Dear KMAG: 20200118 Open Thread


Welcome! The door is open, come on inside!


This Back to the Fortress Q Tree Saturday Open Thread is VERY OPEN – a place for everybody to post whatever they feel they would like to tell the White Hats, and the rest of the MAGA/KMAG/KAG world (with KMAG being a bit of both).

Free Speech is practiced here at the Q Tree. But please keep it civil.
Discussion of Q is not only allowed but encouraged. Imagine that! We can talk about Q here and not get banned.

Please also consider the Important Guidelines, outlined here. Let’s not give the odious Internet Censors a reason to shut down this precious haven that Wolf has created for us.

With the Storm upon us…please remember to Pray for our President.


Wheatie’s Rules:

    1. No food fights.
    2. No running with scissors.
    3. If you bring snacks, bring enough for everyone.


For your listening enjoyment, I offer this mix of compositions by Fran Soto, titled ‘We Will Prevail’ and ‘Release Your Power’:


Visual Descriptions for our dear Zoe, and for anyone else who may find them helpful:

Header and First Image: Is an enormous Tree standing alone in a clearing with a giant door built into the base of the trunk. A lone figure is approaching the doorway. There are patches of moss and small leafy branches emerging up and down the gnarled trunk.

Second Image: Is an interior room with vaulted ceilings and arched throughways. There is a sturdy-looking couch with throw pillows and nearby armchairs. Behind the couch is a table and chairs…and there are additional seating groups in the adjacent spaces.

Third Image: Is President Trump walking toward Marine One, on a cloudy, overcast day. He is wearing his long black overcoat and looks lost in thought.


This goes out to the Dirty Dems who illegally impeached our President…and to Governor Coonman, who is violating our Constitution:

They are going to experience epic fail:


304 thoughts on “Dear KMAG: 20200118 Open Thread


    ^^^ Trump flag flying on a beautiful Friday in northern NV. Will fly everyday. As does, Old Glory.

    (Hoping pic shows)

    Wheatie, Got a good chuckle with the gals telling off D-rats and Governor black face. AND, D-rat gal spastic crash and burn, so to speak.

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  2. SMH over below Florida Senate committee…controlled by “Republicans”.

    New bill unanimously approved by a republican majority senate committee will be going for a floor vote. Contains:
    -Ban on public private gun sales (must go through FFL on property open to public, such as gun shows)
    -Requires *notarized* bill of sale nearly identical to a 4473 for private sales done outside of FFL
    -Three day waiting period for all gun sales, except for rifles and shotguns to CCW holders who also take hunter’s safety
    -Safe storage requirements preventing access to 18 and under


    IF above anti-gun bill passes FL legislature AND get to Governor DeSantis’ desk, will be quite telling how DeSantis deals with this anti-gun bill.

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      1. I sure hope. if passed it gets taken all the way up to the Supreme Court.

        Tenth Amendment — “all powers not expressly granted to the federal government, and not expressly prohibited to the states, are reserved to the states or the people.”

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  3. free movie on youtube. Powerful romance – at least it tore me up,
    I don’t understand at the end why her time was limited and the officer removed her from the coffin. Seems like after all of those years they would let her have her time to say goodbye. Guess they have a schedule? or maybe ht widows just won’t stop…??

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  4. So the Dirty Democrats brought shiny new pens to do battle with this Great American? Bwahahahaha!!! They really are the Wile E. Coyote’s of modern politics.

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  5. I have been interested in old films lately and ran across one I have never seen called “The House on 92nd Street”.

    I found it totally intriguing. A 1945 spy film about Nazis in America secretly sending top secret military weapons data to Germany. The FBI manages to plant their own agent into this group to hinder atomic bomb plans being exposed to the Nazis. Interesting—except for the lead actors, all FBI agents were actual agents. Amazing the techniques the FBI used for counter intel operations BEFORE computers.

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    1. Ah…same director, Henry Hathaway, who directed this film…(Fourteen Hours)…

      I remember The House On 92nd Street…I think I’ve seen just about every film noir that is available to see. I love those old films.

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      1. I have to believe that our FBI has developed much further than the impressive feats in The House on 92nd Street. It gives me hope that above the low-life Comeys and Strzoks of the world…there are thousands of Patriots in the FBI that are behind the take-down of the Deep State.

        I sometimes wonder if the FBI is behind the Q movement—it would be a fantastic way for the FBI to start to gain trust from the We the People.

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  6. Hope Q/8kun is open normally, and no Grifter Alliance countermeasures are affecting it.

    I have considered the current dearth of Q drops completely normal for this time of year, combined with weeks of heavy news days unusual for the season.* But I was disappointed when transmissions did not resume on Friday, the Qth of the month.

    [* My working hypothesis is that Q is a small team, and that its members have day jobs that involve them in public affairs.]

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    1. Consider the shampeachment. I think it would be improvident for Q to post just about anything while that’s going on. Nothing should detract from what’s coming from our side OR give the Dimms any sort of clues or cause for distraction. Consider the 2 amendment situation in VA. It’s better that Q’s quiet right now, IMHO.

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  7. Woah…what is that!

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    1. The usual same old stuff from Pelosi….

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    2. McConnell is not about to let the DemonRats turn the Sham-peach-mint into a Kavanaugh-level sht show AND NEITHER IS SUPREME COURT JUSTICE ROBERTS!

      Remember this is a TRIAL and the Judge will not allow a sht show if he wants the Supreme court and himself to keep what shreds of reputation they have.

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    1. I think it would be great if no one showed up! Beat them at their own game.
      Let the 2nd Amendment group gather at another location without harassment and leave the Antifa-types twiddling their thumbs….masked, of course, because somehow the Governor doesn’t find that dangerous.
      I know…totally dreaming here. I worry more about the infiltrators that will start the problems and then quietly disappear. Hope there’s going to be lots of drones surveillance and recording.

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      1. “…Hope there’s going to be lots of drones surveillance and recording…..”

        The Drone surveillance is NOT considered evidence per VA law and remember the FIB CONFISCATED all the cell phones at Los Vegas.

        I have put up a lot of info gathered from here and elsewhere up at:

        So all the information is at one place. The IPOT video is very good.

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        1. Good info, Gail. May not be legal evidence in the courts but probably valuable for a benchmark…if, in fact, these Antifa types are going from event to event. What I really meant was for the a Good Guys to have the drone videos for reference.
          I viewed the IPOT…also, good info. He’s one of the sources I like the most.

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        2. One other thought…facts are coming out the Va government is using the very same “corralling” technique they used in Charlottesville…that is, only one exit in and out. Remember the Old West stories of how the Indians used to lead their enemies into a box canyon where they would be sitting ducks? I hope our 2nd Amendment supporters learned from that!

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  8. “Encourage one another…”

    1 Thessalonians 5:11 New International Version (NIV)

    11 Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.

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  9. More Church Intrigue.

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  10. Verse of the Day

    “Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom; teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord.”
    Colossians 3:16 (KJV)

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              1. Hey, Pat! Oh, my – Have not checked our forecast just yet today – thot I saw some of the white stuff in our forecast for the weekend, too – hope you have what you need in the way of supplies – I want to smell the sweets baking from here – have you seen my slipper socks?

                Have a Blessed, Warm Day!

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              2. Oh, thanks for finding them – 🙂

                It’s gonna be another * Hug Your Honey * night tonight – and for days to come here – snow forecast as well – not fun – but God will see us through – of that I am certain – Angels watching over you!

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  11. gambling on POTUS losing reelection…migrants waiting in Mexico
    TAPACUHLA, Mexico — Honduran Katherine Cabrera is among thousands of migrants who didn’t expect to get bottled up in this southern Mexican city, unable to proceed to the American border as planned, because of President Donald Trump’s insistence that Mexico block them with troop deployments and whatever else the Mexicans could come up with.

    New Mexican travel restriction rules required that Cabrera either go home with her newborn child or stay here in Tapachula to apply for Mexican asylum and await an outcome perhaps months in the future. Rather than return home as some have, though, Cabrera said she reached a carefully reasoned-out decision. She’ll stay in Mexico and pursue that asylum claim in a calculated gambit: that Donald Trump will lose the November 2020 election and once the Democrats control the White House, they’ll reverse everything Trump did and reopen the U.S. southern border so that she can finally breach it.

    “I want Trump out!” Cabrera said. “I’ll wait for that because it would make things easier to get in.”

    In this calculus and in their perhaps surprising savvy about national American politics and timing, Cabrera has plenty of company all over Tapachula, where thousands like her have been forced to pool up for long asylum process waits or returns home.

    Dozens of politically woke migrants, like Honduran Wilson Valladaras, recently told CIS their decisions to stay in Mexico were predicated on the Trump-defeat gamble. Valladaras said he would wait for his Mexican asylum approval, move to Tijuana “until Trump leaves”, and then cross over the U.S. border when the Democrats undo his policies because “right now, the Americans will throw you back” to Mexico.

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  12. another caravan forming in Guatemala…see if they are kept from our border…
    GUATEMALA CITY/MEXICO CITY (Reuters) – More than 3,500 Central Americans had poured into Guatemala by Friday in U.S.-bound gatherings known as caravans, officials said, posing a headache for the leaders of Guatemala and Mexico amid fierce U.S. pressure to curb migration.

    President Donald Trump has repeatedly urged the region to prevent such groups of migrants reaching Mexico’s border with the United States, and the latest exodus from Honduras that began on Wednesday has been accompanied by U.S. border agents.

    The migrants, some travelling in groups as small as a dozen people while others formed caravans of more than 100, said they planned to unite at the Guatemalan border city of Tecun Uman before crossing together into Ciudad Hidalgo, Mexico.

    Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said his government was monitoring the situation as the migrants approached, saying there were 4,000 jobs available on the southern border, as well as shelters and medical help.

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  13. 9th Circuit dismisses climate change lawsuit brought against the government by a group of kids…
    The crux of the plaintiffs’ requested remedy is an injunction requiring the government not only to cease permitting, authorizing, and subsidizing fossil fuel use, but also to prepare a plan subject to judicial approval to draw down harmful emissions. The plaintiffs thus seek not only to enjoin the Executive from exercising discretionary authority expressly granted by Congress, see, e.g., 30 U.S.C. § 201 (authorizing the Secretary of the Interior to lease land for coal mining), but also to enjoin Congress from exercising power expressly granted by the Constitution over public lands…

    There is much to recommend the adoption of a comprehensive scheme to decrease fossil fuel emissions and combat climate change, both as a policy matter in general and a matter of national survival in particular. But it is beyond the power of an Article III court to order, design, supervise, or implement the plaintiffs’ requested remedial plan. As the opinions of their experts make plain, any effective plan would necessarily require a host of complex policy decisions entrusted, for better or worse, to the wisdom and discretion of the executive and legislative branches.

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    1. I can’t think of any scenario where kids should be allowed to file a lawsuit. They lack the maturity, wisdom, and knowledge to understand the issues. They are being used by adults.

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      1. They also lack STANDING!

        If a US VOTER, Steve Millory, was told they ‘lack STANDING!’ when EPA almost killed or KILLED a girl when using her in a diesel fumes experiment. {MAJOR INTERNATIONAL CRIME} Then these kids ALSO lack standing.

        More on that EPA human experiment subject.

        I can not find the exact article but this was the case:


        FINALLY a lawsuit!

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      2. When I went looking I found this article of interest.

        Leo Alexander explains why Physicians become Monsters

        ….Leo Alexander MD, chief medical investigator for the Nuremberg Prosecutors of the Nazi physicians, wrote about the corruption of German physicians, the cream of the international physician community.

        Dr. Alexander was a Jew and escaped the Nazis.
        Below is his essay on the results of his investigation that describes the mental state, the vulnerabilities and the horrific experiments that were performed by the highly placed and knowledgeable physicians of the Reich.

        His theories of why such a thing could happen are summarized at the end of the essay and featured here…..

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    1. Intimidation and they are going to push back, hard. People should show uo, with their guns anyway. They must. If they run bc of northams intimidation tactics, it is a win for the state. If Northam does anything or has whichever leo agency behind those lay hands on people, ESP IF THEY DO IT FIRST, it will be very bad for the dimms in tht state, perhaps nationally, just over this 1 day. Thats a powderkeg situation the dimms are pushing. Maybe they want it but patriots need to stand their ground.

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    1. I have had replies from this person w/ no follows & no followers several times…& I’m nobody w/ minimal twitter action…what’s up with this?

      Since I started to re-tweet some stuff about the pending Richmond rally (pretext for expanding government abuse of power & unconstitutionality)…

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      1. I’d block that Jeena account. Joined in Jan, no follows/followers. no tweets Putting you on a list. Devious trolls are out trying to get conservatives banned. Adding you to a list is part of their plan.
        I’m real picky about new followers, if they don’t look right, I block immediately.

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          1. On their tweet, there’s a little down arrow at top right. Click it and you’ll see block listed. OR if you’re on their profile, you’ll see 3 circles to the left of FOLLOW, same drop down option. Good luck!

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        1. No. It was a big nothingburger here. We had some ice yesterday and then the temps went up overnight coupled with rain and it’s gone. Temps are due to drop tonight to bug killing levels. Thankfully, there’s a stiff wind that’s helping to dry things out without knocking over trees.

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              1. That is for sure!!!

                We pray for a good hard frost to kill the bugs and parasitic worms here in NC. (Prefer WITHOUT a blanket of insulating snow.)

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    1. Steve was on the Utree on the 17th. He, like Cthulhu post interesting tidbits about the daily numbered element. I go to the Utree daily. Cthulhu tells jokes along with providing music and information on the daily periodic table element. His jokes are great!

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          1. Oh & now Twitter is letting me follow a lot of people…it was previously allowing less than one follow in sometimes several days…is this more of the herding conservatives into that little corral in the twitterverse where we can create our own echo chamber but don’t get seen more widely?


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    1. “With all the talk about Hunter Biden these days, one might get the impression that he is the only child of a politician to benefit from his parents’ position and the last name they inherited.

      Before Hunter Biden, the son of former Vice President Joseph R. Biden, got his strange but lucrative deal to sit on the board of energy company Burisma Holdings in Ukraine to the tune of $50,000 a month, there was Chelsea Clinton, the only child of former President Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. She was similarly rewarded with jobs and board positions that had absolutely no relationship with that young woman’s interests, life, education or any perceived expertise.

      All of this has racked up to what the New York Post reported back in 2015 was an estimated net worth of $15 million for the then-34-year-old. More recently, Barron’s, the finance newspaper, revealed that Chelsea Clinton has now reaped $9 million from a corporate board position. In 2011, while her mother was still secretary of state, she was appointed to IAC/Interactive, an Internet investment company. She receives an annual $50,000 retainer and $250,000 worth of restricted IAC stock units, according to Barron’s.

      Ironically, and something the Clintons would be loathed to admit, they like most other American families benefitted from President Donald Trump’s leadership and correlating economic renaissance.

      The Hill reported, “IAC stock has risen 89%, 50% and 36% in 2017, 2018 and 2019, respectively, a far steeper rise in the broader stock market.”

      Consequently, Chelsea Clinton reported in December of last year her holdings ballooned to $8.95 million.

      In 2017, Chelsea Clinton was also named to travel site Expedia’s Board of Directors. Because she’s a … business genius? A travel genius? An investment prodigy? The Hill reported that position “typically earned $250,000 in 2015. … Both IAC and Expedia are controlled by Barry Diller, the business and television mogul, who is a friend of Hillary Clinton.”

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