Please Don't Send Me Bomb-Making Instructions. QAnon is a Peaceful Movement.

File this post under Classes For Patriots: Plausibility 101.

First, the background.

Yesterday, I got into a great discussion with Gail Combs, which began by her pointing out the suicide of a Charlottesville “tiki torch” participant, Andrew Dotson.

I will just warn you that the link provided, which makes a good point about not letting the Alinsky left ISOLATE patriots (loosely defined), is on an arguably neo-Nazi site, the Daily Stormer, and the article is at least in part by a guy who is well-known as a rabid antisemite, and is either a real Nazi or a fake one used to gin up a casus belli for the left. Either way, I feel a bit unclean just letting the site be in my browser.


I had a very complex response to this, over two posts, because one cannot talk about anything connected to Charlottesville without dragging in the subject of controlled opposition.

Link 1: Dupes and Suicide.

Link 2: Controlled Opposition and Set-Ups.

The bottom line here is that I was REMINDED by this discussion of some nasty incidents, where I – much like Mr. Dodson – was set up and used. While our circumstances were quite dissimilar in many ways, they were almost identical in the CALLOUS ABUSE of us as individuals in the name of some hidden, self-justified, communist “good” – an “end justifying all means” – a rationalization that allows communists to use people – both allies and enemies – up to and including the point of DEATH.

The biggest difference BEGAN where I refused to take the easy escape route of suicide, but instead bided my time – waiting patiently – LEARNING what I needed – to figure out what in the hell really happened.

Within the larger communist conspiracy in the United States, there thus existed a smaller yet still very large scandal, which I refer to as the Conspiracy to Advance Affirmative Action, or as I typically refer to it in my own shorthand, CA3. It is important to note that I entered this conspiracy as a willing, eager, helpful DUPE. We wanted affirmative action to SUCCEED. We wanted to make sure it did not fail. The problem was, I was also a scientist. I still had certain allegiances to TRUTH PER SE. Not as I wanted it, but as it WAS. So I could not help but note that – when affirmative action showed a HUGE, serious problem – there would need to be a fix. I even had an idea for the fix, based on my own experiences at a different university – where the FIX WORKED (not on Affirmative Action, but on a similar problem of under-prepared students suddenly facing a college environment).

Stupid, stupid me – believing that the EVIL LEFT actually cared about things that were merely their COVER ACTIONS for GAINING CONTROL, POWER AND MONEY.

Well, somebody above me in the conspiracy – the REAL conspiracy – decided that the simplest fix was to get rid of both me and the student who caused the problem. And they had an extremely ingenious way of doing it, too. It all depended on THEM having information which we at the time didn’t realize they had.

It took me quite a while to figure out how all of this worked. But as Q says, FUTURE PROVES PAST.

Much of what led me to understand the larger conspiracy is what happened AFTERWARDS, when people tried to CLEAN UP. I was very fortunate, in that I got a MASSIVE TIP on what was happening, in the form of a failed drugged/hypnotic induction and debriefing which I accidentally remembered, and kept secret. This allowed me to be a step ahead of the MANY people who tried to gather information on CA3 during the next two decades.


AND THAT, dear friends, is how we are led to the TITLE of this post.

Please Don’t Send Me Bomb-Making Instructions. QAnon is a Peaceful Movement.

Allow me to explain.

In real life, I still have contact or potential contact with MANY of the people who were involved with CA3. That includes people who were involved in ALL phases – the original dupe conspiracy, the larger conspiracy, the “botched take-out”, the “cover-up”, the “information gathering” and the “attempted clean-up” phases. If anybody talks about “events”, they ONLY talk about the “socially acceptable” and publicly known cover aspects of the whole thing. It’s like an iceberg. Ninety percent of what was going on – much of which is covered by NDAs or known/presumed governmental secrecy – not to mention the 50% or greater aspects which are more or less CRIMINAL – dare not be spoken of.

It’s a complicated business. And most of it is UNDERGROUND – where everyone prefers it would STAY BURIED.

Anyway, I was very surprised, recently, to receive an email from one of the more inscrutable players in this drama. You are probably guessing from the title what that email might have contained.

This player is a bit of a geek, and in many ways reminds me of our good friend and fellow patriot cthulhu – somebody with a good education, many interests, vast knowledge, and a quirky sense of humor because of all of the preceding qualities.

The problem with THAT is that it is impossible to tell when this player is serious, joking, or even BEING SPOOFED.

At this point, a further digression is required.

I have received spoofed emails and text messages for YEARS. These are typically ALLEGEDLY from family members and friends. These are not just phishing from people pretending to be banks, credit card companies, and organizations. These are highly sophisticated attempts to manipulate me in one way or another – ways that require a “personal touch”.

I would also add into this, a very interesting pedo entrapment scheme, back during the Clinton years. So I’m familiar with a lot of different Deep State discreditation tricks that involve impersonation.

Sometimes – particularly in “borderline plausible” cases – I will validate (presumably) that this spoofed communication is in fact a spoof. In lawyer-like fashion, I rarely ask that question unless I already know the answer. And I may yet learn something new, even when I DO ask the known question with a known answer.

Sometimes I DON’T ask the question, even when I know the answer.

Are you following me? It’s a complicated business, if you want to stay ahead in the game.

Back to the story.

Imagine my surprise when this person sends me an email which appears (from the preview) to be a scholarly article about the synthesis of the jihadist-beloved explosive, TATP, which is either triacetone triperoxide, or tetraacetone tetraperoxide, depending upon one’s sources and nomenclature preferences. And I don’t really want to get into the science of this stuff, for reasons that will appear shortly. But the bottom line, is that I got an email about making TATP.

Yeah. This is well within the plausibility limits of the quirky sense of humor of this person. They send me all sorts of stuff, contradictory and counter-intuitive, contrarian to the max. Sending me a link RAILING about jihadists – and then sending me something like this – is COMPLETELY plausible.

And yet, something BUGGED ME about this email. And I mean REALLY bugged me.

Could it have been a spoof? Maybe. I wouldn’t really know unless I asked. Which meant, I would be asking a question I didn’t at least half-way know the answer to. And I don’t like to do that in dangerous cases. And CA3 is a VERY dangerous case.

I chose not to open the email, and not to call, but instead to wait for some kind of inspiration.

Gail’s comment gave it to me. But I needed to sleep on it.

Last night, I had a dream. It was a complex dream with many moving and changing parts – some familiar, others not. One part of the dream was very interesting. In the dream I traveled somewhere, possibly by plane, or possibly by car or truck. I was in a hotel room. I was sorting through the contents of my large backpack. It was a big pack, suitable for hiking, camping, or other kinds of adventurous outdoor sports (Hi, Gail!). I was concerned about what was in the backpack. As I sorted the contents out onto the bed in the room, one object came out that I had never actually seen in my life. It RESEMBLED an alleged alien folding display device from old, pre-Silicon-Valley UFOlogy. But closer inspection showed it was not that device. It was something else.

The object was about the size of a thick paperback book. It was something which had been folded up. It consisted of many rectangular panes of a kind of extremely hard plastic, all joined strongly together at the edges with something like a clear, resilient joint similar to tape. It unfolded into a much larger rectangle – a bit like a map.

I tried to understand WTF this thing was. And then it dawned on me.

It was a PORTABLE BLAST SHIELD of some kind. The kind that might be useful for working with explosives outside of a laboratory. Since I had no idea what it was, until I figured it out IN THE DREAM, it had obviously been PLANTED in my pack. And yet, I was now discredited by this thing, which may have even passed through TSA.

At that point, EVERYTHING connected, and I woke up. I understood that I, personally, was now PLAUSIBLY CONNECTED to terrorist explosives.

The other side – and that includes a significant part of the Deep State – is DESPERATE to label the QAnon movement as violent. We are already “discredited” by the Trump campaign itself. Let’s talk about ALINSKY ISOLATION right there.

Whether or not this person intentionally or merely incidentally sent this information about making TATP to me – whether it was well-intended or not – doesn’t really matter.

The fact is, this information is now sitting right there in GOOGLE MAIL. No matter what this person might say to me, there is now a COMPLEX POLYGON OF PLAUSIBILITY which links “manufacture of explosives” to ME, PERSONALLY – and in a way that allows GOOGLE – and we are talking CROWDSTRIKE GOOGLE – to control that information.

Were I to get on a plane – much worse to visit the person in question – and there was an incident of some kind involving TATP – TWO of the primary witnesses most useful to the WHITE HATS in the CA3 matter would be connected to the incident, or worse yet – GONE, GONE, GONE. But that’s not all. The entire Q movement would be immediately discredited as VIOLENT. The enemies of America would suddenly have LEVERAGE they did not have before.

So what is a poor Wolf to do?

Why, this post is what.

So here is the message:

I don’t care who you are – I don’t care what you want. I do not want you to either SEND ME or POST ON THIS SITE any kind of bomb-making information. It is important to protect the reputation of the QAnon movement as NON-VIOLENT.

We love our guns and Bibles, and some of us even love fireworks. Some of us who have actually lived through explosions – like our dogs – may have somewhat less love for fireworks, but we still love our Star Spangled Banner – maybe even more than most, because we understand the PRICE PAID in seared and torn-up flesh to hold up that beautiful Flag.

But we are NOT TERRORISTS, and we are NOT BOMBERS, and we are NOT VIOLENT. We do not want our beautiful movement to be TAINTED with this sort of stuff. So TAKE CARE what you SEND or POST, because WE CARE.

Are we good?




108 thoughts on “Please Don't Send Me Bomb-Making Instructions. QAnon is a Peaceful Movement.

    1. You’re welcome! The salient warning we got that there is likely at least one KAVANAUGH-LEVEL attack coming – to say nothing of another Charlottesville or two – during their SCAM IMPEACHMENT – is basically putting me in PREVENTATIVE BRUSH-BURN MODE. If I see some LEFTIST KINDLING, I just BURN IT ON SIGHT.

      Because when the BIG FIRE gets here, I plan to be 100% on it. Maybe MOAR.

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  1. FWIW. PSA, of sorts.

    A Gun site I frequent, over the past two weeks or so, has had a rash of “out of place” posts AND PMs sent to some folks suggesting members break various aspects of gun laws. No one I know, or follow endorse such nonsense. Folks rather vociferously stomped on offending posts. As we should.

    My perspective, here QTree and other sites I visit…

    Instincts matter. Awareness matters. Not a time to be complacent.

    Pardon the soap box aspect of this post.

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    1. Very glad you posted this. Since I started this site, one of the habits I chose to give up to provide time was all my 2A “pleasure reading”. I depend strongly on you and a few others here to keep me informed of what is going on in that world.

      I strongly suspect that the timing of Virginia is no accident.

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      1. I am NOT worried about our side…Responsible..gun owners…I Am concerned about that freakin “pen” Gov Blackface wants to put them in…However….I am encouraged…That “our side”… isn’t stupid! or uninformed…And we …Get it!!!! Thanks to …Anti-Media!!!! We continue to pray that God has this…MLK day….hmmmmm
        I Love that Lisa Mei and Wolfm00n and others are…warning.. and tamping it down!!
        We………..will………..come out…on da.. good side!!!! GOD WILLING!!!

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        1. That “pen” sounds exactly like what McAwful and his gang of crooks did – along with FAKE KESSLER – to corral all those DUPES at Charlottesville into FIRST their LEFTIST PHOTO OP, and THEN THEIR GAUNTLET through ANTIFA and LEFTIST RADICALS.

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        1. Which is to say, no plugins here, although WP itself uses some small ones for features in themes (and that is where I found bugs, too).

          I loved this comment on the article:

          Promoted Comments
          smistephen Ars Praetorian et Subscriptor

          As I always do, I’ll remind folks that blaming WordPress for plugin failures is like blaming Honda because the spoiler you duct taped on ripped off at highway speed and went through someone’s windshield.

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          1. That comment is but one of many entertaining / informative comments. Seems like there was more info in the comments than the article itself, though most of it was beyond my level.

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            1. This phenomenon (nearly bookmark-worthy comments) is very typical of IT threads. So many IT “Answer to This Question” articles are double-or-triple-worthy just by what is added in comments! Many times the solution offered by the author isn’t a perfect fit, and some obscure alternative offered in the comments is the EXACT solution to one’s issue!!!


      1. That’s really interesting. The last couple of days had 2 things that were weird …. WP was glitchy, showing a white screen, then I would refresh, and there it would be. Happened like 3 times, and I was signed in (sort of) on my WP profile page. The day before, or maybe 2 days before, i had switched over to that page to look at a reply to a comment I’d made, and there were 4, I think, boxes that looked more like admin type controls over someone else’s post (the one I was looking at). It think there was delete, and at least one other choice besides the like and reply. A little later, and it was all normal, I could only reply or like as usual. That sounds a bit like what’s described in the above article concerning data base reset.

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        1. WordPress software is changing ALL THE TIME. I see it more easily, because the AUTHORING INTERFACE changes a lot faster than the parts you all see. It would not surprise me that they are working very hard on it right now, to limit damage from plugins going awry.

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    1. I should point out that I’ve been doing a lot of commenting over at the U Tree and some of it is even amusing. Then, again, some of it is not exactly civil or politically correct, which is one reason it’s not here. You’re free to sneak over there and read some, just so long as it’s not held against me on this site.

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  2. Yikes, boss…I can’t believe someone would be stupid enough to send bomb-making info like that.

    If they weren’t trying to trap you, then it was monumentally stupid.

    Looks like you’ve handled it the best way.
    Torch it. 🔥

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    1. Thanks! Yeah, in the end, torching it in the bomb disposal area as a class demo seemed like the best way to handle it.

      The situation is complicated by a lot of things I can’t get into – and I think it’s supposed to be complicated, so no point in trying to dig too deeply.

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  3. The other side – and that includes a significant part of the Deep State – is DESPERATE to label the QAnon movement as violent. We are already “discredited” by the Trump campaign itself. Let’s talk about ALINSKY ISOLATION right there.

    By no means should anybody reading this take this lightly! I had full body chills reading this! We should not only save this post offline…but take screenshots with dates. They could become very useful. Let’s call it “an insurance policy”.

    Even a small player like me is almost totally shut down on social media. While not having a large group of followers on twitter…I have over 1100…yet barely get 1 or 2 likes even if I post on a brand new tweet from someone who is high profile on twitter including President Trump. You know when I get the most interaction on twitter? If I directly take on a Lefty troll.

    Facebook…forget it. Even family members will not see my posts unless I directly mail them or they directly visit my page. A trick that worked for a while was posting a meme AS A PHOTO instead of as a link. I would get more interaction apparently a photo being considered more personal allowing it to appear on Facebook’s list so followers could see it. Even that has dried up lately.

    I think my shadowbanning issues are more locally controlled by European/German entities. Still, do NOT underestimate these Deep Staters to setup even small players, like myself, for failure. Wolfmoon hosts a site called the QTree…and we already know how they have tried several times to link the Q movement to false flag events.

    Be careful Wolf! Even regulars here need to be vigilant.

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    1. Thanks! You get it – because you’re seeing even more censorship right now than we are. And you are noticing what Twitter is doing. YES – it shows through – how they limit the influence of some and not others – presumably to hit certain metrics that have plausible alibis, but are in fact designed to do exactly what they do – TAMP US DOWN!!!

      Your Twitter blockage is not all Germany – trust me. What you are seeing is exactly what I’m seeing.

      All information saved is going to be useful. STASH AWAY THE AMMO!!! Appreciated!!!

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      1. So it seems to me that beyond the normal throttling of Trump supporters…there’s a subset that gets throttled even more. I can post a tweet on a POTUS tweet that is seconds old and not get interaction…yet other Trump supporters that post in the same time period get hundreds, if not thousands, of interactions with their tweets.

        Why? Is it the other sites we visit that get deeper in the weeds—making the information that we may potentially spread more dangerous to the DS than your average Trump supporter?

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        1. Yes. Twitter judges the information that we have, and tries to pen it in by limiting exactly who sees it, based on metrics of THEIR behavior. People who retweet your stuff will NOT see it unless Twitter “approves” of the subject at hand and what you say about it.

          I first noticed this with me and Cernovich. We shared information about #HillaryHealth, and that made Twitter work to separate us, and particularly BASED ON SUBJECT.

          For example, Twitter wants me to see lots of BLUTO but relatively little SUNDANCE. Bluto is always very high in my fresh timeline – and particularly any funny Eeyore stuff. He is usually the lead post. So Twitter is literally trying to demoralize us against Q and the idea of “trust the plan”. They rationalize this as fighting the “conspiracy theory”, but to me their very obvious purpose is Soviet demoralization.

          Likewise, Twitter works hard to tilt me toward the LEFT’S vision of what Jewish thinking should be on issues like Israel, BDS, “white nationalism”, and all that, which is basically Soviet thinking. It’s very easy for me to see what they’re doing, because they act in stereotypical manners, not understanding the nuances of right-wing Jewish thought, and also being very selective what they show me from Jews on the right – thus missing certain things and giving away the game. Just like the way they don’t actually get centrist and right-wing Christian thought. Their political software IS pretty sophisticated, probably using AI, but it is still piss-poor because it is controlled by leftists, who negate the truth that free AI would be free to find. Slave AI is limited to the thinking of its masters, so it is hamstrung from the start and misses a LOT.

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            1. Exactly! I was led to this observation primarily by two things: (1) the recognition of how PC dumbs people down by flattening solution space, and (2) the observation that Microsoft shut down an AI that showed sophisticated communicative intelligence and HUMOR, because that humor was politically incorrect.

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            2. Check this out:

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      2. OR…is it possible that I am getting more interactions…I am simply not able to see them. An attempt to discourage me from posting by making me believe that nobody sees my post. The reason I see this as a possibility is that I do continue to get new followers even if I never see them interact with a single tweet of mine.

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  4. Over on the chans, I’ve noticed an uptick over the past year of people randomly posting bomb-making instructions as well as guides for taking out infrastructure. And by “randomly,” I mean they’ll just dump this information in completely unrelated threads without explanation. It doesn’t feel organic. Feels like some black hats are either randomly seeding that information hoping some nutjob out there will take the bait, or they’ll later use it an excuse to shut down the website after some false flag.

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  5. This reminds me of the time shortly after 9-11 when I got heavily involved on a German-American blog called David’s Medienkritik—a bilingual blog that exposed anti-American bias in the German media.

    At the time, I was a big supporter of GWBush and was very active writing emails to Der Spiegel and Stern ect…when they would report lies. Many of us would bombard the magazines and even Berlin government with emails until they corrected the record—AND WE HAD SUCCESS SEVERAL TIMES!

    That success brought recognition from unwanted sources—if you catch my drift.

    Long story short…I started getting unsolicited emails from places like National Zeitung (if my memory serves me…I don’t want to Google it). It’s an underground newspaper for skinheads/neo-Nazis. So you can see how you can get quickly linked to such groups without your own action. You get setup without even knowing about it.

    At the time, I did not know what the National Zeitung was—so I went to the local Kiosk (magazine stand) to ask. The lady looked at me with BIG eyes and whispered to me that they do not sell it there—but I might be able to find it under the counter at other Kiosks in town.

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  6. Quite the testimony Wolf
    Been kinda waiting for this post yo drop, ya done good
    I’m going to re-read tomorrow ,as it’s late for me

    Extra prayers headed towards you and your family
    In the mean time strap that armor of God on and rest easy
    We’ll all get thru this
    g’nite brother

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  7. This is ELECTION YEAR – we must beware of false flag events and friendly (frenemy/false friends) fire.

    REMEMBER what they did in 2018!!! With the help and blessing of the Media.


    REMEMBER all the names they called us in 2016?

    REMEMBER – THAT a list of their own mental state and character traits!

    The left goes from name-calling
    to bullying/intimidation
    to persecution (getting you fired/lawsuits)
    to violence and murder without any shame or conscience.

    REMEMBER – even when the leftists are in power – they are still nasty SOBs!!!

    Remember how Holder sued businesses that did not hire illegals/non-citizens?

    Remember how Holder sued states for requiring Voter Photo-IDs?

    Remember how leftist agitators and protestors raise heck everywhere because of poor little illegals, but ignore homeless veterans and inner city crime??

    REMEMBER OUR POLICE being shot and discredited over and over?

    Remember how leftists scream about open borders – but ignore illegals crime, drugs, awful driving accidents???

    Remember how leftists give sanctuary, benefits, housing, medical care, free college tuition to illegals and their kids -but poor working families – no dice????

    Remember how Democrats voted against repealing Unaffordable Obamacare, tax reductions, and other helpful changes for middle class, unemployed and seniors?????

    Remember how the Democrats showed their hineys during President Trump’s State of the Union address and would not even stand for new manufacturing jobs and record low black unemployment??????????

    Remember how the Democrats concocted the PP Dossier and the Russian Collusion garbage and the Mueller (Democrat) team to try to remove, impeach our President?

    Remember the attempted smears and attacks on Brett Kavanaugh and his family?


    Remember, remember, on the 3rd of November,
    Democrat treason and plot!
    There no reason why Democrat treason,
    Should ever be forgot!!!

    (Paraphrase of the Guy Fawkes Day poem)

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    1. In other words….

      VOTES are our bombs,
      WORDS of Truth are our bullets,

      We will stand and not be bullied
      By the left and their name-calling!
      We will fight against:
      Their false PC strictures,
      Their propaganda
      Their false accusations
      Myths, hoaxes, schemes,
      Violence, persecution,
      And corruption.

      We will stand up and fight!

      We do not need to use their tactics to win!!!

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  8. Wolfie NOTICE THE FOX NEWS vid (I would have preferred) did not post only the not so good site…. Makes you go HMMMMmmm

    I got the info from the CTH btw

    I did a bit of digging on the up coming Virginia possible FF. Unfortunately it involves ALEX the JONESING one. He had laid out some ‘interesting facts’ that I think need further exploring.

    Is it OK if I post them?

    I like to provide links but I can certainly omit them and just discuss the ideas. (NOTHING VIOLENT BTW)

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    1. Alex Jones might be a a self important nutcase conspiracy theorist but he is very well able to see trends at their beginnings and follow them to their eventual flowering. I don’t really listen to him much anymore but I can tell you, as a long time previous listener, he predicted events happening now more than a decade ago. About 85-90% of what he predicts in his most agitated whack-a-do moments is accurate.

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      1. Yes, AJ was about the only one willing to ‘go there’ for years. You just needed a LARGE salt cellar.

        I am avoiding AJ here since he is likely to attract stuff Wolfie does not want.

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        1. What would I not want?

          As long as Alex Jones is not advocating violence or child pornography, I have a hard time imagining what part of free speech he’s violating. T&A and fighting words have to hoof it over to the U Tree, but I think AJ is likely civil enough to be fine here.


            1. As long as extrajudicial violence is not advocated, I think we’re OK. Legal execution of criminals, or course, can be strenuously advocated by those who favor the death penalty!!!


      2. As I like to say, the discovery of all conspiracies starts as conspiracy theories! Jones was WAY ahead of the curve on so much, including ALL of Snowden.

        What is fascinating to me is that conspiracy can happen even when we don’t call it that, or think of it as that. This is an important tenet of what I call the science of “conspiracy theory” – that there be no prior restriction on events introduced into reasoning as part of the conspiracy. The abuse of things legal and beneficent to further the illegal and malicious is NORMAL in illegal conspiracies.

        I never regarded our “plan” to make sure that affirmative action “sailed smoothly” as any kind of conspiracy, even though it actually LOOKS LIKE ONE in evidence later. What was remarkable was that the plot which used us (we, the low-level pawns) managed to control us with almost NO instructions – even resulting in coordinated cover-up without even a SINGLE PERSON discussing what needed to be covered up beforehand. It was a master stroke of control. In order to hide our presumed guilt, we ALL hid what they REALLY needed hidden.

        Real conspiracies look nothing like what fake news and fake entertainment teach.

        ASK WHY.

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  9. Wolf,
    Are you, perhaps, unknowingly, in possession of a “SHIELD” ?


    Q !CbboFOtcZs ID: 079dd1 No.1925332
    Jun 27 2018 11:45:55 (EST)
    If you continue to proceed down this dangerous path only know that we are prepared.
    You should know this based on earlier drops re: SA / Nat Guard / MIL Assets activate US soil.
    The game is over when the public knows.
    The fight to keep the LIGHTS OFF is all that matters to you.
    You will FAIL.
    You lost CONTROL.
    You underestimated their resolve and their ability to free-think away from the pipeline narrative.
    We will DECLAS.
    We will shine LIGHT.
    No amount of money, influence, or power can stop this.
    Our rights to secure and protect at all costs then become justified.
    We stand at the ready.



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  10. OK
    Since I think the information is of use given the Virginia crap storm on the horizon, I am going to post the IDEAS but not any ??? links.


    First: we already know The U.S. military, Carrier Strike Group Four, is jamming GPS signals from Jan 16th – 24th. We also know Richmond is on the margins of the jamming exercise.

    This is the interesting point that was brought up

    90% of the American population below the age of 30 has never read a paper map and can’t use a compass
    I know this is true since I use maps all the time in my business and friends ALWAYS use GPS. They do not even do well with written instructions! (We get asked to provide information all the time by the neighborhood… My reputation is spreading. 😋 )

    The second point is a lot harder to verify.
    The FBI’s confiscation of ?3rd generation? high-end night vision from distributors.

    More information on this from AJ:
    Dave Hodges reported Bob Griswold said he had already locked in the purchase of 70 night vision tubes from his distributor. They were invoiced and committed. Supposedly within hours, the FBI claimed ?eminent domain? over the tubes, confiscating them before they could be shipped. (Eminent Domain applies to LAND BTW.)

    We reviewed a letter written by the distributor, confirming that the government preempted the order.

    DH spoke with BG on the phone to confirm the situation, and he said he thought “No more than 200 high-end night vision devices remaining in the entire country.” This excludes the crappy play toy — gen 1 and gen 2.

    All I could find to substantiate this was:
    2004 — Roanoke, Va. –
    ”ITT Industries Night Vision (ITT) recently received a competitive procurement award from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to supply night vision pocketscopes for use in low-light surveillance activity. Awarded as an “Indefinite Delivery/ Indefinite Quantity” (IDIQ) contract, the FBI procurement has a potential for a five-year term and a value of $4.9 million.”

    More reasonable possible explanation:
    So yes the FBI has ‘dibs’ on these items and this maybe a matter of a government order that came up short because all the Gun owners and Preppers are panicking over the Virginia situation. This placed an unexpected demand on the item and the government having a pre-existing contract would therefore get supplied first.


    Second point made by AJ
    – The Mysterious drone flights over Colorado, Oklahoma and Nebraska, recently followed up by an emergency meeting with the Oklahoma legislature on a military base, [NO SUBSTANTIATION] where they were briefed about something…. [insert click bait]

    Again I could not find anything on this. However the Drone use in Oklahoma caused the passage of laws about drones.

    This is by a lawyer and he looks at laws on drones in various states:
    Virginia Drone Laws from Attorney & Pilot
    NOTICE: This article is for information purposes only!  This article is ONLY for state laws that are DRONE specific….

    The critical point:

    E. Evidence obtained through the utilization of an unmanned aircraft system in violation of this section is not admissible in any criminal or civil proceeding.

    An article posted by the Hal Turner Radio Show NOW PROVEN NOT TRUE… just more clickbait
    ”The Governor of Virginia has allegedly ordered a small cadre of staffers to begin the process for determining how to cut off electricity, telephones/ FAXES, Cellular phones AND DATA, as well as the Internet, in areas where he plans to send Virginia National Guard Troops to forcibly seize guns when the Democrat legislature convenes in January!”

    This does not mean it wasn’t a bit of disinfo and Cell Phones during the rally maybe CUT OFF and thus No videos of Agents Provocateurs…. Don’t forget the governor DID declare an emergency AND the FIB confiscated ALL cellphones after the L.V. shootings.

    THUS DO NOT RELY ON CELL PHONES or Drones for photographic evidence!

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    1. I am going to report this so all the info is in the same place. The situation is getting VERY STRANGE!
      MA_kswiss Comment from Flepore’s news page:

      reposting from GAB:
      No planes in the Richmond airspace during the protest day either. Question for the group- have we ever witnessed this level of ‘proactiveness’ in such a vocal way before? It just is totally bizarre and uncharted territory the way they are ramping up against the event. I keep trying to view it through the eyes of someone who hasn’t been a part of the journey of Q, Gab, WCTH, the Great Awakening….and I cannot fathom how they are reacting to this, and not have some of the hairs on the back of their neck stand up.
      Q Research Notables
      Posted in Great Awakening
      FAA declares airspace over Richmond, VA ‘National Defense Airspace’ until after Lobby Day.

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    2. Duchess linked an In Pursuit of Truth video that has a lot of good information, including a discussion of:

      1. Weird bullet proof box on wheels and what it actually is [The Rook] @ 6 minutes

      2. During 2/3/20 – 2/6/30 — Northham has invited Israel Minister of Defense and defense/Homeland Security contractors @ 6:43
      [SEE: Virginia-Israeli Advisory Board]

      3. A Shawn Irving casting call for Crisis actors/HEAT — the pay is middle to top scale @ 9:22

      4. Northram’s Exec Order ban on firearms around the capital [event], upheld by VA Supreme court: @11:37

      5. Heads-up Letter posted by VA Senator @12:45

      6. Just over the border in NC, Davidson joins other NC gun sanctuary counties @ 15 minutes
      The Deputy’s speech is very good.

      7. NBC reports on a ‘new’ astroturf group called ‘The Base’ accused of targeting synagogues with spray paint vandalism. 😲… 🙄 [Looks to me like a counter to the recent VIOLENT attacks by the Black Hebrew Israelites] 17:15

      Liked by 2 people

          1. Absolutely. I haven’t figured out how to enlarge or down size stuff yet to post without saving to my computer.

            I’m just praying and hoping that something horrific doesn’t happen. The FBI picking up those 3 men might help if they are really what they are portrayed as.

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            1. I just wish they would NOT call Neo-Nazis ‘Far-right or Alt-right when they are really center LEFT, (Slightly right of Commies)

              The Base is NOT right wing AT ALL.

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              1. Yup. When I hear those Gab Nazis start talking about how a strong socialist government is necessary to secure THEIR brand of “racial justice”, I can absolutely see why Q doesn’t see a whole lot of difference between internationally aspirational national socialism and nationally hypocritical international socialism.

                Strychnine and arsenic – TAKE YOUR PICK.

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  11. In reading the account you’ve described, Wolf, a specific conversation I had years ago came to mind, and is somewhat my temperance against violence in the movement.

    Back when I was in Symphony Chorus, being one of the “little people,” I almost always ended up sitting in the front row for rehearsal (and performance). At the time, there was an older woman also in the chorus who self-identified as a Jewish atheist who I am quite sure would not have hurt a fly. (Last I heard she was afflicted with Altzheimer’s, and knew next to know one, a fate she really did not deserve despite other issues I had with her.) At any rate, we were friendly – usually – and one night she started going off on the violence of the TEA Party people. And I mean going off. Apparently, the MSNBC echo chamber worked well on her.

    Now, keep in mind, the night Barack Obama was first elected, I was one of FOUR members of the chorus (134 in total) to remain seated in my chair at break and not go running to check election results knowing that the leftists really had no clue what they were voting for. I can still see another soprano shaking her head, and both of us saying, “You have no idea what you just did.” And this girl was considerably younger than me.

    So, anyway, my older colleague is going off on TEA Party people being violent, and not knowing that I, the one who would give her cough drops the last season she sang, was one of them abusing the movement to my face and ears. The concept of the movement being violent is manufactured. WE know that.

    The people who are not yet red pilled do not – and in the end, we need to stun said people with the truth, that we who are placid and professional in what we do are not rabid hot heads with AR-15s. I’ve only ever head one such instrument in my life, and it was a Civil War relic that was part of the tour at Houmas House in Louisiana. Violence does not become me, and all that.

    It is vital, IMO, to not react in any way when the movement is so maligned. At least not right now. I’ve heard it in the choir loft, although more of the snide comment variety, and you just have to not react. By doing that, when the people eventually do learn the truth, and we who have been collecting data points and information can give it without reaction, inflection or “I told you so” have the upper hand. Think of it as Dorothy figuring out she always had the power to go back to Kansas. All she had to do was wake up.

    Even online this quiet will work to one’s advantage at some point. And I mean there are some people in my circles who are going to be stunned when the truth comes out not just about politics, but the Church. I scroll past their crap. I also scroll past all the NYT articles Twitter seems to think I would actually like to read.

    Just don’t click it. Don’t respond, don’t debate, let the idiots be proven wrong without vitriol and anger and hate.

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    1. BUT, we STILL need to be aware and that means sharing information.

      Those like my B-n-L who are hard core left, I do not even engage with. PERIOD (And I really like him because he is a very nice guy.)

      Liked by 3 people

      1. I don’t engage in politics, but there’s more to life than that.

        One of the snarky ones in the choir looked at me one evening – during rehearsal – and said, “Have you seen any good movies lately?” I said, “Oh, I don’t go to the movies.” She was kind of taken aback and said, “May I ask why?” I responded with a shrug, “I don’t care for what’s offered.” Conversation over and I didn’t have to say, “I’m not giving my money to the communist machine in Hollywood.”

        She’s going to be a rough one to red pill. And I have no idea if she thinks I disagree with her politics. It’s fine.

        Not all of us can just cut out the people with whom we disagree.

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        1. True.
          You can not get through to those with a closed mind.

          Even that politician over in the EU was so closed minded that when a Mussie Rapugee KILLED his daughter he asked, that instead of flowers people DONATE TO A MUSSIE RAPUGEE CAMP!!!

          Now that is what I call a CLOSED and LOCKED TIGHT mind. he would probably be praising the mussies as they lopped his head off.

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    2. Well said. I think your point about scrolling past is key. When nearly all the truly insightful thought is everywhere EXCEPT the HOAX NEWS, many of the Dorothys will discover it’s time to walk away, and wake up on their own.

      I am going back to some of my old haunts which became intolerable as leftist echo chambers, and the walls are CRACKING if not fallen down in places. Many don’t realize that they’re waking up quite yet, but they are. A large number beyond ourselves are ready for the truth. Is it enough yet? Not sure. But I think that Trump has definitely proven just how much of the MSM reality was utterly FAKE.

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    1. It is a major mine field for anyone planning to attend. It is GUARANTEED there will be violence with ANTIFA there and a cage to stuff every one in.

      MUCH better to plan to VOTE THE B@$T@RD$ OUT! Or take up West Virginia’s offer to secede.

      Liked by 7 people

        1. Why, KNOWINGLY walk into a trap that has ZERO up sides. Remember the Tea Party NEVER got news coverage and the Yellow Vest are not getting news coverage now. —

          T H E Y * D O * N O T * C A R E * W H A T * S L A V E S * T H I N K!

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        1. What about right across the border in WV? Or maybe even Greenbriar? (Oh, the irony)… More spooks there than at a British Castle…

          How wonderful it would (will?) be to turn their trap against them… Suppose they gave a FF and nobody came???

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  12. comment on the open thread post on PR37 requested I drop here too

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  13. Here is the video:

    I think there is a family member who was ultimately responsible and now drenched in guilt. I am afraid this scenario may play out over and over if Red Flag Laws become the norm.

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    1. This is why DeWine’s Ohio “court order” component is now almost completely defanged from normal red flag laws. Still, it has not been TESTED for abuse potential by leftists, FIB communists, corrupt Democrats, vindictive identity group members, and all the other usual troublemakers. Thus, nobody really knows what troubles lie ahead there.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Wolfie I am very well aware of how it will work. IT IS ALREADY A PROVEN METHOD!

        We had ONE Woman, who had ‘Animal Defense League’ stenciled on her car and ONE crooked judge make life HE!! for animal owners in her area. She drove around, TRESPASSED and took photos of old farm animals in failing health. Most Farmers have a favorite horse or cow or sheep or goat, usually a show animal that they don’t send to slaughter. She targeted these animals and THEN the Judge and she used the photos to CONFISCATE ALL ANIMALS OWNED by that farm. She was given ownership and she and the Judge lived very well off selling those animals at auction.

        Just translate that model to gun confiscation.

        We also had a next door neighbor in MA who walked around the neighborhood looking for ANYTHING they could report. Construction, fencing… City hall hated her because they had to send out someone to investigate each time. This did NOT win city hall any friends.

        She reported us MONTHLY for NOTHINGS and is the main reason we moved to NC.

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  14. DP posted this on the main thread. It is about the long term laid out plans of the cabal, and amongst the plans are exactly what we are seeing with the manipulation of ff, and people to cause them.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Wolfie,
        NOW we know the correct way of dealing with the gun grab. Each county FORMALLY forming militias is a very good idea too. Then there is ZERO chance of misinterpretation of the Constitution. It also means people will be TRAINED correctly.

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