          “CUZ SOMETHING big is going on while everyone else is busy in DC.”

          Me thinks, them people (dumrats and MCM) are stoopid 😉

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          1. “Me thinks, WTO could not be unveiled China Phase One was announced. 😉 Coincidence that China Phase One signed last week? Nah.”

            Bing BingBing – winner!

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        1. It wouldn’t be so bad if we saw our arrows land hits, but not happening yet. My local commie rag upsets me – their articles are all feeds from AP, LA Times, WaPo, etc. Horrible slant and outright lying reports.

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  2. Daughn has the BEST blueberry muffins anywhere!!!

    Daughn is bringing MAIN STREET back!!!

    Oh, and Daughn is the News Now! And MA_kswiss too amazing ground reports!

    Standing over here waiting for the globalists to grovel and kiss my feet. Looks like Roberto’s been too busy kissing POTUS’ feet 😉

    Oh and one more thing…


    And also for Daughn:


    Over in Greenland, though, we take up a lot more space than it appears on the map, because of the longitudinal distortion. Texas gets a bit funny-shaped that far north, but the Greenland land mass isn’t as big as we think it might be.

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    1. Michael, I’m eternally grateful for the Texas / Greenland map projection. There oughta be a rule that all Mercator maps display this illustration in the empty spaces of the Pacific. Now we can make the right visual adjustments.

      Daughn, I’m thrilled by your analyses. I saw the interview but wasn’t sure Roberto said what I thought he said.

      Isn’t it amazing that a non-anglo European understood P Trump could and would ruin the WTO, and ruin it quick, if the WTO didn’t get right-sized fast and get out of the cabal biz as of right now?

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    2. Michael, this post made my day.
      Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.
      It is as though I could start a sentence and you could finish it.
      Or, you come up with an idea, and I immediately know what you mean.
      Please kiss your wife from me, her blueberry muffins are precious.
      And God Bless Texas!
      We’re rolling!

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    3. excellent comment here- one day my husband and I were watching FoxNews here in Switzerland (we get it on our english cable channels on Swisscom)…and Rick Perry was on, or they were discussing him (forget which) and I was on the computer reading here while Mr. MA_Kswiss watched and they said “Texas has the 5th largest economy in the world’. It made my ears perk up, and we paused it, and it caused us to map populations, economies, of Texas vs Switzerland, vs Germany, vs London….and then do the same for Switzerland population vs London, NYC …and down the rabbithole. And it opened up an entirely new dimension and appreciation for/from me (my husband is an econ/analyst type who is a history buff with a memory of an elephant).

      That picture of Texas over Europe is amazing. What I ended up figuring out that day is that Switzerland’s population is roughly the same as New York City, Texas’s economy is bigger than Germany and France combined. I can see how an average American citizen doesn’t KNOW the perspective, until you really take a look at data and the economy of scales. It truly is astounding, and then outside globalist smugness begins to look a whole lot like jealousy.

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      1. Michael’s Texas map superimposed on Europe … I wish more Europeans could understand the size of the USA. We are criticized for speaking only one language. It takes me two 10-hour days to drive from Colorado to Michigan … probably 4-5 DAYS to drive coast to coast. But I can hop a train in some European countries and cross a border in 2-3 hours to be immersed in another language.

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        1. Funny story for you.
          When I first met Big T, we were trying to work through the logistics of two states Mississippi versus Boston, MA/two regions – small and congested versus wide open and rural/two families/two houses, etc.
          We had only been together a couple of months when holidays rolled around.
          Okay fine.
          He had his plans for daughters over Christmas, so he decided to spend Thanksgiving with us in Mississippi.
          I said okay, but we planned to go to Aunt Helen’s for Thanksgiving and he was welcome to go.
          Sounds good, right?
          Well, he got here a few days before the trip. We ran around town, picking up items, dry cleaner, making sandwiches for the cooler, and I asked him to drop off the car for oil change, tire check and service. He looked at me funny —- “An oil change?”, he said. I dismissed it and said, “yeah, like to get the oil changed before a big trip.”
          Eventually, he figured out Aunt Helen’s house was 650 miles away in Illinois. He thought that long of a trip was unholy.
          I was confused, because my family made the trip all the time, since I was a kid.
          He was used to small states.
          I was used to big states.

          Furthermore, by the time we left, he had worked himself into a panic. His experience with ex-wife and four daughters on a road trip was akin to hell on wheels. He would rather die than take a road trip. He was convinced we would break up, I would go crazy, we would fight, on such a trip…….. because that was his experience.
          I was confused.
          Road trips were a joy to Gunner and me. Half the fun of getting there was the journey.
          Today, we think nothing of driving 17 hours to Miami, 16 hours to Boston, or back to see Aunt Helen.

          All about perception.

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          1. This iz so cool! I love the USA and I love maps of the USA, and I love driving the USA with my big paper maps! From my house to Santa Fe is just one even day. La Zorra thought it’s so far we should stop in between. There’s nuthin’ between, after Amarillo. I get Big T’s trepidation. Aunt Helen’s, hehehe lol

            OKC to St George Island, Florida, now that’s a drive! There truly are lots of ways to do that one! Pretty sure one road goes thru Daughn City. Whichever route we choose, la Zorra has two nights in a hotel and zero nights in a highway rest stop. She doesn’t understand the romance of a road trip…


      2. We were briefly in the states in the mid-90s, and we’d have friends visit from Europe, with plans (hopes) to visit, say, Las Vegas, LA, the Redwoods, the Grand Canyon, Lake Tahoe, maybe some of the desert parks (Bryce Canyon, Zion, others), and maybe Yellowstone and even Mount Rushmore…

        Yep, we’d have to RUSH MORE indeed to visit even half of them.

        They had no concept about how far apart things are. From Silly Valley to LA, even zooming down I-5 at, erm, slightly north of the speed limit, is still around seven hours (I’ve done it in five, but don’t tell anyone). Then to hop over to Arizona or Vegas is another day. Things here in Europe are so close together, that the idea that things could be an order of magnitude farther apart seems, erm, distant.

        These distances also explain why the US passenger railroads are so lame in comparison to those in Europe. Though fast trains would really help, the distances and costs involved are enormous, and, as Moonbeam’s Folly proved, bullet trains to/from nowhere don’t inspire much interest or investors/passengers…

        The USA is truly blessed to have VSGPDJT and his crew at the helm, and “the Deplorables” growing in number and influence. And it’s a blessing indeed to have a little (but sturdy [heavy load]) branch on this great QTree!

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        1. “These distances also explain why the US passenger railroads are so lame in comparison to those in Europe. Though fast trains would really help, the distances and costs involved are enormous, and, as Moonbeam’s Folly proved, bullet trains to/from nowhere don’t inspire much interest or investors/passengers…”

          Exactly right.

          The U.S. built a huge passenger rail network, the largest in the world at the time. We had the finest Pullman Cars and the Silver Streak Zephyr, and so much more.

          But with the increased in automobiles, interstates, and commercial airlines, passenger rail essentially died in the United States, outside the crowded small states of the Northeast. What were once major train stations in almost every large city are now abandoned, demolished, or converted into urban office or retail spaces.

          Many of us look back fondly and with nostalgia on the heyday of railroads. There are many, many train museums complete with historic train cars and engines. Model railroads are a thriving cottage industry. There is still much love for trains, and tourists flock to ride from Rusk to Palestine or Durango to Silverton. Railroads have always been a quintessentially American industry.

          No one likes the TSA or airports. The crowded spaces on airplanes are barely tolerated, anesthetizing ourselves in the vain hope that the trip will seem shorter.

          Despite all this the practicalities of air travel versus train travel in the United States have made train travel virtually disappear, existing now solely as a subsidy from the U.S. Govt in the form of Amtrack, a poorly managed passenger rail service. One trip on Amtrack is fun and a change of pace. But regular travel and being held up for eight to ten hours on the track while a freight train clears the line will disavow one of the thrill or nostalgia – it feels less like a journey in history and more like a journey in poor government bureaucratic planning.

          The unwieldy expansiveness of the United States, particularly in the Western states, make it virtually certain there will not be a major revival of rail travel, possibly ever, apart from radically intrusive leftist government intervention, which is exactly what pseudo-innovator subsidy parasites like Elon Musk and others dream of. Bullet trains nearly bankrupted Japan, the large island of Honshu is not much larger than California in train-miles. We would need a project at least 15 or 20 times as large to interconnect the U.S. which says nothing of the network being travel feasible. But for leftists who are determined to spend America’s money as wastefully as possible, the bullet train network is a big government boondoggle dream come true.

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      3. MA-kswiss: Miss D just told me that you are originally from my home state. Would love to see how much we have in common from our origins. Let’s figure out a private way to start. Twitter message? Email? If you are interested let me know.

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        1. Yes absolutely ! Would love to! Hmm my twitter handle is my real name …. and I’m not on it at all anymore lol. So that’s not going to work on my end.
          There’s got to be an easy way to bridge this. 🧐
          I’ve not

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          1. Is your account still open? Or you can set up a new one in 5 minutes. My twitter handle is @yzest5121 and my profile name is Tomaso Giuseppi. Tell me your chosen profile name and tell me here. Then follow me on Twitter. I’ll follow you and we can then exchange private messages.

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          2. Well, the “official” way is for you both to generate two-part encryption keys. That’ll give you each a public key, “K”, and a private key, “k”. In your case, that would be MK and Mk, TK and Tk. Then, you both publish your public keys — maybe even here.

            The way this works is that something encrypted by any given key can be read with its companion key — but not itself. Once you’ve published your public key, people can send you messages that only you can read with your private key. You can also send messages that only you can have written, because they’re encrypted with your private key — but anyone who has your public key can read them. At that point, we go….

            M [a message] => Mk(M) [a message only you could have written) => TK(Mk(M)) [a message that only T can read].

            When he gets it, he undoes all the cryptography….

            TK(Mk(M)) => Tk(TK(Mk(M))) [which resolves to] Mk(M) => MK(Mk(M)) [which resolves to] M.

            Depending on the keylength and algorithm chosen, this can provide up to NSA-level security.

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          1. Sure – and I’ll send you mine. I’m thinking about migrating from gmail to proton mail anyway so we can figure out which one to use down the road but I’ll reply to you in my email address.

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        2. Thomas – feel free to email me here: (I forgot I set this up when I set up my Gab/Wordpress account)


          And I open it up to any QTreepers wishing to send me an email here 🙂

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  3. You’re absolutely right. This is huge. This is way bigger than anything I thought would happen. When I read this I laughed like a kid and woke up my wife. This is so damn close to too much winning, my mind boggles.

    This was total Sun Tzu. Our VSG won the battle before it was fought. By refusing to appoint new WTO judges, he basically killed it. And he still has that power. Which he never has to give up, like Obama or Carter would. If our VSG even THINKS these fuckers are going to try pulling a Macron or a May on him, he can just drop the hammer and WTO is gone.

    A thing of beauty.

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      1. Nothing like leverage, wisdom, patience, and skill, and VSGPDJT has them all, and more, as well as his team of Wilburines!

        Plus, he has Luke Skywalker on the guitar 🙂

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  4. Yeah, that whole thing with his good friend Roberto looked a helluva like someone had gotten a strong message — that he could have 3% of Trump’s Plan, or 100% of Nothing. And, BTW, that Nothing was “go home and lay-off your staffers this Friday” and not a “we’ll form a commission to impanel a group of experts to perform an 18-month study” sort of Nothing.

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    1. …and the committee style ruling is SOOOOO European too……’oh but now we are all on holidays and cannot be reached. No there isn’t someone to handle the work while they are out…..they are on 3 weeks holiday. Goodbye”

      Liked by 6 people


    From the stand point of farmers, WTO has been on our radar for YEARS!!!

    The WTO and the Politics of GMO

    By F. William Engdahl, author of ‘A Century of War: Anglo-American Oil Politics and the New World Order’ (Mit der Oelwaffe zur Weltmacht, edition Steinherz, Wiesbaden) and an independent publicist who has written extensively on GATT and EU agriculture issues since 1984.

    ….The Biotech GMO industry, led by Monsanto, DuPont and Dow of the US, sabotaged this agreement, even though the US was not ‘officially’ present, as it had refused to sign the CBD Agreement. A group of six countries controlling the world Biotech GMO market—Canada, Argentina, Uruguay, Australia Chile and USA– forced a clause into the CBD text which would subordinate the Biosafety Protocol to the WTO. They argued that limiting trade based on ‘unproven’ biosafety concerns should be considered a ‘barrier to trade’ under WTO rules!

    in 1992, Bush had taken the desire of Monsanto and the emerging US GM giant companies and ruled that GM organisms were ‘substantially equivalent’ to ordinary seeds for soya or corn and such. As ‘substantially equivalent,’ GM seeds required no special testing or health controls before being put on the market. This was crucial to the future of Monsanto and the GMO lobby.


    The Biotech GMO industry, led by Monsanto, DuPont and Dow of the US, sabotaged this agreement, even though the US was not ‘officially’ present, as it had refused to sign the CBD Agreement. A group of six countries controlling the world Biotech GMO market—Canada, Argentina, Uruguay, Australia Chile and USA– forced a clause into the CBD text which would subordinate the Biosafety Protocol to the WTO. They argued that limiting trade based on ‘unproven’ biosafety concerns should be considered a ‘barrier to trade’ under WTO rules!
    in 1992, Bush had taken the desire of Monsanto and the emerging US GM giant companies and ruled that GM organisms were ‘substantially equivalent’ to ordinary seeds for soya or corn and such. As ‘substantially equivalent,’ GM seeds required no special testing or health controls before being put on the market. This was crucial to the future of Monsanto and the GMO lobby.


    The net effect has been to allow the powerful monopoly of five grain trading giants—Cargill, ADM, Bunge, Andre (formerly) and Louis Dreyfus—to dramatically increase the dumping of food commodities globally, ruining millions of family farmers worldwide in the process, while maximizing their private corporate profits. Once China fully implements WTO rules in the next several years, it is estimated that 200 million Chinese farmers will be ruined, feeding the human labor pool for even cheaper wages in the cities of China to compete with European or US workers.

    The effect of the dumping by the huge grain cartel companies under WTO rules has been indebtedness and bankruptcy foreclosure for millions of farmers. Since WTO came from 1995 to 2992 US net farm income fell by 16%. USDA government subsidies go overwhelming to factory farming and agribusiness cartel interests such as Cargill, ADM and the like, not family farmers.….

    Liked by 12 people

    1. Yep. Ppl are so up in arms about “pesticides” that they ignore the Big Ag cartel (“multinational”) moves where the real Monopoly game is being played. Almost like it was an intentional diversionary tactic designed to discredit Big Ag’s critics 😛

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Sort of a Big Pharma swamp. Both horizontally and vertically integrated.

        Seeds, chemicals/fertilizers/pesticides, probably production and testing equipment, lab equipment, food additives (coloring, flavoring, etc.), drugs (not only for when the previous chems make you ill), perfumes and other (de-)odorants, all the various processing plants and processes and patents…. basically from the cradle to the grave… and with all of the links carefully disguised via names and holding companies, yet exposed by interlocking boards of directors and investment companies for those who dare to dig deeply…

        (shades of “The Rumor Weed” root net, if you’ve seen that)…

        Liked by 2 people

  6. Thanks, Daughn, for all your great coverage and reportage on Davos!
    Excellent work!

    “Judgement day” for the WTO, indeed.

    The WTO has been letting other countries get away with breaking the rules, bigtime.
    It has been operating like a “let’s stick it to the US” organization, for years.

    Formed in 1995, the WTO really hasn’t been around all that long.
    It was created by Globalists…to further the goals of Globalism.

    It’s been wonderful to see how our VSG has basically had the WTO on ‘ignore’, while he’s gone about condemning the disastrous effects of globalism on our country…as well as working on repairing the damage that globalism has done.

    The WTO suits know that we don’t need them at all…and without us, the other countries would pull out too.

    So I guess Pres Trump has figured out how the WTO can be useful to us, and shared this with ‘Roberto’…hence the simpering eagerness to “reform” and “change”.

    We are so blessed to have Pres Trump fighting for us!

    Liked by 14 people

      1. Daughn- I cosign to everyone’s responses– this is a fantastic article. I just finished listening to the entire presser. We are so blessed to have PDJT at the helm.

        On the train yesterday, one lady that I met, Swiss-German and living in Zurich and went to the WEF just to see like me, remarked ‘oh he brought TWO PLANES!!!!!!’ Like it was a scornful thing and obnoxious. But learning that she has traveled the world and owns a second place in Sarasota, Florida….I politely countered with, “Well there certainly are a lot of people who aren’t fond of all of his sucessess and changes, and so naturally he has to have many contingency plans figured out. There are some who really don’t want him around. Plus, he has to carry around the ground transportation, AND CART ALL OF THE US PRESS CORPS AROUND’ It’s a lot” She saw it my way and agreed….we ultimately became fast friends on the train.

        Liked by 13 people

            1. In retrospect, when I have been in Europe, it now is clear to me that independent thinking and holding firm to ideas and opinions are not part of the current European DNA. MA’s description of her encounter brought to mind my similar encounters. I think that a collective mindset began post WWII in the various countries all looking to the US Marshall Plan and NATO to rebuild has, over decades, turned into dependency collective mindset.

              It manifests in small things like MA’s conversation where, when challenged, the person quickly capitulated and adopted MA’s views (which were clearly correct but still illustrate my point). More broadly, the dependency-collective mindset, as decades passed, went from grateful and hopeful to petulant and haughty – which of course is what we see here in the US with the dependency class of food stamps/welfare.

              I conclude that so much of the European mindset is a product of the post WWII rebuild/handout combo of the Marshall Plan and NATO. This is why the Trump Call Out of “PAY YOUR BILLS” was greeted with such petulance and feigned horror. It also brings to mind the statement (was it Truman, Eisenhower or Marshall??) upon the formation of NATO . . “If (NATO) is still here in 25 years then it has been a failure.” The EU is the embodiment of collective thought, the demonization of national heritage and it is about to be rendered DEAD in the next four years. The world and every single person will be better for it.

              Liked by 5 people

          1. I’ll never forget the 56 vehicles Obama took to Africa for the Mandela funeral, + family visit to Kenya + family safari vacation.
            Total cost 125 million.

            Liked by 2 people

      2. If the VSGPOTUS could obliterate the WTO in total stealth without anyone knowing or realizing until it’s too late…

        …Wait until we see what he had in mind for the FED 😉

        Liked by 6 people

        1. Yes, he has hinted about the Fed before, not including the obvious complaints. The Fed is a little trickier, because their backers are not at all obverse to taking action if they perceive a direct threat.

          Liked by 2 people

    1. “It’s been wonderful to see how our VSG has basically had the WTO on ‘ignore’, while he’s gone about condemning the disastrous effects of globalism on our country…as well as working on repairing the damage that globalism has done.”

      He uses these same winning strategies effectively again and again. You’d think I’d get used to it, be able to see it coming, be blase and nonchalant about the winning. Oh, really? Winning again? That’s nice……….Nope. Every single time a thrill goes up my leg or something…………..and I get so excited I can’t believe it.

      PDJT is a giant. And he’s ours!!!!!!!

      Liked by 13 people

      1. you are so right Sylvia. Every presser of PDJT is an Master Class education of how to handle your opponents and never be knocked off your mark. He is in it for the long game. SO glad he is OURS!!

        Liked by 5 people

      2. Add this to the winning from POTUS’ words in Davos. I bet the Demoncrats (and other corrupt politicians) are very worried…

        Short thread, but here is the thread reader:

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  7. And he made it home in time to celebrate their Wedding Anniversary with Melania.

    How cool is that.

    Liked by 11 people

    1. I thought he was going to bear hug the Marine at the bottom of the AF1 stairs, but then he saluted.

      And when he’s walking on the WH Lawn on the way home…..Just tackled a bunch of deals in Davos, switched up the WTO….you know, nbd.

      Liked by 7 people

  8. Daughn, I enjoyed reading this so much. I was walking by the TV just as PDJT started to speak and turned things over to Roberto. I wasn’t eating a banana, but like you I stopped in my tracks. What’s this?????? Roberto? The evil WTO? And he practically kissed PDJT’s ring…….I was transfixed……………but……..thunk…thunk….I slap my ear……….what’s this? Am I hearing what I THINK I’m hearing??? Nah………….can’t be……………

    It was an amazing day. Every time PDJT does something like this, I think once again it is a fatal error to underestimate this man. We may whine and cry and sigh with impatience about justice delayed and nothing’s gonna happen, but we just need to remember who and what PDJT is. He is a great man. The greatest. Everything in it’s time. When the time is finally right, that whole corrupt House of Cards is going to fall and we’ll be standing here blinking and wondering how it is we never saw it coming…………….

    Liked by 12 people

    1. Now when I think back to the Fake media and Clinton campaign’s reaction to his win, it makes more sense.

      They never knew what hit them. There was nothing they could do to stop it. The results coming in and all they could do was delay reporting them. 😂😂😂😂😂❤🤍💙

      Liked by 4 people

      1. grandma, you’re right. Their reaction was so over the top, unbelievable – to the point where they engaged in criminality to get him out of office, not just keep him from getting elected – it has to be the corruption they were afraid he’d expose.

        I think there may be worse than corruption being exposed. National Security issues, maybe outright treason. And remember, there’s no statute of limitations on homicide. Seth Rich? The mass shootings we’ve had, Vegas? Others?

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  9. Somewhat related…

    I think President Trump’s accomplishments and resulting personal satisfaction are like arriving at a time late in life when nighttime dreams become vivid and fascinating. An adventure, personally rewarding and something to look forward to for what they may bring. A counterbalance for the nastiness that gets thrown at you.

    Much of it depends on how you’ve lived your life.

    “…your old men will dream dreams.”

    – Acts 2:17 (NIV)

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  10. Trying to process thoughts here.

    Yes, there is a difference having business people who lived through the trade changes that the academics foisted on us, but at the same time, one thing Trump does not cower over is guilt. For a long time, we in the USA were made to feel guilty over our success which was a result of work and laws allowing prosperity. Trump and his team don’t have a problem with that. The academics who came out of universities being told how brilliant they were would never understand.

    They also were being paid not to understand, I would imagine.

    As for the WTO meeting…I wonder if that is the entire reason he went and used the Davos mystique as cover for the trip. I mean, essentially neutralizing the WTO in quick order was on nobody’s radar before it happened yesterday.


    Liked by 10 people

    1. You know Dep it’s weird.
      I get customs notifications from my broker (the one who collects customs fees and deals with the gov’t on my behalf) all the time.
      Before Trump Admin, I maybe received a change in tariff notification once a month.
      The Delta faucet sink thing was like a bombshell.
      Big case.
      After Trump Admin came in, I get 2-3 notifications A DAY.
      No doubt, this administration is busier than the last.
      Slow walk on WTO judges was a big deal.
      But you are right, NO ONE saw this coming and the impact will be enormous.

      Liked by 7 people

      1. Now if they would get around to the VATs taken out of overseas book sales…. It’s not that much, but it comes out of MY profit before anyone else’s since other countries don’t add tax onto the price of an item, but put it into the asking price. When overseas, that’s great, but why am I paying for a government that is not my own.

        Liked by 3 people

  11. Great job, Daugh!! I never saw this one coming. It was easy to focus on the China and USMCA deals and think “so much winning”! I love that Roberto will be in Wash. within the week to “chat”. This reminds me of a article I read around the election. There was a guy who was negotiating with then Mr. Trump on some big deal. The guy thought they could get a better positioning so they began the “dance” to find a “better deal”. He said they never knew what hit them, VSG faked to the right and the left and said no then yes and on and on it went. He said he had never seen anything like it, they couldn’t pin him down. Finally a deal was made but not what they thought it would be. He then volunteered the next time they came against VSG, they took his deal, made some minor changes and went with it. They now knew this was the best they would ever get. I think that sums up POTUS on the world stage and everyone is waking up to it. What a time to be alive!!

    Liked by 7 people

  12. Liked by 3 people

      1. PR and Jamcooker, you are correct.
        Little Wilbur is grinning from ear to ear.
        “Don’t want you to be alarmed ” about those 25% tariffs, before I kill your economy…..
        “We assume they want to make a deal”
        Talk about taking the lumps out.
        “I’ve noticed a sense of panic…….” Bwhwhahahhaaa, panic among the EU globalists is always a good thing.
        “Coming off the China/USMCA/Japan/Korea deals makes us stronger”, as we all KNOW, those criminals who are LAST to make a deal are the ones who go to prison.
        “We’re closer to free trade now than we’ve ever been before” – oh my, just stick your finger in the eyes of the WSJ and CATO boys who screamed (falsely) about Smoot Hawley for years.

        Dear GOD it is a glorious day!!!!!!!
        Our birthday continues!!!!!

        Liked by 5 people

        1. Yeah they replaced Smoot Hawley (Taxing imports aka The Rich!) with taxing the WORKERS. Since the rich do not actually WORK their income, derived from stock dividends, is pretty much protected.

          3/04/2013 CNN Buffett says he’s still paying lower tax rate than his secretary

          Notice how the dollar amount going to the US government surged as soon as a personal income tax was enacted especially after WWII. Think the Milner Round Tables: Council on Foreign Relations (started by Woodrow Wilson “Colonel” House in 1921) and the Committee for Economic Development (founded in 1942 by a group of business leaders)

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  13. Another tour de force, Daughn … but I repeat myself.

    “Solving the problem of trade inequity GIVES America the money to solve the other problems we have…. the bridges, schools, even humanitarian issues beloved and deficit funded by the left.”
    … BINGO!

    And “solving the problem of trade inequity” DENIES America’s opponents the money to MULTIPLY problems for us

    … China’s TROJAN-HORSE Belt and Road “Infrastructure” projects that parasitically infiltrate, bankrupt and loot their host developing countries.

    … China’s MASSIVE 5g networks in developed countries that surveil, blackmail, extort industries, control governments, steal IP, capture personal data, intercept financial transactions, compromise financial institutions and strangulate-at-will their newly-ENVELOPED Digital Economies.

    … China’s MASSIVE OFFENSIVE MILITARY BUILDUP to convert Belt and Road-owned ports to MILITARY BASES, convert international Sea Lanes to CHINESE TOLLWAY PASSAGES and intimidate and COLONIZE non-nuclear neighboring countries.

    … Europe’s ISLAMIST INFILTRATION that loots its Socialist Hosts, replaces Judeo-Christian Values through intimidation and converts our NATO allies with an Islamic Caliphate.

    … Europe’s RUSSIAN RAPPROCHEMENT that submits to Putin-controlled Energy Supply and coerced opposition to USA interests in international bodies and ultimately international trade.

    … Europe’s IRANIAN SANCTIONS END RUNS that enable Iran‘s marauding Terrorist Campaigns, Nuclear Weapon development, Missile Delivery development and Iranian Mideast Hegemony.

    And now, enter your intro to President Trump’s WTO TRANSFORMATION!

    Liked by 9 people

    1. Here’s the thing.
      I KNOW that BlackKnightRides is not bugging my phone or office and I am not bugging his phone or office.
      How is it then….
      what we see so clearly, was ignored for so long? Intentionally ignored!
      We’ve been fleeced by our own leadership, and we’re angry!

      The Euro end-runs around Iran sanctions lights my hair on fire and I respond like Pavlov’s dog. And they’re thinking about Huawei 5G?
      They’re no allies!
      I wouldn’t go to war with them.
      They stood on the sidelines for the econ war with South Korea, Japan deal, USMCA (cheaper to buy a Ford truck in Mexico and ship it to Berlin, than to buy it in South Carolina) AND FOR THE TRADE BATTLE WITH CHINA!
      Because Germany has a 20% duty on Ford trucks- FROM THE USA.
      They called Trump and the USA stupid, made fun of us in their press, while trying to cut back-door deals with Russia for LNG, while we pay to defend Germany.
      And the Nordstrom pipeline has been in planning stages since 2002?
      Where in the HE!! was W Bush, and Obama admins?
      Who thought that was a good idea?

      Belt and Road??? It’s nothing more than a loan-sharking operation for those who don’t want to fill out the paperwork for the IMF.


      Liked by 9 people

          1. Oh it is Daughn.

            Once you get rid of the mindset that the US government is working in the ‘interests of the US citizen’ and realize they are ‘The District of Criminals’ You can see how DC is and has been ANTI-AMERICAN for more than a century.

            And yes, I am on the same wavelength as you and BKR. I just got here from a different route.

            Liked by 5 people

            1. ,,,,just wait until he starts splitting up the agencies and lobbyists from DC to other areas around the Country. I’d be selling my home if I was there.

              Liked by 3 people

  14. And everyone in the village said, “Oh, how wonderful!”

    But the Zen master who lived in the village said, “We’ll see.”

    BONUS laugh track….

    Liked by 3 people

  15. WOW…..

    That was all I was gonna say Daughn but now I have to wonder, do you ever sleep?
    This thread is so in depth I will have to read it a few times to really get a complete picture.

    Liked by 5 people

  16. “Solving the problem of trade inequity gives America the money to solve the other problems we have…. the bridges, schools, even humanitarian issues beloved and deficit funded by the left.”


    There is not a SINGLE, solitary ‘humanitarian’ cause the soulless, God-hating Left cares about.

    Not one.

    Every last ‘humanitarian cause’ they CLAIM to care about is simply part of a larger giant money laundering / kickback scheme. These monsters wouldn’t give a dying man a sip of water.

    They are liars and murderers, like their father.

    Liked by 7 people

    1. Scott as I showed on a different thread, USAid has been going for 60 years and there were handouts before being organized under the USAid umbrella. If the ‘Aid’ was actually going to work it would have in the three generations we have been giving it. If we have not ‘Taught a man to fish’ by now we are not going to!

      So time to leave ‘humanitarian aid’ to the CHURCHES where it belongs!!!

      If you reduced the ‘Grant & Aid’ tax burden placed on the average American and allowed the VOTER to put the money where he wishes, MORE would actually get done. INSTEAD we have DemonRat cities, counties and states ACTIVELY PREVENTING ‘humanitarian aid’ from private groups via regulations.

      For example, Jaco Booyens says there are only THREE HUNDRED BEDS in this entire country devoted to rehabilitating child victims of sex trafficking. WHY? — because of REGULATIONS. In one state, Maryland, they are limited to SIX BEDS per facility!!!

      For the info start at 34 minutes:

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  17. Adding perspective to Daughn’s brilliant post. Michael Delazon posted this on the 20th, before President Trump arrived in Switzerland.


    Liked by 3 people

  18. Daughn, thank you for your insight. I admit, I have been busy with my job, family and other things in life to really be focused and pay attention lately. I guess I have just been trusting POTUS to take care of the USA since I truly believe he was sent by God. I have learned so much from you and the many informed treepers here (and other news sources) that it’s like my education on geopolitical issues and its history is like a patch work quilt.
    I have to say though, and this is just the simple, country bumpkin in me…. is today your birthday? If so, Happy Birthday! And if it’s not, well, Happy Birthday anyway. 🙂
    Thanks again,

    Liked by 2 people

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