News Roundup! Housing Construction Jumps Nearly 17% In December, Single-Family Homebuilding Boom In the Midwest & South, All 3 Indexes Set Records, Larry Kudlow’s Interview, NAM President’s Interview, Sledgehammer Against China, PDJT Tweets About Bernie Getting Screwed, PDJT’s Birthday Present For Michelle Obama, Jerry Nadler’s Brother Was Caught In Iraq, PDJT Hosts LSU’s Football Team At the WH, PDJT Tweets About Virginia & 2nd Amendment, The Supreme Leader Is Scared, First Family In Mar-a-Lago This Weekend…..

The Economic Train is giddy because of the trade deals that gone done this week. She is paying our President and country back BIGLY.

The Commerce Department announced U.S. housing starts in December jumped an amazing 16.9% in December with 1.608 million units. It once again blew away the forecast expectation of 1.375 million units. This was the largest gain since 2006.

From the article linked above:

Construction of new homes surged in December to the highest level in 13 years, capping a year in which falling mortgage rates and a strong labor market helped lift the prospects of the housing industry.

The Commerce Department reported Friday that builders started construction on 1.61 million homes at a seasonally adjusted annual rate in December, up 16.9% from the November pace of home building.

Housing construction has been rising since July, helped by falling mortgage rates and increased demand as the unemployment rate approached a half-century low. For the year, builders started work on a total of 1.29 million homes, the best showing since 2007.

The December building rate was the strongest number since December 2006 during the last housing boom.

I absolutely love this nugget that was reported. The South and the Midwest were willing to take a chance on our President. It is paying off in a BIG way!

From the article linked above:

Single-family homebuilding, which accounts for the largest share of the housing market, jumped 11.2% to a rate of 1.055 units in December, the highest level since June 2007. Single-family housing starts rose in the Midwest and the populous South. They, however, fell in the Northeast and West.

Once again all 3 indexes (DJIA, S&P 500 and Nasdaq Composite) set new records yesterday!

Larry Kudlow joined Varney to discuss all the Winning we are seeing under MAGAnomics.

National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) President and CEO Jay Timmons describes how President Donald Trump has “delivered Bigly” for manufacturers, noting that “promises are being kept” on tax reform, regulation, and trade.

Our President is putting in place a SLEDGEHAMMER to destroy China if they decide to try an embarrass him by reneging on the phase one deal.

From the article linked above:

Officials in India and the U.S. are preparing a limited bilateral trade agreement that could be unveiled during a visit by President Trump to New Delhi in the coming weeks, current and former government officials in both countries said.

The pact, described by a former U.S. government official as a “mini-deal,” could ease some of the U.S.’s longstanding concerns with India’s trade and economic practices, while in return restoring India’s preferential trade status, allowing the nation to ship billions of dollars of duty-free…

I absolutely LOVE the fact our President is talking about what the Establishment Democrats are doing once again to Bernie Sanders. If they screw him, not only will it cause the Party to splinter, they will burn it down by voting for our President in November or just sitting the election out.

Our President sees the game and tweets about it:

Our President is right! Grab plenty of popcorn for the show.

Our President decided to give the former FLOTUS a birthday gift!

From the article linked above:

The Trump administration on Friday announced plans to roll back school lunch standards on vegetables and fruits originally promoted by Michelle Obama, unveiling the proposal on the former first lady’s birthday.

The new standards will allow schools more flexibility “because they know their children best,” the Agriculture Department said in a press release.

“Schools and school districts continue to tell us that there is still too much food waste and that more common-sense flexibility is needed to provide students nutritious and appetizing meals. We listened and now we’re getting to work,” Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue said in a statement.

We captured Jerry Nadler’s brother in Iraq.

From the article linked above:

A morbidly obese ISIS fanatic dubbed “Jabba the Jihadi” has been captured by Iraqi forces — who loaded him onto a flatbed truck because he couldn’t fit in a police car.

The 560-pound mufti Abu Abdul Bari, also known as Shifa al-Nima, was nabbed Thursday by an elite SWAT team of the Nineveh regiment in the city of Mosul, according to Stars and Stripes.

The jumbo jihadist was known for “provocative speeches against the security forces” and is considered one of the top leaders of “ISIS gangs,” Iraqi security officials said in a statement.

Bari issued religious decrees — or fatwas — ordering the execution of scholars and clerics who refused to pledge allegiance to ISIS when the terror group occupied the city, the statement said.

Yesterday our President honored NCAA Football Champion LSU Tigers with a celebration at the White House.

I am a diehard Michigan Wolverine football fan. The way the LSU players and coaches respected our President will have me rooting for them in the future.

[Video and Transcript Below]

Here are some shorter video clips:

Our President teased the star QB, Joe Burrow, by telling him he thought he was going to give his Heisman Trophy to him.

Our President is having fun with getting impeached.

I have nothing but Love for coach O!

Our President absolutely gets it! He understands that the 2nd Amendment is under attack by the Democrats in the State of Virginia. This is how you win the State in November.

From the article linked above:

Trump’s tweet comes as an uprising to the Democrats’ anti-Second Amendment agenda has swelled across the state as the majority of cities, towns, and counties have declared themselves to be sanctuaries from the proposed unconstitutional restrictions on the Second Amendment.

“The grassroots resistance to Virginia Democrats’ extreme anti-Second Amendment agenda has exploded as nearly 90% of the counties in the state have declared themselves to be sanctuary cities in response to the Democrats’ anti-freedom agenda,” The Daily Wire reported in November. “More than 100 cities, towns, and counties have passed resolutions in preparation for Democrats taking over the state who had indicated a desire to confiscate semi-automatic firearms from law-abiding citizens.”

Who do you think they are voting for.

Our President continues to speak directly to the citizens of Iran. The Mullahs have some serious problems on their hands.

He also had words for Khamenei!

The Supreme Leader is scared! He normally doesn’t lead the Friday prayers. This is the first time in 8 years.

Heshmat is absolutely right!

I hope our First Family enjoys their weekend in Mar-a-Lago.

113 thoughts on “News Roundup! Housing Construction Jumps Nearly 17% In December, Single-Family Homebuilding Boom In the Midwest & South, All 3 Indexes Set Records, Larry Kudlow’s Interview, NAM President’s Interview, Sledgehammer Against China, PDJT Tweets About Bernie Getting Screwed, PDJT’s Birthday Present For Michelle Obama, Jerry Nadler’s Brother Was Caught In Iraq, PDJT Hosts LSU’s Football Team At the WH, PDJT Tweets About Virginia & 2nd Amendment, The Supreme Leader Is Scared, First Family In Mar-a-Lago This Weekend…..

      1. Dittos. Aubergine, could we assume he has some emotional eating problems? I’d like to give him some “psychological” counseling. Perhaps over dinner after he goes through a car wash.

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      1. Lol.
        He might look slimmer if he had a better tailor. Hee,hee.
        He’d have my sympathy if he wasn’t a killer.
        Have to pray for his conversion before trial and his punishment.

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      2. DP – I’m sorry, but I believe NoNads Nadler has already claimed the title of Penguin forever. I mean, the guy’s an exact doppelgänger, right down to the way he waddles around the halls of congress. Bwhahah!

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  1. Pelosi uses $15,000.00 worth of bullet pens to impeach the president.

    President Trump uses a $1.99 Sharpie to sign a $2 Billion trade deal with China. That’s the difference in a business man and a worthless professional politician.

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    1. GEE, New Yorkers aren’t you HAPPY you voted DEMON-RAT? Now these FELONS are lose to rape your children and wives, steal from you, beat you up and even KILL YOU!

      Why not CHANGE and vote Republican this time???

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      1. Not all of NY is Democrat – nor did they vote for the Demon Governor and NYC Mayor – Fraud is rampant – the results were not what the people wanted – NYC and Albany rule the state – not representative government at all – now they are giving illegals drivers’ licenses – so they can vote Democrat!

        Remember – the Legislature applauded their infanticide ruling! These people are evil!!!

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        1. Duchess, I was born in NYC and lived all over the state until I left when I was thirty. Upstate was beautiful and the DemonRats DESTROYED it. We should have cut NYC off from the rest of the state back when it was first floated decades ago.

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          1. So – it is true – NYC bureaucrats run the state – and that is why there was a movement to disconnect it with the rest of the state – too bad it was not successful – from what I have heard – upstate did not support that ugly governor – and NYC has gone down the tubes because of that liberal mayor – what a shame!!!

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      2. NY, CA….Republicans ought to start running with, “What the hell have you got to lose”? AFTER highlighting crime, homeless, rampant drug use and crap in the streets…

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  2. reposting from GAB:
    No planes in the Richmond airspace during the protest day either. Question for the group- have we ever witnessed this level of ‘proactiveness’ in such a vocal way before? It just is totally bizarre and uncharted territory the way they are ramping up against the event. I keep trying to view it through the eyes of someone who hasn’t been a part of the journey of Q, Gab, WCTH, the Great Awakening….and I cannot fathom how they are reacting to this, and not have some of the hairs on the back of their neck stand up.

    Q Research Notables
    Posted in Great Awakening
    FAA declares airspace over Richmond, VA ‘National Defense Airspace’ until after Lobby Day.

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    1. I just reposted your entire comment on Wolfies thread under my comment (with credit) so all the weird crap happening in Virginia is all in the same place.

      We need a separate thread as this crapstorm heats up.

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    2. Gov. BlackFace is hoping for a fight so that he can point the finger and say, “See, I told you so! These right wing, gun toting activists are crazy. We were right to pass legislation to take away their guns.” Don’t fall for it folks – don’t take the bait.

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  3. Repeat!

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  4. thank you Flep for the TRUTH!
    it’s gotta be killing the “regular” news to post anything positive about this economy–but there’s no other kind of news about THIS economy!!!

    thanks for the all the clips too!!

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    1. Lots of Calcium, Magnesium and Zinc to build strong bones and lots of protein to build strong muscles.

      I just hope he learns to stand up straight and tall. My ex-brother had to duck for doorways and ended up with a slouch.

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  5. WATCH: CNN’s Ukraine Foreign Minister Interview EXONERATES President Trump

    As discussed on yesterday’s episode of War Room: Impeachment, CNN International interviewed Ukraine foreign minister Vadym Prystaiko who effectively cleared President Trump of any wrong doing and further implicated the Democrats in a sham impeachment process.

    CNN barely mentioned the interview again after it first aired. Surprise, surprise!

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    1. I am listening what POTUS says and Jay Seculow who I really like and support.
      I am sure they know what they are up against and who Dershowitz is and that he stands for the Constitution.
      The Constitution is blind not political and takes no sites . The Constitution as written is.
      I am more concerned about the Mitts and other GOP POTUS traitors who want to destroy POTUS and in proxy us.
      Since I cannot do anything about it except vote I am putting the whole affair into God’s Hands and trust and hope.
      Everyone sees to know better and it is getting worse one does not know who is friend or foe and I am not going to allow these insecure people to play me.
      Everyone stay strong “All will be well” 🙂

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      1. Amen goes right there, sing! We must ‘Let Go and Let God’ – we must trust in God with ALL of our hearts – lean not on our own understanding – acknowledge Him in all of our ways – and He will make our path straight!

        We know President Trump has enemies in the Senate – and we know who they are – however – they cannot overturn what God has planned for this man! They will only sink their own prospects – and God will not let them touch His ‘anointed’ one!

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    1. Good Grief…

      I just went down a rabbit hole called ‘Cheri Jacobus’
      She is a journalist with USA Today (until they tossed her) and appears on the Fake News circuit.

      She is claiming Lev Parnas worked for Fred Trump when Donald Trump worked for his father and that Lev Parnas’ son worked on the Trump campaign. BFD I worked on the campaign and so did a lot of the rest of us.

      I think this Twitchy says it all. It is what got her tossed off USA Today but NOT TOSSED OFF TWITTER! 😲

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      1. Like failed companies, they reinvent themselves – unfortunately – you cannot change who you are – the rot from the inside keep reappearing on the outside the moment you open your foolish mouth.

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        1. She seems Batshiff crazy to me. On the other hand I have not watched TV for forty-five years so she may be ‘normal’ for what passes as Journalists these days.

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          1. Not a TV watcher, either – however – I have to agree with you – something is definitely wrong with her – cannot put my finger on it – but, liberals make no sense to me anyway.


    1. Since the Caribbean is his old stomping ground, I wouldn’t be surprised if McAfee knew an awful lot more than what is coming out. Could also explain why so many people were (are?) after him.

      With his geek knowledge and skills, he probable has access to sources most folks could only dream of. And maybe the US gov. will need his help on an Apple phone after all…

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    1. Liked by 4 people

        1. Well – that is just one man’s opinion –

          President Trump is a staunch 2nd Amendment defender – why wouldn’t he offer his take on the events – more like the Democrats are drawn into this infraction of our constitutional rights than PT – I think that was more of the reason for his tweet –

          Does that mean anyone who disagrees with what is going on in VA is now attached to it? Duh – We are all attached to it – this blatant infringement of 2nd Amendment rights anywhere in the nation affects us all!

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    1. he and Warren will be pushed out of the race to make room for Biden…so they can really push the bogus Ukraine crap…..namely, that PDJT considered Biden to be such fierce threatening competition, he had to “smear” and tarnish him etc…LOLOL… right

      …and I can not wait for the debate between Slow Joe and PDJT…

      competition, my ass.

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  6. “The Demo☭rat Party is PROGRESSIVELY ROTTING American cities to DEATH.”
    … [Credit to smiley2 post above]
    • Governments who remove your FREEDOMS.
    • Legislators who tax your INCOMES.
    • Politicians who loot your WEALTH.
    • Regulators who strangle your BUSINESSES.
    • Monopolists who bribe your LEADERS.
    • Oligarchs who drain your ECONOMY.
    • Corporations who invade your PRIVACY.
    • Judges who thwart your RIGHTS.
    • Lawyers who drain your ASSETS.
    • Media who cover for CORRUPTION.
    • Entertainers who undermine your VALUES.
    • Atheists who undermine your RELIGION.
    • Anarchists who assault your FRIENDS.
    • Abortionists who destroy your FAMILIES.
    • Educators who brainwash your CHILDREN.
    • Islamists who rape your WOMEN.
    • Foreigners who take your JOBS.
    • Migrants who suppress your WAGES.
    • Illegals who cancel your VOTES.
    • Vagrants who dump on your STREETS.
    • Criminals who steal your PROPERTY.
    • Governors who prevent your PROSPERITY.
    • Mayors who threaten your SAFETY.
    • Tyrants who take your GUNS.

    “What the HELL do you have to LOSE!”

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    1. This article has the story:

      “The conservative non-profit Freedom Watch and its general counsel Larry Klayman, a former federal prosecutor, filed the complaint on behalf of Loomer on Friday, charging Tlaib with assault and battery and religious discrimination.”

      GO! LARRY!

      I really wish we were wealthy there are so many who I would like to support with $$$

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  7. SPIT!!! It has ‘Officially Started’

    The FBI Arrests Three White Supremacists Ahead of Monday’s Pro-Gun Rally in Virginia

    the FBI has arrested three alleged white-supremacists on federal gun and alien-harboring charges. There were concerns that these men were planning to engage in violence at a pro-gun rally scheduled for Monday in Richmond, VA. The annual rally called “Lobby Day” has been organized by the Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL).

    The Post reports:

    tThe charges announced Thursday grew from an investigation of a collection of online extremists who refer to themselves as “the Base,” which is the English translation of al-Qaeda. According to experts who track hate groups, its members promote racist views and seek to unite different hate groups in preparation for a race war.


    So there is that hate group ‘The Base’ again who none of us ever heard of.

    This is the other story that just showed up.

    …David Holden, the president of a small synagogue in rural Michigan, had never heard of The Base until his house of worship was defaced last fall.

    Vandals targeted Temple Jacob, one of the oldest continuously operating synagogues in the state, by spray-painting swastikas and two SS bolts in black, and authorities believed that members of The Base, a neo-Nazi network, were behind the anti-Semitic graffiti.

    The jarring incident came flooding back to Holden after he learned of the arrests Thursday of three alleged members of the group in a separate case on the East Coast, which has put a renewed focus on the largely decentralized movement spanning chapters in North America and around the world….

    So how come NO ONE ARRESTS ANTIFA?

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    1. “….The Virginia state Capitol building is surrounded by fencing…..”

      if you are STUPID ENOUGH to go to that event, forget the guns, bring a couple of 9/16th and a couple 5/16 wrenches!
      (I have put together more temp. chainlink fence than I want to think about.)

      And yes, SD still thinks president Trump is a naive idiot. This is the reason Brian Cates calls him out on occasion. They had a big dust-up a long while back.

      This thread is pretty much aimed directly AT SD

      Liked by 4 people

    2. Personally I see the Virginia meeting or rally or what ever it is as a trap. POTUS is not naive it is the people who are going to attend. Why walk willingly into a trap?
      Conservative will be set up my people who pretend they are conservative and do something really stupid.
      Just my hunch. There have to be better ways to fight what goes on in Virginia than walking into a trap.
      Just my hunch the whole thing makes me uneasy.

      Liked by 4 people

  8. Oh Oh==Are Pelosi & Schiff eating crow LOL
    Strange man to put in an impeachment hearing—you know a guy who has to wear an ankle bracelet..

    Parnas now denies speaking with Trump despite reports he claimed he had

    Liked by 2 people

    1. It is 3:27 AM and I can not get those video to play. I can not even SHUT THEM OFF. Earlier today I could not get the Judge Jeanine opening in a tweet to play either….

      This has not happened before on my new computer except in the past couple of days.

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      1. Oh, dear – if someone puts up a compilation – I will post it – sorry you had difficulty accessing these videos – for me – it was just a matter of ‘clicking’ on the one I wanted to play – when it comes to the top of the queue – I pressed ‘play’ – it loaded and played – will see what I can find for you!


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