Scampeachment, Shampeachment, Damnpeachment, Dimpeachment, Chimpeachment Vent Thread

Good grief, I cannot stand this pencil-necked traitor!

And his BOSSES ain’t gettin’ off the hook either.

OK people. Here it is.

We’ve had the Shampeachment Prayer Thread:

We’ve had the Dem Impeachment Chaos Thread:

We even had a variety of Shampeachment threads last year, including one featuring that handsome Brit, Fiona Androstanova-Trotsky.

(Please don’t clutch her Polonium pearls.)

But that’s not what I need now.

I need a safe space for special terminology like


So on this thread, we are hereby rescinding civility.





305 thoughts on “Scampeachment, Shampeachment, Damnpeachment, Dimpeachment, Chimpeachment Vent Thread

  1. We all are a unified group of cacophonous patriots with the common heritage of Jefferson’s highly educated farmer or Monty Python’s politically-astute peasant (“just because some silly tart in lake tossed you a sword doesn’t make you king”). We know truth and detest sophistry. We despise punks and thugs and revere principled and strong warriors. And this thread will be a unifying anthem of those of us who all call Backwater home, who pay taxes to Flyover County and inhabit Anywhere USA. We are the real America.

    So, while we each raise our voices, let us also have a chuckle along the way. We have all ranted ourselves but also be witness to the great rants – on film or even in writing (see the marvelous rant posted above yesterday by Miss D). Put them up on this thread also. And be creative – “rants” can have a broad definition – I think James Earl Jones paeon to baseball in Field of Dream (“Oh yes Ray . . they most certainly will come”) qualifies as a lyrical gentle rant to tell Ray “If you build it, they will come.”

    I get to go first. I have chosen the famous Pacino rant in Justice for All. “You’re all out of order.”

    Let’s get it ALL out and have some laughs too.

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      1. My dear Dep, you are a contrarian! Let your hair down; have some fun. Not everything in life is a sin that you have to confess. And, btw, “sophistry” is defined a “pontificating bull-schiff”.

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    1. From a lawyer’s perspective there are only 2 great movies that accurately and completely depict real-life examination and cross-examination of witnesses. The first is Anatomy of a Murder starring Jimmy Stewart, George C. Scott and Lee Remick. The second is My Cousin Vinny. Others like The Verdict or A Few Good Men are Hollywood bastardizations that are completely unrealistic and fake.

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      1. A couple of sidelights. You will notice George C. Scott doesn’t even get a mention in the trailer. This was his first major role and the one from which all others sprang. 2. It is directed by Otto Preminger which explains all the subtle aspects and the fast pace. 3. The judge is played by Joe Welsh. Who, you ask? Joe, a highly-regarded Boston trial attorney who had never acted before was very famous at this time. Why, you ask? Watch the video below and you will immediately recognize the most famous phrase which he uttered.

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        1. HA! I totally get what you’re saying, but I’m the wrong audience for this particular clip! 😉

          Yes, that shady son of a bitch covered up real nice, but Senator Wolf Moon would have had none of his bullshit evasion. I hear a totally different conversation from most people.

          McCarthy made mistakes, but he was RIGHT. He simply didn’t know how to handle the communist media – nor communists in general. Worst of all was going against the Army – WRONG MOVE. Trying to flush out the infiltration of the military from the Senate in the open was lunacy. Indeed, it makes me think that McCarthy was multiply misled to get into the exact trouble that he did. Commies be like that. Senator Wolf Moon would have taken out the commies in the HALLWAYS, where they’re easier to pin down. Just like Q says. Most of it isn’t ever going to be out in the open.

          McCarthy’s mistakes are rooted in the same problem that the John Birchers had in thinking Ike was a communist. They had NO IDEA that the poker game had a THIRD BIG PLAYER (pencilneck), and that it overshadowed everything – Americans, communists, ex-Nazis, and any other group who was in on the secrets. When the game is a totally different one than the one you are playing, it’s almost impossible to win, unless the hidden hand wants you to win.

          What remains remarkable, IMO, is how well the cover works both ways.

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      2. It was good to see John Voelker (Robert Traver) in the trailer talking with Otto Preminger. First time I’ve seen that. Thank you.

        I’m a long-time reader of Robert Traver’s (Voelker pen name) books. I think I’ve read them all. If you haven’t gotten ahold of “Laughing Whitefish” yet, it is another one of his trial books that I think comes in as a close second to “Anatomy of a Murder”.

        I’ve lost two first edition copies of “Trout Madness” by loaning them out.

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        1. Just so I am clear, the cross-exam sequences in MCV, when you take out the comedic overlay, are textbook law school trial advocacy. In fact, when I taught a legal skills class at BU Law, we had a “My Cousin Vinny Day” where we all talked LongOyland, but I made it a teaching moment too and showed how good the fundamentals were. I especially love when Vinny uses the pictures to show the witness couldn’t have seen the car and then ends with “I got no more use fuh dis guy.”

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          1. This is where it pays to have good writers who know their stuff, and keep the fundamentals solid.

            A comparable science example was the Val Kilmer vehicle “Real Genius”. The laser science was so close to what was classified AT THAT TIME, that I had to wince. They had excellent advisers.

            However, one has to read Phil Corso (The Day After Roswell) to understand Hollywood’s deeper motivation here, and their twists on reality (the plot is basically “military man bad” in academia, and yet this research was almost all military and IN the military, with very little of the school stuff being directly .mil, or other than basic research, IMO).

            This is a perfect example of FAKE ENTERTAINMENT – designed to alienate people from “Star Wars” during Reagan.

            And why was THAT? Corso provides the answers.

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    1. I stumbled across a twitter post (they are NOT “tweets”) that is the best mini-rant on Schiff I’ve seen yet – especially the last line.

      “In as much as he is so bad at all times, this is his “cream of the crap” moment.
      Next you’ll be calling him “Spartacus”.

      He displays the intellectual acumen of a doornail, coupled with the charm and rhetorical skill of a syphilitic ferret.”

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  2. Lots of interesting thoughts out there….

    Seen everything now. Sundance is praising Yertle!

    And some great observations….

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  3. What is absolutely amazing is that we didn’t have impeachment over THIS.

    The thread is horrifying. Obama was a massive traitor.

    Dem’s want to impeach Trump for investigating corruption. It’s BACKWARDS.

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        1. Obama used to do the same use his middle finger on the head. Normal people might use two fingers. Maybe he has a headache or he has problems concentrating . Why the middle finger?

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        1. That’s certainly one of the better possible explanations I’ve seen. It could be a side-effect, but it could also be intentional direct harm to the thyroid as a way to increase the efficacy of the MK outcome. If it turns out that the nervous agitation produced by hyperthyroidism increases the OCD-like compliance with suggestions, then clearly they would want to induce it – likely by some kind of poison (see Sidney Gottlieb, “Poisoner in Chief”).

          If I’m correct that some of the MK knowledge is based on old secrets like black witchcraft that segued into reality, then thyroid poisons may have been part of “spells” used to hide what amounted to proto-MK.

          AND LOGIC is one of the best ways to unravel MK ULTRA, because in my opinion, the CIA’s approach worked the same way – attack all possible pathways to find some combination that worked. In that sense, Sidney Gottlieb was very scientific. Kinzer tries to cover that up by making Gottlieb seem like a randomly acting nut, but that kind of gaslighting doesn’t work on me. I’ve known plenty of crazy scientists who are also relentlessly smart in pursuing a complex goal, despite nutcase lives. Inside and outside are two different things, and Kinzer knows it. His own work in covering up MK is – ironically – too relentlessly efficient to be the product of his own downstream gaslighting effect. He’s likely an asset with knowledge.

          A close “un-reading” of Kinzer confirms that Sidney Gottlieb’s approach seemed to be based on “any way to a known target” – the idea that he KNEW human MK was possible – probably from TWO lines of evidence which massively confirmed it: (1) Soviet/Chinese/Nazi brainwashing – presumably a lot of combined evidence, and (2) Roswell headband communications.

          Might as well spell it out right here. ONE of my passport pictures has “sanpaku” eyes – and a relative who saw it thought it was hilarious. It was absolutely NOT typical of me. Earlier and later photos do not show it. You can do the math about my medical. I need to do a timeline on it. I’ll let you know what that turns up.

          Human medicine is being massively screwed with, IMO. Trump has hinted at this. I want to do a big piece on the iceberg (10% cover, 90% hidden motive) push to legitimize a lot of sketchy drugs like ketamine. This is straight up subversion, being pushed though tainted and captive organizations and “fake science”.

          As somebody said about Natural News on Vegas two-gun – the blind squirrel still finds nuts. I think the medical skeptics like Natural News, InfoWars and others are right enough about sketchy stuff that they make people nervous. Schiff was the BOT used to take them off social media.

          All making sense now.

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          1. Hmmm. Sanpaku eyes. That’s scary. I would be very intrigued by your timeline, and any and all medical problems you had in the time frame.

            People who are hyperthyroid are definitely more “hair-trigger” than average, in my experience. Anxiety and nervous twitchy moodiness. Quick to anger.

            I am SURE you are correct about medicine being screwed with. I think there are CURES for cancer, diabetes, and many chronic illnesses that have been covered up, all in the name of Big Pharma making a killing. It’s sickening. And I think some medicine (over-vaccination of children, for example) is actively designed to harm us.

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        2. Aub – I was just going to say that. I had a friend who had this problem and it manifested itself exactly this way, especially when she was under a lot of stress..

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      1. here’s another take on Schiff’s eyes…some think meth…lol
        The photo in the tweet below is a screenshot from Schiff’s Senate impeachment trial speech on the first day of the hearing. It has not been doctored or edited in any way – and this shocking image has the internet buzzing.

        Look at those bags under his eyes. His bags have bags! And the dark circles – oh my…Clearly this man has not been getting any sleep.

        Needless to say, Trump supporters chimed in big time and gave their spin on why Schiff looks like such a total wreck!

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    1. thanks for the clips Smiley!
      I cannot watch these things in real time…so I appreciate when someone posts clips.
      that being said…Nadler is a gigantic hose bag!
      I am glad these clips exist…the public needs to see these…frequently…lest we ever forget.

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    2. Discoverthenetworks also has an interesting article on Nadler.
      Seems to be a typical NY DEMONicRAT hood. And that’s the nicest thing that could be said of him… to wit:

      [begin excerpt]
      After college, Nadler worked as a legal assistant for the Corporation Trust Company in 1970; a clerk for the law firm Morris, Levin & Shein in 1971; a legislative assistant for the New York State Assembly in 1972; a shift manager at the New York City Off-Track Betting Corporation from 1972-76; and a law clerk at Morgan, Finnegan, Pine, Foley & Lee in 1976.

      Nadler launched his political career in 1969, when he became District Leader of the New York County Democratic Committee, a post he held until 1971, and again from 1973-77. In 1977 Nadler was elected to the New York State Assembly, where he went on to serve for the next fifteen years. In 1985 he was defeated twice by David Dinkins in the race for Manhattan Borough President—first in the Democratic primary, and then in the general election when Nadler ran on the New York Liberal Party ticket. Four years later, Nadler lost to Kings County District Attorney Elizabeth Holtzman in the Democratic primary for New York City Comptroller.

      In 1992, longtime Democratic U.S. Congressman Ted Weiss died one day before his party’s primary election for New York City’s newly redrawn Eighth District. Using a weighted voting system, a convention of nearly 1,000 Democratic county committee members selected Nadler to replace Weiss on the November ballot. Nadler won easily and has had no serious challenge in any of his congressional re-election bids since then.
      Upon his election to the House of Representatives, Nadler promptly joined the Congressional Progressive Caucus and became a leader of the Congressional Pro-Choice Caucus.

      Throughout his years in politics, Nadler has maintained close ties to socialist organizations. In 1977, for instance, he was a member of the Democratic Socialist Organizing Committee (DSOC), and by 1983 he had joined the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), which grew out of DSOC. On May 1, 1989, Nadler served on the sponsoring committee for a New York DSA screening of the pro-union film Matewan. That same year, he personally asked New York’s DSA to endorse his candidacy for NYC Comptroller. In 1990, Nadler endorsed the New York mayoral campaign of DSA member David Dinkins. In July 1996, DSA’s Political Action Committee endorsed Nadler for Congress. Each year from 1995-97, Nadler spoke at the DSA’s annual Socialist Scholars Conferences, where he participated in panel discussions with such notables as Stanley Aronowitz, William Kornblum, and Frances Fox Piven. According to DSA’s rival, Social Democrats USA, Nadler remains a DSA member to this day.
      [end excerpt]

      Note this paragraph in particular. It seems he “backed in” to a congressiional seat, and has never really been challenged since. Have to wonder what he sold out to get the help he apparently did…

      In 1992, longtime Democratic U.S. Congressman Ted Weiss died one day before his party’s primary election for New York City’s newly redrawn Eighth District. Using a weighted voting system, a convention of nearly 1,000 Democratic county committee members selected Nadler to replace Weiss on the November ballot. Nadler won easily and has had no serious challenge in any of his congressional re-election bids since then.

      He’s as dirty as they come. And the DEMONicRATS have some really dirty ones in New York…

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    1. article by Sarah Carter…

      John Durham Criminal Probe Gathers Steam Investigating Post-Election Docs


      Jan 20, 2020

      probe now extends to the Pentagon

      … the Office of Net Assessment

      Bongino mentions this.

      so…the taxes paid by those of us taxpayers who elected Trump were/are also being used to SPY on him…?

      just how many of these Leftist scandals are we expected to take ?

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  4. Have yet to hear these points made about a particular argument being made, “why wouldn’t you want to know?”

    1) Regarding the witnesses and documents the DemoKKKrats want, their “clincher” pitch is to ask, why wouldn’t you want to know;?

    2) The weak argument currently popular on TV is, “you are contradicting yourself because you have stated that your evidence is overwhelming”

    3) This is a POOR argument, because wanting to see more evidence DOES NOT “contradict” the fact that there is overwhelming evidence.

    4) It is a legal truism that a prosecution is not necessarily restricted from adducing more evidence simply because they have already adduced sufficient evidence, or even overwhelming evidence.

    5) But that assumes that the evidence is known and inculpatory.

    6) What the DemoKKKrats are saying is, “let’s find out if there is more inculpatory evidence.” THAT is the significant point. Finding inculpatory evidence is strictly part of the investigation, always, otherwise a trial is just as they say a fishing expedition, and fishing expeditions are NEVER permitted at a trial, except during cross examination of a witness.

    7) The DemoKKKrats have turned Brady on its head and come up with the bizarre rule announced yesterday that an accused party is obligated to come forward with any evidence proving his guilt. No one seems to have pointed out this poisonous nonsense the DemoKKKrats are advocating.

    8) And speaking of Brady, why haven’t the Republicans LOUDLY AND PERSISTENTLY been demanding Brady material from the managers, and accusing them of hiding exculpatory evidence? Why aren’t DemoKKKrats being LOUDLY AND PERSISTENTLY accused of “prosecutorial” misconduct and a cover-up? We know the exculpatory evidence exists.

    9) Because the DemoKKKrats are, in effect, charging an “inchoate” crime (a crime based on an intention to commit a crime) VSG’s motivation is a central aspect of the prosecution. VSG’s motivation is critical to the prosecution’s case.

    10) In this respect, Hunter Biden’s Burisma role is also critical to the trial. Why wouldn’t anyone want to know what Hunter has to say, or want to know all the Burisma evidence? If there is no evidence of shady dealings, doesn’t that strongly bear on VSG’s motivation? IOW, that it was political, and not motivated by concern for corruption?

    11) OTOH, if there IS evidence of shady dealings, doesn’t that at the very least corroborate VSG’s statement to Zelensky on the phone call that corruption was the motivating factor? Why wouldn’t anybody want to know about this? And why aren’t the DemoKKKrats covering-up if they are trying to hide it?

    12) Taking the DemoKKKrat’s charges seriously (strictly for the sake of argument), is an “abuse of power” based on an alleged motive to seek political advantage more or less likely if the alleged “abuse” (making a request while withholding aid) is otherwise readily explained by the TRUTH the request is based upon valid concerns about Biden corruption and consequent mis-use of American funds? It is far, far LESS LIKELY.

    13) Call WheresHunter. and stop the fishing expedition!

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    1. The point about Dems and Brady is both sadly true and horribly funny at the same time. To complement their made-up inculpatory evidence, they would have to debunk some of it as exculpatory. Although if they were fiendish enough, they could cite the areas where framing failed, as exculpatory. Then a test of Roberts – would he call it out as irrelevant?

      The idea that we’re even forced to bother to think about this stuff is a travesty.

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    1. wonder if he knows the difference between a “tax” and a “fee” yet…?

      he’s looking a little exhausted , if you ask me…

      here’s an article explaining what that was all about, FYI…

      Roberts Admonishes Both Sides At Senate Impeachment Trial After Marathon Session Erupts Into Shouting Match


      updated 1-22-2020

      Poison Dwarf Nadler tried to change the trial rules re the 8th amendment of the day in order to immediately subpoena John Bolton instead of following the Senate’s rules of waiting for new witnesses and documents later on, after opening arguments

      Pat Cippollone shut him down (video)..

      …so did Jay Sekulow, blasting Nadler and the Dems for “shredding The Constitution”.. (video)

      more, at the link.

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  5. so the fucker lied AGAIN????? Schiff and the Parnas “bombshell”…
    The issue arose when Schiff (D-Calif.) sent a letter to House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.) last week summarizing a trove of evidence from Lev Parnas, an indicted former associate of Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani. In one section of the letter, Schiff claims that Parnas “continued to try to arrange a meeting with President Zelensky,” citing a specific text message exchange where Parnas tells Giuliani: “trying to get us mr Z.” The remainder of the exchange — which was attached to Schiff’s letter — was redacted.

    But an unredacted version of the exchange shows that several days later, Parnas sent Giuliani a word document that appears to show notes from an interview with Mykola Zlochevsky, the founder of Burisma, followed by a text message to Giuliani that states: “mr Z answers my brother.” That suggests Parnas was referring to Zlochevsky not Zelensky.

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    1. Mykola Zlochevsky, the owner of Burisma, who absconded with millions/billions of IMF money from Ukraine, who lived in Monaco, and made a HEALTHY contribution to the Atlantic Council 3 days before Trump’s inauguration, was Hunter Biden’s boss.
      Why was Joe Biden in Ukraine Jan’17?

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  6. Coup Diary ….oops !….sorry…meant to say…

    IMPEACHMENT Diary Day 1 : Battle Lines Drawn

    pretty good analysis of the farcical “proceedings”, so far…article…–battle-lines-drawn-n2559911

    Jan 22, 2020

    “It is the witness question that will determine how long the trial lasts…”

    ” The 24 accusatory hours will now play out over three days instead of two.”

    ….more anaylsis, at the link.

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  7. Well, thanks for the opportunity to rant! I will for a minute.

    These motherf#&%*ers are shredding the Constitution, precedent, the rule of law, and defendants rights, like children making confetti! And what is being done about it? Our supposed “august and refined” Senate is taking it seriously by hearing it!

    That’s what is pissing me off. This should not even be ALLOWED on the Senate floor! This is like assigning meaning and gravitas to a two-year-old having a shit-fit.

    I have refused to watch any of it. Here, if people post a clip, I will watch, but it has all the meaning for me of bug-shit on my car windshield. I just pull into the nearest gas station and wash it off. All it does is cloud my vision of the road ahead.

    My fear, of course, is that our country will never be the same after this corrosive mind-fuck by people(?) who shouldn’t be allowed to manage a convenience store, much less a country. I’m only 55; I’d like to live another 50 years in American greatness, not in a socialist cesspool like these pieces of shit want to create. I am praying for that outcome. I know Trump is giving his all toward that end.

    Ahhhh, that felt good. Now back to regularly scheduled lovely day.

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      1. This might fit with Nadler and Schiffty…

        What’s the last thing that goes through a bug’s mind when it hits your windshield?

        His behind….

        (sorry, but it fits those two… all butt, no brains…).

        (Anyone here who’s driven through Buttonwillow in CA on I-5 in the summer will know what I mean…..).

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  8. IDK, I’m kind of enjoying watching the highlights of grown men ripping each other apart verbally and without cuss words. Definitely great lessons in the effectiveness of an extensive vocabulary.

    And to hear Roberts say “I must admonish” the combatants as if he was the teacher on recess duty….


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    1. I’m actually enjoying watching some of the Crazy witnesses that Schiff has fall apart…Like I said elsewhere, who in the H3LL uses a guy with a court ordered ankle bracelet as a main witness..
      By the way, this is not the first witness of Schiff’s to fall apart, and I have a feeling it won’t be the last
      Still trying to figure out why it seems that no one is looking into the politicians with family members who just happen to have jobs with Ukraine & China.

      Parnas now denies speaking with Trump despite reports he claimed he had

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  9. here’s a pretty good recap of yesterday/night’s performance….and a little humor, to boot.

    “I can’t believe Adam Schiff is still talking.”


    Impeachmentpalooza ! It Took Until 2 am To Pass the Rules


    Jan 22, 2020

    FTA (last paragraph)…

    “Assuming the GOP majority shouts down the idea of additional evidence and witnesses, it’s just possible that we could see the vote by Monday, February 3rd. Do you know what else happens on February 3rd ?

    Yep. That’s the date of the Iowa caucus , and that means that Sanders , Warren and Klobuchar would all be stuck in the Senate chambers as the first primary votes are being cast, leaving Biden and Buttigieg an open field ….”


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  10. Called my Socialist dumrat senators cathy Masto and wacky jacket Masto.

    Rant absolutely unloaded on schmuck taking calls.

    Realize crying chuck minion senators from Nevada don’t care what this voter thinks.

    Hell, I don’t feel better either. Gonna call those asshole senators office again.

    I’ll be back 😉

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  11. Like I said yesterday, I hope after all their pontificating over muh witnesses and muh documents, that they get buried under an avalanche of documents, released by PDJT and AG BB, that will suffocate them. We know it’s out there….then I want to see a PARADE of witnesses that will once and for all speak the truth about the evil nonsense that has been propagated on this nation. They should be very careful what they wish for because it is going to bite them right in their donkey ASS

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  12. His name plate says it all…f*cked up standards. He’s taken the lead on fake Russian collusion and now the fake impeachment farce…so the Buck stops with him…and apparently has on several occasions…these people are sick.

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  13. Ok I gotta say it…..
    I wouldn’t piss down a democrats throat if their guts were on fire…
    Fuck Schiff,Nadler,Pelosi,Feinstein and especially FUCK the Kenyan goat fucker.
    After one night on the town big Mike forgets to shave and presto she has the same beard as a fuckin GOAT!!!!!!!
    FUCK EM ALL!!!!!!!!!!!

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    1. I vote Marie Yovanovitch should be the Ambassador to Antarctica and her staff should be:

       Eric Cinderella
      Sean Misko his bestie
      Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman
      Michael Atkinson

      Andrew Bakaj
      Mark Zaid
      David Laufman
      Mary McCord

      I am sure President Trump could find plenty of other personnel who need to be ‘promoted’ to that assignment.

      (Vostok Station)

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      1. Heyyyyy, don’t forget St. Greta the Greenhearted.

        She could start a new movement….

        (Disney sues in 3…2…1…)…
        (Whirlpool and Carrier countersue in 3…2…1…)…

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    1. Why is it where there are pictures of libturds and DEMONicRATS (but I repeat myself), that the women are more masculine than the men?????

      [and enforced veganism (yep, they’re looking at it) will only make it worse]

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        1. (I actually have a stuffed Opus…. sshhhh, don’t tell anybody…). 🙂

          And also a fan of Steve Dallas… and Milo, and the rest….

          “In Space, it’s NEVER Miller Time”….
          (OK, I like [the old} Michelob and Schwabenbräu)…

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    1. psst…Memo To Adam Schiff…

      The US Constitution applies to YOU ….you lying pos can’t try to hide behind The Constitution’s protections while not abiding by the Law yourself !


      you have ZERO credibility….nobody believes you…

      you have even less likeability…nobody likes you…

      way to go Democrat Lefties….always be your best…Schiff is the best you got…??

      …put the asshole on the witness stand…as a fact witness .

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    1. Those look like my recollection of the “professors” singing 1968 in the amazing conservative movie “An American Carol”…I couldn’t find a video clip of the song or the lyrics directly but this is from the script from this site:

      Your people.
      Yep, the students love me.
      Love you? They don’t even know you.
      You’re unique.
      A liberal director
      who can’t even get laid
      at the University
      Peace Studies Department.
      – They flock to my movies.
      – They flock to slasher movies.
      They go to your movies
      ’cause professors tell them to.
      This is where they get information
      to support the peace movement.
      – It’s called education.
      – It’s called indoctrination.
      The American flag is a symbol
      of oppression all over the world.
      July 4th is a despicable celebration.
      I know that look.
      You’re gonna try to teach me somethin’.
      Where we gonna go now, back in time?
      We don’t have to. We’re at a university.

      [Pitch pipe plays note]
      Nothing has changed
      We still think the same way
      And if you think the way we do
      We’ll give you an A
      And you get extra credit
      If you’re poor, black, or gay
      Just be sure not to pray
      Yes, everything’s the same
      – [Slap]
      – Aah!

      [Man] Two, three, four.
      The president’s stupid,
      our soldiers are thugs
      The government’s dirty
      Our cops are on drugs
      But we still like our co-eds
      with blond hair and jugs
      And America’s to blame
      Just like in 1968
      – Are you kidding? A musical number?
      – 1968
      A little entertainment.

      We were smart
      when we had something to part
      What kind of a soldier are you?
      Startin’ to understand
      the boots and the whip.
      1968, things were really great
      I used to ovulate
      You gotta love 1968

      Hey, what are you doin’ with our kids?
      … in the moon
      And so what if there are facts
      That we forget to include?
      We’ve already got tenure
      So your children are screwed
      To a college with half a brain
      Nothin’s changed
      What do your parents
      think you’re doin’ here?
      They’re just happy to
      have us out of the house.
      Wanna hear what you’re
      spending your life savings on?
      – I gave up an ass lift for this?
      – Take a look!

      America’s evil, it’s a fascist regime
      Take over the world
      It’s the American dream
      And pay no attention
      to the being supreme
      [Malone] He doesn’t matter
      Just like in 1968
      Come on to 19
      Let’s keep singin’ it

      Read more:

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  14. What the Sam Hill is this about?
    SEAN HANNITY radio show 5 minutes ago:
    “I think the President has a good chance to win this [the Fake Impeachment trial].”
    “I THINK”??
    Compare to Hannity’s “of course the President will win” of even a few days ago.

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  15. CSPAN-2 cuts away from Republicans commenting to cover Goof Bag Hirono (How on Earth does someone like this get elected to office?) and Chuck U Schumer spouting nonsense…Nice going CSPAN…jerks!

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