Dear KAG: 20200122 Open Thread

Hopefully, everyone is keeping warm in this “climate change” PSYCH of regular winter weather.

In the interest of conserving server space, Wednesdays will see some recycled header images. I mean, it is hump day after all.

It is also the anniversary of one of the most disastrous Supreme Court decisions ever handed down. 47 years ago the unborn children of America were deprived of their right to life by bench fiat. Since that time, over 60 million Americans have been murdered in the name of “choice.” On Friday, Americans from all over will descend on Washington to protest the decision that still stands despite decades of challenges.

In honor of VSGPDJT being at Davos in Switzerland, here’s a little mood music from the American perpective.

Welcome back to the previously scheduled Wednesday Open Thread!

Okay, so here’s the deal. This is the open thread. This is where we all come to get the news that other Q tree inhabitants think is worth knowing and sharing. Please, post links to any “news” stories quoted, and ask for help if you are stumped as to how to do that. We’re a friendly lot. Someone will be with you shortly, and there is no reason to have to press one for English.

Free speech, and the open exchange and hashing out of ideas is not only allowed, but encouraged. If we all don’t use it, we’re going to lose it. There are, however, limits to civility, and those limits are strictly observed here. We are all on the same team. No personal threats, baiting, name calling and other behavior you would not want someone else to do to you is allowed.

Manners, i.e., “please” and “thank you” for requests of rescuing comments from “the bin” are greatly appreciated.

Yes, it can be rough to temper speech. However, those who would like to slog it out from the comfort of the seat behind your keyboard, Wolf has provided a venue known as the UTree. Please, take it there where this is allowed to happen:

And now for some house keeping:

There are a few rules here in the branches of the Q Tree. Our host, Wolfm00n, outlined them in a post on New Years Day 2019. Please, review these rules from time to time, maybe while waiting for the defrosters to get rolling while warming up the car in this global warming climate change deep freeze that’s happening.

Fellow tree dweller Wheatie gave us some good reminders on the basics of civility in political discourse:

  1. No food fights.
  2. No running with scissors.
  3. If you bring snacks, bring enough for everyone.

Steve suggests – to be accurate – no shooting at the nuclear weapons, but to be safe about it, don’t event point firearms toward them. I, Deplorable Patriot, bossy chick that I am, request no teasing the animals, pets and wildlife alike. FG&C asks that you wash your hands, wipe down all non in-home surfaces, and take some vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc, and get plenty of rest.

And please, pretty please with sugar on top, no celebratory gunfire…at least not indoors. Concealed carry is encouraged though.

Teasing and trolling the lefties and their bastions, on the other hand is a moral imperative. I will say this one aged well.


From today’s first reading from the First Book of Samuel, Chapter 17 (the whole reading is long):

With his shield bearer marching before him,
the Philistine also advanced closer and closer to David.
When he had sized David up,
and seen that he was youthful, and ruddy, and handsome in appearance,
the Philistine held David in contempt.
The Philistine said to David,
“Am I a dog that you come against me with a staff?”
Then the Philistine cursed David by his gods
and said to him, “Come here to me,
and I will leave your flesh for the birds of the air
and the beasts of the field.”
David answered him:
“You come against me with sword and spear and scimitar,
but I come against you in the name of the LORD of hosts,
the God of the armies of Israel that you have insulted.
Today the LORD shall deliver you into my hand;
I will strike you down and cut off your head.
This very day I will leave your corpse
and the corpses of the Philistine army for the birds of the air
and the beasts of the field;
thus the whole land shall learn that Israel has a God.
All this multitude, too,
shall learn that it is not by sword or spear that the LORD saves.
For the battle is the LORD’s and he shall deliver you into our hands.”

The Philistine then moved to meet David at close quarters,
while David ran quickly toward the battle line
in the direction of the Philistine.
David put his hand into the bag and took out a stone,
hurled it with the sling,
and struck the Philistine on the forehead.
The stone embedded itself in his brow,
and he fell prostrate on the ground.
Thus David overcame the Philistine with sling and stone;
he struck the Philistine mortally, and did it without a sword.
Then David ran and stood over him;
with the Philistine’s own sword which he drew from its sheath
he dispatched him and cut off his head.

As always, prayers for the fight against that which seeks to enslave us are welcome.

Back to our regularly scheduled news from Davos and beyond.

421 thoughts on “Dear KAG: 20200122 Open Thread

  1. Recycled camels for the win!

    Now the Dems are debating an amendment to subpoena John Bolton. Hearing them present lie after lie is like being in an alternate reality. I’m SO ready for the hammer to drop.

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  2. Morning all.
    Recycling pics is a great idea to save server space. Making me paranoid. I did a deep dive yesterday and we have a LOT of winners in the files, just takes a while to scroll through and find a gem.
    Davos is rockin!
    Haven’t slept in 2 days and haven’t done that since college. Too excited. No Red Bull either. I feel a crash coming pretty soon. Won’t be pretty.

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      1. Can’t explain it.
        I’m so happy.
        It’s all coming together.
        And darn it if we’re still not surprised on almost a daily basis.
        Impeachment is the most boring thing we’ve ever seen. TOTAL collapse in the Senate for the Dems. Does anyone think young idealistic voters who are addicted to their cell phones and constant stimulation would EVER watch 13 hours of Senate arguments?
        Every day for two weeks?

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    1. I saw that one. He sure did, Harry.
      You know, the best place for the Senate hearings is in the overnight.
      At least the hearings are better than reruns or info-mercials.

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    2. Pretty soon the Dim “managers” will be drawing for the short straw to see who has to get up next to be crucified by Cipollone and team on National TV. My only regret is that Maxine Waters isn’t on the team! 😂

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  3. Jay Sekulow is on fire. 🔥 He said that Nadler just said, “executive privilege and other nonsense” — shredding the Constitution. “Treacherous.” To me, this would set the stage for a motion to dismiss at some point. We’ll see.

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    1. This is actually ELECTION INTERFERENCE!!!

      It is partisan political activity – YouTube, Facebook and Twitter should be fined for such activity – and forced to Cease and Desist™

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  4. This is the link I tried to post three times yesterday with no success. I will try to post it without any quotes from it.

    It is a short article but a real eye opener so please read. Copy to a new tab and remove *


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  5. It’s Elazig Cherry. Comes from Turkey.
    Highest quality cost me about $10/sq ft + shipping for slabs.
    But it in Italy and it’s called Rosso Levanto. Cost is about $40/sq ft + shipping
    Install, retail, for work like this………. $250-300/sq ft.
    It’s beautiful.

    Work is done in slab form, the most difficult to work with. See the fascia underneath the counter? It locks the marble all in place. See the short stack pieces under the counter? That’s so the counter won’t tip.
    It’s probably NOT MOVED in 200 yrs.

    See the trim running up the sides of the Chair?
    It’s book-matched in slab form, meaning matching slabs. And it’s hung. Have any idea what a difficult install this is?
    It’s a masterpiece.

    Well done Masons.

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    1. I’m seeing a pic of the face of the stone, and not the constructed item you’re describing.

      Incidentally, when we remodeled our kitchen in 2004, we put in slab granite countertops and went all over the place looking at slabs. There’s a whole lot more out there than Home Depot’s “Baltic Brown”.

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    1. He’s probably hoping for neutered justice, because he knows (or should) that sooner or later Eternal JUSTICE will catch up with him…


    1. M3.6? Don’t make me laugh. I used to live in Santa Clarita — we’d feel a bump and look at a hanging lamp to see if it was a quake for anything up to a 5.

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      1. Yep, same here. We had a swag lamp (to go with our shag carpet and avacado green appliances…the 70s died hard 🙂 ) that was our quake indicator and occasional foucalt pendulum…

        Too small and far away from Hollyweird to be of any use 🙂

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  6. Donald Trump is planning to add Nigeria and six other countries to his travel ban – which could extend to more non-Muslim-majority nations

    The administration is considering adding Belarus, Eritrea, Kyrgyzstan, Myanmar, Nigeria, Sudan and Tanzania
    Countries being considered are said to have failed to meet State Department standards on biometrics, information-sharing and counter-terrorism measures

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  7. Prob the least of his problems
    EXCLUSIVE: Hunter Biden is ordered to show up at Arkansas court next week and show why he shouldn’t be held in contempt for not turning over his financial records in child support case

    Hunter Biden has been ordered to show up at an Arkansas court next Wednesday, according to new court papers obtained by
    Judge Holly Meyer ordered him on Tuesday to show his face in the Independence County court room or face being held in contempt

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  8. Mexico begins flying and busing migrants back to Honduras | PBS NewsHour
    Mexico begins flying and busing migrants back to Honduras


    “Mexican authorities distributed no water or food to those who entered illegally, in what appeared to be an attempt by the government to wear out the migrants.”

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    She was the one photographed naked combing a female staffer’s hair in her three-way marriage. NO cause of death released, but we are assured there was no foul play. When McMaster lost his position at the White House, Q implied Cabal killed his father at the nursing home to send the message that it did not tolerate failure. Is this why Amy Robach had to stop and swallow hard when recalling the moment she heard Epstein was killed?

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    1. Brits still having problems identifying MOSLEMS as MOSLEMS. And PAKIstan is NOT part of Asia… they do not have Sino features…

      Protect the criminals at all costs.

      From Great Britiain
      Not-so-Great Britain
      the sun has set on the British Empire…
      the world’s biggest Khan job…

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  10. Qasem Soleimani, Obvious Parody
    Apparently if I get to 66.6k followers a demon is automatically summoned.

    I don’t get what’s so great about it though. I see Hillary down here all the time.

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          1. I always take screenshots of juicy tweets or whatnot. Deletion is always a risk. Pays off like crazy. And it’s a great way of sneaking stuff out of Facebook’s walled garden. Then just host them on an image site.

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  11. nice change!
    Yesterday a caravan of roughly 2,500 migrants stopped trying to cross Mexico’s southern border by bridge and instead waded across the river and attempted to get past a line of Mexican National Guardsmen waiting on the other side. That led to some rock-throwing by both sides but hundreds of migrants wound up being taken into custody by the Mexican authorities. Today, those migrants are already being deported by bus and by plane.

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  12. “Disturbing” is putting it mildly. This man should not be in congress. A jail cell is more like it.

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  13. Verse of the Day

    “Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith; who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God.”
    Hebrews 12:2 (KJV)

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              1. from blue…

                “Morning duchess. Good to see you.

                No word from Weeper for about two weeks. She was back in the hospital for something and lurking. She saw a warrior angel I posted and jumped in for a bit.”

                Keep praying for Weep, Pat!

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              2. She is a fighter, Pat – at least in the hospital – she will have help – hopefully, the angels are keeping her room clean – and her comfortable – I asked God to send them – so I know they are there with her – 🙂

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  14. so American Oversight received 190 pages of information from the OMB in a FOIA and claims it totally shows the President involved in Ukraine scheme…but isn’t American Oversight a Soros funded org?
    The documents include previously unreleased relevant email communications, American Oversight tweeted, but there are heavy redactions throughout.

    “President Trump’s lawyers stood in the Senate on Tuesday arguing that documents are totally unnecessary for the impeachment trial, but these documents give lie to that entire position,” American Oversight’s executive director Austin Evers said, according to Axios

    “Despite the Trump Administration’s obstruction and the rhetoric at the trial, the public can now see even more evidence of the president’s corrupt scheme as it unfolded in real-time. The volume of material released, and the volume of material still secreted away, only highlights how much the administration has withheld from the House, the Senate, and the American public.”


    1. From

      AO’s personnel consists entirely of committed Democrat activists, attorneys, strategists, and political operatives, many of whom have close ties to the Party’s most powerful figures and to organizations that promote all manner of Democrat agendas. Below is a list of some of AO’s key players during 2017-18:

      • Executive Director Austin Evers served as Senior Counsel in the U.S. State Department under President Barack Obama.

      • Chief Counsel John Bies spent eight years in the Obama Administration’s Justice Department – first as Counselor to Attorney General Eric Holder, and then as a Deputy Assistant Attorney General in the Office of Legal Counsel.

      • Senior Advisor Melanie Sloan is a former federal prosecutor and Capitol Hill staffer who has worked for Senator Charles Schumer, Senator Joe Biden, and Rep. John Conyers. Sloan also founded Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), and is an Advisory Board member of Restore Public Trust.

      • Counsel Cerissa Cafasso served in the Obama Administration’s Labor Department as Counselor to the Deputy Secretary and to the Solicitor.

      • Communications Associate Lane Corrigan was formerly a press intern for the Democratic staff of the Senate Homeland Security and the Governmental Affairs Committee during Barack Obama’s presidency.

      • Deputy Director for Outreach and Operations Ty Diringer worked on Hillary Clinton‘s 2016 presidential campaign.

      • Investigations Director Miranda Keating formerly served as the Research Director at People For the American Way, where she headed that organization’s “Right Wing Watch” project.

      • Communications Director Clark Pettig oversaw communications in Michigan and Virginia for President Obama’s 2012 reelection campaign.

      • Investigative Counsel Sarah Studley was once employed by David Brock‘s American Bridge 21st Century; she also served as Counsel and Senior Policy Adviser to the Michigan Senate Democrats.

      • Web Editor Amanda Teuscher was formerly the Managing Editor at The American Prospect magazine.

      • Digital Associate Christina Tudor previously organized events and created social media plans for her local Planned Parenthood branch; worked as a Communications Intern at the Institute for Public Accuracy; and served as a Civic Engagement Intern and Fellow at “Young People For,” a program of the People For the American Way Foundation.

      AO Board Member Caroline Fredrickson also serves as the current President of the American Constitution Society. She previously was the Chief of Staff to Democratic Senator Maria Cantwell; the Deputy Chief of Staff to Democratic Senator Tom Daschle; the Director of the ACLU’s Washington legislative office; and the General Counsel to NARAL Pro-Choice America.

      Another AO Board Member, Kyle Herrig, is the Director of Research and Strategic Communications at the New Venture Fund, a 501(c)(3) public charity that took in $358 million in 2016 and has funneled millions of dollars to left-wing advocacy groups like Media Matters for America and the Center for American Progress.

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  15. Just watched VSG’s press conference from Davos.

    It is impossible to love or respect this man more.

    I was so encouraged by the fact that he kept saying “let’s see how this all turns out.” Something tells me he knows how this will all turn out, and it will not be good for the corrupt sleazebags.

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  16. Donald J. Trump Retweeted

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  17. Donald J. Trump Retweeted

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