Scampeachment, Shampeachment, Damnpeachment, Dimpeachment, Chimpeachment Vent Thread

Good grief, I cannot stand this pencil-necked traitor!

And his BOSSES ain’t gettin’ off the hook either.

OK people. Here it is.

We’ve had the Shampeachment Prayer Thread:

We’ve had the Dem Impeachment Chaos Thread:

We even had a variety of Shampeachment threads last year, including one featuring that handsome Brit, Fiona Androstanova-Trotsky.

(Please don’t clutch her Polonium pearls.)

But that’s not what I need now.

I need a safe space for special terminology like


So on this thread, we are hereby rescinding civility.





305 thoughts on “Scampeachment, Shampeachment, Damnpeachment, Dimpeachment, Chimpeachment Vent Thread

    1. I’m not a cursing lady, but what we’re witnessing goes beyond any decent words. These people are despicable, they’re Evil, and I don’t understand why they’re not indicted for corruption, sedition, treason.

      Gen Flynn been bankrupted defending himself from malevolent charges, brought by people who themselves are under investigation, and in the meantime, people like Lt. Col. Vindeman, Ambassador Yavonovich, the ICIG himself – free as birds to do their damage.

      Rush spent his show going on and on about Schiff and gang and what they’re saying and doing – it’s not a game Rush, it’s serious. From what I can tell the entire government class has basically been corrupted into no longer recognizing right and wrong.

      Yes, Barr and Durham are working on Spygate, maybe some of the criminality of Comey, McCabe, Strozac, Page, and Ohr – but where’s the investigation into the Congress critters lying through their teeth every day at the microphone and in the halls of Congress?

      I see sedition and treason and subversion of the entire foundation of this country – they talk about ongoing efforts to remove DJT from office – so when is the criminality of what they’re doing going to be recognized by the Justice Department?

      This isn’t politics, this is criminal Vindman, Eric, whatever Caramelli, Yavonovich, et al belong in jail. When is that going to be dealt with?

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        1. TY. I wondered if others were seeing this the same way? This is an enormous hit job on our country, and Jim Jordan, Parscale et al saying we have to win in November – of course, we do, but the BIG PICTURE involved in what’s gone down, what’s going down hasn’t been addressed. We’re talking incredible financial corruption crimes -theft from US taxpayers, pay to play, and the decades long effort by the commie/fascist/globalists to destroy America.

          That’s what should be in Court or the well of the Senate – not bizarre human beings making a mockery of all that is good and moral.

          The Founding Fathers would be shocked where there’s a nation that doesn’t even recognize it’s own laws – Chief Justice Roberts helped lead the way.

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          1. It is all a theater and the Senate is participating because we always did it this way no matter that the House is engaging in a coup under impeachment. The communist have taken over and the Turtle and others in Senate do not see it.

            The House has weaken the Presidency and strengthened its power. Now they have taken over the senate
            because n one has the bolls to put an end to the charade. Robert is sitting there like a puff boll and letting it happen and the Turtle is padding himself on the back how fair he is. He is so fair that he is unfair to the president and to the voters who voted for POTUS.
            This stuff does not happen in the US this happens in a communist country.

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    2. I have the feeling by the time this whole impeachment theater is over I will be proficient in using a couple of fragrant words. Today the f work flowed of my lips to my husbands surprise. He was smiling.:)

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  1. We’re on storm watch du jour. Something may or may not be coming from the sky this evening in the way of liquid and/or frozen precipitation. It might just going around us again, too. (So long as the ice lake at the end of the driveway melts, I’m good.)

    Stepping away for a bit. Depending on all of you for and insult by insult account of the proceedings.

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    1. WOW! don’t read the replies to “jenn”!!!!!!!
      it’s like the freakin twilight zone…Schiff for Prez…Schiff for SCOTUS…he’s wonderful…he deserves a ticker tape parade…awesome lawyer…
      I mean how many FAMILY members does he have to have to post all those simpering tweets???

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      1. Despite everything we know and hate about Schiffty, he does present well as he speaks. I can see how Dems who don’t know/don’t want to know the truth could be impressed with him. He definitely speaks better than Nadler, Pelosi, or Schumer. But that’s all — he’s a lying, pencil-necked suit that presents his case smoothly. We have to have a compelling counter of truth.

        I heard Jay Sekulow point out today that there will be two more days of Dems 🤯 and the Repubs will likely start on Saturday. I don’t know if that means fewer people will see it. Is anyone watching, as it is?

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    1. On Gab, “Pallas Athena” posted this, Q 992, indicating that “castle clean” might be a signal?

      Apr 2 2018 23:18:17 (EST)
      Drops will go fast.
      WH clean SIG.
      Everything is planned.
      We Fight.

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      1. That is what I was thinking. Or perhaps a mini-stroke.

        The early chemotherapy drugs will do a tap dance on your brain given my Mom’s experience.

        Actually her experience

        Strong, Sharp, Perfect recall ==> timid, unsure, unable to remember

        Seems similar.

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    1. It’s like an article published from inverted reality land.

      I can hardly get through a sentence without wondering who the source is for just about everything Danny says.

      Robert Mueller’s friends think ‘something happened’ to him during Russia investigation:
      by Daniel Chaitin
      | January 21, 2020

      “People close to Robert Mueller believe “something happened” to the former special counsel over the course of his two-year Russia investigation, according to a reporter.”


      No names, as always, which is tantamount to saying it’s made up by Danny Chaitin. The news media is filled with liars and traitors. As far as I can tell, professional propagandists stopped quoted a sources around 1995.

      Everything they say is attributed to themselves, via the rhetorical device of “unnamed source”.

      They’re not reporters, they’re soliloquists.

      And most of them aren’t even good at that.


      “The Washington Post’s Carol Leonnig, who is the co-author of the new book A Very Stable Genius about President Trump, described on Tuesday how difficult it was for some of Mueller’s close family friends to watch his shaky testimony before Congress last summer.”


      Who are Mueller’s ‘close family friends’?

      It would certainly have bearing on Mueller’s character, and vice-versa, to KNOW who these people are.

      What kind of people are ‘close friends’ with Bob Mueller?

      We’ll never find out from Danny “Soliloquist’ Chaitin…


      “Phil [Rucker] and I, my co-author, we are not medical professionals, but over and over again, John, we heard from people who are very close to Bob Mueller who found him a different person, a changed person, after two years of this investigation,” Leonnig told CNN host John Berman.”


      Translation: Over and over again we heard hearsay, which we’re now repeating to you, so you can report hearsay of our hearsay.


      “They don’t know what that’s about,” Leonnig continued. “Some of them do and haven’t shared that with us. But they know that something happened. He’s a different person. He was stumbling over his words. You saw him in July in his testimony before Congress, there were people that I spoke to who are very, very good family friends of his who said, ‘I couldn’t watch the television anymore, I had to turn it off. It wasn’t the Bob I knew.'”


      Detailed hearsay. Very good, Danny.


      “After a 22-month investigation, Mueller’s team did not find sufficient evidence to establish a criminal conspiracy took place between the Trump campaign and the Russian government. He also declined to make a determination about whether Trump may have obstructed justice but did lay out 10 instances of possible obstruction that Democrats viewed as a road map to continue investigating and possibly seek impeachment. Trump is now facing two articles of impeachment stemming from his dealings with Ukraine.”


      Not from anything having to do with the Mueller investigation and report.

      Nice insinuation though.

      Mueller’s witch-hunt came up with NOTHING, after 2+ years and tens of millions of taxpayer dollars.


      “In their book, Leonnig and Rucker wrote that when Attorney General William Barr met Mueller before his report was released, Mueller read from his notes, and his “hands shook as he held the paper. His voice was shaky, too.” Barr and his deputy, Rod Rosenstein, “couldn’t help but worry about Mueller’s health.”


      And what was THEIR source, Danny?

      The hearsay express motors on… your college professors must be so proud… assuming you actually went to school for journalism, of course.


      “The Washington Post reported in July that Mueller’s team denied rumors that the then-74-year-old’s cognitive acuity was wavering, prompting Democrats to compel him to appear publicly. His resulting performance had some Democrats privately questioning whether Mueller was all there mentally.”


      The Washington Post? You mean the rogue government L.I.R. (leak interface of record)? And what was THEIR source, Danny?


      “It was a painful reminder that age catches up to all of us,” one unnamed House Democrat who questioned Mueller said at the time.”


      Wait, is he admitting that ALL House democrats covered up 9/11?


      “Here you have this Vietnam hero and this post-Sept. 11 FBI director.”


      Who said he was hero? Could you not at least document that part, Danny? It should be a matter of public record.

      Follow up question: How long does ‘hero status’ last, if it turns out that you later become a traitor to your country?


      “You could tell he was having a hard time hearing, and it was like, ‘Ugh! This is not how I want him to be remembered.”


      Yes, poor Mueller.

      It’s so sad when people who set out to destroy an innocent man (and our Republic with it) are beset by bad optics.

      Cry me a river, Danny.


      Some critics, Berman said, believe Mueller just was not up to grappling with the “modern era of political warfare and may have got gamed out by the presidency.”


      Oh yeah, no doubt COUP figurehead Bob Mueller is pure as the driven snow, a real Bambi in a viper pit, LOL!

      Big war hero turned head of the FIB for what, TWELVE years? But he’s just a babe lost in the political woods… you should be ashamed, Danny.


      “Many of our sources felt…”



      Whoa, whoa, whoa…. feelings….

      (Source: Andy Williams)


      “…very strongly that Bob Mueller was playing a 1950s Boy Scout game,” Leonnig said.


      You mean he’s a pedophile who molests little boys?

      Well why didn’t you say something sooner Danny? Talk about burying the lede…


      “He was being an honorable icon and standard-bearer of the Department of Justice,”


      Oh yeah, sure, the ‘honorable icon’ leading a COUP against the president of the United States.

      After he covered up the MURDER of over THREE THOUSAND Americans from 9/11.

      What, did you forget that part, Danny?

      I didn’t.

      A real image of ‘honor’, Danny…

      And since when is it the job of a “standard bearer of the Department of Just Us” to attempt to overthrow the president of the United States?


      “In early October, it was announced that Mueller had returned to work at the private law firm WilmerHale.”


      Hey Danny, why did you stop there? Isn’t there anything your readers might be interested to know about WilmerHale, e.g., current and former partners and employees, the kind of work they generally do, controversial cases they’ve handled, etc.?

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      1. Hey Scott, I think we are witnessing self destruction by mueller. His fail over years and a cost of millions are goingto cost him everything. Not only did he fail the swamp masters, but now he’s in Potus crosshairs. He’d be as comfortable as a dog shitting razor blades

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      2. I dont give a fuck about Muelheads mental anyfuckin thing Danny and you sure wont get a single give a fuck from ANY American Patriots, were back
        Justice WILL be served or AMERICA WILL REVOLT!!!!!!!!
        Love your post Scott, rockin as always.

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  2. You couldn’t make this shit up!

    Adam Schiff caught ‘fabricating’ evidence in huge blow to Democrats in Senate Impeachment trial. l

    He took a series of text messages about a “Mr Z” and claimed they were talking about setting up a meeting with Zelensky, when later, in a section of text message he redacted, it was clearly stated Mr Z was a completely different Ukrainian. So he lnowingly hid the parts of the texts which showed what he was saying was completely false.

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  3. Joe Biden promises to turn the US into a sanctuary nation for drunk-driving illegals. The problem they have, if I am right about them importing assets, is the immigrants they want to keep most will tend to be agents, which are usually low-quality people willing to betray their own. These aren’t natural patriots or principled people. They are either natural traitors, or people who are doing things so bad that their behavior can be used against them to forcibly turn them.

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            1. Ouch. Looks like there’s still a lot of underbrush on the ground…

              And they say the aborigines are primitive – I think they’ve got it backwards…

              (Looking closer at it, what is that? A BB-Roo?)…

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              1. Yep. Little one. Couldn’t get over the fence. I’m sorry for it but hope Potus has the whole cabal ring fenced with the paddock on fire

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    1. That would be great!

      Speaking of guests, it looks like Schumer may have encountered Harvey the Rabbit and “the Shadow” on the way in. Seems he’s spooked (and the people around him are really wondering what’s up)…

      H/T Larry Ledwick over at Chiefio… the crazy, it burns… (hope this posts OK, sorry if not)…

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      1. that left a little pause for the cause…..had to watch it a dozen times to analyze…when I went to their twitter feed, they posted the original feed clip, and the person next to the blond (Feinstein was also reacting…)

        they are all on SOMETHING…..I swear…..between Schiff’s mega bags under his eyes (he looked like absolute crap) Something’s up, beyond the normal weirdness…..

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        1. Yep. It really looks like there are DARK forces (Ephesians 6:10) at work there. And we need to pray that GOD shines HIS light on this, that people see the evil, chicanery, and lies going on, and that HE puts a stop to it and cleans it up!

          Ephesians 6:10-18 says what’s really happening, and what we should do, for there are indeed dark forces at work:

          10 Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might.

          11 Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.

          12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

          13 Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.

          14 Stand therefore, having your loins girt about with truth, and having on the breastplate of righteousness;

          15 And your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace;

          16 Above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked.

          17 And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God:

          18 Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, and watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all saints;

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          1. Thank you for posting this- I will pray on this when I eventually go to sleep (the little bit of chocolate I had when I arrived back home from Davos and the overall excitement of the day has kept me up, and reading all of these posts is just too riveting!)

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      2. Schumer sold his soul so long ago, that he now can see his demon handlers.

        But the stress on him must be taking it’s toll, for him to talk to them openly like that.

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      3. Cry’n chuckster…body language reflects he knows he and the dumrats are losers.

        Pleased with their misery.

        Hope the Rs are also miserable, and will vote to end this fucking charade after lying dumrats present 24 hours of lies and whining. Followed by President trump’s team verbally flogging dumrats on national TV.

        And, i suppose we have an obligatory question period. Hope the Rs are crafting very pointed jabs at schitty, nonads…highlighting dumrats lies…

        Then, finally end this shit show.

        BTW, wonder if there has been an RBG sighting lately. It would be soooo funny, AND great to have a SC seat open as this shampeachment is shutdown. 😉

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  4. The more I hear these idiots drone on about their nothingburger of an impeachment, half-assed based on innuendo and water-cooler gossip among the “interdisciplinary” “big thinkers” of our obviously corrupt intelligence and diplomatic corps, with Schumer’s ELEVEN amendments where the Dem House didn’t do their job and now want the Senate to do it for them, the more I think this thing needs “remanded” back to the House where they can do it right or shove it up their collective asses. And I think this may be the majority position of the Senators as this embarrassment drags on.

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      1. They’re going to attempt a do-over, so a flat “do it right or GTFO” will help the Senate keep from getting roped into it over and over and over and over and over. A note about, “we were quietly doing The People’s business, confirming judges, and you interrupted us for this joke?!?!?!?” would help put things on the right footing.

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  5. I am ready to see some carnage inflicted on the Dirty Dems!

    We were told “It will be Biblical”.
    We were told they were going to bring the whole corrupt thing down.

    Yes, please.
    We want this…we need to see this shit start happening.

    I want to see some smiting. I want to see some carnage!

    Our guys are being polite and eloquent and reserved.
    While the Demonicrats are slithering and lying and arrogantly flaunting their lawlessness.

    Make it stop!

    These demonic fucktards should all be bursting into flames they are so toxic.
    They don’t deserve to be breathing the same air that our righteous President breathes!

    Fuck them all with the barbed cock of Satan!

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    1. Yeah … makes me wonder how far they can continue stretching the rubber band. This scampi peach mint thing has already gone past jumping several sharks and over into Monty Python grade exaggeration. As in when you think they’ve reached the apex of absurdity or have no more rabbits to pull out of their hats, a slew of more absurdity or rabbits or whatever is forthcoming, no questions or explanations, until it almost becomes tedious.

      Cue Mr Creosote and his wafer-thin mint — that’s probably one of the nastiest, grossest, yet morbidly funny scenes they did. Requiescat in pacem Terry Jones.

      But at some time it has to stop, with prejudice so there won’t be a third fabrication project, after the Russia Collusion and the Ukraine Excess. No idea if this is possible or maybe there is some question of precedence, so it remains to be seen. At least there should have been some clear references to the US code for this to be anything other than frivolous or vexatious.

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    2. wheatietoo the trap is set but the rats ae not yet in the trap. Give it some time and then thy all enyoy the cheese the trap will spring and it will be ugly. I might even feel sorry for them because their cry will be heard far and wide.

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  6. Ok, my carriage is turning into a pumpkin. It’s been a wild day- keep up with this Scampeachment Mad as Hell and I’m not gonna take it anymore- Rants! It will be delicious to read with my morning coffefe 😉

    Night all from Switzerland!

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  7. The more this shampeachment continues, the more eager I am for November to arrive…so I can cast my vote and watch the meltdown all over again.

    Also, screw anyone who is STILL willing to be blinded by hatred and not accept the fact that the shampeachment is a in-your-face attempt to subvert our effin’ will!

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